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  1. Josiesol1

    A Better Life (Diaper Dimension)

    Oh this seems like it’s going to be heartwarming please do update this. Love your work on your other story. I’m sure this will be another of my favorites.
  2. Josiesol1

    Tales From the Bureau (Diaper Dimension)

    which makes the oxygen standpoint make more sense in this dimension. we really wouldn’t change height as much going to theirs that actually makes it even more imposing in my mind.
  3. Josiesol1

    Tales From the Bureau (Diaper Dimension)

    Yep I knew it was to good to be true and I really wanted to like them for a second but god are these Amazon’s monsters. There’s no love in destroying someone to build them up the way you want them. But I suppose since it’ is a military state basically. It’s an interesting thing but I’m not keen on this out look. Wonderful chapter by the way I’m whole heartedly invested and just hoping there’s some way to win this for poor sandy.
  4. Josiesol1

    Tales From the Bureau (Diaper Dimension)

    I love that your keeping up with lire but for all we know our hight doesn’t shift in this dimension. Or it was an unusual hight for said amazon. This rainbow sounds ominous and clearly there’s a more malicious side to this little loving country I’m interested in seeing the development of this story.
  5. I went a really long way to get to good ending 4 but it was way worth it! Gavin was so nice. But I think I had the best ending. 😛 not the official best but best from my perspective.
  6. I hope we’ll get to get this re posted
  7. Josiesol1

    Tourist Troubles-Repost

    Gotta take credit your writing does just make me want more like chocolate or pistachios;)
  8. Josiesol1

    Tourist Troubles-Repost

    Gosh I can relate happened to me for years
  9. Absolutely love this story hope if inspiration strikes you that we get another chapter:3
  10. Oh my god that last paragraph just wow... it also makes me realize why people want Stacy so bad it’s remarcable your weighting just pulls me in gosh. Thank you just thank you I know why your taking a hiatus but gosh darn it why now a bombshell like that and now I have to stew on it! Love it love you gosh just thank you for this.
  11. I think Stacy’s become a lot more comfortable in being Amanda’s baby so now things are picking up and while she’s capable she still wants to be coddled I think that she’s now kind of getting the stress from being an adult especially in this dimension is rather hard. It was easier being little trying to be treated bigger because well she was kept on a shorter leash. The grass is always greener if you will. Now while wanting to go to school and out of messy diapers I’d rather obvious I think the lack of “mommy’s and daddy’s princess” spot is getting to her if ever so small a nudge wanting her crib back for one. It’s more then reasonable. It’s kind of the theory of graduation goggles. She’s now being pushed past those things and thus she wants them back.
  12. Gosh I just love your writing this story is all around one of my favorites I haven’t been on pins and needles for a story since chasing Emily. And this is shaping up to be just as interesting with more twists and turns. Now there’s the mafia a hag of a den hen and Stacy dealing with the fact she wants to be coddled like her “little” sister. Love it
  13. I fell behind the last couple of weeks but gosh darn if this story didn’t continue, I love it. Cammi’s more adult desires are definitely interesting and warrant the exploration and seeing Jo kind of loosing control of a situation must be odd especially for an Amazon. So that defiantly can cause a collapse in her temper. Like always so much to speculate on and so interesting. Thank you Kimmy as always I love your work. For a chapter title maybe can’t stand the heat?
  14. My heart melted reading this chapter the struggle of loss and just having someone to talk to and the beauty of their relationship and it’s development is fantastic. Thank you for writing this story. I’d try to come up with a chapter title but it was a little too emotional for me to come up with one.
  15. Oh wow that was really interesting. I loved the explanation on Amazons really feeding off a Little’s emotions and relative lack of inibition it really was interesting to see. And little wonderland sounds like a spectacular program :3 For a title maybe Sun Sand and Soaked.