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  1. I was a chronic bedwetter as a kid and throughout my teens. I started bedwetting again in my late forties I was a chronic bedwetter as a kid and throughout my teens. I started bedwetting again in my late forties
  2. I'm just the opposite I pee in any position without warning.
  3. Testing adult nappies would be my ideal job.
  4. As long as the matteras is protected, why worry about the bed getting wet. Sheets and kylies wash.
  5. Same here I never rush to change.
  6. I have been back in nappies 24/7 for a few years now and have no regrets. I thoroughly enjoy being urinary incontinent and dependant on nappies and wouldn't want it any other way now. The odd leak and nappy rash are the only downsides I guess. Can't say it bothers me much. I wet in my sleep every night and probably wake in a wet bed at least once maybe twice a week when I pee too much for my nappy and plastic pants to hold.
  7. My close friends and family all know I am incontinent and wear nappies all the time it's no big deal. I have no idea who else knows. I don't try and hide it any more.
  8. Four years and counting since I lost most of my bladder control and switched to nappies 24/7. No regrets whatsoever and thoroughly enjoy being dependant on nappies 24/7
  9. Once I settled back in to the bedwetting habit my daytime control soon steadily worsened. I wear nappies all the time now. I am in my 50's now and at an age where it is probably a lot more acceptable to be incontinent and enuretic. I would not recommend or encourage anyone who is young to go down this route. Please be sure it is what you really want. I am curious as to why you want to be a bedwetter too. No one is judging you and if that is what you really want then go ahead it is your life and you should lead it as you wish. I thoroughly enjoy my incontinence, nappies and nightly bedwetting but have no idea why. It would be interesting to know why someone else especially so young wants this. At your age I had never been dry at night save the odd night and it would be another three years before I would be reliably dry at night. I think that has a definite bearing on why when I started bedwetting again in my late 40's I just slipped back in to the habit in no time
  10. Same here I just accepted it. I wear nappies and get on with life
  11. Yes i was refered by my Doctor first to a urologist and then when it was found my incontinence was to all intents and purposes incurable I was refered to the continence nurse. After two appointments and keeping a diary of my wetting episodes I was finally allowed a supply of pads and slips which are delivered to my house once every three months.
  12. Same here. I love being incontinent and dependant on nappies. As a kid I was a chronic nightly bedwetter but it never bothered me. I could never see what the fuss was about. I often wet my self during the day until I was about 10 or so and again I didn't care. As I got in to my teens I could have probably beaten my bedwetting but chose to deliberately wet my bed rather than get up and soon drifted back in to nightly sleep wetting again. I finally did become dry in my 20s but due to diabetic related problems I was back to bedwetting by my late 40's and urinary incontinent and dependant on nappies 24/7 within a couple of years.Once I got over the initial shock I soon settled in to the bedwetting habit again and as my incontinence developed and I started wearing incontinence pads and then nappies I soon became DL and now thoroughly enjoy being incontinent and dependant on nappies 24/7. I have no regrets whatsoever. Looking back I guess I have always had the desire to wear nappies and be a bedwetter. I wouldn't want to be cured not ever. I am so much happier this way but I would love someone to be able to tell me why I am this way.
  13. I wonder if any of the adult nappy manufacturers want someone who genuinely needs nappies 24/7 to test their products.
  14. Such wise words. and so true. Although I am incontinent now and dependant on nappies 24/7 I am so glad that I stopped wetting the bed during my early 20's and had over 25 relatively dry years.