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  1. Oh my gosh I completely forgot about the underground from the school supply store. God I see chekhov's gun everywhere and I hope we get to see some more good interactions between Bella and Stacy they both seem to want something the other haves and if feels so natural. Good mention of he he’ll cats that was rather interesting to see. I did notice though they haven’t used the bug detector or cheacked computers for viruses. That’s mildly concerning. But as always you entertain and make me want the next chapter already. Keep on keepin on your just rock.
  2. I’d love to see a continuation of any kind it’s cute it’s so light hearted and just a joy to see an Amazon not from the perspective of the little as the big brooding monster who takes but the heartfelt Ernest feeling a mother gives her child.
  3. Awesome again! I’m still on edge from the escape from the previous chapter and have a feeling it’s going to spark further conflict. I love your work and every chapter just gets me stoked for the next one. :3
  4. I love the aspect of the jealousy that Stacy feels towards Bella. It speaks volumes to her development and the love she now feels for Amanda and Fred. It’s fanominal character development. I’m waiting with bells on for the next chapter.