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Detroit Lions Coach suggests diapers.

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Based on his suggestion, he knows nothing about adult diapers. 


A few years back someone was selling baby diapers with sports teams prints. There was a debate about whether you wanted your team or rivals.


NorthShore has ad contracts with Chicago sports teams. Maybe they can get team printed diapers too.

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I've worn a diaper to Carolina Panthers games even carrying a spare in my clear plastic bag.

I've not been to any USFL games since the first time that league was around (I knew one of the owners and got to sit in the owner's box a couple of times and pal around with a couple of the cheerleaders after the game).


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I would recommend them for the Patriots fans. The run into the post-Evil Empire normal hard times and they and the radio commentators throw two-year-old temper tandrums and start crying like babies

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The NFL is always looking for new sources of revenue, so I wouldn't be surprised if they are working with manufacturer to create NFL related diapers.  True toddlers wouldn't care very much, but it would be complicated for.  IMO, I could get the 49er logo and be happy, but I'm peeing on it and that's more suited for the Cowboys.

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they say diapers ,but they are really talking about the underwear which to me is  the pull ups for Adults not actual diapers. a lot of stores do the same thing call the pull ups adult diapers when they are really undewear made special so you can pee,and poop in them. those are not actual diapers. diapers to me are the ones with the tape tabs like northsore megamax,and other ones such as pupstars.  

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I used to work nfl games and I believe everyone should wear diapers at the stadium. Let’s just say the men’s bathrooms are disgusting and you would need hip waders by the end of the third quarter…

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