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  1. Prostate stimulation is phenomenal. My wife enjoys it too. Relax, be honest with your partner about what you like & do not like, and do not be afraid to experiment. I have tried numerous toys and will probably continue to do so. I really like vibrating ones. It can feel so good when it hits the right spot. Good luck!
  2. I wouldn't. Discussing one's choice of underwear in public is typically frowned upon.
  3. Great contribution, Mark. You are dead-on about disposable sissy designs. They seem like an afterthought. I believe the disposable sissy market is well underserved. Whomever chooses to truly cater to it will stand to make a small fortune. I wouldn't care about price if a sissy diaper appealed to me visually and functionally.
  4. April 13 2005 here. I don't post much. I am a professional lurker.
  5. Don't give up. I found someone that accepts and indulges me even though I have more kinks than a 100 foot water hose stuffed into a bucket.
  6. The medical forms appear to be from 2014? Never mind.
  7. I've lost 70 pounds and I'm still morbidly obese. I feel great though!
  8. I find that humiliation isn't nearly as bad as horrific death.
  9. I click on this and find I was just as brilliant six years ago.
  10. I have been wearing these to work to spice up my boring days and I love them. They are incredibly soft and form fitting for a guy. It has been quite a thrill, but I would not suggest emptying a full bladder into one.
  11. Being a part of this community means I am not the lone freak I thought I was. My interest in diapers consciously began around five years of age. It wasn't until I was 18 when I found out I wasn't the only Dl/AB/sissy/whatever the hell I am on this planet. Thank you Internet and DD!
  12. It was very fun but also very far from what I would call the perfect experience. First, the strapon didn't fit her right so it was hard for her to continuously penetrate me. Second, I was so nervous about my bowels it was hard for me to focus on just enjoying it. I asked her to stop before I climaxed because I was worried about making a mess. I have IBS and sometime things can get very messy during my anal play. However, it was an amazing experience! She made it work and rewarded me the next night with some anal fun bringing me to climax. I guess that is what a great lover does. We overcame the awkwardness and she took control of the situation the next night to let me experience an amazing orgasm brought on by her thrusting the dildo with her hands while I masturbated. After climaxing, she put me in a pink Awe So Cute diaper and I fell asleep with her boobie in my mouth. Greatest sexual episode ever.
  13. The wife and I are trying pegging during a weekend retreat. I'm curious as to what others in our community have experienced with pegging. For those unaware, pegging is when a man receives anal penetration from a female typically wearing a strap on dildo. It has taken me a long time to work up enough courage to make this happen. As a heterosexual male, it was hard for me to acknowledge that I receive pleasure from anal stimulation. However, as I age, anal stimulation has become increasingly more intense and adds a whole new dimension to my orgasms. The prostate can be an amazing thing when stimulated properly. I am quite sure that I coul reach orgasm from anal penetration alone. I aim to find out this weekend. What are some of your experiences with pegging? What did you like? What didn't you like? From what I have read, many women find the role reversal invigorating. I am excited to find out.
  14. Poker is my thrill.
  15. I approve of this post and topics similar.