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  1. I started to wet in Jan 2013 after I fell on some ice I was out cold I was found by my daughter I been incontinent since
  2. Ok thank you
  3. I started to wet after A hard Fall in 2013 disp diapers did not keep my bed dry.I am A side sleeper and I got cloth pin on and plastic pants works good
  4. when I 1st started to wet I got diapers from the VA they were not any good.I dont think any one will get any thing better best too pay sorry to say that
  5. for me I use cloth too I am a side sleeper and cloth just work best with plastic pants
  6. Make A diaper that works keeps bed dry and dont leak
  7. I know I am too old to fight it now
  8. thank you
  9. depends On the day some time 2 times some time if I am at home all day I can make it all day wet only 1 time they are good for a few wettings
  10. I have A back pack filled with every thing I may need 1 in each car and the truck
  11. I got a 20 gal plastic trash can I use that for my wet diapers I can go A week and still have diapers but i wash 2 times a week
  12. I am all ways wet in the morning
  13. I live In Minnesota wear is that A place with A show room can you tell up
  14. Yes I am A side sleeper Disosable diapers just dont work for me at night but cloth do with plastic pants
  15. It has now been 4 years since I started to wet.At 1st it was hard on me I was ashamed that I was in diapers my wife was up set too at 1st but she got over it.MY wife died in jay last year I was set up with a lady my age that wets too we are now good friends my 2 adult daughters are ok with it
  16. I got them at fetwear cost a bit but good fetwear you can order on line
  17. My wife was too.she was upset at 1st I was 63 when I started to wet.It took me A wile to find A good diaper that works I am A side sleeper and I had a wet bed too a lot.Cloth keeped my bed dry most nights then I found better night diapers and not my bed is all ways dry
  18. I really need So I never run out once I get in the to 2nd to last bag I order more it takes 3 4 days to get
  19. Steve Since I started to wet I Take care of the diapers my self it is not for any one eles to do but me.Take care of your wife my wife Died I miss her A lot
  20. Ok you are lucky I had too Pay for my diapers. I was 63 when I started to wet.It took me a long time to find A diaper that keeped my bed dry. I got Cloth diapers and plastic pants at night. Day diapers were a lot easer too keep things on the out side dry I am not trying to be a pain just trying to tell the truth.
  21. I started to wet years after I got married I was 63 my wife and I all ways had a great sex life we have had 2 daughters the bedwetting did bother her at 1st but she got over it fast.
  22. buying diapers all the time cost a lot think about it
  23. Not being Able to control my Bladder is not A lot of fun it is a pain.I fell in 2013 I been wetting since. Day and night I spend A lot on diapers to keep things on the out side dry I hate a wet bed
  24. My wife was ok that I started to wet too.My wetting started after a fall on some ice in 2013 I day wet too do I wear 24 7. Cloth pin on at night with plastic pants keep the bed dry I wear Tranquilty over nights all day.work good as a day diaper
  25. I am not A AB or A DL I need too wear