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Well, I have a new story started, a friend of cool content helping me edit, and a ton of nervous energy. I always get a little nervous when I start a new story, and worse so, when I post the first few chapters! Please watch for the Point of View IDs (--- Becca ---) littered throughout the story. It's a first person work told from several points of view. I think this may be a long one so enjoy and let me know what you think!




Birch House

Chapter 1


--- Becca ---


“I’m not parking this far away from the house everyday.” My husband grumbled.

“Yeah, this is kinda retarded. If we buy it, you won’t have to.” I agreed flipping my bangs out of my face the jewelry on my wrist clinking together like a wind chime.

“We’ll just drive up there and park next time, but we’ll need to get some gravel brought in and make a real lane out of this grownup driveway. We should do a circular drive and make sure Ann’s got a place to park too.” He said calculating volumes in his head.

“We’re not pissing off the Finn’s Trent. We’ll park down here by the road until they tell us it’s ok, or we buy it.” I asserted.

“All right… All right Babe.” Trent caved not wanting to upset the sellers either.


   That’s how Trent was though, always planning ahead. He could see things coming before they got to us, and still find creative ways to bitch about it even if he already had a plan to deal with it. I loved trent with all my heart, but his attitude could be an acquired taste. I had been with Trent since I was a little girl… first as a friend and eventually his wife.


   Trent’s offered me his hand getting out of my car, and I paused to pull my black lace covered skirt back down where it belonged. Stockings are great and all, but the silky lining of my skirt let it ride way up when I got in the car. I may like showing some cleavage and making sure my tattoos are visible, but I didn’t intend to flash my lack of panties to the world. I love teasing Trent, so normally that’s a good thing, but our realtor sure didn’t need to see my lady fur!


   Regardless of Trent’s attitude problems, I loved him. Not to mention the short walk up the tree lined lane was beautiful this time of year and was doing wonders for both our attitudes. The little forest guarded the edge of the property from view blocking us from our potential neighbors. In fact, it felt like the house was carved out of a small but wild grove of trees. Even the chill in the air because of fall’s cooler temperatures couldn’t mess with my mood.


“God I hope we can close this deal. This place fucking rocks.” I squealed clinging to Trent. My hopes rose with each step closer to my would-be-house. My head swiveled admiring the small forest and the well kept yard.


   It was the fifth time we’d wandered up that path, and I was starting to feel like I was coming home. I wanted that house so badly, but the amount of debt we were talking about was Hella scary for me.


   Owning a home was going to be an exciting new chapter in our lives. I mean, I was still driving the car my parents bought me when I turned sixteen for fuck’s sake! The only credit I had was a hundred dollar Victoria Secret card! Big spender I was not.


Mom would be so proud of me. I wish she were here to see this with me. Drunk ass old fool! I thought sparing an unkind thought for my dad too.


   Ashley, our realtor, had shown us this property all five times we’d visited. Each time she looked amazing, and she didn’t let me down that day either dressed in a brilliant blue business suit that day. I remember it matched her lovely eyes. The realtor greeted us with bright smiles hugging me tightly like a long lost friend. I admired her for her sense of style even if it was different than mine, but I’ll be damned if she didn’t catch me staring.


“The house is nice too. My firm has sold this house a total of six times you know! This will be the second time that I have found Birch House a new family. She’s just an amazing place.” Ashley said over her shoulder as we toured the house taking my attention from her legs.


“I still don’t understand the turnover.” Trent implied blind to her appeal.


“This house, at its age, in this condition, and at this price point has always been a great deal. She’s always been a great first house or last house depending on your stage of life. Remember, six times over that many years isn’t so alarming.” She said sticking to her tour confidently dismissing his question handling Trents skepticism like a boss.


“It looks like everything in here is new!” Trent said getting his first at the like-new old house.


   I realized she’d given this tour a million times before, and it added a layer of nervous energy to the walkthrough. Her cleavage was distracting me more than Trent, and I bet she dressed up to show off her assets as a tactic too. I shook my head clearing out the unproductive thoughts feeling a bit like a dude at Hooters hoping the waitress really meant all those kind words.


   I was ready to make an offer, well… mostly. We had our co-signer and our funding all worked out. We were ready to finalize on our latest offer, assuming the property had been improved like the Finn’s had promised. I shook off my uncertainty causing the chain on my ear piercings to make dainty metallic noises that only I could hear.


   Personally, I thought Trent had a good point, but maybe I was biased? Why would the house have had so many owners? It’s was nerve wracking going into debt like that, and I just needed to be sure. It felt terrifying and exciting at the same time like that time I went bungee jumping. Making a bad deal and going into over a hundred thousand dollars worth of debt was dragging my excitement to the shitter.


   The house seemed big enough to me... maybe it was just rich-lady-reasons? I sure as hell didn’t any of those! I wasn’t certain why it was only a good house to start or end one’s life, but I bet she had a speech prepared for the question so I just let it go.


   There were like a million rooms at Birch House. I bet a big family could live here for a good long time, decades even. The listing had it at about eighty years old. Three, maybe four owners seemed reasonable to me, not four before our realtor’s firm and six more after!


   Ashley skimmed her notes flipping through the thick stack of paper on her clipboard. The current owners had met us here the second time she showed us the place. I couldn’t believe it had only been a few weeks ago. Trent and I had discussed the things we’d like to do to the house to really make it our own after our first visit.


   It was going to be hard to complete our list since we didn’t have a lot of cash left for improvements. When the Finn’s had asked, it had seemed like a strange question. A question answered cautiously because we were eager to make a good impression. So, we literally gave them a copy of our list hoping for the best.


   They’d talked to us for quite a while when we met them. The Finn’s stayed so long it began to feel like a job interview! They’d asked what improvements could be made that would help us. Things they could do that would make the house more attractive and let us pay for the improvements over the term of the loan.


   The Finns freakin awesome! They were clearly still deeply in love with each other and Birch House. That was no small accomplishment after having been married over ten years. We guessed they were in their mid to late thirties at the time.


   They said they were only moving because Mr. Finn had been asked to head up an office for his company in another state. They said that they absolutely loved the house and honestly hated to leave it. That made more sense to us. It seemed like a good reason to move, but we still felt uneasy after the interview. We had the sense that the whole deal was too good to be true.


   We still had two months on Trent’s lease and weren’t too worried about finding a place to rent, so we had the time to be patient about our house hunting. His landlord even offered to go monthly on our rent at the end of the lease, so we had that option too. He wasn’t thrilled when we put in our notice.


“Good tenants like you kids are hard to find.” Carl had told us reading our letter of intent.


    Good? Ha! We were the best tenants! We Phillip’s are handy. We’d tackled small home improvement tasks and simply ask off a bit of rent when our landlord was happy with the results. The first few times we’d had to get any upgrades approved, but it didn’t take long to make a good impression. The bathroom tile and marble countertops had made him so happy he’d paid for the supplies and given us rent for free that month.


   We weren’t afraid of a little elbow grease. In fact, we enjoyed working to make a house a home. Trent’s mom called it nesting. Unfortunately, money was going to be short for a while. It always is after you buy your first home. His mother had warned us, and it turned out she was clairvoyant about our potential lack of cash.


   There were more out of pocket expenses than we were expecting. We intended to make the repairs to Birch House on our own, and  in our own time. Our realtor had insisted on asking about improvements saying, “you never know.” Then the Finn’s turned around and asked us themselves. We felt much better about being asked than doing the asking ourselves.


“We’ve asked to meet with all the potential buyers you know. We’ve decided we are backing your offer. Honestly, the Missus just loves you two. Birch House was our first home and we just love it. Is there anything we can do to help you?” Marshall Finn had asked.


   Turns out the list we’d made at home was just what the doctor ordered. Trent’s forthought helped us out again, but his ego suffered from the triumph. The improvements were part of Trent’s property evaluation process. God, he was so organized it was obnoxious!


   Our fantasies gave us some goals to work toward and a future to dream of. In the end, the Finns had the list and we left it with them to think it over.


“I can’t believe they did all this in two weeks!” I said trailing my black tipped fingers over the new stove while glancing around at the refurbished cabinets.


“Well, they must be heavily invested in unloading this place, or they just really liked you two and were prepared to help you out. I think what really motivated them was when you said you’d have to take a renter for the upstairs.” Our realtor commented as she walked.


“Rebecca look! They pulled the carpet off the stairs and refinished the old floors! They had to have had people working 24x7 to pull all this off. It’s not like it was in bad shape before, but this… It’s amazing.” Trent’s eyes roamed around the house absorbing details in a state of wonder.


“I know. I mean we may want to paint, and I’d eventually like marble on the counters in the bathroom here too, maybe the kitchen. You know how I am about my marble! But, this… is UNREAL. It looks like a brand new house in here!” I gushed bouncing on my toes.


“I noticed the shingles were replaced on the way up here. Did they mention any water damage?” Trent asked.

“Uh… I have a note here that there was a small leak in the attic. The inspector’s report says there was only discolored sheetrock which has been replaced as well. This is an amazing deal. Brand new roof, that’s a ten thousand dollar value added back.” Ashley insisted redirecting Trent. The woman was amazing! Her word wizardry would leave you eating your own words with confidence. Un...Fucking...Real...


“Well, I wouldn’t feel right countering lower than the asking price now. This place is worth way more than they have it up for.” I told them both, my heart investing deeply. “Awe Trent, look they left that rod iron frame up I liked so much. Honey, I just LOVE this place!” I said it and knew I was all in at that point.


   Our realtor probably felt her commission check weighing down her purse after my blabbermouth. The two story house was priced to move at one-hundred twenty thousand, but with these improvements it was worth around one-eighty easy. The Finns had gone way above and beyond for us.


“Well, you can’t go wrong with Birch House. It always sells fast! Owners seem to stay a while or get out in under ten years. Then they move on to something bigger and better if they leave. Maybe it’s good luck?” Ashley shrugged having sussed out my love of the supernatural and superstitious.


“There’s only one weird thing. The owners almost always want to meet the buyers before they accept an offer.” She noted certain that this deal was sealed. “But, you guys already nailed that, so I can’t imagine them not signing right away.”


“I just want to run around in the yard barefoot and I don’t know… pounce on the couch for a good nap in the sun. These windows are insane! There’s not a smudge on them anywhere. They let in so much light!” I fussed to Trent tugging at his shirt begging him with my eyes.


Hell, the grass looks as lush and fluffy as the carpet!


“Ashley, you know we are just going to offer their asking price right? See if they will cover the closing costs for us, and we’ll be able to afford the paint right away. If not, we’ll take it anyway and paint in a few months.” Trent tells the realtor confident he’s getting a good deal the confidence sexily wafting off of him.


“Oh Trent! Really! God, I really don’t want to leave now. This new carpet probably sleeps better than our bed!” I said bending to rub my hands through the pile on the livingroom floor. I was so wrapped up in the feel of that luxurious carpet that I forgot about my short little skirt. I mooned Ashley with my stocking covered pany-free ass, but she never commented. Girl wanted that commision check!


“Ann is going to love it here. She’s always wanted a dog and there’s so much room! I guess we better look over the upstairs and I’ll run through the attic before you call them Ashley. Due diligence and all.” Trent said bounding up the stairs with the hardwood he’d fallen in love with.


   I stood up and headed over to the only picture still hanging in the house. The current owners had already moved out, and other than their couch and a bed left in a guest room downstairs there wasn’t much left in the house.


We really could move in right away, I muse running my finger over the rod iron frame.


   The same saying hangs in both our parent’s house and Trent’s mom’s place. ‘Love makes a house a Home’ they read. I loved this house already, but that wall hanging really endeared it to me. I was feeling a connection to the house and we hadn’t even signed for it yet!


   I moved through the living room running my hand along the oak trim framing the doorway.


I’ve always loved that quote, I thought leaving the room getting a tactile feel for the place.


“Ashley, I’ve never lived anywhere that had an official laundry room before! Trent loves that the hot water heater is in there and accessible too. This place is fucking awesome!” I couldn’t praise Birch House enough! We both knew where I stood.


“It is. This is my favorite property. I’d live here myself, but the house is never on the market when I’m looking. Each owner puts their stamp on it of course, but it just seems to add to it’s ambiance not take away. Owners have moved walls or changed things around to suit their tastes, but it always feels so... Homey in here.” Our realtor smiled.


“Everything checks out up there Becca. There’s even more impossible renovations upstairs! Ann may want to paint, but there isn’t much reason to do anything else. They even got the sink and some cabinets in the third room. Hell, there’s room for one of your Exes up there too babe.” Trent joked.


“Just be glad I like that girl so much. You really did a number on her. The poor thing.” I slapped at Trent giving him a hard time on a stale joke.


“Rebecca Phillips! I was like fifteen er something! That was friggin years ago! I didn’t even know we were going steady. I had no idea going to the movies with Wendy was cheating on her! Cut me some slack! We are all adults and friends, best friends even! I don’t think of her as an Ex!” Trent looked tired of the old one sided argument, but I thought it was funny and so did Ann. He was still sensitive about it though.


“Then don’t joke about it if you can’t take it. Ann can. You can’t, ya cheater!” I teased Trent even more.


“I’d never cheat on you.” He whispered pulling me to him. “You don’t think that do you?” He asked.


Ashley cleared her throat, “Becca, you had better be one hundred percent sure. Buying a house, married or not, has legal obligations that follow you even if Trent doesn’t. I can’t make your offer unless I’m sure you’re sure. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, even if my job is to sell the house and move on.”


“Oh Trent! Your stupid jokes have scared Ash. Go measure something or look at man stuff!” I huffed at him swatting him on the ass dismissing him so the Big Girls could talk.


   His shoulders told me that he didn't’ appreciate that very much, but Trent ambled outside grumbling about girls being confusing. I watched him walking across the covered front porch and disappear from my view. We waited  long enough to be sure he was truly out of earshot. I waited more for Ashley’s sake than for my own privacy.


“Ash, you are totally safe making this offer. Trent may be gone a lot, but I see his checks. I know when he’s gone, how long he’s paid for, and I have ways of accounting for his time. The lady that does payroll showed me, Barb. We were at a company picnic and I told her I was uncomfortable with all the weird hours cause truthfully, I’m a little insecure and needy. I’m sure he worries about all those hot young college guys when I’m at class too.” I admit.


“Oh, I know what you mean. I’ve been married for years and have zero reasons not to trust my husband, but it’s just so rampant, the cheating. I get worked up sometimes.” She reassured me shrugging her shoulders.


“He never really cheated on Ann either. She just felt that way at the time. Neither one of them had dated before, and didn’t know any of the rules. It was hard for her for like two weeks then she was over it, and that was literally years ago.


If you ever meet her just know Trent didn’t make her the way she is. She’s just a timid little thing and I love her to death. Trent does too, but we love her in a sisterly way. She’s older than both of us, and we’ve all been good friends since we were in diapers.” I assured her.


“Ok, well I feel a bit better. Backstories always help a sale, ya know! Go let the heartbreaker and bring him in the house. Just remember. Everyone loves Birch House. It always feels like Home in here. Don’t be the first ones in like eighty years to bring bad things to this place.” I could feel Ashley’s love for the house and the warning in her threatening tone.


   Her deep care for the place anchored my feelings. Love grew in my own heart too. I was in love with my future first home! This house would be our Home. I was absolutely confident that Birch House would meet our needs and maybe even see the pitter patter of little feet bounding around. Trent and I walked hand in hand back down the lane to our car talking so fast we had trouble keeping up with each other.


Birch House

Chapter 2


   Trent and I brought Ann to Birch House four days later.


--- Ann ---


I’m buying a flipping-stinking house! Daddy is going to be so proud! I said to myself while getting out of my jeep. I can’t believe I’m buying a frigging house! I shivered in excitement.


“OMG! Girl! I can’t wait to show you OUR new place!” Becca yelled getting out of my jeep. She ran around my jeep bounding over to get me. Her silver bracelets and rings clinking against each other making her sound like a wind chime.

“I know sweety. Look, calm down a bit. You’re spazzing!” I laughed hugging her lightly. I placed my hands on her shoulders to hold her to the ground.

She looked at me with her large chocolate colored eyes opened widely, “I’m sorry… I just never bought a house before.”

“That’s ok hun! Me neither! I’m excited too. Point those puppy dog eyes somewhere else! I really need a place anyway, like tomorrow!” I noted worried more about my own circumstances than buying a house. In fact, buying that house with my best friends was an answer to a prayer.


“Ann, I’m so glad you’ll be moving in with me. Really I am. Not even kidding! I was going to be so fucking lonely! Trent’s driving would do me in I’m sure of it. You’ll get the entire upstairs to yourself so you can hide from me. You’ll have like everything up there. It’ll be your own apartment or something. OH. MY. GOD. I’m fucking freaking out.” Excitement spilled from Becca while she shook her hands animatedly grabbing at my elbows.


“So they accepted the offer then?” I asked her taking her hands.


“Yeah, the Finns accepted at their original asking price, like right away. Trent is freaking out too! He says it’s a steal! He’s prolly gonna be on the phone all day.” My friend babbled while tugging at my arms pulling me toward the house.

“I’m sorta afraid it’s too good to be true.” I admitted looking down at her.


    For the millionth time, I pondered how badly that piercing in her nose must have hurt. She has a tiny silver ring in her septum that just hangs low enough to have a bit of movement. The dainty little diamond high in her left nostril fits tightly against her skin and barely catches the light. Becca was always modifying herself, but I liked her nose the best.  


   Me? I’m a big wuss. I don’t like pain. I have one set of ear piercings to her many and nothing else pierced to her many other piercings. I have it on good authority Becca’s face isn’t the only location with non-biological holes! Just the thought of her pierced flower gave me a serious physical shiver.


No way in a hairy dolphin will I ever get my lady bits pierced! I promised myself after that stray thought filtered through my mind.


“Yeah, I can’t shake that feeling either… Only just a tiny bit though! They even paid the closing costs and shit. We are moving in on the down payment only, that’s nuts! We can cover that together no problem! You’re amazing by the way! Have I told you that today? We couldn’t do this without you.” Becca says turning around swiftly and stretching up to kiss my cheek meaning I had to bend down cause she pulled me to her.


   I loved Becca, but I’m a very introverted person. Hugs were the most contact Becca and I had shared and those were infrequent bro-hug type thingies. My childhood was sort of difficult. My parents were great, but my health wasn’t. I ostracized myself from the outside world and only went out when I had to. Trying to date my neighbor Trent had been Mom’s idea. I over invested and it sort of crushed my will to date for a while.


   Mom’s therapist (I refused to call her my own) said I have a social anxiety disorder. I thought I just like being alone, but I don’t have a Doctorate in what other people think so I got ignored. The kiss was new for us. I didn’t know what to do with it, but my hand drifted up to my face touching the trace of heat her lips had left.


“You know, I only have a few days before I have to be out of my apartment. It stinks that I’ll have to move twice.” I complained.

“Ah. You’ll only be a couch bum for a couple days. Maybe a couple weeks tops. We are happy to have you.” Becca reminded me of her offer to let me bunk on their couch at Trent’s apartment.

“Uh... I decided to stay at the La Quinta Becks. They have a suite and I booked it for seven days. They gave me a good rate, and I’m not hurting for money. Besides, I don’t want to squash the newlywed vibe you two have going on.”  I told her following her up to the house.

“Awe, really? That’s no fun!” She huffed.

“We’ll be all up in each other’s business before you know it. I’m excited. I’ll get more room for about the same money with this house. This move is a no-brainer for me babe.” I said looking down at her. “I may have bought it without you guys if I’d have been brave enough.”

“I’m sorry they sold your building, but I’m not sorry to move in with my best friend!” Becca laughed hugging me tightly resting her head on my chest.

“Your tall today.” Becca commented looking down at my hikers then back up at my face.

“I’m always tall, and your always short!” I giggled and took a turn dragging her a few steps toward our new home.


   Becca took the lead guiding me around the backside of the house. She was a touchy-feely chick, but today she was a bit over the top. She’d always been that way, and it had been hard for me since I was a pre-teen. I’d dealt with the touching because I trusted her though. She was my first real friend after we’d moved when I was eight.


   I trusted Becca to get a good feel for the house just like I trusted Trent’s handi-maness to determine if the house was sound.


The Lord knows I couldn’t do either! I giggled to myself. You have a certain set of skills… and house buying isn’t one of them. I thought in my best Liam Neeson impression.


   I hate getting out of the house, and college was just torture for me. My freshman year they made me live in the dorms! With people! I’d fallen into a light depression that year, but I had pushed through my problems and gotten my degree. I don’t really like to be touched, looked at, talked to… Fine. I’m a hermit.


   Dating was was even worse than living with strangers! It’s not that I enjoyed being alone, but guys just didn’t understand when I needed time alone. I just never really clicked with any of them. They couldn’t give me my alone time. Eventually, I gave up on dating altogether.


   I worked from home, shopped from home, ate at home, and gamed from home. I had a few friends and a truly lovely family. I just didn’t feel the need to get involved with humanity beyond that.


“Look! Look!” Becca shouted as we rounded the house treading on a newer looking stone path.

“Oh My stars!” Was all I could say. It was beautiful and I was left standing there dumbfounded.


   The back of the house looked very different from the pictures that Becca had shown me. There was a patio off the back door maybe three feet or so off the ground accounting for the grade of the hill. That wasn’t the only change though.


   Four humongous pillars rose from the patio on each of it’s corners. They were supporting another deck. I looked up at the bottom of the upper deck… my deck?


   There were two new decks, an upper and a lower, off the back of the house! I followed Becca, well got dragged by her, up a beautiful set of stairs. The dark wood had a tinge of red in the stain and was finished immaculately. The handrail was so smooth that when I ran my hand along it, I had no fear of splinters.


“B...Becca! Do I really have my own outside access?!?” I stuttered in disbelief.

“Yeah, Trent put that on the improvement list right at the top just for the hell of it. Look at this shit! They actually had it done!” Becca gushed literally jumping up and down.

“I… I can’t believe it. It’s… so perfect.” I gaped reaching out to touch my own door.

“Girl, just wait till we go inside! I don't’ have this key, but look it’s like a real balcony up here!” She giggled turning around to look at the yard.


   She drug me back around to the front door, but I had a hard time leaving my deck because it was cute and the view was amazing. I was already imaging watching the sunset out here. It looked like I’d have to see the first floor before I had the chance to see my floor though.


   The Finns had really put in a lot of effort for us, for me. I couldn’t believe all the work that had been done. It was nothing short of amazing. I was that much closer to a new dog. I was thrilled.


   All the woods in the house were all rich and dark where the walls were a complimentary lighter color. I was sure my little spaz of a friend would end up repainting a few rooms because her tastes are… her own?


“Becks I’m pretty happy right now. I’m just so glad you and Trent finally have your own place, well you know mostly your own. I feel like I’m invading though, but I promise I’m like a recluse or something! I won’t mess with your newlywed vibe.” I told her trying to get her to slow down.


“Pish! Trent will be on the road a lot, most of the week really. He may start taking some overnight runs or sleeping in his truck. They pay a crazy wad of cash for those two-day runs. We have my car, but he wants to get a bike for running back and forth to work. With you here, I won’t be alone when he’s off being the Man of the House!” Becca said growling in a low voice.


“Trent could use some butching up ya know. Those truckers are going to eat alive with that metro head of hair and total lack of man-beard. He looks like a teenage boy… If he carried a hipster bag, they’d probably beat the poop out of him on the spot.” I laughed.


“Hey! That’s MY metro-man you’re mouthing there.” Becca put up a token defense of her husband, but lacking in real conviction.


   She drew up to her full height, which unfortunately for her was just shorter than your average girl. It always makes me giggle when she gets her back up and I still have to look down at her. She looked at me with death in her eyes and then broke laughing hysterically.  She hugged me in our shared excitement as we headed upstairs together. It was time to see my floor!


   There was a small landing upstairs and then a weird shaped hallway. I couldn’t see from one end of the floor to the other, but I’d noticed that in the pictures before. I was already figuring out how to divide up the rooms to create a full house on the second floor. I wanted a nice bedroom suite and there was a beautiful humongous master bedroom suite on this floor on the east wall.


   I wanted an office, guest room, and a pretend kitchen/dining room. Then I’d have a full apartment on this floor, but this house wasn’t built with that in mind. It did have a dedicated bathroom on this floor that could be a guest bathroom, so that was nice. There was plenty of rooms for the other stuff I wanted to do and I’d get around to it all eventually.


“Look it! They put in an outside door on the landing!” She said her platinum hair and purple braids bouncing off her shoulders. The purple braids were tipped with silver skull-face hair ties.

“I see. This is super amazing Becks! I can’t believe this. It’s almost like this floor has been remade into a real apartment. I’ll be able to take out a dog and not bother you!” I stood there shocked all over again excitement building.

“I know! We’ll love your dog, but I’m glad you can do that out your own door. Just… you know walk it away from the porch a ways.” Becca admitted.

“I promise Becks. I’ll do the poop bags and everything.” I agreed.

“We told the Finns that we couldn’t afford the place all on our own. Ashley let on like they thought we had to get a renter. I thought she’d look our financial paperwork closer than that.” Becca told me shrugging like it was the realtor’s loss.

“So... She knows I’m a co-signer right? I mean I’m covering most of the down payment and all the taxes.” I asked.

“I guess, I’m sure she does by now at least. Worst case, she’ll find out at the closing won’t she?” Becca laughed.

“It’ll be nice to meet the Finns at least the once.” I admitted.

“Let me show ya the rest, there’s more.” Becca’s silver bracelets clacked together as she clapped her hands bounding off once again.


   Rebecca Phillips is my best friend, but she was just coming out of her goth phase. I was thrilled for that! Goth was preceded by a punk phase, and I for one would love to see the end of all the leather and silver buckles.


   The punk stuff came after her stab at grunge in her senior year. Japanese culture influenced most of High School before the grunge phase. The entertaining part of my besty is that none of the phases were ever totally left behind. They all left a mark on her eclectic sense of style.


   I bought her several of those noisey bracelets over the last few years. The purple streaks in her hair were left over from our junior year when two toned hair was her thing. Well, at least the punk and goth phases shared a lot of the same clothes! Goth just added a ton of dark makeup to the mix, at least that’s for the most part how it worked for Becca.


I don’t know, there may be a few more piercings these days. I giggled to myself looking at her. Strangely, I found myself doing it much more frequently than I used too. I refocused on my wind chime sounding friend and the tour she was giving.


   It turned out one of the room’s had been upgraded just for me! There were some basic cabinets making a bar against one wall. They had installed a small overhead cabinet on one end and a fridge on the opposite wall. It immediately reminded me of a workplace break room.


The only stuff I’ll have to do downstairs is oven stuff and my laundry! I notice unable to fight back my own sniffles suddenly overwhelmed by the Finns’ thoughtfulness.


“Good gracious Becca, this place is amazing! I can’t get around how perfect this house is. I can’t believe they even got a fridge up here. It’s ridiculous!” I gush.

“I know! Trent keeps coming over here looking for flaws. Poor guy has a bit of a glass-half-empty complex. It can be hard to keep him happy.” She giggled her hand resting on my arm.




   I’m a few years older than Trent who was a few years older than Becca’s twenty. Twenty-four wasn’t ancient or anything, but I was the college grad with a few years of working and life under my belt. I would always be the oldest in our house. I loved Becca, but we’d never lived together, and I certainly didn’t have the upper hand in relationship edicate. I had few relationships and even fewer long term friends.


Was all this touching normal? I asked myself trying to fight off the sense of invaded space she was stirring up.


   That day though, we both gushed and giggled about moving into our new house. We talked a lot about the new appliances and discussed colors for our walls. The owners were going to leave the couch and one bed in the guest bedroom downstairs until we closed, then it’d be a flurry to get all our crappy furniture in that beautiful house.




   All the banking was done, so we were ready when Closing Day came around a few weeks later. All we had to was sign on the dotted lines. We were filled with nervous energy while Trent remained aloof standing with his arms crossed through most of the meeting.


   It was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Admittedly, I could afford the house on my own, and I wouldn’t have co-signed with my friends if that weren’t the case. Plan for the worst case scenario!


   Dad was worried life would smack me and leave me in a lurch so I never got in over my head. I planned to squirrel away the difference that the Phillips would be covering so I had my budget worked out for worst case. Plus I needed to rebuild my savings after the down payment.


   Becca and I crashed on the downstairs couch as the sun was setting the evening after we closed on the house. Trent had to leave running his first night load. So, we were alone to celebrate in our new house. The view was amazing through the full windows on the west side of the house. We were nestled in watching the oranges and reds while she sipped a beer and I nursed at a sweet tea.


   Becca, being so short, could only lean her head against my shoulder, but it was comfortable and so was the silence in the room. She took a pull off her beer and looked up at me with her big chocolate brown eyes.


She whispered, “I couldn’t do this with anyone else ya know.”

“I know Becks. I get it. You don’t have to tell me. Seriously, it’s not charity. You guys really bailed me out here. If you can stand me for a couple years, you’ll be out of school and you won’t need me any more.” I pat her leg letting her know I wouldn’t intrude forever.


   Her body language changed immediately. She sort of shrank in on herself and sat up separating herself from me. A shadow crossed her face and her hands quickly covered her eyes. Soft sobs wracked her body and her pale shoulders bobbed keeping time with the crying.


“Shit Ann. I’m sorry.” She sniffed. “I didn’t mean it like that. I meant, you are literally the only reason we can get this place!”

“Oh Becks…” I started honestly confused.


Becca cut me off, “No, it took both our credit ratings and you as a cosigner. I just meant please, please, please put up with us for a few years before your life sweeps you out of town. I’ll be ready to help with the bills then. Part-time just doesn’t cover much. Maybe I’ll be ready to let you go by then too.”


   I turn to do something I have never done before, something that had never occured to me before. I kissed the top of her head.


Poor thing, I thought as she tugged me into a side hug burrowing into me. I’m never going to want to leave. I don’t want to get swept away with life or my carrier. I thought to myself not finding the words or the will to say anything.


   Becca was one of the coolest outgoing people I knew, but she seemed so fragile right then. One day I’d find out what had her so worried, but on that day I attributed it to the stress of debt and moving.


“Sorry Becca. I get it. I guess I thought this might be long term thing. You know ‘Crazy Aunt Ann’ living upstairs taking care of your kids in the evenings so you two could do stuff together. I don’t know what I was thinking. Of course, I’ll stay long enough for you to finish school… long enough you won’t need me.” I whispered.


“Shit! Damn! Ah Hell Annie. That’s N-O-T what I meant. You better bet your ass that you’ll be crazy Aunt Ann! We may need one of those rooms eventually. Trent wants to ruin my body with at least two kids. There’s only the one spare room down here unless we give up our office.” Becca rushed.


“Sorry. I just… Well… Poop. Becks they are tearing down my building! I can’t catch a break anywhere. I thought you were telling me I wasn’t going to be welcome in a few years. I… it’s... I’m sorry.” I sniffed.

“Such a potty mouth on such a pretty face.” Becca joked turning my words against me over my pseudo cussing.


   She got up on her knees and returned my kiss leaving my face uncomfortably close to her cleavage. I sprung up and drug her to the master bedroom on the second floor. My bedroom had a beautiful attached bathroom. It looked like my bedroom was a bit bigger than theirs and i secretly loved that. Buying the whole floor for half the house payment was a steal for me, but I wanted to cheer Becca up.


“Your’s and Trent’s room is almost as big as his whole apartment. Plus, it’s on the opposite side of my outside entrance.” I pointed out.

“Yeah, it’s a big fucking upgrade from my dorm room!” She bursted out laughing.

“This is a huge upgrade for me too! Potty mouth.” I asserted.


We moved to what I thought would be my guest room, “Well, the second room downstairs could be the boy’s room. You don’t want those yard apes too close to your room though. Too much rough housing in there. Then you’d have the kid’s bathroom, and then girls room up here if we had to. You know in the future.”


“Or you could keep your office if I have two boys or two girls. Since you live up there, you’d have to take care of em if I put any spillover kids upstairs. Maybe we could put that baby monitor receiver in your room!” She teased.

“You’re breastfeeding aren’t you!” I blanched looking mortified. No way I wanted to get up at night!

“Hell, I don’t know! That’s at least after college and the first year of work or so!” Her face scrunched.

“I have to wait like three FLIPPING years to live vicariously through your motherhood!” I mock panicked.

“OMG! You’re going to have to get a handle on that fucking mouth before you burn my poor baby’s ears off with your verbal filth!” Becca teased me.

“Why I never! My momma would probably spank me to this day if she caught me talking like you! Those poor babies!” I giggled.


   We broke off in a fit of laughter. Becca hugged closely to me as we walked back into her room hip to thigh. It was a big impressive room too. I really liked her room, but it was the view I was in love with even if my room was a bit bigger. I was truly happy for her and thrilled to be sharing the house with her. She ran a hand down my hair and stepped away from me taking my hand again.


   More touchy-feely boundaries were broken that day than in both of my previous dating relationships! I didn’t know what to do. I already loved Becca, but I didn’t see other people behaving like this with their friends. Course, one has to leave the house to see other people...


Going to have to hit the internet for some research. I’m not sure if I should be offended or not. Still, it’s nice to be this close to someone. I decided.  


“God we can do anything in here! It’s so huge!” She said sounding like she was in a bit of a weird mood. “I could fit my whole dorm room in here fridge and microwave and everything!” Becca pointed out.

“I won’t have an oven upstairs, but I don’t cook much so that wouldn’t be a problem!” I said getting truly excited.

“Well, you’ll be eating downstairs with the family anytime I cook.” Becca asserted.

“Bah you cook all the time! I’m going to wear out my welcome!” I worried.

“Honey, you can’t wear out your welcome. You know why? It’s because your family, and I love you!” She reminded me.

“I don’t wanna mess up the whole newlywed humping like rabid bunnies vibe you two have.” I giggled.


   We left Birch House in a good mood having spent some time in it dreaming of our futures. We headed over to Becca and Trent’s place and grabbed the boxes Trent had brought home for packing. It was enough boxes to move a whole house of people. Becca ran into PIzza Hut for a hot and ready pizza on our way to my hotel.


   The Packing had started.  


“Ok, Let’s pack this shit!” She giggled grabbing a piece of ham off the top of our pizza.

“Oh I give up! Wish I had something to shove in your mouth so you wouldn’t foul up my air!” I said laughing at her potty mouth.

“I’m sure I’ll spontaneously stop cursing as soon as the house is packed with diapers and pacifiers… Till then, Fuck Off!” She cackled at herself. “Let’s watch a movie or something while we pack.”  



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Woo! DnP is back with a new story!

Normally I would Like your chapters, but I already used up all my reactions today. :( hope you understand.

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Wow.  Complex, well written, and intriguing start... so many ways to go from here.  Looking forward to reading more and more in this one.

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Birch House

Chapter 3


--- Becca ---


“Come on Babe. It’s fine. Come here. Come on...” Trent tried to sooth me from the doorway of the bathroom not finding the courage to come any closer.

“I just need to stay here, over here by the toilet and the trash can. I’ll be fine in a little while. It’s just a fuck ton of money. It’s thirty years Trent!” I yelled at him freaking out about the loan.


This is so not my finest moment. Why couldn’t I have freaked out earlier with Ann. This is so humiliating! Just get inside the door and some kind of panic attack swamps me. I’m such a fucking pussy. I could see that I was freaking out, but couldn’t do anything to stop it. This would have been so much less embarrassing if I’d have flipped out with her.


   When you really think about it, I didn’t have much to be upset over. The price for the house was great. The house itself was awesome. The Finn’s had even been excited to meet Ann. I would have a hard time being in a more awesome situation. Still, it was emotionally daunting for me.  


   Now, my best friend was in debt on a house right along with me. I felt miserable. I was terrified of the debt and the length of time I’d be in it, and I felt terribly guilty about Ann too. Somehow I was taking responsibility for her house debt in my mind. Even though she could afford both payments, I can’t help feeling like we are taking advantage her.


She can afford it. She can afford it.” I whispered a chant to myself.

“What’s that?” He asked me not able to hear my whispers.

“Nothing Trent.” I drew out his name in exasperation. “Just give me a goddamn minute or two here! I’m losing my shit. Let me fucking lose it, or pull it back together or whatever! I’ll be fine in a bit.” I told him near to hyperventilating.

“I just… I want to… Aren’t I supposed to fix it.” He said looking worried.


“Maybe, but not this time. I’m just freaking out about decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt! Trent, I have thirty-two dollars and seventeen cents in my checking account and four hundred in savings. I owe nearly one-hundred fifty thousand dollars! To top it off, I have the earning potential of a grade school kid with a paper route!  Go to our tiny-ass living room and give me some breathing space before I go ape shit on you!” I blurted out. My fears welled up, and I was afraid the pizza I’d shared with Ann was rising up right behind them.


“Alright… Fine. Fine. But you don’t owe it alone. I mean I owe it too. So does Ann.” Trent tried to help failing miserably only magnifying my fears.


“I know! I even know she could do this all on her own. I know this is less money for her and more room, but I still feel like I trapped her into something or that we begged or some shit. Who the fuck does that? She’s my best friend! She’s still paying on that Jeep for crying out loud!” I sniffled again.


“None of that is rational Babe. You know why you shouldn’t feel this way.” Trent pointed out softly reaching out to me.


“If you fucking know I’m not being rational, why the hell would you think it would be a good idea to tell me I’m being irrational? Seems like that would be a chapter covered in the dumbass’s guide to women! You might as well have fucking asked me if I’m bleeding! … Ya know Down There.” I bellowed feeling belittled and attacked for my feelings.


“I didn’t… That’s not what I meant. I’m sorry I… FUCK! I’m calling mom.” Trent stormed off toward the living room like I’d asked before he stuck his foot in his mouth again.

“I’d fucking call my mom for a warm-fuzzy, but she’s DEAD!” My anger grew out of control spirling off my fears.


   I turned finally chucking the acid riddled contents of my stomach all over the inside of my toilet.


Why couldn’t he just leave like I asked? I whined upset because I hadn’t wanted to be mean and I knew that’s where my mood was. I had a lot of venom inside me. Sometimes it’s impossible for me to hold my tongue.


   A little later after I had calmed down and sanitized the bathroom and my face, I put on my big girl panties and Stood up.


“I'M SORRY!” We both yelled out as loud as we could at about the same time, but I still couldn’t move from the toilet. Getting sick always made me weak and standing brought back the nausea.


   I’d crossed a line and lashed out at the one person who should have my back. He did try, I suppose. Suddenly, I felt him behind me not talking just rubbing my back while I began to feel like total shit.


   It was as if our mutual apology was permission to approach me, but I was still a bit out of it from the panic attack and getting sick and the guilt. I could hear him texting away on his phone and a miracle happened.


   Ann was suddenly there.


   I looked up from the toilet where I had been resting my head as my best friend in the whole world walked in. Ann is just so… I don’t know.... Willowy? I wasn’t sure how tall she really was, but Trent was six foot tall and she was taller than him. Oh my god her legs! I don’t even know how she finds pants, they just go on and on for...ev...er... !


“Oh Becks. What’s wrong girl?” She asked resting her impossibly high ass on the sink next to me while Trent retreated from the bathroom.

“I don’t know… Hey, how tall are you?” I asked her happy to change the subject.

“Last I checked I’m 6’3” tall. What a weird question…” She left if open for me to respond.

“Not that weird from down here.” I chuckled.  

“Rebecca Phillips! What am I doing here?” Ann barked at me with a crooked smile.


“Hell, I don’t know, but I do... ya know? I mean, I know everyone does this. They buy houses and shit. I’ve never had good stuff, ya know, only gifts. Even my car is just the first one my parents bought me. It’s just so much money. I never have any money. This house is more than I can think about.” I panted feeling the helplessness rise again a new panic attack sneaking up.


“Trent, when she bought that car… it took three days for her to hold down food. Money’s hard for her and that wasn’t even her own money! Just be here. Keep reminding her she’s not in this alone, and that you’ll be there with her.” Ann told Trent. “That’s what she really wants right now. Assurances she won’t end up in some kind of money jail.”


“I did. I will too. Over and over till she tells me to shut up!” He promises. “course she tells me to shut up all the time.”

“Good. Now, Becca Phillips. We’re ok. We’re cool. You’re cool. I’d tell ya to breath, but I’d pass on that considering your location… WaHaHaHa!” My best friend laughed at me.


“Oh shit yeah… huh…” I laughed too. Why wasn’t that bothering me?

“Ok, freak out over right? Get in the shower. Clean up. Then you two can come and help me pack up my hotel room!” Ann drafted us cheerfully putting her hands in her lap.

“You’re just keeping me busy!” I huffed.

“And free labor… Dont’ forget the free labor.” Ann reminded me smiling angelically.


   Free labor indeed.


   I knew better than to get into my car that night, but I did it anyway cause I loved her. I knew we’d end up pulling an all nighter, but we were going to help each other move anyway. I still felt bamboozled somehow. Turnabout's fair play, I guess.


   I let it go and settled in to help. We had most of the night left anyway. Trent, Ann, and I packed up her entire hotel room and got everything to our house before midnight. It was two AM or so before we had the rest from her stuff from her storage building.


   We’d moved her bed out of storage last strapping the boxspring and mattress to the top of her car. Sorry! Jeep. Trent had a load going out mid-afternoon for work and would be gone overnight so he passed out on the couch the Finns’ had left. I’d taken a few days off of school and had nowhere to be, but moving my bestie. So, Ann and I piled up in her bed a respectful distance from each other, and passed out. I knew she didn’t like to be touched.


--- Ann ---


Good Grief my toes are cold. I thought pulling my legs up forming a ball.


   I’m a tummy sleeper most nights. So I have my natural height, the length of my feet, and my arms under my pillow to contend with. Laying out straight on my bed left parts of me hanging off. Normally, I sleep stretched out diagonally it’s the only way I can sleep on a standard bed and not hang off, but I couldn’t. I kept bumping into something forcing me to tuck my feet back under me. I’d bumped into something warm and person-y, something not tiny and furry like the puppy I’d been dreaming of.


Ooo… that’s warm. I snuggled down toward the warmth.


   I’ve never been a morning person, and I didn’t start that morning either. For whatever reason, my biological clock was tuned to stay up late and fight the mornings like an archvillain. I’d wake up enough to move around and check the time before passing right back out. If you talk to me during the sort-of-awake phase of my mornings, I’ll have no idea what you were talking about later.


   I rolled and pushed and moved until I was at an angle to that squishy warmth and laid the soles of my feet across it snuggling my butt closer too. I kneaded my toes into the warmth sighing happily as the numbness began to fade. My fists balled up and crossed daintily underneath my chin while sleep tugged at me. I wiggled once more and fell gently back to sleep.


   Life didn’t cooperate and neither did my warmth. It turns out my temporary bedmate was a thing of nasty despicable nightmares. Becca is a horrible, terrible, no good very bad Morning Person! I know… Gasp, right? Morning People are like pungent unicorns with no horn! They’re disgusting and unnecessary!


   Just as I’d drifted back to sleep my bed bounced as an entirely alert Becca flopped onto my mattress and lay back against my stomach using me as a pillow. She reached over and stroked my waist length dirty blonde hair.


“GRAH! I hate you.” I pouted into my pillow.

“Don’t want to hear it bitch. Your icecube toes on my ass will get me outta bed every damn time!” She chipperly giggled.


“You know this would be the shit with a bit of pink in your bangs and on the tips of your hair. Maybe about six inches and a couple inches on your bangs and your whispies. Ooo… Maybe a lighter blue or a darker purple like mine.” She mused aloud while thumbing her fingers through my hair.


“Muh no morn… argh… cooooh fffff eeeee” I moaned like a zombie pining for brains.

“What the hell did you say? I think i heard a coffee in there somewhere. You’re useless in the mornings aren’t ya?” She teased.


   So, I did what any normal human being would do… I rolled over covered my head with a pillow and moaned for her to go away. I even pointed at the door, but Becca just laughed and swatted my tush.


“We moved you last night. Today is my turn. Trent is gone and I’m going to need all the help I can get, or I’ll go home get distracted playing Ocarina of Time until I pass out in the floor chewing on beef jerky!” Becca giggled and lay down across me. “A.D.D. is a bitch, but I’m self aware.”


“Son of a Biscuit! Ge orf Muh!” I grumbled and then uncharacteristically slammed my fist into the bed.

“Ooo… You’re not just NOT a morning person your like Anti-Morning-Person! How fun!” She laughed trying to get herself killed.

“OUT!” I huffed.

“Nope.” She continued to giggle.


So the bad part about good friends is the lack of personal space and boundaries?!? And unsolicited bottom whacks? I lamented. You know… I don’t think anyone but my parents has ever done that.


“Give me the key to my floor and then fall down the stairs after locking the door…” I tapered off surprised at my own harshness.

“Ha! Good one. Didn’t know you had that in ya!” Becca laughed reaching back and smacking my tush again.


   Becca rolled me over face up and placed a kiss on my forehead that woke me up much faster than the coffee would have. I felt loved on my head while my tushie felt more abused that it had in decades! I hadn’t felt like this since I was younger, back before I took the handsoff stand-alone stance against the world.


   Becca finally left my bedroom, but I could still feel her lips on my skin. A warm oval on my forehead channeling daylight into my soul. Becca and I have been friends for a long, long time. Even when we were young and and she was too little for me to really hang out with, we’d still been friends and I had played with her. She was a neighbor and we had something in common at the time. Becca’s acceptance meant the world to me.


“You’ll be a beautiful ray of sunshine in no time. Scoot. Shower. Coffee. Move my shit! You’ll be making me a better person soon enough!” She had stopped in the hallway for one last barb.


   She huffed back into my room and pushed my hips and my butt until one leg rolled off the bed thunking painfully against the hardwood floor. Then she stood up and pulled me up by my arms. I trundled down the hall like a two year old coming down from a sugar high. I’m used to an egregious nine hours of sleep and this inadequate five and a half wasn’t going to cut it! Not without copious amount of caffeinated bean-tea.


   Fortunately the hallway was carpeted otherwise my toes might have frozen off! We’d laid down without checking the thermostat the night before. It hadn’t been to bad in bed next to Becca, but I was freezing my girls off out from under the covers. I rubbed my palms across my chest trying to thaw out the tips of my chest.


“Geez, quit fondling yourself woman! Get in the shower and warm those tits up!” Becca said swatting at my butt… again!

“I’m not! I wouldn’t do that in front of you. Would you lay off the locker room tushie play. I’m sensitive...” I said in reflex turning sideways to protect the now tender flesh.

“OH MY GOD! You just admitted you masterbate you dirty girl!” Becca teased.

“Grah! I’m not awake enough for this conversation! Leave me alone you… poop.” I fussed and slammed the bathroom door in her face to her massive enjoyment.


   She didn’t leave me alone though. Nope, she waited until I was in the shower and then came back with a towel from one of my boxes. Instead of leaving the towel and heading out, she dropped loudly on the toilet. She sighed heavily dropping her head to her knees. She pulled them up onto the toilet lid.


“What’s wrong Becks?” I asked finding some of my normal mood in the heat of the shower.

“Nothing! Fuck I don’t know… Something? It feels weird moving in here without Trent. I mean we’ve been married over a year. He should be here ya know?” She opened up.


“I think I get it. You know me and relationships… But, I watched Mom and Dad. It wasn’t always smooth, but she works so hard to make him happy and he treats Mom like a princess. Course they still fight all the time. Stil, I’ve always thought of them as happy, and they say they are.” I shrugged in the shower making short work of washing my hair cause I very much felt like my personal space had been invaded.


“I don’t know. I guess I just thought he’d be here moving in with me not my girlfriend.” I peeked  out in time to see Becca brush a tear from her eye.

“Look, I’m no expert or anything, but as long as you both love eachother… I promise it will work out and I will be here for ya.” I vowed.

“Oh, I know you will. You’ve always been there for me. You’re the best friend ever!” She sniffled.


“I TRY Becca. But, I suck at relationship stuff. I’ve been close to you since before you started school. I know you like I don’t know anyone else. I’ve known Trent as long just not as well. You two are literally the only human beings on the planet I’d room with and I keep dreaming about getting a puppy, but that’s it no one else.” I remind her.


“Oh Sweety. You’re not some horrible untouchable thing. You’re gorgeous, you’re kind, you’re super empathetic, and you’re just... awesome. I love being around you. Just knowing you’ll be upstairs will help me when I’m lonely.” Becca promised.


“You mean a lot to me Becks. I’m happy to be here. Remember YOU’RE helping me out more than I’ll ever be able to help you out. This place is amazing. The Phillip’s house will be full of love, happiness, diapers, and little feet!” I told her knowing she wanted a couple kids.


“Oh, I can’t wait. I gotta finish school first though. It’s a promise to me. Plus, we’ll be past that three year window.” She told me.

“What window?” I asked her.


“Something like twenty percent of marriages end in divorce in the first three years and it bumps to thirty at five years. My parents didn’t last the three and neither did either of my grandparents. Hell, your parents are the only ones I know who are still married from my childhood.” Becca explained.


“Look, Daddy taught me one thing about marriage that I truly understand. It’s not about feelings, It’s about effort. He said all relationships are work and sacrifice. We measure that in time Punkin.” I quoted him.


“Your dad is pretty awesome. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on him.” She admitted.

“I know.” I laughed. “I miss them so much, but I’m as glad to be on my own as I’m sure they are to run around the house naked.” I laughed.

“What!?!” Becca asked brightening her mood and leaning forward.


“Dad said I was welcome to stay at the house while I finished my bachelor’s, but I was to move out and fly solo as soon as I graduated cause they wanted to walk around the house naked.” I giggled.


“Your parents still fuck? How often?” Becca asked impressed and curious.

“Cheese and Crackers your mouth!” I huffed, “Hand me that towel.”

“Sorry make love or whatever.” She air quoted handing me the towel.


   I dried off behind the tinted shower curtain and said, “I don’t know. I didn’t ask. You know how my childhood went. I was a late bloomer to those thoughts despite my body’s plans. I didn’t think about it till after ALL THAT.” I waved my hands encompassing most of my childhood. “Trent was my first shot at a relationship and I blew that miserably.”


“Eh, you were young… maybe not as young as I was, but young anyway. Look, you had a lot of… shit, going on.” She defended me.

“I know. Lord have mercy do I know.” I sighed into the towel drying my face.

“Trent would have never worked out for you anyway. You’re too sweet, and I love him… But, he’s a bit of a social dumbass. Worse he’s one who thinks he’s God’s Gift.” She giggled.


“That’s the only thing about him that has ever worried me. You know, when you two started dating I was just sure he’d blow it with that attitude, but your sharp mouth just cuts right through it. He’s good to you, and I love that. He’s proved himself, but I get why you want to wait. Plus, having that degree is a good idea anyway. You’re metal and everything, but I just don’t see you with a wrench and grease everywhere!” I snorted a laugh thinking about Becca in overalls and car grease.


“Oh, yeah! Totally not. I mean… maybe sawdust or grout, but never car grease! Besides, it was you or Trent for me. No one else would put up with my shit!” She laughed.


That’s not true! You’re kind and smart and handy and awesome!” I thought in rebuke.


   I looked down at my own hands. They were a few shades darker than transparent, but not by a lot. My makeup was just one shade darker than the lightest they made. My long slender fingers were tipped in a french style with pale pink tips and clear coating on the rest. My hands didn’t see a lot of manual labor, still don’t.


   I do my own nails, and I do them frequently. They are fiberglassed and polish-coated at all times because they are brittle and like to break. My long dirty blonde hair was draped over my shoulder while I looked over the shower curtain at the bathroom mirror reflecting my friend. Sometimes being tall was handy… other times you learn things.


   Like, tall people shouldn’t wear hats because door frames, ceiling fans and shelves can hide themselves in that blindspot.




“Looks like a break room don’t it?” I told Becca eating my bowl of Lucky Charms about twenty minutes later.


“I guess it does sort of look like one. You should put a small table and a couple chairs in that big ass room of yours. Then you’ll have a real dining space for everyday and when you have company. I’ll have a place to eat too. Then neither of us will feel like we have to be back at our desks in thirty minutes.” Becca deadpanned.


“It’s true.” I giggled thinking about how the room made me feel. Her idea was a good one.


I could make my room more like my old hotel suite. Maybe I could even fit a couch in there with the table, bed, and move the dresser to the closet. Then I’d have a lounge space seperate from my break room. It could be more storage and small food prep. Then my bedroom would be like a studio apartment and my ‘office’ would just be down the hall. That’d free up a room up here. I pondered.


“Help me get the trailer hitch pinned on the Jeep. We’ll get a U-haul and maybe you can call some muscle in to help us? Maybe have them meet us over at your’s and Trent’s place?” I suggested slurping the milk from my bowl.


“Sounds good. God knows you’re good for nothing but reaching the high shit! You have the upper body strength of a twelve year old!” She teased.

“Maybe we can do a workout room if I can free up one of the bedrooms upstairs. I’ve been meaning to get in shape.” I planned.

“Shit that’d be perfect. Then I’d have some place to store Trents weights and shit. He’ll never use them now, but I can’t just throw them out. Maybe we can use a few of them?” She asked.

“Wanna start working out together?” I asked.


“Look, I’m just doing twelve hours next semester so we can nail down this house thing. I work like twenty hours a week. Hell yeah I’ll work out with ya! I’ll have plenty of time to kill. Ooo, can we put a TV in there so we don’t get bored while we are walking, or jumping rope, or whatever people do when they workout?” She begged.


   I loved it when Becca begged. It was nearly impossible to tell her no. It was like looking at a brown eyed animal with sad eyes. Pets have our numbers and Becca had mine. To be fair though, Becca’s puppy dog eyes would turn even the hardest heart to mush!


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I plan to update chapter 4 tomorrow. I appreciate the reads so far. I'm sure we are all anxious to get to the diaper content. I know I am. This story will ramp up soon with content and some fun twists and turns. Of course, none of that would matter if you hadn't met the cast. So thanks to those readers who have stuck by so far. I hope you enjoy the new content!

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OK Chapter 4 Update! (was meant for earlier, but mother-in-law had car trouble and i'm a good son-in-law)




Birch House

Chapter 4


--- Becca ---


   I followed Ann’s advice and called a couple of my friends from college. We paid them for their help with pizza and Mt. Dew, the common currency for college kids. I didn’t think we didn’t have much to move, I was wrong. It still ended up taking their trucks, the u-haul on Ann’s jeep, and three trips to move all our shit.


   I stood around looking at all our junk amazed that it had taken three full loads. It didn’t look like a lot in my big ass new house, but it was more than I thought. We’d been saving to buy a house not upgrading the shit we’d fill the house with. Really, most of our things were hand-me-downs, stuff other people had given us when they’d upgraded something of their own.


   We sit on Trent’s mom’s couch. It was an old beat up brown leather thing. Ann’s old kitchen table was in the new dining room, and I can’t even remember where we got the chairs! My guest room had my old bed I’d fucking logged from home. I sighed and shrugged, that’s how life goes when you’re young and poor.


   I’d even left some of our stuff, frankly, it was falling apart. Pressboard department store crap just doesn’t hold up over time. Move after move, it all gets more unstable and weak. We left some of our furniture for Trent’s landlord so he could give them to the next, undoubtedly poor, tennant. The guys that came to help me move kept a few pieces too.


   All said, we left or gave away more than I kept. We had a bit of money left in the house deal to get some newer furniture, so I was super excited. Thank God for the FInns!


   Trent had prioritized house improvements over furniture cause my man’s like a robot. We were planning to spend most of our money improving the house and get any new furniture later on, but the Finn’s had fixed the place up so well that we were going to get to be able to buy some furniture right away. We needed it too. I decided I’d wait until we were moved in a few days before I’d start shopping because I’d have to be choosy.


   My brand new fancy living room with its colossal floor to ceiling windows had my ratty ass couch and a couple of hipster folding chairs in it. The look was more than a little funny.


   There was a DiGiorno pizza in the oven for Anna and I. The smell of the pizza was causing my stomach to growl and my mouth to water. We sat around waiting for it to cook going through the boxes of crap labeled entertainment system. The guys that’d helped us move were fine for grunt work and ‘put that there’ stuff, but I was going to handle hooking up my baby.


   My sixty inch flat screen TV looked much better in the Birch House living room than it had in Trent’s apartment. The entertainment center was black glass and cherry wood and totally gorgeous. Most of my furniture sucked. In fact, I’d probably sit on cinder blocks and play my kickass gaming system happily. I was sitting in a Walmart lawn chair for fuck’s sake!


   We’d hooked up the satellite box, DVD, and TV. I hooked up my various gaming systems while Ann setup the WiFi for downstairs. We’d both signed up for the cable when we moved and there were so few neighbors that the bandwidth was amazing.


   Ann had put in her own connection and setup WiFi for the second floor. She could stay on her WiFi down here and I had plenty of signal upstairs on ours. There would be no bogging each other down that way. I was totally unafraid to frag someone online since she had her own connection for work.


“These soft-phones are nuts!” Ann giggled talking about her home phone app on her cell.

“That package they sold us was cool, but I like my DirectTV and Hopper.” I pointed out looking at the Entertainment Center.

“I know, but I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, so Hulu and Netflix are enough for me.” She laughed.

“You read more on that tablet than is healthy girl.” I challenged her.

“No such thing!” She giggled.

“Oh there is too! All the way out of school sitting around listening to music and reading… disgraceful.” I meant it too. That type of behavior was incomprehensible to me.

“I love my tablet, and I love to read. It’s all recreational!” She huffed.

“All?” I laughed.

“Well, I have to read and stay current. It’s part of the job, but I only read for work a little every day.”

“Gah reading for work daily. Frosty day in Hell Babe.” I swooned and put my hand to my head.

“What are you going to do with that business degree that doesn’t include reading?” She pushed.

“I don’t know. Business Unit Manager of Outside Shit.” I shrugged.


   The timer went off and we got up heading to my new kitchen. I walked over to the oven and opened the fancy and very clean glass and steel door looking at it stumped. I heard Ann rattling around in the boxes until an oven mitt smacked me in the face falling off me into the oven and onto our supreme pizza.


“My fucking pizza!” I grouched.

“Oh it’s fine. Too many toppings to worry about that.” Ann said smiling brightly.


   I flipped the oven mitt over finding her guess correct. It was a little greasy, but there was no sauce on it. I smiled and moved the pizza pan to the top of the stove turning in circles looking for the box with the forks and spatulas and shit. Ann walked up and hip checked me out of the way nabbing the oven mitt as I spun around.


“I got it Becks. Go find a few plates or paper plates so we can eat.” Ann told me.


   It took me longer to find stuff to eat off of than it took her to cut up the pizza. She ended up waiting on me to serve both our plates while I pulled some pop out of the refrigerator. Like a well oiled machine we grabbed our grub and headed back to the living room to eat and watch a movie. Ann sat on the couch and settled her plate in her lap and her cup between her legs leaving them hanging over the couch, her long legs let her feet rest flat on the floor.


Where to sit. There’s room on the couch, but I fucking love this carpet… Carpet it is! I decided with a slight head nod.


   I was still turning circles in front of Ann while she tried to work the remote. I bent over and sat my plate and cup on the floor wagging my PJ pant covered ass at her.  Before standing back up to stretch, I purposefully kept doing it to annoy her. I heard her huff and shuffle around tring to get an angle on the TV while I just laughed her.


“B eeeee cks!” Ann whines.

“What?” I turned and asked innocently.

“This living room is huge. You’re right in front of me and I can’t work the remote. Sit!” She asserted.


   The oddest thing happened. I sat. I mean, I sat straight the fuck down facing Ann. I focused on her my food on the floor behind me. A thread of elation skittered through my system seeming to radiate out like tiny happy lightening arcing from my heart to my fingers and toes. I could feel a crooked smile twist my face into a happy mindless mask.


   Then I waited, but I had no idea what I was waiting for or why I was waiting.


   Ann just stared at me. It was a sudden and strange behavior for me. I didn’t feel wrong. I felt happy, but I could feel the strangeness of the moment through Ann’s body language. It said that me plopping down and looking at her was out of character for me, and that it startled her quite a bit.


   Still, I waited… happily.


“Uh, thanks.” Ann finally said her face scrunched in confusion.

“Awesome!” I told her totally happy with my actions coming back to myself.


   I shuffled around on my ass cheeks and focused on the TV. I started eating my pizza while leaning back on the couch between Ann’s legs. Both of Ann’s slender shins framed my sides gently brushing the lightest touches against my shoulders. I felt terrific sitting there in the floor close to my friend watching a movie in my new house.


“Thanks for this Ann. I mean it. Thank you.” I tell her leaning into her leg giving her a slight hug.

“For what Becks?” She asked me.

“For helping me get here. I’m right where I want to be and I’m happy. This would have sucked balls if I’d have had to move anywhere alone.” I told her letting my feelings out.

“Trent is with you too.” She reminded me.

“Trent isn’t here. You are, and… I’m OK with that… today. I haven’t been able to find a happy place. I’ve been a fucking bundle of nerves this whole time. I have been stressed out of my mind.” I told her thinking about my panic attack.

“I’ll pretty much always be here honey. I live here and I’m a habitual homebody.” Ann said.

“Yeah, well I’ll help you with that if you can make sure I do my homework.” I laughed.

“Well, I will help, but I’m not your mom. The most excitement I usually get is Amazon packages arriving! So, watching your grades with you may be... fun.” She giggled and brought her hand up to cover her mouth.


   I leaned over and kissed her shin and quickly got back into the movie. I wrapped my arm around her leg and snuggled in while we watched. It was an old movie so we continued to eat and talk as it played only paying half a minds attention.


“Let’s talk wall colors!” I laughed and looked up at Ann from the floor.


--- Ann ---


Three months later...


   I yawned rolling over onto my back. My bed crinkled loudly as I moved. Still yawning, I looked over at my new custom pink night stand. I’d painted it myself, with Becca’s help, and I was terribly proud of it! I mean pink has always been my favorite color, but I was being pulled toward brighter colors and theming.


   I’d been on the weirdest kick since I moved into Birch House, and that’d been three months ago. My Hello Kitty alarm clock reported that it was just after nine am, plus there were no half naked friends in my bed awkwardly touching me... and being all half naked! Becca had only just stopped sleeping in my bed in just her panties weeks ago.


   She had settled down in her classes, and our lives returned to their normal states. After we’d finished painting the walls, she’d really found her groove with school and Trent! Becca was still more touchy-feely than she’d ever been, but it didn’t bother me as much anymore. I was understandably thrilled my bestie had stopped showing up in the mornings to peel me out of bed too! I hadn’t even felt the need to lock the 2nd floor interior door the last few weeks.


   My own decorating choices both thrilled and bothered me at the same time. I had some oddly appealing items of whimsy including a pink and white unicorn dresser and a few other Hello Kitty knick knacks. I had painted my room in a mix of a creamy white and taffy pink. I loved the soft color against the white carpet.


   Of course, the white carpet terrified me, so I’d found a Hello Kitty throw rug for the floor beside my bed and a large area rug for the couch-coffee table sitting area. The area rug had a creamy white diamond pattern against the pink tying it in nicely. I was really proud of my room and I loved it in there. I was pleased with it, but something in the back of my mind kept nagging at me causing me to constantly move things around trying to placate that twinge.


   I kicked my Princess Bubblegum body pillow out of the way and swung my feet over the edge of the bed. It was a silly Japanese pillow case I’d ordered just after moving in. She stood tall on the pillow stretching. Her pink navel showed as her own nightshirt pulled up exposing her pink litle painties. It wasn’t overly erotic, but I won’t say it was totally innocent either. She stayed hidden under my bedspread at all times spending days hidden in my bed, my guilty little pleasure.


   I stood and tried to focus my eyes rubbing the sleep out of them. My short ratty nightshirt hung low enough to contain my tiny chest but it had no hope of maintaining my lower modesty. Apparently, neither did my boyshort white panties. I ran my index finger along the secret crease between my legs.

“AWE! CHEESE AND CRACKERS!!!” I pseudo-cursed loudly.


   I continued my very G rated tirade while stripping down my bed... again. It was the thirteenth time I’d gotten up wet since I’d moved to Birch House. Worse, it was the third night in a row I woke up soggy. I’d bought a new mattress a week ago and got a good bedwetters pillow top to protect it.


Thank the Lord! I’d have ruined my brand new mattress this time for sure. I… I don’t understand. I thought I was past all this. So many years dry. I need to call Mom. I decided. Gah! Princess Bubblegum!!!


   I stuffed all my things in the clothes hamper and changed my clothes. There was no way I was taking a chance on permanent damage to Princess Bubblegum! After a quick shower, I went out on my upper patio and looked over at the parking area Trent had made. Neither of their vehicles were present.


Perfect! I thought.


   I hadn’t expected them to be, but you don’t go carrying a basket of pee soden clothes downstairs to the washer unless you’re sure nobody’s gonna catch ya! I’d taken one load down the outside stairs and came in the mud-room door and washed it all ninja style. Stealth was the key to my continued self-respect.


Ok, I’ll start this stuff and go bite the bullet. I hope she doesn’t go overboard.


   Twenty minutes later I started a Google Hangouts call with my mom. She was working part time then and from home. I’d learned from the best. I shouldn’t have to worry about disturbing her. If she were on an important call she wouldn’t answer anyway.  


“Oh My God! It’s my Baby! Oh, M… Annie how are you doing honey? I’ve missed you so much! Those pictures looked amazing. When do your father and I get to come and see your new home in person? Are Rebecca and Trent doing OK? How’s Rebecca’s classes this semester? How’s the driving gig going for Trent?” She started in a rush.


“Mooommm!” I interjected, but she couldn’t stop.

“How’s their marriage doing with him away all the time? I know it can be hard. I hate it when Daddy travels.” Mom kept on.  


   I started to complain again but switched the video to the back camera of my tablet. That camera was pointed at my bed. A naked bed with scattered pillows could only mean one thing, and she’d know right away.


“Oh Baby. Is it happening again?” She asked.


   I flipped the camera back to the front facing one and nodded meekly.


“Oh Annie. Do you want me to come stay a few days Baby? Maybe your just stressed. Oh, isn't that adorable!” Mom said catching a glimpse of the shelf over my couch.


   There were several hand blown Unicorns on the shelf. I had ordered them online and hand painted them then superglued the little suckers to shelf. I broke the first one dusting and had taken a heavy hand with the glue afterward. Now I could smack the poop out of that wall and had no fear of anything falling.


“Sorry. You haven’t collected those since you were a teenager. They’re just amazing and perfect Baby.” Mom gushed.

“You would think that.” I said meaning it, but not in a snarky way. Mom’s tastes ran a bit on the girly side too.


   Her eyebrow shot up immediately, so I blew her a kiss and flipped the camera back to the bed. I couldn't bring myself to say it. I needed my Mom’s help in a bad way. It’d been a few days since we’d seen Trent too. Becca would likely be up here “sharing” my space with me again soon having gotten very lonely.


“I need help Mom.” I said simply.

“Turn me around Baby.” I did. “So how many times?” She asked going straight business.

“More than ten.” I answered ashamed.

“Hey look at me.” I tried looking up at her but I couldn’t convince myself to meet her eyes.

“None of that. It’s not your fault. Even if it were, it’d be ok. Of course, if it were on purpose I’d have expected you to be able to figure out how not to ruin your things.” Mom laughed.

I got a couple mattress protector pillow tops.” I told her in a whisper shame filling me again.

“Oh that’s my big girl. Good job Baby. That’s about all you can do huh? Did you see a doctor?” She reasoned.

“Fiddlesticks Mom!” I huffed. “I’m in my mid-twenties. I’d be mortified. So many doctors have poked around down there already, I… I just don’t want to. Not again.” I whined.

“Annie, don’t whine. Lord! You sound like you’re Jr. High again. Did you just wake up?” She determined rhetorically asking while checking her watch and nodding to herself.

“Yeah.” I admitted.

“You and mornings still haven’t come to an agreement huh? Still staying up till midnight or later?” I just nodded positively to her question.

“Well, I don’t suppose a decades worth of sleeping habits are gonna change anytime soon.” She pardoned me from her maternal lecture.

“Prolly not Mom.” I agreed. “I know what to do, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.”

“Oh Baby. Is that really necessary?” She asked.

I nodded, “I have had to do laundry every morning for three days. Becca’s going to figure it out soon. And… I think… It’s, uh, getting… worse.”


   I took Mom off of video call and went voice only. It was just too embarrassing to look her in the face after admitting my failure. I had to fight my urge to bite my thumbnail. It was another childish habit that I thought I’d banished. The pull was nearly impossible to manage though. Instead, I nibbled on my knuckle lightly.


“Well, do you want me to take care of it Baby?” She asked eventually guessing that I didn’t have the strength.

“Yeah.” I squeaked out.

“Ok. No unexpected weight gain since Christmas? No pending grandbabies?” Mom giggled.

“Nooooo!” I gasped. “I’d have to go on a date first Mom.”

“OK. Well, I have your sizes. I’ll get something to you in the next day or so. You may want to pick up something for tonight… in case.” She prodded.

“Awe. Do I have to?” I asked her for some reason I couldn’t put my finger on.

“Yes dear. Just a few. Maybe the slide on ones. That won’t be so bad will it?” Mom said momming up and telling me what to do.

“Okay.” I said lightly. “I don’t want to.”

“I know you don’t. I understand, you’d never have called me about this if you wanted to do it baby. You need to though. You work hard for your things. I don’t want you ruining them.” She told me.

“Yes Ma’am.” I told her glad that the choice had been made by someone else.


   We said our goodbyes and ended the call. I felt better having talked to Mom. My work was suffering because of all the stress this was causing me. Stress that was probably feeding my bad situation making it all the worse. I had some detailed work to do today and I needed to look good for my afternoon meetings. I always schedule my meetings for the afternoon. It’s better for everyone that way, what with me and mornings and all.


   I took a long shower. I cleaned, scrubbed, and shaved until I felt like brand new. I found a cute top with a pink argyle sweater and a sewn in white collared undershirt. I paired it with some flats and a knee length skirt pulling my hair into a high ponytail. I left my bangs hanging and some tendrils of hair framing my face floating loosely. I dabbed on a bit of concealer and some lip gloss donning my glasses.


   It was a favored look for me, the young librarian. Business was a hard world for a woman, especially a young one. If I looked too put together, I’d scare away or intimidate some of my clients. Look too casual and they assume you are looking for a relationship and their business. The innocent library girl gave me the intelligence credentials I wanted, and the modesty to keep unwanted advances at bay.


   In person, my height can be intimidating, but over the camera they can’t tell how tall I am. The cute smart girl look evokes a sense of protection in some people too. I really enjoyed being underestimated and outperforming expectations.


   I collected what little bravery I could and got out of my house.  Heading to the store I felt like I had lead weights on my ankles. The guy at the Walgreens checkout didn’t know what hit him.


   I bought some Midol, tampons, pads, and a small package of women's pull on overnight protection. I’d also grabbed some chips and some pop cause well… I was craving those. On impulse, I grabbed some chocolate at the counter completing the Period Emergency Pack causing instant discomfort in the poor male employee. He stoically rang up my purchase without making eye contact.


   When guys react to natural cycles this way, it always makes me smile.


I’m not contagious sir. You’re not going to spontaneously catch the Red Line and combust or something. Feels like I have the plague. I thought ungraciously.


   But, it was deceitful because I wasn’t on my period and I was simply using it to cover my real purchase. It wasn’t a dirty trick because I’d use all the tools at my disposal to save myself what little embarrassment I could.


   I headed back to the house with my Depends Underwear tucked neatly into the Period Emergency Kit I’d put together. It was fine, I was due to take the Red Line in a week anyway. I’d have to restock my chocolate by then. I’d need the rest of my purchases soon enough.


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Birch House

Chapter 5


--- Trent ---


[Rebecca] Coming home tonight? I made noodles!

[Me] Did you boil your own water?

[Rebecca] Ass

[Me] Yeah but you can’t live without me

[Rebecca] Wanna fucking bet? I seem to be doing just fine since we moved :|


Oh Shit! I thought sensing a dark disturbance in the Force.


[Me] Don’t be like that :0

[Rebecca] Like what? Here by myself? Hard not to be… like all the time.


Guess I’m not sleeping here after all. That extra 45 minutes is going to suck balls in the morning, but I gotta keep my little lady happy!


[Trent] You won’t be long. Get my supper fixed woman! I’ll see you in 30.

[Rebecca] If my vagina wasn’t so lonely, you’d be sleeping on the couch you ass!


   I was already driving when the Google Assistant on my phone read me her text. So I sang back a line from one of her favorite movies.


[Trent] You love me. You want to kiss me. You want to hug me. You want to smooch me

[Rebecca] We’ll see. You may have to grovel at my altar for a while first.

[Trent] Looking forward to it!


   I pulled up to my house about seven thirty on that thursday. I wasn’t looking forward to an all day drive with some supplies tomorrow, but I’d do it for Becca. I had to be at the dock by five am to catch tomorrow’s load. If I really pushed, and rushed the guys unloading the truck, I might make it back by midday on Saturday. I knew Becca was going to be pissed, but they’d offered me a premium for the whole run since it spilled into the weekend.


   If I took three more of those runs and Ann put in her share, we’d be able to put in that privacy fence. Then we could start working on the deck for the above ground pool the girls wanted for the summer. Everything I did, planned, or thought about was for my Becca.


   I was wanting to make a little walkway from the lower deck and fill it with gravel and stepping stones. With the slope of the hill, we’d be able to walk right into the above ground pool that would be ground level on the house side. It looked amazing in my head and was a small fraction of the cost of a below ground pool. I hadn’t told the girls that the pool was in the plans for this year, but if the loads kept coming like they were, I could really afford to get some luxury for my love.


I walked around back and came in through the mud room pausing to look over the site for the fence and pool, Happy Wife is a Happy Life!


--- Becca ---


Where the fuck is that asshat? My dumplings are getting cold. I might as well take Ann some. She hardly ever comes downstairs anymore. I should just move the fuck upstairs. She never finished that last room anyway. FUCKING TRENT! I bitched disappearing behind her unlocked door.


   I was coming back downstairs after kissing Ann’s cheek and leaving her with the surprise dinner when I saw my man standing there in his work clothes and sock feet.


Must have snuck in the dirty room. I bet myself.


   I couldn’t think of any words and all my anger washed away in a flood of emotions. Tears were trickling down my face, which pissed me off when I realized it. Suddenly, I was in Trent’s arms and I don’t remember how I got there! I was wrapped tightly around his waist my head in the crook of his neck breathing heavily against his skin.


   He smelled like burning brakes, gasoline, and Doritos. It doesn’t sound like an attractive mix of smells, but to me it screamed Trent, Husband, Mine to me. I coughed a cry against him and then jumped down and pounded on his chest.


“In two weeks, I’ve been with you less than seven hours.” I said my voice rising as i smashed my hands against his chest.

“Oh, Becks! That almost sort of kinda hurts.” He smirked at me forcing me to hit him harder. “I’ve been home both weekends, and I’ll be here most of this one.” He told me.

“Yeah, you were home, but you weren’t with me. You went outside and started the fence stuff. I’m even counting reading in bed in the seven hours!” I laid my head against his chest feeling defeated.


“I’m sorry honey. Three more weekend runs and we’ll have the money for that fence you wanted. You told me you wanted it for the summer so you two could tan, not that you’ll ever get Snow White outside in the sun, but whatever! I was doing it for you!” He huffed into my hair bitching about the same old things.


“I was just talking babe. It’s sweet you heard and did it and all, but I miss YOU not a fence!” I huffed too. “I can’t fuck a fence!”

“I don’t know how to sit still anymore, and I just can’t get into the games anymore. I’m the man now… for real. I’ll make sure your Mom would have been proud to have me as a son-in-law.” He said.

“She’d be more proud if I was happy.” I mumbled. “What, have you got late onset A.D.D. or something?”


   I felt petty… and I mother-fucking hated that! I wasn’t in the wrong. I was willing to wait till next year for the fence. Hell, Ann had offered to front it all now and let us pay her back. Neither of us were comfortable with that though.


Fucking money! It always comes back to fucking money with us. What the hell use is a house when there’s no husband to make it a home? I need to just fucking quit school and get a damn job. Then he could be around more!


   With those lovely thoughts in my head, we settled in at our tile covered kitchen table. Trent had re-finished it after saving it from a garage sale. He’d stop when he could while he was on the road. He was always coming home with a new project. I fixed us both some dumplings and we sat down to eat.


“Listen, I’m thinking of stopping with my associates at the end of the semester. I’ll have a college degree. I can get hired on most local places with it and start contributing to the pants-wearing around here. Then you won’t have to work so much.” I told him comprising.


I can always finish the bachelors later. I promised myself.


“I’m not comfortable with that Becks. I didn’t get my degree. I might be a manager some day, but it will take a lot longer than it would have if I’d have finished school instead of driving.” He told me.

“I know babe, but I’m just so sick of not seeing you. I’m… UGH! I’M FUCKING LONELY!” I found the strength to admit it, and that’s no small thing.

“I… that’s why we moved Ann in Rebecca, so you wouldn't be lonely.” He said trying to shift the blame.

“Fuck! Dumbass! It’s more like she moved us in! We pay our equal share, but none of this happens without her! She doesn’t even really need us.” I told him furiously biting into my dumplings.

“Wait. Pause. Let’s try this again.” Trent tried to regain some control of our spiraling conversation.

“You’re right, I haven’t been around much and I sure as hell don’t want to spend it yelling.” He said stomping back off to the mud room.


Did he just leave? I thought in a panic.


He came in a moment later rattling a bit more cheerfully, “Hey honey. I’m home.”

“In here babe. I fixed dumplings!” I tried echoing his excitement.

“Awesome, you know I love your chicken and dumplings!” He complimented me. “Smells terrific. I feel rough. I’m sore and I have that early load going out in the morning. Hey, a few more of those and I can put up that fence for ya.” He tried.

I kept the lighter mood, “Thanks babe, but I’d rather wait a year and see you then have some dumb ole fence.”


   Then, we both lost our shit laughing at that point. We sounded like an old episode of I Love Lucy. Admittedly, it was hilarious and I found myself staring at him truly appreciating his effort at fixing the afternoon’s vibes. My panties were getting clammy and I decided that dishes and clean up could wait till tomorrow.


Gonna fuck the shit outta my man, and tomorrow I’m going to find a summer job and get it lined up. Gotta keep my dick at home! I thought proud I’d figured out a solution to my problems.


   I texted Ann while I chewed.


[Becca] Trent’s home!

[Ann] The dumplings are great. Guess I better wait till tomorrow to bring your bowl back?

[Becca] You bet your ass. Better sleep with your earplugs girl!

[Ann] Geez! I can’t hear you two unless your romp around on the back porch under my window. Your on the other side of the house.

[Becca] To cold for that shit tonight, you’re safe.

[Ann] Praise the Lord!

[Becca] I’m gonna howl tonight girl, I’m so ready for this.


   I finished my meal and moved my plate to the side stowing my phone in my waistband.



“Yeah?” He asked finishing his bowl of dumplings. I knew he was done cause I’d been watching him like a predator.

“Run!” I told him and yanked my shirt over my head putting my piercings on display.

“Those are new!” He smiled.

“Yeah, I got tired of the rings and saw these dog bones. Cool huh?” I asked swaying my chest back and forth.


   He stood there mesmerized. I felt my mouth water and my pussy dampen. My appetite was satisfied and I was about to feed another hunger. The corners of my mouth turned up in a predatory smile.


“I said Run!” I reminded him putting one of my tiny bare feet on the table. The thing was sturdy as fuck.


   Trent’s eyes bulged and as he took in my tiny shorts and mostly naked body stalking him across the kitchen table. I managed a passable growl crouched on the table my boobs hanging provocatively from my frame.


   He smiled at me and gave me his back turning to run for the bedroom. I felt silly, playful, dangerous, and horney all at the same time. A playful bark escaped me and I jumped off the table landing on my feet sprinting after him.


   Trent ran like I told him too, and it made my blood boil. I caught up to him in our bedroom and popped the final three buttons off his shirt yanking it off him. I prowled closer and inhaled against his chest planting hard kisses on his nipples. The dangerous side of my mood overcame me.


   My arm flung around the back of his neck and I walked up his legs resting my crotch on his much higher one. I ground into him kissing his neck.


“Oh my God.” Trent said breathlessly.

“Mine.” I said in a guttural tone.


   Pulling at his neck, I gave him a massive hickey just below the line of his shirt. Mine. I inhaled again grinding myself into his growing excitement. My wet pussy almost slid against his jean covered dick. I bucked against him rubbing us to both our pleasures while he just stood there on sensory overload.


   He reached down and grabbed my nearly exposed asscheek, my shorts having long ridden up exposing them. He grabbed my phone and threw it on the bed slowing me down. I’d guess he was fighting off an early explosion. I wasn’t happy with the lack of friction and growled into his chest. I started kissing and sucking at his neck again. My crotch and mouth both watered. I was hungry for Trent.


   I bit him.


   I fucking pulled my lips back and bared my teeth. I closed my mouth around as much of his neck as I could right over that first hickey. I broke free of his grasp and ground myself harshly against his dick.


“Mmph, Mph, Mmmph.” I whined into his neck having brought myself off.


   Trent took both my asscheecks in hand and scooted me a hair's breadth away from his equipment. I whined again at the loss of contact and air humped the space between us. Since he was supporting my weight, I reached up with both hands cupping his face and inhaled his lips in a kiss.


“I love you Trent Phillips.” I told him between kisses and breaths.

“I love you too babe, but damn!” He told me around my lips.


   I relaxed and leaned back from him my hands still around his neck. This brought my crotch into contact with his again as he supported all my weight leaning away from his core.


“No more clothes. That sorta hurt.” I giggled, I never giggle!

“Yeah, I’m not sure that zipper will ever be the same. I think this is now my favorite pair of jeans though.” He laughed.


   I climbed down off him and kissed my way down to his pants pulling them off on my way. I secretly took in the scent of his manhood and smiled. My mouth watered and I took his hard penis to the back of my throat. I ended my teasing with a loud pop freeing him from my mouth. I stood up and walked to the bed pausing only to pull my shorts and panties off.


   I looked over my shoulder summoning my husband and he nestled up behind me laying his dick in my ass crack. I pushed against him as he reached around and cupped my breasts.


“I’m going to fuck you doggy now babe.” He told me with a husky voice and pushed at my back being more intense than he usually was.


   I got down on all fours and looked over my shoulder again. I smiled at him and enjoyed the smell of our excitement on the air.


“Woof.” I said not actually barking but saying the word playfully.


   Trent tugged at my hair lightly knowing I didn’t mind a small measure of pain with my pleasure. It felt amazing. He brought his legs up on the bed scooting me forward. We were really going at it like a couple dogs in the next breath.


   I felt hot and wild. Normally, I’d have died in embarrassment barking like I was, but that day worked up like we were, it felt right. So I barked and Trent went nuts. He responded to it with an amazing rhythm. The friction was out of this world and I adored this new aggressive side of my husband. I was the aggressor in our love making most of the time, but not that night.


To think… ughhh… He almost... Mhmmm… didn’t come home. I laughed to myself as I lay beneath him.


   We had steamy doggy sex a few more times before we passed out. They were playful but intense orgasms, fun… they were fun. Trent was an animal. He’s a tall man and I’m a short girl, so the position felt amazing too. We rocked doggy style like a boss and passed out in a sweaty puppy pile.


   I woke up Friday morning  just enough to feel him kiss my cheek and rub it in before he left for work. I managed a smile at him thinking about how funny I’d be walking when I got up, later… much much later.


--- Ann ---


[Becca] Dude! I made breakfast!

[Ann] I just got up. Still warm? Or cold? Or whatever?

[Becca] Me too. Come on

[Ann] K, I have to wash some clothes anyway


Was breakfast warm, cold, or did she just get up, or was she cold or warm? I was confused, but it didn’t matter.


   I hadn't just gotten up. In fact, I’d woken up at seven AM when sunlight strolled into my room. I was anxious and sleeping lightly, so it hadn't taken much to wake me. My angry eyes had been crusty from some late night pitty tears shed on behalf of my unfair situation. I don’t know if it was the sun or my itchy eyes, but something had pulled me from my sleep.


   I’d rubbed at my eyes breaking the salty seal that had held them shut. They didn’t pry loose easily. They left me feeling need of a shower and some time to rinse away the sleep from my face.


   I slept in nothing but my ladies pull-up last night. I had dreaded washing my clothes again, and I was suffering from laundry burnout. I went to bed in the pull-up praying that it’d work for me.
When I was finally awake enough to see how it’d held up, I’d run my hands from my eyes to my stomach tentatively touching the pleated material at the top of the undergarment.


   I had winced in unwitnessed embarrassment. It was hard to believe it had come to this... again. I was an adult, but the fitted product around my waist argued the fact vehemently. I was thinking over the impending arrival of my mother as my hands made their way to the material over my crotch. It only verifying my ineptitude.


   I was wet again.


   Worse still, I discovered that the fit of the pull-up was bad or simply inadequate. Either way, I was soaked and I’d leaked onto my mattress protector! I didn’t even have the emotional availability to cry over the state of my bed. I just sighed and wallowed at the bottom of my self-pity barrel. Eventually, I sniffed back a final tear.


Flipping Fiddlesticks, I hate wet sheets! I ranted internally. These were supposed to fix this! I thought smacking the pull-up.


   I stood feeling the shameful reminder of my failure as the cool soggy padding touching my intimate places. I walked to my bathroom and tugged some Wal-Mart bags out from under the sink and wrapped my failure up tightly before throwing away. I looked at myself in the mirror at the bags under my eyes.


I hate to even think this, but I’ll be glad when Mom gets here. I need some real sleep. I can’t keep this up. Maybe, the real thing will at least let me sleep. I admitted feeling  defeated.


   I showered and touched up all my shaving. I took my time cleaning my hair and drying it. I started feeling anxious because I was taking more time than I should with breakfast waiting on me. So, I hurried through brushing my teeth and pulling my hair into a set of pig tails feeling almost playful now that I was clean and in my hipster panties… big girl panties.


   I saw Becca puttering around her kitchen walking strangely. I felt a slight blush touch my ears as I guessed why she was moving funny.


Well… Good for her. I thought never begrudging someone intimate happy fun time.


   She cocked her head to the side and slowly walked over to hug me. That new touchy-feeling Becca rested her head against my chest and I thought I just heard a faint sniffing inhale as she hugged me. I felt the blush in my ears deepen with her physical contact.


“Morning Ann.” Becca said a sadness touching her voice.

“Morning Becks.” I said pushing some cheer into my voice.

“I’m so sorry dude. I’ll do your laundry. You go eat pancakes babe. It’ll be ok. I’m here for you.” Becca told me.


Oh that’s not going to happen! Can’t let her go upstairs! I thought instantly.


“Uh… No. I’ll do it. Let’s just sit down and eat.” I insisted.

“I promise I’ll never tell anyone. I never did last time either! You know you can trust me.” She said.

“Whatever in the world are you talking about?” I asked her pushing her out to arms length my hands resting on her shoulders.

“Ann… I… haven’t smelled you like this in the morning in years. Somewhere under six foot I think.” She said looking down and not making eye contact.

“What?” I huff my blush reaching my cheeks.

You wet again last night didn’t you.” She whispered.

“No… I mean. Well… wait! Again?!? You knew?” I panicked.

“No, don’t you pull away from me. I love you Ann. There are no secrets with us. I never treated you differently, and I won’t now either. Just trust me Babe.” Becca pleaded.


   I let my arms fall and then rise to cover my mouth. The blush in my face deepened and I could feel the heat around my eyes, on the tops of my ears, and the tips of my cheeks. Tears that I had thought had run dry clouded my vision. My lip quivered and I was on the edge of oblivion. I needed to hide and be alone.


“No you don’t! You don’t get to run from me. Not me. Never. You’re my BEST FRIEND. I will be there for you! All this is because of you! Sure I miss Trent, but driving would be his job either way.” Becca rushed to me wrapping me in a hug trapping my arms my hands against my face.


“But... it was supposed to be over!” I started a balling screaming cry letting the emotion bubble out.

“I know. I was never so happy for you than when you got your panties.” She told me smiling.

“I was so jealous of you. So much younger than me and in your panties before me.” I told her hiccuping and sniffling. I was in fully on ugly cry mode.

“You are wonderful and fucking amazing! Don’t let this be all there is to you.” She told me pulling me down into a hug over my shoulders forcing my head down to her level.


   Becca kissed my cheek and I swear I heard her sniff my neck as she rubbed her cheek against mine. It was odd, but I quickly lost focus on the sniffing as she kissed one cheek then the other. I was still crying as she pulled my hands from my face and kissed me on my lips.


   The kiss was the only just a touch of her soft lips to mine, but it shattered my entire world. I gasped and touched my lips as Becca pulled away her head cocked to the side adorably. She hugged me again tucking her head between my breasts. A fact I was more than a little aware of. I felt that hug more than any hug we’d ever shared before.


“I got your laundry. We’ll talk in a bit. Just go be awesome and eat and I’ll be back in a bit.” I coughed stepping away from her.


Oh My Lord! Oh sweet baby Jesus.


[Ann] I need you.

[Mom] I’m leaving now. Do I need to call?

[Ann] No. Becks is with me. She made me breakfast.

[Mom] I’ll be there around 2. Keep in touch.

[Ann] Yes ma’am.

[Mom] I love you.

[Ann] I love you. Hurry Mommy.

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God, I loved that chapter! ♡♡♡♡♡

Also we need to get some comments on this story so we get to page 2. Scrolling so much is a pain on mobile.

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I vote three way :D


What can I say I'm nonmonagamous and their is nothing hotter than seeing people who legitimately love and care fore each other go at it

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8 hours ago, YourFNF said:

I vote three way :D

Can you honestly see Ann getting anywhere near those two during sexy time? She'd be a kitten in a tiger cage. Rawr!

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36 minutes ago, Wannatripbaby said:

Can you honestly see Ann getting anywhere near those two during sexy time? She'd be a kitten in a tiger cage. Rawr!

I'm sure they could hold back long enough to gently ease her into it.

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24 minutes ago, YourFNF said:

I'm sure they could hold back long enough to gently ease her into it.

Becca doesn't exactly strike me as the "holding back" or "easing in" type. She seems more the, "Throw you into the shark tank to see how fast you can swim" type.

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Don't forget Trent and Ann tried before, granted they were young, and failed. I hadn't thought of it, but Bambie is probably Ann's spirit animal... LoL

Becca is at a wierd time in her life as the only one at Birch House who hasn't stepped fully into adulthood still being in college. She's struggling with life on that front, the seeming insecurity of her marriage to a man who's changing himself, and reconciling her actual future to her imagined one.

As for Becca taking Ann and Trent at the same time... I'm affraid Ann'd be more of a chum in the water of the shark tank. 

Still, I write stories, flesh out a timeline and plot points, imagine detailed characters with flush origin stories... Then I just drop them in the world I've created and let them tell their story.

Point I'm trying to make is, Trent and Becca protect Ann. Unless someone in the trio changes, Ann's probably not shacking up with the Phillips's. Life Happens though so it's hard to be definitive!

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1 hour ago, diapersnpaws said:

Still, I write stories, flesh out a timeline and plot points, imagine detailed characters with flush origin stories... Then I just drop them in the world I've created and let them tell their story.

I love that! Let the characters tell the story. Brilliant! I've started doing RPs since around the beginning of the year. And I realized that the same skills I use in Roleplay are the ones I use to write Angel Hunter. I get into a character's headspace and just react to stuff and the story writes itself. :)

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Birch House

Chapter 6


--- Becca ---


   I had a couple afternoon classes I’d have to get to, but I still had plenty of time to take care of my bestie’s laundry before I had to be there! I was literally bubbling over with excitement at the potential to help Annie. She’d carried me through so much in life by simply being my friend and being a several years older. I owed her more than I could ever repay.


   The chance to help her after she helped us get this house… Ah-maze-ing!!! Anyway, I was a little excited.


Oh, I so fucking got this shit! She won’t have to do a damn thing!!! I’ll take care of everything for her. This won’t be a burden on her. I won’t let it! I was laser focused on my friend’s needs.


   I had been tingling with excitement to help her, until I looked up at her. Ann’s fingers were touching her lips. Wait, what? I felt my head cock to the side while I was figuring it out. I’d been doing that a lot lately. I was confused on several things all the sudden, but it took a bit of time to get my thoughts together.


OH MY Fucking GAWD! Oh shit biscuits. I FUCKING KISSED ANN! I kissed someone else! Oh Trent. Oh shit I kissed a girl! I liked it. I giggled at that joke in my inner dialogue. I don’t fucking giggle, I kick ass! And… kiss girls?


   I was feeling protective of Ann, in the extreme. I itched to be closer to her, that seemed weird since I couldn’t get any closer to her without crawling into her clothes. Which, in itself, was a strange thought. I reached out straightening up.


   I pulled her hand away from her face pulling her into a new and tighter hug. Her top had a smell I noticed while I clung to her. She smelled of her shampoo, conditioner, and her body wash. I inhaled again picking up her deodorant and a touch of perfume she’d spritzed on her wrists.


   Behind all that, I could smell Ann. She had her own scent. The smell of her skin, her tears, a touch of sweat, and the light smell of urine. She smelled like a shower followed by a trip to the bathroom that was well cleaned up after, but sort of lingered. It probably would have upset her that I could still smell it, so I chose not to mention it.


Wait. I could smell all that? The thought suddenly bubbled up all the way to the top of my thoughts.


   Strangely, none of the smells turned my nose. I couldn’t remember anything causing that reaction in a while. I realized right then that I’d been changing my perception of the world based on my sense of smell. Maybe I could always smell these things, but they weren’t distinct? Maybe I couldn’t smell them before, but can now?


Why would I start seeing the world through my nose? I sniffed her again. I smelled her on purpose. I smelled someone! On purpose! I SMELLED someone! ON PURPOSE! WTF!


   I closed my eyes and let images of those smells drift through my mind. It was sort of like looking around and seeing different colors. All her different aromas formed a unique bouquet drawing an image of Ann in my mind. It’s like seeing her from a distance and recognizing her silhouette. It was a scent signature that I can still recognize and seperate.


   Along with Ann’s scent, I smelled something else, something new… something I couldn’t place. Does she smell… upset. Something else too, but I wouldn't identify that last scent for quite a while.


   I felt an instinct to make her feel better... to comfort her… to touch her. I could easily see myself running around acting retarded just to make her smile, and I think I wanted her to touch me too. The hug didn’t feel like enough. I wanted to… I don’t know. Suddenly, I felt like kissing her again.


That’s new… I thought not focusing on it to much.


   I reached up and kissed her cheek with a loud goofy smacking noise. I made a dramatic popping sound pulling away from her face getting a familiar smile and giggle from Ann. Hidden in that silly kiss, I snuck a tiny lick of her face. I tasted the salt of her tears and it nearly made me furious. I wanted to run around and yell at everyone who’d hurt her, but there was nowhere to focus that energy.


   I shook my head venting my negative emotions and stepped around Ann smacking at her ass as I walked by.


“Dude. Breakfast. Pancakes. Make me a couple. I’ll get your laundry started. Scoot.” I told her bounding up the stairs.


   I didn’t look back at her as I ran up her stairs, and I’m not sure why I didn’t. I was smiling knowing that while I was shaken up about the kiss, it had shaken her from her depression. For right then, at that moment, that was enough. I’d figure the rest out later, I promised myself.


   On a mission, I raced to her room stripping the mattress protector knowing it was dirty by the smell I caught entering her room. Maybe I should have noticed how much my senses of taste and smell had changed, but was focusing on Ann and that shoved it back to the back of my mind.


   Somehow it had just grown natural to me. Besides, I didn’t have a reason to be suspicious of myself. I was only starting to understand that things had changed. I could smell things before others could or when others couldn’t at all and it just hadn’t sunk in yet.


   Musing over those thoughts, I threw her sheets and mattress protector in a bundle by the bedroom door. Her clothes hamper was empty causing me to briefly imagine Ann sleeping naked. While I was pondering my tall friend’s underbits, I passed by her bathroom. I was drug from my daydream by the smell of Ann prominently wafting through the door. That made sense. It should smell of her in there, still I felt pulled by a specific scent.


   Standing over her trash can, I noticed the shopping bag and picked it up. It didn’t take a fucking rocket scientist to guess what was in the bag...


Oh Ann. I’m so sorry babe. Dude, this has to fucking suck for you. I’ll fix it. I’ll fix it all. I resolved.


   Before I could head back downstairs, I was drawn back to her bed. I ended up with my nose buried in the mattress inhaling its smells. WTF am I doing? I couldn’t deny the strangeness of my behavior anymore and was glad no one could see me, but I learned a few things.


   For instance, It was a new mattress. It smelled of older accidents too. I Fabreezed the shit out of her bed before I left wanting her to lay down and smell spring flowers not her failure.


   Smiling at my good work, I snagged her dirty laundry and exited through the balcony entrance. I brought the load of laundry to the washer through the mud room feeling super clever. I figured it would be easier on Ann if she didn’t see me taking care of her wash.


   I guessed that was how Ann had been hiding this from me for so long, running it around outside straight to the washer. The new mattress meant it’d been going on a while, and she was way better at keeping her problems private than I was. It meant there was a ruined mattress somewhere in the world, which made me really sad for my friend.


   In the end, I headed back to breakfast damn near skipping happily from helping my Annie.


--- Ann ---


   Becca had left for class after making my bed restoring my room to pre-accident status. She’d stuck to me like glue till she had to leave doing everything she could to make me laugh. Despite my growing depression, she’d lifted my spirits with her oddly bubbly presence.


   Not to mention that kiss.


   It was my first one. I’d never been kissed by anyone outside my family. So, I was understandably focused on that kiss. In fact, I’d never really had enough of a relationship to feel attracted to anyone on a purely physical level. Sure, I have needs to fulfill like any other red-blooded American Girl, but I’d never in any way had them met for me. I was a virgin in all the interpretations of the phrase.


   It had been hours since the kiss and a good bit of time since Becca had left, but the blush wouldn’t leave my face. It still wasn’t gone at two when I got Mom’s text.


[Mom] Front door or your door baby?


Mommy’s here! I was scared, but excited to see her at the same time. I had more than one thing going on that my Mommy could help me with.


[Ann] My door.


  I jumped up from the couch in my bedroom racing for my balcony door. I rotated the deadbolt, unhooked the chain, and turned the doorknob. My heart rate was elevated from Becca’s efforts and the rush to the door, but suddenly I couldn’t pull the door open. My mom was on the other side of that door. My hand hovered over the door knob shaking slightly.


   Mom would fix so much of this for me, but it was going to cost me. I wasn’t sure if I could afford the solutions.


   I wasn’t sure I could handle it. The answers she was packing might weigh more than I could bare. Sighing I pulled myself together and threw the door open dawning a genuine smile. As I looked down at my Mom, my little tiny Mommy, my smile grew broader.


“Oh Baby, it’s so good to see your smiling face. I was really worried about you.” Mom said.

“Mom, I’m so glad you're here.” I hugged her to me tightly.

“Can I come in?” She asked laughing at me.

“Oh! Of course!” I laughed. “You have stuff in your car?”

“Yeah, I have a couple bags, even one for you.” She told me smiling up at me.

“I’ll get those. Is it unlocked?” I asked stepping around Mom.

“Yes dear. In the backseat. Do I need to lock it out here?” She asked.

“Not really, but I didn’t want to get down there and not be able to get in. I left my phone in my room.” I explained.

“Thank you baby. Where do I put my stuff?” She asked.

“You can wait in my room and we’ll talk about it when I get back. Bathroom’s at the end of the hall if you need it.” I said heading down the balcony stairs to Mom’s car.

“I’m fine.” I heard her giggle turning to walk down the hall.


   I realized I already felt better simply knowing my mom was around. I hadn’t even made it down to her car and I was already feeling steadier. I loved my mom. She’s sort of a tiny force of nature My body and mind were responding to having her close. She calmed me, and Lord knows I needed some calm.  


   I grabbed her leather traveling bags and set them up on the their tiny wheels on my gravel parking lot. I took a deep breath and reached in for the other bag that Mom had filled, presumably for me and my… issues. I grabbed the handles of the bag and tugged it out feeling like Superman handling kryptonite. I was of half a mind to look in the bag and half a mind to burn it!


   In the end, I scrambled upstairs tugging mom’s luggage and my… supplies behind me. I opted not to look in the bag. I was fairly sure I knew what was in it and just wanted to put off the reality of it a little while longer. I was, however, a bit surprised at the amount of Mom’s stuff. I mean she had two huge bags bouncing up the stairs behind me… two days?


What the fudge is in here. I mean... two days!?! I puzzled lugging her stuff up the stairs.


   Mom looked over at me as I came into my bedroom. She’d found my couch and lighted there waiting on me. She was looking at her phone and writing an email on her tablet. I smiled at the familiar scene and turned taking her bags to the guest room.


“Ok, your bags are on your bed Mom.” I told her plopping down next to her a couple minutes later.

“Perfect, I’m just finishing up some work here then we can talk.” Mom said refocusing her attention. “I’m sorry Baby.”

“It’s OK mom.” I chuckled totally accustomed to only having half her attention.


   I’d have her full focus soon enough. I crossed my ankles and turned sideways on my couch to face my mom, but I didn’t try to engage her yet. Like the bag, I was putting off the conversation and the final outcome that I knew was on the horizon, the outcome I’d called and asked for help with.


   I pulled out my phone and shot Becca a text.


[Ann] Mom’s here.

[Becca] AutoResponse: I’m in class. I’ll get back to you shortly.

[Ann] Poop.

[Becca] AutoResponse: I’m in class. I’ll get back to you shortly.


Oh man, I wanted someone to talk to while Mom works. I mumbled to myself and pulled up google.


[Google Search:  adult nocturnal enuresis treatment] Then I changed the options to in the last year.


   I wanted to look over the internet and see what all had changed since the last time I was in diapers. I read for about twenty minutes waiting on Mom to finish up. I started with WebMD and after I diagnosed myself with pelvic cancer, I took the keywords and refined my search. In the end, there were new surgical options like enlarging my bladder, sticking electronics in there to tell my bladder when it could release, or stop all flow with manual releases.


   There were new drugs too, but the old ones hadn’t worked well for me. They had really aggravated my stomach, and surgery scared me to death. I mean sure my volume of nighttime accidents did measurably decline on the medicine, but is one cup of urine on my mattress really any different than two?


   It’s still a wet bed no matter how you slice it.


“What are you frowning about Molls?” Mom asked me.

“It’s Ann Mom.” I corrected her. “Molly died when her problems did.” I added on instinct.

“Baby, I try. I really do. I just can’t call you that… it’s not what I named you, especially when it’s just us. You’d rather Doodlebug?” She prompted lifting her eyebrow challenging me.


   Mom was like that. I wouldn’t call it a manipulation, but she did get her way most of the time simply by force of will. I asked her once when I was a teenager about how she could change everyone’s opinions. Mom looked at me and said something simple.


   If you can’t defend your ideas, you’re probably wrong. So, if I don’t defend myself, it’s because I don’t believe in my idea or point of view.


   Remembering that conversation, I tried to use her tricks against her, “I would Mom. I’d rather you call me Doodlebug than Molly. I set that name aside when I set aside the diapers.” My confidence was high and my point of view solid.


   Mom stood up and grinning like a tiger smiling at a mouse in it’s paws.


“Here Doodlebug. I got these for you. There are more on the way, should be here with UPS tomorrow, they will be best for you. These will do in a pinch though.” She told me handing me the bag I’d carried up from her car.


   My smile and my faith in my argument died a humiliating death as I received the bag of overnight diapers. All I could hear was “Checkmate” in my Mom’s voice rattling in my head. I took a deep breath and emptied the bag onto the coffee table. There were two packages of Depends Overnight briefs in the bag. I was familiar with these because I’d worn them years ago, and here they were again invading my life and stealing my dignity.


“Oh God. I mean… I knew what I was asking for. I just… *sniffle* I can’t believe it’s come to this… again.” I released a great heaving wrack of a sob.

“Oh Molls, come here. Mommy’s got this.” She told me motioning me to her end of the couch.


   I cried on her shoulder while she rubbed my back, and hummed. We sat like that for a while. My tears eventually dried up, but my mood didn’t improve. I couldn’t look at my successful powerhouse of a mother. Here I was, a twenty-four year old toddler who couldn’t keep her bed dry arguing that I should be called by my middle name to acknowledge the growth in my life... growth that no longer existed.  


“I think we have found a whole in your logic Molly.” Mom told me.


   It says a lot about my mental state that I didn’t even try to correct her. I’d been living as Ann for almost a decade!


“Hmmm?” I asked softly.

“You seem to be under the impression that the diapers make you a failure in some way.” Mom said lifting my chin.

I closed my eyes, “It does. I can’t go back Mom it’s humiliating.”

“Baby. Do you think I’m pretty?” She asked.

“You know you are! Like a tiny doll Daddy always says.” I quoted him.

“Do you think I’m smart?” She asked.

“You know you are. You’re the smartest kindest person I know.” I told her.

“Well, maybe but I think you are the kindest, and you’re far more beautiful than I am.” She laughed. “Do you think I’m successful? Do people think I’m intimidating?”

“Mom! You know you are. You barely go into work and your staff is petrified of you even though you’ve never been anything but kind to them.” I told her tired of these semi-rhetorical questions.


She sensed my growing impatience, “Ok, so I’m all the things you’d like to be, but in your own way right?” “Right.” She said answering her own question and then carried on, “Let me remind you of something you seem to have forgotten. It’s not like you’ve been home enough to remember though, I suppose.”


   Mom stood up and dropped her skirt. She dropped it straight to the floor standing there with her hands on her diapered hips. She wore a fluffy, huge, pink one that had a dainty filigree along the edges. My eyes slid over the protective garment noticing it was wet past half capacity.


Those are Cute! I thought immediately followed quickly by. Mom needs a change. I can’t believe that was so easy to overlook. Maybe I didn’t forget. Maybe I just ignored it after not having to confront Mom’s condition in a while.


“You know I have some of your clients.” I reminded her.

“I know. They speak highly of you. I’m just glad we don’t offer competing services!” Mom giggled.


“You know you terrify everyone. You’re confident, competent, and well spoken. You walk with the bearing of someone in charge… someone expecting to be followed. You never give anyone chance to think less of you. I guess I hadn’t thought about your diapers in a very, very long time. It’s not like you ran around the house showing them off or anything!”


I can’t believe I was so self-absorbed that I forgot about Mommy!


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Seriously, it's a good thing I was alone when I read this because my jaw just about hit the floor when I read that Robin was her mom! I haven't read a plot twist like that in years!

Becca’s unnatural sense if smell along with her tet a tet with Trent the night before lead me to believe she might be part blood hound or something. Could this universe also be connected that other story you have on Deviantart about the human-animal hybrids? Probably not. But it does make one wonder. :)

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i am so hooked on this, love the plot twist

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I was happy to bring Robin's story forward with Molly. You think that was a twist?!? My friends, I have only just started tangling this piece up!

It's a fun change of pace to stick with some of my characters in a new work. Sorta like thowing an old age makeup on them. Just remember, Molly is particularly intelligent and mature woman despite her condition. 

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 You think that was a twist?!? My friends, I have only just started tangling this piece up!


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I think it’s the house. Becca wanted someone to take care of..  Anne wanted a dog..

i just hope that Becca isn’t physically turning in to that dog..

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I think it’s the house. Becca wanted someone to take care of..  Anne wanted a dog..

Did she actually say she wanted a dog earlier? It's been a long time since I read the early chapters.

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Having a dog has always been a big deal for Molly. Her parents didn't let her have one for "reasons". Her apartment building hadn't either. Her favorites are beagles! The reoccurrence of her urine problem has set this aside for Molly, but Becca hasn't forgotten. 

No one knows Ann like Becca does. 

Becca does want her own children, but her drive to care for Ann comes from years of unequal friendship. They've always been close, but Ann was always a chapter or two ahead of Becca and Trent in life. Becca has a bit of a little sister syndrome with Ann, and she is relishing the opportunity to be helpful. I'm more worried about her over doing it!

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In that case I think dmavn might've hit the nail on the head. I long thought this house must have some kind of wish-granting properties. Now only one question remains: what does Trent wish for?

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Okay, we need like, 3 more comments in order to get to page 2. So...

Who's your favorite character? I love Becca, although I'm much more similar to Ann myself.

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