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Unconventional Solutions - 22 Final Chapter

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.



I spend the rest of Sunday covertly getting my diaper changed and kicking butt from my indoor nature station. I work some. I read some. I wet a lot. All the while, I interact with my family from my own little nature preserve. As it turns out, Molly did just fine fixing my juice which has a strange melancholy effect on me. 

Apparently, she’s hitting that phase in life where the competency hurdles come swiftly. I mull over these sad thoughts while Allen tucks Molly in bed. Unfortunately, I’m left alone with some terribly unsettling thoughts. 

Fixing me something to drink! She can nearly tie her own shoes too. She’s started picking out her own clothes. She won’t need me before long. At least when I can walk around again I’ll still have her diapers to change. 

“What a strange thought.” 

I guess if she could change those herself it would make school easier. Dammit. I should probably start training her for that too. God! It’s so hard being a mother. She’s growing and changing before my very eyes. She won’t need me for anything before long! 

I picture Molly in kindergarten with a laptop bag and a backpack full of diapers marching in and owning the place. ABC Mouse has her projected to be reading in the next few months. She’ll be ahead of her class. 

My lil Smarty Pants! 

I start to sniffle. I’d worked up the corporate ladder pretty fast myself. My associate’s degree doesn’t have much merit at the level I work at now, but it’s what got me in the door. Work ethic, sharp ears, and a sharper mind is what allowed me to take on more and more responsibility. Daddy is no mental slouch either. Molly comes from good stock! 

There are silent tears trailing down my face when Daddy finally makes it back from Molly’s room. 

“Awe Baby! Are you hurting?” He asks.
“Not sense you took the grass out and reclined this thing. I can’t really move my leg, but it hasn’t been bothering me super bad either.”
“Then why is my Princess crying. What can Daddy do to make it better?” He asks in my ear leaning over one of my front porch ferns.
I don’t know… nothing? Just… hold me.” I whisper.
“What is it Baby?”
“Daddy, I want you to hold me. I feel a little scared about Molly growing up and not needing me. Hell, she fixed my drinks today!” I whimper.
“Let’s get you changed and relocated eh? Baby Girls always feel better with dry diapers! I’ll top off your sippy cup before we go to our room. We can chill in our room now that Punkin’s down for the night. I’ll clean this up tomorrow.” He says waving an arm at my outside inside.
“Speaking of tomorrow. Did you get it off?” I ask.
“Nope, you know I can’t lay out tomorrow. I have city inspectors onsite.” He hedges.
“Oh yeah. Then wh…” I start, but Daddy cuts me off, “We’ll talk about it after I get you changed Baby. Don’t’ worry.” 

How the hell am I not supposed to worry? The only family we have close enough is my mom… 




I get super nervous and pee in my already wet diaper. I’m not sure if it’s a big piddle or my first full blown accident, but the thought of mom here with me like this injured… unable to fight back. It terrifies me. 

Turns out it isn’t the good-natured, you’re in a safe place to pee, wetting. No, this is a scared Chihuahua peeing with her tail between her legs. I’m really afraid of having her here. Molly will probably keep her busy for the most part, but I’m still going to need her help to the bathroom and such. I will keep wearing my diapers cause Daddy said so (and I can’t get to my underwear!), but it will be horrible… I just know it. 

Daddy helps me stand up and I test my leg in the boot. Pressure on my foot radiates pain up my shin bouncing off my broken big toe. 

“Oh Shit! Nope no bearing weight on that yet. Sorry Daddy.” I sniffle.
“No problem Princess.” He says scooping me up and hauling me to the bathroom. 

We go through the same routine as we did last night. Daddy is much better at brushing out my hair, but I still have to finish it up. He still has trouble with my roots. Once my teeth are brushed and my hair detangled, we head to bed for the night. Daddy big spoons me, but I can’t find the comfort and arousal that I felt last night to say nothing of the pleasure I’d promised him this morning. 

The thought of mom here and me all handi-diapered is just so scary. 

“Allen listen…” I start from the little spoon position.
Daddy, baby. Call me Daddy.” He says rubbing my stomach and whispering in my ear.
“Sorry Daddy. I just… I’m scared.” I admit.
“Robin! Your mother isn’t that bad! Jenny is a sweet lady. She’s always so good to Molly and she’s never given me the business. She was even nice and helpful when I was still in school.” My husband praises the object of my terror.
“You don’t get it babe.”
“Daddy. What don’t I get?” He corrects.
“She’s not horrible. My childhood wasn’t some great torment. It’s just… Mom doesn’t live in the world with the rest of us. It’s like she was born in the seventies but was raised by someone from the forties.” I try to explain.
“Look baby, I’ll be honest. I never have understood your beef with your mom.” He says patiently. Daddy continues to rub my stomach comforting me.
“I don’t know how to tell ya. You’re not a girl Daddy. You don’t understand the pressure. To be a perfect little lady all the time. The burden of being beautiful, to smell great, to do everything and be great and gracious at it. I’m supposed to be the best at everything but run the world from behind you. Guiding you in the ways I think is best. I’m supposed to be this amazing human being that is perfect at everything and never has to deal with body functions.
I don’t know how mom’s going to do with these diapers.” I lay it out there. 
Daddy hums our wedding song in my ear. I sing the song along with him in my head. 

I’ve found a reason for me, to change who I used to be, A reason to start over new, and that reason is you… 

Eventually Daddy says, “I’ll never be a girl. I’ll not going to try and convince you that it’s hard to be a guy too. We have our own pressures. Specially good guys. Bad boys get away with shit and still get the chicks…. Anyway, I’m certain Jenny was just trying to do what she thought was best baby.”
“I know. I’m old enough to see it now. I just felt like she was trying to shove my angles into a round hole, ya know? Did I ever tell you mom thought I’d be better off not going to college? I should just find a decent job to hold until I found my Mr. Right?” I sigh.
“I can’t ever have her telling Molls stuff like that. I don’t care what Molly does. She can graduate high school and settle down to raise a litter of children, be president of the world, or cure cancer. I don’t care as long as she’s happy. I’m going to make her do stuff just like mom did. She’s gotta try band, sports, math, science, the arts, all of it. Kids look for the path of least resistance and I think happiness comes from work and accomplishment. She just has to find what she cares about and work toward it. Hell, I don’t even care if she succeeds, as long as she’s happy with where she’s at.”
“I get it baby. Molly has to define that for herself. We’ll support her and push her, but not run her over.” He promises.
“We can’t run roughshod over her ideas either. I mean she’s a kid. She’s gonna think of some messed up short sighted shit, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make mistakes and learn. I want her to work through failure too. Adulting is hard Daddy!”
My husband takes a deep breath, “Oh Baby. Look, you only have to adult at work or when I’m not home. When I’m home you are my baby. Even when Molly moves on to bigger and better things, your diapered butt is safe with me. I’ll talk to your mom. I’ll find a way to make this easier for both of ya. Trust Daddy to take care of it. Let’s put stuff and things off till tomorrow. You don’t sound like you’re in the mood tonight.” Daddy says.
“I love you though. I’m ok from this morning. I don’t have to have a turn, but I owe you one. It’s not like it’s an inconvenience… I’m just not in the headspace for my own fun.” I tell him.“I can wait a day, but that’s all. Remember… that diaper and everything under it is mine!” He laughs. 

My husband gets up leaving my back very cold. He putters around the bedroom laying out his stuff for tomorrow and running through the shower. Daddy always gets his stuff for the next day all organized before bed. It’s sort of like a magic trick. He can wake up, shave, dress, and eat in less than fifteen minutes. Before I could hit snooze twice he will have already left the house. I have always found it amazing. 

He turns out the light and crawls back into bed with me retaking his role as big spoon. Daddy kisses the top of my head and I snuggle back into him. I can tell his hardness is absent. So I try to be still. It doesn’t take much attention to get that thing going on a normal day. I kind of want to get him started and play around for a while, but he’d given me my pills and the Benadryl is already setting me up to drool all over his arm. Tonight is a bust on the stuff and things department. 

I promise myself that tomorrow would be different. Even if it’s a bad day with mom, I’d make tomorrow night awesome for us!

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Lol in all seriousness this was an excellent chapter. I'm a sucker for all the sappy, emotional crap. :) I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle Momzilla. Will Rob lay down the law or will it fall to Robin to confront her over barring mother? Toon in next week to find out

Same Bat-Time

Same Bat-Channel

Grammer Patrol: I didn't find a single typo in this entire chapter! Bravo, good sir! :D However there were a few times where It was hard to tell who was speaking & you didn't clarify until after the sentence. Of course, that might just be me. Sometimes I find it hard to follow the flow of dialogue.

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Noted on the dialogue. The spoken scenes are like a video clip in my head so I always know who's talking cause I'm "watching" them. I'll work on it. 

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11 minutes ago, diapersnpaws said:

Noted on the dialogue. The spoken scenes are like a video clip in my head so I always know who's talking cause I'm "watching" them. I'll work on it. 

What I generally do (and often see in the books I read) is hit Enter followed by 3 spaces before a line of dialogue so that it looks like this:

End of previous sentence

   "Insert dialogue here." she said.

   "Oh really? You're just gonna insert your dialogue there?" He asked angrily.

   "Yes and you can't stop me!" She yelled before exiting the room and putting an end to this rather silly hypothetical conversation.

Of course there are times when this method wouldn't flow well with the script. Like when a character's dialogue is part of an action or a thought that you don't want to break up with unnecessary spacing. It's hard to give you an good example of when not to use this dialogue format. But hopefully you understand what I'm saying.

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I do get it, but I work through the drafts in MS Word. Most of that formatting gets stripped. I'm no Word expert, and after continually reformatting 40 some odd paragraphs with The Woes, I decided to simply let blocks of text exist without spacing except before and after the spoken word. That works ok for quick bytes of conversation, but if a character gets all wordy... It turns into a block of mush.

Maybe I'm just lazy...lol

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Maybe you need a different writing software. I couldn't hurt to try. You might find out that you actually hate MS Word by finding a software that works for you. 

(Insert Kermit the Frog drinking tea.)

but that's none of my business.

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.



I stretch and yawn early Monday morning. I give myself permission to wet and promptly do so. I can hear the hiss of the night’s buildup filling my diaper. My first order of business is to roll over onto my stomach. It turns out to be much more aggravating process than I anticipated. I hadn’t set an alarm last night and I’m fairly sure I didn’t stir when Daddy left, but I’m wetter than I was expecting myself to be. 

Odd. Maybe I woke up and went some when Daddy got out of bed. 

It’s not unheard of for that to happen. I’ll wake up and sort of acknowledge he’s leaving maybe even try for a good morning kiss, but most of the time I smile at him and fall back to sleep for a few more hours. I’m just not a morning person. I haven’t been a morning person since I had Molly. Eight is a perfectly good time to roll out of bed when I don’t have to be anywhere! 

Then I notice that someone’s in bed with me. I slowly roll back around to see who’s behind me. I’m more than a little surprised to find mom asleep on top of the covers in Daddy’s spot. I reach behind myself and grab my phone. It’s nearly eight, perfect. Molly would be up soon. I’d normally run to the bathroom brush my teeth and head down for my coffee about now. I have no idea what to do with her lying here though. 

If she’d been awake she’d have heard me wet! I freak out. 

My heart races. My thumb makes its way to my mouth and I start chewing away at the already nibbled nail. I’m gazing wide eyed at the woman who gave birth to me and the one I blame my problems on. I’m an adult and I know my choices are my own. I try to take responsibility for myself and not blame my situation on others. That lifestyle isn’t for me, the blaming people. Still, there is some blame to lay at her feet. 

Mom’s graying blonde hair lies across her face and I can’t help myself. I reach out in my own motherly way, and brush the hair from my mother’s face. I smile and run my hands through my own hair taming the nighttime messiness. She looks amazing for her age, but I can see the marks of time especially in her hands. Arthritis sucks! 

She’s sleeping in a standard vampire pose lying flat on her back with her hands crossed over her chest. Despite everything, I find myself glad she’s here. I’m pretty sure I won’t be by the end of the day, but right now… I just want a hug from my own mommy. I want her to kiss it and make it better. 

Super rational eh? 

I close my eyes still nibbling at my thumb. The monitor will tell us when Molly wakes up, so I could use some more sleep. Retirees don’t usually keep Daddy’s hours either. Mom probably needs the rest too. I let myself start to drift back to sleep, but I I don’t stay that way for long. Mom rolls over to face me waking me back up in the process. She cups my cheek with her right hand. 

“Hey sweet cheeks. How’s mommy’s girl? Need a change yet?” She asks me with misty eyes and a smile trying to split her face in half. 

Holy What! 

“I uh…” I fumble around my thumbnail anxiously nibbling on it. 

‘Get control now you idiot. ‘You control the situation. You start the narrative. You guide this where you want it to go.’ I prod myself. 

“Yes Mommy!” I bark out a cry not knowing who the fuck has control of my mouth or my tear ducts. 

‘… or not. Maybe you could do the totally opposite. That’d be just Great! Now she’ll roll right over us all day!’ I say clearly pissed at myself. 

“Oh sweets. Mommy’s got ya. No worries. Take that nasty thumb out of your mouth though. Germs woman!” My mom says swatting at my hand. 

“I think we’ll take Molly on to daycare early this morning. My little girl needs her mommy today.” Mom says pulling the sheets back. “Oh how lovely. You look so cute lying there in your leotard and your diaper. Like a big little girl. All grown up and still little. How fun. I feel like a little girl with a dolly to play with. Amazing!” She gets to her knees slowly and unbuttons my onesie. “Let’s just see what we are working with my dear.” 

“We’ll get little Molly, she’s not very little any more though is she? We’ll get her ready and take her to daycare, then you and I can get some breakfast somewhere.” Mom says planning the day out while bringing back a diaper from my underwear drawer. 

When’d he do that? 

“I talked to Allen this morning. Oh you landed a good one there sweets. He’s quiet the looker and so romantic. He said you were worried about today.” She told me following the tried and true diaper under method so she could cover me if I started spraying the walls. Before I even have a chance to talk or protest, Mom continues, “I just want you to know you have nothing to worry about. You haven’t needed me this way in such a long time.” Mom starts crying as she finishes my diaper change.

“So that never goes away huh?” I ask finally getting a word in, just not the ones I thought I’d talk about.
“What’s that dear?” Mom asks.
“Needing your daughter to need you.” I say, “Molly made me a cup of apple juice yesterday and I about lost my shit. I worried about it all night until the allergy meds knocked me out.”
“Oh sweets no. I spent nearly twenty years caring for you, worrying about you, driving you around, and trying to guide you. I tried so hard to be a good mother.” She sniffs.
“Mom, you were pretty awesome. Maybe a little accidentally demeaning or pressuring me to go in ways that I didn’t want to.” I tell her.
“Was it that bad?!?” Mom asks eyes going wide in fear.
“I thought so for a long time, maybe parts of it sucked, but the older Molls gets the more I think I understand. Hell, I just told Da… Allen, last night that we’d have to make her try sports and stuff. I’m not going to make her stick with something she doesn’t like, but I want her to sample everything she can while she lives here where I can help her. She brought me that stupid cup of juice and all I could see was her walking off the stage with her diploma running into the arms of her lover and leaving without kissing me goodbye.” I complain. 

I break down and have a good old fashion cry. I really worked myself up into a frenzy. I don’t know why. It’s like I don’t think the same when mom’s around, like I’m just waiting for her to tell me what to do… to follow her directions… not think for myself. Lord, humans are creatures of habit aren’t we, eh? 

“I never thought I’d be changing your diapers again either!” Mom giggles through her sympathetic tears. “We’ll drop her off to play with the other little kiddos then us old ladies will go get you some crutches. Maybe grab some Sonic for breakfast since you can’t get out and all.”
“Mom, I haven’t been out of the house since Saturday. It hasn’t been that long, but it feels like forever.” I whine in agreement with her.
“Let me get Molly ready. You pretend to be asleep and we’ll come wake you up in a few.” She pats my good leg heading toward the door.
“I may be!” I laugh trying to relax and grab my phone to text Daddy.


[Me] OMG!
[Allen] What?
[Me] Who is this woman and what have you done with my mom! 

Something doesn’t feel right. Then I click and I fix Daddy’s contact. 

[Daddy] Jenny and I had a good long talk this morning. I told her you’d need her today and that I was leaving at 6 am. So she called me to talk while driving over.
[Me] What the hell did you say to her! She’s like a fucking whole different person!
[Daddy] I told her you wanted her help today. That you needed her. She cried for like five minutes and had to call me back.
[Me] Well you didn’t lie, but I didn’t say that. I’d never say that!
[Daddy] Trust in Daddy baby. It’s my job to bend reality and make you happy!
[Me] How did you fix her! What did you tell her about my diapers?
[Daddy] She wasn’t broken, so I didn’t have to fix her Baby. I just pointed out that your independence and freedom was pivotal to who you are.
[Daddy] She filled in the blanks Princess.
[Me] Amazing. One call from you twenty years ago could have changed my life!
[Daddy] Remember that next time you’re pissed at me, I’m pretty amazing!
[Me] You got that right. I’ll amazing you tonight Daddy. No backing out tonight. Your mine! What about the Diapers?
[Daddy] Oh, yah. Well, she knew you were having trouble after Molly. I told her it was my idea so I could help you with your foot and that you wouldn’t have to be up and down so much. Made it sound all medical and shit.
[Me] Did she buy it?
[Daddy] You tell me.
[Me] We’ll see. Older women are wise. I doubt we can hide anything from her unless she willfully ignores it.
[Daddy] She’s a good woman baby. You play nice today! Keep in touch. 

“Mommy!” Molly yells jumping on the bed deftly avoiding my legs and smashing into my chest crushing my sense of worry under a smattering of kisses and love.
“Hey Molls. How’s my baby this morning?” I ask.
“I’m not a baby! I’m a big gwirl.” She insists.
“Dry this morning?” I ask her.
“And you’re… OK?” I ask expecting her usual upset feelings about being wet.
“Nana says that’s what diapers are for! She said you was wetted too when you waked up. If Mommy was a good gwirl then me too!” She says.
“There’s my girls. Morning ladies.” Mom says to the room.
“Hi Nana.” Molly reaches for her.
“You’re a bit big for Nana to carry now sweety. But stand on Mommy’s bed and I’ll hug ya to death!” Mom says smothering Molly in hugs and kisses. 

Stupid tears! I think wiping at my eyes. 

“What is my big girl wearing today? Molly is ready to go, something about a playground…” Mom asks looking at me. 

I’m in the fucking twilight zone! The mom I grew up with would have nagged at Molly and me every chance she got!

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Allen is the man! single-handedly fixing a broken relationship in morning! I was expecting you to pad out this whole momzilla thing a little more before revealing that she actually does love her daughter more than anything & would never do anything to hurt her. Now everything is just great for everyone! Which begs the question:

When's the shit gonna hit the fan? :)

    Grammar Patrol:

   Early in the chapter you used the word "Lain" instead of "Lay."

   At the very end you used the phrase "Molly and I" when the correct term would've been "Molly and me."


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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.




“The blue top on the dresser and one of my longer white skirts. Maybe some tights and a pair of flats. Well, one of em.” I laugh.“Sit up and unstrap that thing so I can help you get dressed. Molly, dear, why don’t you go get Mommy some juice? Your Daddy said you did a terrific job yesterday! I’m so proud of Nana’s girl! Go on take your time and be careful. Don’t make me any messes!”

Molly takes off like lightening excited to show her grandmother how big she is, diaper and all. Mom simply smiles at me and helps me sit up. I hold my injured leg up and sit it down softly dangling it off the side of the bed. Mom hums and radiates positive energy getting my clothes together. In no time, I’m dressed and re-booted. 

“Sweets, do you need the bathroom before we go? I mean I know you’re wearing one… uh… do you need to…” Mom fumbles.
“Oh! Uh… thanks. No, I mean… It’s not like I’ve lost all control. I’ll let ya know when shit happens.” I giggle. 

Why isn’t she yelling at me about my language? 

“You do that dear. Don’t want to have to put a bumper sticker on your skirt do we?” She laughs elbowing me.
“OMG! Mom! That’s…” I stutter.
“Funny dear? Your ole mom can be funny too. Sorry I was so one dimensional when you were younger Little Lady. I can get kind of hyper-focused.” She admits.
“Me too. That’s your fault huh?” I ask.
“Oh certainly! You’ll get more flexible with age, but you’re a young’n yet, so just give it time. I’ve missed you honey.” She tells me moving my hair from my face. 

She tucks it behind my ear exposing my brown eyes. I’m not ashamed to admit, they are in full puppy dog mode, all wide and pleading. Mom barks a tearful gasp and tugs me into a very tight hug. 

OMG! How much did I need this! 

“Mommy. I’m sorry.” I sniffle into her ear.
“For what dear?” She asks confused.
“For being such an idiot. Holding anger and not loving you like I should.” I cry realizing that even if I had good reasons, it just doesn’t matter. Mom does though!“It’s ok Robin. You are my everything. I couldn’t be more proud of you. So strong. You just do everything you put your mind to. My friends are so jealous. Lord, Patty’s daughter is living with her again and Rosie’s son is doing ninety days for hot checks.” She beams. “I don’t even have to brag about you dear. They ask after you and live vicariously through you. They all thought I was some kind of mothering savant or something. Oh they were so wrong. It was always you. I just got so blessed with you honey.” Mom gushes.

“Mom, I don’t understand. I fought you so hard.” I sniffle. 

Mom just laughs and puts herself on my bad side. We head to the living room very slowly. Mom’s more my height making the balancing act easier. This is the most I have moved around under my own power since I’d been in my accident. Daddy just kind of halls me around. 

“Don’t worry about that dear. I think we are supposed to. Fight with our parents I mean. No house can have two head chickens after all! We just butted heads, and that only meant you were strong enough to have your own thoughts and that they were good enough to weather my own.” She pats me, “It’s the circle of life.”

“Moooom! I’m going to have the Lion King song stuck in my head all day.” I whine.
“Oh, you loved that movie. Watched it till it broke.” She laughs. “Still haunts me to this day.”
“It’s Frozen with Molls.” I nod.
“What’s happened mom? I don’t understand us.” I tell her honestly genuinely confused.
“You’re not supposed to dear. You’re not old enough yet. You’re getting close though, but I’ll give ya the cheat sheet version. You’re older and I’m older. I’m not responsible for you anymore. You don’t need me anymore. We are still mother daughter, but it’s different now. It gets to be more of a friend thing now. Through Molly, we have something in common we didn’t when you were a teen living at home.” She says.

“Why is it so easy? Why are you so nice now?” I ask in disbelief.

“We are meant to be friends sweets. I was never mean. You’re just at a different point in your life and I’m not driving you. I’ll always be older than you and have more experience, but we are more equals now. I’m not the boss anymore. It’s easier for both of us now. There’s less hanging over us. Like survivors bonding after a traumatic accident…hahahahah.” She laughs so hard we have to stop walking.

“I know I was bad, but not THAT bad… right?” I ask worry over my behavior creeping in.
“No dear. You were never that bad. I probably wasn’t either. Course it probably seemed that way to both of us at the time! We all get smarter as we age dear, or we get deader! That’s what my Pa always told us.” Mom laughs sagely.
“Mom, I… I’m so sorry.” I tell her.
“Oh me to dear. Promise not to be quiet as pig headed as your momma and we’ll have made some progress.”
“Mommy I love you.” I say with abandon. 

We hug each other in the living room healing half a decade’s worth of loss and resentment. I feel ashamed to live in the same town and see so little of this beautiful intelligent empathetic woman. I can’t believe I’ve been such a horrible daughter. 

“Ok, me too dear. No more of that. We are going to have loads of fun today, and maybe a few diaper changes.” Mom says patting my butt. Let’s find that little trouble maker of yours and make sure she hasn’t found some way to turn a cup of juice into a three hour clean up.”
“Mom it took six head washes with dawn to get that Vaseline out of her hair! I have legitimate concerns!” I huff.
“Oh I can’t imagine!” She laughs. “Are there pictures?”
“Of Course!” I laugh. 

We giggle hobbling into the kitchen. Molly talks mom’s ear off after handing me the sippy cup. Mom looked at the cup for a moment and back up at me before handing it over. After a pause, she simply tightened the lid and hands it to me. I blush a bit under that pause, but she smiles at me and I smile back. I have no idea what we just said to each other, but I don’t care either. I love to see mom smile. It’s beautiful, especially when I cause it. 

We drop Molly off at daycare and head by Walgreens for the crutches. I stay in the car while mom runs in. I’m not sure if I’m strong enough to use them yet or at all… but, the potential to deal with a number two solo was too tempting to pass up! 

[Me] Daddy! I have my Mommy back!
[Daddy] Amazing Princess. I just knew it. Mom and Dad are so far away, I just hope today goes well. I want her to be a bigger part of Molly’s life.
[Me] No doubt. I sort of feel like an ass about the whole thing. Then mom just tells me it’s ok. It’s expected and she’s glad we are together now. It’s like my whole reality just blew up!
[Daddy] Yeah dad and I went through that a few years ago. I corrected him on the porch he’s building and then he goes “your old man don’t know nothing son”
[Daddy] Boom! Blew my mind. Took us 3 months to figure that shit out.
[Me] Well, girls are better! We already have.
[Daddy] Nah, you just have an exceptional mom!
[Me] *tongue out* emoji Thanks Daddy. I’m super happy right now.
[Daddy] Good baby. Stay dry… nah nvrmnd stay WET!
[Me] bye goofy butt 

Mom startles me coming back to the car and throwing the crutches into the back seat. We head off for breakfast at Sonic together. On the way I feel the need to go. I turn and look out her passenger window and let loose. I huff steamy air on the cold window and draw a smiley face with my finger as I finish. 

“Lord child! Stop making faces on my windows! I’ll have to see that oily finger paint every day until I wash it!”
“Hehe sorry. Think of it as fridge art!” I laugh.
“That’ll drive me nuts dear, use your jacket and clean it of please!” Mom asks.
“Fine mom, ya spoiled sport.” I tease sticking my tongue out.
“You gonna be ok for breakfast or should we get food and eat at your house?” She asks.
“What are you talking about?” I ask.
“I’m trying to be discrete here honey.” She says. “Your diaper dear. Do we need to go or will you be ok for a bit?”
“Oh… what makes you thi” Mom cuts me off.
“When you’re my age you’ll know too dear.” She says patting my knee.
“Oh… um… I’ll be fine for a bit yet. I still have control over the flooding. It’s the little rebellious spurts that get by.” I admit.
“Rosie and I both wear a pull on kind of protective underwear Sweets. I just wear panties over mine. Loads of us are in the same boat at my age.” Mom says.
“I read about it, but really?” I hedge.
“Yup. You have medical reasons with Molly. Sometimes age gets us too. Guys really do have it easier ya know.” Mom giggles. “Your choice may be a little…” She fishes for words.
“Unconventional?” I supply.
“Yeah, unconventional. I feel bad for you Robin. It’s just so early for you.” Mom says somberly.
“Don’t I know it! Dad… Allen has been so good to me though.” I gush.
“He’s the kind of keeper you don’t have to work for. Like your dad, he’s the kind you want to work for. I just adore him.” Mom praises my husband.
“He means the world to me mom.” I tell her confidently.
“What’s his favorite meal?” Mom asks getting excited patting my leg again. “I know cooking isn’t one of your gifts dear. Let’s make him something today! I’ll help.”


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1 hour ago, diapersnpaws said:

Mom giggles. “Your choice may be a little…” She fishes for words.
“Unconventional?” I supply.

Roll credits. *Ding*

You gotta love a good Familial Restoration. :) this story just makes me feel warm all over when I read it. It's hard to find stories like that, ya know? Although I didn't really get that "bumper sticker" joke near the beginning.

There weren't really any grammatical errors worth mentioning. Plus I'm sure that, while you & I know you asked me to do it, to most people I probably just look like a knit-picky asshole when I do that.

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I appreciate the edits, I assure you. 

Bumper sticker "Shit Happens". She was playing off Robin's words. Fun lil word play joke there. I needed Mom to be more relatable. It was a fast way for the two generations to bridge a gap and for Robin to see her mother through the vale of adulthood and motherhood rather than how she recalled her last few years at home going. 


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Oh! You see I would've never gotten that joke because I'm not very familiar with popular bumper stickers. The only bumper sticker I can think of is the one on my dad's old truck that said "God doesn't believe in Atheists."

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


22 - Final Chapter


We both enjoy our breakfast together and head off to the grocery store for supplies. There is little chance I’d have anything at home, we just don’t cook much. Mom gets the handicap cart for me, and we pick up the stuff to make a homemade lasagna for my husband. We head home where mom changes my diaper again. Clean and dry, we sit everything out in the kitchen and get to work. 

“I’ll get Molly at three and we’ll have it all ready for six PM. Don’t let that man show up before then!” Mom tuts. “You know, it really does make me feel like a little girl changing you. I thought I’d relive your own childhood not mine. I just feel like I’m playing with a doll or something. You’ve grown into such and attractive woman that even diapers can’t take that from you!” Mom compliments me.

“Laying it on a bit thick aren’t you mom?” I laugh.
“Maybe…” She giggles behind her hand.
“Let’s get you all cleaned up for that amazing man of yours. Bubble bath time!” She laughs.
“A lady can never be too clean.” I recite.
“Well, not everything I said missed the mark!” Mom beams. 

She runs my bath and helps me into the tub. An hour or so later I summon her to help me out of the tub. I want to reward Daddy so I work with mom to get diapered up and into some super sexy lingerie. I have her help me into my lace corset and garter set sans the panties of course. She helps me with the matching lace edged thigh highs. 

“Well, two things dear. One, the boot doesn’t quiet ruin the outfit, but it’s trying hard!” Mom laughs.
“Meh, he won’t even notice the anchor boot when he sees my girls in this lace.” I say cupping my breasts.
“Anchor boot… clever dear. Not many men see past those that’s for sure!” We both laugh.
“Second thing, I love you.” 

I put on a thicker knee length black velvet a-frame dress. The color matching underthings feel amazing. I feel amazing and I’m bubbling over for Daddy to get home. Mom sure has helped me capture the look I want. I spend some time on my makeup getting dolled up for Daddy. I top off the outfit with a single black flat shoe. I haven’t dressed up this much in quiet some time. 

“Oh Robin. Oh you just look so amazing. Can I take a picture?” Mom gushes.
“I suppose.” I smile and look innocently at her phone.
“So beautiful. I’ll stare at it every day!” Mom promises.
“You’re coming back to babysit me again tomorrow aren’t you?” I ask hopeful.

“At least every day until you can get around on your own. Wet diapers are one thing. Mess ones are a whole other thing! I’d change you, if I had to. But, I wouldn’t like it!” Mom laughs. “You know dear, all of us face our own challenges in life. Some harder than others. It’s those challenges and how we deal with them that really tell the world who we are. Show us who we are. You my love are amazing. I’m so proud of you. I want us to be closer now.” Mom hesitates. “I don’t want to only be here for you when your hurt Robin.”

“Mommy, I’ve wasted so much time.” I start to sniffle.
“Oh Pish! None of that. You’ll mess up Allen’s desert!” Mom tuts.
“Mom, call first… but you’re welcome here anytime. I… I… Uh… want you here.” I tell her pulling her into a tight hug. 

I know she told me not to, but I do cry. I have to redo my makeup before Allen gets home. Mom brings Molly in but doesn’t stay telling me to remind Allen what he’s working for. She pats my diapered butt on her way out kissing Molly promising to see her tomorrow. 

I know I’ll be sharing those wise words about challenge with my daughter in the future. I know I’ll follow mom’s advice and show my Daddy that I’m worth working for. I’m a treasurable little lady. I know that Allen and Mom will work with Molly on the diaper stuff and I won’t have to, even if they use me as an example. 

I sit at my kitchen table while Daddy cleans up after his homemade dinner. Molly is in bed and asleep. Daddy ends up taking Tuesday off after all. I think we are going to have a movie day and keep Molly home. Mom’s even planning to come over. I’m so excited about tonight and tomorrow. 

I do my best to sit like a demure lady holding back a randy lioness. Multiple kinds of wetness absorb into my diaper while I wait as patiently as I can for my Daddy. He smiles at me every time he walks by undressing me with his eyes increasing my own fire.


God my whole life changed on that freeway. One small decision. My unconventional underwear changed me and I couldn’t be happier! My future looks amazing!

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I think it's pretty safe to say this next chapter's going to be a hot one! Barring an unforseen terrorist attack or something. ;)

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Well, perhaps this would be a good time to say that U2 has come to a close. This was the final chapter to this story. 

I hope you all liked this story. I had a good time writing it! Please let me know how you feel about it. What worked for you and what didn't. Thanks for reading!

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Oh. Well might I recommend putting a little "THE END" at the end of it? I actually thought that this might be the last chapter, but I thought for sure you would say so. I'm not disappointed that there won't be any big climax (in both senses of the word *wink*) in fact I think this is a perfect ending. Just let people know that this is the end.

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I enjoyed this story loads it was all smiles and awws and crinklys and owwws cause I had an anchor boot once they're no funs, nopes, and fings wikes that.  Kind of glad that last update ended where it did, though I want more...  *nodsnods* Hate stories that I enjoy endings!

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I totally enjoyed this story. I am saddened it came to an end. I don’t think I could handle the embarrassment of having my mom change me as an adult. That would just be to much for me . I will be looking for your next story. 

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On 11/24/2017 at 5:11 PM, Wannatripbaby said:

Excellent as always!The whole dad/daddy monologue reminded me of another story that had a similar Mother/Mommy conversation. I can't think of the name off the top of my head, I know it was by bbkimmy and set in the Diaper Dimension, but it's probably deleted now anyway so it doesn't really matter.

Making the best of it. Conversation between Melanie and Kimmy at the end of part 1

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5 hours ago, VoxyRox said:

Making the best of it. Conversation between Melanie and Kimmy at the end of part 1

Yes, thank you. Also it has since been restored and is in the Complete Stories forum alongside US.

If anyone reading this hasn't read "Making the Best of It" yet, Go read it now! 

At least the first Act. That warning about the 2nd Act is NO JOKE!

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17 hours ago, Wannatripbaby said:

That warning about the 2nd Act is NO JOKE!

She definitely wasn't wrong that it had a very very sweet ending tho. Made me cry lmao

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I loved every word of it. Not sure i would ever tell my mom about my diapers , let alone excpect her to change me. 


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fantastic story for sure. Very well done. I am not finished yet, hopefully will get through all of it by tonight! :)

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Well, good news for ya then! I'm posted to chapter 16 of the sequel!

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