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  1. Me too for several years. I am in agreement on the clean up issue and just peeing as well. for normal daytime I use a medical or prescription diaper but for night time I buy confidry 24/7 which work great for me. I added a picture in my profile with a diaper tape on it, look just like I remember from a year or two ago maybe forty or more.
  2. relax, enjoy, communicate in confidence of knowing your among friends. I too have been diaper lover as long as I can remember. lukily were lots of kids and relatives kids in my family to get diapers from
  3. I assumed it was already over as long ago as it the first post was but i was being honest about what i wrote. I have never come out anywhere else or to anyone else and i truly appreciate the site and what it has afforded to me and other i would assume.
  4. I like this site and have even helped to support it because you can be your true self here without fear of being harassed as well as communicate with others and get information on new items as well as where to find them, I feel very comfortable here!
  5. welcome to you hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. I have tried Northshore and I agree with you on the sizing issue but, my big issue is that he positioning of the tapes are too close together.(or top tape is too low maybe), I use as a rule the dry 24/7 and love everything about them but always watching for something new just haven't found anything better for me.
  7. if you read my story (I believe it is below my post) you will see I have been abdl since I was very young but was able to make it like a medical issue three years back. where before I would do the splurge and purge routine now I am 24/7 and almost totally incontinent. But other than to come out to my adult son( about medical need purpose) I would have problem letting anyone else know and not because it would hurt anything except my pride. in the last three years I have had leaks , some major , while around my friends none of them ever said anything to me. SO I will say welcome to you and feel free to proceed at your comfort level and we will be here if you need to ask or express anything.
  8. As with the other great story and really would love two read next part
  9. sounds like you are both just making the best of a bad (depending on how you see it anyway) situation and she actually gave you a gift in setting you up before you left, for your bright nursery prints to be seen and by humiliating you which you say you like. and I thought you were uncomfortable with it to quote the song YOU WERE "LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT"
  10. I take it she had never did or said anything in public like that before? Maybe she was feeling a little devilish that day, but then will you ever see the again and will they remember you if you do? Never had it happen to me probably thankfully but have had many noticeably wet jeans in public.
  11. no reason a woman cant want a mommy the same way a man does. its is a nurture need i believe
  12. happy it worked out well for you
  13. the bigger one is what i use mosttly because it is more comfortable for me. i tried the regular bottle just took three or four to make up for the one now.and it is bigger around
  14. Wanted to show off my big baba i made. I am sure others have made a version but thought i would show to those babies that cant afford to buy bottles, it is simply a sports bottle with your choice of nipple size hole in the top lid, (BE SURE TO HAVE PERMISSION OR HAVE YOUR MOMMY OR DADDY DO IT FOR YOU!) hole in top. . also my onsie can be got off etsy. it is hand made to your sizing and shipped for around $25.00. DHCABB IS THE TAG desktop.ini Pic5.zip
  15. i like it! i like it! hey mikey check it out! lol