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    • Meeting with Stu and Rebbecca they recounted their dealing with Lexi, Monica and Willy talked about them facing her. June told me my mother called the law office. I called her P.O. in Vegas they had a meeting in the morning. She kept it as she called me once she was there. She stressed the importance of staying away from her victim namely me, Said Monica. Right after the meeting she knew she was breaking parole. She was to agreeable she had found when they are like that the are ready to do the same things that got them sent to prison in the first place, or they are running!  They followed her and she was going the opposite direction of her home in 93. They followed her to the boarder and her P.O. filed the paperwork for her arrest. She was spotted near our office. And watched. She seen me give you a hug as we were leaving. She followed me home. Then saw Willy. She actully thought I was a woman, can you believe that, asked Willy? I heard the doorbell ring and when Willy answered it I heard her voice I went in to the kitchen and called 911, I told them what I had that she had a gun on my husband. They sent out an Officer who verified that there was a car with the bolo parked in front of the residence. SWAT was dispatched. The asked me to get the phone as close to the action I put it right on the floor inside they could hear everything. The doorbell rang again they had a paper.  It said Willy said if your life is in danger play along if not let us know. I played along another sheet said if it's this woman that had her mind mugshot, play along, if someone else, refuse to be evacuated. I played along. He left and SWAT moved in.  She called me into the livingroom let me tell you it's a damn good thing I wear diapers now I was pissing them, Monica said with a smile! When I got in I saw her. She looked beat down now, I realized I wasn't scared of her any more, I actually felt sorry for her. Believe it or not I forgave her of everything she had done to me, right there. I even told her that I did I was pregnant with her grandson right now, if life throws us a curve and it's a girl it will be named Rebbecca Lexington Wilde. When she left I totally forgot about SWAT outside waiting for her. I told them to treat her good don't hurt her!  We went in and Willy said so that's your mom, not as bad as I had thought! I've told him what she did to me when I was younger. He even knows about the steel wool and what she used it for. Only because I liked having sex with women more than men, until I met Willy here. Stu asked what did she use the steel wool for, about that time it came to him, never mind I just figured it out and all I can say is OUCH! Yeah you should if been on the receding end of one of her scribblings. Ouch hardly covered it I bled for over two days needed my pads for more than that one time a month. The first time I was 8. Me and my best friend were just curious and she rubbed me raw. Anytime I went out with my girl friends, I got it. Hell I did more with the guys I went out and never got the scouring I got with the girls and 99% of the time nothing ever happened with them. She called me a dinner and told me I was going to hell! The last time she abused me, I told her very angrily Good I'll see you there Bitch! She commenced to really beat me broke bones and put me in the hospital, she was arrested I was placed in Foster homes not much better than the home I was in. One of my foster dad's raped me. The bastard got away with it as well. I made the decision that a woman never treated me that way, other than my mother and she did it to stop me from doing woman! That's when I became a lesbian! Unfortunately I still liked what the guys offered, I was BI but preferred women. Now look at me in married to a man and pregnant with his baby, and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Well you should have your halo off soon after your child is born 10 months wasn't it Stu asked? You haven't heard have you Stu? I'm not healing as well as they would like. I will be in it about a year now.
    • The hospital staff wasn't told that Robyn had wet until the orderly caught her leaving. At that point Allen made a good choice and just rushed her home on the towel. Plus, it was a bad "piddle" not a full on soaking... Chapter 13 is in the works, but i'm at the end of my original plot outline... hahaha  So I'm taking a little time to layout the next few chapters. If you have any ideas, hopes, or suggestions please feel free to message me. 
    • Thank You so much. I know I am at that stage of my life where sexual behavior is not important to my life as it once was even just back when I was in my 50's. So like you said and it was really brought to the forefront when my husband passed away the fear of loneliness and the need for a companion and good company. Now bring in Lexi who is 23 years old and entering the prime of her sexual years. This is why in the back of my head that I know that with  this intelligent young lady there will come a time that she will want to go down another road and maybe start her college career path, meet a guy, start a family. When that time comes whenever it may be in 5 years, 10 Years, or longer I will support her 100%. I also know when I reach into my 80's if I make it that far I am not going to be wanting to do this. The main thing is my life is already for the better because no matter what path Lexi chooses in the future or if she does choose to stay an AB until I give up being a mommy I will have met an incredible young lady and she will be apart of my life for the rest of my life no matter what road she decides to take in the future. 
    • hmm i start thinking of that dream and what could it mean
    • I tried to hold on to a pair of loafers, my first pair, but my Mom would keep throwing them out.  I would keep digging them out of the trash can or wherever she put them to be thrown out.  She finally told me,  These are too Little For You. Damn! If you can't keep your shoes from being thrown out and your Mom gives your toys away to relatives, other, you lose part of your memories. Not too many things from my early childhood survived, and those that went through that holocaust, my younger sister has. I did have a rubber, maybe a squishy, Peter Pan doll that I liked very much and I would fly him around.  I don't know where he landed in flight, maybe Neverland.