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On 5/30/2023 at 6:49 PM, hlcl said:

I agree that these don't look like a lot of protection for nighttime.  Often people who wet during the night wet more than once. 

I also agree with you. there are people who are fine during the day because they can go to the bathroom as they need to, or they know when they wet so they can change or have someone change them, but sometimes what happens is that when you go to bed, as you say, people can wet more than once, and sometimes people wet a lot, so they need a good diaper so that they don't end up flooding the bed and making a mess on the sheets. I have always been a proponent of good diapers when people need them, and I don't quite understand why these companies don't get that people need good quality diapers, rather than diapers that just barely mean that they can use them once, when you can barely sprinkle a little bit of urine in them and then you're flooded or you're all wet.

This is very important also for people who are disabled. Most important thing that you have to remember is that people want to be comfortable in bed, and if they flood their diaper and they wet their sheets, they are uncomfortable at night and therefore they would have to have some one come in and change the sheets change them or clean up a mess, and the best idea is to have the best diapers available so that that type of stuff can be mitigated. People who make diapers as a company should realize that the better diapers have a reason to be there, so that insurance companies should understand that we need better diapers, but they always worry about how much it costs to them, so they're not willing to give good diapers unless you go to the ends of the earth and prove that their garbage doesn't work. When you have someone who is disabled, I would agree that the most important thing is to have the best diapers they can have because if you're disabled, comfort and peace of mind and dignity and all of those things come into play, and the most important thing is that people who wear diapers may not be able to help having to use them, so they should be able to have better diapers than just a bounty paper towel, as I call the cheap diapers.


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