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  1. Foley catheter

    I have interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder. I tried all the medications and nothing seemed to work. I became very uncomfortable over a period of weeks not sleeping and spending a lot of time in the bathroom many times a day (upwards of 20-30 times a day). The doctors didn’t know what to do to help me and told me to go to the ER and have a foley inserted. That night I slept through the night for the first time in weeks, at my emergency urology consult a couple days later, I was given a prescription for Foley catheters and related supplies. That was 3 1/2 years ago. I have been a chronic Foley catheter user since that time. I am miserable the whole time it is out, I can live my life normally and do everything I used to do before my bladder became messed up with a foley in. Since I coccasionally have bladder spasms and pee around the foley and occasional discharge from my penis I wear a diaper over it 24/7
  2. What do you wear most often?

    Tena Super are my daily wear, sometimes Tena Ultra depending on what I’m doing. At work under a uniform Abena abriflex M/L 2 specials
  3. First Responders, military

    Firefighter and AEMT
  4. A good pull up

    How about for men? I thought the Always brand was just for women?
  5. Western Mass

    Southern Maine on the NH border here. 2 hours from Worcester.
  6. Who Else Started With Maxi Pads?

    I began to have some bladder issues slowly over time. I noticed I was having extreme urinary frequency and incontinence (albeit relatively light urinary incontinence) after an extremely stressful time in my life which led to a complete nervous breakdown and hospitalization in a mental health ward. My bladder symptoms progressed with increased urinary symptoms and other bladder related issues (hesitation, weak stream etc) my incontinence has gotten worse over the years as has my urinary frequency (25-30 times a day) my incontinence remains on the lighter side and I pretty much always make the toilet, but leak for 15-20 minutes, or until the next time I go to the bathroom. It's enough that I need protection. And over the years I have found that it is better to be overprotected than under protected. So I prefer an actual diaper, though at work under a uniform I use the Abena abriflex M3 pullups, they're pretty good for a pullup!!
  7. Who Else Started With Maxi Pads?

    I started with maxi pads too.......then graduated to diapers when I was 22 or 23. Whenever my wife has her periods (which have become fairly heavy over the years) she wears always pads. I like the always pads best, when she's wearing a maxi pad, I can't keep my hands off her. She totally doesn't get it and rarely indulges my pad fetish. I rarely wear pads, since becoming incontinent 3 1/2 years ago.
  8. Nappies and airport security

    I've flown several times since becoming incontinent. I use Foley catheters due to severe interstitial cystitis. Though I always have a diaper on over the foley, the legbag is what usually gets me pulled aside for a pat down, I've pretty much been patted down every time I've flown. I always have to explain that I have a catheter in and the leg bag etc. they've always been polite, though. Only once did they search my carry on back pack/ diaper bag. I explained that there was diapers in it since I am incontinent. They opened the bag shuffled through it quickly and zipped it up and gave it back. I keep my diapers in large ziplock bags to keep them from getting beat up.
  9. Am I becoming incontinent ?

    Catheter/bag assembly is a "closed system" when "closed system" is open (i.e. Draining in a diaper) that leaves an open pathway for bacteria to migrate up the catheter and into the bladder. I clean and sanitize my bags morning and night alternating between bleach/water and vinegar/water to clean the bags and use alcohol preps to clean the end of the tubing where it attaches to the catheter whenever I change the bags. I don't ever leave the catheter open, this is asking for trouble. My wife is an ER nurse and she does the catheter insertions, she is quick and efficient, having done it thousands of times over a 17 year nursing career. I only use the bags for a week, two at most. Additionally, I shower and wash the urethral meatus one sometimes teice a day and clean with a baby wipe after every bowel movement. I must be doing something right since in over 2 1/2 years of being cathed every week I've had two UTI's with my last one being mid-November 2015. Her hospital policy doesn't allow for catheter insertions without a doctors order, they avoid them and use diapers wherever possible since many insurance companies will not pay for CAUTI (catheter associated UTI) in the healthcare system. Comsequently they don't often cath patient's unless there is a real need for it, urinary incontinence is NOT an indication for indwelling urinary catheter placement. FYI, I've been to 14 doctors/providers: 1 PCP 5 urologists 2 nephrologists 1 endocrinologist 3 interventional neuro-radiologists 1 neurologist 1 functional medicine nurse practitioner its interstitial cystitis with co-existing overactive bladder I wasn't diagnosed until I got to the functional medicine nurse practitioner. The standard systems approach which is western medicine, treats groups of symptoms accordingly, bladder problems get cystoscopies, urodynamics workups, lab work (blood and urine) and medications. The first line medications for these groups of symptoms are the anticholinergics, which have a lengthy side effect profile and limited efficacy for most patients including myself. Trust me, I'm not new to this. I've been refractory to almost all standard treatments. Hence the Foley catheters.
  10. Am I becoming incontinent ?

    I don't let the catheter drain into the diaper. That would cause a UTI. I use a leg bag during the day and the overnight/bedside bag at night. I have a prescription for the catheters and associated equipment and it is paid for by my health insurance. I still wear diapers over the catheter as there is always some small leaks. But extreme caution must be exercised when using catheters as there is a very real risk of infection, which could kill you. My catheter care is very good, I've had 2 UTI's in 2 1/2 years of using catheters. The wife does all the catheter insertions since she is an ER nurse, but after she puts it in, I'm on my own for taking care of it and changing the bags etc. No, just overactive bladder (my diagnosis) and interstitial cystitis (from the doctors)
  11. Am I becoming incontinent ?

    That's how my OAB/interstitial cystitis/incontinence began. I began to notice I was in the bathroom frequently, and while I always made the bathroom in time I would leak until the next time I would use the bathroom. Sometimes bathroom trips were 10-15 minutes apart. I started keeping track of how many times I was in the bathroom per day and it started as 12 or so, then went to 15-18, then 20, then 25, then 30. On average I'm in the 20-30 times a day range with afternoons and evenings being the most busy. At night it was anywhere between 0-5 times getting up, some nights I'd sleep through the night, other nights was up 5 or more times (rarely more than 5 times) went to 14 doctors and nobody could figure it out. Urology prescribed Foley catheters, which my wife inserts weekly as she is a nurse. So the only thing that has really helped has been the foley. I'm in diapers 24/7 to catch the small leaks. Even with the foley in. I use pullups at work under a uniform, usually don't take the foley to work, though.
  12. Diapered At The Christmas Party

    I'm incontinent and wear full time. The wife put a Foley catheter in me to travel to Christmas Eve since it's hard for me to travel long distances with the interstitial cystitis. I always wear a diaper even when I have the foley in so it can catch the small leaks etc. so I was diapered up for Christmas. Though I'm in them 24/7/365 I'm incontinent and wear full time. The wife put a Foley catheter in me to travel to Christmas Eve since it's hard for me to travel long distances with the interstitial cystitis. I always wear a diaper even when I have the foley in so it can catch the small leaks etc. so I was diapered up for Christmas. Though I'm in them 24/7/365
  13. Most absorbent pull up?

    Abena abriflex are a very absorbent pullup. They'll rival some mid range diapers!!
  14. What would you like to do during a diaper change

    I just lay back and enjoy it. Wife is kind enough to do it once or twice a week.
  15. Just Introducing Myself

    Welcome aboard. I'm in a similar situation where I don't have the option of coming out as a DL. I kept it quiet until I began having bladder issues almost three years ago and had to start wearing protection 24/7. I'm still quiet about it, and certainly don't advertise it, but have told family and a few friends since it's a medical condition now.