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  1. I understand as as I am even shorter and rounder at about 5' 7" and have 42" pants size . I wear onesies everyday to work and my diaper generally does not leak. I have found that ones bought from Babypants or ABU never fit my pear shaped body correctly so I have mine custom made and I promise you that is the way to go. It is very important that the crotch is tight so that it keeps your diaper in place when it starts to get full. However, if it is too tight then to much pressure on your diaper can cause your pee pee to stay concentrated to much in the front. This can cause press out leaks especially if you sit down as the diaper does not have enough time to absorb your pee pee. That is why the custom sized onesie works best for me. My onesies are not cute though, just simple wear to work onesies that look like a t-shirt. Why not just wear a pair of plastic panties under your onesie to help contain leakage?
  2. So Fort Wayne area?
  3. I am in Ohio, which area of Indiana?
  4. I am also from Columbus. I have some diapers for sale but I am currently outside of the country. I have a ton of older style ABU diapers in size medium that I just do not fit into anymore. I have a ton of people interested but most live elsewhere and I have very little time to research shipping costs. Delaware is north of Columbus...
  5. Yes, that definatly can happen and it also effects the absorbancy of your diaper as well. I would say that a lot of baby powder is ok as long as you rub it in as much as possible. I know when I was stationed in Japan their baby powder does not come in a sprinkle on type container. It comes in a tub with a soft powder applicator. Wish we had those here.
  6. Uh, when your diaper is full.
  7. It really is about what makes you comfortable. Something that helps to channel your pee pee down your diaper so to speak is folding it in half before you put it on. The fold helps create a channel and when you put your diaper on it does feel as if you have more room. There is a balance to the right tightness versus the right amount of looseness. Another option is using a booster pad in your diaper. Place it high in your diaper and insure it goes around your wee wee when you pull your diaper up. As the booster gets wet it wicks the pee pee down the booster much faster than a diaper. Hope this helps. Honestly as a man, the front of your diaper is always going to be used more...it's just simple anatomy.
  8. I personally notice a difference when I use baby powder particularly in areas that chaff. Sometimes a diaper rubs you somewhere in a wrong way and all diapers fit differently. I usually put a nice amount down the front of my diaper and shake it about. Then I will take baby powder and sprinkle it on my hand if I need to target specific spots like my bottom or inner thighs. When I am walking and I feel my diaper rubbing me the wrong way I just go to a potty and lightly powder that spot. Works great for me and eliminates prolonged chafing.
  9. My wife and I were at a hotel for a weekend get away and she told me to get in the pool while I was wearing diapers. I thought the plastic panties I had on would help the diaper from getting wet but almost immediately my panties were breached and pool water flooded my diaper. I am pretty sure I was wearing either a Bambino Bellissimo or one of the original Fabines. My diaper was so big after getting out and it was quite a mess afterwards as it swelled until it exploded. It was interesting waddling through the hotel hallway though!
  10. Exactly, that is what the jealousy is over. Our diapers are generally leaking in the front and the back is completely dry. I know there are ways to help wick the pee pee to the back of the diaper but the true reality is the front of our diaper will always be soaked before the middle or rear. I understand that infections could be painful and a nuisance but being able to maximize diaper usage is awesome for girls. Do girls leak often at night?
  11. Mine is not very big either but my pee pee still likes to fill the front of my diaper. Sometimes when laying down I reach into my diaper and adjust myself as far back as possible and then wet. It is awesome because you can feel the pee pee running down your bottom and making your cheeks all warm. I guess this is what it feels like as a girl all the time. I am jealous too!
  12. In theory yes, but I travel around the world and I only have come across one other person changing their diaper lol. I was referring more if you see someone out and about bent over exposing a Rearz Princess diaper or Tykables diaper feel free to say hi.
  13. My wife is very much against me becoming bowel incontinent. At least with wetting as long as you change regularly it can go undetected. She tells me she does not want to be out to dinner with me and I suddenly mess myself. Apart from the dripping after making pee pee and the one sudden urge episode after wearing for a week, my bowels are what I have least control of. If I hold my bowels for five minutes or so I am guaranteed to have leakage...far better to have leakage with a diaper on. When this would happen when I worked in aviation it was embarrassing because I did not wear diapers then. The leakage would get in my pants and I would smell the rest of the day. One day someone asked me why I smelled like you know what. That is when I started wearing woman's panties with a maxipad in them to work.
  14. I have seen one other man changing in a rest area and he was not an older gentleman. He was in the handicapped stall and you could clearly see what he was doing through those obnoxious cracks in the stall door. He was sitting on the toilet while he changed himself which I never do (always stand up with diaper supported against the stall). I went to the stall next to him and changed my diaper as well. I made sure to rip the tapes off loud so that he knew he was not alone. Of course I had no idea if he was ABDL or incontinent. I imagine that was the first time at a rest area in Indiania that two grown men changed their diapers in side by side stalls at the same time. In a way I let him know that I knew he was wearing by intentionally making a lot of noise when I changed my diaper. I would never approach someone that is obviously discreet and may be wearing a diaper because of need. They deal with enough embarrassment as it is I am sure. I will say however, if you were one of those that like the thrill of attention (I am one of those too so I completely understand) and I saw you bent over at a store clearly exposing a Rearz Princess diaper for the whole world to see...I would walk up and say "nice diaper, I wear the same ones." It would not matter if you were male or female. In my experiences though people just really do not notice or do not care. I mean I have walked into countless gas stations carrying a spare ABDL diaper to change into and no one ever has said a word. I walk out of the stalls with my used diaper in hand and throw it away and as we know some restrooms do not have trash receptacles big enough for an adult diaper. Yes, sometimes they are Rearz Princess or ABU Lavenders. Sometimes I feel embarrassed and try to hide it under my arm and other times I do not care. If you guys ever see me out and about and my diaper is exposed please say hi. I 100% agree with you.
  15. Count me out for Bambinos as well. Truthfully I am right between their sizes medium and large so I can not fit into one properly. I bought Classicos when they first hit the market as they were the only ABDL diaper available and I could fit into a medium back then. Now we have so many other diaper choices as an ABDL community there are better options when it comes to price and sizing. Also, when they were asking to come up with names for their new diaper I submitted the name Magnifico. I was not the first one to submit that name so I did not win the free diapers but they did send me an email stating those who submitted the name Magnifico but did not win the diapers would receive discount coupons as a runner up prize so to speak. Those coupons were never sent to me and I have not bought a diaper from them since.