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  1. Yes, I own a whole lot of diaper bags. In 1985, when I turned 21, I lost my daytime control. I had reverted to bedwetting at puberty in 1976. Once I needed to carry at least one spare Attends i used a backpack. Then in late 1990 I started playing AB as a coping strategy. Almost immediately I told my Mom about my AB play, because Mom is also urinary incontinent. Mom took me to a Babies-R-Us and bought me a real diaper bag with pockets for baby bottles. After I started writing for the DPF newsletter in early 1991 several nice people sent me diaper bags. When I relax playing AB I use one of the actual diaper bags, especially a large pink one which is ideal for adult-size gauze diapers. These days when I am in my responsible adult mode my primary diaper bag is one side of my brief case. That easily holds a spare Tru-Fit panty and several disposable inserts, plus baggies, wipes and Desitin.
  2. Apparently the DD system defaults to change the correct spelling of Melissa's surname to "Blah". This happened to me, Spark and Barnburner. Perhaps the workaround for those interested is to go to IMDB, search for The Big Bang Theory and look at the cast list.
  3. Indeed, Yes, on THE BIG BANG THEORY Episode 1011 titled "The Birthday Synchronicity", first broadcast in the USA on 15 December 2016, Bernadette gave birth to a daughter. Bernadette is played by the super talented actress Melissa Blah is listed in IMDB as being 4' 11". That must be on her tall days; most who have met her believe Melissa is shorter than that. As shown on the 5 January 2017 Episode 1012 "The Holiday Summation" Bernadette easily fit into an ordinary old-style infant crib.
  4. Thank you Diaper Always for sharing the photo of Stephanie Courtney from a Progressive commercial playing "Flo". I have edited my original post to include a cropped version of the Flo photo. The AB Dreams website confirms that its owner Apple is playing the strict Nurse Apple who is spanking naughty AB Girl Abby. Since this is the photo set featured in the current (on 9 January 2017) website tour, I assume the set "Baby Abby Gets Spanked" is fairly recent.
  5. A million thanks, enfant, for the information about the owner of the "AB Dreams" website. Apple is attractive.
  6. Stephanie Courtney has been a friend of mine since well before the pilot of MAD MEN was filmed during the fall of 2006 on location in NYC. It is possible she knows I am urinary incontinent, but we have never discussed that topic, nor anything about spanking. The model doing the spanking in the photo clearly is an experienced disciplinarian. Just look at he red marks, especially on the spankee's right buttocks. My experience has always been that while across a lap the side closest to the spanker gets less intense punishment. Really good, effective disciplinarians manage to spank both sides nearly equally. My minor quibble with the photo is that not enough attention is being given to the crease separating the lower buttocks from the upper thigh. Spanks aimed there continue to throb for hours and are irritated by chair seats. Perhaps the model getting spanked is not really into that kink. One never knows. Probably there are businesses in many places where an adult can get spanked by a professional disciplinarian.
  7. When I was growing up like my sister, Mommy and Granny I had bladder control problems. On trips ans for events where ladies' rooms were hard to find I wore what Mommy called "Just-in-Case" diapers. For years I assumed every person, boy or girl, I saw during a trip also was diapered. That's what causes an incident about the time I turned 8 to stick in my mind. My entire family was headed to Yosemite National Park for a couple of weeks summer vacation. We stopped for a very nice lunch at The Bakersfield Inn. After lunch Mommy led our young brother and her daughters to a ladies' room which had a changing table large enough for my oldest sister Penny who was then 13. She changed herself, pinning on Curity gauze diapers covered by Gerber vinyl panties. Then Mommy started changing the rest of us into Curity gauze diapers, starting with the youngest, Missy then 3. Our sister Ruth was then 5 and brother Ed was 6. I had just climbed onto the table when a girl smaller than me walked in all by herself. I was shocked because up to then I never saw a kid in a ladies' room without a mother of female escorting her. Mommy ruched up my skirt and was removing my Gerber panties when the little girl casually entered a toilet stall. My wet diaper was off and Mommy was wiping me when the toilet flushed and the little girl walked out of the stall. She was washing her hands while Mommy slid a clean diaper under me. The little girl stared at me as Mommy pinned my diaper and pulled up my Gerber panties. That girl only left the restroom when I started to get down. I do not remember being embarrassed, because by then a whole lot of people had seen my diapers being changed. What shocked me was that the little girl was not diapered. Penny led all of my younger siblings out of the room. I asked Mommy why that little girl was not wearing a diaper. Mommy answered that perhaps her family lived in Bakersfield and was not on a trip. Mommy reminded me that I did not always wear diapers when we ate at restaurants near our home. What I have never figured out is if that little girl was envious of my diaper? She sure did not seem repulsed seeing me being diapered.
  8. Hi Everyone, Today (8 January 2017) Daily Diapers was updated! Yeah!! The new "AB Dreams" photo first caught my attention because the Mommy/Babysitter is spanking a bare-bottom naughty AB Girl, using her left hand. It is so refreshing to see a left-handed spanker in action. Then as I studied the photo I realized the spanker very closely resembles the talented actress STEPHANIE COURTNEY. Stephanie is a friend of mine. She still is a member of the Hollywood-based "Groundlings" and is married to their lighting director. Stephanie played the Chief Switchboard Operator "Marge" on MAD MEN during its first season. She has made many movies and TV shows since then. Fans in the USA might know Stephanie from a million commercials as "Flo" for Progressive Auto Insurance. For comparison I am adding a photo of Stephanie Courtney as Flo in a commercial. Please note that Stephanie is wearing her watch on her right wrist, which is normal for left-handed people.
  9. Happy Holidays! Best wishes, Angela and Don
  10. female

    Thank you for providing the useful link to "About ABDL" website. It seems the authors have done excellent research. I am glad that site was available when you needed it.
  11. female

    Yet another wonderful chapter! So, while Melina was sleeping, her mother was on-line doing research. Perhaps she read a website called "When Kids Love Diapers" intended for parents bewildered when a youngster, or even a teenager, is revealed to desire diapers. The psychologists who started WKLD believe that nearly always infantilism or diaper affectation is a life-long condition. Then the parents can teach the youngster how to be discreet and circumspect when acting out in diapers. Here is the link to WKLD http://wkld.diaperchat.com/ Clearly Melinda's mom is very wise buying her daughter appropriate-size diapers. Imagine how Melinda's future could be damaged if she were caught stealing diapers?
  12. My husband Don and I have an adult-size changing table in our master bedroom.
  13. Previously the founder of DD, Mike A has written that he is the first member. He shows 8 December 2004 as his "joined" date. Mike has also written that is the official starting date of DD.
  14. Unfortunately all indications are that GCliment is not going to continue writing "Melissa Gets Her Bottom Changed". At lest not for DD. Certainly most authors find it a lot more fun to write first drafts as quickly as possible than to edit, revise and proofread. Fortunately there are other authors writing about young women who want nothing more than to be returned to diapers and to be lovingly treated as a toddler. Perhaps it will be fun to read those other stories, or better yet write stories along the same lines as the one about Melissa.
  15. Fortunately a lot of DD members contribute stories written in different styles.