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Ideal Candidate, Chapter 11

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My first story. I have a thing for semi-realistic dark fantasies. All characters are above 18. There eventually be heavy sex and gaslighting. This is just a fantasy, and I don't condone the actions of Doms like those depicted in this story. 

I edited chapter 5 to change the 2nd paragraph.  Sophia is wearing a floral peasants dress when they meet, now.


Chapter 1

"I'm sorry ma'am, but this brand only comes in whole sizes," Kim said with an apologetic smile. The customer, a middle aged, bottled blonde white lady in a tacky green dress didn't seem convinced.

"Are you sure, honey? I could have sworn that ECCO had half sizes. Could you check for me? Maybe ask your manager?" She asked with a condescending smile and the privileged obliviousness of a rich suburban mom paying full price for shoes at Macy’s in the early afternoon.

Kim fought the urge to grimace from the all too common patronizing tone. "Of course ma'am, I'll check in the back to make sure" was the reply she gave, because she knew from experience that as a petite Asian woman, this customer wouldn't take her word for it.

She walked into the shoe storage room to wait a convincing amount of time before going back to tell the woman that the brand everyone who knows anything about shoes knows that it only has full sizes, indeed only has full sizes. She took out her phone and discreetly opened up chrome to check Fetlife, the kink website she'd been kind of obsessed with for a couple weeks. She opened up a local abdl group and saw a new post about a local age play job opportunity. It read, Seattle based ageplay product maker and reseller seeking ageplayers with customer service skills to help build our brand. Competitive salary, plus benefits. Message us for interest.

"Hey Kim, what are you doing?" Kim jumped and lowered her phone to hide the screen. Joan, her supervisor, was standing there with a slight frown. "Oh, that blonde woman I was helping thinks ECCO has half sizes and asked me to check. So, I'm waiting a bit before going back. I might need backup."

"I heard. Good job on defusing a conflict, but in these situations I'd suggest looking for some similar shoes back here, instead of hopping on your phone. I can help if you need it, but these are situations you should get better at handling yourself." Joan's face softened after he delivered this reprimand, but Kimberly still felt a jab of embarrassment. 

"Sorry, I'll do that next time."

"Don't worry about it. Good luck with her," Joan said. "Oh, did you see the updated schedule? I'm gonna need you to fill in for Sue on Saturday. It'll be a half shift for closing."

Kimberly forced a smile, even as she realized that she wouldn't get a day off this week. "Sure thing, happy to pitch in."

"Great, now go get her tiger," Joan said with a nod towards the sales floor.

Kimberly hurried back to the woman, but before she could gently tell the customer that she was wrong, the lady interrupted her, "I'm sorry, dear, I looked it up on my phone, and you're right. I must have been thinking of Michael kors." 

Suppressing the urge to say that this was a weird thing to get confused, Kimberly smiled and said "oh we have plenty of Michael kors, let me show you some."


Chapter 2

Kimberly trudged through the front door of her efficiency apartment and fell face first onto her bed. She was exhausted, and had been dwelling on the scolding Joan had given her as well, as well as the blonde customer. She ended up buying 3 pairs, which helped a lot for Kimberly's sales quota, but the interaction took almost an hour and was emotionally taxing. Kimberly remembered her asking how old she was, and when she answered with 19 years old, the woman acted shocked, saying, "oh my lord, you don't look a day past 15. I mean my daughter in middle school has friends that look older than you. You Asian girls are so lucky with that."

Such comments were common for her. She was 4’11,” thin, and had youthful features. She had a nicely sized ass and breasts for her frame, but given her small size they were still small. She was regularly mistaken for a child, and felt treated like one, even when people knew her true age. As a quiet introvert, she seemed to disappear in social environments, except when she was singled out for asian stereotypes.

She remembered that fetlife post from earlier, and that she had messaged the account on her break, HI, this sounds like a dream job for me! My name is Kim and my number is 509-696-9420. She took out her phone and logged into Fetlife to check if she had a reply. Nothing from that account, just some random dudes. She went back to the job posting and tapped on the account profile. 

The_ABDL_Boutique&Studio had a location of Seattle, WA, and age of 101, female, ageplayer. The about me section said, "Seller of top quality ABDL clothing and gear, and nursery location. For inquiries for stays or photo shoots, follow the link below," and had an etsy link and one to another website. Kim scrolled up and tapped on the profile picture. There were dozens of pictures of an ABDL nursery, with a huge white crib, changing table, rocking chair, and play area. There also was what looked like a little girl's room, with a canopy bed with pink curtains, a small desk, a makeup table, and an ornate wardrobe. There were some pictures of women in various Littles outfits, some with diapers. 

After a couple minutes, Kim started getting aroused,reaching her hands under her panties. She stopped, and thought better of it. She got up, went to her closet and reached in for the pack of xl goodnites hidden in the back, taking one. She also found her pink, bow-covered nighty. She went back to her bed, stripped down and put the goodnite and nighty on. She then opened her nightstand drawer, picked up her hitachi magic wand, plugged it into the power strip below her bed, and flopped down onto the mattress.

Nice and situated, she unlocked her phone. And before she could start where she left off, she noticed she had a message. Tapping the inbox, she saw that it was a reply from  The_ABDL_Boutique&Studio. Excitement rising, she opened the message and read, "That is wonderful to hear, sweetie. I will call you soon. It will be a 202, New York city number. Talk to you soon! Sophia."

Kim wondered if she should hold off on masturbating, in case she received the call while in the middle of it, but she reasoned that she was already set up and could finish quickly.  Plus, the message had made her even hornier. So, she tapped on the profile pic,  opened up the photos, turned her vibrator to high, started scrolling, and pressed the magic wand hard on top of her goodnites.

After about 5 minutes, Kim was breathing heavily and tapping through the photos until she found a picture of a blonde haired woman laying on her back on top of the changing table, spread eagle with her wrists and ankles cuffed and attached  to ropes that were hooked to its sides. She was only wearing a thick white diaper that had a lot of pink adornments. Over her loomed a tall, shapely woman in a pink a line dress, with one hand pressing against the diaper, and the other petting the blonde's hair, as if she was soothing her. The tall woman had brunette hair, but her face blurred. She was obviously very fit, but she was  "thick" up top and bottom, with her ample cleavage on display.

This picture hit all the right buttons, as Kim was a submissive Little with a bondage fetish. She was attracted to men and women, but she had a particular thing for strong, maternal women.

Just as she was feeling the lead up to an orgasm, her phone changed to the incoming call screen and started buzzing. It was a 202 New York city number! No, this soon? She hesitated, and thought about ignoring the call. But, this was so close to her perfect fantasy. What if she missed her chance? And, the sudden shift had killed her sexual momentum, anyway.

Steeling herself, she slid her finger right to accept the call, "Hello?"

A confident woman's voice said, "Hi, my name is Sophia. I believe you messaged me earlier. You are Kim, correct?"

As the woman was introducing herself, Kim realized that her hitachi was still loudly buzzing, and she scrambled to turn it off. She scrunched her face in mortification as she replied, "Y-yes I'm Kim."

"Are you ok? Is now a good time to talk?"

"Yes, it's fine," Kim said as she calmed down.

"Great, then I'd like to just say a little about this position. My husband and I are wealthy, and I recently sold my marketing firm, so I am semi retired. We're both in the kink lifestyle,  and I've been idly planning to build an abdl brand for a while, but I really need some help. I'd need someone to help me get things off the ground, and then to do customer service and fulfillment duties. The ideal candidate would be a little, because I'd like their perspective. I know all about the caretaker side of things, heh. How does that sound, kim?"

"Wow, that sounds really, uh, interesting. I’m definitely,  uh, interested," Kim cringed as she repeated herself, finding it hard to speak due to nerves.

"Great. Do you mind if we switch over to video chat? I think it would start us off on the right foot, and allow us to get to know each other better."

Kim paused. Should she deny her request? This sounded like a fantasy scenario from the story sites she loved to read. "Well, I'm in my pajamas…" Kim got up and walked quickly to her mirror and combed her hair with her fingers, just in case.

"If you don't feel comfortable,  I understand. We could try to arrange another time to talk. But, I have a busy schedule… and I don't mind, if you don't. I understand how sudden this is." Sophia's voice was warm, yet authoritative. She had a maternal insistence that Kim liked.

Kim had sat back on her bed and hesitated.  Was she really going to interview for a job in a nighty and pullup? It all felt like a dream, so far, so she decided to go with it, "ok, if you're ok with me being in a nightie, I'm OK with it."

"Wonderful! Let's see if this works." A second later, a notification asking if she'd accept the request for video calling came up on Kim's phone. 

Kim took a breath and accepted the video request. A beautiful brunette woman came on screen, showing her from the neck up. Kim couldn’t really judge her age, but she didn't look old enough to retire. She had a wide smile, showing perfect white teeth, and pearls. Her face was tastefully made up. Not too heavy, but she had a nice burgundy lipstick, and muted tones on her cheeks and eyes.

"My, my aren't you a cutie," Sophia said warmly. Kim blushed. She could see her own face in the small box at the bottom, with her black, medium bobbed hair, and the pink nighty shoulder straps with bows at the top. She didn't have any makeup on. She felt childish in comparison.

"Thanks, ma'am." Kim found herself falling into little space, already, as she felt the woman's warm, but commanding presence through the screen.

"How sweet. You can call me ma'am,  if you want. But don't be afraid to call me Sophia.  Why don't you tell me about yourself?"

" Well, I'm originally from Seattle, but I moved to Spokane when I was a freshman in highschool, and graduated there. I moved back here to go to Seattle University, but it was difficult to afford tuition  and books with a part time job, so I took a break to work full time at Macy’s. I'm an associate in the shoe department."

"Oh, tuition has gotten insane. Your generation has it very rough. My husband and I actually give out scholarships every year to try to help. Tuition assistance is definitely an option for this position."

"Really? That's amazing. I'm not sure what the job involves, but I'm a hard worker and I have plenty of customer service experience. I waited tables in high-school, too. I always try my best to please the customers. I don't have a ton of experience doing it, but considering my age, I think it's a good amount." Kim's rising excitement shifted her nervous difficulty with words to the mile a minute style of nerves. 

"You seem to have the exact attitude I'm looking for,' Sophia interjected in a momentary lull in Kim's flurry of words. Her smile beamed as she continued, "and I don't need someone with a lot of experience. Training and mentoring a young woman is actually something I'm looking forward to with this project. I value a hard work ethic and loyalty,  above all. And, we take care of our employees. I should be able to more than match Macy’s. What's your hourly pay, dear?"

Kim slowed down and felt a pleasurable tingle from the words training and take care. It was almost as if Sophia had said them with particular emphasis, but Kim couldn't be sure. "$16 an hour, plus commission, ma'am."

Sophia's warm smile remained constant as she said, "I'm prepared to pay $22 an hour, full time, with medical, and the tuition assistance we talked about, earlier. I have the philosophy that you should pay and treat staff well in order to get the best. We have a personal chef, and you'd be welcome to eat many of your meals here. You'd save a fair bit from that."

Kim was shocked. She'd never made that much, even with commission, and it would involve her deepest fantasy. After a second, she realized that Sophia had stopped talking and had an expectant look on her face. "T-that sounds great," she managed to say, suddenly finding it hard to find her voice again. 

Sophia's big smile returned. "Excellent! Before we schedule an in person interview, I just want to confirm that you understand that you'll be required to test out our products. That includes ageplay clothing like onesies and party dresses. And of course, diapers. Your profile on Fetlife listed all of that, and you seem like a good fit in that department. oh, and bondage. Restraints are a product line I'd like to develop. I need a submissive Little that is deeply knowledgeable of these kinds of things to help with product development and marketing. I just need your explicit confirmation."

Kim's tingling and little space feelings suddenly surged into a wave of arousal, and she felt as little as she'd ever before. She blushed and looked away from the screen. It was almost impossible to reply, but she managed to squeak out, "That sounds, uh, kind of amazing actually… I'm still very interested in the job." Her confidence returned as she finished the sentence, sporting a big smile.

"Wonderful! Now, I believe in striking while the iron is hot. Are you free tomorrow for an in person interview?"

Shit, she had work for the next 3 days. "Well, I work a morning shift, but I get out at noon."

"Would you be able to make it to magnolia by 3? My house is near Discovery park."

"Oh, I love Discovery park. Yes, 3 is good for me." It would be a long day, but Kim didn't want to lose this. And, she was feeling incredibly little and submissive. She felt a strong desire to please this beautiful, strong woman.

"That is wonderful to hear, dear. Hopefully you can visit the park all the time, when you take breaks."

"That would be nice," Kim smiled.

"Great! I’ll text you the address. I hope you have a good night's sleep and a nice shift tomorrow, and I'll see you at 3."

Kim felt like she was being tucked in. "OK, see you then."

"Bye, bye" Sophia smiled, and the call ended.

Kim let out a big sigh as the video disappeared and her phone's screen returned to the Fetlife picture she'd been masturbating to before she was interrupted. It was so hot. The release from that roller coaster of emotions had left her drained, but she was also very aroused from the submissive and little feelings that the call had given her. She was disoriented, but also very horny.

She felt under her Goodnite and found that her pussy was so wet that the pullup was damp. Had she really just had a job interview while wearing a diaper and nightie? Did Sophia know about the diaper? Kim started rubbing herself. Did Sophia hear the buzzing of the hitachi? Did she know just how much of a diaper slut Kim was? She rubbed harder. She looked at the changing table picture on her phone again, and found the hitachi. The first orgasm came quickly as she imagined herself tied down to the table with Sophia looming over her and running her fingers through Kim's hair. After one more, she tapped the ❤️ button for the picture and got ready for bed.

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Very nice. I love the micro-embarrassments such as the customer compliment, boss' reproof and the hitachi left on. I have a feeling we'll see that customer again.

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Thanks everyone. I have 8 draft chapters, so far. Im going to post one later today or tomorrow. 

On 10/20/2023 at 7:39 PM, D503 said:

Very nice. I love the micro-embarrassments such as the customer compliment, boss' reproof and the hitachi left on. I have a feeling we'll see that customer again.

Thanks! Unfortunately, that woman was just a random karen.

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Chapter 3: Exposition dump

Chapter 3


Kim had a fitful night. Maybe 3 hours of sleep? She kept turning over the call in her head and fantasizing about this new dream job. This was also interspersed with bits of anxiety. Could she trust this woman? Was it too good to be true? Kim's mom was obsessed with kidnapping and human trafficking stories. But, Sophia seemed so genuine and warm. She contrasted that with how her mom had treated her for a long time.


Kim had been adopted as a baby from China by a hard-core fundamentalist evangelical Christian couple. The types that go to their megachurch meetings on Wednesday nights, and to Christian conferences to get that extra spiritual direction that local pastors couldn't provide. Tim and Anne were their names, and after years of trying to start a family, they finally gave up and turned to adoption. They didn't want to “inherit another family's problems,” so they desired an infant. They ended up spending a decent chunk of their savings going through the international Chinese adoption process.


And so Kimberly was brought to a white Seattle family who desperately wanted children. But the problems had begun before she could remember. Even though saving a soul from godless communist China to America to add another soldier in the Christian nationalist culture war was a respected choice in their community, Tim blamed Anne for not giving him the  "quiverfull" of children that his theology expected. And, they couldn't afford to keep getting infants from overseas, especially after Tim lost his job. 


Kim always remembered money problems because Tim was laid off from the Boeing assembly floor when she was two. Tim had already been physically abusive to Anne, as their theology taught physical submission of wives, but it intensified after the layoff. Not long after, Anne had a crisis of faith, and realized that she had to escape. It took almost 2 years, but Kim had her 5th birthday in a single family apartment, in hiding from Tim. 


Kim only saw her adoptive father again in court proceedings. Last she'd heard, he'd moved to Texas.


The next years were a financial struggle, as Anne had little work experience. She'd started cleaning houses after Tim's layoff, and so she continued. 


When Kim was 10 Anne had finally found a long term relationship with a man, and the couple married soon after. Kim's step-dad had 2 boys, aged 14 and 12. He was a decent man, and much less religious. They only went to church one or two Sundays a month (and rarely during football season).  But, the boys were not so nice. They tested their parents' limits with bullying Kim. She heard all the racist things that could be said from within her own house. 


When Kim was 13, her mother had become pregnant. Anne's miracle baby. What little support and protection Kim enjoyed was eroded by the needs of her baby brother. Indeed, she was tasked with much of his care.


And then came the move to away from Seattle when she was 15. With a 4th child, the family needed space and so her stepdad had found a decent job in Spokane, uprooting her from her few friends in Seattle. The fact that they moved at almost the end of her freshman year made it difficult for Kim to make friends that year. Making new friends wasn't helped by the fact that there were many fewer Asian students in Spokane, and much more racism. And then her mother gave birth to another daughter a year after their move. Kim spent much of her free time caring for her mom's miracle babies. 


Kim graduated high school with no real friends in Spokane, and she'd lost contact with most of her Seattle friends. She'd grown isolated in and out of the house, and her untreated anxiety fed a series of obsessions. Anime, Manga, korean romance dramas and the like. And, secretly, her kinky bdsm and ageplay fantasies, which she found and developed on Tumblr and various erotic story websites.


A decent student, she'd received a respectable amount of scholarships for college. Yearning to return to the city of her youth, she decided on Seattle university. Her savings, scholarships and loans covered most of her expenses, but she still needed a part time job. She had trouble finding friends, and ended up withdrawing to her (private single bed) dorm room and then Chinatown efficiency to watch her shows, read her stories, and experiment with her hitachi.


Her anxiety and isolation seriously hurt her academic performance, which led to her losing much of her scholarship money after her second semester. Faced with a huge loan burden, Kim decided to "take a break" from college, and found her job at Macy’s.


The night and morning after Kim's wonderful,  bewildering interview with Sophia, Kim didn't go through all these memories in her head, but she felt the weight of them. That weight strengthened the allure of Sophia's fantasy nursery to the point that she could barely sleep. She was smart enough to link her traumatic, unsettled upbringing with her kinks, but that awareness didn't make them any less real. The thought of a strong mommy or daddy was irresistible. 


After finally getting to sleep around 1:30, she woke at 4:30. She needed to start getting ready at 5. She unlocked her phone and logged back into fetlife. She remembered Sophia's reference to her profile, so she decided to look for what made her "a good fit." She's created a profile after learning about the site shortly after dropping out of college. She'd been too timid to actually do anything in real life, but she had fun playing online. She posted pics of herself while wearing a blue paper mask, in juvenile attire, nighties, her one onesie, and goodnights. She hadn't progressed to expensive adult diapers, yet. She collected cute hair ties she used mostly for pigtails. She'd changed her location to Antarctica in order to cut down on the constant dick pics she received from local creeps. It said 19, F, pansexual little. Looking for friends, dating, master, mistress, play partners, daddy, and mommy. She had a long list of kinks, including abdl, ageplay, collar & leash, being called a goodgirl, bondage, spanking and the list went on. She wondered if Sophia would do those things to her and felt tingles. 


Enough of that, she said to herself, time to get ready. She had a long day of prepping her section, waiting on customers, and whatever her meeting with Sophia would bring. 


Chapter 4


The day kept dragging. Kim had to get to Macy's by 7am in order to prep the shoe section and do receiving & inventory, before opening at 10. Kim had a break before store-opening, so she took out her phone and opened up maps to look at the address Sophia had texted her. It looked more like a compound or estate than a house. It was a large, heavily wooded lot on the beach, just south of discovery park. It looked to have multiple buildings, with the main house on the beach, and it was in one of Seattle's most exclusive neighborhoods. The property had to be worth millions. 


Google said it was 35 minutes away from the Bellevue mall. She'd hopefully have time to go home, eat, change & freshen up before driving to the interview.


After the store opened, Kim only had 1 or 2 customers show up per hour, and no sales by noon. That was when Joan came onto the sales floor. "Hey kiddo, how's it been?"


Kim ignored the diminutive, "slow. Only a couple customers. We got a couple shipments overnight & I processed them."


"Morning shifts, huh? Oh, I'm going to need you to stay an extra hour, Jen's son is sick, and she needs to wait on her husband."


Of course, thought Kim. "I need to be somewhere at 3, and I was hoping I could go home first."


"It would really help me out. I tell you what, I'll take over for any customer you have at 2. Deal?"


Kim quickly calculated in her head the time to get to her car and drive directly to Sophia's house. "OK."


"Thanks. Oh, and since you're going over 5 hours, this shift, you can take a half hour lunch break. I can mind the area, since it's so slow."


Kim smiled, "OK I'll run to the food court." She'd been planning on eating at home, but now she'd have to spend extra money eating out. She rushed to McDonald's and ordered a cheeseburger, nuggets and a water. As she paid with her card, she remembered her large balance that kept expanding because she could never pay much more than the minimum payments. She really hoped she got this job.


She took out her phone and pulled up the text thread for Sophia. She tapped on the address to bring up maps. Directions from her current location showed 35 minutes. She went back to messages and tapped out, Hi Sophia. My shift got extended until 2 pm. I should be able to make it by 3, today. But, I just wanted to let you know,  just in case. She hit send and started eating her meal.


As Kim was walking back to work her phone buzzed. Hi Kimberly, thanks for letting me know. That is very conscientious of you. You're the last thing on my schedule, so it will be fine if you're a little late :)


Kim smiled when she read the praise.  She liked to think of herself as conscientious.


Thankfully, it was slow for the rest of her shift, and Kim left at 2pm, on the dot. She quickly got her purse and rushed to the bathroom. She really needed to poop, and her bladder was full, too. After relieving herself, she washed her hands and looked at herself in the mirror critically. Her navy smock dress looked fine. She took out her comb, and went through her black, center parted, neck long hair. Her make up looked passable. Maybe she could touch it up in the car. She'd hoped to change shoes, but her black ballet flats seemed good enough. 


Kim rushed through the mall's back halls and got to her car at 2:20. I should get there with time to spare, she thought to herself, as she brought up maps and started the turn by turn directions. Unfortunately, she was proven incorrect because of a wreck on Elliot Ave. Her anxiety started to grow as the eta of the maps app passed 2:51pm. As the eta hit 2:59, the traffic finally cleared up. Kim still was concerned about being late and cursed at every red light. 


Kim was relieved to turn onto Sophia's Street at 2:57 pm. Per the app, it was the last house on the left on a heavily wooded residential road. As she got to the end, there was a garage house on the left, with one car in the driveway, and one space open. She looked for a street address number on the garage or property. It took her at least a minute of peering through her idling civic's windshield to see one. 4751-4753, it said. Relieved, she drove into the open space and parked. She looked at the time, 2:59. She took a moment to collect herself and breathe. 


Kim got out of her car and looked at the red, wooden, two story buildings. It had two closed garage bays, and a door. Was this the house? She took out her phone and texted, HI Sophia, I think I'm here. Is it a red building?


Kim jumped as she heard some speakers come to life, "Hello, Kimberly, you're right on time. It will take me a few minutes to walk up to the garage house. See you soon." 

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Chapter 5

Thanks for all the nice responses, everyone!



Kim waited for almost 5 minute before a door in the red wooden fence to the side of the garage opened and Sophia walked through. "Hello, Kimberly! I'm so, glad to meet you! " the tall, busty woman said as she extended her hand.

"Thanks, me too!" Kim said as they shook hands. She felt tiny in comparison to the woman, who was tall enough in her wedge sandals to force Kim to crane her neck a bit to look up to her face. She had a pretty face and curvy, hourglass figure that was nicely accentuated by her knee length, floral peasants dress. The low cut of the dress showed the top of her cleavage and clung sexily to the rest of her ample breasts. Kim had to force herself not to stare.

"I'm so glad you could make it on short notice. Come along, it's a hike down to the main house, but we can take the tram, '' Sophia said as she ushered Kim through the door and into the shady property. They were on a hill that presumably led down to water of Elliot bay, but she couldn't see it, yet, as the view was obscured by densely packed, tall evergreen trees. It was almost like a forest. There were several paved walking paths splitting off into different directions. She led them down one of them.

"So, do you go by Kim, Kimberly,  or… kimmy?"

Kim blushed and said, "I go by Kim, but Kimberly is fine."

"Good, good, " Sophia said as they came to a small suspension tram. "Come inside, sweetie. It's a steep hill, and this tram is a lovely perk of the property." She closed the door, hit a button and they started slowly moving down the hill.

"This is my favorite property, since I grew up in Seattle. It is very private, it has 5 buildings, and has hiking trails and a wonderful view of the bay. Our nursery is an apartment in an attachment to the main house." Sophia carried the conversation the rest of the way. Kim was exhausted, and more than slightly intimidated by the beautiful, obviously wealthy woman. She made Kim feel so small, and she had a maternal look that hit all her kinky buttons. Kim found her eyes drawn to the woman's cleavage, which was large and well highlighted by the cut of her dress, before catching herself and looking away.

As the tram came to the end of the line, Kim took in a spectacular view of Elliot bay and the green forested islands on its other side. It had a manicured rocky beach, and a huge, red 3 story, wooden house, to the side of the tram. She was practically in awe.

"Beautiful,  isn't it? So, let's go to my office and we can chat, and then I can maybe show you the nursery." Sophia led them inside, and up to the 2nd floor. The interior oozed wealth, with tasteful furniture and art, and large windows looking out onto the bay in every room.

They came into an office with a floor to ceiling window onto the bay, a large wooden desk, chairs, and a couch off to the side. Pictures and plaques lined the walls. Was that Sophia with a former president? Wasn't that the governor, or something like that? 

"Please, have a seat," Sophia gestured to a chair in front of the desk. As Kim sat, Sophia rounded the desk and said, "unfortunately,  we have some housekeeping. My husband and I have a high profile, so we require staff and applicants to sign non disclosure agreements." She picked up a few stapled pieces of paper and handed them to Kim.

"It's a standard NDA. It just says that you can't tell anyone any intimate details about me or my family, as long as they're legal. I hope you understand, because our lifestyle and wealth makes us prime blackmail targets," as she finished talking, Sophia sat down on the other straight back chair in front of the desk, handing Kim a nice, metal pen.

"So, it just means I can't tell anyone about this?" Kim took the pen and quickly scanned through the document,  not really understanding it. But it did seem to be what Sophia said it was.

"Yes, honey, it's just a precaution I have to take before I tell you more detailed information about us."

"Ok." It's not like she was going to tell anyone about her dirty secrets, so she printed her name, signed and dated it. Kim gave a timid smile as she handed the pages and pen back to Sophia.

"Thank you so much," Sophia beamed before getting up and putting the document into a folder on the desk.

"Now I can tell you more about myself and my family. My full  name is Sophia Hardenbrook. I founded a digital marketing firm 10 years ago, and sold it to a much larger firm 3 years ago. After that, I've been managing our real estate portfolio, charity work, and I'm on the boards of a large corporation and charities. My husband, Chris, is a serial entrepreneur. He was early in what's called fintech and has been in and out of tech companies since selling that one. We split time between Seattle, New York, and Malibu, and we spend some time at our condo in Miami and our cabin in Colorado. Chris is in New York, right now, but he should be flying back here on our jet to stay a few days next week." She said all this in a breezy tone, like she was talking about a normal career, and paused for a second.

Kim felt that she should say something, so she said, "Wow, that's really impressive."

"Thank you, sweetie, so you can see why we have to protect ourselves? My husband and I have managed to keep our kinky lifestyle separate from our public life. We have many politician's personal phone numbers, and I've been to the Whitehouse a couple times. Did you notice this pictures?" She nodded her head to a framed photo of Sophia, Obama, and a tall, blonde haired man.

"Come, you can see what my husband looks like," Sophia gestured for Kim to come nearer.

As Kim came and looked closer, she noted how big must be Chris was. He was a few inches taller than Obama, who was taller than Sophia. He had broad soldiers, and looked athletic. Next to that one was a picture of the couple with George W. Bush.

"Wow, your husband must be tall."

"Yes, he is 6'6", I believe. I'm lucky I found such a big man, since I'm 5'11” and am taller than the average man, especially in heels," Sophia raised her black, 2 inch heels and gave a playful wiggle. "It's nice to feel small and protected by my husband."

"How tall are you, Kimberly? 5 feet?"

Kim was standing close enough to smell Sophia's tasteful perfume, only a couple of inches from the well endowed woman's chest. She craned her head up to see an inquisitive smile, and her mind fogged a bit as she yearned to feel small and protected by Sophia.

After a short pause Kim collected herself and said, "almost, I'm 4'11"."  Kim blushed at taking so long to answer.

"Aww. You’re a petite little cutie. Let's have a seat on the couch and finish this part of the interview. Then, if you'd like, I can show you the nursery,'' Sophia gestured to sit on the big brown sofa. Kim sat on one side and Sophia walked around the small wooden coffee table and gracefully sat down on the other end, crossing her legs and facing her. 

"Oh, I didn't ask you if you wanted something to drink. Would you like water, tea, or maybe a soda?"

Kim thought about asking for tea, but decided not to be a bother, saying after a slight pause "I'm good."

"Good, now let's get to know each other a bit better," Sophia smiled.

What proceeded was an odd mix of job interview and intimate conversation. Sophia went into detail about how she'd studied psychology and marketing in college, worked at a prestigious firm in New York City just out of college, worked her way up to junior executive after 5 years, and had joined some senior executives who decided to leave and create their own digital marketing firm. That firm was bought by a much larger company. She had to work there for 2 years to vest her shares, and then found herself semi-retired at 37. Kim didn't really understand most of this, but was duly impressed.

Sophia had met Chris while he was on a client visit at her first marketing job. She was the junior creative team member at the pitch meeting, and he'd managed to get her number.

They'd been married for 11 years, and had found that they were both kinky early on. She thought that the shared kinks had helped strengthen their marriage. He was a Dom and she was a switch. She subbed for him, while she topped women and trans girls.

He was very successful in business by the time they met, having already sold his first tech company, and participated in a few other startups. Her career had accelerated after meeting him, and the firm she helped found worked closely with many of his various companies. They both enjoyed working together, on top of their jet setting kinky lifestyle. They'd decided to delay having children, with their lives full of work and adult  play, and later decided to forgo them altogether after she'd found out that she had a medical condition that made pregnancy very dangerous. 

Sophia had developed a taste for abdl and ageplay, as a caregiver, in the last few years. She'd put together the nursery, and played with a few submissive partners. She'd then made it into a studio where abdl models could shoot scenes. She'd been idly planning on a business selling abdl gear after departing her marketing firm, but had found herself too busy with charity work and managing their real estate portfolio. Also, she didn't have any experience running a retail company.

The job opening would be a general assistant for the nursery and development of an abdl brand. The employee could also model for an additional salary ("multiple income streams is the secret to wealth, " Sophia said with a wink), but it wasn't required. They had a large personal staff of assistants, housekeepers, a chef, etc., and the addition of one more employee wasn't a big expense.

Kim told her about her limited work experience, and her year of college. She made sure to highlight how the main reason for "taking a break" was financial, not academic. She found herself opening up about her adoption and little about her family life, even saying how she and her family were drifting apart. 

Kim, at some point, noted to herself how odd it was to tell such personal things about her life in a job interview,  but she found it so easy to talk to sophia. The woman projected a heady mix of warmth, confidence, wealth and power that left her almost entranced. Sophia was like a fantasy of hers come to life. Kim found her eyes drifting down to view her cleavage a couple times when the large woman moved in a way that caused her breasts to shift. Kim caught herself each time and returned to looking into the woman's beautiful face. 

Kim even found herself describing her submissive and little girl feelings. She liked men and women, and had a little age that spanned from 2 to tween. She had only worn goodnites as diapers, but was interested in full diapers. She'd only wet them occasionally. And, at some point she let slip that she'd never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, and probably would have admitted to being a virgin, if Sophia had asked (thankfully,  she didn't).

At the end of this revealing conversation,  Sophia said, "thank you for being so open," she beamed. "I think things are going extremely well and I'm this close to hiring you on the spot," Sophia put her fingers up to show her pinching the air.

"What do you say we go to the nursery, so you can see it in person?" Sophia asked.

Kim stifled a giggle at Sophia's finger gesture, and felt a giddy excitement. "Really? I'd love to, ma'am. "


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It looks like the new baby is going to be a jetsetter, it will be interesting to see if they can regress her so that she really does look like a diapered toddler with her petite build and fool the immigration and customs people into believing that. If so that would stop her from running off in a foreign country because she will be registered at passport control as a young child. 

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20 hours ago, Tracey said:

It looks like the new baby is going to be a jetsetter, it will be interesting to see if they can regress her so that she really does look like a diapered toddler with her petite build and fool the immigration and customs people into believing that. If so that would stop her from running off in a foreign country because she will be registered at passport control as a young child. 

Sophia is more interested in the psychological control she can exert. Involving passport controls wouldn't be necessary, or wanted 

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Chapter 6


Sophia got up, opened a bottom desk drawer and pulled out a purse. "OK, let's get a move on," she said with a smile.


The woman towering over Kim made her feel even smaller, and she felt a mix of apprehension and excitement as she gathered her purse and got up. At some point sophia had started talking as if Kim already had the job, and then she'd said the "last bit" thing. Sophia's confidence and wealth was almost hypnotizing. This, plus kims little feelings made for an almost overwhelming combination. Kim didn't say much, just nodding and smiling as she followed her.


"It's downstairs in an addition with a couple rooms we built off to the side of the house. We actually created a berm over the addition to make it extra private. It looks like it's just a grassy hill from most sides. The nursery is two bedrooms and a small living room with bathroom and a kitchenette. It has a little patio and a separate entrance. You would be able to come and go as you please from it with a separate key. Oh, and you could stay there overnight, when you like." Sophia kept up a flowing narrative as they descended stairs, walked down a hallway, and then came to a door.


Sophia took out a key card and touched it to a receiver. A small red led turned green and there was a click, before she opened the door and ushered Kim in. 


"Chris is big on security, so most of our doors are electronic. We have a heavy duty generator to make sure we can unlock the doors if the power goes out."


They walked down a narrow hallway that had two doors midway down, on either side, and then one at the far end. They stopped at the one on the right, and Sophia opened it and walked in, holding it open for Kim.


"This is basically a cozy 2 bedroom apartment, with a little girl's room off to the left and an ABDL nursery off to the right, and this little living area.” Sophia pointed to open doors on either side of the room and gestured around the room. There was a compact kitchen against the righthand wall. It had a white tiled floor and a small stove & oven, small fridge, microwave, and sink. 


A small bar with two tall chairs separated it from the rest of the room, which was a white carpeted living room with eggshell white walls with pink floor and ceiling moldings. There was a pink velvet couch and matching loveseat, and a white wooden coffee table. a tv was against one wall with a nintendo switch and PS5 on the console under the tv. On the far end there was a sliding door looking out onto a small patio that was screened from the rest of the property by tall, dense shrubbery.


“This room is about the size of my apartment,” kim said in awe.


“Oh? Thats a shame. If you like it, you could live here."


Kim looked up to see Sophia’s smiling face, unsure if she was serious. “Really?”


"Yes, sweetie. In fact, I think the ideal candidate would choose to live here and live as a little for as much of her time as she could. It would be rent free, of course”


Kim didn’t know what to say as she felt a fresh wave of excitement, tinged with a slight bit of trepidation. Did she really want to live like this all the time? Was Sophia really serious? Kim could save so much money from free rent, and could pay off more debt. But after a second, any fear was washed away by little feelings and giddiness.


Sophia led Kim to the leftside door. “So, this is designed to be the ultimate little girl’s room." There was a canopy bed with pink curtains, a desk with a large computer monitor, a makeup table, and an ornate pink wooden wardrobe and chest of drawers. There was a large window with pink blackout curtains that matched the bed's. Most of the other furniture had at least one stuffy, and some with many. there were led lights running across the ceiling and two walls.


Sophia walked over to the closet door and opened it to reveal a small walk-in closet. It held mostly dresses and overalls in pastels. There were also shoes and other accessories in cubbies, below the hanging clothes.


"One thing you'd do is keep these clothes organized. Different sizes get mixed up. We have more formal dresses in the wardrobe." She walked over to it and opened both the doors. Gothic lolita dresses, flower girl dresses, princess dresses, frilly play dresses and dresses with tutus hung within. There were shelves on the bottom that contained accessories, like princess crowns, tights, and bloomers.


Kim felt her little space growing in intensity as they looked through this collection of clothing from her fantasies and eventually experienced a type of emotional overload. By the time they looked at the wardrobe, she had stopped processing what Sophia was saying. She could hear her melodic voice, but the words blurred together.


Sophia walked over to the small chest of drawers and opened the top drawer. It had bright, colorful shirts. The next one down had juvenile panties, some goodnights, and what looked like training panties. Below that were socks of different lengths and tights. Below that was pajama sets.


"Well, do you like this room, kimberly?


The questioning tone and her name pierced through Kim's fog. She looked up to see Sophia's warm smile. She was almost non-verbal at this point, and had trouble finding a response.


Kim nodded and slowly came up with "yes ma'am, it's amazing."


"I'm glad. You know what? I think one of these sweet lolita dresses will fit you." Sophia walked back to the wardrobe. She opened it up, took out a dress and put it up to Kim to judge the size. Then she showed it to her. It was an ornate sailor style lolita dress in navy blue, with a white sailor collar and white lace detailing. It had decorative bows on the bust and hem, a flouncy hemline, and puffy sleeves.


"Yes, i think this will fit you perfectly. I know this is out of the ordinary, but how would you like to finish the tour while wearing this? I was going to make tea, so you could change while I do that."


Kim reached out to feel the dress. She loved it. She was so overwhelmed with little feelings that she didn't really think about how strange it would be to wear such a juvenile dress for an interview. She wanted to wear it so bad, so she just nodded and smiled.


"Excellent!" Sophia exclaimed. She handed the dress to Kim and started taking out accessories, saying "these bloomers should fit and will go well with the dress, and these socks match. Oh, and if you like, you can wear a goodnight or training panties from the underwear drawers. 


"You can leave your clothes on the bed. I'll be in the kitchen, if you need anything. Feel free to grab a stuffie when you come out," sophia beamed.  


Kim liked how happy the woman was. Making the woman happy made her feel warm. She managed to say OK and smile up at her. 


As sophia left the room, kim put the dress on the bed, beside all the accessories sophia had taken out. There were navy bloomers with white ruffles and bows,knee high white socks with blue bows at the top, and a blue and white hair bow. Was she really going to do this? Well, she had already told sophia that she would, and the dress looked beautiful, so she started undressing.


After she folded her clothes and was down to her panties, she thought about what sophia said about underwear. She opened up the drawer that contained them and stared. Could she really take this step? After a second, she reasoned that sophia would like it if she wore something from the drawer, and the idea of submitting to the woman felt good. The goodnights called out to her, so she grabbed one and started dressing. 


As she finished putting everything on and affixing the hair bow, she remembered what sophia said about a stuffie and looked around the room. She settled on a pink unicorn on the bed, grabbed it, and exited into the living room.


"Oh my, how adorable!" Sophia said immediately upon seeing Kim.


Kim blushed deeply and shyly looked down.


"Did you give your stuffie a name, yet, sweetie?"


Kim looked at it and thought about it. "Princess."


"Aww. A cute little princess holding her stuffie named princess."


Kim looked down, blushed even deeper and smiled.  


"Now, I put snacks and tea out on the patio. Let's look at the nursery room and finish up over tea." Sophia smiled and held out her hand. Kim took it and let herself be led into the next room.


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On 11/2/2023 at 6:20 PM, Jayme said:

This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Thank you! I'm finishing up chapter 9 and have started chapter 10. I'm trying to pace out the new chapters so I don't have a huge gap in between.

On 11/3/2023 at 1:41 PM, diaper24/7 said:

It seems too good to be true, like there is something else in the works for Kim.

Be careful what you wish for...

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Chapter 7 - effective immediately 


Sophia led Kim by the hand into the nursery she remembered from fetlife. Kim felt tiny as she walked up to the huge white crib. The mattress was at her chest height, and it looked like it would be so tall with the railing up that she would be too scared to climb out of it. She'd probably need help or the small wooden step stool next to it to get up onto the mattress. 


There were several large stuffies inside, and a mobile was attached to a corner and dangling above. The railing was currently lowered, which made a caged space below, as the bottom of the rail met the floor. There was a furry rug and a relatively big teddy bear inside the caged space, making it look kind of cozy. She imagined herself helplessly locked under the crib and felt a rush of arousal. 


Kim hadn't seen much of it from the fetlife pictures, but one wall had a huge nursery mural. It was a cute scene of grassy hills and trees with pink and blue tree houses. There were cute anthropomorphic bunnies and foxes doing cute things on the ground and on the decks of the treehouses. There was a baby blue sky with fluffy clouds and hot air balloons high up in the distance. It was so cute!


The changing table was against another wall, and was similarly sized. Underneath it were cubbies filled with diapers and other supplies. There was a tall chest of drawers beside it with a lamp and several stuffies on top.


Across the room, in a corner, there was a play area with jigsaw floor mats in different pastel colors and plastic playpen fencing enclosing it. There was an open toy chest and many stuffies and toys inside. The space was dominated by a huge stuffed bear that sat against the wall. Kim could see herself easily curling up and falling asleep on it. There also was a big, wooden rocking chair to the side.


Sophia opened a door to reveal a walk-in closet sized similar to the other room with even more juvenile play dresses. There was also shelving inside. Then Sophia showed her the big chest of drawers next to the changing table. Kim was amazed by the sheer number of onesies, play outfits, rompers, plastic pants, and diaper covers.


Falling even deeper into little space, Kim again sort of tuned out Sophia's words as she gave the tour, vaguely listening to the woman's soothing voice. But at the end, Kim was able to snap back and understand her question, "what do you think, could you see yourself working here?"


Kim, still holding her unicorn, nodded and said, "It's wonderful. I don't think I'd want to leave."


Sophia smiled, "that's the kind of enthusiasm I'm looking for! Let's finish up with some tea on the patio." She took Kim's hand and led her back to the living room and out the sliding door.


Kim found another idyllic scene waiting for her. It was a secluded patio that extended from the house about 10 feet, and ran longer against the side of the apartment. 


The windows from the bedrooms both faced onto the patio. Where the pavement ended, there were a few feet of soil with rose bushes and other flowering plants. Beyond that was a tall iron fence with thick ivy growing on the bottom 5 feet, leaving the top few feet exposed. The iron tops of the fence were pointed pyramids. Just behind the fence were tall, thick hedges that were slightly taller than the fence. On one end, beyond the nursery's window and where the patio met the house, the hedges stopped to accommodate a narrow iron gate. The roof extended about halfway over the patio. 


The sun was obscured by the house, leaving the beautiful, secluded patio shaded and private. There was a circular metal table with 4 chairs just outside and to the left of the door, under the roof. A teapot, cups and saucers, and cookies on a plate sat atop it. She spent a few moments marveling at the pretty garden before sitting down.


Sophia broke Kim's reverie  by saying "I like to call this my secret garden."


"It's so beautiful," Kim replied with a note of awe.


"Thank you! Well, Kimberly,  I think this is going splendidly. So let's discuss the position." Sophia sat down on one chair and motioned for Kim to sit in the one beside her.


"Now, you may be a little unclear about what this job is, and to be honest, so am I," Sophia smiled as she poured the tea and handed a cup and saucer to kim. "The thing is, my wealth makes this employee's salary a relatively trivial expense. So I can very easily afford to have an assistant who helps organize this space, schedule photoshoots, and perhaps start a store. I'm always looking for enthusiastic, hardworking, dependable talent. And I value loyalty and commitment to service in my staff. So, when I find such an individual I reward them with excellent pay, treatment and perks so that I can keep a hold of them. It's hard to find good employees, and so I do my best to earn their loyalty.


"I believe that you are a bright girl who has all of these qualities and that you are the ideal candidate for this position," she paused and smiled before taking a sip of tea.


Kim was flattered and getting excited, "Really?"


"Yes, I have a higher offer than  last night. How does a salary of $50 thousand a year and a $1,500 signing bonus sound?"


As she offered the signing bonus she took out a pink pocketbook from her purse and took out some crisp bills, counting through them. "I have fifteen hundred dollar bills here that I'll give you with this pocketbook, and then we can go spend some time in the nursery."  she put the bills back in the pocketbook.


Kim felt a rush of elation and exclaimed, "I got the job?" 


"Yes, dear, but there is one condition. My time is very valuable,  and the next few days are open for me to hire and train you. So, I need you to start immediately. Also, since I value commitment and enthusiasm, the perfect candidate would jump at the chance to take this dream job."


Kim was taken aback by the sudden offer and the requirement. What about work tomorrow? 


"Immediately?" Her thoughts were jumbled. She looked down at the pocket book, looked around the beautiful garden and listened to the birds, and then looked at the door into the rooms that contained her every fantasy. 


Kim looked back to sophia, who said "it would make me so happy for you to say yes. I know it's sudden, but I also know that this is someone's dream job. I think you'll be in absolute heaven. I'll schedule us a spa day to celebrate, tomorrow to celebrate. "


Spa day? Kim had never had a spa session. She wondered what kind of luxurious spa this woman could afford.


Like everything that she'd experienced since getting here, this was overwhelming. 


She settled down and thought about the long hours full of rude customers, her unappreciative boss, and all the shifts she had to cover at the last minute. She found herself nodding. Joan could find someone to cover for her, she thought.


Kim couldn't stop the momentum of this fantasy day because of some job at Macy's. If she didn't jump at this opportunity, she'd always wonder what could have been. "I'll take it," she said, breaking into a smile.


"Fantastic! Let's finish our tea and we can go look through all the wonderful things. Oh, but before we forget, why don't you contact your boss to let them know you're taking a new position?"


Oh right, Joan, Kim thought. She nodded and picked up her phone as she took a sip of tea. She felt so little now that she could barely think, and hesitated. Should she call? She looked up to Sophia indecisively.


The woman seemed to read her mind. "Sweetie, I think a text should suffice for a sales job."


She was relieved to be given some direction. She opened up her text app and found Joan's thread. She paused, coming up blank on what to write. 


"Are you having trouble with what to write?" Sophia leaned down close to Kim as she asked the question. 


Kim first looked up from her phone, seeing the tops of Sophia's cleavage in her face.. She couldn't help but stare for a second, before she caught herself and continued her gaze up to Sophia's smiling face. She nodded, dumbly.


"It's ok sweetie," the buxom woman said as she pulled Kim in for a hug. Her boobs pushing into Kim's body took her breath away.


"Why don't you finish your tea, and let me type something out for you. I'll give it back to you so you can read it before you send the text."


Kim was nonverbal by this point and just nodded. She smiled, liking that she had someone to make these decisions for her, and handed Sophia her phone. She finished her tea and ate a cookie as Sophia tapped out the message.


A minute or two later, Sophia said, "there, all done," before she showed Kim the unsent message. It read, Joan, thank you for everything you did for me. I am sorry to do this all of a sudden, but I have found an incredible opportunity that requires me to start a new job tomorrow morning. I am resigning, effective immediately. Again, I'm sorry for the suddenness, but it is something I can't pass up. Thank you!


Kim took the phone and read. Her thumb hovered over the send button as she looked up, past the cleavage in her face, to see Sophia's warm smile. She already loved that smile, and wanted to do whatever it took to get more of it. She looked down and tapped send, breaking into a big smile as she said "ok, sent."


"Yay! Good girl. You've made me so happy,"Sophia pulled her in for an even bigger hug, holding it for a second. 


As she released the tiny woman she gently took her phone and put it in the pink pocket book's phone pocket, saying "Let's put your phone in with your bonus so it's all together.


"Are you hungry? I can order pizza in a little bit,"Sophia said as she stood up and extended her hand. 


Kim nodded, accepting the proffered hand, saying "I'm a little hungry, but not very much. Pizza sounds great!" 


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Kimberly 8

And so the two women entered the living room with Kim holding princess the pink unicorn in one arm and holding Sophia's hand in the other. Sophia had slung her large black purse, which contained Kim's purse, pink pocket book, phone, and signing bonus, over her shoulder

“You know what?” The tall woman asked. “I know just the thing that will make your little outfit perfect.” Sophia then led the young woman to the baby’s nursery and into the closet. Inside the walk in closet were many cubbies and clear plastic shelves up to waist height, under the hung-up dresses and tops. Sophia opened one clear plastic shelf and pronounced proudly, “Pacis!”

Kim looked down to dozens of large, brightly colored adult sized pacifiers. They were all sorts of different shades and color combinations. 

“Here, I think there is a blue, white and pink soother. It will go with your dress and princess,” Sophia said as she picked through the pacifiers. 

“Ah hah!” 

Kim saw a pretty blue pacifier with white and pink accents in the woman's hand. Sophia then found a matching clip and attached it to the paci's handle. Kim's eyes widened and her knees slightly buckled as another of her kinky fantasies became real life.

“Say aww,” Sophia sang in a sweet voice. Kim opened her mouth to accept the teet as the tall woman slowly moved it to her mouth. She immediately started sucking on the paci and felt a warm, peaceful feeling as sophia attached the other end of the clip to the dress's collar.

"Lets go to the other room." Kim let herself be led by the hand, content to just suck on her soother and go wherever the towering beauty took her.

As they entered the less juvenile of the two bedrooms, Sophia led the pair over to the full body mirror. She guided Kim in front of her so they could both get a look at her. Kim was amazed at the picture of a little girl before her. The dress, the stuffie held to her body in one hand, the paci that was bobbing rhythmically… she was a baby. She felt an incredible joy.

Kim felt Sophia envelop her in a hug from behind, and looked up to see in the mirror Sophia beaming at her, with her chin resting atop Kim's head. Kim felt a joy she couldn't remember feeling for a long time. 

Sophia prolonged the hug and said, "you are the most adorable little babygirl in the whole wide world.

"How do you feel?"

"Hathpy," she said, blushing as she realized she had the paci still in her mouth. Before she could process that, she felt sophia squeeze a little tighter.

"I'm so glad I could make you feel happy, baby. Come, let's sit down for a second."

The next half hour was a blur. Sophia explained that Kim's first task would be to try on outfits, take a selfie using the mirror, play for a bit, and then email the pic to Sophia with a description of the outfit and a few sentences on how it made her feel. Sophia said something about "no wrong answers" and "market research". Then Sophia showed Kim where things were and out items that would likely fit her. They also set up a log-in account on the gaming pc. Apparently, it was very powerful. Kim liked that it was colored pink and white, as were the keys of its keyboard.

Kim mostly kept her pacifier bobbing in her mouth and nodded yes or shook her head no. Her mind felt like it was sitting in a warm bath, floating along and incredibly relaxed. It felt so wonderful to not have to think, and to just let Sophia talk her big fancy words in her confident, but soothing tone.

The one time Kim had to answer a question that wasn't yes or no was when they looked through the underwear drawers. Sophia asked her what she'd decided to wear when she'd changed into the dress. 

Kim remembered to take out the paci before answering, "I put on a goodnight." Saying such a juvenile answer so just compounded her little baby feelings. 

"Wonderful! And it's still dry?"

Kim had already put the paci back in her mouth, so she just blushed and nodded.

"Good girl!" Kim loved when the tall woman told her that.. 

After a while, Sophia said that it was time to go to the nursery and took Kim's hand. 

When they entered the baby room, Sophia said "let's take a little break," and led them to the rocking chair. She sat down and picked Kim up and placed her on her lap. She pulled her in for a hug and held it as she rocked back and then forward, slowly. Kim melted and limply hugged back.

"Now Kimberly," Sophia started talking as she rocked forward, "this room is full of adult baby and bondage items, and part of your job will be to use them." 

As they rocked forward, Sophia stopped, broke the hug, and looked Kim in the eye, smiling. 

"I think it would be nice to play with some things in here. Does that sound fun?"

Kim felt so tiny sitting on the woman's lap, looking up at her smiling face, with her legs dangling down from the woman's right side. The room and the suggestion that she could play in it  gave her intense tingly feelings. She yearned for this beautiful, powerful, confident woman. She nodded.

"Wonderful! We're going to have so much fun!" 

Sophia pulled out her phone and opened up the browser and brought it close, so they both could see. It had Kim's fetlife profile up. It read littlebeebee2004, 19 female little, and had a body pic of kim in her cheap onesie. Sophia scrolled slowly,19, F, pansexual little. Looking for friends, dating, master, mistress, play partners, daddy, and mommy.

Sophia scrolled a little more and got to Kim's fetishes. "Do you know what role play is, sweetie?"

Kim hesitated and then nodded, uncertainly.

"Use your words, dear," sophia said sweetly. 

Kim blushed and took out her paci, saying "I think so? It's like you pretend?"

"Yes, I can pretend to be mommy, and spank you and do other of your kinky things that you listed on your profile," Sophia made a slight gesture with the phone. "Does that sound fun?"

Kim looked down and then smiled as she nodded. She remembered to use her words and said "yeah. But what would I do?"

Sophia smiled, "just call me mommy and be a good girl for me. Can you do that for mommy, baby?"

Kim got even more tingly. Her body felt another warm flush as she said "Yes, mommy."


Sophia put her phone away and then ran her hand through kim’s hair, and then traced her finger down her face. 

Kim closed her eyes and focused on the sensation, loving the touch. Then she felt Sophia gently cup her face and pull her in for a kiss. Kim kissed back, and felt the erotic tension that had been building since the start of the interview get released.

After a little more kissing, Sophia pulled away and smiled down at Kim. "I saw you looking at my breasts, little one," she whispered teasingly and looked down at her cleavage.

Kim blushed at being so obvious. Unsure of what to say, she said “Sorry?"

"No need to apologize, sweetie," Sophia said softly. She smiled and ran her fingers through Kim's hair again.

"Does mommy's little baby want to see all of them?"
Kim blushed and nodded.

"Use your words, honey"

"Yes, mommy," Kim felt so tiny and horny.

"Ok sweetie," Sophia said in a whispered sing song voice. She shifted Kim on her lap and then pulled off her dress's shoulder straps and pulled the top of it down to free her boobs. They were magnificent.

"Do you like?" 

Kim nodded in awe.

"Why don't you have a little suckle," she said teasingly, and she shifted and leaned Kim back so that the tiny woman could access her left nipple.

Kim closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She started sucking and felt wonderful

Kim felt her hair get petted again and heard, "look up at mommy, sweetie." Kim opened her eyes and saw sophia. But she didn't think of her as sophia. She felt so close to this woman. She saw mommy. She smiled around the nipple before going back to suckling. 

"You're the cutest little girl the world has ever seen. Mommy is so proud of you."

Kim felt safe and at peace, with no thoughts or worries. Just relaxed. She closed her eyes and kept suckling, content to float along in this lovely, hazy mindspace.

After a bit, Kim felt her dress get pulled up and a hand slip underneath her bloomers, touching her goodnight.

"Still dry," Sophia said in the sing song whisper. Kim felt even tinier as she kept suckling.

"But, it looks like my little baby is wet." Sophia had slipped her hand under Kim's goodnight and found her aroused sex. 

Kim felt an explosion of pleasure as Sophia's finger slipped inside her and then massaged her clit. Her mouth released the nipple and moaned in pleasure.

"Mommy's horny baby is such a good girl." Sophia intensified and quickened her massaging of Kim's clit.

Kim squirmed and moaned as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. Her mind shut off and she barely understood the praise that Sophia kept whispering in her melodic voice.

The pleasure built and built, with her moans growing louder. Soon, an orgasm burst out of her and she cried out in unrestrained pleasure. Her mind went blank and was all sublime joy.

Sophia withdrew her hand and asked, "Did you like that, sweetie?"

Kim looked up to Sophia's smiling face and nodded slowly. She was still coming down, and was hazy.

"I'm glad, baby." Sophia kissed her.

After a second she pulled back and said with a smirk, "but I think my naughty little girl needs a spanking."

Kim's eyes widened and she loudly inhaled. 

"It's ok baby, you're gonna love it." Sophia rocked forward and gently shifted Kim off her lap. Sophia gently grabbed the now standing girl's waist and turned her around, and then bent her over her lap.

Kim was balanced with her ass in the air, her legs dangling, and her head hovering halfway to the carpet. She slowly extended her hands to the carpet to steady herself. She was lightheaded, both from the recent orgasm and the blood rushing to her head.

Kim felt her dress get lifted up and her goodnight and bloomers get pulled down. Then she felt Sophia's hand massage her left cheek, and the right. 

There was a pause before she felt the first soft spank. It didn't hurt much, but it was followed by quick spanks on alternating cheeks, in different places. The sting of each spank was quick, but it left a warm, pleasurable feeling. The intensity of each spank grew, but the pain didn't seem to. The warm feelings of pleasure did, however. 

Kim found herself squirming in pleasure on Sophia's lap for the second time, and her mind was again going blank from the intensity. No thoughts, no worries, just the sweet pleasure. The spanks were much stronger, by now, but each one made Kim squirm in pleasure, not pain. She had a floaty, full body feeling of joy, and felt an even deeper connection to the large woman striking her bottom.

After a bit, Sophia gently guided Kim to her feet, leaned down to bring up and put back the little girl's underwear into place. She then enveloped her in a deep hug. She held it for a few seconds and kissed her forehead. Kim was in heaven in her arms.
Sophia released the hug, but held on to kims shoulders, "Did you enjoy yourself, sweetie?" 

Kim nodded, and looked up to the woman's smiling face. After a second she said "yes, mommy."

Sophia's smile widened. "How are you feeling?"

Kim thought for a second. "Really good. I don't know how to describe it."

"Kind of spacey?"

Kim nodded.

Sophia hugged her again and said, "That's normal baby. Let's go lay down and cuddle."

Sophia led the over to the crib,helped Kim in, kicked off her heels, and climbed in with her. She spooned the smaller girl and started petting her hair.

"You've been such a good little girl, today, princess. I'm so glad that you joined us."

Kim fell even further into the hazy, almost trancelike feeling. She just floated along, feeling safe and cared for.

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