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I am... (Updated 04/05)

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let me start out buy saying that this is my first posted work anywhere so I hope its not to cringe worthy and keep in mind that my writing can be very inconsistent.

Warning swear words ahead


First Arc “I am Emma”

Part 1 Great start

Absurd things flashed through my mind, complete blackness, a surgical room, giant sized hands hovering over me, giant faces looking down at me and lastly a giant women's face looking down at me with tears in her eyes, all of this time blurred in my memory until I finally awoke.

My eyes crept open to see a room that was partly lit by the morning sun but there was a couple of things off about the room it was huge and everything in it was way oversized then there was large wooden bars In front of me, the large bed and dresser alone were odd, I pushed against the soft thing I was laying on to get a better look at the room

“if I didn't know better I would think that I was in a crib for a giant baby but then again there was the large bed but how could that be it's just silly I must be dreaming” I shook my head in the hope of shaking off the dream

“nope” I said and went to pinch myself only to notice what I was wearing it was a onsie that I had seen on baby's a hundred times and was that…

“am I wearing a diaper” I softly screamed to myself and patted my crotch yep no doubt it was a diaper and I may not be an expert on the subject but I was quite sure it was wet

“this is some crazy dream and I am going to wake up now” I said then slapped myself the only thing that happened was the sound of a person being startled awake, I looked over to where the sound came from and I saw a giant sitting in an oversized chair

“oh shit” I said clamping my hand over my mouth then it spoke

“your awake” my mind was racing

“I have seriously got to dreaming a giant is talking to me” I tried slapping myself again, the giant immediately rushed over to my side

“please don't hurt yourself little one” my back hit the wall and a light popped on, in the light I could see that the giants face was distinctly feminine

“ok I don't think I’m dreaming” I muttered to myself and the face smiled down at me

“no little one you aren't dreaming” my heart started racing with my head

“where am I if I’m not dreaming?”

“I think that's a question for later” and she smiled down at me

“Lay back down and we can talk later for now just rest” I definitely looked up at her

“no, I want to know where I am” the giant let out a sigh

“please little one I promise we will talk more...”

“you want to eat me” as soon as the thought ran through my head it escaped my mouth, the giant started laughing

“no I have no intentions of eating you” she chuckled and reached out to me, I tried to move really I did but my body just wouldn't respond

“don't worry your safe with me” and her hand lifted me up with ease. The giant sat on the chair that she was sleeping on before I finally came to myself and tried wiggling out of the giants grip

“please hold still” her hand rested on my chest and held me against her with ease then I did something I later regretted, opening my mouth I bit her hand, having been freed momentarily I jumped out of her lap and crashed to the floor.


Part 2 The lay of the land


It was the heartbeat I felt first the strong heart beating rapidly against my ear. The crys came next

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry please be alright, please come back to me” then the warm drops fell on my face waking me up again, I pushed at the giant again this time thankfully we were on the ground and I managed to run under the large bed

“I’m so sorry” came the giants voice again, the pain returned then and my head felt like it was to going burst

“LEAVE ME ALONE” I shouted as I saw her face looking at me

“please let me hel…”

“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE” I shouted again and the face retreated


“GO” I screamed and I heard the door close

“fucking real dream” I held my head trying to ease the pain. After some time I let go of my head and looked at my hands they were wet

“are these tears? No the giant is trying to trick me” I looked up as I heard footsteps getting louder and the door opened a crack, something was slid inside and the door closed again

“I’ve left some pain medicine for you” the voice was still sobbing I couldn't help myself and peaked my head out and saw a large plastic cup with some purple liquid in the bottom of it

“please drink some it will take the pain away”

“I’m not falling for it” I shouted back

“its poison or something” and the pain returned

“I’ll try some first if it makes you feel better” the pounding in my head was making me really want to believe this giant woman

“open the door slowly and show me” I called, the door opened again enough for her arm to squeeze through and I could see that she was on her knees, she lifted the cup to her lips and tilted her head back slightly then returned the cup to the floor, another tear started falling down her cheek till she brushed it away

“close the door” I said and the door closed again.

“This has to be a bad idea” I thought

“just try it she had some so it can't be to bad” I shook my head

“great now I’m not even of one mind” with one last look around I darted for the cup and dragged it back under the bed. Looking into the cup the liquid had indeed gone down that settled it I picked up the cup and tipped the liquid into my mouth, the moment I first swallowed all the pains of my body eased into the background until it was completely gone

“that's some good meds” I murmured to myself

“now for the next problem I looked down at my attire and unsnapped the crotch to reveal the white diaper and started pulling at the tapes

“what the F they won't move fine then I’ll try...” I pushed down on the waistband trying to take it off that way no dice I couldn't even rip the damn thing

“fine that can wait” venturing out again I climbed the sheets onto the bed and over to the window. After ten minutes of pushing, lifting and eventually hitting it the window would not move, I turned around in defeat and scanned the room for something to use but beside the things that I couldn't lift everything was soft and unusable to break the window. After an hour of searching the room and coming up empty I collapsed next to the door with the nice cool wall against my back

“damn I’m not getting out of this without going through the giant” I shook my head then shouted

“hey giant are you still there?” a moment of silence then

“I’m still here and please don't call me giant my name is Rose” came the voice from the other side

“good for you giant” I called back

“this isn't going very well for our first day” I could hear the sadness in her voice, I sighed to myself and thought about how I bit her

“I’m Emma”

“for Emily?” she asked

“yeah but I prefer Emma” the silence returned

“I really am sorry” I couldn't help but shake my head

“don't be sorry jumping away from you wasn't the smartest idea on my part… umm... sorry for biting you”

“thank you Emma” it was oddly surreal talking to a giant that was on the other side of the wall knowing that she could easily open the door and probably capture me yet she stayed there all this time, my stomach growled then alerting me to how hungry I was, a chuckle came from the other side of the door

“I can hear that would you like something to eat?” I laughed

“if you have something to eat I wont say no”

“ok just stay there I’ll be right back” and I heard footsteps going down what I assumed was a hallway, I looked up at the door handle smiled to myself and shook my head

“the giant leaves and I wouldn't even be able to open the damn door” I thought to myself. The footsteps returned

“may I open the door?” she asked I immediately got to my feet and walked closer to the bed

“ok but slowly” it did, the door slowly opened and I could see Rose’s face

“I’m sorry its the best I can do on short notice” she said and a large bowl was pushed through the gap, I looked over at it

“is that…”

“baby food” she finished

“yeah” I just sighed

“well now I’m sure you can't fatten me up with that” Rose smiled

“don't worry there's plenty of time for that” I snorted with a short laugh but I hadn't known her long enough to know if she was joking or not

“eat up” I looked up at her

“you first” again she smiled and dipped a finger in the bowl, brought it to her mouth and sucked on it, immediately she began gagging and I was sure that she had done something to it

“I am really sorry that is disgusting” I stared at her for a moment more than motioned for her to close the door. The door was closed and I dragged the bowl back to the bed and picked up the plastic spoon it was bigger than I was used to but there was no doubt that it was made for a child

“please eat slowly” I don't know why but that comment really dug at my nerves

“just because you are larger than me and put me in this stupid get up doesn't mean I’m a baby” I shouted, I looked down at the bowl again and had a small bite it wasn't great but I didn't see why she made that face it was just a bit sweet

“I’m sorry litt… er Emma” I groaned

“when am I going to wake up”

“theres somethings that I should probably tell you while you eat” she told me how I wasnt on earth, I wasn't even in the same dimension that I was born in I wanted to tell her that she was full of it so I did

“your full of shit inter dimensional travel is just a thing in books and movies” She chuckled

“we are a bit smarter” and she went on to tell me that her race the Amazon’s invented it quite some time ago one of the first things they found was that most of the multiverse was inhabited by Littles in other words me and the other humans though I could somewhat understand why they call us littles, littles were then taken from their worlds and “adopted” by Amazons this was originally done to try and make the littles lives better and to fill then need to care for something that most Amazons had but soon it had become a status symbol to have a Little as a pet in some countries thankfully we were not currently in one, then she told me that it was quickly known that littles even though able to live in their own worlds it turned out that we choked on food easily hence the baby food like I was going to choke of some damn food, our bladders seemed to get worse the longer we stayed in this dimension and here I was hoping that they had just drugged me for a long time explaining waking up in a wet diaper, before taking the last spoon fulls she told me that Amazons didn't have that many children in their world which seemed odd to me since they have that need to care for thing and Littles took that place as their permanent babies, I cracked up laughing when she slid an oversized phone under the door with a picture on one of her friends littles it was a grown woman in a way to childish dress with a diaper clearly poking out underneath then I stopped when my brain caught up she was going to do this to me

“no way I am no ones baby apart from my boyfriends we just met last month I have to get back to him he's probably wondering where I am” the last of my words trailed off

“Emma what's the last thing you remember?” I thought about it

“I was studying for my year twelve midterms I went to sleep and woke up here why?”

“curiosity” now that was a lie

“this has been a strange way of us meeting” I laughed

“I’m surprised that there isn't some parenting book for this” I put as much scorn into the word parenting as I could and I heard her clear her throat

“well most Amazons drug there littles at first so the little cant speak or walk” the thought that Amazons drugged littles sent a shiver down my spine but if she wasn't lying then she had done something special for me and look how that turned out

“I bet your regretting it now” I said and knocked my head against the wall I had my back against

“this is so fucked up” and buried my head in my hands.

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It see,s good so far! Keep going and write it how you want, don’t get discouraged by any comments. 

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You should try to keep the actions/ thoughts of a character immediately after their text. Having one character speak and then giving the action of the other in the same text block makes for a very confusing story 

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This has great premise, please continue. Emma and Rose have some trust to build...

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Lol SGTbaby between work and all this Christmas stuff its been hard to find the time to review what I have written (sooooo many spelling errors) but here is the next part


Part 3 Emotions
She sat there listening to her Little crying her heart out, listening to her made the Amazons heart ache with pain knowing that she would be able to help the poor dear but not wanting to scare her she kept her silent pain and waited to be asked.

The tears dried up and I looked to the window again it was no good I couldn't escape and it didn't seem like I was dreaming and I had no idea what to do now. 
The sun continued to move across the sky all the while the need to pee was getting harder to hold 
“hey giant you still there?” I called with the sense of dejavu 
“yes dear I’m still here” 
“I don't suppose you have a toilet my size do you?” I could already guess the answer but still had to ask 
“I’m afraid not that's one of the reasons your wearing a diaper, don't worry I wont think any less of you for using it” I shivered in revulsion 
“fuck no that's just gross” I shouted back 
“please don't swear in my house and it's up to you if you use them but its a normal thing here for littles to use their diapers” I found myself biting on my thumb nail a habit I haven't done since I was really young I pulled it out and stood up to start pacing 
“shit, shit, shit” 
“I can hear that” damn the giant had good hearing. I held on for another fifteen minutes doing every stupid thing I could think of to hold on crossing my legs, pressing down on the diaper but that grossed me out and stopped that quickly, I even tried sitting on my head for a bit but then it happened as I was doing the classical pee dance that some children make, the floodgates opened and I felt the diaper getting warmer and expanding 
“oh shit stop, stop, stop” I couldn't help it my body just wouldn't stop till every drop came out, the lack of control and helplessness brought the tears back 
“are you alright in there?” I heard the giant ask
“just let me go home I haven't done anything to you” I murmured in my sobs 
“may I come in?” I heard the giant ask something but couldn't make any sense of it and continued to cry those gut wrenching sobs. I felt hands grab me and held me close to her giant body I flailed kicked and punched in the attempt to get away but to be honest it was a weak effort and I simply cried into her chest.

I awoke to the same semi dark room, I was in the crib again and there was something in my mouth I reached for it, it was a pacifier despite the urge to throw it away I placed it next to the edge of the crib and pushed myself up I groaned and reached down to confirm my suspicion yep it was the diaper but at least it wasn't wet somehow this made it better, I brought my legs up and crossed them something I liked to do when I wanted to think but something on the other side of the crib caught my eye it was a teddy bear with two glassy eyes, a stitched nose and a tartan body 
“who are you?” the sheer strangeness of seeing the bear made me bring him close to get a better look 
“why are you here” I laughed at myself 
“better yet why am I here” and I sighed 
“well I guess if Rose wanted to eat me she has more than had a chance 
“I guess she’s alright” and the memory of the last time I was awake washed over me bringing some of the sadness back but also the embrace of Rose, and I shook my head to clear the memory 
“should I see if she will help me get back home” I looked into the bears eyes and I sighed 
“it's to bad you can't talk I could use a friend right now” the door cracked open and I saw an eye looking at me 
“I think we have an observer ted” I said to the bear then stood up 
“I’m awake” I said and the door opened fully to reveal Rose 
“may I come in” she asked without stepping past the border, I smiled 
“sure its your place after all” she smiled to and came over to the crib 
“I see you have found your new friend” I moved the bear a bit further away with a foot 
“I’m to old for bears but yes I found the bear” her smile returned 
“well he will always be there if you want him”
“thanks but I’m good, look before you do whatever you are going to do with me I want to know something” she looked at me for a moment then sat down on the floor so she was slightly looking up at me 
“ask away and I will try to answer what I can” I took a seat to so we were at eye level 
“before when I… I bit you why did you do what I asked, from what you have told me it seems like you Amazons can and do whatever you want with littles I mean you even asked to enter your room I just don't understand” that smile returned 
“why do you think you are here?” 
“nah ah don't do that no answering a question with a question”
“Please indulge me” I groaned and relented
“Before my ah… crying I would have said to be eaten or tortured but you have had plenty of chances for that so far”
“Would you believe that I brought you here to be happy?”
“To be happy? You took me away from my friends, my family and a boyfriend to be happy in a diaper?” she laughed
“When you put it like that it does sound hard to believe doesn't it”
“So why then?”
“I have told you I want you to be happy”
“So that's an honest answer?”
“Yes I just want you to be as happy as you can and that means you need to feel safe if me asking you for permission to enter my own room makes you feel safe then so be it but I do not want you to be drugged or altered to be happy” my hairs stood up at that last statement
“What do you mean altered?”
“I’m sorry Emma but that is a question for another time just know I will never let it happen to you”
“Ok… that brings me back to why do you want me to be happy?”
“It's hard to explain but let me try it like this, have you ever seen a mother or farther with a child and wondered what they get out of being a parent besides the continuation of the littles ah sorry human species, they raise and teach the child so they can have a happy life and in doing so they share in that child's joys and fears” I thought about it for a while
“So… emotions are your drug?” I was asking seriously but she burst out laughing
“No I’m sorry I probably didn't explain it very well” I frowned and tried again
“Amazons can't feel anything unless they have a little” she just shook her head with that smile
“How about we just stick with your first answer it will do for now”
“Crap I’m living with a druggy” it was my attempt at light hearted humor but she frowned at me
“This is the last time I am going to ask you not to use naughty words in my home if I hear it again I’ll have to punish you” oh it was about that again wait what
“What you will punish me what happened to only wanting me to be happy?”
“Every society needs boundaries in order to function and that comes over the happiness of an individual”
“But only you could hear it and it's not like its a bad word per say”
“I’m sorry but its a bad habit that I do not like in my home please respect that” I nodded I could respect that but it was going to be hard to stop I had better find a way home soon or I might get myself into a bit of trouble
“Now if you don't have any other questions I think it's about time for dinner don't you?” there were still plenty of things I wanted to ask but I was hungry
“Wait dinner? How long did I sleep like eight hours?”again that condescending smile well maybe it wasn't condescending but right now if felt like it was 
“The days are longer here so it was more like fourteen hours” my jaw dropped
“Fourteen hours no wonder I was hungry”
“I’m afraid so, getting used to the time change might be a little hard at first so if you need to sleep during the day don't hesitate”
“Just because you have me in a crib and diaper doesn't mean I’m a baby I just must be sick or something”
“I’m sure you're right” she said with that annoying smile of hers 
“now may I carry you into the kitchen? it would be a long walk for you” I thought about it and as much as I hated the idea of being carried like some dumb baby my need for food and see more of the house won out
“Fine“ I said slowly and she lowered the rails on the crib
“I’m going to pick you up now are you ready?” my heart started racing but I nodded and her strong arms picked me up with ease and held me against her chest with my head on her shoulder.
She walked us out of her room into what looked like a lounge room that had a collection of wrapped boxes before I could get a good look we were in a hallway then the kitchen 
“your going to hate this but I’m sorry its the only thing I have for now” she gently lifted me off her and into what looked like a high chair 
“your fucking joking right” she sat me down then looked at me with a look that went something like did you really just use a word I asked you not too 
“shit sorry” I just couldn't help myself, she shook her head and strapped me in and left the room “where are you going I called after her” oh shit she was getting something to punish me I just knew it. She returned with something in her hand 
“oh crap” and I closed my eyes bracing myself for… I didn't know what but for something and something sweet entered my mouth I opened my eyes and Rose was looking in the fridge, I pulled the thing out of my mouth and looked at it, it was another pacifier 
“ah Rose not to bitch about your punishment style or nothing but how is this a punishment?” the teat of the pacifier was coated in something sweet after all, Rose came back over to me and took back the pacifier 
“it’s not” she said and pushed it back into my mouth then touched the shield and the teat of the pacifier expanded in my mouth 
“shit” I said around the pacifier and she touched the shield again only for the teat to expand a second time 
“the fuck…” she smiled and shook her head 
“your a bit of a slow learner aren't you” and she touched the shield again this time I couldn't speak I just crossed my arms to show my disapproval 
“oh don't pout I could wash your mouth out with soap if you would prefer” I shook my head and uncrossed my arms 
“I didn't think so” and she clipped the plastic chain of the pacifier to my shirt and went back to the fridge, I tried pulling the pacifier out again but it was no good 
“which do you prefer chicken or beef?” she asked holding up the largest chicken breast I had ever seen in one hand and what looked like mince in the other strangely enough my first thought was how do you keep meat good in the fridge but I suppose that was a question for another time, I pointed to the chicken thankfully I wasn't a vegetarian girl or those choices would have sucked 
“sounds good” and she place the mince back in the fridge 
“do you like curry’s?” I shook my head 
“not even mild ones” I thought about it for minute then wiggled my hand 
“ok how about I make a very mild curry?” I rolled my head back and forth to show I was thinking about it then nodded my agreement, she went to preparing the food 
“since we are going to be living together I thought we should have some ground rules and we can build from there” she turned to face me rolling my eyes she merely smirked at me 
“every place needs order to survive” I just raised my hand and made the talkie gesture 
“keep that up and I’ll put those hands in mittens so you can't use those fingers” I stopped it but glared at her 
“first rule I think you have found the hard way no cursing please” I mimed laughing at her 
“second you are free to roam the house but if a door is locked please do not attempt to enter” like there was anything I could do about it anyway but it did get me wondering what she was hiding 
“third… hmm I think we will have to make the rest as we go on” I just sighed and shook my head. 
She hadn't said anything for quite some time when she turned to me with a spoon 
“since its our first day together I’m going to remove that pacifier if you can promise to not swear again” I grimaced and shook my head, she touched the shield and I pulled the pacifier out of my mouth 
“what do you mean no?” she asked 
“I mean I can't promise that... they are my go to words” I replied and rubbed my mouth 
“I really ha… don't like that thing” she smiled 
“see you can manage it” I shrugged 
“now here taste this” I just looked at it 
“come on I think I have earned a little bit of trust by now” 
“I don't have much trust for a giant that keeps me like a pet I thought and continued to look at it 
“fine” and she took the first part of the spoon full of rice 
“happy” I shrugged and took hold of the large spoon to guide it to my mouth and took a bite 
“I think that will do” it had the mildest hint of curry it was actually quite nice all things considered “wonderful I’ll serve it up” Rose made short work of plating everything, she surprised the hell out of me by bringing out a plastic tray that clipped to the high chair I was in 
“I’m sorry but it's the only chair I currently have in your size”
“this is degrading as…” I caught myself not out of respect for her rules but because I came up with an idea while she was cooking it wasn't a smart plan not even a good plan but it was the best I could come up with so far and for that I needed to make her like me, rose placed a plate full of curry in front of me surprisingly it was the right size, Rose picked up the spoon that was to small for her and scooped a small amount of the curry off my plate and held it to me, fuck me 
“Rose thank you for your help and all but may I try feeding myself?” she thought about it for a moment then handed the spoon to me 
“please take small bites” I nodded and took a bite, chewed and swallowed 
“wow this is fantastic” I said, Rose visibly relaxed a bit and had a mouthful from her own plate 
“Rose there's something I wanted to ask you” I prepared the next spoonful and like I had done hundreds of times before I placed the food in my mouth and began to ask my question 
“do you think…” my throat tightened and I knew that I was choking, the spoon dropped to the tray and I held my throat almost immediately I felt slaps on my back and I coughed up the rice 
“thank you” I wheezed
“I told you to go slow now I’m feeding you” I groaned inwardly but I could salvage this 
“yeah you're probably right” I said letting her feed me a few bites before I tried again 
“do you think you could help me get home?” she looked at me 
“you are home honey” this pissed me off but I held it in check 
“I mean back to my world, I cant even eat properly in this world” 
“I’m afraid I can't do that sweety” 
“WHY NOT” I screamed 
“YOU ARE HOLDING ME AGAINST MY WILL, I WANT TO GO BACK HOME” I swiped the plate onto the floor where it clattered, Rose sighed 
“please calm down EmmaI just…” 
“NO I WANT TO GO HOME JUST LET ME LEAVE I HATE YOU!” it was obvious that hurt her but she took it well 
“I know that you may hate me but I love you” 
“maybe you need another nap” 
“I DON'T NEED A FUCKING NAP I NEED TO GO HOME” she didn't reply just unbuckled me from the chair and picked me up I kicked and punched for all I could and she placed a hand over my arms so of course I bit her and didn't let go, Rose winced but didn't let go either, my mouth was flooded with a metallic taste and I realised that I had drawn blood, I couldn't keep biting her with that taste and I let go she continued to walk calmly to the room. We entered the room and she laid me in the crib
“LET ME GO LET ME GO” I continued to scream 
“I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU LET ME GO” Rose picked up the bear and looked at it 
“did you know I made him for you so that even when I’m not with you you would know that I still loved you” and she placed the bear next to me I immediately took it and through the bear to the other side of the room 
“I DON'T NEED YOUR STUPID BEAR OR YOUR LOVE JUST LET ME GO HOME” Rose calmly walked over and picked up the bear and placed him at the other end of the crib and draped the blanket over me but I through it off, Rose closed the curtain and walked over to the doorway 
“you may not think so but I do love you” she said and closed the door 
“FUCK YOU” I screamed back at her.
I continued to kick and scream for what felt like hours until I couldn't continue my throat hurt from the screaming and my legs hurt from kicking the bars so I did the only thing I could do I sat down on my padded ass and rubbed my feet. I was laying down facing the wall when the door to the room finally opened 
“are you hungry?” came Rose's voice 
“go away” I said softly 
“don't be like that, I am quite aware that littles have a hard time controlling their emotions sometimes and don't hold it against you” 
“please leave me alone” I heard a plate being set down on the dresser and footsteps came over to the crib 
“come on you only had a few bites just come and eat then I’ll let you be again” I turned to face her 
“no thank you please leave me alone” and I turned back to face the wall, I heard Rose sigh then felt her arms lift me up, I didn't fight her it was clear to me now that I was powerless to do anything against her. She walked back over to the dresser and picked up the plate and sat down on the chair, she adjusted me so I was sitting on her lap but restting in her arms, the plate was placed on her other leg and she scooped up a small portion and held it close to my mouth
“please eat I don't want to force you” I looked at the spoon for a moment then opened my mouth to accept the food 
“thank you” she said and was sat like that her feeding me for a couple of minutes when she spoke again 
“I may not be able to help you get home…” my temper started to flare again 
“but that doesnt mean I won't try and help you feel more comfortable here” my temper eased a bit and took another bite of curry it really was good 
“could I lose the diapers and get some normal clothes?” I asked softly, this may be a prison but that didn't mean it couldn't be a nicer prison 
“I see no problem with you having some clothes similar to your birth world but the diapers…” she trailed off and I looked up at her 
“ah… well… would you meet me halfway and try pull ups for a little while?” I took a few moments to think it through, well from what I had seen from little kids the pull ups were at least thinner than diapers and surely anything had to be thinner than these stupid diapers, I let out a sigh then said 
“sure why not” 
“thank you Emma it's just till we see if you can hold it” this both annoyed and embarrassed me at the same time I was toilet trained when I was like three the fact she thought I wasn't was a bit insulting but it did get me out of these diapers 
“how about the crib?” I asked 
“Do you want a bed like mine?” I looked over at her bed and shuttered 
“ah yea but more my size I think it would be a pain to get into bed if it was that sized” she smiled down at me 
“finnish your curry and then I have something I want to show you.”
I finished eating and Rose carried me on her hip through the house but I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings I was too focused on her hand, it was now covered in a bandage and I had no guilt over it no matter how nice she was being I still wanted to escape I would just have to be smarter about it. 
Rose opened the door and I saw a sky blue room with a small bed, a full sized dresser, toys galore and crap a diaper changing table 
“so I was thinking this could be your room if you wanted” I gave it another look over then looked up at Rose who was looking down at me 
“is the changing table necessary?” I asked, she chuckled just until I go out and get you some pull ups” Rose closed the door and set me down on the floor
“take a look around” she said and sat down with her legs crossed 
“if there's anything you don't like just let me know and we shall see what we can do” again I looked at the changing table 
“that's the first thing to go” Rose laughed at me 
“ok, ok I think we can move it” in the corner there was a collection of puzzle mats, childish but I didn't see any problem with them then my eyes fell on it, the last of the days light fell onto the toy box like the heavens were trying to reveal it to me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and walked over to the toy box and ran my hand over the lid apart from it being bigger than I remember there was no doubt 
“it's my… its my toy box from when I was a kid” I looked back at Rose and for a split second I could swear there was worry on her face but the smile was there before I could give it a second thought 
“are you sure?” she asked, I traced the foam letters that had spelt my mum’s nickname for me
“Emy” I said 
“It was what my mum used to call me” and I opened up the lid to see inside, in one corner there was some dolls and a plastic tea set while on the other side was a tub of legos, while there was no doubt the toy chest was mine its contents were not 
“why do you have this?” I asked and turned to face her 
“Emma dear this might look like your toy box but it isn't yours, your grandmother er ah my mum brought it for you”
“but the name on the front?”
“Yeah well she likes cute names for littles”
Now that bore some thought Rose must have known my name before I first woke up here. I grimaced and dropped the lid 
“good it was a terrible name any way” and I walked over to look at the books on the bookshelf. In the bookshelf I noticed a couple of books that I knew and a lot that I didn't, I pulled out the first book on the shelf and looked at it 
“Alice's adventures in wonderland”
“Have you read it?” asked Rose
“I was always meaning to but never had the time between school, friends and a weekend job” I was about to place the book back when Rose stopped me
“How would you feel if I read it to you?” I thought about it for a minute
“Sure why not I’ve always wanted to know how the original book compares to all the other versions” Rose moved over to me and I handed her the book
“Did you want to read it in here or the lounge?”
“There's nothing wrong with here” she smiled at me
“I hope theres nothing wrong with your room” she put a little extra emphasis on the ‘your’ part
“Why don't you curl up in your bed and I’ll read” she indicated to the crib
“Why it's not like I’m going to fall asleep”
“I just thought you might be more comfortable in bed, here at least let me...” she stood up and pulled the sheets and blanket off the crib and laid them on the floor next to it, she sat back on the ground with her back resting against the wall
“Come sit by me I won't bite” I couldn't help myself and grinned at her
“Yea thats my thing” she chuckled and patted the bedding, I came over and sat on the sheets and placed the pillow against the wall to join Rose
“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Chapter 1 Down the Rabbit Hole Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank…” Rose continued to read but I didn't notice as I slowly slipped down the wall and laid onto the sheets and rested my eyes while listening to Roses reading, before I knew it Rose's voice faded out and I was asleep.

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Very sweet and the beginning of a fun relationship. I understand being busy but happily look forward to more!

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Finally I have another part ready 😅

I don't know about anyone else here but I don't get a lot of free time to read so I convert most of the stories on here to audio form with a text to speak program and listen to them during work so if anyone else wanted them here's a Google drive link to my stories


Now for the story

* * *



Part 4 Outings

As strange as it sounds it was my sense of smell that woke me in the morning that smell of bacon even with the beam of light coming through the curtain it was that smell that woke me my family are vegetarian so bacon was a bit of a treat for me so having the smell wake me was one of the better ways I could think of to wake up too.

I opened my eyes and inhaled deeply then looked around to find that I was back in the crib in Rose’s room, I quickly through off the covers and stood up and as I dreaded I needed to use the bathroom, I poked the front of the still dry diaper nope I can hold it

“ROSE!” I called out and in moments I saw an eye looking through the crack in the door

“Oh good your awake breakfast is almost ready” she said as she came over to me

“Your going to pick me up aren't you” I mumbled

“Well it is quicker and I don't want anything to burn”

I rolled my eyes and held my arms up to her in no time I was out of the crib and on her hip

“So your dry I see” I felt my cheeks get warm

“Of course it is I don't need these diapers you just put me in them”

“Hmm… I must have imagined that wet diaper I changed yesterday then” That stupid memory of waking up and no longer being in a wet diaper came back to me and now my suspicions were confirmed

“Can we not talk about this”

“Ok ok we don't have to talk about your wet diapers if you don't want to” I looked up to her smirking face and glared at her

“But you know that's nothing to be embarrassed about here no one will think any less of you”

“I’m not embarrassed I just don't want to talk about it” I said crossing my arms

“Your cheeks tell a different story” she said poking one of my cheeks with a finger, I pushed it away and we stopped in the kitchen I looked at the high chair and before I knew it Rose lifted me up and I was in the high chair and the tray table was in place

“Is this really necessary” I asked

“I don't want you wandering off while I get everything ready” she replied grabbing a couple of plates and placing food on them

“I hope your hungry” said Rose and she placed the two plates on the table closest to me then dragged the table over, I looked over at the plates and saw the largest slices of bacon I had ever seen, cooked pineapple slices, french toast and pancakes

“Dam do you eat like this every morning?” I asked

“Not every morning no this is a special morning and I didn't know what you like”

I took another sniff of the bacon and could easily imagine myself drooling

“It all smells great to me”

“Well let's start with the toast” she said and pulled out a smaller plate, placed a piece of toast on it and cut it up into small pieces, my heart dropped a little when I saw that but the memory of choking wasn't pleasant so I let it be.

Rose placed the plate in front of me

“Could I please have a fork?” I asked, she looked at me strangely but went back to the cabinets and pulled out a fork for my size and handed it to me

“You can use your hands if you want” she said as she picked up one of her pieces of toast and took a bite

“I was brought up to use table manners even if I am in a high chair” I replied and cut a piece of my already cut pieces of toast, picked it up with my fork and placed it in my mouth, the moment it touched my tongue I thought I had died and gone to heaven, it was so good and so fluffy

“I see you enjoyed that here try the pineapple” Rose held a small piece of pineapple to my mouth between her fingers I briefly considered biting her by “accident” but I didn't think I was going anywhere in this high chair. I ate the offered fruit and it was juicy in just the way I loved it

“Is all the food this good here or is it your cooking?” I asked Roses face lit up like the sun

“I am told that littles do seem to like our sweet foods but I can cook when I want to” and she pulled off a small piece of the choc chip pancake and offered that to me.

We finished eating in mostly companionable silence with Rose hand feeding me more than I would like

“Your a messy eater” said Rose as she ran a damp cloth over my face

“Hey your the one that missed my mouth” I replied while trying to push her away, we were both grinning at each other.

As she lifted me out of the high chair I was made all to aware of my need to pee

“I saw that” said Rose

“Saw what?’ I tried playing dumb

“Someone needs to pee” she replied with a pat to my diapered butt, I was placed on the couch in the lounge

“Now when an Amazon gets a little it's customary for the friends and family to give them gifts” said Rose

“What like a baby shower?”

“Exactly like a baby shower” I face palmed literally even though she has told me that Amazons treat humans like babies it still surprised me every time she did something to baby me or at least make me feel babish case in point the baby shower

“So some of these gifts are for you but I think most will be for me to help take care of you” I just rolled my eyes

“Don't roll your eye” she said with a smile

“Rose I can look after myself just tell me a bit more about this world” she looked at me funny

“So your staying now? No more plans of escaping?” of course I am thinking of ways to escape but like I would tell you I thought to myself

“Well I’m here I might as well see a new world” I replied to her

“that's very good of you now let's see what you got shall we” she said with a huge smile and she handed me a gift wrapped box that was wider than me, I took it wondering what it was

“that's from my sister and her little” I looked up at Rose

“you have a sister?” I asked

“of course I do you silly little” she replied and tapped me on the nose with a finger, her calling me a little was just another reminder of this world

“you will meet them soon” she continued, my heart sank it was bad enough that this… Amazon was seeing me in a diaper but I didn't want another one to see me like this

“when will I be meeting them?” I asked a little scared of the answer

“when your ready now come on I want to see what they got you” I looked down at the gift in my lap it had slipped my mind with that little scare, I found a week point and began to cleanly pull off the tape

“don't worry about that just rip the wrapping” I was never the sort of person that just ripped the wrapping partly because someone took the time to wrap it that nicely and partly to annoy my brother's at Christmas when they would tear through half of their Christmas presents before I got through one. I looked up grinned at her and proceeded to slowly peel off the tape, I could see in her face that the slowness was getting to her, just as I thought she was going to say something else I tore the side and with it the top just to put her out of her misery.

It was a tea set, a beautiful looking China tea set back home this would have cost me a months pay

“oh I told her not to get the tea set it was too much” I lifted the cover to reveal four tea cups, one saucer, some plates and a note written in crayon, Rose lifted the note up and read it aloud

“we can't wait to have a tea party, Kayley… that's my sister's little”

“a tea party, how old is she?” I asked dreading the answer

“thirteen months” she answered

“Bull shit” I replied and she gave me the warning look

“sorry” I quickly said and she seemed to let it be

“how old is she really?” I asked again

“in this world she is considered to be a thirteen months old in your world I think she is… let me see… twenty six”

“what then how old am I?” I asked

“on your adoption papers it says you are eleven months”

“how does that work?”

“I believe that is in comparison to an Amazon child” well that hit me like a rock how smart are these Amazon's, I shock my head and left that train of thought for later.

I picked up one of the tea cups and looked at it, the flowery art work was a wonder in itself, I went to put it back and at the last moment the cup slipped out of my hand and bounced off the couch and onto the floor.

My eyes were closed and I waited for the sound of smashing China but it didn't come, I opened my eyes to see Rose bending down and picking up the cup

“It's a good thing these are little proof” she said returning the cup to the collection

“Wh… how… why isn't it broken?” I finally managed to ask

“Its little proof” Rose replied like that explained everything

“But how? It's a ceramic isn't it?” she chuckled at me

“It only looks ceramic it's actually made of a material much tougher which is one of the reasons it's a little pricey” I just stared at her then asked

“How much stronger?”

“Its stronger let's leave it at that” Rose continued to hand me some presents and even opened some herself, she ended up with a pink playpen for me which if I could I would have thrown out the window, Something that looked like a teddy bear sleeping bag and a crapton of diapers which was another thing for the window and a stroller which strangely I didn't think was to bad.

For me I was also given a plushy unicorn cat, some colouring books with a large box of crayons, up next was a large gift which had a pop up play tent with what looked like costumes and lastly a collapsible scooter which I thought would be great to make an escape with but as soon as Rose saw it she took it from me

“I’m sorry little one this is much to grown up for you and Gwen knew that”

“No please let me have it I… I like it and want to play with it” it sounded stupid but what else could I say

“I’m sorry Emma I don't want you to get hurt” and she leaned into me and gave me a hug, I had one last trick to try, after she let me go I looked into her eye and tried to make myself as adorable as possible and she laughed at me

“oh no that's not going to work on me” I continued to look into her eyes and brought my hands together like I was praying

“Put those eyes away I can't.. I shouldn't…” she sat there pondering it for a moment then continued

“If I let you ride it will you stop looking at me like that?” I nodded vigorously

“Ok but under very strict supervision got it and you don't fight fairly” I smiled up at her

“Your like six times my size I’ve gotta use everything I have” I said cheering myself on the inside

“Well don't think you have won just yet” she said and started creeping closer to me I started to get worried and she pounced, her fingers started tickelling me mercilessly.

I kicked and screamed with laughter until I felt some pee escape my face became instantly warm

“What's wrong?” asked Rose

“I need to use the bathroom” I answered

“Just use your diaper silly I will change you later”

“Your a fucking pervert you know that right” she sighed and pulled something out of her pocket

“And you have a dirty mouth, we’re like two peas in a pod wouldn’t you say” and she pushed the pacifier into my mouth with one pump, I just pulled it out

“Seriously can't you just let me use your toilet” Rose let out a sigh

“I don't think you will be able to use it, I’ll show you” she said and lifted me up with her.

As we were walking or rather as I was being carried along I couldn't help thinking how quickly I had gotten used to being carried everywhere now I was never a lazy person but I had to admit it was nice not having to walk everywhere in this giant place.

Rose opened the door to reveal the bathroom and in the corner was a toilet big enough for me to swim in… well I exaggerate greatly but it was much larger than I was used to

“Could I try?” I asked trying to think of how I was going to do just that

“Do you have any idea how?” she asked looking down at me

“Well I could… sit on the front and lean over I guess”

“Sorry little one I don't want you falling in” I groan then went with the last option that was still better than using this stupid diaper

“Could you… hold me over the toilet?” she actually laughed at me

“I don't think I could hold you there long enough I’m afraid your stuck” I groaned

“Could I at least get a little privacy?” Rose stood there thinking then finally answered

“Just this once don't think it will happen every time” Rose took us into my room and placed me down on the foam play mats then turned around.

I tried to go there but having Rose in my vision didn't help nor did the fact that I knew that I was going to wet a diaper

“Could you.. um please wait out of the room” Rose turn back to me

“Is my little shy” I felt the heat on my cheeks

“Fuck off” I knew that was the wrong thing to say the moment the words left my lips

“EMMA!” shouted Rose and she looked cross

“I sorry, I’m sorry I… I… I just don't like this whole situation” I said and started to cry

“Is… is it… to much… to… to ask for a toilet” I managed to say through my sobs

“Oh dear come here” said Rose pulling me into her embrace, I tried pulling away a couple of times then gave up and buried my head in her chest and sobbed.

We sat there for a couple of seconds till the floodgates opened, I couldn't hold it any more and started to wet myself uncontrollably with that my tears came heavier

“That's right my little one let it all out” Rose said patting my diaper. I felt like I was peeing out a river but it finally came to an end and I felt the last dribbles escape and my crying eased

“I’m… I’m sorry about that I don't know why I did that” I hiccuped

“It's alright my little Emy some times we all just need a cry and I think you have earned it with everything you have been through” I looked up to her and gave a small smile

“And I’m sure you feel better now not having to hold that in” she continued and I shoved her pushing me out of her embrace, I turned from her and crossed my arms

“Yes” I mumbled

“I don't think I heard that” said Rose and I just knew she was smiling I could hear it in her voice

“Fine yes I feel better now… could you… could you change me now” I almost whispered the last bit not wanting to be heard asking for a diaper change yet also wanting out of the wet thing

“I’m sorry I didn't catch that last part you'll need to speak up” I slowly turned back to her and asked again in a slightly louder voice

“Can you please change me” this was so embarrassing

“Of course” Rose replied with a smile and lifted me to her hip which squished the padding to my privates, grosssssss.

Rose laid me on a plastic mat on the changing table and placed a strap over my stomach

“I'm not going to roll off” I said looking at her

“I know you won't sweety its just to make sure” replied Rose as she placed a diaper and two other objects beside me, what do we have here I started to read the labels Little Powder and Little… what the fuck

“Little Wipes?” I questioned not wanting to think of the meaning

“To make you all nice and clean” replied Rose and she reached down to unsnap the crotch of the onise I was wearing

“wait, wait your not going to…” Rose cut me off

“Yep I’m going to make my little one all nice and clean” I felt that darn heat return to my face and this was starting to sound like a worse idea every moment

“So let me get this straight your going to wipe my…” I trailed off

“Can't you just take off this diaper and let me be”

“I’m sorry but you might have a leak” I groaned at that

“Could I put the new one on myself?”

“And if you put it on wrong?” she asked

“I wont I promise” Rose started to rummage through the draw and pulled out a pacifier

“Don't worry I have changed other littles plenty of times” and she pushed the pacifier in between my lips, I started to pull it out when Rose spoke again

“If you take that out before your change is finished I’ll have to pump it up like yesterday” just the memory made my mouth ach and I left it in place, Rose Bent over and peeled off the tapes of the diaper, as she started to pull the front away my hands shot down and covered my privates

“There's no need to be shy my sweet little I've already seen everything the last time I changed you” I groaned but didn't take my hands away

“Please don't look” I murmured around the pacifier

“That might make it hard to change you” she said chuckling

“Now come on move your hands” I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to move my hands I truly did but my modest upbringing wouldn't let me

“I hope I don't have to restrain you for your changes”

“Restrain?” I asked and opened my eyes to see Rose lift up a fluffy blue velcro wrist cuff that had a cord running out of my site I shut my eyes again and shook my head

“Please just move my hands” it pained me to say it and I expected to feel the cuffs on my wrist but in a moment I felt a gentle hand take mine and bring them up to my chest

“Do me a favour and hold onto Mr bear for me” I felt fuzzy material being placed between my chest and arms, the moment Rose let go of my hands I seized the bear as if he could protect me from this embarrassment.

Without my interference Rose was actually very quick, she wiped me down quickly but somehow gently at the same time

“There we go all done” said Rose and she patted my diapered crotch, I opened my eyes and looked down at the new diaper hugging my hips

“Princesses?” I questioned around the pacifier

“Because your my little princess” she replied

“Don't you prefer these over the plane white one's” I thought about it for a bit then answered

“If I'm being honest I would prefer to be out of these all together, when can we get the pull ups?” I asked

“Don't you like the diapers Gwen and Kaylee got you?” Asked Rose chuckling a little

“Not really” I groaned for the small victory

“If your good we might be able to make a quick trip to the store tonight I don't want to overload you on a better note what are we going to do today?” I pulled the pacifier out

“If you're the one that seems determined to treat me like a baby then shouldn't you have something planned” Rose actually looked a little guilty and she took her time thinking about this one

“I… wasn't meaning to to treat you younger than a toddler... wow the books were right the instinct is hard to overcome” I grinned

“Well you could make it up to me by taking me out of this diaper”

“Not a chance bub”

“Crap, why not?” she gave me the evil eye again

“You know why, now come on let's get you dressed.”

It was terrible Rose had nothing but dresses, onesies I ended up with a blue thing that ended just above my knees I was thankful that I wasn't going outside one good wind and everyone would see the stupid diaper

“Don't you have anything normal?” I asked as she set me down on the couch

“Depends what you call normal”

“Well pants would be a good start” I replied gesturing to her pants, she looked down

“I think mine are too big for you” I face palmed

“No shit they are to big” Rose shook her head and pulled the pacifier out of her pocket and pushed it into my mouth

“Do you just carry that thing around in your pocket?” I asked spitting out the pacifier, she picked it up and attached a plastic chain to one end and clipped the other to my chest

“Sadly yes just for you” she said and booped my nose

“Please don't” I said pushing away her hand

“It's so childish”

“But you look so cute” I rolled my eyes I was never one for looking cute opping for function

“Can we get back on topic please”

“And what would that be?” she asked with a smile

“Pants” I said as if it should be obvious

“Do you know why you are wearing a dress?”

“Because you put me in it” she laughed

“Well yes but besides that” I tried to think of a reason that would make sense and came up empty

“Nope I got nothing” she raised an eyebrow at me then without warning flicked up my dress, I instinctually forced it back down covering my dia....

“Crap its for the diaper isn't it”

“You got the nail on the head and as a reward I’ll forgive that bad word just this once” I looked up at her and saw she was thinking

“If my little wants pants I think I might be able to do something about it” my ears picked up


“Of course I’m just going to need…” and she walked off behind the couch, I stood up and pulled my head over the top to see Rose rummaging through the gifts we had opened

“Ah here it is” it was the box for the playpen

“And how exactly is that going to help?” I asked

“It will keep you safely in eye site while I work”

“Rose I’m fine here just turn on the TV or something” it didn't seem to matter what I said Rose quickly set up the playpen and placed my ass in it.

After some trying in vain I found that if I jumped I could just reach the top bar of the playpen after another couple minutes of fruitless escape attempts Rose was finally satisfied and left through a door in the corner of the room I hadn't seen before.

Rose came back into the room a couple of minutes later carrying a couple rolls of fabrics and what looked like a fishing tackle box

“Give me a hand with these would you” Rose chuckled to herself

“Ha ha you think your so funny” I replied sarcastically

“I have my moments” Rose placed the rolls onto the table next to me

“Why do you have all that?” I asked

“I know it's old fashioned but one of my hobbies has always been sewing” a snort of laughter escaped my lips, she turned to glare at me

“Hey even back home sewing was starting to die off and here you are living in a technologically superior place and you like to sew”

“Everyone needs a hobby” she said with a hint of sadness, I felt a bit bad for what I had said and just sat there in silence for a couple of minutes watching Rose work but of course that faded as my boredom grew

“What are you doing?” I asked as she was checking her materials

“I'm going to make you some clothes” I was stunned she was serious about the pants I was strangely grateful

“ah… thank you… is it going to take long?” she looked down at me

“Hmm… probably why?”

“Well there's nothing to really do in here”

“Oh you're right I’m so sorry let me get you some things” Rose got up from the chair and left the room only to return a few minutes later with the box of legos in her arms

“Here we go this should give you something to play with” Rose said as she placed the box in the playpen with me

“Lego’s?” I asked

“I haven't played with these since I was an actual kid” I grew up with three older brothers so of course I played with Legos

“Well this should give you some fond memories then shouldn't it”

“I suppose so” I sighed and Rose returned back to her table, I tried watching but with the table up much higher than my eye site it was impossible to see much and so out of boredom I actually started looking into the box of Legos and sadly… making things with them.

We each carried on with our own projects for quite some time with Rose looking over at me every now and again but it wasn't till I yawned that she spoke up

“Are you getting sleepy?” she asked

“No it's just a random yawn” I replied yawning again

“Its ok if you want to have a nap littles…” I might have taken her up on a nap but hearing her calling me little was what made up my mind

“I don't need a nap I’ve well and truly outgrown that”

“I don't know someone's sounding cranky”

“ I don't need a nap I bet I could stay up all night if need be” I said with annoyance in my voice

“A bet you say... I will take that bet”

“What?” I was confused

“I bet that you will fall asleep at least once before nine pm”

“Ha to easy to stay awake till then” I said with absolute confidence

“Well how about we make it interesting then let's see if you sleep before nine then I win and you do what I tell you with no fuss for three days” I grinned at her

“And when I win?”

“Let's see… we will do what you want for three days”

“Ha the first thing I’m going to do is get you to remove this stupid diaper” I said poking my crotch

“Don't get ahead of yourself little one you haven't won yet do we have a deal” Rose held out her pinky finger to me like a child's promise

“To easy” I said and linked my pinky with hers and we shook

“Deal“ we said in unison, I looked back at my little Lego city particularly the building I wanted to be the clock tower

“Hey how am I going to know what the time is up I haven't seen a single clock in this place”

“Hmm that is a good point here you can borrow this” Rose played with her wrist for a moment then produced a watch

“Hold out your hand” I brought my hand up to her to take the watch from her but she bent down and strapped it onto my wrist

“How the…” the watch fit perfectly but that was impossible my wrist was surely smaller than Rose’s, I looked up to her to see her smiling

“It's better not to think about it now can you tell time?” she asked

“Of course I can” I shot back and looked at the clock face, strangely it was analog

“Crap” I said softly I was used to digital time not this stupid analog stuff

“I take it you don't know how to tell the time” said Rose smiling

“If you had a digital watch instead of this ancient thing” I replied in a huff

“Well here when the little hand is pointing at the nine and the big hand is pointing at the twelve its…”

“Its nine o’clock” I said beating her to the finish

“See I know how to read it” I said while crossing my arms

“Of course you did sweety” replied Rose with a smile and straightened back up

“Well I don't know about you but I think it's time for a coffee”

“Yuk” I nearly gagged just at the thought and Rose laughed

“Littles” she said shaking her head

“Would you like a apple juice or something?” she asked I thought about it for a minute

“I would love a hot chocolate if you have it”

“Hmm… I don't normally keep chocolate but I’ll see what I can do”

“Thanks” I replied and Rose left the room leaving me to go back to the lego’s.

It took a couple of minutes but Rose re-entered the room holding a white mug in one hand and a freaking sippy cup in the other

“Seriously Rose what's with the sippy cup”

“I don't want you spilling it over my floor” replied Rose with a shrug and handed me the sippy cup and went back to her chair.

The moment I took the cup I could tell it wasn't warm

“Hey what's in this?” I asked raising up the cup

“Sorry I didn't have any hot chocolate so you have apple juice instead” I rolled my eyes at her

“So you get a warm drink in a normal cup and I get this cold drink in a baby cup” Rose held out her large mug

“Would you like to share mine” I shivered at the thought

“Ah… no I’m good with my apple juice” she chuckled and returned to the sewing machine.

Now I know what your thinking “there is no way she is going to drink from the sippy cup” well normally you would be right and I did hold off for quite some time but in the end I got thirsty and drank from it really the only bad thing I could say about it was that I couldn't drink as fast as I normally would.

My Lego city had long since been destroyed and turned into as many vehicles as I could build when Rose spoke up

“Oh shoot” I looked up at Rose

“Whats up” I asked looking up from my Lego car

“It looks like I’m all out of some of the things I need”

“Can you finish without them?” I asked

“I could... “ she said slowly

“But it would mean you couldn't remove them” well that didn't sound appealing

“How do you feel about a trip to the store” asked Rose

“I wasn't planning on taking you out of the house till at least tomorrow but there are a few things we need” I thought about it and it really didn't sound appealing given that I was in a dress and worse a diaper which I’m sure everyone would be able to tell

“Could you take me out of this diaper before we go” I asked already knowing the answer

“Afraid not what if you had an accident in public neither of us would like that” I felt my face get warm and I looked away

“It wouldn't happen” I mumbled but I don't think Rose heard me

“How about this if you be a good little I’ll get you a treat”

“Like what?” I asked curiously

“Well we could start with getting you some hot chocolate mix” this did sound tempting

“And if you are really good I’ll let you pick something out” this wasn’t as appealing but it would be nice to see this world before I get Rose to take me back home that's right I have finally thought of how to get Rose to take me home the bet, that's right that little bet Rose and I made I just wanted out of the stupid diaper but when I was making my Lego city it occured to me why not just get Rose to take me home... hey I never said I was smart, now just to stay awake till nine… wait isn't there something I’m missing… um… hmm… well if it was important it will come back to me

“Emma… Emma hey are you still with me” Rose was Waving her hand in front of my face

“yea I'm still here” I  replied

“ oh good where did you go?”

“ oh you know just thinking”

“ok...  did you want to go? We can pick up those pullups for you” she said the last part like she thought it was actually a temptation for me

“Hmm… ok as long as we are quick” I replied

“That's my girl I’ll get ready then we can go” Rose was saying as she left me.

Rose was back in twenty minutes with her hair done up and a handbag on one side and lifted me up onto the other hip

“Did it really take you that long to do your hair?” I asked

“Not at all my silly little I was setting up your car seat”

“Ah fuck not a car seat” Rose sighed and this time I knew what it ment

“It's probably better like this anyway” said Rose as she fished out the pacifier from her bag and clipped it to my shirt

“Amazons expect littles to be seen and not heard” she finished as she placed the paci in my mouth

“I’m sorry Rose I didn't mean to” I said around the paci

“I know you didn't“ replied Rose smiling down at me.

As Rose walked into the garage and I saw the car my first thought wasn't how similar the car looked to the ones back home no it was more relating to my feet

“I’m not weawing any shoes” I said around the paci, Rose looked down at me

“Of course your not silly, do you expect to be walking” I thought about this for a second then pulled out the paci

“Well I suppose I’m just used to walking when out and about”

“Well for this outing at least I don't want you out of my sight even if that means I have to carry you” she smiled, I sighed and shook my head

“Strange world” I murmured

“You will get used to it” laughed Rose and she placed me into the car seat and strapped me in.

I had been looking out the window watching all the buildings go by for a while when I saw that Rose was turning into what looked like a normal mall parking lot, Rose parked, stopped the engine and looked over at me

“Ok Emma are you ready?” asked Rose and I nodded

“Ok then please try and stay silent not everyone is as accepting of littles the way I am” Rose came over to my side of the car and lifted me out of the car seat in onto her hip and we headed for the large building.

As we got closer to the main doors Rose pulled me up to her chest and covered my head with a hand

“What's wrong?” I asked around the pacifier

“Nothing this is just another way to carry littles” even though I hadn't known Rose long it was plain as day that she was lying to me so I tried pushing away her hand with no luck of course, after three more attempts to look around her hand I gave up and looked out the other side. It was strange if I didn't know better I would have said that I was back home, the shops looked like any old storefront the only real differences were the advertisements and some of the items for sale.

We entered a crafts store and Rose started pulling out a shopping cart when I noticed the baby carrier on it

“No, no, no” I hissed at Rose

“I’m not a baby” Rose brought my head closer to her and spoke quietly enough that I think I was the only one to hear her

“If you make a fuss we won't be able to get your hot chocolate” I would almost think this woman knew me in a past life or something because that was one of the few things to say to get me into a stupid baby trolly without a fuss

“Hmm… ok”

“that's my girl” she replied and laid me down in the carrier, it was surprisingly comfy with a very mild warmth running up my back, this was the sort of comfort that made me want to fall a… Don't go to sleep! I screamed in my head and slapped myself, as I was winding up for the third slap Rose caught my hand I looked up and saw her worried face

“What's wrong Emy?” I pulled the pacifier out

“This carrier is making me sleepy and I’m not losing our bet” I replied with a huff, Roses face instantly changed to a smile

“Oh that” I glared at her and the warmth I was laying on faded away

“Is that better?” she asked I put the pacifier back in and nodded, well it seemed like Rose wasn't going to resort to underhanded means to win, this bet is as good as mine.

The carrier had high enough sides that after Rose had strapped me in I couldn't see anything and before you think that I’m just letting Rose do whatever she wants with me you would be wrong, yes I nearly started shouting at her about how I didn't need to be locked but two words from her eased my argument… hot chocolate yep I had forgotten so quickly but I remember now.

I was pushed along as Rose walked up and down the isles occasionally adding things to the trolly, while I couldn't see much I quickly learned that this wasn't just a crafts store

“Look what i found” sung Rose and she lifted up a purple container that had “Littles Drinking Chocolate” printed on it, a smile instantly came to my face

“Now I just have to make sure...” she trailed off reading the back of the tin

“Ah yep here we go, you will be fine with this” If it was made for Littles… dammit they have me thinking of myself as a little now shake it off… if it was made for humans then why wouldn't it be fine for me to have?

“Rose…” I began to say but Rose cut me off with a tap to the pacifier inflating it once

“Remember seen and not heard” she said just loud enough for me to hear, I crossed my arms in displeasure and Rose smiled down at me

“It won't be for long” that didn't make me feel any better but I let it be… for now.

I wasn't sure if Rose had meant that she would deflate the pacifier or that the shopping wouldn't take long and it turned out that it was both, a minute or so after inflating the pacifier she deflated it and we continued rolling down the isles with Rose continuing to add things from time to time, before I knew it we had rolled up to the checkout

“Hia Rose who’s the cutie?” came a females voice

“Hey Rebecca, this is Emy my new little” the cart stopped and I just knew what was coming next

“Bring the cutie pie here so I can get a better look” said Rebecca in a sing song voice, I rolled my head to the side and without even thinking of our bet I pretended to be asleep.

Footsteps came over beside me and a shadow came over my face

“Oh I think shes asleep” Rebecca near whispered and I heard Rose step closer

“Sadly I don't think she is look at that little chest” I suddenly became conscious of the fact that I was breathing almost as fast as my heart was beating

“Why sadly? I have a real time getting my neighbours little Brad to have a nap”

“We have a little bet going don't we Emy” I opened my eyes, looked up at Rose and nodded

“Oh so cute!” squealed Rebecca and she wrapped her arms around me, having a giant coming at me scared the crap out of me, I shrieked and through up my hands to protect myself

“Please don't scare my little Beca” laughed Rose and Rebecca let go of me

“She wouldn't be scared of her aunty Beca” she said poking out her tongue at Rose, Rose just sighed and shook her head

“I have to wonder if you were a little in a past life” I could now see that Rebecca was wearing what was clearly a store uniform

“Maybe that's why littles like me so much” pondered Rebecca

“I don't know, from what I hear Brad tries to run away from you”

“Yea but he runs away from all Amazons, just look at Emy though we have just met and I’m sure we are already good friends aren't we little Emy?” she asked looking at me, I spat out the pacifier


“Oh dear” exclaimed Rebecca and Rose covered her face with a hand

“I’m sorry about that Becca she's still new” strangely Becca didn't seem bothered just leaned in and sniffed the air around me, the moment I realized what she was doing I felt my cheeks get warm again

“Nope I think your still clean little Emy” I heard a slap and looked at Rose she had face palmed Rose had actually face palmed maybe this Rebecca would be interesting to know if we were back in my home world

“Right I forgot for a moment how immature you are” and both women smiled at each other, Rose placed the paci back in my mouth

“I think we had better pay for these items the other registers are starting to fill up”

“That's probably a good idea” said Rebecca and she returned behind the counter, Rose wheeled me past without even removing anything

“Will that be on your account Rose?” asked Rebecca

“Yes” answered Rose

“Your all set, be sure to bring little Emy round for a visit soon and if you need a little sitter you know who to call”

“We will try but that reminds me…” Rose trailed off and leaned into Rebecca and in a whisper that I could only just make out said

“you are invited to Emy's you know what I'll send you the details tonight”

“Oh this is going to be fun” squealed Rebecca in delight

“I'll see you soon little Emy” called Rebecca as I was wheeled out of the store.

“So what was that about?” I asked pulling the paci out temporarily

“Oh did someone eavesdrop on mummy” my eyebrows raised

“Mummy?” I questioned

“Oh sorry a slip of the tongue” Rose answered with a quirky laugh, I frowned at her

“When you have someone as small as you are” she nodded to me as we rolled along

“To long after you can start to think of yourself as a mummy or daddy without meaning to, I am sorry Emma” if Rose hadn't used my preferred name I probably would have called bullshit but we were in public and thought it probably wouldn't end nicely for me seeing how I am strapped into this carrier.

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Nice chapter. I like the outing and the bet. This will be fun with whatever is going on later!

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For your first story you are kicking butt! This is great. I could swear that I have read this before but I don’t know where or when that might have been. I would have loved to give this a like but I ran out this morning so hopefully with the next chapter I can give it one. 

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I got say even for some one like me it would be hard to resist going stockholm around some one like that... For one thing this a clear case of "orange and blue morality", the being holding me captive isn't malicious just alien it's cognitive process. That being said given how aggro I can get when I have a panic attack and how my meds do fuck all in that case.... Biting would probably be the least of it.....

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@SGTbaby I'm Glad your liking it so far, thanks :)

@CDfm If you even do find the similar story please let me know I would love to read it

Thank you @YourFNF I have been trying to to show that the Amazons just have a different perspective about how the world should work, it doesn't necessarily make them good or bad

On 2/3/2019 at 9:15 AM, YourFNF said:

That being said given how aggro I can get when I have a panic attack and how my meds do fuck all in that case.... Biting would probably be the least of it.....

I actually got the idea for that from a cat I helped rescue, she was scared hurt and all alone I did not and do not blame her for biting my fingers just because I'm sure that she didnt know that I was only trying to help her, now she come over to get a head scratch each time I see her :)


Now I had better submit another part its almost been a month since the last one 😱 I'll try to submit another one on Wednesday if I get the time


Part 5 Survive the night
Rose had visited a couple more stores before heading back to the car, buckling my ass into the stupid car seat once more and heading back home
“I think it's about time for lunch what do you think?” asked Rose as she walked through the door with me in one arm and a bag in the other
“Is it really only lunch?” I asked around the paci, Rose sat the bag on the kitchen bench then placed me in the high chair
“It sure is” answered Rose as she place some items away
“Now because you weren't on your best behaviour I don't think you have earned a hot chocolate…”
“NO…” the paci flew out of my mouth as I shouted cutting her off then remembered what Rose liked to hear
“I mean please can I have some?” a smile came to Rose
“If you had let me finish I was going to say that you were much better behaved than most littles first outings and for that I think you do deserve this” Rose pulled out a box
“Little’s mac n cheese” I read aloud
“Umm… thanks but I’ll pass, I didn't like that stuff even back home” Rose’s smile dropped a little
“Try it anyway you never know you might like it” said Rose opening the box
“You sound just like my…” I cut myself off not wanting to finish what I was going to say especially after what Rose had told me in the store, no matter what she does Rose is not my mum.
At the thought of my mum I felt the tears starting and I tried to rub them away so Rose wouldn't see but she did
“Oh sweety what's wrong?” asked Rose and she rushed over to my side
“Nothing… I have something in my eye” I whimpered
“It was the outing wasn't it I knew it I shouldn't have taken you out yet you weren't ready…”
“It's not that its… its… I... “ I racked my brain for something quick
“I need to use the bathroom” I lied
“Oh honey you had me so worried” and she hugged me
“You know you are wearing a diaper right?” she asked in a way that she actually thought I might not know
“I’m not a baby” I said rubbing my eyes, stop crying you can cry when you get home, I had to keep telling myself this
“I know your not a baby” Rose let go of me and looked into my eyes
“If you use your diaper now and when we get you changed you can show me how big you are by wearing your big girl underwear” my hopes rose upon hearing that
“Really you got some?” I asked
“I sure did” And Rose went back over to the kitchen bench and rummaged around the bag till she pulled out a of pack pull ups, my heart sank again, seriously if this is what she thinks big underwear is makes me wonder what she wears
“Well what do you think?” she asked with a smile
“Not what I expected” I muttered to myself
“What was that?” 
“I said thank you” she beamed at me
“I just knew that would perk you up now am I going to have a messy diaper to change soon?” I grimaced not even wanting to think about that
“I know you don't like it hun but it's perfectly normal” Rose tussled my hair and went back over to her cooking.
Constantly looking at the watch Rose had given me told me that not much time passed but it felt like hours, I was starting to yawn
“Here we go” said Rose placing a bowl of normal sized Mac n Cheese
“Could I please get a fork?”
“Not after last night, I’ll feed you this time”
“What but I didn't choke this morning”
“This morning I was watching you very closely, this time I will be eating my own lunch too” I thought about this for a moment
“So am I supposed to use my hands to eat?” I asked addressing the thought
“Of course not, I'll feed you” she replied revealing a fork, I groaned
“Rose please can't you just let me feed myself I promise I will go slow this time” Rose closed her eyes in thought and for a moment I thought I might just get my way
“Emma are you trying to be a big girl?” This question really through me
“Are you trying to show me how grown up you are?”
“Umm… if it means I can feed myself then… yes”
“Back in your dimension did all adults eat with forks or spoons?”
“No… what are you getting at?” I asked now thoroughly confused
“I'm trying to tell you that just because you are not eating with a fork or someone else feeds you does not make you any less of an adult, acting like a child makes you less of an adult” I thought about this for a long time and Rose waited for me
“But adults can still request and… and… argue for things they want”
“You are quite right and in this case I am denying your request for a fork so that I may show you how much I care about you by doing a trivial task for you” I both hated and admired this woman at that moment she had spoken you me as an adult and made a logical argument that I couldn't think of a proper argument for and made to sound logical that she treats me like a child in this case, oh logical argument how I love you… and hate you now
“Are you trying to be big?” Rose asked again bringing my mind back to her, I hesitated before answering
“Yes I am grown up”
“And does me feeding you take any of your grown up status from you?”
“No… just a bit of my pride” I murmured the last bit to myself”
“How very grown up of you” she smiled
“Now open up for the airplane” I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth for her, the spoon entered and I tasted the deliciousness of the cheese hit my tongue, this was soooo much better than any Mac n cheese I had ever tasted back home
“Sorry I couldn't help myself” chuckled Rose.
Rose continued to feed me up till the point that i know she missed my mouth on purpose and I ended up with Mac n cheese down my front
“I think someone's a messy eater” sung Rose
“someone missed my mouth” I sung right back to her and wiped my cheek with the back of my sleeve
“Please don't use your sleeve” moaned Rose and she left me for the kitchen sink
“What I'm saving it for later” I said jokingly and Rose returned with a face washer
“That good was it” and Rose started to rub my face, I kicked and squealed in protest but it was no good
“Not… really” I replied through her cleaning
“Well if you do want more later you can just let me know” and she gently took my hand and cleaned off the Mac from my sleeve and chest
“Perv” I grumbled as she rubbed the mac and cheese off my chest
“Oh hush they are barely bumps” and Rose went back to the sink
“Compared to a giant maybe” I looked down at my chest, are they smaller than normal? No surely not
“Now I think you should wear this” Rose produced a bib, I groaned
“If you didn't miss my mouth we would be fine” Rose placed the bib around my neck
“Well this is just in case you want to save more for later” she smiled 
“No need you just take it away from me” I grined back, the bib did annoy me but Roses argument kept coming back to me, adults do sometimes wear bibs or napkins when eating.
Rose finished feeding me then started on her own meal, as I was watching her eat my stomach groaned but not from hunger it was getting time for the moment I was dreading since I first asked Rose if I could use the toilet
“I think someone's still Hungry” I looked up at her and blushed 
“ah no I'm good thanks”
“oh so that means…” she trailed off and but a knowing smirk came to her face
“NO IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK” I shouted at her and I tried pulling myself out of the high chair once more
“ok, ok” she said waving her fork at me but she still had that smirk
“gah” I through up my hands 
“fine it is what you think please let me use the toilet just this once” the smirk left her face for a look of sadness
“no even if I wanted to hold you over the toilet while you did your business you would just want it again the next time you might as well get it over with and I can change you straight away into your big girl underwear” this was probably all true but the whole thought disgusted me.
Even with my body telling me it wanted to let go my subconscious mind seemed to override it and so nothing happened
“I can't…. please Rose” I begged, Rose sighed, unstrapped me and lifted me out of the high chair
“maybe you will need to go later” and she carried me back into the playpen.
Time can be cruel sometimes like now, I spent what felt like an hour pacing back and forth in the playpen but in actually was only ten minutes before I checked to see that Rose had her back to me before I squatted down and with one great push I felt mess push against the back of the diaper and spread out and to make matters worse my bladder decided to join in the emptying.
I squatted in complete shock for a minute until the smell hit me and I gagged, Rose turned to look at me
“there don't you feel better now?”
“no” I sobbed
“I feel disgusting and gross” Rose came over to the play pen and opened her arms
“come here and we will get you all changed, without hesitation I ran into her open arms and was carried off to the changing table… with her having squished the mess.
True to her word Rose laid me on the changing table, placed the strap across my chest, unsnapped my clothing, peeled down the diaper and proceed to clean me with wipes, because of my shame and disgust I covered my eyes with one arm and could feel my nails digging into my palm on the other hand, in no time I felt something sliding up my legs and I lifted my arm enough to see that it was one of the pull ups Rose had bought this morning, with one quick motion Rose lifted my bum and slid the pull up into place
“There we go” Rose unstrapped me and lifted me up so my head was resting on her breast 
“That's better isn't it?” she asked 
“Ah ha” I murmured with a sniffle and Rose started walking back to the lounge room
“Now I do have a condition for you wearing your big girl underwear and that is that you tell me each time you need to go or I will think you had an accident and need to put you back into your diapers, can you do that for me?”
“Ah ha” I murmured again not paying attention, I was still reliving my disgust of a couple of minutes ago, how could I have done that
“Emma please look at me”
“Ah ha” I felt my chin being lifted and I was brought back to myself and found myself looking into Rose’s eyes
“You didn't do anything wrong” she said in a firm voice, I pulled my head away from her hand and looked down at the floor and in a soft voice said
“I haven't had an accident like that since I was… one, I guess I am just a baby now” and with the same firm voice Rose said
“You did not have an accident you told me that you needed to go and you used your diaper like a big girl and that is why you get to wear your big girl pants”
“It's just another diaper” I wanted to yell but it came out in the same quiet voice
“They are not, do you know how many littles wear what you have earned?” I could see where she was going with this
“Thousands or none at all” I said knowing that the answer was going to be wrong
“Wrong there aren't many, all the littles I know need thick diapers because they cant hold anything for even a second” even though I knew this was coming or at least something like it hearing her words did actually give me a bit of comfort
“How come I can hold it?” I asked
“Because you are my special little and I will never let anything happen to you” and she booped my nose, a smile broke out on my face and I pushed away her finger
“You know I don't like that” I said but couldn't remove the smile from my face
“I think you secretly love me doing it” she replied and returned the smile… and another boop to the nose
“Now because your such a big girl I have a surprise for you”
“Oh what is it?”
“You just wait in here and give me a minute and I will show you” Rose lowered me into the playpen once more and returned to her sewing desk, I looked down at my legs and saw the completely white pull up and just had to check
“Can I…” I put my fingers down the waistband and pulled down
“Yes” I said excitedly, the pull up came down with ease, this I could remove myself now I just had to find a toilet I could use… wait what am I saying I’m leaving tomorrow when I win the bet
“I saw that” I looked up at Rose and felt my cheeks get slightly warm
“I was just checking” I said and pulled it back up
“Ah ha” replied Rose with a grin
“If I catch you taking that off on your own I will have to put you back in diapers”
“Yes ma’am” I Replied and gave her a quick salute, she laughed and returned to the table.
It only took a couple of minutes for Rose to turn back to me holding something in her hand
“Are you ready?” she asked and I looked up to her
“Ta dah!” Rose revealed a pair of denim overalls if it wasn't for the three pink hearts on the front I would say that they were perfect
“wow “ I exclaimed, pants that had legs
“Did you want to try them on?” I nodded vigorously, Rose smiled and came over to the pen, laid the overalls on the top bar and before I knew why she had done that I felt the bottom of my dress being lifted up, I quickly pushed it back down
“Rose!” I hissed, Rose’s hands backed off
“What's wrong?”
“Modesty” I said
“Come now I have just changed you out of a diaper I think I have seen everything” my cheeks went warm again
“I can get dressed by myself if you don't mind”
“Oh… ah… ok” Rose handed me the overalls and a yellow shirt then continued to watch me
“Can I please get a bit of privacy?”
“Oh” she giggled but turned around nonetheless, I quickly pulled off the blue dress and stepped into the overalls, pulled on the shirt then after clipping the clasps inplace I looked back up to Rose
“All done” Rose turned to see me
“Not to bad if I do say so myself, how does it fit?” asked Rose
“seems to fit well” I replied and turned this way and that but there was something strange about the seams of the pants, I felt around them and found velcro going from the bottom of one leg up and around the crotchless and back down to the other leg bottom, I looked up at Rose puzzled then it came to me, it was so she could change a diaper without removing all my clothes 
“pay that no mind you might not ever need that” said Rose
“that's right I wont” I said proudly and Rose hugged me.
“Rose kept up with the sewing machine for another three hours according to the watch before she picked me up from behind and she carried me over to the couch
“are you thirsty” she asked as she sat on the couch and sat me next to her
“a bit” I replied and Rose pulled a full bottle from her jackets pocket
“there is no way I can drink all that” it was as big as a two liter of soda back home, Rose chuckled
“I never said you had to drink the whole thing just nurse it” I shrugged and placed the teat into my mouth
“you know I thought you wouldn't be happy about it being in a bottle” I shrugged again, since I knew I was leaving tomorrow I thought I would indulge her
“I suppose I'm just getting used to this cra… ah… stuff” I eyed Rose to see if she would get out the paci but she remained still
“that's good to hear” she smiled
“because I don't do these things to embarrass you, I do have reasons for what I do”
“I know” I replied after another mouth full.
I was watching Rose from the couch for a couple of minutes when I noticed her right hand kept flicking to the left every minute or so
“Hey Rose what's with your hand?” She looked down at her hand then a smile came to her face
“Oh that I'm reading” I frowned in confusion and looked at the TV
“There's nothing there to read” Rose took off her glasses and held them In front of my eyes, even with them much to big for my head I could see the book like text through the lenses
“Why do you have words on the inside of your glasses?” I asked still confused about the flicking, Rose placed the glasses nose rest onto mine even though it didn't fit
“Try moving your hand like I did” said Rose still smiling, I did and the text moved aside just like when I used a tablet back home
“What… how...” i flicked my hand again and the next page appeared
“How does this work, they look like normal reading glasses” Rose took the glasses back
“I do not have the slightest idea” she laughed
“Do you know how your computers work?”
“Err… magic” she smirked at my nonsense answer
“Exactly it suffices that Amazons made it”
“Hmmmm… so the glasses are like your version of a Kindle?” I asked, Rose looked confused
“I'm sorry I don't know what a Kindle is” I thought about it for a moment
“Ummm… it's like an electronic book reader and you can add and remove books when you want”
“In that case no it's not like a Kindle The Glass can do much more than read books” Rose made some motions through the air which reminded me abit of a person using a tablet, then placed the… umm… The Glass back onto my face
“Wow” I gasped, right In front of me there was a chess board with all the pieces just floating there
“Take the board with both hands and place it between us”
“But it's not really there is it” I looked up to see her smiling again
“You tell me” I frowned but stretched out to grab the board and my hands went straight through the image
“My hand went straight through is this virtual reality?”
“It's more like Augmented reality now try again and move your hands as if you are holding the board” this is too strange, I held out for the board again but this time instead of passing my hand through I 'grabbed’ the board and to my amazement it followed my hands as if I was really holding a physical chess board
“That is so cool” I exclaimed as I set the chess set on the couch, Rose removed the glasses from me once more
“Can we play a game?” I asked, I really wanted to keep playing with The Glass
“I'm afraid I don't have a little sized pair of The Glass…”
“No one gave you a pair for me in the baby shower why they are so cool” I said interrupting her
“Adopted Littles don't need a pair of The Glass, most wouldn't even know about them, I give you way more freedom than I have seen any other Amazon give an adopted Little” I had to wonder if she was telling the truth… oh well hopefully I will never have to find out.
I watched Rose it looked like she had given up on reading and was now typing
“You look like a mime” Rose turned to me with that smile and laughed
“It must look funny when you can't see what I'm doing”
“Just a bit” I replied
“Well I'm writing in my diary”
“You keep a diary?” You are like an old lady” Rose put on a mock hurt face
“You should never call a woman old”
“Oh please you sew and keep a diary what else could I say”
“Perhaps that I'm old fashioned and I didn't hear you complaining when I made what you are now wearing”
“Fair point I apologize”
“Thank you, apology accepted” I left the silence a bit longer than I would have liked before I got the courage to ask
“What are you writing about? Wait no I shouldn't have...” 
“I'm writing about our day so far”
“Oh… um… has it been a good day?”
“It has been great” Rose replied without hesitation, she finished typing a couple more words then stood up
“I think it's about time for dinner what do you think?” I looked down at the watch
“A bit early isn't it” but then again I was feeling hungry for some reason then it hit me, the thing I couldn't think of earlier this morning
“Shit” I exclaimed
“what's wrong” asked Rose sounding worried
“The days are longer here aren't they?” Rose visibly relaxed
“yes the days are longer here than what you are used to I think I told you that yesterday” Rose said as she fished in her pocket and pulled out the paci and pushed it into my mouth
“what did I… oh right” I sucked it once and thankfully Rose didn't inflate the stupid thing
“how long have I been awake my time?” I asked now feeling the yawns come back
“ah just let me… ah yes here it is… twenty two hours” I was stunned
“shit” Rose sighed and inflated the paci once, it's no wonder I'm tired and hungry I just thought it was the different foods making me feel sluggishly, how the fuck am I going to win this bet now.
Rose sat me in the high chair and I watched her cooking while trying to stop myself yawning, why is it that when you find out it's late the body suddenly remembered that it's tired
“still awake over there?” asked Rose
“your loving this aren't you” I shot back
“I think someone's grumpy” it was true but still
“you cheated” I said
“how so?” asked Rose
“you didn't remind me about the longer days when we made the bet” I huffed
“it's not my fault you didn't remember”
“but you could have…” I yawned and continued
“reminded me”
“I thought I was making a bet with an adult that would remember all the information needed for our bet” said Rose adding something to the pot on the stove
“but you see me as a kid so you took advantage of my lack of knowledge and… and…” I couldn't think straight, the train of thought was gone
“I think you trailed off at the end there are you still with me?” Rose asked and turned to see me covering another yawn with my hand
“this bites” 
“I could put your paci back in if your going to be like that”
“what I can't say bite now?” I asked maybe a little more angeraly than I was intending
“it was how you said it grumpy head”
“mer mer mer” I mocked
“wow you are in a bad mood” it was true I hadn't felt this tired for a very long time and I could see my chances of getting back home slipping away
“here try this” Rose held up a spoon of what looked like liquefied mashed potato
“what is it?” I asked
“are you back to not trusting the food I give you?” wait when had I started to trust what she gave me, I thought back to my last few meals and yes I hadn't gotten her to try them first, Rose dipped a finger into the whitish stuff and licked it off her finger
“see it's safe” I groaned and let my head flop onto the highchairs tray table
“Em what's wrong?” there was genuine concern in her voice
“I can't do this” I murmured 
“can't do what?”
“this” I said again
”how am I going to win our bet now” I whispered to myself there was silence like Rose was thinking
“it probably doesn't mean much... but you have lasted much longer than I thought you would, maybe eating will give you some energy“ I looked up at her
“And why would you want me to get…” I yawned then finished
“More energy”
“Would it make you happy to win our bet?” I tried to think about where she was going with this but I was to tired
“Then I’ll help you if I can”
“You could just let me win” I murmured 
“Now would that be fun?” asked Rose
“Or would you prefer to win on your own merit?”
“Both” she laughed 
“Here you still need to eat something” I turned to see the spoon waiting again
“Fine” I lifted myself back up and let Rose feed me the whitish stuff
“Is that potato soup?” I asked fairly confident that it was
“Aren't you clever, yes it's potato soup is this where you tell me you don't like it” I shook my head
“No it's fine”
“Oh good because it's almost done” Rose returned to her cooking.
We ate dinner in silence then we retired back to the lounge room, I was sat on the couch trying to think of a way to stay awake when the memory of the last time I had been this tired came back to me, it was during one of the relay for life events in which I stayed up most of the day and night to jog around a running track to keep our teams batten moving for twenty four hours what if I tried that again yes that might keep me awake again
“Rose do you have a treadmill?” Rose looked at me through those glasses she must have been reading
“Not that I know of why?”
“I was hoping to use it to stay…” those stupid yawns again
“Awake” I finished
“Well I don't have a treadmill but if you promise to stay in my eye sight I’m fine with letting you run around the lounge” even though this was sort of my idea just hearing it from another person made me want to say no and go to sleep
“That would be nice” Rose smiled and lifted me down to the carpeted floor
“Remember stay where I can see you” I nodded my head and started walking from wall to wall gradually picking up speed to a jog.
“Your starting to look tired there” commented Rose as she watched me turn for the umtingth time
“Still… going… strong…” I panted it was a big fat lie, it hadn't even been 10 minutes and I was buggered and this baffled me because back home I could keep this pace up for an hour or so before getting tired
“well I think it's time for a drink” said Rose and she stood up, I touched the wall again then chased after her, I had to take four steps for every one of hers
“Would you like a drink?” asked Rose as she flicked on the kettle
“No thank you” I replied and continued to circle the island table
“Not even a hot chocolate?” My mind was saying no but my taste buds were screaming yes
“Errr… yes... please” I came to a stop at Roses leg and nearly dropped as my legs turned to jelly
“I think you need a rest” I felt Roses hands lifting me up to her hip and would have been able to see the top of the table if it wasn't for me resting my head against Rose and resting my eyes
“Your not falling asleep there are you?” I shook myself and replied
“No… no just resting my eyes”
“That's good I thought you might have been giving up” said Rose as she added things to the one mug and my sippy cup, I tried watching but my eyes were at the point that they were closing on their own.
Rose sat me down on the couch again beside her and took a sip of her drink
“Yes dear?”
“What are you going to do with me if you win our bet?” I asked more to keep myself awake than for any desire to know
“I will protect you, love you and give you all the happiness I can”
“That sounds… weird” I yawned not really paying any attention anymore
“How would you like to continue reading some more of Alice”
“Sure” I murmured and rested my head on Roses lap and let my eyes close, I heard rustling from the coffee table then felt the gentle hand of Rose stroking my long hair
“CHAPTER Two The Pool of Tears Curiouser and curiouser! cried Alice she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English” listening to Roses soothing voice made it all the harder to reopen my eyes but I managed one last look at the watch before my eyes closed for the final time that night, eight twenty huh and let my mind slow down for sleep.

Rose stopped reading as she heard the soft snoring of the little girl whos head was resting on her lap
“You fought so hard” Rose stroked the girls hair one last time then gently picked up the sleeping girl watching as the untouched sippy cup rolled onto the floor and carried her to the bed room and tucked her into the crib making sure that her teddy was there to be with her
“Oh Emy you are like my own Alice chasing an impossible thing and that's why I love you” Rose kissed the sleeping girl on the head then turned out the lights.

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A fat "like" from me.
For the first day, which was described very nicely.
I have no idea what you have planned for your story.
you made some dark allusions.
I hope it gets darker.

but I confess too, at the moment I love your gentle and quiet narrative.


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I need more of this in my life

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I mean it’s themes and it’s  everything 

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So nice! I like how she tried so long to fight and yet arose just let her do it! Glad this is updated!

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7 hours ago, IslandDreamer said:

@Nicole Kolibri Thank you 😀, Sadly I do have it going darker but that wont be for a while, I'm much more fond of the gentler side it was just needed at the start.

You succeeded!
It has everything from the gentle to the hidden dark allusions.
I am happy to hear that you will not stop at AB.


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Oh my God I absolutely love it so adorable

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Well I didn't make it for Wednesday but Sunday is just as good right? anyway here's the next part


Part 6 Aftermath of the loss
I opened my eyes to the light streaming through the curtin
“I lost” I murmured and pushed myself up, the sun wasn't the morning sun that I was used to rising with no this was more like the mid afternoon sun
“What the…” I looked down at the sheets it couldn't be, I through off the sheets and to my horror I saw the wet circle
“How the fuck” I whispered to myself and poked my crotch to feel a very wet pull up under the equally wet denim overalls
“This can't be happening, this can't be happening” I had not wet the bed since I was… I don't know it was way too far back to remember and now this... Rose is going to kill me when she finds out
“I have to hide the sheets… wait where the hell am I going to hide them” I scratched my head trying to think of something... anything
“shit , shit, shit” I bit my thumb nail to think then looked up when I heard the door creak open
“Double shit” I cried and threw the sheets back over myself while laying back down
“Did I hear that your awake?” came Rose's voice, I remained still and silent
“I think I did” Even though I couldn't hear her steps I knew that she was coming closer
“It's probably better you wake up now anyway, you shouldn't sleep the day away” Without warning the sheets started to be pulled away
“NO!” I shouted and grabbed the sheets
“A good afternoon to you too” said Rose puzzled
“Err… yeah… good morning” I replied trying to calm my nervous voice
“Wait afternoon?” so I was right, it wasn't morning
“That's right, you slept right through the morning and into the afternoon sleepy head” she started to pull the sheets off again and I held them in place
“It's time to get up Emma”
“I… umm… don't want to get up just yet”
“But your sleeping the day...“
“I think I’m getting sick” I cut in, Rose looked at me then placed a hand across my forehead
“You don't feel warm” she said after a bit
“But I feel… sick” I fake coughed to try and sell it, Rose gave me a funny look
“Well we better get these sheets off you” I quickly pulled them higher to cover my nose
Ah… no thats alright it think they are helping” I said
Why don't you want me to remove the sheets?”
“I… ah… no I'm…” I was tripping over my words
“Fine fuck it” I said and through off the sheets to show her the wet patch
“Oh Emma is that all, theres no need to worry about accidents why do you think I put you in diapers anyway” I blushed and looked away
“your going to put me back in them aren't you?” I asked quietly, Rose thought for a moment then answered
“Well you did sleep for a long time… how about we overlook this little accident this time but if you have another then it's back to diapers”
I looked up at Rose and was strangely grateful
“Thank you” I murmured
“Don't worry about it, let's just get you cleaned up but first…” Rose pulled something out of her pocket and showed it to me, it was the stupid pacifier
“Great” I sighed and let her push it into my mouth, I pulled it out and looked at it
“Come on put it back in or I’m going to have to soap your mouth”
“Right sorry but is this a different flavor?” I asked and placed the paci back in my mouth
“It sure is” said Rose as she lifted me out of the crib
“I thought you might be needing a few different flavors seeing as how much you use them
“Grape... I like it” I said around the paci then Rose rested me on her hip and I felt the cold pee leaking down her side
“Ah Wose I tink I’m leaking on you”
“Don't worry about it, I’ll clean myself after we get you all cleaned up” and she booped my nose, just like last time it made me smile, she was being so nice about this… accident I don't even think my own mother would be this nice.
Rose carried me into the bathroom, set me down in the tub then tried to unclip the overalls when I lightly slapped her hands away
“I can undress myself” she smiled down at me
“Of course you can sweety” I waited for her to leave or at least look away but she wasn't moving
“A little pwivacy please” dam this pacifier was messing with my words, Rose chuckled but covered her eyes with her hands
“Let me know when your ready” just to check that she couldn't see me I quickly flipped her the bird, no response good, I unclipped the overalls and kicked them to the end of the tub ditto to the shirt and looked down at the soaked pull up wondering what to do with it
“Do you need some help with that?”
“THE FUCK” I spat the paci out and covered myself
“ROSE WHAT THE HELL, A LITTLE PRIVACY” Rose grinned and covered her eyes again
“I just thought you might need some help”
“All the same I better see that paci back in your mouth when I uncover my eyes” I grumbled and walked over to the stupid paci
“That was your fault” I mumbled under my breath and put the thing back in my mouth then got a maybe not so smart idea.
I pulled the pull up off and threw it at the end of the bathtub, as it hit it near exploded
“Oh no” I shrunk in on myself as I felt Rose’s glare
“And what do you think you are doing?” It was clear she wasn't happy, the paci fell from my mouth
“I… I just wanted to… to give you a scare, I didn't think it would explode like that” I spluttered she just shook her head, stood up and walked out the door, this was somehow worse than if she had yelled at me, as if cleaning it up could make the whole event disappear I started collecting all the spongy crystals the whole time thinking how gross they were.
Rose walked back in the door holding a plastic bag
“I collected all the pieces… and… and... I’m sorry” I said softly, she gave me a small smile
“I know you are” she covered her hand with the bag and with one scoop she collected the contents of the pull up
“Your lucky it landed in the tub or I would be really mad”
“I’m sorry” I mumbled again
“Cheer up if you promise you are not going to do anything like that again then I’m not mad… and I can see your tushy” it took a second to register
“You wha…” I quickly squated and covered myself
“I’m sorry it won't happen again” I rushed out and in a few moments  I felt cloth cover me
“Thank you Rose” I pulled the towel around myself and stood back up
“Your welcome sweety, I get the feeling you are going to make my life interesting” the corner on my mouth pricked up for a moment
“Yea maybe” she tousled my hair then presented me with something, I looked closer and saw a new paci, I groaned inwardly but knew I deserved this one and placed it in my own mouth without protest
“Good girl” I was expecting a similar plain flavorless one like what she normally gives me but this one… this was a lovely sweet strawberry flavour only chocolate could top this.
Rose cleaned the tub where I had made a mess then let the bath start to fill for real
“So can… can I wash myself?” I asked already knowing the answer, I looked up to see Rose shaking her head
“But if its privacy you want I can do this…” Rose poured something from a bottle into the water and bubbles spread quickly across the tub, I smiled and in one quick motion through the towel onto the side of the tub and dipped myself under the water
“Ahhhhh” I let out as I wiped the water and bubbles from my face
“Dats nice” and laid my back against the tub.
Rose let the water run for a little bit longer then turned it off and watched me, I sucked on the pacifier then closed my eyes, I really needed a bath and I think I am starting to like the paci especially the flavoured ones, how strange.
I was starting to get lost in my own thoughts when Rose’s voice broke my train of thought
“Have you forgotten why you are here?” I opened my eyes, looked up at Roses smile and pulled out the paci
“I can't even remember the last time I had a bath” I gave her a smile of my own and then proceed to wash myself with Rose trying to “help” every step of the way.
Now that I was clean and mostly dry Rose had wrapped me in a towel and carried me into my room
“How are you feeling now?” She asked as she laid me down on the changing table
“Much better in the cleanliness department”
“That's good, we will just get you dressed and we can go eat breakfast” Rose brought up two items, one in each hand
“Which one?” I looked away, one was the pink diaper and the other was a pull up type from yesterday, both gave me some embarrassment what an impossible choice
“Come on which do you want today?” asked Rose again, after last night I really didn't think that Rose would let me go without some sort of padding
“You choose, you won the bet after all”
“I could choose but I want to know which you would prefer”
“Neither” I mumbled, Rose nodded once
“I’m sure but after last night's accident do you think that's a good idea” I hated to admit it but she was right… for the night at least
“That one” I said pointing blind
“Ok let's get you dressed” Rose pulled open the towel and of course I covered myself
“Your too cute” chuckled Rose and I felt something running up my leg, I looked down to see Rose sliding the pullup up my legs, I cheered inwardly, no diaper today
“Bum up please” I lifted up and it was slid in place
“Now I’m afraid that I only have the dresses and onesies till I make you some more clothes, I cringed
“Dress please” I never thought I would be asking to wear a dress, I sat up and Rose slid the dress over my head
“At least it's not pink” I said looking down at the yellow thing
“Hmm… I think I have one of those” grinned Rose
“Please no” I replied with a mock worried face, Rose chuckled
“Don't worry I wouldn't do that to you” Rose picked me up and set me on the floor
“Are you right in here while I get cleaned up?” I looked at the wet patches on her shirt, most of that had to be from the bath water right?
“Ah... yes I should be fine”
“That's my girl” she bent down and kissed the top of my head
“Yuck” I said and rubbed my head as she walked out of the room.
I watched Rose leave and stared at the door… the open door… I could escape.
I tiptoed to the door frame and looked around
“Good she's not there” I whispered to myself and carefully walked past the door frame upto the first turn in the hallway, I poked my head around the corner and still didn't see Rose.
I reached the front door relatively quickly and looked up at the door handle
“Hmmmm…” thinking about it now I might be Able to reach it with a little run up, I poked my head around the corner to look into Roses room and this time saw her removing the damp shirt, turning back I took a deep breath and ran full pelt at the door
My foot hit the door allowing me to thrust myself up just enough to grab the handle
“Yes” I hissed and started swinging side to side, on the fifth swing the handle clicked and swung open
“EMILY!” cried Rose I didn't even have to look back to know she was running after me.
I made it into the glorious sunlight and halfway to the road before I was caught and embraced from behind, moments seemed to drag on as I felt her shaking
“Please… please don't go out here on your… your own again” she turned me to face her
“I don't know what I would do if something happened to you” I looked away not wanting to see her and it's not because I felt guilty, she's holding me here against my will after all…
“Stay with me and I can keep you safe”
“Is that an order?” I asked softly
“What… no why do you ask?”
“You won the bet” I murmured, I may have a foul mouth at times but I honour my debts
“I really don't want to force you to do anything, I'm hoping that you will trust me to have your best intentions in mind when I do or say something” I was thinking about this when I saw a… um I think a car flash past on the road, we didn't travel that fast in the car before surely
“We had better get back inside you barely have a shirt on” I looked at the shirt dangling from her arm, she chased after me before getting fully dressed.
When Rose realised that she wasn't wearing a shirt she rushed us back inside quick smart and sat me on her bed after closing the door while she finished getting dressed, I have the feeling she doesn't trust me as much now
“Are you hungry?” Asked Rose brightly
“Errrr… yes” she now sounded as if I hadn't tried to escape not more than five minutes ago
“Well let's get something to eat” Rose lifted me onto her hip and carried me to the high chair in the kitchen
“Are you a toast or cereal girl?” she asked after I was strapped in
“Cereal” I replied and Rose went to work around the kitchen.
I was about to break the silence that had been growing through our meal when Rose finally spoke
“So why did you try to run away?”
“Because you never told me not too” I joked
“Funny but really I want to know”
“Come on Rose you know why, your nice enough I guess but this isn't home or how I saw my life turning out for that matter” Rose looked a little hurt, how could she be hurt surely she should have known
“Why didn't you try to escape yesterday, you probably could have lost me for a while at the store” I sighed
“Yea I probably should have tried but I stupidly thought that if I won the bet I could get you to take me home” a smirk came to her face
“I love you but I don't have that kind of money”
“So even if I had won I would still lose, craaaaap” I slumped and waited for Rose to push the stupid paci in my mouth but it never came
“So are you going to try escaping again?” Asked Rose
“Probably” I murmured back not seeing any point in lying and shoveled the last spoonful of cereal into my mouth
“At least your honest” Rose gave a quick smile
“Got any plans for the next attempt?” She asked
“Are you serious?” I shot back
“Sure why not” she replied, I just groaned
“Not really that one was more out of opportunity” I pushed the bowl to her and she took it and her own plate to the sink.
Not a lot changed from yesterday evening, Rose returned to making some more clothes for me and I was placed in the baby prison or if you prefer the playpen.
I tried to play with the Lego like last time but I really wasn't in the mood after both escape plans failed when I was like this back home it meant I went out on the quad bike or a day in front of the TV
What's the point in having a TV if you don't use it?” I asked Rose, she stopped what she was doing and looked down to me
“Who says I don't use it?”
“The whole time I’ve been here you haven't turned it on”
“It's mostly for guests, I don't really like them” she said and started up the sewing machine again
“Could I watch it?” I asked
“I am a guest after all” she stopped the machine and smirked at me
“I suppose you are…” Rose looked like she was thinking about it
“The little channel shouldn't be too bad… ok” Rose stood up and walked over to my prison
“Now if I let you sit on the couch to watch will you try to escape?” I gave her a mock hurt look
“I’m hurt you would even think such a thing of me” she raised an eyebrow at me
“Back in my world if you put someone in front of the television they become a useless sack of potatoes I was no different” Rose still looked at me
“I promise I won't try to escape while watching TV” I finally said with my hand raised
“Scouts honour… though I wasn't in the scouts so I wonder if that counts….” I trailed off, Rose finally looked satisfied and plucked me out of the prison to set me on the couch
“Thing on” said Rose and the TV turned itself on to what looked like a menu page
“New user, Little, parental controls on” she continued then looked to me
“Say your name” I must have been a little slow on the uptake because I was still trying to figure out whar Rose was doing
“Um… Emma” I finally said
“Hello Emma” came a males voice
“What would you like to watch?” asked the same voice
“Rose what's going on? Where's the channels?” I asked
“I made you a user so you can watch what you would like, now the TV can help you find things you might like to watch later, there are still channels but it would take you too long to search for something you might like” she sounded like she was putting air quotes around “TV” I wonder if they have another name here
“Cool so it's sort of like Netflix” she gave me that smile
“I’m afraid I don't know what that is but I’m sure you can figure this out, now just one last thing...” Rose grabbed the edge of the couch and dragged it round 45 degrees
“There now I can watch you” I rolled my eyes and laid down
“Do you have cartoons?” I asked the TV and immediately tiles appeared on the screen, covers for shows that I had never even heard of
“That one” I said pointing to the one I wanted to start with and the entire screen changed to the opening credits
“See I knew you would figure it out” said Rose and she went back to the sewing desk.
I had flicked through a dozen or so of different show till I stumbled upon something that brought back some old memories
“If there's someone in need I will be there, weather they be Amazon or Little” The girl proclaimed in her glamourfied sailor costume, I had been watching this show for the last couple of minutes and couldn't help thinking that it looked a lot like the show Sailor moon from back home and no I didn't watch it my brother did and it was on before my own shows.
The show went through a couple small fight scenes to save the captured Little and onto a heartfelt lesson for the Amazon about how they need to keep an eye on their Little, I was going to change to the next show when it showed the lady flying through the air then into a house window, she landed in the crib and with some corny “magical” affects the Amazon became a Little in the crib
“What the…?” Rose looked at the TV
“Whats up?” she asked
“That Amazon became a human” I wasn't going to say little
“Can I become an Amazon?” I asked, Rose chuckled at me
“That's Sailor Little you know it's not real right?” I felt my cheeks get warm
“Well how am I supposed to know what's possible in this world, that could be a normal thing” I shot back
“I’m afraid not, it's just an old cartoon how did it go...” Rose thought for a moment
“By day a normal Little, by night the saving Amazon or something like that” I frowned at her
“So how is she supposed to be able to turn from one to the other” Rose thought about it again
“I think she saved the life of a magical Amazon but she had to disobey her loving Amazon to do so”
“That's just stupid” I grumbled
“And yet you haven't changed the show like all the others, how about we watch it together”
“Do what you want it's your place” I said and returned my attention to the TV, Rose sat down next to me and we started the show from the very start.
We ended up binge watching the show right to lunch when Rose left for the kitchen and came back with some sandwiches for us both
“How could you like this? It's so corny” I asked before a bite
“I used to watch it when I was a little girl, I haven't watched it for years and years”
“I can see why” I chuckled and started pointing out all the corniest bits, we both pointed out and laughed at some of the sillyer points of the show right through dinner.
We watched another couple of episodes till I started to yawn
“I don't know how you can be tired with how long you slept”
“Yea I don't know either but I think it's time for me to go to bed”
“Not going to fight it tonight?” asked Rose with a smirk
“I have no problems admitting that I need sleep, yesterday was just for the bet”
“I’m glad, how grown up”
“Yea well I am a grown up back in my world” I huffed
“I know” she replied tussling my hair
“But before you go to bed I think I should tell you a bit about tomorrow” I straightened my hair then looked up at her
“What about tomorrow?” I asked
“We will be going to Gwen's home for a party, your party in fact”
“What why my party?”
“To welcome you of course”
“Rose do we have to I really don't want to go out like this” I gestured to the overalls and made sure to point out the crotch area a little more
“Don't worry your new outfit should be ready by morning”
“Rose please I really don't feel comfortable going out like this” I whined
“You went out yesterday fine”
“I thought I would be getting the he… um… heck out of dodge and didn't give a…” she smiled at me knowing what I was going to say
“Rebecka will be there” my eyebrows raised, I did want to get to know her now that I was staying a bit longer
“Fine but I reserve the right to complain more about it tomorrow” I yawned
“Very well, how's your diaper?” I looked away from her
“It's not a diaper” I murmured
“Ok how's your pull up?” she tried again
“None of your beeswax” I replied
“Wet huh” I shook my head vigorously
“Not even close”
“Your not going to say something like I bet I could hold it for all tonight and tomorrow” I probably wouldn't have said that long but I was going to make a stupid remark like that but like I would admit it
“No why would I do that I’ve learned my lesson from yesterday” I lied
“That's good but if you need to do your business I suggest you do it now or you might have a repeat of this morning” 
“Don't remind me of this morning” I shuddered at the thought
“What did you put something in that chocolate milk to make me… wet myself” I near whispered the last two words
“I promise you I have not spiked your drinks”
“What about the food?”
“Or the food” I studied her face trying to look for a tell of some sort but didn't see anything
“I suppose I will have to take your word for it”
“ I guess you will now what's it going to be are you going to bed as you are?”
“I’ll try to go” I murmured and pushed myself off the couch
“Where are you going?”
“To get at least a little bit of privacy” I replied and walked behind the couch, I squatted down and pushed but nothing was coming out, it wasn't anything like last time, do I have to be busting before I can use these stupid things
“Are you done yet?” asked Rose peeking her head over the couch, I don't know why but I covered myself
“Rose privacy please”
“Ok, ok” and the head retreated, I tried to relaxing this time and after a full minute a few dribbles escaped
“How about now?” asked Rose and the head was back
“ROSE!” I groaned
“I just got it started”
“I was starting to wonder how you held so much in that little body” she chuckled and retreated, I closed my eyes again and managed to get the flow going once more
“Done” I sighed in relief and looked down to remember where all the liquide was
“Grossssss… Rose I really need a change” in a moment Rose rounded the couch and lifted me onto her hip squishing the wet padding closer to me
“Good girl” she cooed
“It's disgusting” I grumbled and tried not to think about it.
Rose placed me on the changing table in my room and effortlessley removed the overalls and shirt, I wanted the soaked garment gone so bad that I could put up with the invasion of my privacy and let her tear away the pull up and gently wipe my private area, well I suppose it's not so private to her now…
“Which do you want tonight?” asked Rose holding up another pullup in one hand and one of the pink diapers in the other, I really wanted to complain or say neither but the memory of waking up wet this morning was enough to push that back, I shakaly pointed at the diaper and looked away
“Good girl” Rose said again, how patronising.
Rose diapered me and helped me into some PJ’s that she must have made today
“What's with all the hearts?” I asked
“They make you look so cute besides these are pants” she was right, Rose had made me a plane blue sleeve top and a pair of blue pants with hearts covering them, I shrugged and yawned I might have actually worn these to bed back home anyway
“Now just too more things” said Rose as she set me down in the crib
“What's that” I asked
“I’ll be back with them” Replied Rose and she left the room, I smirked when I saw her close the door.
Rose returned with the bear from the other crib and a bottle with brown stuff in it
“Here we go” Rose placed the bear next to me and brought the covers up
“Umm… thank you I guess” then Rose handed me the bottle
“I figured you didn't get your chocolate milk last night so you can have one now”
“Oh cool thanks” I took the bottle and with no regret started sucking the milk
“Oh that's nice” I said after the first mouthful even though it came out much slower than I would have liked
“I’m glad you like it, did you want me to continue reading Alice?” asked Rose
“Yes please” I replied and continued sucking the bottle, Rose grabbed the book and sat down next to the crib
“Chapter three A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale.
They were indeed a queer-looking party that assembled on the bank…” there was something strangely mesmerising about listening to Rose read as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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Sweet but the party will be fun !

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The peaceful fight in this chapter between Rose and Emma is really well described.
Especially because Rose gives her no real chance, so that Emma is pushed back step by step.
The unsuccessful escape ... great, I laughed.
Rose, who only looks over the couch with her head ... awesome funny scene. :roflmao:

I'm really surprised how much patience Rose has.
The exciting question, however, is ... how do you want to get from this cute but defining rose to a stern selfish rose?
This 180 ° turn will be harder and harder to implement.

I hope you have not given up on your initial plans.


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