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  1. Shot at Tain and has a death sentence on 12 systems
  2. ^sells his ear wax to wax cylinder enthusiasts at great profit
  3. ^made the Minidisc obsolete :'(
  4. My guess is there might have been someone on here with that name irl and things might have got out of hand with that person
  5. Its Melissa Blah, not Blah.
  6. Context: She had found a way to comfort her baby and get the baby to stop crying and sleep, so Sleeping in the crib with the baby helped. For those who have never seen Big bang Theory, Bernadette is a short woman and as such can fit into small places, as in the same episode she jokingly mentions being able to bathe in a kitchen sink.
  7. Got the new computer up and running, strayed from the original plan a little bit. With advice from Reddit regarding a lower priced CPU and a deal on the CPU and Motherboard combo from Microcenter(basically got the motherboard for free), I have put in the following parts while only spending $160 on parts and using parts from an old build. Parts list: AMD Athlon 5350 2.1ghz Quad Core ASRock AM!B-ITX 8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM* No video card as blurays play fine without it LG Bluray Drive PNY 120GB SSD Western Digital Blue 1TG HDD BFG 450w Power Supply Fractal Core 500 Case *My plan to use the G.Skill RAM faltered as the computer wouldnt stay on and randomly restart so I borrowed RAM from my main computer. Still going to replace the power supply next month. Pictar!
  8. Just started a mini build, and HTPC(Home Theater PC) Just ordered the case, everything is going into a Fractal Core 500 The final pc should have the following parts when its complete 3 months from now: AMD Sempron 3850 quad core 1.3Ghz CPU ASRock AM1B-ITX Motherboard MSI GT730 2GB Video Card 8GB G.Skill DDR3 1600Mhz PNY 120GB SSD Western Digital Blue 3TB HDD LG Bluray Drive Raidmax 300W Power Supply
  9. First there was this: Is there nothing the Japanese dont want to know?
  10. Of course a local tv channel was airing that episode all week late at night WHEN THERE IS NOTHING ELSE ON!.....
  11. Believes trolls are stealing single socks from his laundry loads, offers a new pack of socks as sacrifice in order to have his socks not be stolen every time he does laundry
  12. ^Is searching for the truth, The truth is out there, I want to believe.
  13. There are always ways to get around this kind of blocking, a VPN would be useful, many legal reasons to have one, would be a pain for your government to block all of them, some browsers have access to some vpns and also have some way of keeping your traffic private(I dont know much about that aspect) but Ive heard of Tor for using encrypted stuff.
  14. ^is allergic to anything that tastes green
  15. Prefers Tonka trucks over Ford or Chevy