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  1. anondl

    Can Somebody Help Me Find...

    Petticoat Discipline Quarterly This is from the same people, I think.
  2. anondl

    Dc Quake - Did You Feel It?

    I felt it here in Cary NC
  3. anondl

    Questions For Uk Friends

    I have a follow up question. I have a US passport. Does one need a visa to visit the EU countries? Anondl
  4. anondl

    What Happened To The Birthdays?

    July 30, and still no birthdays. Mods? Anondl
  5. Yea, I have to distinguish between toddlers and babies too. Babies are worthless. They can't do anything, they leak from every orifice, always at the most inconvenient time, and their (few) antics aren't even amusing. Toddlers on the other hand are amazing creatures who don't know enough about the world to be scared, will believe anything you tell them, speak their mind, and get mad because you snatched them from their playtime just to change their diaper (the condition of which they had no problem with). Yea, I am jealous of toddlers. Anondl PS The Onion piece was hilarious.
  6. I haven't seen any birthday listings lately. Anondl
  7. I sometimes use cloth diapers as stuffers inside my Depends. I like the bulk and extended wear time without the cost of a premium disposable. But after a length of time my butt gets sensitive and I swear I can feel the actual weave of the cloth. Its irritating and forces me to change before I want to. I use single ply gauze diapers, folded. Do any of you CD fans have this problem? Anondl
  8. Diaperednicole is right. Given the sloppy application of the diapers I believe >20% and closer to 0% are AB/DL. Anondl
  9. Cleanup will all fall to the county coroner. And like ERs I'm sure they have seen it all. I have no relatives closer than cousins or 200 miles away. Contrary to my hyper paranoia in life I have no issue with what I leave behind. Anondl
  10. anondl

    Difference Between Dl And Ab

    Has the DSM-V come out? The Psyc community is way behind the curve on this lifestyle. In the DSM-IV there is only a brief mention of AB/DL and it is listed under Masochism. No mention of age-play or DL outside of masochism. Anondl
  11. anondl

    Late, Late Show

    During the Tweets & e-mail (July 8) segment one viewer wrote that she was going to a music festival and had Attends & beer what else did she need..
  12. anondl


    Well my diapers arrived yesterday while I was away. Fortunately so was everyone else. I get them from XP and always specify discreet shipping. I'm nervous enough about this lifestyle that I've only told two people (other than shrinks) in my life. To put this in perspective if I were gay I wouldn't be out despite the growing acceptance in America. Maybe this is an extension of my childhood experience as a bed-wetter. I live in a liberal neighborhood. My neighbor on one side is married to a lady who brought a mixed race child to the relationship. My other ajoining neighbor is gay. I still don't want anyone knowing I like to wear diapers. I have worn Depends out but that is during cooler weather when bulkier clothing is common. I haven't worn my Abenas out. I have a onesie that is indistinguishable from a normal t-shirt but I've never worn it out. In the summer I wear shorts and a t-shirt. I like sunshine. When I'm home my blinds are open until after dark. I have designed the lighting in my house so that no shadows are cast on windows. Maybe I'm just too neurotic . Anondl
  13. anondl


    The more I get friendly with my neighbors the more they just drop by. This is great except that I want to spend more time in diapers while awake and active. I look forward to their vacations (when they're out of town). I ordered diapers last week believing that a particular neighbor would be on vacation when they arrived this week. They didn't go. Confining myself to wearing diapers from 10 PM to 7 AM isn't enough. I'm too paranoid to wear even my Depends during the daytime. Tomorrow the worst offender is working so I'll get some daytime diaper time. Anondl
  14. anondl

    Ooo-Ooo That Smell

    There is a window of time between no smell and it stinks where I like the smell. When I get hints of odor I like it, when I can't escape the odor its time to change. Anondl
  15. anondl

    R.I.P Ryan Dunn

    Roger Ebert got a lot of flack for tweeting these sentiments. Maybe some more time should have passed. Recently a 16 year old boy and some friends were killed here in NC. His dad had given him a muscle car for his birthday one month ago and he wrecked it at high speed. Some things are just too dangerous to combine. Anondl