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    Click here for the background on this story. OK... we’re trying something new here. We’ve added a new “Audience Participation” tier on Patreon: for $8 a month, you’ll get to control the direction of certain stories by voting in polls. These installments will likely be a little shorter than usual (which hopefully means I’ll be able to update more often.) To read the first Diaper Court story, click here. Miley sat in the courtroom, nervous, awaiting her fate. Before her, the honourable Judge Longabaugh smiled down like a cat who swallowed the canary... A guilty verdict had just been handed down, and she was quite literally at his mercy. She gulped nervously, wondering what kind of deranged sentence he was cooking up for her within the depths of his depraved mind. When the summons to the infamous Diaper Court arrived in her mailbox, Miley assumed it was some sort of joke... That was for girls who were chronically late for work or couldn’t keep their panties clean... not for rich, famous celebrities such as herself. But when she informed her lawyer, the woman had turned quite ashen and assured her that it was no laughing matter. “I’m afraid it’s quite serious,” she informed Miley sternly, “and you do have reason for concern-- if you’re found guilty in this venue, you could be looking at two years or more before you can get back to your career... not to mention the-- other damage you might incur,” she said vaguely, blushing when she thought back to some of the things she’d heard about diaper court. Miley’s legal team had fought hard, first to have the charges dismissed, then for a change of venue. Finally, they argued their case to the best of their abilities, but it was no use... the charges were downright bizarre, and the rules of the court seemed deliberately stacked against them. In the end, a guilty verdict seemed like a forgone conclusion-- and that was how she came to be sitting here, in front of this madman, awaiting her fate. “Will the defendant please rise for sentencing,” he asked, infuriatingly cheerful. Reluctantly, Miley rose to her feet, smoothing out the dark, stylish yet professional pantsuit she’d chosen for herself... not that it matters at this point, she thought sullenly. Behind her, the courtroom was packed, and Miley could feel every eye on her... and almost every one of them eager to see her get her comeuppance. At first she thought it was simply paranoia-- but during the course of the trial, Miley had become convinced that everyone in the courtroom, the judge, the spectators, the jury... even members of her own legal team were just waiting to see her get her punishment. “Young lady,” he said, his voice rumbling with deep gravitas, “you have been found guilty of appropriating the style of the ABDL community for your own personal gain and engaging in the teasing of said community, and for your lack of support for the community in general. Have you anything to say for yourself before your sentence is pronounced?” Miley wracked her brain, trying to think of something clever or profound to say in her defense-- something brilliant that would undo all the trouble she was in and pull her well-toned backside out of the fire. Instead, she merely looked at the floor, shuffled her feet ruefully, and mumbled under her breath: “it was just a joke, bro.” Judge Longabaugh smiled, relishing every moment. He’d watch this little troublemaker for years, praying that one day she’d be in his courtroom and at his mercy... there was no way she was going to wriggle her way out of this one. The Judge intended to make her squirm. “Well, luckily for you, there’s going to be plenty of time to reflect on your mistakes.” it was all he could do to keep himself from rubbing his hands together gleefully. “Young lady, I hereby sentence you to...” What will be Miley’s sentence? Members of the Audience Participation tier can vote here! Stay tuned to find out what happens next!
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    McDonald's double cheese burger! Well, it's true for me anyway.
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    The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 16. “It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt!” I sigh in happy disbelief. “I want to do that again later, but I need you in me babe.” I sigh grinding my hips against the fresh diaper enjoying the friction on my crotch. “Soon baby, soon.” Allen promises patting my diapered pussy. “I’ll be glad when she’s old enough to be left unattended…” He laughs. Allen cleans his hands and folds up the bath towel. He throws it on the floor next to the bed kicking it out of the way. Allen finishes my change fastening my snaps and tugging some running shorts up my legs. I have him tug some knee socks up my legs and we deposit me in the living room my boot securing my injury. Strapping and Un-strapping the boot adds time, but doesn’t hurt as much today. I’m left feeling empty and aching for my husband to fill me. Sunday’s are lounging days at our house, and they usually include at least one church service, Church doesn’t seem super likely for a few weeks. Allen brings me a couple pieces of toast and some orange juice in my Leia sippy cup. I wouldn’t have asked for it again, but frankly it wasn’t much different than the pull top sports bottles I drink from normally. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Self-justification is the key to happiness! I think smiling into the cup. Maybe a bit of denial as a topping. While I eat my breakfast, I decide that the best way to handle my ‘Molly-knows-I’m-diapered’ situation is to ignore it. There’s no need in calling attention to my situation by talking about it. Allen has set a fine example of minimizing everything. He just talked it through and kept going making it a non-thing. The more I think about it. The more I’m convinced that it’s the best way to handle this. Maybe when she’s older I won’t have to hide. Not that I’ll ever flaunt it, but glimpses of my diapers could be like seeing me in my panties. Not common, but not unusual either. Maybe if they are ‘no-big-deal’ here and there while she’s little, then she can find a little bit of peace with her situation. You know by absorption. ‘It’s just normal at my house.’ We don’t have to explicitly talk about my diapers. Best thing would be if she suddenly got a hold on her toddler sized digestive system, maybe she wouldn’t need details later... God I hope she’s not like one of those dog breeds you breed for size or something and they get those desired traits, but suffer health complications because of it. I know Allen’s back and knees bother him sometimes cause he so big. Hopefully Molly won’t be so tall that it’s hard on her. I think finding myself biting at my thumbnail. “That’s not a good example there Mommy.” Allen says quietly. “Huh?” I say confused looking over at him. “Get your thumb out of your mouth baby. I don’t want to start Molly all over again.” He insists. “You know how hard it is for me not to chew my nails Babe.” “I do know,” he says at normal tone. Then whispers “Princess Mommy” “But Molly stopped sucking her thumb like a big girl. You should too.” A mischievous smile creeps across his face. All I can think to say is an angry “Grah!” at him. “Uh huh. Sounds about right.” Allen pushes. “Molls, will you bring Mommy’s Tupperware with her” Shit why is that so hard! “With MY fingernail clippers and stuff? It’s over by Daddy’s recliner.” I ask. Pronouns woman, Pronouns! Why can’t I break out of third person with her? I wet my diaper on purpose simply enjoying the feeling, just a bit mind you. Molly is in the room after all and there’s no need for a hissing sound being helpfully pointed out. Relaxed from the newly released pressure on my bladder, I lose my battle with the morning dose of pain pills. I notice that I don’t feel so floaty this time, but I definitely feel like nodding off. Maybe Allen is right and I won’t go all ‘pink-elephant’ every time I take the pain pills. I just need to get used to them. I wake around noon after a nice little nap. I Hear Allen whisper scream at Molly to be quiet cause I’m sleeping. I smile into the pillow I’m drooling on and give the nod to my bladder to do its thing. Molly normal screams back. “Quiet Daddy Mommy’s sweeping!” She makes a cute Shhh face with her fat fingers. “Yeah Daddy! I’m sleeping! Be quiet!” I whisper scream at both of them. “Molly.” Allen drags out her name shaking his head. “She didn’t wake me. Neither of you did. I don’t sleep very deeply with those pain pills.” I tell him. “I did last night though. That’s weird.” I remember. “Cause I spiked your pills and slipped you two Benadryl and a melatonin. You are such a light weight with allergy meds, I figured they’d help you smooth out the pain pills for sleeping. You were out forever so I guess I was right?” He asks. “I don’t think I moved all night. I thought it was cause of the boot, but it was prolly the Benadryl.” I admit. “Well, I know what you’re taking tonight too! Well, after stuff and things.” Our code words for naked mattress quality testing. “I’m really looking forward to more stuff, and the things I have planned are going to be awesome!” I flirt. I’m just glad Allen got me off earlier. I’d have gone crazy today if Molly had come back to the bedroom before I got through. Poor Allen. [Me] *poop emoji* [Allen] I’ll check her. [Me] No… But he is already up turning Molly upside down in midair. He makes a production out of sniffing her butt. Shaking his head he flips her around and peeks in her jeans in her diaper. He tickles Molly and throws her softly into the recliner while she giggles like a silly little girl. “Baby, she’s fine.” “I gotta go Daddy!” I ham it up with a little girl voice and reach my hand around to my backside. “How are we going to do that? I’ll change you if you want?” Allen says thinking out loud. I type angrily [Me] I’m not shitting myself! [Allen] What happens if you have to go and I’m not here? [Me] I’ll hold it fucking DUH! [Allen] Baby! You never get a lot of notice about bathroom events. He’s right there. Some people get a constitutional schedule way ahead of time. ‘Ma’am you have an appointment with Porcelain at approximately 3 pm today. I’ve blocked off your schedule for thirty minutes.’ Others get the memo a few hours early ‘Ma’am you’ll have an unscheduled visit with the gastro-manager in his office for ten minutes in a couple hours.’ I get the crazy intern dragging me off to an emergency meeting of the ‘no-embarrassing-dry-cleaning-committee’. She flies into the room where I’m at and immediately drags me off to the closest lavatory without thought to gender or cleanliness. ‘Sorry lady. I was supposed to call ya, but I was playing with my phone and forgot. Hurry! You’re going to be late.’ My body tells me. Still, I wasn’t about to just sit here and shit myself! Just like I told Allen. Nope. Not going to happen! There have been to many peaking turtle situations in my lifetime to let this happen on purpose. Leaky pipes were one thing, but shitting my diaper is a whole other monster. [Me] Daddy’s Diaper Service doesn’t want any part of day old pizza, Babe. Just drop me off at the toilet… please! I’ll go on my own if you don’t take me. [Allen] you’d probably *poop emoji* yourself getting there… [Me] better to mess trying not to and in pain, than mess on purpose. It’s avoidable and disgusting. I fucking wish I didn’t do it in the first place! Liquid waste I can deal with. God he just doesn’t understand. I give him the look of death. The look that peels the wallpaper behind him and causes dogs to cry while birds fall from the sky. I have to stare him down for a solid two minutes before whatever hair brained ideas he has shake loose and he sees the situation for what it is. I’m not losing this argument. I will be delivered or I’ll hurt myself trying to get there on my own. Should have gotten those fucking crutches! If an orderly didn’t help me to the toilet, they’d at least have brought me a fucking bedpan. Then I wouldn’t have to sit in my waste. Nope not having any of it. Allen will not see me with a dirty diaper. Not like that! “Punkin lets go change you into a new diaper and we’ll start you a movie in your room. I want you to lay down for a bit OK?” Allen says taking her from the room carefully avoiding the hated nap word. He’s not gone for long, but it is long enough. I can feel my mess getting closer to freedom. I’m so angry and scared and embarrassed that I’m crying with anger. I squeeze pinch and wiggle trying to ride out the cramp that is leading a biological jail break. Finally, the cramp passes and I work on standing up. I have to hold still again as another cramp rides my body, but I am determined to make it. I reach out with my hands to grab the couch keeping all pressure off my leg. I try to hop a few steps holding my boot off the ground. It hurts horribly. Just as I’m about to lie down and roll to the bathroom, Allen finally comes back out. Thank God, but I’d have rolled if I had too. “What the hell are you doing baby?” Allen asks sounding insulted. “What I promised. Shut up and hurry!” I promise pain with my eyes. Forgotten is the promise of physical love, I bury it under rage at the circumstances. Allen scoops me up and rushes me to the guest bathroom. He sits me on the toilet while I scramble for my diaper’s tapes. I freeze clinching every muscle in my body fighting the intestinal cramp. I fight the exiting waste holding it just between my cheeks. Because I’m a willful woman, I am master my own body and hold back the impending doom by sheer will power. As soon as the cramp passes, I rip off the diapers tapes. I hold my hand out for Allen and we lift me enough to yank the diaper free. “Leave now!” I insist with voice, body language, and mind. Allen leaves without looking back fumbling with the lights to turn on the vent as he goes. I don’t know why, but I cry into my hands while I do what I came in here for.
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    Chapter V When I got back Julia was still asleep and still dry. At least, I think she was still dry. I don't have enough diaper experience to know whether or not you can tell if an adult diaper is soiled just by looking at it. I would assume you can, but I can't say I know for certain. They are made for discretion after all. But no matter, even if she was wet I wouldn't have the heart to wake her up. I'm sure she needs her sleep more than she would need clean diapers right now anyway. I went into my bedroom and laid down on the stripped bed. I looked at the time, it wasn't even nine o’clock yet and I was already exhausted. Both physically and emotionally; Perhaps even more so emotionally than physically. Between the Demon, Julia, and now a possible murder I was at my wit’s end. I wanted to cry, I wanted to die, I wanted to curl up in my bed and pretend this was all a bad dream. But I knew it wasn't a dream. This was real. And I'm stuck in the middle of it whether I like it or not. Even if by some miracle the demon doesn't decide to kill me what will happen to Julia? Will I just be expected to forget about her and continue on as if nothing ever happened? No, I could never live with myself if I let that happen. One way or another my fate and Julia’s are tied together. I will not abandon her to the demon! I looked around the room half expecting to find the demon eavesdropping on my little monologue, but she was nowhere to be found. Which meant she either didn't hear me or she just didn't feel like destroying me at this particular moment. And I couldn't shake the sickly feeling I had that it was most definitely not the former. Think, how do people normally defeat demons? Assuming this is indeed a more common thing than I thought, I would assume they call a priest. Yes! I need a priest to perform an exorcism. But how do I get a priest here without the demon knowing? If my suspicions about the woman downstairs were right then that means this demon can kill people, and she can make it look like an accident… Unless… Unless she needs a host to do her bidding? Maybe she's powerless without Julia’s cooperation? If that were the case now would be the only opportunity I have to nip this problem in the bud before Julia regains her strength. “It would be very unwise for you to do so.” I didn't even bother turning around to face her. I knew I was done for, so I just hung my head and tried very hard not to cry. This is it. She's going to kill me and do whatever it is she has planned for Julia. After everything I've done I just couldn't save her. Couldn't save Julia. That's when I could no longer hold back my tears. Sobs wracked my body as I waited for this creature to end my life. “It's alright, Lucas. I'm not going to hurt you.” Did… Did she just say she's not going to hurt me? Or maybe she just means my death will be painless? “No, I mean I'm not going to hurt you or Julia. It was never my intent to harm either one of you.” I stopped sobbing. She didn't want to hurt either of us? Then how does she plan to explain what she's done to Julia? “That was my mistake. I ran her too hard on our first night. Her body just couldn't bare the strain. I admit I was a bit… Overzealous.” I'm so confused I don't even know where to begin with that statement. “That is to be expected. But there is no time to explain now. There is a Witch Hunter in the building looking for Julia.” “Julia’s a witch?” “No. He is hunting me, and he will kill Julia just to get to me. But you can protect her.” This is unreal. But I'm too tired to argue anymore. “What do I need to do?” “Simple: He will not force his way in, he will try to convince you to let him inside. Do not listen to him.” Sounds simple enough. “Okay.” “Good. He will be here any minute now. I suggest you hide Julia.” I went out to the living room and gently shook Julia’s shoulder to wake her. She opened her eyes and looked at me, wondering what's going on. “I'm sorry I had to wake you, Julia, but I have to hide you in the bedroom. Someone is looking for you and if they find you they may try to kill you.” Naturally her eyes went wide with shock. I picked her up, carried her into my room and laid her on the bed. “Now I need you to be absolutely quiet okay Julia? I'll be back in a few minutes.” Knock-knock-knock. Oh God he's here! I went out to my front door, making sure the chain lock was on, and called out, “who is it?” “Officer Lavine. We met downstairs.” The police are here? I don't have time to deal with cops, I have a Witch Hunter on the way! Unless he was the Witch Hunter. No, surely the police have no interest in hunting witches. That kind of thing died out hundreds of years ago. “Sir?” Oh crap! Here I am monologuing while he's waiting for me to answer the door! I opened the door a crack, “Can I help you?” “Yes, it's about the dead woman downstairs.” Huh, maybe he wasn't the Witch Hunter after all? My paranoia must be getting the better of me. “I told the Inspector I didn't know anything.” “Yes but we've uncovered some new evidence and we think we know who killed Ms. Margot.” “Surely you don't suspect-” “Oh no, Not you sir! We think this is the work of a serial killer. May I come in?” Uh oh. “Umm, I'd rather you didn't.” “Oh? And why is that sir?” Double Uh oh. “Uhh, my girlfriend is sick. I don't want you catching anything.” “Very well sir.” He pulled out a Wanted poster, “Do you recognize this woman?” Julia. It took all my composure not to react. “Uhh… No, sorry.” there's no way he bought that. “Maybe on TV or something?” Better. “She's been making her way across the country leaving over thirty dead bodies that we know of in her wake. From what we gathered about her MO--uh, that means how she kills people--she gets herself invited into her target's home, spends an evening with them, then strikes when they least expect it.” He pulled out a card, “here's my number. If she comes here, stall her and send me a text. Don't risk a phone call, you might tip her off. And don't try to detain her, she is extremely dangerous in hand to hand combat. You cannot beat her in a fight and she never lets her guard down. You get all that?” Wow. “Uh, yeah: If I see her I should text you personally; don't call the police; don't try to take her on by myself.” “Very good sir. I'll just be off then.” “Okay, thanks for the tip.” “Just doing my job sir.” As he left I closed the door and leaned back against it, on the verge of panic. A serial killer? Julia? No, not Julia; the Demon. How long has she been under that creature's control? I shuddered at the thought. I pulled out my phone and entered Lavine’s number into my contacts. I briefly wondered if I shouldn't just text him now and end this nightmare once and for all. But I just couldn't believe Julia would be complicit in all this, which means she's just as much a victim as What's-her-name downstairs. Ms. Margot, was it? If I brought Lavine back here he would probably kill Julia. That is, if the Demon didn't kill him first, or kill me before I could send the text. No. Even if I brought Lavine in the best case scenario is that he kills Julia. I can't let that happen. Who are you going trust? A demon or a cop? Eventually I decided to hold off on calling in Lavine. As I went back in to tell Julia she was safe I was greeted by two startling sights: the first was the pair of black, shadowy hands that phased through my mattress and clamped Julia's mouth shut, muffling her cries into nearly inaudible whimpers. The second was confirmation that you can indeed tell when her diaper is wet by the yellow discoloration of her crotch. “You made the right choice. For a moment I was worried you would believe his lies.” I pointed at the demon’s hands, “Is that really necessary?” “It was a risk I was not willing to take.” I had to know, “did you really kill all those people?” “would you even believe me if I said no? “Just answer the damn question for once!” “*Sigh* No I did not kill those people. Last night was my first outing with Julia.” Somehow I didn't feel any better, “Then where did that Wanted poster come from?” “Were I to take a guess, I would say a printer.” “Oh, so now you're cracking jokes?” “The document you saw could've been fabricated easily enough. Perhaps it could have even been an illusion, but I doubt they would go through the trouble.” then she added, “If you are looking for some form of proof of my intentions I'm afraid I can offer you none. But ask yourself this: Have I done anything to earn your distrust?” “Uhh, yeah! You're a Goddamned demon! You leave a paralyzed woman on my floor and threaten my life if I don't take care of her! You show up whenever you feel like it to say some confusing shit and then disappear without actually giving any answers! Need I go on?” There was a slight pause, “There is much more going on here than you know. I promise you will have answers soon, though they may not be the answers you are looking for. You will soon see why I chose you, but for now I must ask that you be patient a little longer.” And with that the demon removed her hands from Julia’s, who immediately let out a bloodcurdling cry. She must be getting her voice back. I instantly went to her side, “shh, It's okay. The demon is gone. The man at the door is gone. You're safe now. And I promise you, I will do everything in my power to stop that demon from hurting you again.” she just continued to cry like I've never seen anyone cry before. Weeping like she just watched her family being murdered right in front of her. It took me a solid fifteen minutes to get her to calm down enough to address her other issue. “I'm going to get you another diaper. Just sit tight.” she actually whimpered a little as a walked away. Man, she really was scared! I brought a towel and her changing supplies and set them on the edge of the bed. It picked her up and set her on top of the towel with her legs dangling off the edge and resting on the floor. This should be a much easier position to change her from than the couch. “Alright, let's get you cleaned up, shall we?” she was still trembling slightly. Maybe a diaper change will get her mind off of what just happened. I undid the tapes and opened the diaper. The stench of urine was far more concentrated than her previous accidents, but I tried hard not to react. Last thing she needs is another reason to feel bad. I attempted to lift her up to remove the diaper, that's when I discovered a flaw in her positioning: since I was standing between her legs I would need two hands to lift her up. This would be SO much easier if she could only move! I to a step to the left, mover her legs together, grabbed both of them under my arm and lifted up. Surprisingly it worked rather well and I was able to slide the used diaper out from under her. I set her back down and began cleaning her. I asked her if she'd tried moving at all yet and she responded by slowly clenching her fingers into a fist. Then opening them, then closing them again. “That's fantastic!” I praised, “You'll be walking around in no time.” having wiped her entire diaper area I reached over and unfolded a fresh diaper. Now comes the tricky part. I lifted her legs the same way I had done before and placed the diaper underneath her. It only took one adjustment to get it into the right position. I'm getting better at this! I dusted her with powder and taped the diaper up snugly. “There, good as new. Now I'll just go throw your diaper away and get you another bottle. I'll be right back.” I grabbed the wet diaper with two fingers and held it away from my body as I took it to the trash can. After thoroughly washing my hands I filled her bottle with juice again and set it on the end table next to the couch. I was going to try a different tactic. I went in to retrieve Julia and sat down on the couch with her head in my lap. Now I could feed her a bottle while sitting down. She fell asleep again before she even finished the bottle. And since I was so exhausted I thought I might as well get some rest too while I can. So a leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Sleep came almost instantly. Wow! 5 chapters in 5 days! When I started this story I never thought I'd be able to write this much so quickly. Hopefully I can keep up the pace. I thought now would be a fun time for a poll: what do you guys think of the demon? Is she evil or benevolent? What's her endgame? I'd love to hear your thoughts and theories.
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    Besides, in your case anyone who notices you have a diaper on will think, "He is 99 years old after all!"
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    "I'm Steve, and they are staying with me. I'm sure Mary doesn't want Brenda to know, but she's wearing a diaper today because of some maturity issues, so if she needs help, can you help her make it to the bathroom? Other than that, she shouldn't be any trouble for you." He smiled his charming smile. "Of course, you can have your daughter visit us any time you want, too. Mary is in a new town, so she is very grateful to have a friend that she can spend some time with. Thank you so much for watching out for her."
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    Been wearing 24/7 for years... my daily use diaper is the Dry 24/7, which is pretty darn thick. In my experiences the average person in public is so absorbed (ha ha) in their everyday life that the thought of an otherwise healthy adult wearing a diaper is completely foreign to them, it never enters their mind. One must also consider that even if someone does notice a bulge and recognize that it's from a diaper, what's the likelihood that they are going to say anything? What would they even say? "Hey, is that a DIAPER?" It's inconsiderate... it's downright rude... it's totally improper behavior. Besides... odds are the only person who would ever look at your pants and recognize the tell-tale diaper bulge is another diaper user, so don't worry about it. That anyone in public knows you are diapered or even remotely cares is totally in your head.
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    April was upset at the school board, Bryce was defending a girl he saw as his sister, why wasn"t the boy he beat up in trouble for making sexist remarks, she went to the school and told them she would be talking to a lawyer about this. The board was asking her please don't do that, before she knew it the boy had been suspended, that Bryce had beat up. He was suspended one day longer than Bryce! His parents were really upset at him. The second day of Bryce's suspension. While at the store, April and Bryce saw the family there. It took a few seconds but Bryce tugged his mother's skirt. That's the boy I beat up! April looked they had a daughter with them. It took a second to figure out it was a boy that had a black eye and he was dressed as a girl. April said hello Mrs. Adams, who is this young lady? This is Kevin said Mrs. Adams. Since he thinks girls are inferior, we took this suspension to teach him how the other half lives. Lift your skirt and show them what a girl wears. He lifted his dress and he had panties on. He was also red as a beet. April said Mrs. Adams, don't you think,..... this could, I don't know, traumatize Kevin? Right now he is Kelly, dressed like this. It's his choice! You mean he likes being dressed like this? Yes almost every weekend. Most summers! But he looks uncomfortable. That's because you guys know him, if you didn't she would be happy as a clam. We were here buying diapers for Kelly, she quietly said she still pees her bed. Kevin/ Kelly blushed again. Bryce saw Goodnites in the cart for a girl. He knew his mother would kill him if he started laughing now. Bryce extended his hand nice to meet you Kelly! In a girls voice she said nice to meet you Bryce! As April and Bryce were walking away, Bryce said if I ever get like that mom... please kill me! April chuckled, if he ever teases Belinda again just say Kelly leave her alone! Bryce grinned, wow was all he said!
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    Chapter 14 - Teacher’s Pet You’re wheeled into Ms. Brighton’s office in an itching firey diaper. You’ve been left to sit in your stinking watery mess for ages during your transfer. The wheelchair is a must for transport efficiency as your loaded punishment diaper cinched tight and ballooning outwards from a straight jacket essientially immobilize you. The officers start freeing you from your straps as Ms. Brighton watches, leaning against her desk, tapping a riding crop against the palm of her hand and sniffing at the air. “Another little girl who can’t keep her diaper clean?” The headmistress asks the obvious question with a smile. She snaps her fingers for two orderlies to take you from the chair. They drag you up under each arm to stand, but when they release you, you fall squarely on your mess, splayed on your knees just as the headmistress predicted and wanted. “The rules here are simple.” She explained gesturing regally with her crop for the orderlies to retrieve articles of clothing from her desk. A white button up blouse, short pleated skirt, white stockings and black buckle shoes. “We won’t even bother drawing you up a potty training chart for you, I mean look at you, that would be a complete waste of time.” She says dismissively with a flip of her wrist. “Instead, the teachers and nurses will see to your diaper changings between classes, after your naps, and double you up before bed time.” By the time she’s done speaking, the orderlies have removed the correctional jacket, gag, and orange plastic pants, and instead replaced them with a school girl’s blouse, skirt, stockings, shoes, and clear plastic panties distinctly showing off your dirty pinned cloth diaper with its heavily soiled rear. With their materials returned, and paperwork signed, the corrections officers departed with their chair leaving you in the care of your new home. To your surprise, the headmistress kneels down to your level on her office floor bringing a letters and numbers learning wetness-protected mat down with her. You knew what was coming and was begrudgingly relieved when she placed a true pacifier in your mouth and began lifting up your skirt. You look aside suckling quietly on the pacifier as the headmistress stretched the plastic panties free and held a special fob to the diaper pins causing them to unlock and release. The entire sopping thing droops precariously once the weight is freed, but without battering an eye, the mistress daintily opens you up and unwraps you like a muddy present and has the orderlies place the soiled garment into a bucket labeled ‘laundry.’ She takes her time cleaning up your wet goosepimpled skin, and takes care around your throbbing clammy backside. “I bet you’re wondering why I’m not having my orderlies do this.” She remarks casually dumping wipe after dirty wipe into another orderly’s pail. “This is how I like to get to know my students. Learn all about their most important parts.” Her lotion covered hands suddenly cup and deeply massage your bottom and you can’t help but arch with relief. “Oh does the little girl like that?” She continues to massage, moving upwards to press the lotion in long lazy swipes around your front. You flinch, sensitivitely shuddering, and she cackles. “You see. Here at my reformatory we believe in positive reinforcement to get our little girls to behave.” Puffs of powder blow softly on your bottom before a loud spank makes you spit out your pacifier with a cry. She chuckles replacing it. “And you see how bratty behavior is tolerated.” Her hand rubs circles into your stinging cheek. “If you’re a good girl. You can expect to leave my school and re-enter society as a well-mannered diaper-dependent little girl. But if not... she pinches a place that you quickly determine should never be pinched that way. “We’ll be having these little meetings a lot more often.” She releases you and you slump back breathing heavier from that orderal as finally you feel your bottom lifted then sunk into the reasonable thickness of a run of the mill dispoable that is brought around and taped tight. Your skirt is lowered and you are helped to your feet. A class schedule is placed in your hand and you are given parting pats to your plastic-backed bottom as one of the school nurses smiles, takes your hand, and leads you to your new dormitory. Note: We continue our adventures on the diaper trope train! Toot toot! I’m reading up to try and learn how to properly format the narrative. Thoughts and suggestions always welcomed!
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    The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 15. “Ya Daddy, you’re like amazing.” I say sarcastically. “That’s more than once you’ve called me Daddy without Molly around. I thought you didn’t like that stuff?” He asks with a shit-eating grin spreading across his face. “Stop changing the subject!” I huff pissed at not catching myself before I called him Daddy again. “We’ll help Molly by teaching her about herself.” I say diving into this critical conversation and ignoring the one Allen’s trying to start. “We give her information and emotional support. You know, hide nothing explain everything. We tell her what’s wrong and we don’t sugar coat it. Hell, it may even be easier on her in her teens, if the wetting goes on that long, if we are open early and she can assimilate it.” Deciding I was right even as I talk it out with Allen. “That could work, but I have concerns. Like you’ll have to tell me when you’re doing it and show me how. But, I don’t want her on America’s Got Talent singing like a drunk frog thinking she’s amazing cause we told her she was for years. Those sad souls. Their parents done them wrong baby. I don’t want to do her wrong baby, on anything. If she’s good at something, I’m more than happy to talk up her confidence. But, if she sucks, I don’t want to give her false praise. Ya know what I mean?” “Yeah babe, I get ya. I guess you can go overboard on anything.” I admit. “Good advice though Princess. I think you might be on to something.” “Thanks Daddy. I… er… dammit! Allen I mean. It’s the meds.” I insist. “I’m sure it is baby.” Allen pats me, “You can call me Daddy anytime you want. It’s uh… it’s sort of hot. I was just poking fun at you though. I don’t want to piss you off.” “Well, don’t make fun of me Allen. I’m a fragile creature, a delicate Little Lady as mom would say.” I giggle tugging the covers up and lugging my leg over where I could lay on my side and watch Allen come and go. He runs through his bathroom routine while I play on my phone. The longer he is in there, the more doped up I become. I have to bring the phone closer and closer to my eyes to see the display. Eventually, I crash just after sending him a text. [Me] What about tomorrow? Are you going to work? [Allen] Nah. You need me. Monday though… I’ll have to. I don’t see that reply till much later the next day when I wake up. I think I felt the covers move and the bed bounce as my husband came to bed, but I can’t be sure. I sort of remember loosening my grip on my phone as Allen peeled it from my sleepy fingers. Then I don’t remember anything else, the meds take me. I don’t toss and turn like I had when I’d napped earlier. In fact, I sleep soundly all night. I wake up Sunday mid-morning to Molly pouncing on my bed. Allen’s right behind her yelling at her not to hurt me. He snags her around the belly yanking her off the bed before she can fall on my leg. What? Who? Where? What the hell time is it? “Oomph!” God I’m sore. Must have slept in the same position all night. Damn. “That was a close one!” He sighs. “Punkin, I told ya. Mommy’s leg hurts. Remember it has that big ole plastic thing on it.” “Sorry Mommy!” Molly says contritely. “Let me show you Molly.” Allen says yanking my covers back. “See Mommy’s leg Punkin. It’s hurt, and has that big plastic thing on it so it won’t get hurt more. You have to treat Mommy’s leg like it’s one of her glass turtles. You don’t want to break her!” Allen tells her. Neither of us really understand that he’s exposed my onesie covered diapered butt, not that I was awake enough to be concerned yet. It’s early. I’m still mentally foggy from such a hard drug induced sleep. Allen isn’t used to me wearing diapers yet either. He is fully distracted by trying to save my leg and teaching Molly to stay off of it. All of this distracts him from what he had uncovered. Suddenly, I feel a draft on my exposed hip flesh where my hipster panties usually sit. While I was puzzling out the reason for that, Molly cheerfully offers a solution to my confusion. “Mommy’s wet.” She says simply. “Oh, FU” I start. “YES” Allen yells cutting off my profanity, “I’ll change her in a minute. We were just coming in here to see how Mommy’s feeling and give her her medicine.” Allen says as if everything in the world is normal and my toddler pointing out my wet diaper is a standard every day situation. “Mommy how’s ya feelin?” Molly asks seeming to accept the normality of my diapered situation. “Don’t know Doodlebug. I just woke up, but hand me my Princess Leia baby. Daddy got me some water last night. I can use it to swallow those pills.” I tell her pointing at the cup. “Dats my cup!” Molly smiles handing it to me. “Can we share Molls?” I ask. “Yes.” She nods importantly clearly glad to be helping me. Molly hands me the cup and Allen hands me a few less pills than he had last night. I throw the blanket back over me uncertain if I’m ready to get out of bed, but knowing I don’t want to face my daughter yet. So, I lay there mortified. In three days, Molly had caught me diapered twice. Apparently, I suck at keeping this a secret! “Princess, why don’t you go out into the living room and work on your reading on the tablet? I need to talk to Mommy.” Allen directs her to the other room. “K Daddy.” She says trotting off amiably. “Allen! We weren’t going to… You know I don’t want her… I need it to be just for us. This isn’t going to work… Soon as I can walk, I’m done. Good thing you didn’t burn the underwear drawer.” I try for a joke amid my stuttering. “Princess Mommy that’s enough!” Allen barks strongly but in a whisper voice having none of my nonsense. “You are most certainly not done. That’s my butt to cover now. We already agreed, and I’m covering it in a nice warm diaper! You are just too worked up baby. Relax, just let Daddy change you. You’ll feel better in a clean diaper. Besides, you need to show Molly right. Confidence and self-esteem right and all that? Seems like a good time to me. Best thing for both of ya is to just embrace it and not worry about it. I don’t have to tell you it’s a little off center, but we can explain it to Molly.” “But I said I wasn’t doing this for her. That’s what she’s going to think, and I still don’t want to do this openly. I have no intention to come out about my diapers to Molly or anyone else. I’m quite happy in my closet thank you!” I counter. It doesn’t matter much because he just kisses my forehead and starts getting my supplies in order. So, I stop talking and pay a bit of attention to the point he was trying to make. He’s right in a way. I still don’t believe this is something to share with Molly, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good opportunity to teach. Any moment in life can be teachable. While I’m pondering turning lemons into lemonade, Allen gets to work changing me. Allen stands between my shins and picks my legs up cradling them under his arms. He swings me around perpendicular on our bed tugging my ass over to the edge. Carefully, he drops my feet to the wooden frame of the bed that the mattress sits in. This is one of our favorite positions to make love in I note. It’s just another way that my diapers remind me of our own sex life. He bends to unsnap the crotch of my top while I grab my phone and start looking over facebook. I’m determined to do my damnedest to ignore everything going on down there. My husband untapes my diaper’s four tabs then tugs it out from under me. He rolls it up and tapes it into a ball of childish plastic and urine about the size of both my fists. He drops the used ball on the bed next to me and I watch under my phone as it rolls against my hip. He puffs air out of his cheeks and moves it further away so the used diaper won’t chase me. Allen takes a few wipes and cleans everywhere under my diaper. I just soak in the lives of my friends and family on my phone totally detached from what’s happening at my waist. He drapes the wipes across the bundled up diaper and sanitizes his hands. Allen hits the bathroom emerging with my towel from last night. “Baby, Daddy forgot the towel! He was going to make a powdery mess all over our bed! How silly.” How silly indeed, you goofy ass man. I thought continuing to ignore his work. Which seems to be fine because he continues to ignore me too saying, “Alright all clean, bed protected, diapering supplies on hand. Ready to rock and roll here Princess.” He continues to talk to himself and I continue to ignore him. Well, I was able to for a while. Then the oil comes out. Suddenly, Allen’s slick hands start massaging high on my right thigh. Immediately, I’m excited and lose all interest in my phone but continue to use it to hide behind. He never massages me! First brushing my hair, and now this. Oh this is nice… fucking nice. I coo to myself. I don’t care what the fuck he calls himself. Suddenly, I don’t care what I call him either. Suddenly, my diapers are framed very squarely in the adult category! Suddenly, it all seems so manageable. Suddenly, I HATE this boot. Suddenly I need to feel Allen in me and can’t act on it with Molly awake. I’m even a little pissed because I want to ravish my husband with her around. His oily hands head north up my leg past the crease in my hip distracting me from my negative thoughts. I can feel every flexing tendon in his hands through his fingers. I press hard into the bed lifting my butt up off the towel giving him access to my ass. If it weren’t for the damn boot, I’d roll over and let him have his way with my ass cheeks. Allen reaches underneath me oiling up my ass. It’s not totally necessary, but it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever felt. Moans escape me. Sensations start heating up my core as dampness seeps into our world. Allen switches to my other thigh and butt cheek. It feels marvelous. Tingles jump from my dampness to my ass spreading out along his fingers in tiny arcs. I’ve always loved Allen and our sex life, but it never was very adventurous. This situation, the diapers and the oil and the massage, it’s all staggering. It feels so good that I start extracting promises from myself. I won’t give up any of this! I will encourage Allen’s massages! I will just have to figure out the Molly situation as we go and plow on. I deserve it and so does Allen! While I was vowing to make sure that this would happen over and over again, Allen presses his advantage. His magical fingers glide up my folds brushing my clit. I shiver and would have jumped out the bed if it weren’t for my boot anchor. Allen chuckles, “Still like your diapers baby?” “Love em!” I chuff. “Thought you might. For the record this is fucking hot. I’m going to close the door and come right back. You don’t have long. You’ll have to be quick. Uh… think about bikinis and shit. Molly’ll destroy something once the tablet loses her attention.” “I’ll figure something out, just hurry Daddy.” I plead trying not to think about the toothpaste on the bathroom wall incident, or the petroleum jelly all over her changing table and closet doors, or... “This is working for you huh?” Allen asks penetrating me with his finger and settling into a rhythm with his thumb on my button. Predictably, Molly’s messes slip my mind entirely. Allen rushes to the living room. I can just make out their talking. When he comes back I see he has the Leia cup. Good excuse sexy! I praise him. “Told her you needed something more to drink to finish your pills. I started kids YouTube. She’ll be watching other people play for a bit. I bought you some time. Didn’t cool of too much did ya?” Allen asks me with a delicious smile on his face. I respond by wiggling my shaven shiny pelvis at him crinkling the diaper underneath me. He attacks me with no hesitation. He follows our normal patterns, but it’s so much more today. The diapers, the oil, the rush, the exposure cumulates into a mind blowing orgasm that races up my spine causing me to bark and jerk. I smother myself in a pillow screaming out my happiness while wincing in pain. I’d hit my leg on the bed when I got off. Allen has me diapered before my tremors ease. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!” Allen whispers in my ear and plants a fatherly kiss on my forehead.
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    Chapter 12 Pretty soon we had agreed to hit up our parents about the graduation party. It was decided that this would be a wonderful idea and Kim’s mom would host it. We didn’t have a whole lot of friends outside our circle, but it was decided that the families would all be there, our parents, Kim’s older sister, and Kaitlyn’s older brother. We decided to invite Kayla and a few other close friends from school. Graduation came. The three of us sat there in our caps and gowns and diapers listening to the speaker drone on. Finally, we filed up and got our diplomas. The three of us stood together for pictures. Here we were, high school graduates, about to turn eighteen, and in diapers. We moved on to the party. Fortunately, it was a fairly adult affair. We were wearing what we had on under our caps and gowns. The girls had dresses, and I had a pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie. The party was a hit, and people were eating snacks and having conversations. It felt like the beginning of a normal life for the three musketeers. We laughed and hugged each other. My mother started tapping on a glass with a fork to get people’s attention. “It’s time for our birthday babies to have their cake.” I bristled at the term birthday baby. Many of the people here didn’t know about our foray into diapers and baby stuff. We all followed her into the dining room. A large sheet cake was in the center of the dining room table. Three smaller cakes were at the far end of the table and beyond that, our high chairs. My insides jumped. No. The three mothers beckoned us from behind the high chairs. The cat was out of the bag now. I saw a little tear form on Kim’s face. We propelled ourselves towards the chairs and were seated. The trays were fitted, and our bibs were in place to protect our good clothes. The individual little cakes were set in front of us, and the candles were lit. The room launched into a laughing version of Happy Birthday. Rather than our names, the word babies was sung. I reddened. Kaitlyn appeared to be seething and Kim on the verge of full-blown sobbing. I blew out my candles. The big cake was cut, and pieces pass. The candles had been removed from my cake, but there was no fork. I knew what mom intended me to do and broke off a piece with my hand placing it in my mouth leaving frosting on my fingers and face. The conversation between the guests shifted. Those who didn’t know were asking others. I heard Kayla saying “Oh yes, I’ve babysat a few times. Fed them. Changed their diapers.” More laughter at that one. Sated with cake, the guests began to leave. Kayla came up to us and asked if we needed diaper changes. My mother suggested that we probably did, but she could handle it herself. I was led off to my room. “How could you?” was all I could say. “You were the one who wanted to be a diaper boy. I wasn’t the one who intentionally pooped my diaper and then lied about it.” It was a point she had made before. She had my pants off and changed me into a cloth diaper and pulled the plastic pants in place. “Now let’s say goodbye to your guests.” I was led out with nothing below the waist but the diaper and shook people’s hands as the left. The girls were still in their dresses, but people knew they were similarly attired below. Finally, the three of us collapsed on the sofa. “We’re going to have to do something about this, you know,” Kaitlyn said.
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    Yes, ABDLs are almost always very nice people. I think it is because we all (even pure DLs) work directly with our inner child. And that is source of kindness and happiness. :-)
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    Chapter 13 - Tried You were left to squat in a room which smelled ominously of heavy disinfectant. The cushion of your cloth diaper covered in crinkling plastic sprouted beneath you, but you just tried to focus on balancing and breathing through your nose since a pacifier gag still filled your mouth. Minutes or hours pass before the locked door clicks open and a women in business attire, skirt and heels, stands in the doorway. Her professional appearance only made disingenuous by the pink plastic potty she was holding in addition to her briefcase. “Miss Y/N?” She asks, observing you still swaddled and cuffed before clicking forward on her heels to place the potty beneath your bulging rear. A corrections officer enters behind, rolling an IV pole with a large bag and line dangling from it. He bends to release your locking panties from your cuffs. “I’m Mrs. Marshall. Your public defender.” The woman explains. She sets her briefcase aside and shifts her weight to cross her arms still looking disdainfully down at you. “Now based on the reports and your failed cavity inspection earlier... how we proceed, is clear.” The room fills with the sounds of the officer removing your plastic panties and centering the potty more squarely beneath you for you to sit. “If you can keep your diaper clean for just ten minutes.” She boredly explains palming a stopwatch from her case. “You’ll be found a big enough girl for your caregiver to oversee your discipline.” You suck a big gasp of air through your gag as the officer inserts a plug he had snaked into your diaper. “If you fail...” the lawyer continues, “Then you will be committed until you have shown marked improvement in your behavior, and can rejoin our society as a proper young lady. Now...Shall we begin?” You bite back a moan as extreme discomfort and rushing pressure fills you as the officer continuously opens a value beneath the hanging bag to begin your test. With the bag finally completely empty and you sweating to contain the most intense urge you have ever experienced, the plug is removed making you squeak in protest and the timer begins ticking. They watch as you shake and cringe and fight until a horrible shudder wracks your entire body, then an unmistakeable dampening patch of brown spreads across your diaper and doesn’t stop until little drips fall plinking into the potty. “Y/N..,” your lawyer begins with layers of overacted disappointment. “Since you are clearly unable to control yourself or your actions, you are hereby sentenced to Ms. Brighton’s School for Wayward Anti-Citizens. You will be cared for under her custody starting today. Good day.” They leave you, soiled and dripping, and lock the door.
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    Here is the latest update to the story. It has been available on my Patreon for the last week as all my story updates are. For $5 you can get early access to everything I write and for $10 you get the early access plus access to exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards to be found on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all who read my stories and comment on them. But an extra big thank you to everyone who supports me financially via Patreon: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Lena S, Tsidt, Scy Tali, Britnee L, Sith, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, Cameron, Cole T, Dorian G, LB Iceland, BabyBB, J Land, Tim F, Cvsflip105, P74_1986, Chris B, Ron N, Jerry J, Frank S, Charlie S, P, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew John D, James B, A Random Patreon, Eric C, Ben R, C Dom, Lin J, Ben F, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J, Scott S https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I also write commissions for anyone interested in one. --- Nick turned the radio up as he pulled away from Kirsty’s house. He smiled and nodded his head to the classic rock song that started blaring out of the car’s speakers. It felt good to be free of his responsibility, his burden even. Looking after Sarah was a much bigger chore than he thought it would be. Checking his phone, Nick fired off a quick text to Steven saying he was on his way and would meet them outside the stadium. There were four of them that went to the football matches together. Steven and Nick as well as two of their other friends would usually go to every home game, a tradition that had been broken recently by events outside of Nick’s control. He was looking forward to getting back to a normal routine after everything that happened. It was like a sense of closure to a difficult time of his life. As he drove through town, Nick thought back to what he had left behind at Kirsty’s house. He hoped that he could trust George, he had no reason to believe that he couldn’t but he knew what those two women were like. Traffic was pretty dense as expected on this Saturday afternoon. Not only was there a lot of traffic heading for the stadium but there were a lot of people that were going shopping too. It made the hot car rather unpleasant as Nick had to constantly wait for traffic ahead of him to clear. Nick had already got his cover story ready. He planned to tell his friends that he was unwell, he wouldn’t be more specific but if they asked where he had been he would just say he had an infection or something. He just prayed that none of them would notice the bulk between his legs. When Nick pulled up to the stadium car park he felt the first flutter of a different kind of nerves. This was an excited nervousness for an event that Nick was looking forward to. It had been too long since Nick had last been able to watch a football match yet alone hang out with his friends. Nick locked his car up and looked at the huge swathes of people walking towards the enormous stadium. There were thousands of people milling around excitedly looking forward to kick off. Most of the people were wearing the bright red shirt of the home team, the team that Nick supported but there were a fair few in the dark blue of their opponents for that evening. There was no trouble though, all of the crowds seemed to be having good natured fun. Nick made his way through the crowds towards the large stadium in the centre of the surrounding car parks. He leaned up against a lamp post close to the wall and took the opportunity to adjust his shirt and make sure his underwear was hidden still. “Nick? Mate, I nearly didn’t recognise you!” Steven appeared suddenly from the crowds and clapped his hand on Nick’s shoulder. “Hi Steven.” Nick replied. He was rather more subdued than his friend. He hadn’t seen Steven coming and it made him nervous that his friend could’ve seen something he shouldn’t have. “We thought you were dead!” Steven said with a laugh as he stood in front of Nick with a big warm smile on his face. “Heh… Nah, just not well.” Nick replied cautiously. He could feel the temperature in his face rising, he really hoped Steven wouldn’t ask any difficult questions. “Fair enough.” Steven replied, “You had anything to eat? Let me get you a burger, there’s a great food van just over here.” “No, it’s OK…” Nick trailed off as Steven walked away towards the truck without listening to Nick. Nick shook his head and rolled his eyes. Steven was always doing stuff like this, he wouldn’t listen to what the other person said. It could be worse though, at least Nick was getting a free burger out of it. As Nick stood near the turnstiles and watched people entering the stadium he felt a trickle of warmth exit his body and soak up in the padding between his legs. Nick jumped slightly as the unexpected stream stopped just as quickly as it started. He tried to assess his nappy situation inconspicuously but couldn’t really tell how wet it was. “Why didn’t I bring a change?” Nick muttered to himself. “What’s that, buddy?” Steven’s voice came from behind Nick again. He had an unfortunate habit of doing that. “Oh, erm, it’s just pretty hot. Sweating through this shirt!” Nick let out a nervous laugh. Steven smiled at him but it seemed a little forced. Did he guess that something was wrong? “We had better get in the ground, kick-off will be soon.” Steven said as he handed the burger to Nick. The pair of them walked to the turnstiles and passed through into the building. Just inside the gates were some security personnel who seemed to be searching bags and otherwise inspecting the attendees of the match. Nick suddenly felt more nervous as he saw someone in one of the other lines getting patted down. He remembered his nappy and knew that any pat down would find it, he prayed for no awkward questions in front of Steven. “Anything in your pockets?” The bored looking male security guard asked when Nick reached the front of the line. “Just my phone, wallet and keys.” Nick replied. He suddenly felt hyper aware of the wet padding between his legs. Nick saw Steven being talked to by another guard as he was searched in a similar way. “OK Sir. Could you spread your arms and legs for a quick pat down?” The guard asked. “Erm, why?” Nick replied. “Security, Sir.” The guard replied, “Just to protect people.” Nick’s heartbeat was going faster than a race car as he held his arms out to the side and opened his legs. With his legs open in a star position, Nick could feel the heavy and wet padding hanging between them. The bottom of the nappy was heavy with urine and without his trousers would no doubt be hanging much lower. The guard patted Nick’s shirt and quickly moved downwards. Nick could feel sweat on his brow as his friend collected his stuff and waited for Nick on the other side of the security barrier. The guard moved down Nick’s shirt to his pants, he patted the sides and Nick could see a slight frown on his face as he felt something a little odd. As the guard’s hands brushed the padding on Nick’s rear he felt the guard pause for a second before pulling away. “Thank you, Sir. Collect your stuff and enjoy the game.” The guard said as he stepped back. Nick didn’t wait for him to repeat himself. He grabbed his stuff and shoved them back in his pocket, Nick stole a glance at the guard to see that he was looking back at him with a strange look. Nick was blushing and felt the guard must know what he was wearing as he moved away from the checkpoint. “What kept you?” Steven asked before adding jokingly, “Smuggling a bomb in your pants?” Nick laughed a little awkwardly as he tried to bring his body back under control. His breathing slowed down and he was able to mop his forehead a little. “Come on, the guys are already in their seats.” Steven said as he checked his phone. The stadium was starting to fill up quickly and even in the concourse the noise of those already in their seats was getting loud. Everyone looking for to the match that was only a few minutes away, thousands of people ready to cheer their teams on. As Nick followed his friend up the steps and out into the stands he felt that match day feeling run through his body. A strange mixture of excitement and nerves flowed through his body from his fingertips to his toes. His hair stood on end as he walked up the steps and followed his friend to their seats. His worries disappeared as he got lost in the atmosphere, it was a beautiful day. Nick sidled his way along the row of seats towards his other friends. Some people had to stand up to let Nick and Steven through and Nick was very careful to make sure he didn’t accidentally brush past anyone. “Well, well, well… If it isn’t Nick!” Liam, one of Nick’s usual drinking buddies said, “I thought Steven was joking when he said you had popped up again.” “Hi, Liam.” Nick said with a smile as he sat down, “Hi Shane.” “Alright?” Shane greeted Nick casually. He had never been much of a talker unless he was drunk. When he had a few drinks he lost his inhibitions completely. Nick sat down and felt the bottom of his squishy diaper press up against him. He suppressed a shudder and took a bit of the burger that Steven had bought him, he hadn’t been lying, the burger was very nice. No sooner had Nick sat down than he had to jump back to his feet as a roar from the crowd indicated that the teams were coming out. There were few things as motivating to Nick as a stadium full of noisy fans and along with everyone else he smiled and cheered as his hometown heroes walked out on to the pitch. When the referee blew the whistle to start the game, Nick really felt like he was home. He had missed enjoying the football with his friends and enjoying this atmosphere. It didn’t take long for Nick to forget all about the last few weeks, everything felt normal again. For the next forty minutes Nick booed, cheered and chanted along with the thousands of others in the stadium. “It’s good to have you back Nick.” Steven said to his friend. “I’ve missed this.” Nick replied with a wistful smile, “I’m just glad I could come back.” “What kept you away?” Liam asked, “You weren’t online or anything. We left you messages but got no response. Even phoned your wife at one point, she just said you weren’t available.” “Yeah. I was, erm… I was ill.” Nick said carefully. “What was wrong?” Shane asked with suspicion. “Come on guys.” Steven said as he leant around Nick, “This isn’t an interrogation.” “Maybe it should be.” Shane said as he sipped on his drink. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Nick asked. None of the men were paying attention to the game now and Nick was starting to feel a little hot under the collar. “I just mean that you disappeared without trace and then reappear two weeks later and just say you were “ill” but that doesn’t explain why you weren’t in contact.” Shane said, “There’s something going on and I want to know what’s up.” “I… I…” Nick could feel redness appearing in his face. Even worse, he could feel his bladder draining into his diaper again. A distractingly warm stream of urine flowing into the padding. He was really soaked now but he wasn’t paying attention to that as his three friends all looked at him with suspicion. “What’s up, Steven? You know you can talk to us.” Steven said sympathetically. “Well… The truth is…” Nick felt his heartbeat quicken. Quite frankly he wasn’t sure he could trust any of these guys to keep things quiet. Was he really going to tell them what was happening in a stadium full of people? “COME ON!” A man in front of the four friends suddenly jumped up along with everyone around them. Nick and his friends looked towards the pitch where they saw their best striker running through on the opposition goal. A couple of moments later and the stadium erupted as the striker coolly slotted the ball into the bottom right corner of the net. Nick’s friends seemed to forget about their interrogation and started jumping up and down in celebration. Nick joined in the jumping as well until he suddenly felt something trickle down his inside thigh. He immediately stopped as his eyes flew wide open. He tried to look over his shoulder at the chair he had been sitting on and saw a wet patch. Nick’s nightmare was coming true, he was leaking. Without a second thought to how it might look to anyone, Nick started scrambling towards the stairs at the end of the row of seats. He pushed past people with no second thought for their well-being and he hoped the celebration had distracted his friends long enough that they wouldn’t notice the wet patch on the back of his trousers. “Where are you…” Steven noticed that Nick had slipped away and looked down the row to see him hurrying towards the exit in a frantic state. Steven could clearly see a trail of drips following him towards the stairs. Nick had no time to worry now, he had to leave immediately. He would find some way to explain it to the guys later. Nick took the stairs two at a time and turned into the concourse. It was virtually empty as most people were watching the game but there were a few early leavers who watched the man run past with confusion. With tears forming in his eyes he couldn’t believe he had let himself leak like this. Why wasn’t someone here to make sure he had a change of nappy with him? “God damn it.” Nick cursed as he ran down the steps towards the parking lot with heat rising in his face and trickling down his legs. This was all Sarah’s fault. She should have reminded him that he needed a change and that he would have to be careful. She was always the one that took care of his nappies and this was why. She had been slacking in her duties to her husband. “I can’t be expected to sort out my own nappies!” Nick thought, “I’m just a baby.” Nick suddenly stopped halfway down one of the many staircases. His face went even redder as he realised where his thoughts were going. He just admitted that he considered himself a baby… It must have been the stress of the situation, Nick decided, there was no way that he would think like that normally. He was an adult. A big strong man that didn’t need anyone taking care of him. Nick heard voices above and below him and realised that half time must be here and he needed to get to the car park before people started filling the stairs. He hurried down the rest of the stairs and showed his ticket to the car park attendant who let him through to the parking garage with a look of curiosity on his face. Nick thought he heard the parking attendant say something as he hurried away but he had no idea if he imagined it, he certainly wouldn’t stop to find out. Getting into his car, Nick finally paused and put his head on the steering wheel. He felt humiliated and knew that his presence would be missed soon. In fact, as soon as he had that thought he felt a vibration in his pocket. He pulled out his phone to see a text from Steven. Nick’s first thought was to chuck the phone on the passenger seat but instead he decided to look at what his best friend had to say. “I know what’s going on.” Nick blinked a couple of times as he stared at the words on his phone’s screen. Did Steven really know? Taking a deep breath, Nick threw the phone down and turned on the engine. He backed out of his parking space and drove towards the exit. Right now, he didn’t care who knew what, he just had to get to Sarah as soon as possible.
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    I've always been kinda interested in filling my diapers. The thing that made me start filling them a lot was that I was in diapers full time and had severely impacted wetting control (which has since completely broken through the floor) so I figured since I couldn't be out of my diapers, I might as well fill them, too.
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    Two days ago I started loading up on Metamucil. I first went the one-tablespoon route. Last night, before bed, I mixed a three-tablespoon mix. Same thing this morning. My office manager was over here today, so we went out and had a good sized lunch. By the time we got back I was really starting to cramp. I held on, and got back to programming. By 2 PM I could barely code! All my thoughts were on that IMMENSE pressure building up in my bottom. The clock crept towards 2:30 when I knew she'd head home and I could go inside and let loose (I really didn't want to poop with her here...I like a nice quiet time for that). FINALLY she left and I damn near ran into the house and up to my bedroom. I stripped off my soggy diapers, made up a bulb of glycerine and water, and squeezed it up my bottom. Quickly I went into the bathroom and put in an extra-heavy flow Tampax. Next, on with the diapers, plastic pants, and my flannel nightie. Usually I can hold out for at least 15 minutes...longer with a tampon in place. Not today! That Metamucil load wanted out, and it wanted out NOW! Even with the tampon swelling up inside, I couldn't hold it back and exploded into my diaper. Soon after that my bladder let loose. For the next ten minutes more and more squishy poop flowed out of me until I finally fell asleep for around 10 minutes. I did have to finish work, so I finally got up. My diaper felt let it weighed a ton! Going into the bathroom I pulled off the plastic pants and pulled down the diaper. That Metamucil-enhanced poop was a giant quivering mass! Into the plastic trash sack. I wiped off with a couple of wet paper towels. One thing I've noticed with the Metamucil is that clean up is quite easy. The poop kind of sticks together in the diaper and doesn't stick to me. All cleaned up, I sealed the now heavy trash bag, sprayed some nice scent into the room, re-diapered, and headed back here to the office. My brain is engaged again! I'll have to do this again next week.