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Unconventional Solutions - 22 Final Chapter

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


*The sound of Jawas fills the cab of my car making me smile.*

Allen told me they were haggling over scrap on Tatooine, but I had no clue. Don’t get me wrong, I love those movies, but nothing like my husband does. Clearly, he has been messing with my phone again. 

“Ok Google, Read New Text.” I tell the dead air in my car while rolling my eyes at my nerdy husband’s antics. 

“You have one new text from Allen at five thirty-two PM. Do you want to hear it?”  

“Yes.” I tell my phone.

The female computerized voice reads back my husband’s text. It is an odd juxtaposition listening to his words and imagining his face to the female’s jilting voice. 

Google reads, “Shit hone. That ducks. You don’t have a lot of options there.”

Autocorrect hates him. It always makes me giggle while I try to interpret what he’s going on about. I get tired of dictating to my phone and pick it up directly. Normally, I’d wait and talk slowly through the menu’s to send a reply, but it wasn’t dangerous just sitting here. I’m not about to text and drive. That shit is dangerous!

I text him back.

[Me:] Radio says there’s a tractor trailer rig overturned. I’m locked in. I can’t stop bouncing my legs. I gotta pee so freaking bad! At least Molly’s sleeping through it. Thank god for pool day.
[Allen:] ITH 
(our own code – In The House)
[Me:] You never beat me home! 
(Yeah, I’m whining at this point.)
[Me:] I don’t know what to do! If I pee my pants, the leather will be fine but the carpet…
[Allen:] You can’t do anything about it babe. Don’t hurt yourself. I’ll have the car cleaned.
[Me:] You’d use Bill though! We KNOW them!
[Allen:] You have a leaky 3.5 year old in the car. They won’t know who it was. 
[Me:] Still, I’d know…
[Allen:] Getting in the shower. Text me when you finally break free. 
[Me:] K

I sit there looking around at an utter loss. Molly’s daycare is only fifteen minutes away from the house on the interstate. I had come up on the wreck just after I picked up my daughter. I was still a mile away if the radio report was correct. I was locked in and at a full stop before I knew what had happened. 

No matter which direction I look, all I can see are cars. Worse, I’m on an inside lane and can’t even off-road through the median! I’m stuck tight, and my bladder isn’t happy about it. In fact, it feels like it’s going to be downright rebellious.

The tide is changing and I began to lose the fight with lactic acid and muscle fatigue. I shouldn’t have left the house without peeing first, but I thought I’d be home in thirty minutes! Turns out that was a bad decision, one that was biting me in the ass. The muscles between my legs twinge. I’m long past the pain stages. 

In fact, everything that I’ve been clinching is numb. I smack at my knees trying to get some feeling back into my legs and to distract myself from the numbness and the impending disaster. I start singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs. That distraction doesn’t work either. 

Molls, just keep sleeping baby. Mommy can’t handle peeing herself in front of you. I thought dreading the implications that seeing me wet myself would have on my daughter. 

Allen said I could blame the mess on my little Molls, but that doesn’t feel right either. I need a solution. 

Spontaneously, a really crazy thought burns brightly in my head. I snap a picture of my hand coming out of my daughters diaper bag and send it to my husband before breaking out into a feverish flurry of activity. I turn up the radio to keep all my wiggling from waking up Molly. 

I can’t believe I’m about to do this…
I can’t believe I’m doing this…
I can’t believe I did that…


I get home at fifteen after six, which is far later than I normally pull up. I’m super not thrilled about it either! 

Traffic was a bitch even after I FINALLY got past the wreck. I’m not sure how my half day of working from home turned into eight full hours of work, or how easing back into fulltime turned into such a stressful day. The lousy drive home from picking up Molly was the icing on my crap cake. I am very anxious to get my daughter in the house and try to find a way to process this situation. 

I need a fix of my man! I need to cuddle up to him and watch some TV, and maybe drink a glass of wine. I stand up stretching my back and lean against my car. I take a breath then reach in and grab all our stuff. Lastly, I shoulder our diaper bag popping open Molly’s door. 

I wake her up with sweet words. Molly takes my hand grabbing my fingers tightly and we make our way to the house. I have an unbalanced load for sure, and it's leaning heavily to my diaper bag side. Waddling around didn’t make it anything graceful let me tell you!

Thank God she's walking now. I'd be done in if I had to carry her too. I wouldn’t have had the strength. My little Doodlebug is too big for me to haul her around on my hip anymore. I think sadly.

She toddles beside me into the house. She doesn’t quite wake up either. She sways on her feet still groggy shambling like a zombie. I smile entering my house. It is simply thrilling to be home, it smells like safety and relaxation. 

Today, it seems like a major accomplishment just to get here. It had seemed impossible only thirty minutes ago. My little angel and I had been stuck for more than an hour behind that overturned tractor trailer less than ten miles from our house! 

I drop everything on the couch leaving Molly just inside our front door. She sways on her feet trying to wake up, but with little success. My attitude went from relief to anger in a heartbeat wanting to get out of my work clothes and Allen nowhere to be found.

“Allen.” I bellow stress lining my voice.  

Seriously, he should be here! He knew I'd be coming in in a hurry.

“Hey, Rob. Glad my girls…” He inhaled sharply seeing my face. “I take it you’re both wet?”, he chuckles.

The balls on this man!

“Funny aren't ya!” I growl. “Just take her will you. I'd like to get cleaned up.” I shoot him my best grouchy face, and let me tell you it can melt the paint off the walls! 

“Are you still wearing it? I mean did it fit?” My devoted husband stutters with an odd air about him. It’s almost seems like he is excited and it’s overriding his sense of self-preservation. 

I blushed instantly losing my bluster, “Ya to both. I mean I need to go freshen up, and I'm sure Molly would like a fresh diaper.”

“Show me.” He insists not moving an inch after taking Molly’s sleepy little hand.

“What! No. It’s bad enough I'm wearing it and its freaking wet! I'm not going to be showing this thing off. I’m supposed to be sexy to you, not some kind of screw-up.” I gasp.

“I'm going to be honest here. Those do nothing for me on Molly, but I've been messed up thinking about it since you texted me that picture of her diaper. I wasn’t sure if you’d use it. I can't believe it fit.” Allen confesses.

“I couldn't either. I mean it's a stretch, but our Doodlebug isn't very little. In fact, I probably shouldn’t really carry her around anymore. She doesn’t need to see this.” I ramble not so stealthily to divert his attention. I say anything trying to distract him with my moment of nostalgia from earlier.

I’m super embarrassed about my situation, but at only twenty-four, I am still very interested in keeping my husband turned on. Getting him excited gets me that way too. Most of the time it would be a win-win situation, but this isn’t one of those times.

But, the look on Allen’s face gives me pause. 

My excuse to be out of this thing was that it wouldn’t be attractive, but is it. Is he turned on?

I think about it and decide I am pretty comfortable in one of Molly’s diapers, even though it was a little soggy and was pulling tightly at my hips. He clearly wants to see it. 

If it turns him on... Wearing it doesn’t cost me anything but some embarrassment.

“Show me, babe.” Allen interrupts my thoughts prompting me a second time.

“Pick her up first.” I instruct and he complies.

Almost on auto-pilot, I kick off my heels and slide out of my slacks. I drop my boy-short style panties which leaves me in my blouse and Molly’s size five Luvs diaper. It’s a startling contrast, half a business outfit and half a toddler's. 

I try to pull together some sexy thoughts so I can model the diaper for him. I end up laughing instead. Allen laughs too. His laughing caught our little Doodlebug’s attention causing her to wake up from her shoulder nap. She looks around for a moment to see what all the laughter is about.

“Mommy, it's ok. That's what diapers are for. You'll make it next time.” She tells me full of love and support.




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


Molly parrots the phrase she'd heard so many times in the last couple years. My poor little Doodlebug continues to have some setbacks with her potty training. She’s heard that line a lot.

My tall three year old daughter takes after her daddy. We are betting Molly will end up over six feet tall. I’m worried I'll wake up any day now and she’ll be taller than me. I’ll go to get her out of bed and she’ll stand up in some cute little girl night gown and I’ll have to look up to look her in the eyes. 

The doctors tell us that she’ll grow out of the bladder problems eventually. They said her bladder isn’t keeping up with the rest of this growth spurt. Things will even out in a year or so. 

“Thanks Doodlebug. I can't believe how comfortable this thing is Allen.” I say feeling the outside of the soggy diaper. 

“Do I need to give you two a minute.” He teases me. 

He might, I thought. Damn, I can’t believe I thought that. This is super comfy though. A bit tight, but all warm and soft feeling inside and out. 

Watching me play around with the diaper clearly gets my husband wound up. Suddenly, I find myself excited too. The diaper is still comfortable to me, but I felt... naughty!?! Standing there in a wet diaper, in my living room, in front of my horney husband, and lovely little daughter. 

I send Allen off to change Molly while I head to change myself and get cleaned up. 

I slowly make my way to our master bathroom and start the shower. Shutting the bedroom door, I look the diaper over checking the fit for the first time. The length is ok. The diaper comes up over my ass and covers my lady bits, but the sides are struggling to stay latched without my panties holding them together. 

Still, it fit! I can’t believe it. 

I rub the wet front panel and clinically study the garment. I've changed countless diapers on my Doodlebug, but this one is different. I focus in on the diaper so completely that my mind stills. 

That almost never happens! 

I bet the size up would fit pretty good. Wonder what my options are? Maybe there’s adult or teen diapers out there I could get. It seemed to hold up most of that wetting. I’ll need to start shaving again. Allen will love that. I think I’ll like that feeling too. Smooth skin next to delicate cotton. 

I shiver and it dawns on me that I haven’t finished peeing. I sit down on the toilet with the diaper still on. I decide to let it have its shot at holding a full wetting. I release into the diaper and smile at the hissing sounds. 

Well, that’s not subtle at all. 

I sit there on the toilet grinning like a fool. I have a short internal debate before letting it all go and just going for it. I wet the diaper with the rest of that initial payload that I had been holding back since the wreck. 

Surprisingly, it holds ok till the very last when I heard the tinkle of my water hitting the toilet water. I sit for a bit to let the diaper catch up with my flood. Then, I stand feeling a little bit of my urine still sloshing around inside waiting to be absorbed. 

I know from years of changing Molly that there is a big difference in a small wetting and a full one. She’s getting big enough that she can flood her size fives if I didn't keep an eye on her. Those fives should fit her a while longer if I can squeeze my Momma-ass into them! 

Even the sixes aren’t going to fit me like they fit Molly, but they'd probably fit about like my bikini panties. They would cover my front and rear leaving some coverage over my hips. I stand and poke at the diaper turning little circles in front my full length mirror. I take off my top and bra getting one last look at myself in the mirror before jumping in the shower. 

It would have leaked more if I'd been sitting on it when I wet it. I’m thankful I only trickled a little in the car. I rub the soaked diaper enjoying the change in texture for a moment. 

I’m not sure how wearing that diaper changed from necessity to fulfilling some dream of Allen’s, or how it turned from dressing up for him to sort of maybe-kind-of-liking-it for myself, but it did. Allen’s mood must be contiguous. My intentions change from feeling the diaper out of curiosity to pleasure, and I don’t hold back. 

I shake my head smiling at my reflection in my vanity looking like a guilty child with her hand in her pants. Oddly, even with the diaper wet, it was still comfortable to me. Eventually, I decide I look sort of good in it too. With no small amount of regret, I take off the diaper and toss it into our bathroom trashcan. 

Still smiling and full of impulsiveness, I get in the shower and wash my hair. My mind is in a million places diner, bills, chores, work, Allen, Molly, and strangely that diaper. My thoughts drift from one train of thought to another, though never fully exploring any to the point of making any decisions. 

I find myself soaping down my pantie area and reaching for my razor. I shave myself smooth trying to remember why I had stopped, laziness I suppose. I have been tidy recently, but I haven’t been bare since before Molly was born.

I know Allen will be thrilled. 

It feels new and fun and playful to be smooth again. I dry off and grab my favorite fleece nightgown. My mind is still buzzing with dozens of unfinished thoughts clouding my ability to concentrate. My gown is red with little white bears all over it. Allen bought it for me for Christmas a few years back. It reminds me of the Christmas Coke commercials. 

I tug some boy short style panties, my favorite kind, up my legs and head toward our kitchen. My mind is floating as I move around on auto-pilot. Unfortunately, it’s a common thing for me to be wandering around with my mind adrift. 

Allen and Molly are still in the guest bathroom giving her potty a whirl. I smile and wave at her behind Allen’s back. She smiles and waves back at me. 

Who knew her diapers would be that comfortable? I didn’t even feel gross after peeing in it! If she’s having bladder problems and the diapers are that comfortable for her too, it’s little wonder we are having trouble potty training her. I muse. 

Then, I pad barefoot toward the kitchen, but as I pass Molly’s room I’m struck by a brand new desire. My panties suddenly feel too thin. They aren’t making any noise. There is no sense of air pockets moving around as I move. I thoughtlessly draw closer to my daughter's changing table. 

I want another diaper. They are naughty and fun and comfortable and… I start justify my actions internally. Wait. I don’t have to have a reason! I’m a damn adult. If I want to wear a diaper around my own home, then I can damn well do it! 

Before I can second guess anything, I find myself sporting a brand new dry Luvs diaper tucked away safely under my boy short panties. I smile like an idiot on my way to the kitchen. I feel like I’m in some sort of trance, like I’m not totally in control of myself. 

I can’t reason why, but these diapers are making me happy. I damn near skip the rest of the way toward my next objective. In the kitchen, I finally snap out of my haze and find myself able to focus. I mean really focus on preparing dinner. It’s totally crazy. I simultaneously preheat the oven, start some knock off DiGiorno pizzas, and put out drinks for my little family while setting the table. 

I know I am enjoying my naughty secret, but I'll bet Allen will enjoy it more. I grow more excited by the minute thinking about teasing him until Doodlebug goes to bed. I can hear them leave the bathroom and head to Molly’s room to change for dinner. 

You’re not the only one sister! I think. 

They'll be here any minute and my private time with my growing obsession will end. I am very comfortable standing there in my diaper and nightgown. I sort of feel cheated that it won’t stay on without the panties though. It is fine up and moving around, but as soon as I sit the tabs will pop off. 

I need my own diapers, ones that fit me better. I decide. 

I'd no sooner come to that conclusion than my husband and daughter come into the kitchen. They are both smiling at me. I show them a warm loving smile in return. I genuinely love my little family. 

I guess we are pretending that I didn’t just pee myself in the car earlier. K? I shrug turning back to the work of preparing the meal. 

Allen helps me set the table, while Molly shuffles back and forth carrying anything we let her carry. We aren’t perfect, but we are happy. Suddenly, I realize that I could hear my Doodlebug toddling back and forth in her crisp new diaper. 

I hadn't even thought to listen to see if I was crinkling too! As turned on as Allen had been, I am fairly confident I’m not scuttling around as loudly as my daughter is. If I was, he'd have been asking to see it again. I’m almost certain of it.






The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.

 I try to put the diaper out of my mind and just continue on with my day. I try, but I can’t quite do it. I decide to blame Allen. 

Him being in the room with me changes how I feel about the diaper. I feel like I could zone out and forget about it if he wasn’t in here. He is though, so I keep focusing on my diaper creating fun random moments where I feel what I am wearing. Those moments cause goofy smiles.   

These smiles aren’t timed with the conversation at all. They are timed with the bulk between my legs and the tugs at my hips. I probably look crazy puttering around the kitchen smiling at random unexplainable moments. Fortunately, Allen is focused on Molly and I don’t have to explain myself. 

Allen whistles something peppy and Molly gets up to dance around. She flitters around my kitchen like a little diapered fairy princess. I decide my happiness must be contagious, that or it’s the diapers! It’s all sort of surreal. Two of the three of us are diapered, but only I know this secret.

 “Daddy da big twuck laid down.” My three year old told her father sitting down.

“That's what mommy said.” Allen.

“I felt so bad about it honey. We were close enough to see what happened. It looked awful.” Me.

“I know babe. I'm sorry you had to see that.” Allen said patting my hand.

“I falled asleep daddy.” Molly.

“You fell asleep.” Allen corrected.

“She didn't make it long. She left me all alone stuck in traffic and bored to tears. If it wasn't for AC and candy crush, I'd have gone crazy.” Me.

“And what about the potty situation?” Allen asked with a smile.

Bastard, I project at him mentally.

“I didn't make it daddy. I went potty in my sleeps.” Molly.

“That's what your diaper is for princes. You'll make it next time. And you went potty in your sleep.” Allen told our daughter with comforting confidence.

“We all need some help sometimes baby.” I tell Molly patting her shoulder.




“That's me guys. Let me get our pizzas in.” I tell them standing. 

I get up doing my best to move normally, but it proves harder than I expect. The small bulk of my toddler's diaper between my thighs alters my gait a bit. I probably look just a tiny bit uncomfortable in the ass area while walking, but in my mind I look like a bow-legged cowboy. 

Gonna have to remember to practice with that a bit. I think forcing myself to walk normally. 

A few strides and I’m standing at the oven. My waist is hidden from my family. I put the two pizzas directly on the rack. 

Mhhhm crispy pizza… 

As I bend down, my diaper pulls tight and my nightgown rides up my thighs. The diaper is peeking out of the waist band of my panties, but my gown doesn’t ride anywhere near that high for it to be seen. 

If my husband could see me from the table, he’d likely see the diaper behind the tight thin material of my panties poking out from under my gown. I know he’d be looking if he could! 

Too bad for Allen. I think and wiggle my ass in the air like a happy puppy. 

Then for the first time I hear myself crinkle. I break out in a huge smile and can’t hold back the happy giggle. 

“What's going on in there?” Allen calls from our tiny dining area sounding suspicious.

“Nothing.” I call back still laughing.

“Sounds like we're missing out on some fun in there.” Allen.

“Nah, everything is great. I'm just glad to be home with my family.” Me. 

I go with a partial truth since I don’t want to talk about the diaper in front of my Doodlebug. I don’t want to admit it, but I want to keep it a secret for myself too, at least for a while. 

I feel like me wearing a diaper on purpose would be confusing for Molly at this critical potty time. I fail to consider that I have already been caught in one, and that to her perception of things probably wouldn’t be any different.   

I walk back in the dining area swaying my hips trying to look seductive as possible in a fleece mid-thigh nightgown. Allen’s smile is full of promises for adult fun time with excitement dancing in his eyes. 

That promise of intimacy lights a fire in my already warm diaper. Shaving had been a terrific idea, and it’s adding to the excitement of my situation. I can feel my entire diaper. It’s feels like taking a Band-Aid off a finger after several days and feeling things directly against your skin again, only in reverse. All that cottony goodness feels delicious. 

I saunter over to Allen bending to get a big girl kiss from my husband. I can hear myself crinkling and it just ups my thrill level. Too bad I can’t just send Molly to her room. We could get naked in the kitchen if she weren't in here with us. Yeah, I’m that freaking horney now. 

After I confirm for Allen that naked things are coming with my lips, I sit back down. I take a deep breath to ask Allen about his day and try to focus on something besides my rampant teenage-level hormones when Molly tugs on my sleeve pointing at the coloring books on the table. 

We keep a twenty-four pack of colored pencils and a stack of coloring books on the kitchen table for just such occasions. Molly talks, but she's not much for conversation, and those colored pencils have saved more than one meal in the last few years. 

“Hey Doodlebug, let's color Daddy a picture.” Me.

“May I have da street one Mommy.” Molly.

“Good manners princes, it’s THE street one. Sesame Street.” Allen.

“I'll take the Spider-Man one.” Me. 

Molly just sort of ignores her dad’s verbal guidance reaching for the requested book. We color a few pages while waiting on the pizza to cook. I take my time and color my picture thoroughly. It’s a nice job, if I do say so myself! Coloring has always been therapeutic for. I really relax simply sitting there in my diaper coloring Spider-Man pages with my daughter. 

“Rob, babe, don't chew on your hair.” Allen chastises me.

“I, what.” I blew a raspberry spitting my blonde hair from my mouth.

“Jeez, I haven't done that in years.” I stutter softly to myself.




Allen puts a hand up to stop me from getting out of my chair. 

“You just keep coloring babe. I'll cut up the pizza. You look sort of cute sitting there.” Allen smiles at me.

“Yay, Mommy cowors wid me!” Molly.

“Colors.” Allen.

“Colors.” Molly says concentrating.

“With.” Allen.

“Wiff.” Molly. 

Allen shrugs indicting that her last shot was close enough. 

“Alright, since you're both twisting my arm.” I grin happy to stay seated and finish coloring my page. 

I knock out the page I started while Allen gets the pizzas out of the oven and plates them. Then, I pick out another page from my super hero coloring book. I’ve always loved superheroes, but it is a causal fandom. I decide to see how black and yellow looks on our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Cause… why not? 

I unconsciously narrow my focus on my coloring. I slip away from all the fuss that usually clouds my head. Full Coverage. Stay between the lines. Even color depth. Light position. 

Let’s see, I’ll trace the outer edge of the yellows to a darker shade just inside the existing black lines. Yeah, I like that. Really helps the contrast with the black to yellow conversion. 

Molly and I are coloring so hard that we don’t even notice Allen coming back. He walks up to the table and sits the two cut pizzas down, and grabs our drinks for a refill. When he walks behind me to get to his seat, he reaches down and slides a finger between my cheek and my hair. He pulls gently and I feel my hair tugging from my mouth. 

Again? Huh, I didn’t even really notice. 

“Rob, baby, I asked you to keep your hair out of your mouth.” Allen chastises me again with a huge smile on his face.

“Sorry, I truthfully didn’t even notice that I had started chewing on it again.” I apologize.

Asked me…” I mumble loud enough to be heard on purpose clearly displaying my displeasure.

“Sorry babe. I just don’t want Molly to start that. Apparently, it’s at least a twenty-four year habit.” He tells me tucking my hair behind my ears on both sides of my head. 

It’s a sweet gesture. I loved him for it for giving me the tender reminder. His hand rests on my shoulder as he looks at Spidey’s new threads. I reach up and put my hand over his trying to push my love through the contact feeling a bit guilty about being pissed. 

“Cool costume remake. Eat up girls. Friday night is movie night. I’m feeling some like Dory since the second one is out. I haven’t seen it yet.” Allen.

“I love Ellen. Such a sweetheart.” Me.

“Nemo!” Molly squeals.

“Speaking of nemo, when is the last time we did the filter sock? I think the charcoal is due too. Do we have any saltwater mixed up?” I ask Allen.

“Yeah, I have like twenty gallons mixed up on your cart.” Allen.

“Do you want tank work or dishes?” I ask Allen as I plate some pizza for Molly and me.

“Uh… we’ll get the dishes. You fit down there better than I do anyway.” Allen fires away at our long running size joke.




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


Allen’s nearly six and a half feet tall and a bit over two hundred fifty pounds. I likes my men big! Me, I’m pretty average at five foot three. The pediatrician is positive Molly will race after her Daddy’s height, and that I’ll soon be the shortest inhabitant of the house. Frankly, it won’t be as far away as I’d like. I’ll have a giant of a man and an Amazon of a girl around here in about ten years. 

“Good thing I’m close to the floor! Someone has to clean up after you you great hairy beast!” I giggle. 

We joke and eat till about seven thirty. Molly is practically yawning at the table. Her normal bedtime is eight. I’m antsy to have her in bed safe behind her door. I’m horney and my diaper needs my husband’s attention. 

We Smiths are early to rise, it’s just, Allen and I are late to bed and early to rise. When Molly is asleep is the only time we get to be a couple any more. We guard that time jealously. 

I wonder if we could keep up the eight o’clock bedtime even after we don’t send her to bed at that time. I could make it room time not bedtime… I mean she wouldn’t have to go to bed, just be in her room. I have no idea how successful that will be, but Damn! It’s worth trying! 

Weekends are the exception. Molly pretty much gets to stay up till she crashes on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s clear she isn’t going to last long today. I yawn and stretch too as I stand. I feel my nightgown lift, and just for fun I bend forward a bit making sure that I’d flash my diaper at the living room. 

I flush realizing I’m being more than a little bit naughty. 

Allen and Molly get up to work on the dishes and I head toward the living room to work on our aquarium. 

It’s a nice custom one-hundred and ten gallon tank I’d made. Allen is pretty handy with wood work so I “let” him help here and there. We had special glass cut for the front panels, and we siliconed our own aquarium together. I had researched for months and planned the whole tank design. It was a bit of an obsession for a while there. I can get like that, you know stuck on something. 

We talked it through and built both the tank and stand to make water changes and maintenance as easy as possible. So easy I could do it myself, but in the end it is still my tank. They are my fish and coral, and my responsibility. Allen and Molly love watching them, but they’d both rather leave maintenance to me and just enjoy them. 

Getting to work, I drop the clogged filter sock into an old butter dish and put a new one in the sump. I scrub some algae loose from the sides of the sump and the display tank. The whole time I relish in the not so private pleasure that my hidden diaper is bringing me. 

Allen and Molly don’t make it back into the living room until after I finish up with the tank which is a clear loss for Allen. I was flashing padded ass cheeks left and right! I sit down on the loveseat with my aquarium directly to my right. Allen comes in with popcorn and Molly is carrying some cans of pop. 

“Allen, you’re spoiling me!” I tell him lovingly.

“There’s no one I’d rather spoil more, except maybe my princess.” He says sitting the popcorn down and hugging Molly. 

Soda goes right through me. I wonder if he’s figured out my diapered situation? 

Molly has a little bean bag chair in the rough shape of a recliner. It’s pink and covered in ponies. She pulls it up beside her father's legs. I tuck my feet up under me sitting side saddle facing the TV with the tank on my right, Allen on my left, and the hidden diaper on my butt. 

It is heaven for me. 

I pull my fleece gown up a bit so I didn’t feel like I’m trapped in the shirt. Claustrophobia inside one’s own night gown sounds goofy, but wake me up tangled like a burrito and watch me flip the hell out! 

I purposefully flash him my pantie clad rear end. I bet if he tries hard, he could make out the outline of the diaper in the tight material. The abstract pattern on this pair probably prevents visible edges. 

I smirk behind my popcorn. It’s thrilling. Sitting here diapered is so innocently naughty, so inappropriately comfortable. I wiggle around excessively trying to get comfortable. I’m purposely filling the air with crinkles. I feel like a kid again excited about the unknown parts of sex with my partner. It’s fucking amazing. 

This could be addictive… I ponder. 

Allen just has no reason to look for that sound coming from my rear end despite me being this close to him. Besides, Molly is having trouble being still and clouding the air with diaper noises. 

One of my true pleasures in life is people watching. Watching them fight sleep is very entertaining too, especially toddlers. She’s wiggling all over the place even shaking her head trying to stay awake.   

He has no real reason to believe it’s me. Nothing but the sound even connects the noises with my hidden secret. Allen just laughs while watching Molly watch the movie. We’ve seen it a million times, so we mostly “people-watch” her while she watches her favorite parts. 

Allen gets out his tablet and starts reading some fantasy novel or another. The man reads all the time! I keep wiggling around and smirking behind my drink and popcorn. Once he draws the connection it’ll be obvious like a blinking neon sign, but apparently not until then. 

I decide to up my flirty game. I stretch out my legs until they are touching Allen. He looks over at me with an inquisitive look on his face. I just smile and rub his thigh with my foot. We aren’t very adventurous in the bedroom, but neither of us were board either. We were just happy, and happy is ok too. 

Allen reaches down and rubs my sock covered feet. It feels heavenly and I can’t help the little moans that escape my salty lips. 

Damn, this feels so nice. 

His strong hands cause me to writhe in happiness, hidden pleasure, and with a touch of pain. Turns out, my feet are knotted up muscle mess and I really needed a message. 

“Mommy, u k?” Molly askes.

“Yeah Doodlebug, mommies feet hurt and Daddy is fixing it. It kind of hurts, but makes me feel better when he’s done. Daddy is super strong.” I explain. 

My little goofball just looks at us and then uprights herself. She throws her legs over mine with her head in the seat of her chair. She’s totally upside down at this point. I cringe knowing this is going to wake her up a bit. 

“Daddy fix my feets too.” She asks/demands.

“Mommy, I’ve only got one hand. Can I fix Molly’s feet?” Allen.

“Of course Daddy will, Molly will probably feel so good she’ll fall asleep.” I tease my inverted yawning daughter. 

I love a foot rub, the intimate contact, the message itself. It always feels great just because someone cares enough to spend the time on me. I’ll spend the time on Allen later, and he knows it making him an eager participant. 

After a few minutes I have Molly sit up, “Ok Doodlebug, right yourself. You're showing your panties to God and everyone.” 

Molly “eeped” in that little girl way and swirls around having been totally ignorant of her exposure. Allen had rubbed her feet for a few minutes and that had relaxed her enough that she’d nearly fallen asleep upside down! Turning around like that will keep her up a few minutes longer, but it couldn’t be avoided. 

He resumes his one handed mission to turn my feet in the well kneaded butter, it was melting me too! I take whichever foot that he isn’t working on and keep a steady rub on his thigh. I’m craving a different kind of contact, but this will have to do for now. 

Molly throws a last yawn around the room before simply leaning over and falling asleep. We wait a few moments after her head goes slack in her bean bag recliner, then Allen turns off the movie. I get up slowly so as not to spook her, and clear a path through the toys in her room. 

Allen follows me into her bedroom after having given me enough time to clean up a bit. He lays our Doodlebug Princess down for the night. We pray over her and sneak out of her room. Closing the bedroom door is always the trickiest part with the highest risk of waking her, but we manage. 

I head for the living room and Allen makes for the bathroom to get his shower. 

I’m tip toeing around my house picking up toys, bowls, and popcorn kernels. I hear my crinkling and it just ups my arousal. A bit of a wicked thought strikes me while I’m sitting in the living room by myself. 

I realize that diapers are going to be a part of my life from here on out, if for nothing else, randomly injecting some fun into our love life. I’d never given them a second thought beyond protecting stuff from Molly’s leaky rear end, but I have now. 

I commit myself to teasing Allen with my diaper covered ass. I slip my panties down freeing the diaper. 

I hope this thing will stay on without my panties. God, this feels like the first time I wore lingerie. How weird is that!




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


I sit gingerly down on the couch. My Momma-ass spreads wider than I’d like as I sit. The tape and hook/loop tabs of the child’s diaper dig into my hips as my shape changes. Nothing pops loose, nor do I hear the sound of the hook and loop pulling free. I smile to myself and wiggle my butt a bit against the couch. I'm rewarded with the lovely crinkle that accompanies the cover of my diaper. I also hear a hook or two pop loose as I played, but the tapes don’t come off. 

I press my hand tightly into my hips reseating the tapes. I end up sitting out there with my panties on the floor in front of the couch wearing only my nightgown and socks. After a few moments, my head clears up and another teasing thought occurs to me. 

I’ve never been this forward or aggressive with my own desires. My husband is a young virile man. I’ve always been the bottleneck in our love making not the catalyst. Allen is ALWAYS ready. I smile to myself standing up and picking up my panties with my toes. 

I toss them in my bedroom on the floor in front of the bathroom door. I bait my trap with the best cheese a married mouse has, my vagina! 

I know I want to wear a better fitting diaper, and I’d be petrified of my sudden crashing desire for them if Allen hadn’t been so turned on by this situation. Instead, I giggle excited like it was my first time walking back to the living room. 

Something about these diapers appeals to me. Uncharacteristically, I don’t find myself over analyzing things. I realize that my anxious nature seems pacified for the moment, and I try to just relax and enjoy it like Allen is always telling me too. 

I’m a whole hog kind of girl. Once I decide I’m into something, I do jump in the deep end with gusto. I mean, I seriously have 3D renderings of my aquarium, sump, stand, and cabinetry that we made. 

Hell, I had to learn Google Sketchup to build and test everything which is a whole different obsession that grew from the simple idea of keeping fish and coral. 

Holy Crap! If I don’t get a handle on these new impulses I’m going to end up throwing my whole damn pantie drawer away! 

I’d end up filling my closet drawers with diapers! The thought just causes me to smile and wiggle my ass instead of freaking out and nibbling my finger nails like I normally would have. Running around my living room carefree and diapered is another new liberating experience for me. 

Allen comes in the living room in his boxers and just stops to stare at me. I’m dancing around to the music in my head and smiling to the world about my unconventional underwear. He sneaks up on me and glues himself to my backside. 

He’s clearly still excited from seeing me earlier. 

I feel a flush of heat realizing that I’m standing there in my diaper in front of him, even if he doesn’t know. I can feel the evidence of that excitement even through my padding. Just when I think my level of arousal can’t elevate, he finds a way to do it again. I can’t wait for him to discover my new… packaging. 

Suddenly, I’m a woman possessed. A wild thing growls out from my throat as I grind backward into my husband. I bend down to the coffee table and start my sexy Pandora station. Allen and my diaper are really pushing all my buttons. 

I can hear the diaper crinkle with every gyration I make. I swing my hips in time with the beat of the music teasing both of us. I feel like I’m on the edge of every nerve in my body. It’s fantastic. I feel sexy. I feel seductive, and my poor husband doesn’t even know what has overcome my normally docile demeanor. 

I crack a smile, Diapers are making me more bold. How screwy is that!?! 

Allen reaches down above my panty line and starts to inch my nightgown up my legs. He continues to wad the fabric up in his hands. I swear the crinkle seem to grow louder every centimeter the gown rises. 

“Suddenly, I'm all hot Hon. Just take it off me, and let's go to our room.” Me.

“Your wish is my command my lady.” Allen carries on playfully. 

I wiggle out of my less than sexy nightgown as I turn to face him.  He pulls the top over my head slowly exposing my breasts, but not the diaper. I’m too close to him for him to see it yet. I pull him into a hungry kiss continuing to distract him. I grind against his leg marveling at his muscular thighs and how they feel beneath the padding on my crotch. 

“Take me to bed lover.” I purr into his mouth. 

I think he grunts but I'm not sure. I crawl up him straddling his stomach and locking my legs around his waist. We continue to make out as I cling to him like a baby monkey. We make the night rounds shutting off lights and locking up the house in fits of amorous laughter nor breaking the long kiss. 

“Get me a water honey.” I growl into his mouth still undetected. 

Allen redirects us to the kitchen, and I grab a bottle of water as we pass by killing the kitchen lights. Suddenly, one of Allen’s skillet sized hands cups my diapered ass easily encompassing an entire cheek. He presses my pelvis against his fluffy abs, and redoubles his affections on my neck. 

“Oh my god.” His gravelly voice pours into my ear as he finally comprehends my diapered state.

“Same one?” Allen took his turn growling.

“Nope. I’m crinkly, dry, and clean.” I manage in return biting at his ear.

“You put on a new one for me?” He rumbles.

“I think I put it on for both of us.” I admit feeling the blush on my skin from head to toe. 

Allen’s other hand leaves my back and directly grabs my diaper covered tushie. All the way to the bedroom, Allen runs his hands over my new underwear. He traces every edge he can get to playing with the elastic around my legs and waist. 

I start to slide down my husband when as enter the bedroom, but I stop when I feel his excitement pressing against my padded kitty. If ever there is a time for a human to purr it is right fucking now! 

I do my best giving him a human purr against his hairy chest. Allen pulls me back up and kisses my mouth like he had before we got married. If I had any doubts, any at all, that kiss removes them. 

He’s totally into this! 

We aren’t a kinky couple, but it seems we’ve have stumbled on something a bit off of center. This whole thing is driving me wild and I’m dripping with excitement. It feels like it’s driving him wild too. 

We have a thing! I think smiling into Allen’s aggressive kisses. 

Abruptly, I’m flying through the air. I laugh arching through space grunting on impact. I hit our bed a giggly umph. A fit of laughs assault me as my large husband crawls up the bed between my legs and re-tapes my diaper where it had popped loose. 

It’s heavenly and I make noises to let him know I approve. Allen rises up on his knees taking in my mostly naked visage. My flushed chest heaves with the rush of excitement. I’m not the teenager I was a few years ago, and seeing that look in his eye is the most flattering thing in the world. 

I find myself waiting patiently for something. I just don’t know what yet. 

“Babe, I swear you in this diaper is the hottest thing I have ever seen.” He tells me jumping up from the bed. 

He grabs his phone from the nightstand where he’d left it while he showered. If Allen has a weird thing, it’s how often the man showers. 

Meh, we all have something! 

He smiles at me and nods toward his phone. Allen travels for work occasionally. I have always allowed him to take pictures of me. He keeps them on a password protected website that we both have access too, but I administrate. He’s not supposed to be able to get the pictures off there, but I trust him so I don’t lose sleep over whether he can or not. 

They aren’t on his phone for his buddies or employees to stumble across, and I can access it and remove the stuff I don’t like or change the password at will which I do frequently. I setup the account so that if he ever leaves me he can’t reset the password. I know he could probably get around the no download settings and save them, but I trusted him enough to marry him so... 

I tug the sheet across my midsection to cover my tummy. I partially obscure my chest and diaper, but this is my permission to his request to take pictures. He just smiles and starts clicking away. 

He poses me and snaps pictures until we can’t take it anymore. I guess he’s afraid he’ll never see me this way again and wanted the record the night for his personal time or when he was away. I don’t mind, better me than someone else as his fapping material. 

It always makes a girl feel powerful to turn her man on. I’d go in and crop my face out of these pictures later anyway, but for right now I get even more excited thinking about him stroking himself looking at these pictures. 

After what seems like forever, Allen finally touches me. I’ve been in a wanton state for so long that my little diaper is literally damp, but not because of any traffic related accidents this time. I wet this one with anticipation. 

He puts the phone down and crawls up in the bed to lie beside me. His hands and mouth wander everywhere. I fall in love with the sound and feel of the diaper as he plays with me. 

The feeling inside my diaper as he runs his fingers along the outside of the leg gathers is amazing! It is the most tantalizing thing I have ever experienced. I feel like a teenager again getting felt up for the very first time. This feeling of renewed sexuality is driving me nuts. 

“Time to unwrap my pretty princess.” Allen says breathlessly. 

Then I remember that I have another surprise waiting for him. I’m totally shaven for the first time in like four years. Depending on how he reacts, I intend to stay shaved for a good long while! It feels terrific in my diaper. 

“Holy Shit! Just when I thought this couldn’t get any better.” Allen looks at me lustfully and amazed. 

His camera is instantly in his hands again, and he is clicking away at my shaven crotch resting in my opened diaper. My hips involuntarily grind against the open air in excitement. 

“Take me Allen.” I insist reaching my limit. 

He leaves the diaper under me and assaults my kitty. After bringing me off a few times orally, Allen takes me with an animal passion. The diaper lies forgotten on the floor by the side of our bed. 

When we finish and roll over to our backs panting and staring at the ceiling, I decide I rather enjoy the reaction my unconventional underwear sparks in my man. That thought brings a big smile to my face.




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


“You animal. That was perfect. I don’t think I can move.” I say sighing happily.
“Yup. *pant* it was *pant* amazing. Thank you so much for wearing that for me. It must have been weird for you, but I really appreciate it. You looked so freaking sexy!”

He still thinks I did that for him. He thinks that I wore the diaper because it made him horney. No wonder he took so many pictures. He thinks I'll never wear one again!

“Babe, after my shower I was walking past Molly’s room and I sort of followed a pull, and put that other diaper on. You sort of caught me prancing around in it enjoying the feeling of my shaved kitty against the diaper.” I say blushing but confidently.
“You mean you wore that for you and not me huh… Well, I guess I’m thankful either way, but why did you want to wear another one?” Allen.
“Awe, I don’t know. They were super comfortable. It turned you on a lot. I sort of liked their feel. I felt naughty. I love turning you on.” I tick off on my fingers.
“Oh yes it did.” He interrupts trailing his fingers down my side.
“I don’t know. I didn’t think of wearing another one until after I finished using the first one.” I blush… again.
“What do you mean baby.” Allen says wiggling his eyebrows, the old pet name implying something new between us.
“I sort of wanted to see if it could hold, ya know, everything.” I mumble.
“Did it?”
“Almost, but those are a little small on me. When I get some that fit me better, I don’t think I’ll have that trouble.” I tell him thinking out loud with no leash on my tongue.
“When you get bigger ones? This gets to happen again?” He asks in a hushed tone.
“I want it to. It drove you nuts, and I was kind of already there. I can’t believe how turned on I was.” I admit.
“Was that a four or five?”
“We just moved her into the fives. I saw sixes at Walmart though.” I hint.
“We need anything else from the store?”
“List on the fridge. Whooo… Al, it’s like nine-thirty. Stay in bed.” I exhale totally exhausted.
“I'll be back baby.” He chimes entirely ignoring me.
“I’ll be right here then. I can’t really move yet anyway.” I yawn.

He leaves the room headed for the bathroom. I, however, have trouble relaxing back into my post sex numbness. I feel restless lying there naked, but still too weak to do anything about it. I just can’t get comfortable. Something just doesn’t feel right. 

A smile creeps across my face. 

I know what I want. No, not what I want, I know what I need. I wiggle and scoot to the edge of our California king sized bed. I reach down to recover my discarded diaper, but that’s about as far as I get.

I let out a breath and sort of fall asleep with my arm hanging off our bed. I don’t mean to. I had meant to put my diaper back on and curl up in the bed. Instead, I hear Allen’s phone click again. I can’t be bothered to care. He smiles at me and my eyes flitter closed again. 

I feel Allen put the diaper back on me. It seems like it’s easier for him get it on me than it was for me to put it on the first time. I must have stretched it out. My knees stay butterflied open and he pats my thigh standing up. I hear the door close and roll over falling back to sleep. 

I float halfway awake and sigh into these new unidentified emotions. I crawl my crinkly butt back up to my pillow and stretch my diminutive body out. I fall back to sleep waiting on Allen to get out back from the store. 

I “eep” dramatically waking up to Allen rolling my hips over and pulling me to the edge of the bed. I look into his eyes. They are still hungry for me. I grind my hips against my padding and decide that I’m getting aroused all over again. I call him to me and he takes me again. 

We haven’t had sex twice in one night since Molly was born. This time is amazing too, but it’s slower and more caring. My diaper doesn’t survive this go around. He rips it straight off my hips. 

Thankfully, it rips at the sides and doesn’t spill the inner crumbly stuff everywhere! We make slow happy easy love until we both pass out naked with Allen still inside me. 

Sometime around three AM, I weasel around our big bed until I my feet hit the floor and head toward my bathroom, nature is screaming at me. At that point a shower was the fastest way to go potty and clean up. I jelly leg out of the shower at half past three AM. I’m dry, freshly shaven (again), and lotioned up. I head back to the bedroom. 

“All clean?” Allen asks groggily.
“Yup.” I smile wearing nothing but the towel on my head.

Allen reaches across the bed and grabs a bag of size six Luvs diapers. There is no need to fake my smile, or try to hide how happy I am. I’m sure he'd be able to tell if I tried anyway. 

I just can’t figure out why I’m reacting this way.

He tosses it to me and I fall even more in love with the diapers and my man. Even the dang package crinkles perfectly in my hands. I flush with happiness and anticipation, and a splash of embarrassment. He chuckles heading for another well-deserved shower.

I tear open my very own stash of diapers, and can’t be happier to have them. Doodlebug isn’t going to be the only diapered princess around here anymore. I usually sleep in just my panties, but that didn't feel right with the diaper. 

I fish around and find one of Allen's wife-beater undershirts. I pull it over me for a top. It fits tightly across my moderate bosom. I look around a bit and notice it leaves some killer side boob!

I giggle to myself and easily tug his shirt between my legs. I look a bit like I was wearing one of Molly’s snap crotch onesies. I add that to my list of things I suddenly need.

Abandoning my playful thoughts, fatigue catches up with me again. I yawn a great big face splitting yawn and fall into bed. I pass out on top of the covers in wonder that he’d run off in the middle of the night for me like that. 

Allen turns down the air and tucks me under the covers coming after coming out of the bathroom.

And that's how I wake up at about six am dying to pee again. I rub my eyes and look at my phone. No point in holding it till eight (when Molly usually wakes up on the weekends), I just decide to get up and go. I’m pretty sure I'll fall back to sleep pretty fast, I’m still pleasantly exhausted.

I roll onto my back so I can scoot off my side of the bed. That movement reminds me of my diaper as I slide across the mattress. I smile and immediately and try to relax. I don’t know how much I have to go so I took about fifteen minutes to slowly fill the diaper. 

Hehehe yay no leaks! Slows the way to go. OMG! I should wear these just so I don’t have to get up three or four times a night!

I yawn, stretch, roll to my side and pass back out. My diaper is warm and squishy as I pass out. I love it and sleep reclaims me swiftly. 

I wake up disoriented because my alarm hadn’t gone off. I’m flat of my back with my knees in the air. Suddenly, there is a rush of cold air against my very warm crotch. 

Allen is changing my diaper!

He notices me looking at him, “Princess Mommy! I figured you could use some help. My shirt looks awesome on you by the way.”
“Uh… That was on purpose.” I say pointing at the used diaper beside me.
“Figured. On purpose for now huh?” He says patting my newly re-diapered crotch.
“I wasn’t planning on wearing another one today.” I admit.
“The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.” He teases. 

Allen has to work today, so I roll over happy and dry, maybe feeling a touch confused. He's gone by the time my alarm chirps at me. With Allen at work, I’m in no danger of being discovered by my three year old. I saunter into the kitchen for coffee in just his undershirt and my diaper. 

Lots of cream and sugar later, I sit on my side of the couch. I tug my legs up and enjoy the first few sips of my coffee. I stare at my fish tank taking my time waking up. This is my “me” time. My hand drifts to my diapered crotch and an evil grin slides across my face.

Behind my smile, I ponder my new underwear and my wardrobe. If I wear something tight everyone would know. If I wear something too loose I'll have the sound to contend with.

Too bad I don't have any button crotch leotards. I could wear diapers with a skirt or slacks. I could wear jeans, but I hate to do that for work…

I can’t believe I’m even thinking about wearing a diaper out of the house!

I sit there staring at my fish swimming around and go through my closet in my mind. I have dressed my diapered Doodlebug for the better part of four years, but never paid the slightest bit of attention to hiding her diapers. I suppose there were handicap people everywhere around me wearing them that I haven’t noticed. So, it can be done…

Just have to try things till I figure it out.




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


By the time I finish my coffee, I have a choice of clothes firmly in mind. I’ll have to try on a few things to make sure, but I think I have Monday figured out too. That takes care of diapers with casual and work clothes, well if they work!

I rinse my number one Mom cup, fill the coffee pot back up with coffee grounds and water, and absentmindedly scratch at my diaper. Stretching, I reach over and set the timer for tomorrow morning. I want to kiss that coffee pot every morning when she greets me with that rich drink of happy morning goodness!

God bless you morning happiness fairy!

I take my time heading to my bedroom simply enjoying the sound of my diaper crinkling in the silent house. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I comb out my hair. I follow my normal morning routine only I do it diapered.

A bit later in my bathroom, I wash my face and brush my teeth still lounging in Allen's shirt. I eventually resin myself to getting on with my day. I pat my diapered butt and head over to my closet.

Let’s do this!

I reluctantly slip out of his shirt and into my pants suit. I want to see how my work clothes fit first. I’m not super interested in any well-meaning three year old assistance while re-designing my wardrobe around my new diapers, so I want to get this done while Molly is still drooling on her pillow. 

A few giggles and a stray thought or two hit me. I might actually want to wear a diaper to work. What the hell? I have an office meeting Monday morning I’d forgotten about. At least I could fight off the drowsiness knowing what was under my suit…

I’m constantly in business meetings including several video conferences. They happen every day whether I’m in the office or telecommuting. My whole team knows I’m working from home these days, but I still feel compelled to maintain business appropriate dress, so my infrequent trips into work don’t change my daily routine much other than the drive in and out of town. 

I twist and turn checking my pantsuit from several angles in my dressing mirror. The small diaper doesn’t disrupt the drape of the material. The pants are much better at hiding my diaper than I’d have thought. My perky boobs leave tremendously flattering cleavage staring back at me in the mirror from the confines of my suit jacket. 

I’ll need a peach onesie to tie this all together. But I still feel sexy as hell.

Happy with the suit, I switch into some jean shorts and a tank top taking time to put on a light coating of makeup. I stretch my arms over my head and see the diaper peeking out over the top of my low cut shorts. I tuck in the tank top to prevent accidentally flashing the world. The peek-a-boo my diaper was doing draws my attention again to onesies and their practicality. 

It’s finally time to get Molly rolling. I repeat much of my prep time on her, minus the coffee and makeup! I dress her in her onesie and a skirt, because that's what I'd rather be wearing! I make mental notes on how easy that would be to change my own diaper.

“Where’s Daddy?” Molly asks me.
“He had to work a bit today. He’ll be home around lunch Molls.”
“K, Can I has a poptart Mommy?”
“Yeah, orange juice or apple?”
“Apple.” She asserts.

I make some toast and slather some strawberry jam to go with a glass of orange juice. I take Molly a piece of toast and jam with her poptart. Her tummy is legendarily fickle. Molly isn’t fully woken up yet and sort of spaces out while eating her poptart. 

I want to grab a couple of leotards today. It’d be ungrateful to be mad at Allen, but I wish he’d have gotten the Wal-mart list last night. It seems he only got the one “vital” thing. I giggle. I need to run by PetSmart for some fish food too.

I continue to plan a morning of running errands and scheduling the stops where I won’t lose Molly’s attention. She’s a great kid, but if she gets tired and board… Well, she can get pretty whiney. That’s not my favorite version of Molly to run around town with! 

We finish up breakfast and clean up after ourselves. Molly seems set on a real effort at “big girl” today. She brings me all the dishes and insists on helping me rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. Molly skips and sings lyrics from Frozen while we finish up.

Cute little thing! These are the kinds of mornings you remember your whole life. 

I feel a twinge in my bladder. My coffee is making its way through me already. Coffee and soda have always had a fast track through my bladder, but it’s been worse since Molly was born.

“Doodlebug, why don’t we set you up some TV? Mommy’s gotta potty.” I tell her in third person.

Why do we do that? I think deciding I need to invest some pronouns on Molly’s education. 

[Me] Need anything not on the list? Molls and I are hitting the stores. You may beat us home. 

I text Allen leaving Molly with Frozen playing while I took off for the bathroom. I don’t expect a return text. Allen will be working hard to finish working so he can get home to us. I realize that I’m headed to the bathroom while wearing one. 

It’s a more than a little ironic and I laugh at myself. I freeze in the middle of my bedroom. I work to relax my bladder giving my body permission to relieve itself. Which, as it turns out, is super hard to do. 

I go a bit but can’t fully release. Making my way to Molly’s bedroom, I allow dribbles out between my stepw. I pack her diaper a bag and head back toward the living room. The diaper is quiet enough in the jean shorts that I don’t notice my own sounds. I approach the living room and pause. 

Should I wear one to the store? God, I can’t believe I was about to leave the house in a wet diaper. 

I put off the decision and yell at Molly that I have her bag packed and am heading to the bathroom. She’s snuggled up to Olaf on the couch watching her movie and yells back an “ok” at me. 

Standing in front of my mirror, I shuck my jean shorts and stare at myself in my tank top and diaper. I can see the number six proudly telling the world that it’s mine. The diaper is tight, but I can fit in a baby diaper! These don’t seem near as apt to pop loose either, but they don’t offer full butt cheek coverage, so that’s a minus. 

On an impulse, I stick my thumb in my mouth, but that immediately feels wrong. I yank it out and wipe it off almost violently. I pose sexily in front of the mirror feeling much more natural in my skin with the thumb out of my mouth. 

Nope, that’s not for me for sure. I adore how this feels, even soggy. But, I don’t want to sit around with my thumb in my mouth like Molls does. I’m a big girl. 

I don’t think about it anymore. I untape the diaper and throw it in the bathroom trash the mood being slightly spoiled with my thumb experiment. I squirt some air freshener directly into the trashcan and finish my business in the toilet. Back in my bedroom, I slide a yellow pair of boyshort panties up my legs with a winking smiley face settling on my butt.

I pull my shorts back up my legs ready to start my day. Dressed like an adult, I approach my daughter in the living room. I shove my cell phone in my back pocket and grab my purse shouldering Molly’s bag. 

Entering the living room, I have a sudden change of heart and race off to Molls room to change out her bag. 

She can be a big girl too. It’s time she starts hauling her own crap around. I’m no pack mule! Plus, she needs some more dignity. 

I stuff a skirt, some wipes, and a couple size fives in the tiny backpack I’d bought her. It looks like a tiny pink canvas hiking backpack, suitability girly and less childlike. In fact, I bought it because it looks a lot like my business laptop bag. 

“Here you are Doodlebug. Mommy, er… I mean ‘I’ packed your bag so you can carry it like M… er ‘I’ carry my purse!” I tell her excitedly tripping over my new resolution to introduce some pronouns.
“K Mommy! Mowwy wubs it!” 

I can almost hear Allen correcting her. Nope, I’m not going to do it. She’s too cute. She doesn’t ever need to grow up! Lord knows she’ll never have a sibling! I don’t suffer from the labor amnesia like some women do, and the changes in my body are to pronounced to risk it again. 

Molly trundles over to me and I slip the backpack over her arms cinching up the straps sizing it to her little back. Molly sways a bit as she adjusts to the weight. She looks like she’s headed out for a super cute hike. I smile widely appreciating my daughter. I’m just happy she’s mine and it makes my heart melt. 

I snatch her up, backpack and all, cradling her little diapered butt on my arm hugging the life out of her. I kiss her all over her face tickling her with my bangs.

“Stop Mommy! It tickles!” 
“Muah, Muah, Muah” 
“Mommy! I’m gonna pee!” 
“One too many tickly kisses huh? Someone’s butt is warm!”
“No worries Doodlebug. That’s what your diapers are for honey.” 

That’s what He said! I quip internally thinking of Allen.

“I know.” 
“Let’s get you all cleaned up Molls.” 

I sit her down and take her hand. We head to Molly’s room for a quick dry-butt. Molly is flat of her back and I’m tugging her new diaper up between her legs when my own crotch feels the absence of a diaper. A sudden charge of jealousy rushes through me. So, I finish her change quickly and we finally make our way out of the house.

Holy Shit! What the hell was that!

“Molly, baby. Today we have several stops to make ok? The last one is the pet store though. You can see the kitties! Well, you can see them if you’re a good girl for Mom… eh, me.” 
“Kitties! Me want the Kitties!”

I get her buckled in the car and we make our way to the mall. It’s the first time I have been back in my car since I wet Molly’s diaper. I certainly feel its absence the jealousy lingering despite my wishes. Molly talks about kitties all the way to the store. I wish Allen wasn’t allergic. Molly would take such good care of cat. She’d be a terrific kitty mommy!

I change my mind and we make our way to Walmart first. I grab some supplies for Molly and some things for the house. In the pharmacy area, I grab some new eye liner and get Allen his sport scented spray deodorant. I have crossed everything off the house list that isn’t food except pads. 

I always wear a pad these days. My tiny bladder just ain’t what she used ta be, not after Molly. I have my hand on one of Playtex’s assorted boxes when I see Poise Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Pads. My hand shakily moves toward the package. 

I didn’t think of that. I can get away with these can’t I? I giggle to myself.

I pick up the package and then reach back down to grab another. I decided that these could do for work and everyday life. Even if I am caught wearing them, I’m expected to be! I’m about to leave when my eye catches something right there next to those pads. 

I see the Depends Maximum Overnight Protection. My bottom lip tucks between my teeth. I bite down working it nervously. My palms turn clammy and my heart races. I feel drawn to them. 

“Mommy. Da mobies stopped.” Molly says jolting me from the stupor.

I reach out and take my phone reloading YouTube Kids. I literally shake my head trying to free myself of the gravitational pull of that ridiculous green package. It won’t be denied though. My eyes move of their own accord. With Molly distracted, my hands move rotating my shoulders. 

I grasp the small size and rotate the bag. The waist size seems ok. They feel amazing. The bag itself feels like a diaper within a diaper. It has an amazing rubbery plastic feel and a marvelous sound. I feel drawn to it like a starving survivor to a juicy cooked steak. 

I re-arrange the cart hiding the diapers around between the boxes of pads. We grab several things and cover the contents of the cart. I haven’t found the courage to walk out with my head high and proud holding a package of diapers. Nope, not yet. We make our way to the check out and then to the car while I try not to die of embarrassment. I load up the trunk swapping out my stash of car pads in the console and my purse with my new ones. 

We drive to our next stop, the mall! Molly and I make our way to the family bathroom where I change her and she stands in the stall with me facing the door watching YouTube on my phone. I grab on of the incontinence pads and swap it out with the lightly damp thin panty liner that I have on. 

I poke at the pad and notice that it’s slightly longer than the back of my panties. I adjust the pad forward so that it won’t make any unplanned appearances while we are shopping. I tug up my shorts and freshly lined panties. 

God, this feels just like my diaper only with better sides. I wonder if I can use these like a diaper?

I wiggle my butt and stand and sit a few times.

Good, I can’t hear these any more than my Luvs. 

“Mommy, zat a diaper?” 
“No Molls. It’s a pad for grown up girls.” 

Molly thought she had me cornered, but when I denied that the pads are diapers she believed me and lost interest quickly. Staring at the phone, Molly froze for a moment.

My baby just peed I’ll bet.

I reach down and check her formerly fresh diaper finding it slightly squishy.

“Sorry Mommy.” Molly says sniffling. 
“That’s what they’re for Princess.” I tell her ruffling her hair. 

We make our way to the sink where we wash our hands. Then I stand her on sink to freshen up my makeup and let her play in the mirror a bit. Feeling fully “put together”, I wet my hands and tame Molly’s fuzzy thin hair. 

Hand in hand we make our way to Claire’s.

“Mommy! Mommy! Can I has dis?”
“May I have this?” I correct.
“May I has dis.” She tries. 
“Give it here. Let me see it.” 

The cute knit hat has some wireframe kitty ears covered in plastic gems. The little hat is amazingly adorable. I cave because it’s cute and we really are here to distract Molly for a bit. I let her wear it around the store with the tag hanging off. Molly just holds things up meowing at me the rest of the time in Claire’s. She has me cracking up by the time we leave. 

“Next stop is JCPenny Molls. Mommy needs some new shirts like yours.” 

God! Why am I so excited to about this shit? This pad is bigger than my diaper was. 

I shimmy my hips playing with the humongous pad between them while walking through the mall holding Molly’s hand.




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


I change Molly at JCPenny before we start shopping, she had clearly wet several times.

Look Molls, I get it. They are comfortable. It’s hard for you. If kids wouldn’t make fun of you, I wouldn’t even ask you to worry about using the potty baby. I’m sorry. I really do believe it’s best for you in the long run. 

Mommy knows it’s hard to make it when your body doesn’t cooperate. 

“Listen Molls. Are you listening?” 
“Yeah Mommy.”
“Baby, you have to try and use the potty. It’s an important part of growing up to be a big girl. Do you understand?”
“Mommy, you said dats what der for?” She asks me. 
“I know, baby. It’s… well, that is what they are for. If you have an accident, it’s ok. Maybe just tell Momm… I mean me if you have an accident. Tell me. Accidents are ok. You can’t stop those.”
“I jus happens. Poof and potty in my pants.” Her arms gesticulate.
“And that’s fine baby, your right. That’s what your diapers are for. Just tell me when it happens so I know, and don’t use your diapers if you can find a potty. Ok?”
“OK.” Molly says defeated. “I don’t like da potty.” She mutters under her breath. 

Why do I feel dirty? I know it’s important for her. Gah! Being the Mom sucks sometimes!

I grab a cart and pick Molls up putting her in the child’s seat. She’s engrossed in my phone while I wander the isles. I need some leotards, the snap crotch ones specifically, but the labels call them bodysuits now.

Whatever, they’re onesies! I think reading a tag on a top.

“Look Mommy, el-la-lants is weally stwong!” She points at the video about elephants she’s watching.
“El-ah-phants” I articulate. 

We aren’t hurting for money, but I grew up frugal and I always will be. I browse for sales eyeballing cute tops while we make our first pass in the store. There are several designs with various necklines and some with lace around the collar. 

I move back through all the tops. My eyes land on my new favorite top. I fall in love immediately. It is a blue velvet bodysuit by Arizona with several lacey strings crossing over the cleavage creating a beautiful design. I drape one over the cart along with a few others, including a set of five plain white ones from the underwear section. 

We head off to the dressing rooms so I can try on these new onesies. The closer we get, the more excited I find myself. Raising Molly is full of Awe inspiring moments, but I’ve been through some stuff college, falling in love, getting married, buying a house, working in marketing, being a stay at home mom, and a part time mom/work from home employee. 

I’m sure I still have a lot of experiences left to discover in life, but everything about my diapers seems to be thrilling me in new and exciting ways. It’s a bit like re-experiencing my own life with a new filter on the movie, like re-watching black and white memories in full technicolor.

Even this simple act of trying on adult clothing that functions the same as Molly’s toddler clothes is exciting me. I hurry into a stall closing and locking the door. I check the bench for lingering push pins and sit Molly down starting a game on my phone. I try on the peach onesie I got for work Monday. 

Ok. Cool. It fits. Let’s button this thing up. Huh, I can feel the snaps. Don’t like that. 
You will be wearing a diaper there’s no way you will be able to feel them then. 
Oh yeah!
God, the cut on these are different than Molls. Sexier. Thinner in the crotch. Higher in the hips. I hope the velvet one fits better. My diaper will hang out all over in this one.

I run my hands over the crotch of the shirt protected from my smooth skin by a layer of yellow smiley faced hipster panties and a thin pad. I can feel the ridges in my finger print bumping over the ribbed material of the top through the panties on my shaved crotch. 

OMG! That’s so erotic. Even covered in two layers of fabric and a thick pad, I feel naked to the touch. This is fucking amazing. I can’t wait to feel my diaper pressed in tightly with these. Ok, God please let this fit. I thought grabbing my favorite velvet top.

I try on the top. The snaps hit a little further forward than the peach one. It’s far more comfortable than the first one I’d tired on. It comes down over my hips following my hipster panty line pretty closely. I spin in the mirror adjusting the straps on the top tying the fanciest bow I could manage leaving the string hanging low over my boobs.

I love it when my favorite is the best. My girls look amazing in this. I push them together, pull them apart, and lift them high and low. Who doesn’t love a top that looks this good no matter where my boobs roam off to! This may be my favorite top in my whole closet! My God this velvet feels so good.

Wonder how it’d feel without a bra? I file that thought away for later.

I decide to wear the top out leaving the tags on it. I’d never reacted badly to new clothes, so I wasn’t concerned about wearing it out of the shop. The cashier smiles at me scanning the tags under my arm along with the rest of my clothes. She can tell I was in love with the top and compliments me on how it looks on me while asking my “kitty” tons of cat questions. 

Turns out Molly likes the taste of field mice the best… HA!

I’m very much excited to get home. I look down at my watch seeing it is now about eleven twenty. We head to the car with our bags of goodies hand in hand. Molly looks so grown up. My tall little Doodlebug looks twice her age with her height and the backpack, like a grade schooler off to conquer the world. 

How tall will my little amazon be when she’s really eight, thirteen, twenty? 

“I love you Doodlebug.” I sniff.
“Whaz wrong Mommy?”
“Nothing Molls. I was just thinking you look like a beautiful big girl instead of my tiny baby girl.” 
“Yup. Imma big girl”
“Gettin there huh?” I chuckle ruffling her hair. 
“Mommy I’m wet K?” 
“Did you have an accident? Let me see how bad.” 
“You’ll make it till we get home.” 
“It was a hack-sa-dent Mommy. I didn’t know till I was goin.”

I need to pee too Doodlebug. Should I? Allen won’t care, even if I make a mess. Can these pads really hold up?

We leave the mall and head for AquaWorlds, our local fish store. I promised Molly kitties. I’ll have to take her to PetSmart on the way home. I resign myself to two more stops instead of one. PetSmart doesn’t have the saltwater fish food that I need though. I’m always forgetting that. The aquarium care stuff is cheaper there, but I only need the saltwater shrimp for feeding the tank today.

Well, honestly. The second stop at PetSmart would keep me from buying anything at AquaWorlds. Hey! If you don’t keep fish, you can’t understand how hard it is to walk out without a new fish, coral, or piece of equipment!

Inside AquaWorlds, I prowl through their coral frags and make my way to the refrigerated shelves. I deny the impulse to add some new coral to my tank and just get the frozen shrimp. I pay for my purchases and we make our way toward the house stopping only for a few minutes for Molly to poke the adoptable kitties through their cages. 

She gabs on about the kitties all the way home. Pulling up at the house, I see Allen’s truck, he has beaten us home. Getting out, I finally stop to check my phone. I’d missed a couple texts from him. They aren’t anything important though, so I text him we are home and could use his help.

Opps. I’ve been known to get pissed at him for that move.

Standing up, I begin emptying my bladder into my inco-pad. I certainly don’t mean to. It’s one of the things I contend with now. This is the reason my panties are always lined. Instead of standing there concentrating on flexing all my muscles until I regain control, I boldly take a step forward around Molly’s open car door ignoring my leaking lady bits. 

Reaching my leg out for the next step releases a big spurt of pee. The small squirt and pinch move I usually pull in these situations isn’t working. Frankly, I didn’t want it to. I hold back enough that I don’t flood the pad, but every step and flex releases some tiny bit of urine. It actually feels really good not to have to worry about standing in my yard in wet shorts because of the pad. 

This is one of the little gifts Molly’s trip through my body left me, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t have labor amnesia like some women. I have constant biological reminders of the cost of motherhood. I don’t see as well and had to get glasses! On a positive note, I haven’t had the period-migraines since I had Molly, and I’d had them since puberty started a decade ago. That is sort of amazing to be honest.

Pregnancy is still a miraculous thing. My doctor told me that pregnancy doesn’t cause these changes like the eye sight and migraine stuff, not medically. Then he went on to tell me dozens of stories about body adjustments that some of his patients had gone through after pregnancy, some temporary and some, like me, permanent. 

Peeing myself when I don’t feel like I have to go, just because I decide to change my personal elevation, that seems a bit extreme to me. It happens to me nonetheless. I feel the texture of my pad changing from fibrous to jelly between my legs. 

I decide to let my body evacuate whatever it feels like is necessary, but try to keep a heavy wetting out of the picture. I force myself not to fight the piddles. It’s a word I coined for myself. It’s what I call these little wetting episodes that just really fucking brighten my day. 

Ever hear of the walking farts? Well, I have the walking piddles. 

I take Molly’s hand and lead her, wearing her backpack diaper bag, into the house with the frozen food from the local fish store. I finally stop the piddling and plunk her down on the couch with my phone. Allen comes out of our bedroom at about the same time. I shake my head at the small fortune we spend on water for his showers.

“Hi girls! Did you have a good time shopping?” Allen asks kissing my neck. 
“We did, huh Molls?” I ask looking at her over my shoulder.
“Yup, Meow” 
“Did you get a kitten while you were out Mommy?” 
“I did! Isn’t she great!?!”
She’s not house broken though.” I whisper loudly giving her a hard time.
“Moom eeee!” Molly whines like a teenager. 
“Wow, learn that move early don’t you girls?” Allen asks me.
“The Sass is Strong in this one.” I nod sagely.
“You dropping Star Wars puns is hot.” Allen says causing me to blush. 

Allen pats my butt while our kid is fully engrossed in an episode of SpongeBob on my phone. She’s safely distracted so we can run in and out of the house. He kisses my ear. I sigh happy and turn resting on his chest. Then I straighten up and smack his chest. 

“Is anyone wet today?” 
“Allen! Seriously!” I shout exasperated. 
“I un know.” Molly slurs together.
“How bout Mommy? Was she a good girl? Did she keep her diaper dry?” 
“I did no such thing you turd!” I huff walking toward the door embarrassed to my core.
“I had a hack-sa-dent Daddy. Mommy used da potty like a big giwl. She buied big giwl diapers.” 
“I bought Pads Molly. Pads.” I say forgetting the Depends I’d picked up altogether.
“Oh relax honey. It’s ok. I love my girls whether they are wet or dry!” Allen teases.
“Stay put Molly. Daddy and I will be right back. We’re just going to the car to get our stuff.” I say dragging Allen outside.

“Don’t be mad baby.” Allen pleads sensing my mood.
Sigh “I’m not mad Allen, well maybe a little. What we do in the bedroom doesn’t have anything to do with Molly’s little reality. Plus, you don’t go embarrassing me anymore.” I fix him with my don’t-push-mom look. “To be perfectly clear, that’s not a request. It’s an expectation. This is for me and you and no one else. I’m a lady regardless of my clothing choices, and I won’t be belittled!” 
“Robin, baby, I’m really sorry. I was just playing. I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings. It was stupid and I’m really sorry.”

I let him stew in his own remorse just to reinforce the point I’m making. I may not do a lot of off-center stuff in the bedroom, but come on Internet. I know, at least on the surface, what a submissive is. I am not one of those. I may be meek and a bit humble, but I’m no one’s floor matt. 

No offense to those who get off on that, but that ain’t me boy-o. I think and throw an angry eyebrow at Allen. I grab my shirts filling up my arms and head back into the house.




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


Dumping my clothes on the bed, I begin sorting out my new tops by color. I drop the white ones in my whites laundry basket, and the colors I decide to wash individually with a couple older towels each on tiny load settings. No sense in lettings these fade over something I already own.

I make several mini-laundry piles and lug them into the laundry room. I decide to start the whites with some bleach first. The water begins filling while I add the bleach, but I discover a problem when I bend over to grab the white load. Apparently, I still need to pee quite a bit. I decide to put these pads to the test.

No better room than the only one with a floor drain!

I take a wide legged stance and relax my bladder, or try to. I fail. 

It’s not so much a factor of permission, but a matter of forcing muscles that I don’t EVER think about to open. I guess that’s the thing though. Maybe being flexed shut is the relaxed state for those bladder control muscles. If that’s the case, it’s a bit like doing a bladder pushup! I make a mental note to look that up. 

Interesting theory. 

I decide It’s really a mind over matter type thing. I envision a Sci-Fi type scene of casting my consciousness down the nerve synapsis to the bundles controlling my bladder. With the piddles always on the horizon, I have perhaps a stronger connection to my troubled bladder muscles than most people do. I envision my bladder as a hand tightly clasped holding something in.

I lean forward bracing myself on the washing machine angling my body in a new way while trying to tug those mental fingers loose. I finally feel my control loosen and I begin to wet the incontinence pad. Suddenly, I’m releasing a full wetting onto the pad, but it’s like the pad doesn’t even try keep up.

My hipster panties plus this type of pad don’t make a good pairing. The pad itself stays in a circular shape instead of flattening out gathering correctly. Apparently, I need some full on tighty-whitey granny panties. I don’t know if it fails because of being a crappy product, or because I wasn’t wearing correctly either way the pad definitely fails. 

I feel the pee trailing down my leg and “eep” shocked back into action. I shuck my tennis shoes and strip my socks off tossing them in the washing machine with the whites. I stand over the drain as my body finishes the business I started not having any options.

Sadly, I strip out of my new favorite top that’s now soggy in the crotched. I rinse it in the utility sink and drop some water over the floor using a towel to clean up my mess. When Allen finds me a few moments later, I’m still standing there in my yellow smiley assed panties with a totally soggy incontinence pad soaked so badly it looks like it just phoned in the effort, I mean come on! 

“Hey Babe. Ooo, Boobs!” Allen says taking a good thirty seconds or so to notice anything else.
“Shit.” I grumble when he eventually looks down.
“Everything ok over there Princess?”
“Awesome…” I threw him a you’re-a-dumbass eyebrow. 
He waves his hands, “Alright I give!” 
“Do you need any help Rob?”
“I rinsed my top and threw my socks ‘n shoes in the whites.” I say pointing at the washer. 
“So what happened here? An accident?”
“No… an experiment. A failed one.” 
“What didn’t work?”
“Well, I got a new heavy wetting pad to see if I could sort of wear a diaper, but not really.”
“I piddled a lot when I got out of the car, you know… like I do.”
“That’s what your pads are for baby. I really don’t care that you dribble.” 
“I know. I love you for it too.” I say meaning it while straddling the drain in the laundry room.
“I thought this was the safest place to test em.” 
“I’d have went with the shower…”
“Well, damn. I had to go and NOT think of that.” I admit a bit defeated.
“Meh, no worries looks like you already cleaned it up.” 
“I was just going to strip and shower really fast. I’ll wash these panties with one of these loads.” 
“I’ll take care of that. You just flash me those gorgeous butt cheeks and scoot out of here.”
“Allen, you don’t have to. I’m not some kid.”
“Well, you certainly are playing at it.” He smirks.
“Wipe that look off your face or I’ll kick your ass.”
“Ma’am, Yes Ma’am.” He salutes.
“God you’re impossible.” I say stripping. 
“Nah, I’m amazing. I clean up after wet girls around here all the time.”
“A wet toddler maybe…”
“Nope, I washed your wet stuff yesterday too.” 
“I… Oh… I… I was going to do that. You didn’t have to.” 
“Well, I don’t get off on handling your pee or anything, but your accidents don’t repulse me either. You certainly never will!”
“Fine, you can be out of the dog house.” I tell him turning to him naked as the day I was born.
“I’m going to shower. Did you get the rest of the stuff out of the car?” 
“Yep. On the counter.” 
“Will you run a kitchen wipe with bleach on the floor between here and the washer?” 
“Already planned to. I’ll put the rest of the bags on the bed.”
“You can return or throw away those bags of pads. Even if I could figure it out, I’ll never trust them now.”
“Done. I’ll just toss em. Not worth the gas or my time to take ‘em back. We should stick them all over something and then take a funny picture.” He jokes. 
“We’ll do no such thing. My totally manageable leaky issue and my new found love of thick underwear is no one’s business but ours mister!” I say getting a little heated again.
“Sorry, not what I meant. Just thinking of that kid from AFV covered in pads the other day.”
“Nope. Trash or take back. That’s your options. No negotiation.” 
“Trash it is!” 

I leave the laundry room running on my tip toes like a spooked deer. I’m genuinely upset that the pads didn’t work and that my new favorite top is in the laundry room in the sink. I totally stomp off to the bathroom pissed the hell off, just not at Allen, this time!

I take my time cleaning myself and lotioning up my skin. When I get out of the shower I fix my hair and do a light coating of makeup. I feel the need to look my best for Allen after him seeing me in the laundry, all boobs out and wet panties. That’s not the look I want to foster! 

I paint my nails and toe nails too. By the time I’m done, I look like I’m ready to go dancing or for a night out doing something young and fun. 

Perfect, I think looking in my mirror. This is exactly the level of nice that I’m looking for! 

I look around in my Tee-Shirt drawer for something cute that will go with my nails. I find a purple My Little Pony shirt that I bought to match one Molly just had to have a few months ago.

I feel like a cute day! I can be cute and sexy too. I love it. Ooo, I’ll put my hair up too!

I tease my hair into a cute dangling updo with floppy bangs. It feels summery, light, and cute. I scratch at my chest and cup my breasts. I let them fall back to their resting position and smile at myself. It was a hard fight back to this shape after Molly, and I’m a bit proud despite a little remaining pudge. Naked below my shirt, I sit on my bed trying to decide what my bottom half should look like for the rest of the day. 

I know I want to wear a diaper. So there’s that. I guess I need to decide what I can wear with this top that will help me hide my diaper. 

I pilfer through my closet and the bottom drawer in my dresser. I sit out a few pieces, but struggle making up my mind. I rest my hand on my hip cocking it out to the side while I stare at my bed. My door pops open startling me. 

“Shhh… It’s just me baby.” 
“Damn honey. Scared the shit out of me.” I say resting a hand over my throbbing heart.
“Didn’t mean to.” 
“I’m ok now.” I smile at him half naked. 
“You look amazing.” He smiles at me lecherously. 

I turn fully to him displaying my fuzz free goodies. Allen smiles the sight. I sashay over to him wiggling my hips as I walk. He stands there mesmerized by my movements. 

“Hey babe. I can’t decide what to wear over my diaper.” I tease.
“I’m ok with nothing!” 

He gets a well-deserved really eye for that, but knowing him he probably thought it was worth it. 

“Bah fine. You know I wasn’t serious. I just hate to cover you up. I could stare at you all day.” 
“Well, we decided to have a child so… no day long ass staring for you.”
“I like the new packaging anyway. Speaking of. May I?”
“Please.” I giggle and move the baggy overalls I set out further up the bed. 

Allen takes my ankles and tugs me closer to the edge of the bed. I close my eyes to focus on the feelings. This isn’t the first time my husband has diapered me, today even, but this is the first time I am awake enough to focus on it, to enjoy it. 

He spreads my legs at the knees leaving then laying open like butterfly wings. My shaven kitty stares up at Allen, and I feel the air caressing my delicate places. His hands trace up my ankles gliding up the insides of my legs. They spread outward at my hips reaching under me to cup my ass tracing the back of my legs pulling them together. 

I moisten enjoying the luxurious feeling of Allen’s rough hands on my skin. He raises me off the bed far enough to slide a diaper under me. Immediately, I feel that this diaper is bigger than I expected. I resist the urge to open my eyes enjoying the sensory deprivation. 

May have to add a blindfold to the naughty drawer!




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


 Allen fits up my diaper tugging it around to center it. This one’s incredibly crinkly. I focus my ears listening to every noise it produces. Finally, he tugs on my diaper pulling it down to the right level on my butt. 
I feel the diaper gathers tugging at the creases between my ass and legs as Allen pulls the diaper up. He lays the front of the diaper over my crotch and I know it’s not one of my Luvs. Struggling to keep my eyes closed, Allen cups my crotch to see where the front waist will lay. His hand shifts to my waist holding the diaper in the center. 
My man’s a diapering professional… mhmmmm
He tucks the left front side in around my hip and tugs the back over the front panel. Allen abandons his hold on the middle of my waist, and tugs the front side for a tighter fit. He repeats the process on the other side completing the fitting.
I wiggle my ass in this larger diaper enjoying the feeling of a properly sized one. It tugs and pulls in the directions of the tapes and across my waist. It feels amazingly tight and secure. I pinch my legs together bunching the diaper up between them. It crinkles seductively as I move my legs like a cricket. 
Allen parts my legs and lies lightly on top of me. He kisses my heart up into my throat. I drape my arms around his neck and peck his cheek. 
“Babe, Molly.” I say pushing him up smacking at his chest and standing up. 
“What am I wearing?” I ask looking down at my fully diapered ass. 
“I don’t know, I didn’t look. They were in the bag with your trash pads.” 
“Oh, I forgot I bought those. I was too pissed at the pads. I thought you’d bought me something.”
“Bawahahaha!” Allen laughs. 
“What’s so funny?”
“You said pissed at your pads that you just peed in.” 
“Oh pissed, I didn’t mean that as a joke. I get it.” 
“Oh crap… still funny though.” 
“Hey before you go… what bottoms?”
“Uh…” He stalls looking his options over. 
“Oh! The overalls for sure. No doubt.” 
Allen takes off for the living room to check on our little Phone Zombie. I stand up and run to the full length mirror in the closet. I spin, turn, jump, bend, and gaze at myself in the mirror. I feel awesome. I feel sexy and desirable, and I feel fucking silly. I shrug off the silly and just go with happy.
I tug the overalls up and clip the bibs in place. I check myself in the mirror again. I haven’t purposefully dressed cute in a good long while. I have to actually work at looking my age. An older looking girl stares back at me in the mirror. She’s a cute girl, maybe in her late. She sure doesn’t look like a mid-twenties mother!
I giggle behind my hand and clap. I jump a few times feeling my bouncy bangs dance around my face. I laugh and bend over touching my toes. I can hear the diaper crinkling away loudly. It’s not as prolific as it was before I put on the overalls, but I can hear it more than I’m comfortable with. 
Oh, I love how this feels. God, my hips are getting a clammy already though. Gonna have to fix that.
I head toward the door pondering the clammy heat around my waist and notice the noise the diaper is making is beyond my tolerance.
Yeah, nope… not running around crinkling this much. Hmmm… What to do? I think tapping my chin. 
I go back to the laundry room inspired. I pull one of my new tops off of a pile of laundry. Pulling a baby blue onesie over my head thrills me. The cut of the onesie leaves it poking out around the collar of my shirt with the overalls, in turn, covering up the decal on pony shirt. Ultimately, I decide to peel off the pony shirt throwing in the load I’d pulled the blue onesie from after fastening up my overalls. 
I make my way back toward my bedroom having spent a totally conspicuous amount of time by myself at this point. I feel like I need to hurry and get out there with my family but walking by Molly’s room, I catch a whiff of baby powder and ammonia. The smell of pee is there, but faint. The biggest smell is the baby powder.
I tip-toe in there and grab one of her many containers of baby powder. Back in my room, I slide my overalls down my ankles and unbutton my snap crotch pulling it up under my chin. I poof out some powder into my hand lightly coating powder around my own hips. 
Oh, now that’s better. Seems to be breathing fine where the padding is heavy… weird! Better run my hand around my belly too. Nice! This is… OMG! I can’t believe how good it feels to wear a diaper that really fits me! Hell, this may even be a bit too big. Better poof my pussy too!
I button my blue onesie wishing I hadn’t gotten the whites load going first. I could have worn the pony shirt. I don’t like the blue with my purple nails, but the Pony top worked great with them. I pull up my overalls and button the bib leaving my feet bare.
Girl’s gotta show off dem toes! I laugh at myself wiggling them in the carpet.
I really stare at myself in my mirror getting ready to leave my room. I see a toned seventeen year old version of myself staring back. The baggy overalls and the updo really bring down my age. My loud purple eyeshadow also shaves off another year or two. I love the dangling brown curls framing my face. My dark eyes look a little moody and mysterious with the darker eyeshadow. 
I look like an Emo teenager trying to dress like a little girl… I giggle at my image.
It’s ironic that in reality, I’m a twenty-four year old mother who looks like a teenage lady trying to dress like a twelve year old girl. Even given the visual Mobius strip I’m creating, I feel as sexy as hell. It is very odd to look in the mirror at the image I cut, and yet feel as sexy as a nearly naked cat girl on Halloween!
I trust-fall onto my bed and roll around a little bit. The noise from the Depends is considerably lessoned with my onesie. With the TV on, or any background noise at all, the crinkle will totally fade away. 
I should probably feel guilty, but everyone will just assume its Molly, even if they hear something. Well, except at work…hahaha!
I stood pausing just a moment at the outrageous thought. I have a hard time imagining wearing a diaper of any kind at work, and yet, an equally hard time going that long without one. I can’t tell if I feel out of control, or that I’ve already accepted this as something I want. It’s a pleasant coincidence that Allen seems to be getting off on it. At least we can be strange together!
“What do you guys want for lunch?” I ask the living room where Molly is playing ABC Mouse while Allen reads away on his Galaxy tablet. 
At least THAT has some educational value. I think watching her tap away at her alphabet. 
Occasionally, I feel guilty about her tech time. All the “Pros” at raising kids tell you exactly what’s appropriate for everyone’s kids and circumstances. I try to make sure she plays her educational games as much as watching Kids YouTube or one of her games. We color, play, read, and talk in a good balance for us! Molly wakes me up from my soapbox daydream. 
“Pitha!” Molly screams looking quickly back at her tablet. 
“We had pizza last night. Nope.” 
“I’m not super hungry Robin.” Allen admits.
“Yeah me either, but it’s like one. I’m not cooking till six-ish.”
“How about a sandwich?” He asks.
“Yeah. That’ll work. Molls, you want PB&J?”
“Pleassse.” Molly begs.
“You got it kiddo. Allen, I’m gonna do a small turkey and mayo. Can I get you something?”
“Really? Thought I’d be fixing my own…” He chuckles.
“You’re not in that much trouble. Besides, I’m feeling pretty awesome right now.”
“Good. You’re looking pretty awesome too. Just don’t tell your older sister you’re hanging out with us. My wife gets jealous.”
“God, Allen.” I bark in laughter. “Your dad-jokes are getting stronger.” I mumble. 
I turn to start setting out the sandwich stuff and Allen suddenly grabs me in a hug from behind. His hands invade my overalls trailing down over my not-quite-toned stomach. I feel the bump as his hand hits the onesie covered front of my diaper. It makes him shudder.
“I bet you look super cute without the overalls on.” He purrs.
“You know I do, but the cut of this onesie doesn’t fit the diaper to well. It’s hanging out on the sides. I look like a toddler wearing her mom’s panties, but I freaking love the feeling, all mushed up. Thanks for changing me earlier. Sorry I got snippy.”
“Sorry I was an ass.” We laugh at each other’s apology.
“I don’t know where this is going Rob, but I fucking love where it is right now. Make sure you let me know what’s not OK as you figure it out. I don’t like pissing you off, or when you’re mad at me.” 
“I will. I tried sucking my thumb.” I dangle.
“And, did Princess Mommy like that?” 
“No and I don’t think I like that tone in your voice either. I’m not our daughter or some kid here.” I say politely.
“Shit sorry.” Allen moves to stand up and withdraw his hand.
“No stay. I’m not mad. You told me to tell you. I was just telling you.” I grind my pelvis against his hand.
“Will you wet this one?”
“Of course. That’s how I got here. I’m dying to know if it’ll hold.” I giggle and moan at the same time.
“Let me know when it happens in case I have to go distract Molly. No sense in her seeing that.”
“Yeah. That’s the idea behind these onesies too. They are diaper mufflers!” I admit.
He stands up kisses the top of my head telling me I look cute before leaving the room. Allen smacks my padded rear end as he goes. I smile enjoying the attention. It’s so normal and yet abnormal with the diapers. Everything, and I mean everything, feels like a new sexy secret. 
Every move I make, every step I take, he’s watching me. Hahahaah, I crack myself up!
“Hey let’s eat in here guys!” I yell to the living room.
We pile up at the table not saying much. I log Molly out of her educational tool and put on Pandora putting it on the bar. Molly and I eat and color some more while Allen reads and eats his sandwich. We have a super terrific peaceful family time singing and eating. 
“Mommy, I wanna bow bubbles.”
“Sounds good to me. How bout you Daddy?”
“Good idea girls. Molly, I want to BLOW bubbles.”




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.



We head outside as a family. It’s bubble time! Molly has like a million little bubble blowing toys. She has a hard time settling on one toy at a time. I’m almost certain she’s got A.D.D. watching her hover over all the options. She attacks the large Tupperware with her bubble stuff taking out a bubble hoop. 

It’s a bit chilly outside today, barely seventy-five degrees, and I’m just a little too cool in the shade of our covered porch. I move sitting on the edge of the porch by Molly. The sun feels amazing. Allen joins us after a bit with some drinks taking his seat at the picnic table in the shade of the porch. 

Guess what he does… got it in one! He pulls out his tablet and starts reading.

“Your wizards and werewolves keeping you company over there?” 
“I’m reading a Star Wars book…” He says raising an eyebrow. 
“Fine. Bubbles and girls are way more fun… Are your wookies and porgs keeping you company?” 
“Good company thanks.” He sasses me back. 
“and there’s no porgs in this book! God I hope those aren’t another Ewok Species.”
“I loved the Ewoks! They are cuddly and deadly!” 
“Blasphemy! How could a feral teddy bear kill a futuristic soldier in body armor!” He scoffs.
“I can’t wait to get a stuffed porg for the bed and a six inch one to put with my Jar Jar! Oh! Molly will need one too.” I giggle losing my serious tone.
“What’s funny Mommy?” 
“Daddy baby. Daddy is funny!” We both laugh at Allen, each for our own reasons. 
“We need to start screening those with her ya know. I was thinking of taking her in December.” Allen adds hopefully.
“Yeah, The Last Force is coming out then right?” I tease.
“The Last Jedi.”
“Whatever…” God, it’s easy to rile him up.

***Insert 5 min very motivated tirade on how awesome Star Wars is here***
(Not sure what he said. I was smiling too hard to hear him!)

“Ok babe, Ok! It’ll be fun to watch Molly see the porgs. God I hope Chewy doesn’t eat one!”
“GRAH!” He pretends to rage.

I do everything I can to rile him up about his fiction. I can’t help it! He just takes it so seriously. I have picked up a thing or two over the years, but mostly just what his hot button topics are. I own a Jar Jar Binks six inch toy just to annoy Allen.

“Eep!” I squeal seeing him rock forward to get up. 

I sprint out into the yard running from my fanatic of a husband. The guy’s as big as a wookie! You’d run too if he thundered across the deck after you! 

Molly gets up chasing after Allen who’s chasing after me. Molls laughs so hard she can barely run. I can feel my diaper warming up around my hips. I’m thankful for the powder I used earlier. Allen is a typical ex-football guy. He has large grass eating strides, but not classically quick or maneuverable. I am. I’m quick and maneuverable as hell!

We race around the front yard laughing, giggling, and with Allen thundering behind me pretending to be mad. Our neighbors undoubtedly think we are nuts, funny, but nuts for sure! 

That fun comes to a jarring halt when I step in a mole-run or something. The grass beneath my foot collapses under me. I twist my ankle in terrible unintended and hit the ground hard. Well, I hit hard, but not as hard as it would have, cause you know… diaper! 

I hear a tremendous pop and then pain radiates through me. It hurts, but the whole thing is so fucking funny that I can’t quit laughing even though tears streaming down my cheeks. I roll over and lay on the grass putting my injured leg on the knee of the good leg letting it dangle.

“God Rob, are you ok baby?”
“Nope, hurts.” I sniffle.
“Mommy gonna go to da hospital?” 
“I hope not Princess. Let me have a look baby.” 
“Just… don’t move it, or touch it, or look at it. Damn!”

Just under fifty minutes later, we pull in at the hospital’s emergency room. There’s an ace bandaged wrapped around my barefoot and the bottom of my overall pant leg. Allen parks the car under the awning and picks me up sitting me and Molly down in the waiting room. 

“Al, prop it up for me honey.” 
“K, then I’ll move the car.” 
“I’m so sorry, I love you.” I tell him.
“Oh Robin, I love you so much. This isn’t your fault, don’t apologize. Fucking feel like Bill Murry in Caddyshack.” 
“But our weekend. God my foot is throbbing. I hate moles.” 

I give up trying to be the adult here. I sit Molly in my lap as she hugs me tightly. I sniffle into her hair amazed at the pain in my leg. Allen shuffles uncertain of what he should do. He needs to move the car… and register me… and comfort me. He’s uncomfortable with the whole situation and having a hard time deciding what to do first. 

“Baby… I… Shit, I’ll be right back.” He says finally committing to parking the car first.
“Ummm… Daaddyy!” Molly tuts.

All I could really do is look at him and let the tears trickle down my face. Shooting wicked arcs of pain radiate from my ankle down into my big toe. I can still wiggle my foot so Allen didn’t think my leg was broken, but there is something structurally wrong with my toe. It doesn’t look like it’s laying the way it should anymore. He knows I’m a pretty tough chick. I can handle pain, and my failure to handle this pain is freaking him out.

Allen sprints out of the room, the doors slowing him down while he waits on them to open. I lean my head back wiping my eyes while rubbing Molly’s back. I don’t mean to scare her, but it’s impossible to push all this pain aside. 

“Mommy is ok?” She asks. 
“No not yet, but that’s why we are here baby. They’ll fix me up.” 
“You gonna gets crutches?” 
“Probably, but not right away. They will tell me to stay off my ouchies for a while.” 
“Girls, I’m back. Molly I have to go tell them Mommy’s here.” 

Allen rushes over to the ER Nurse’s intake window. He’s up there for a while filling out paperwork and describing my injuries. My phone chirps a Jawa sound after a bit of writing on his part.

[Allen] Hey, I need your social and date of birth.
[Me] 555-55-5555, *raised eye emoji*
[Allen] nvmd on your date of birth… I figured it out.
[Me] good!
[Allen] Almost done baby. We’ll get in pretty fast she says. 
[Me] *crybaby face emoji*

“Allen, unwrap this. It’s too tight. Fold up my pants so I don’t have to take them off.” I make eye contact with him. Allen suddenly remembers my unconventional underwear. 
“Alright, if it hurts tell me.” 
“Should I just start screaming and not stop until you’re done?” I ask arching my eyebrow. 

The nurse comes out calling my name and Allen just picks me up. He holds me like a baby with my arms around his neck and face in his chest. My big toe is already turning some very unflattering colors clashing with my polish, which unreasonably pisses me off on top of the pain. He doesn’t have an arm to hold Molly’s hand with so, he shifts me around in a baby monkey hold my good leg wrapped around his waist. 

I keep my arms draped around his neck and straddle his stomach with one of his hands under my diapered ass. It is a super embarrassing way to be hauled around! We follow the nurse into a room and he sits me down on a paper covered exam table. 

We wait about fifteen more minutes with nurses and others coming in and out of the room. The doctor comes in like a paperwork tornado. He pokes and prods at my ankle, leg, foot, and toe. I hold up, but I can’t pull back the tears, that shit freaking hurts.

“I’m fairly certain you have a severely fractured big toe. I think it’s dislocated too. I’m sending you for x-rays of your toe and ankle. The bruising is already starting up. That’s pretty quick. It’ll be a nasty sprain if nothing else. I’ll have a nurse clean up your foot before you go in. 

Your ankle is at least a high sprain and may have some hairline fractures as well, but nothing is massively out of place there. If your toe is dislocated, I’ll have to reduce it before we get you out of here. You’re looking at maybe casts for sure walking boot. The x-rays will tell.” 

He pats my knee calling for his nurse. The ibu I’d swallowed at home finally starts kicking in. I feel a layer or two the pain peeling back as the nurse cleans my feet. It is super weird and I don’t my like feet anyway, so I’m very uncomfortable. I focus on talking to Allen and Molly instead.

“Stop squirming Rob. She’ll be done in a bit.” Allen comforts me. He turns to the nurse, “She doesn’t like feet.”

A bit later they wheel me into x-ray leaving Allen and Molly in the waiting room. They painfully articulate my ankle snapping two of the toe and four of the ankle. I thoroughly wet my diaper while trying to hold my ankle in a bad angle that ramps up my pain. 

Back in the emergency treatment room, “Allen” I whisper. “I’m soaked. I’m super worried I’m going to leak. What the hell do we do?




The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


I’m genuinely terrified, but Allen doesn’t appear to have any answers for me. Worse yet, it doesn’t look like I’m getting out of here any time soon. So, we sit and wait on the doctor while I worry anxiously over my wet butt. 

Molls starts getting impatient fidgeting and starting to whine. Of course, that does nothing positive for my mood! Now I have a soggy ass and a kid that is about to lose her cool. Allen picks her up smiling at me. He sits her beside me in the hospital bed while breaking out his phone.

I guess she was quiet longer than I thought she would be. I love you so much Doodlebug! I can’t wait for you to grow out of this awful whining stage though. Lord, it’s annoying. 

Shit. I’m whining too. I think as I realize I’m pouting. The edges of my mouth twerk up and I smile to myself.

We’re still waiting when I feel the need to pee rise. Everything I’d drank at lunch and outside before my “foot thing” calls knocking at my bladders door. I “psst” at Allen catching his attention and motioning toward my diapered crotch with my eyes. I release a little pressure and sigh letting him know that I was wetting right then. 

I see the comprehension in Allen’s face. He moves Molly to the chair and checks the hospital door. Finding it fully closed, he comes to stand by my head. He leans in and picks me up gingerly. 

“Why don’t you just finish really fast? Then I’ll take it off of you and clean you up. You can go commando till we get out’a here.” 
“That’ll work. Hey, just sit me on the toilet… I can finish there.” I whisper out loud improving his plan cause there wasn’t any sense in wetting my overalls.

Why the hell didn’t I think of that…? 

Because you don’t want to be without one! That’s why you twat… I bash myself. 

Answering your own mental questions is the first sign of insanity? I narrate internally. Then I mentally laugh at myself causing a physical laughing to trickle out into Allen’s shoulder.

Allen sits me on the humongous hospital potty. I undo my overall bibs and hold myself up off the toilet while he tugs them down to my ankles. I look up at Allen with a mischievous look on my face and wet the diaper before he can pull it off me. As I’d feared, I over flow my protection hearing my water meet the toilet’s. 

Good call Princess Mommy! I think to myself.

“You done yet?” Allen asks chuckling. 
“Yeah, hey look there! There’s wipes in here.” I point.
“Got ya.” 

I don’t go commando very often, particularly in jean material! There are some delicate bits that should never suffer the indignity of blue jean friction. I can almost feel the furrows forming in my ass cheeks leaving funny prints in my skin. 

Redressed and cleaned up, Allen deposits me on the bed. I adjust my overalls moving and tugging the crotch trying to make sure no jean seams line up with my own!

The doctor knocks once rapidly and sliding in the room. He puts the X-Ray’s on the wall unit lighting it up. He smiles at us grabbing his rolling doctor’s stool and scooting over to my bed side. Allen drops Molly in his lap and silences the phone preparing to listen to the doctor.

“Well, I have good news and bad news!” The doctor breaks the strained silence. 
I sigh at his response, “Well, let’s start with the bad news!”
“K, Good news. Your leg isn’t broken, but your toe sure is!” He says. 
“I wanted the bad news first!” I huff.
“Well, the bad news is your leg isn’t broken!” He dead pans.
“I don’t understand.” Allen says. 
“Well, my diagnosis is a high ankle sprain with a tearing of the ligaments between the tibia and fibula. Frankly, it’s more painful and is a longer recovery than a brake. In fact, most patients with this injury require physical therapy to get back in motion.” He concludes.
“Well, that’s not good. Short term?” Allen asks.

We talk for about thirty minutes while the doctor reduces my toe. The pain causes me to lurch forward in the bed. I feel the crotch of my overalls dampen. I immediately flush red color swamping my features. The guys simply believe it’s my reaction to the pain, but it’s not. It’s a insane feeling of embarrassment. 

Son of a BITCH! I yell internally.

In the end, I wind up without a cast! They have this wrap-splint thing for my foot that stabilizes my toe and a high ankle walking boot for the sprain. I’m stuck 24/7 in the boot for four weeks and in the toe cast-wrap-splint-thing for the same. The doctor suspects that I’ll be in the boot for another six to eight weeks tapering off after the initial four weeks.

The hospital insists that I ride a wheel chair to the emergency room outdoor pickup. I don’t fight them, but I can feel myself piddle when the orderly helps me up and then I sit into the chair. Allen picks up Molly trailing us out of the ER treatment area. 

I sit with the orderly while Allen grabs the car. We make a bit of small talk, or I try to. It seems like I have too or somehow he’d know that I’d wet myself. 

This is why I always wear a pad! Fuck! I yell inside fully of anger and shame. God, I just want to be home and cleaned up!

Allen pulls up and hops out. Molly waves frantically at me. I wave back at her shyly. The orderly helps me to stand as he comes around our car. I turn around facing the orderly who smiles gently at me.

“Do you have a towel or something? If you don’t, I can get a trash bag or something for your wife.” The orderly murmurs.
“I… Uh…” I stutter mortified.
“We keep a towel in here for our daughter. I’ll get it.” Allen says walking to the back of the car and popping the trunk. 
“Oh. My. God. I’m… I can’t…” I flounder for words.
“Oh Ma’am. Don’t worry about it. Stuff happens all the time. We have to sanitize these between each patient anyway. There’s no extra work and you don’t have to be embarrassed.” He tells me.
“I can’t help it. This is so embarrassing.” 
“Can I give you a hug?” The fatherly large blonde orderly asks me.
“I guess.” 
He leans in, “Listen, no one comes here because everything is fine.” He releases me.
“We’re like IT. No one calls those guys when their computers are working fine just to say ‘Hey, my PC is working great and screaming fast!’ Nope, folks come here messed up. We try to send them home better than they arrived. That’s all we are hoping for. I’ve seen much worse. Please try not to feel to bad.”
“Thanks man. She needed that, but she’s still gonna moan for days about this.” 
“She’s right. the. Fuck. HERE!” Anger is easier than embarrassment. So I go with anger.
“Awe, here let me help you up Rob. We’ll get you home and cleaned up!” Allen says lifting me into the car. 
“Ya’ll take care now!” The orderly says turning his back and waving at us. 

It is late afternoon by the time we pull up into our driveway. Allen gets Molly to grab my purse and he carries me into the house directly to our bed. 

I sigh and take another round of Ibu. I’d taken the good stuff the ER doc prescribed immediately after we picked it up at Walgreens on the way home, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. I sag into our soft bed happy to be home, but injured and whiney about it lying on another towel. 

“On the bright side, you love skirts!” Allen teases. 
“I do, but I love my jeans more!” I pout. 
“Are you in a lot of pain right now?” 
“I think that stuff the doctor gave me is kicking in. I feel sleepy and tingly. Like my fingers are waking up from falling asleep.” I tell him snapping my fingers.
“Sounds like it.” Allen chuckles. 

He diapers me with the same tender care he did the first time. I relax even further lying on the fluffy bead in my fluffy diaper elated to be dry. I put my arms out to the side making a comforter snow angle and giggle at the ceiling. 

God, I’m high as fuck… hehehehe I realize and find hilarious. 

“Yeah, I think you are hon.” Allen agrees. 
“Was that out loud?” I ask with wide eyes.
“Yeah.” He laughs at me. 
“I hate this.” I whimper.
“I know. You just can’t stand not being in control can you?” He laughs.
“Well, I mean… yeah. Mine! All of it… hahaha.” I laugh.
“You staying in here or coming out there?” He asks.
“I don’t wanna be all loopy in front of Doodlebug.” 
“I get it. You just gonna lay there in your bra and diaper? Want some more clothes?”
“Uh… yeah rotate the laundry. Remember coldy-cold water for da colors man.” I try for a suffer guy voice. 
“Oh man, I’m sad I’m gonna miss this. You’ll adjust though. You’ll be fine tomorrow I bet.” He assures me.
“Leave me here until the whites dry up. I wanna wear a onesie, but I’ll stay here under the covers until then. Maybe take a nap.” I try to roll on my side. 
“Let’s get you covered up Princess Mommy.” Allen reassures me patting my butt.
“Don’t forget to change me. I’m totally not getting up for peeing in this thing. Hey bring me my phone and put the charger in here… pppppwease.” I let him tuck me in like a kid and quickly drift off to sleep.

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.


I sleep poorly under the influence of the prescription medicine. I missed the dead-to-the-world sleep like I normally get. Instead, I got one of those naps where you surface checking the clock every few minutes. I can’t toss and turn like I normally would. I’m a roller, but my damn boot acts like an anchor keeping me from resting. Totally unsatisfying! 

This nap is turning out to be more trouble than it’s worth… 

Normally I wake up with my pad a bit damp. It’s not like I’m sleep wetting or anything, but more like a series of piddles throughout my wiggly sleep. My pad isn’t soaked nor do I wet my bed, but my pads are almost always a little squishy. I feel like it happens because of my restless body syndrome (I’m self-diagnosed!) I figure when I’m rolling around in my bed the movement releases a bit of pee no matter what I do. 

I blink my eyes trying to shake off the medicinal haze and lack of a real rest. I reach out slapping around for my cell phone wishing I had force powers like in Allen’s movies. Finally finding it, I sit the phone on my chest after checking the time, apparently its 8:30pm. 

Molly should be in bed by now. Wonder if muh Man is still in the living room. 

[Me] So… what’s a girl gotta do ta get sumpin ta eat?

[Allen] What are ya offering? I could think of a few fun things…

[Allen] Seeing any pink elephants?

[Me] God what did I do? Was it as bad as those dentist videos?

[Allen] Nowhere close.

[Allen] Still very amusing.

[Me] Does that mean I have already entertained you enough to get some food?

[Allen] I’ll feed ya either way. Wanna get out of there a while or soup in bed?

[Allen] Also, this is way better than yelling and waking up the kiddo.

[Me] I know right. How’d our parents do this?

[Me] I’d like to get out of this bedroom, but uh… 

I pause no knowing exactly how to ask my next question… 

[Allen] … yes?

[Me] can I get a change first?

[Allen] Change of what?

[Me] You know.

[Allen] I have no idea what you’re talking about.

[Me] Shit… don’t make me say it.

[Allen] Type it baby you can do it.

[Me] Diaper *stick tongue out emoji*

[Allen] What about it baby?

[Me] Don’t push me. I am the vaginal control tower. I can deny your entry codes way longer than you can circle the airport without crashing.

[Allen] This pussy monopoly must stop! Baby will you help me make some protest signs?

[Me] Yeah, protest that at city call. Husband’s Vaginal Visitation Rights. OMG! That would be fucking hilarious.

[Allen] *Gasp emoji* what were we talking about?

[Me] Will you come change my diaper and carry me to the living room?

[Allen] Gotcha, see that was way easier than being the woman behind men’s vagina suffrage.

[Me] I feel like I’ve been setup.

[Allen] It’s possible. Daddy Diaper Service on the way. 

I could hear Allen in a light jog coming down the hall. I looked down at my chest again to see that he’d put me in one of my white onesies. It feels dry. Least he didn’t screw the laundry up. 

I reach down and pinch the diaper beneath the material. It feels a little squishy, but I just don’t see the point in sitting around in a wet diaper! Being all bed ridden and immobile seems like an invitation to diaper rash! 

Better send Allen for some baby oil and powder when he gets here. Ain’t no body gots no time fo dat! 

“Daddy Diaper Services at your…” he draws a blank “service?” he asks laughing and raising his eyebrow.

“Allen.” I say exasperated. “May I have a clean ass and dry butt and a sausage Totino’s?”

“Of course you can Princess Mommy!”


“Yes dear.”

“Much better. Hey grab some baby oil and baby powder from Molly’s room while you run out to pre-heat the oven. Uh… feel free to make yourself one to. You know, if you’re hungry. Sorry babe. Ah… also I like my pizza rack backed and crispy.”

“Sorry for what?” he asks.

“I don’t know. I feel bad bossing you around. I stay at home and don’t work as much so I can do that stuff for you, well, most of the time. But, I just don’t know how to beat around the bush and be all polite and stuff.”

“That’s why you’re the boss lady not the worker bee dear. Those idiots you work with couldn’t tie their shoes without you. That’s why they had to ask my big Princess for help even though she put in her notice years ago.” He coos.

“Pfft. Fat lot of good quitting did. I may work less hours, but the problems are all more complicated now. I suppose I should just be grateful I’m only solving the big problems not all of them anymore. Hey, I have a great team! They haven’t called me all weekend and I have a board report on Monday. That’s saying something!”

“How you gonna do that baby?”

“Shit.” I crow.

“Guess you need your laptop in the living room too?” Allen says.

“Come here and kiss me my smarty pants man.” 

He kisses me. It imbues woman feelings not the toddler I’m dressed up as. Don’t get me wrong. I love my diapers. I like my onesies. It’s just that in my mind they are a convenient sexy way to turn my man on and… I don’t know. Unique? 

Allen comes back with the baby oil and baby powder. I guide him through changing my diaper. Sure the principles are the same, but I want him to be extra careful not to get any powder in me while he’s dusting the baby oil. I want my baby oil rubbed in just right and a touch in the creases of my legs to help keep the noise down on the plastic shell of my diaper. That little bit of oil helps with the friction too! 

“All aboard the Allen Express.” He bellows standing up. 

Fucking Goofball. I think laughing to myself. 

If he hadn’t just rushed me to the emergency room and taken care of everything in that crisis, I’d swear he was a twelve year old boy. He hardly ever takes anything seriously. I suppose it’s a blessing though. I tend to be a bit too focused and a bit too serious. Maybe we are a bit like the light and dark side of the force bringing each other into balance. 

I laugh. Allen picks me up as if I weigh nothing. My legs drape over his right arm at the knee. The boot feels like a dead weight just lying there. I have nothing but pain and weakness available to me when I try to move it. The most annoying thing is the apparatus keeping my broken big toe locked into place. I swear it’s giving me big toe claustrophobia! I ached to scrunch it up and relieve the unnatural feeling. 

“Princess Mommy, your ass is bound and determined to make racket tonight.”

“I know. These depends are crinkly as hell.” I acknowledge then mumble, “I like the noise.

“Huh. Didn’t get that.”


“Nothing sure sounds like, ‘I don’t want to tell Allen what I said and my poor pizza will just have to sit in the oven burning to a crisp since I’m so sensitive and stubborn’.” He mocks me with a parody of my own voice.

“Not the pizza! Geneva conventions man!” I slap at his chest giggling.

“Maybe for the pizza, but smelling it burn is a good punishment for not telling Daddy what you said.” He chuckles.

“But I’m so hungry…” I whine.

“Then tell me what you said.” He insists cheerfully starting to spin me in circles.

“I said that I like the sound. I hear it with Molly. I hear it with these a lot. Molly’s have a sort of fabric looking plastic on the outside. It’s not as loud, but the crinkles remind me what I’m wearing each time.” I admit. “And I like it.”

“Well, if you like them and you know I love them… I don’t see you out of them any time soon. Do we need to go burning man on your underwear drawer?” Allen chuckles.

“This is what you prefer me to wear?” I ask. “Really?”

“Yeah baby. How many other full-grown-ass women do you know that are wearing diapers for their men? It’s super fucking sexy to know you’re wearing it for me.”

“Normal women wear crotchless panties or a wireless vibrator or something to turn their men on.” I deadpan.

“Yeah but this is so much better cause you like them too.”

“That’s true.” 

Allen dumps me on the couch and fetches my pizza. He’d propped my leg up on the coffee table in a nest of pillows so it wouldn’t roll side to side. I have no strength. My foot just keept lolling to one side or the other until he nested it into the pill of pillows. 

I eat my pizza and watch the news while typing a memo to my department head and my team. I inform them of the injury and the medication I’m taking. I tell them we should postpone the meeting till later in the week, but that I’d be attending by video conference regardless… and likely with the camera disabled. 

“I told them we could meet by video later in the week, but that I’d be mic only.” I tell him sending the email.

“Why just the audio? I’ll bring you your makeup and a nice top.” Allen offers.

“Look, if I can’t move around and clean myself, put my makeup on at my mirror in the bathroom, or pick out my own clothes, then I’m not going to worry myself about that. I’ll wear the nicer onesie and a diaper under my covers with the laptop on the breakfast table in the bed. No worries!”

“Shit… now I have a song stuck in my head.” Allen laughs. 

He goes back to reading his tablet while I surf the internet casually watching the news. This is our real together time. Normally, my feet would be in his lap and I’d have my laptop on my stomach lounging on my end of the couch. This is the time we water and nurture our marriage by just hanging out together in peace. 

The time of the day where we remember that we love each other and that we can still share amicable silence despite the day’s dramas. 

I purposefully flood my diaper soaking myself completely. The sweet tea that I’d been chugging with my pizza knocked on the door of my bladder and I rushed it in. I hear the hissing in my diaper as I finally put some real push and pressure on a full wetting. I scrunch my toes in the walking boot (well, all but the big broken one) and feel elated that I don’t have to rush off to the bathroom. 

Maybe I’m just lazy…ha!

It’s not like diapers are a wonder solution. They still have to be changed. They still have to be disposed of too. Since I’m going to keep shaving while I wear them, I still have to shave every day. Then there is the extra smelly trash and the more trash. Not to mention they have a cost associated with them.  

No diapers are usually shunned by those with control for a reason. I think they may be more work in the end… But, in my situation... not so much. 

Allen likes doing the work. He loves how I look in them. He feels special because I’m wearing something kinky for him. I love them. I love how they feel. I love how they look. I adore the crinkle sound. The biggest bonus is that I finally don’t have to worry about the Piddles. I’m master of my bathroom destiny now! 

I go when I want. I go where I want. I’m no longer the slave to my bladder! 

That is a liberating thought. I smile to myself at the freedom. No rushing off. Just doing my own thing bladder be damned! 

“Allen, when you can… I’m wet.” I tell him cheerfully.

“Well that’s a turnabout. You couldn’t even tell me you liked how they sounded earlier.”

“Pfft, it’s not like I’ve been wearing them that long babe. It’s new, but I love it. Even if my foot were fine, I’d prolly have gotten up three or four times since I came out of the bedroom just for bathroom trips. Every time I stand up I have to worry if I’ll piddle or even flood my pad. I have to think so much about my damn bladder…”

“Not anymore! When your home that’s my job. I’ll just change you when I change Molly. Surely you can’t go more that our little leaky faucet!”

“Really, you will? I mean I thought I’d have to handle it all when my foot was better.”

“Nope, I really don’t mind. And any excuse I have to rub you down in oil is a good one with me!” Allen says lecherously. 

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God I love this story!

That text conversation was so awesome! In fact, everything about these two is just adorable. You've really nailed what a loving, married couple should look like (I was going to say really look like, but I'm not married so...) even if this story contained no diapers at all I would still read it because it's just that good. :) I said this before the rollback but I'll say ot again: it's so rare to find a good, well-written DL story without a bunch of BDSM and whatnot. Rarer still can you find one about an actual, realistic, loving couple. The world needs more stories that paint marriage in the positive sort of Light you do. :)

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Not to be a praise whore, but Damn dude thanks so much!

I'm currently married for the 2nd time and we are going on 12 years (beat the hell out of my first record of 3 years).

People ask me how I'm doing and my canned answer is, "Good till the wife tells me different!" 

I love my wife. She can be angry, short tempered, and unreasonable... but so can I. I love her even when she sucks...lol. We have learned over they years to get those feelings out even if they are loud and then give each other some space to process. It's not perfect, and I'm sure my preacher would want us in counseling, but it works for us. 

Some days I want to be far away from her cause I'm pissed (or she is), but I never make it long before I just want to be in the same room with her whether we are mad or not. 

Adulting is hard. Life is hard. Love is harder. Marriage is hardest, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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This story was sort of meant to end and have been short, but I sort of got into a groove. Then Robbyn, Allen, and Molly sort of started writing more for themselves. 

Being a semi-reality based story, it could go on as long as the fictional characters live. Then live on through their decedents. I have a clear objective to get to for the end of Unconventional Solutions, and I have another story peculating in my head that is very much alive.  Like The Woes of Maddison Page, the new story will likely be epic. It's not planned to be a short. So I'm physically pacing myself with US so it gets the finish it deserves. I will likely take US to a point of semi-completion. To this place in my head where it now ends, and leave it for a while. So there may be US Book 2s or something in the future, but the new story is literally itching to be written. 

Every kid goes through that phase where they want everyone to back off cause "I do it myself!". Robbyn is very much still this way. Once she decides something, it's done. Set in Stone as it were. We all know there are some major diapered hurdles she hasn't crossed - wearing in public (not the hospital), messing or not to mess THAT is the question, Molly's discovery and reaction, Friends and Family's reactions (if they were told or discovered the secret), the list goes on and on... and so could the story.

I wonder if anyone else would be interested in writing some of the follow ups in the US universe when I complete this first story.

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1 hour ago, diapersnpaws said:

I'm sure my preacher would want us in counseling, but it works for us.

No, I think you should be counseling others! like I said before I'm not married, but it sounds to me like you have a much healthier relationship with your wife than a lot of married couples do!

I'm glad to hear that you have an end point in mind for US. I'd much rather have a short-ish story with a satisfying end than an Epic saga that never gets finished. Or to see a story you love "Jump the Shark" and keep going on long after the author runs out of ideas.

Also I tried to read the woes of Maddison page a while back, but It was too painful for me to read. I'll explain: I have what I like to call "Disorderly Orderly Syndrome." If you never saw the Disorderly Orderly (a hilarious Jerry Lewis movie) you are probably very confused right now. Basically when I see (or read about) someone in pain my Empathy kicks into overdrive & I start to feel the same pain they're in. One time I was watching a video about diseases & I actually blacked out! So you can see how I might have trouble trying to read the Woes of Maddison Page. But believe I say all that as a compliment! Your storytelling was so powerful that Maddison's pain bled through the page and into my reality!

Once again, thank you for taking time out of your life to write this & share it with the rest of us. Now go kiss that beautiful wife of yours. ;)

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Empathy is the only way a story teller can really write. Each character has to be distinct and have their own personality, goals, and drivers. I usually re-read a great portion of the story before I detail the next chapter. 

I will say The Woes is by far my favorite work. Most of the time, I didn't even feel like I was writing it. There are many happy moments to, but that was sort of the tone of the story. Life's darkness and how we can live in it and still be a light. Maybe read a chapter of Woes then watch Internet Fails or Alfonso on America's Funniest Videos for a while... Ha keep your internal tone even.

Anyway, I really do appreciate the compliments. These interactions are sort of vital to those of us who write. If ya like something let them know!

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Yeah I've been reading ABDL stories for years now, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I decided to get involved in the stories I love. And now that I have, I wish I would've joined DD a long time ago! Everyone I've been in contact with is so nice and appreciative! Always responding well to my comments even when I criticize their work (which I tend to do, especially for the stories I love.)

mabye this is what it's like to have friends. :)

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.




“Why don’t we retreat to your changing room Princess? Daddy will get you all cleaned up.” Allen tells me in third person just as he would have Molly. 

My hubby is really getting into this. I may need to do some research while I’m laid up. 

It’s simultaneously a turn on and a turn off for me. Isn’t that awesomely contradictory! I really don’t want to be a toddler like my daughter, especially not with her. It all feels heavy… too much… too scary.  

At the same time, it’s super fucking sexy that Allen wants to look after me, and he isn’t the only one who likes the whole groin oil application! 

Ugh! This is so confusing…

‘No one said you’d figure it all out in a weekend ya twat!’

I know!

‘Then just relax. Watch Molly. Be discrete and enjoy your husband’s attentions.’

Stop fucking bossing me around!


As amusing as arguing with myself is, I can’t figure out why am I being so hard on myself? My cheeks must be a dark expressive shade of red by now. I can feel the heat in the tips of my ears too.  

No way I’m not blushing like crazy right now! 

I don’t usually experience such turmoil. In fact, I’m sort of impulsive and decisive. I may go all in on stuff (and maybe a little overboard), but it’s from a source of impulse and deep commitment. Once I make up my mind, it often takes an act of God to change it. 

Shhh… I might be stubborn.  

“Daddy, better do a good job… this Mommy will be watching.” I say sarcastically at first and more determined on the end.

“Oh Daddy has been changing Princess Diapers for years. I’ll get your cutey lil booty all dry soon enough. Don’t get cranky.” He swats playfully at my ass. 

Here I go getting pissed off and turned on at the same time again. Why am I feeling so split over this? 

“I’m starting to hurt Allen. Get this fucking boat anchor settled and be careful with it. Can I have my pills?” I sigh.

“Still got a bottle of water by the bed?” He asks.

“Don’t think so.” I tell him looking around.

“Well, since you don’t need to potty we could skip the bathroom. Oh… nope need to brush your teeth and hair little girl.”

“Allen, can I just have the meds, we can worry about the rest tomorrow.” I plead.

“No baby. I’ll sit you on the sink and you can do your teeth from there. I’ll brush your hair for you. Then we’ll get you cleaned up and I’ll get you something to drink for your meds.” Allen plans out loud.

“God that’s forever!” I whine finding it easy to take on the most aggravating side of Molly’s toddlerhood.

“Princess, the only thing different from every other night is me brushing your hair, which saves time by the way, and your diaper change. Your diaper changes are my responsibility at home, but I guess you can have your pills straight after you brush your teeth though.” He nods.

“Thanks babe.” I take the offered carrot.

“Daddy always takes care of his Princesses.” Allen tells me kissing my forehead. 

Allen sits me on the kitchen sink and I turn letting my legs dangle down onto the toilet. I brush my teeth as Allen starts brushing out my hair. He’s never really done this before and it feels amazing! I dampen over this unreasonably romantic act. Then the duplicity of my feelings show as my eyes tear up. 

Ok, I really really really like him brushing my hair. Like every night for like forever! Why the hell is this so erotic and heartwarming? 

“You’re hired!” I try to giggle around the energy in my diaper and the tears welling up in my eyes.

“I already have a full time job bringing home some bacon, and I have a full time Daddy job for my Princesses. What other job could I possibly need?”

“Well, maybe not a new job… consider it a new job duty on an existing job.” I finally really giggle.

“What baby?”

“If you’re in charge of my diapers now… I’m going to add brushing my hair out as your job too, at least at night.” I instruct.

“I don’t know. I mean I know what I get out of playing with your diapers, but what do I get out of playing with your hair?” He asks.

I bite my thumbnail, “I don’t know, but it makes me super happy.” Then I look him in the eye, “Happy in my diaper too.”

“Wonder why?” He ponders out loud.

“I don’t know babe. I know how warm and nurturing I find it as a Mom to brush out Molls hair. I can’t really explain how happy this makes me when you brush mine. I just feel warm everywhere. I feel like it makes my body and heart smile.” I say twisting my hands in my lap with my toothbrush hanging out of my mouth little bits of toothpaste spittle flying everywhere. 

The awkward angle makes it hard to spit out my mouthful of saliva and toothpaste. I end up getting some on my top. Boobs are hard to dodge when you can’t bend past them, and I’ve always sucked at spitting. Mom would hate even the idea I spit, even in this appropriate situation. 

Allen laughs and dabs my top with some toilet paper. I glare the bib comment right out of his mind before it can fall out of his face. Allen cups some water in his hand and brings it to my face. I slurp it out rinsing my mouth a few times. I manage not to get anything new on my onesie.  

I run a facewipe over my face and apply my moisturizers to my face and hands. Allen’s correct. This is my normal routine, the last bit being tithing some time to the porcelain alter. Instead, I release what little tea I have left in me into my thirsty diaper. I can feel the urine pass my lips and the heat around my crotch as it absorbs into the padding.  

“Did my Princess just make Daddy some work?” Allen coos.

“Nothing you weren’t already going to have to do. I just topped it off.” I hedge.

“Then let me get my Princess all cleaned up.”

“Hey! Pills first.”

“Alright. You stay here and brush your hair out some more. I’m I sure didn’t get it right.”  Allen tells me leaving me stranded on the sink my feet still on the rim of our toilet. 

He’s right, again. While it had felt amazing, he’d need some more training to take over that duty entirely. I go through my normal hair routine while Allen’s getting my meds and something to drink.  

OMG! I don’t have to watch my liquids anymore! Holy shit, I hadn’t even thought of that! I can wake up and take a drink any time I want now. No more feeling thirsty all the time. No more strong pee smell cause I’m sort of dehydrated! 

This just keeps getting better! 

I push a bit to see if I have any more tea to donate to the collection, but the only offering I have is a pizza fart. I reach over and turn on the bathroom vent cause it was a foul one. I chuckle to myself and then feel a sudden sense of anxiety to cover it up.  

I NEVER stink in front of Allen. We’ve been married for several years and have a nearly four year old daughter and I can’t recall a single time I’ve made wind in front of Allen. I hold my stools until he’s not around or settled somewhere with Molly. Then I bust loose before a shower and vent the air and kill the smell with air fresheners.  

If guys only knew how much work it takes to be beautiful and mysterious and sexy all the time! Sometimes I just want to wake up scratch myself and fart! 

Is that too much to ask?  

I want to sniff my pits to judge if I need an immediate shower and smell test my clothes before I throw on something loose and probably off the floor.  

I don’t judge guys who embrace life, but I do envy them. Allen probably wouldn’t care that much, but God, mom would kill me then kill herself just so she could roll over in her fresh grave if she caught me sniffing clothes off the floor.  

“That’s not how girls do it sweety pie!” over and over again. “No sweatpants in public. Little ladies don’t sit with their legs open sweety pie.” “Oh honey, girls don’t make wind except in the bathroom.” 

Guess what mom! Your daughter is a really Little Lady now. I think grabbing my diapered crotch and crinkling it laughing out loud in the bathroom to no one but my own thoughts. 

“What’s so funny?” Allen asks returning catching me laughing to myself. 

I look over and see him standing there with both hands full. One is closed. I presume holding pills. The other has one of Molly’s large Princess Leia sippy cups. It’s a big white thing with handles made from the buns in her hair. I secretly love that damn cup. I secretly love Star Wars, but I don’t let on cause I don’t love it like Allen does and he’d “need” me to.  

Fuck! Maybe that’s peer pressure too. Don’t like that it’s for boys. Girls shouldn’t be into nerdy stuff. Go paint your fingernails sweety pie. Argh! Momma I love you, but damn! 

“Oh little lady no. Here aren’t you sure you’d rather have a Betsy Wetsy for Christmas. Put that sword down.” 

I shouldn’t be so hard on mom. She was just trying to keep the other girls from making fun of me. The sad part is they’d found a reason anyway. Dammit! Maybe that’s why I’m so freaking assertive and impulsive. I just like going with my gut. I have less regret that way.   

All that ridicule as a young girl beat the wishy washy out of me. God why are we so cruel to each other. I mean I can appreciate my position in life. I even have Allen as my husband thanks to what I’ve suffered and conquered… but is it really necessary? Could I have been who I am now without it all? Are all children doomed to bear the burden of bullying in some fashion? Can we not rise above that as a species? Is this what defines us as a species. Honing us through conflict and recovery. 

Shit that took a dark turn! Better grab my diapered crotch and just be thankful for what I have. I’ll teach Molly to be strong enough to endure it all too. She can stay who she wants to be. That’s the trick I think.  

I can’t make them stop. I can’t save her from all of it. I CAN teach her to be happy with herself and not let her self-worth be determined by others. Daddy and I can fill up her self-esteem until she can fill it for herself! 

Did I just fucking think of Allen as Daddy? So confusing! It’s because I was thinking of Molly surely. We call each other Daddy and Mommy for her, but I was stopping that just yesterday.  

Just… Well, shit… 

“Baby, where did you go?” Allen asks.

“Dark places Daddy. Don’t dive the depths of a woman’s mind you Man Thing! You’ll drown.” I stare at him.

“Come here. I need to give you a hug.” He tells me.  

Smart man. Not a time for jokes or pretending that I’m weak. Well played husband, well played. Too bad those pills will put me in a restless sleep. His behavior tonight has made me more than a little horney.  

“I’ll hug you Allen. Thanks for all this.” I tell him embracing his hug and relishing in it.

“I had been drifting. I’m worried about Molly being stuck like this too. I KNOW I’m not doing anything at her expense and I won’t tell her I’m wearing diapers because she has to, but the kids will be so hard on her.”

“I think about that every day baby. It terrifies me.” Allen says.

“Why would you be scared?”

“The look in her eyes. The rage I’ll have. The desire I’ll crave to fix it for her and not be able to. I’m worried about all that too.” Allen admits popping the pills in my mouth. 

I take the Leia sippy cup that’s as big as a real glass from Allen. I tug on the protrusion at the top and pull enough water to swallow the pill. I’d thrown Allen an eyebrow but kept the peace by accepting the childish cup without further complaint.  

“Time to get you cleaned up and off to bed before the pink elephants come for my Princess.” Allen teases. 

While he’s changing me I say, “You know, before these meds kick in and I make America’s Funniest Videos with the stupid shit I’m gonna say, we can help her. We can minimize the drama. We can’t FIX it, but we can help.”


“Well, yup. Rub that oil in right… oh! Nice. Tomorrow you’ll have to rub that in better.”

“Molly baby. How do we help her? She’s at least probably going to start school in diapers.” Allen says.

“Probably. Sorry, that was a good spot for your fingers and baby oil! Uh…

Listen. It’s all about how she sees herself. How she sees us respond to pressure. How we get along with each other and the world around us. I’m going to do better. I’ll draw back the road rage.” I commit.

“I’m practically perfect. What am I supposed to do?” Allen asks.

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God I love this story!

From Robin mentally calling herself a "twat" to the surprise existential crisis at the end this was probably me favorite chapter so far. :)

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.




“Ya Daddy, you’re like amazing.” I say sarcastically.

“That’s more than once you’ve called me Daddy without Molly around. I thought you didn’t like that stuff?” He asks with a shit-eating grin spreading across his face.

“Stop changing the subject!” I huff pissed at not catching myself before I called him Daddy again.

“We’ll help Molly by teaching her about herself.” I say diving into this critical conversation and ignoring the one Allen’s trying to start. “We give her information and emotional support. You know, hide nothing explain everything. We tell her what’s wrong and we don’t sugar coat it. Hell, it may even be easier on her in her teens, if the wetting goes on that long, if we are open early and she can assimilate it.” Deciding I was right even as I talk it out with Allen.

“That could work, but I have concerns. Like you’ll have to tell me when you’re doing it and show me how. But, I don’t want her on America’s Got Talent singing like a drunk frog thinking she’s amazing cause we told her she was for years. Those sad souls. Their parents done them wrong baby. I don’t want to do her wrong baby, on anything. If she’s good at something, I’m more than happy to talk up her confidence. But, if she sucks, I don’t want to give her false praise. Ya know what I mean?”

“Yeah babe, I get ya. I guess you can go overboard on anything.” I admit.

“Good advice though Princess. I think you might be on to something.”

“Thanks Daddy. I… er… dammit! Allen I mean. It’s the meds.” I insist.

“I’m sure it is baby.” Allen pats me, “You can call me Daddy anytime you want. It’s uh… it’s sort of hot. I was just poking fun at you though. I don’t want to piss you off.”

“Well, don’t make fun of me Allen. I’m a fragile creature, a delicate Little Lady as mom would say.” I giggle tugging the covers up and lugging my leg over where I could lay on my side and watch Allen come and go.


He runs through his bathroom routine while I play on my phone. The longer he is in there, the more doped up I become. I have to bring the phone closer and closer to my eyes to see the display. Eventually, I crash just after sending him a text.


[Me] What about tomorrow? Are you going to work?

[Allen] Nah. You need me. Monday though… I’ll have to.


I don’t see that reply till much later the next day when I wake up. I think I felt the covers move and the bed bounce as my husband came to bed, but I can’t be sure. I sort of remember loosening my grip on my phone as Allen peeled it from my sleepy fingers. Then I don’t remember anything else, the meds take me. I don’t toss and turn like I had when I’d napped earlier. In fact, I sleep soundly all night.


I wake up Sunday mid-morning to Molly pouncing on my bed. Allen’s right behind her yelling at her not to hurt me. He snags her around the belly yanking her off the bed before she can fall on my leg.


What? Who? Where? What the hell time is it?




God I’m sore. Must have slept in the same position all night. Damn.


“That was a close one!” He sighs. “Punkin, I told ya. Mommy’s leg hurts. Remember it has that big ole plastic thing on it.”

“Sorry Mommy!” Molly says contritely.

“Let me show you Molly.” Allen says yanking my covers back.


“See Mommy’s leg Punkin. It’s hurt, and has that big plastic thing on it so it won’t get hurt more. You have to treat Mommy’s leg like it’s one of her glass turtles. You don’t want to break her!” Allen tells her.


Neither of us really understand that he’s exposed my onesie covered diapered butt, not that I was awake enough to be concerned yet. It’s early. I’m still mentally foggy from such a hard drug induced sleep. Allen isn’t used to me wearing diapers yet either. He is fully distracted by trying to save my leg and teaching Molly to stay off of it. All of this distracts him from what he had uncovered. Suddenly, I feel a draft on my exposed hip flesh where my hipster panties usually sit. While I was puzzling out the reason for that, Molly cheerfully offers a solution to my confusion.


“Mommy’s wet.” She says simply.

“Oh, FU” I start.

“YES” Allen yells cutting off my profanity, “I’ll change her in a minute. We were just coming in here to see how Mommy’s feeling and give her her medicine.” Allen says as if everything in the world is normal and my toddler pointing out my wet diaper is a standard every day situation.

“Mommy how’s ya feelin?” Molly asks seeming to accept the normality of my diapered situation.

“Don’t know Doodlebug. I just woke up, but hand me my Princess Leia baby. Daddy got me some water last night. I can use it to swallow those pills.” I tell her pointing at the cup.

“Dats my cup!” Molly smiles handing it to me.

“Can we share Molls?” I ask.

“Yes.” She nods importantly clearly glad to be helping me.


Molly hands me the cup and Allen hands me a few less pills than he had last night. I throw the blanket back over me uncertain if I’m ready to get out of bed, but knowing I don’t want to face my daughter yet. So, I lay there mortified. In three days, Molly had caught me diapered twice.


Apparently, I suck at keeping this a secret!


“Princess, why don’t you go out into the living room and work on your reading on the tablet? I need to talk to Mommy.” Allen directs her to the other room.

“K Daddy.” She says trotting off amiably.

“Allen! We weren’t going to… You know I don’t want her… I need it to be just for us. This isn’t going to work… Soon as I can walk, I’m done. Good thing you didn’t burn the underwear drawer.” I try for a joke amid my stuttering.

“Princess Mommy that’s enough!” Allen barks strongly but in a whisper voice having none of my nonsense. “You are most certainly not done. That’s my butt to cover now. We already agreed, and I’m covering it in a nice warm diaper! You are just too worked up baby. Relax, just let Daddy change you. You’ll feel better in a clean diaper. Besides, you need to show Molly right. Confidence and self-esteem right and all that? Seems like a good time to me. Best thing for both of ya is to just embrace it and not worry about it. I don’t have to tell you it’s a little off center, but we can explain it to Molly.”

“But I said I wasn’t doing this for her. That’s what she’s going to think, and I still don’t want to do this openly. I have no intention to come out about my diapers to Molly or anyone else. I’m quite happy in my closet thank you!” I counter.


It doesn’t matter much because he just kisses my forehead and starts getting my supplies in order. So, I stop talking and pay a bit of attention to the point he was trying to make. He’s right in a way. I still don’t believe this is something to share with Molly, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good opportunity to teach. Any moment in life can be teachable. While I’m pondering turning lemons into lemonade, Allen gets to work changing me.


Allen stands between my shins and picks my legs up cradling them under his arms. He swings me around perpendicular on our bed tugging my ass over to the edge. Carefully, he drops my feet to the wooden frame of the bed that the mattress sits in. This is one of our favorite positions to make love in I note. It’s just another way that my diapers remind me of our own sex life. He bends to unsnap the crotch of my top while I grab my phone and start looking over facebook. I’m determined to do my damnedest to ignore everything going on down there.


My husband untapes my diaper’s four tabs then tugs it out from under me. He rolls it up and tapes it into a ball of childish plastic and urine about the size of both my fists. He drops the used ball on the bed next to me and I watch under my phone as it rolls against my hip. He puffs air out of his cheeks and moves it further away so the used diaper won’t chase me.


Allen takes a few wipes and cleans everywhere under my diaper. I just soak in the lives of my friends and family on my phone totally detached from what’s happening at my waist. He drapes the wipes across the bundled up diaper and sanitizes his hands. Allen hits the bathroom emerging with my towel from last night.


“Baby, Daddy forgot the towel! He was going to make a powdery mess all over our bed! How silly.”


How silly indeed, you goofy ass man. I thought continuing to ignore his work.


Which seems to be fine because he continues to ignore me too saying, “Alright all clean, bed protected, diapering supplies on hand. Ready to rock and roll here Princess.”


He continues to talk to himself and I continue to ignore him. Well, I was able to for a while. Then the oil comes out. Suddenly, Allen’s slick hands start massaging high on my right thigh. Immediately, I’m excited and lose all interest in my phone but continue to use it to hide behind.


He never massages me! First brushing my hair, and now this. Oh this is nice… fucking nice. I coo to myself.


I don’t care what the fuck he calls himself. Suddenly, I don’t care what I call him either. Suddenly, my diapers are framed very squarely in the adult category! Suddenly, it all seems so manageable. Suddenly, I HATE this boot. Suddenly I need to feel Allen in me and can’t act on it with Molly awake. I’m even a little pissed because I want to ravish my husband with her around.  


His oily hands head north up my leg past the crease in my hip distracting me from my negative thoughts. I can feel every flexing tendon in his hands through his fingers. I press hard into the bed lifting my butt up off the towel giving him access to my ass. If it weren’t for the damn boot, I’d roll over and let him have his way with my ass cheeks. Allen reaches underneath me oiling up my ass. It’s not totally necessary, but it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever felt. Moans escape me. Sensations start heating up my core as dampness seeps into our world.


Allen switches to my other thigh and butt cheek. It feels marvelous. Tingles jump from my dampness to my ass spreading out along his fingers in tiny arcs. I’ve always loved Allen and our sex life, but it never was very adventurous. This situation, the diapers and the oil and the massage, it’s all staggering. It feels so good that I start extracting promises from myself.


I won’t give up any of this! I will encourage Allen’s massages! I will just have to figure out the Molly situation as we go and plow on. I deserve it and so does Allen!


While I was vowing to make sure that this would happen over and over again, Allen presses his advantage. His magical fingers glide up my folds brushing my clit. I shiver and would have jumped out the bed if it weren’t for my boot anchor.


Allen chuckles, “Still like your diapers baby?”

“Love em!” I chuff.

“Thought you might. For the record this is fucking hot. I’m going to close the door and come right back. You don’t have long. You’ll have to be quick. Uh… think about bikinis and shit. Molly’ll destroy something once the tablet loses her attention.”

“I’ll figure something out, just hurry Daddy.” I plead trying not to think about the toothpaste on the bathroom wall incident, or the petroleum jelly all over her changing table and closet doors, or...

“This is working for you huh?” Allen asks penetrating me with his finger and settling into a rhythm with his thumb on my button. Predictably, Molly’s messes slip my mind entirely.


Allen rushes to the living room. I can just make out their talking. When he comes back I see he has the Leia cup.


Good excuse sexy! I praise him.


“Told her you needed something more to drink to finish your pills. I started kids YouTube. She’ll be watching other people play for a bit. I bought you some time. Didn’t cool of too much did ya?” Allen asks me with a delicious smile on his face.


I respond by wiggling my shaven shiny pelvis at him crinkling the diaper underneath me. He attacks me with no hesitation. He follows our normal patterns, but it’s so much more today. The diapers, the oil, the rush, the exposure cumulates into a mind blowing orgasm that races up my spine causing me to bark and jerk. I smother myself in a pillow screaming out my happiness while wincing in pain. I’d hit my leg on the bed when I got off. Allen has me diapered before my tremors ease.



“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!” Allen whispers in my ear and plants a fatherly kiss on my forehead.

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Let me say that backwards: Wow!

Let me say that upside-down: Mom!

...Wait, forget that last one.

This was an amazing chapter! So sexy! So erotic! And yet so... Innocent in a way. How you managed to write a scene that's both erotic & wholesome is beyond me, but I love it!

Also as your appointed editor I must inform you that you wrote Messages in pretty much every spot you meant to write Massages. might want to go in and fix that.

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On it boss. Fu(king autocorrect and my natural lack of spelling ability!

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Better and better.  Developing the experiences intertwined with life is wonderful.

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I can only pile on but add little to what has been said above, as it was so well put!

What a great story!  I for one am envious of this relationship, and who wouldn't be .

Please tell us more, in this wonderful setting, it can only get better!!

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.




“It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt!” I sigh in happy disbelief.
“I want to do that again later, but I need you in me babe.” I sigh grinding my hips against the fresh diaper enjoying the friction on my crotch.
“Soon baby, soon.” Allen promises patting my diapered pussy. “I’ll be glad when she’s old enough to be left unattended…” He laughs.

Allen cleans his hands and folds up the bath towel. He throws it on the floor next to the bed kicking it out of the way. Allen finishes my change fastening my snaps and tugging some running shorts up my legs. I have him tug some knee socks up my legs and we deposit me in the living room my boot securing my injury. Strapping and Un-strapping the boot adds time, but doesn’t hurt as much today. 

I’m left feeling empty and aching for my husband to fill me.   

Sunday’s are lounging days at our house, and they usually include at least one church service, Church doesn’t seem super likely for a few weeks. Allen brings me a couple pieces of toast and some orange juice in my Leia sippy cup. I wouldn’t have asked for it again, but frankly it wasn’t much different than the pull top sports bottles I drink from normally. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. 

Self-justification is the key to happiness! I think smiling into the cup. Maybe a bit of denial as a topping. 

While I eat my breakfast, I decide that the best way to handle my ‘Molly-knows-I’m-diapered’ situation is to ignore it. There’s no need in calling attention to my situation by talking about it. Allen has set a fine example of minimizing everything. He just talked it through and kept going making it a non-thing. 

The more I think about it. The more I’m convinced that it’s the best way to handle this. Maybe when she’s older I won’t have to hide. Not that I’ll ever flaunt it, but glimpses of my diapers could be like seeing me in my panties. Not common, but not unusual either. 

Maybe if they are ‘no-big-deal’ here and there while she’s little, then she can find a little bit of peace with her situation. You know by absorption. ‘It’s just normal at my house.’ We don’t have to explicitly talk about my diapers. Best thing would be if she suddenly got a hold on her toddler sized digestive system, maybe she wouldn’t need details later... 

God I hope she’s not like one of those dog breeds you breed for size or something and they get those desired traits, but suffer health complications because of it. I know Allen’s back and knees bother him sometimes cause he so big. Hopefully Molly won’t be so tall that it’s hard on her. I think finding myself biting at my thumbnail. 

“That’s not a good example there Mommy.” Allen says quietly.
“Huh?” I say confused looking over at him.
“Get your thumb out of your mouth baby. I don’t want to start Molly all over again.” He insists.
“You know how hard it is for me not to chew my nails Babe.”
“I do know,” he says at normal tone. Then whispers “Princess Mommy” “But Molly stopped sucking her thumb like a big girl. You should too.” A mischievous smile creeps across his face.
All I can think to say is an angry “Grah!” at him.
“Uh huh. Sounds about right.” Allen pushes.
“Molls, will you bring Mommy’s Tupperware with her” Shit why is that so hard!  “With MY fingernail clippers and stuff? It’s over by Daddy’s recliner.” I ask. 

Pronouns woman, Pronouns! Why can’t I break out of third person with her? 

I wet my diaper on purpose simply enjoying the feeling, just a bit mind you. Molly is in the room after all and there’s no need for a hissing sound being helpfully pointed out. Relaxed from the newly released pressure on my bladder, I lose my battle with the morning dose of pain pills. I notice that I don’t feel so floaty this time, but I definitely feel like nodding off. Maybe Allen is right and I won’t go all ‘pink-elephant’ every time I take the pain pills. I just need to get used to them. 

I wake around noon after a nice little nap. I Hear Allen whisper scream at Molly to be quiet cause I’m sleeping. I smile into the pillow I’m drooling on and give the nod to my bladder to do its thing. Molly normal screams back. 

“Quiet Daddy Mommy’s sweeping!” She makes a cute Shhh face with her fat fingers.
“Yeah Daddy! I’m sleeping! Be quiet!” I whisper scream at both of them.
“Molly.” Allen drags out her name shaking his head.
“She didn’t wake me. Neither of you did. I don’t sleep very deeply with those pain pills.” I tell him. “I did last night though. That’s weird.” I remember.
“Cause I spiked your pills and slipped you two Benadryl and a melatonin. You are such a light weight with allergy meds, I figured they’d help you smooth out the pain pills for sleeping. You were out forever so I guess I was right?” He asks.
“I don’t think I moved all night. I thought it was cause of the boot, but it was prolly the Benadryl.” I admit.
“Well, I know what you’re taking tonight too! Well, after stuff and things.” Our code words for naked mattress quality testing.
“I’m really looking forward to more stuff, and the things I have planned are going to be awesome!” I flirt.

 I’m just glad Allen got me off earlier. I’d have gone crazy today if Molly had come back to the bedroom before I got through. Poor Allen.

[Me] *poop emoji*
[Allen] I’ll check her.
[Me] No… 

But he is already up turning Molly upside down in midair. He makes a production out of sniffing her butt. Shaking his head he flips her around and peeks in her jeans in her diaper. He tickles Molly and throws her softly into the recliner while she giggles like a silly little girl. 

“Baby, she’s fine.”
“I gotta go Daddy!” I ham it up with a little girl voice and reach my hand around to my backside.
“How are we going to do that? I’ll change you if you want?” Allen says thinking out loud.

I type angrily

[Me] I’m not shitting myself!
[Allen] What happens if you have to go and I’m not here?
[Me] I’ll hold it fucking DUH!
[Allen] Baby! You never get a lot of notice about bathroom events. 

He’s right there. Some people get a constitutional schedule way ahead of time. ‘Ma’am you have an appointment with Porcelain at approximately 3 pm today. I’ve blocked off your schedule for thirty minutes.’ 

Others get the memo a few hours early ‘Ma’am you’ll have an unscheduled visit with the gastro-manager in his office for ten minutes in a couple hours.’ 

I get the crazy intern dragging me off to an emergency meeting of the ‘no-embarrassing-dry-cleaning-committee’. She flies into the room where I’m at and immediately drags me off to the closest lavatory without thought to gender or cleanliness. ‘Sorry lady. I was supposed to call ya, but I was playing with my phone and forgot. Hurry! You’re going to be late.’ My body tells me. 

Still, I wasn’t about to just sit here and shit myself! Just like I told Allen. Nope. Not going to happen! There have been to many peaking turtle situations in my lifetime to let this happen on purpose. Leaky pipes were one thing, but shitting my diaper is a whole other monster. 

[Me] Daddy’s Diaper Service doesn’t want any part of day old pizza, Babe. Just drop me off at the toilet… please! I’ll go on my own if you don’t take me.
[Allen] you’d probably *poop emoji* yourself getting there…
[Me] better to mess trying not to and in pain, than mess on purpose. It’s avoidable and disgusting. I fucking wish I didn’t do it in the first place! Liquid waste I can deal with. God he just doesn’t understand. 

I give him the look of death. The look that peels the wallpaper behind him and causes dogs to cry while birds fall from the sky. I have to stare him down for a solid two minutes before whatever hair brained ideas he has shake loose and he sees the situation for what it is. 

I’m not losing this argument. I will be delivered or I’ll hurt myself trying to get there on my own. Should have gotten those fucking crutches! If an orderly didn’t help me to the toilet, they’d at least have brought me a fucking bedpan. Then I wouldn’t have to sit in my waste. Nope not having any of it. Allen will not see me with a dirty diaper. Not like that! 

“Punkin lets go change you into a new diaper and we’ll start you a movie in your room. I want you to lay down for a bit OK?” Allen says taking her from the room carefully avoiding the hated nap word. 

He’s not gone for long, but it is long enough. I can feel my mess getting closer to freedom. I’m so angry and scared and embarrassed that I’m crying with anger. I squeeze pinch and wiggle trying to ride out the cramp that is leading a biological jail break. Finally, the cramp passes and I work on standing up. 

I have to hold still again as another cramp rides my body, but I am determined to make it. I reach out with my hands to grab the couch keeping all pressure off my leg. I try to hop a few steps holding my boot off the ground. It hurts horribly. Just as I’m about to lie down and roll to the bathroom, Allen finally comes back out. Thank God, but I’d have rolled if I had too. 

“What the hell are you doing baby?” Allen asks sounding insulted.
“What I promised. Shut up and hurry!” I promise pain with my eyes. Forgotten is the promise of physical love, I bury it under rage at the circumstances. 

Allen scoops me up and rushes me to the guest bathroom. He sits me on the toilet while I scramble for my diaper’s tapes. I freeze clinching every muscle in my body fighting the intestinal cramp. I fight the exiting waste holding it just between my cheeks. Because I’m a willful woman, I am master my own body and hold back the impending doom by sheer will power. As soon as the cramp passes, I rip off the diapers tapes. I hold my hand out for Allen and we lift me enough to yank the diaper free. 

“Leave now!” I insist with voice, body language, and mind. 

Allen leaves without looking back fumbling with the lights to turn on the vent as he goes. I don’t know why, but I cry into my hands while I do what I came in here for.

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That was a close call. But I'm sure we'll get her next time (mischievous face emoticon.)


Grammer patrol:

There was one part around the middle of the chapter where Allen says "you're such a light way with allergy meds." I'm assuming that was supposed to be "weight?"

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.



[Allen] Ya ready baby?
[Me] No. 

I wallow in my own self-pity for a good ten minutes after I was done. I pathetically wait until the smell clears. I feel like a tiny little slave to my own emotions. I usually pride myself on my own control of my emotions. 

[Me] Come get me Daddy. 

Allen slowly turns the doorknob. The bathroom door needs a bio-hazard sign reading ‘contents under pressure, Health Hazard Class V’. He’s clearly afraid to come in the bathroom. He may not know why I’m so upset, and really how could he, but he is taking the situation seriously, evidence of his love and our growing connection. 

Every woman who has held a fart until she could excuse herself knows how I feel. It’s mortifying and we are taught to present a certain expected image of mystery in the bathroom and such when we’d rather just let it rip and not apologize. I’m not even saying this is sexist. Girls, we push this on ourselves. Hell, I’d like to just fart and smile at the room raising my hand to claim it, but I’d die. I’d be freaking humiliated. 

My shoulders slump forward defeated. My head falls back into my hands as the door slowly opens. Two wet tear tracks mar my top. My toes are turned inward too, and I just ooze vulnerability and insecurity. It’s awful and not a body posture that I’m accustomed too, nor one that my husband has ever seen before. 

“Awe Baby. Are you ready for a new diaper?” Allen asks bending down to hug me.
I sniffle into his shoulder, “Yes Daddy.” 

Fuck it. He can just be my Daddy too. I need the comfort right now, dammit! Shit shouldn’t have this kind of authority over someone! 

“Come on baby.” He says picking me up palming my bare ass.
“Let’s get you all cleaned up and in another diaper.” He laughs patting my butt and kissing my forehead. “I love you Princess.” 

“I love you to Daddy.” 

I couldn’t be more embarrassed, so I couldn’t answer out loud. I had cleaned myself up before I let him back in, but you’re never really clean without wet-wipes or a shower. I’m uncomfortable with his big ole fingers so close to my not-totally-sanitized butt crack! I don’t feel clean, so I don’t want him messing around back there. 

“Uh oh! Daddy wasn’t quick enough Princess.” Daddy says laying me on the bed looking at his hip. 

From the flat of my back I look up at his shirt. I’d piddled on him, probably when I first got up on his hip. 


I grab my phone and turn it horizontal and start my favorite YouTube channel about fish keeping. I settle down into a state of total denial watching someone clean their fish tank and describing their coral, while he gets on with changing me. 

Nope, my husband didn’t just almost see me mess myself, and I damn sure didn’t just leak on him between here and the pot. Nope. DIDN’T FUCKING HAPPEN! 

“Time to get Daddy’s Princess a new diaper.” He tells me patting my thigh and kissing my knee. “You know, I’m fine there’s no reason to be upset. I’ll just change clothes and use a wipe. Boom, I’ll be good as new!”
“Mmph.” I grunt with no conviction doing my best to crawl into my phone’s screne.
“Seriously. I get it baby. I really do. It’s not your fault. I probably should have brought your stuff into the bathroom. I’m still learning here.” He fishes trying to engage me. 

I ignore him. 

“Anyway, I don’t see any signs of diaper rash. I think we have a handle on this part anyway. I’m making an executive decision here. We are going to empty out your underwear drawer, at least the bottoms. Besides, we need some place to put your diapers.” 

Daddy cleans my ass very thoroughly. That act alone starts the restoration of my mood, and I truly appreciate it. He scrubs down the rest of my diaper area taking time to clean my lady bits extra methodically too. He could sense it isn’t a time for sexual play, but that I was responding positively to the attention. 

Some platonic oil application and a puff of powder later, and I’m all freshly diapered. He comes back to the bed holding the blue velvety onesie with the lace. Seeing the top further lifts my budding good mood. Daddy just continues to talk as if I’m Molly and I continue not paying attention to his words.

 “Look here Princess it’s your favorite shirt!”  He coos inching the white onesie off me. 

Ignoring him, I slip my arms out one at a time never letting go of the phone, never taking my eyes off the video. He puts some of my roll on deodorant under my arms and slips the blue onesie over my head. 

“There we are baby. Now it’s time we go do something I think. Early dinner maybe?” He asks the room. 

I choose not to offer a thought. 

“We could just stay here. Do you want to just stay in bed Princess?” He asks his first direct question hoping for an answer. 

I don’t wanna leave the house. I don’t wanna do nothing! 

“I… Uh… I wanna do nuffin.” I huff skootching up the bed and wallowing around to get comfortable.
Daddy tucks me in, “Need a nap do ya baby?”
“Let me go check on Molly then Daddy will be back. Do you want something to drink Princess Mommy?” He asks.
“Sweet Tea.” Is all I say. 

Why am I being such a bitch? I don’t want to be mad. I really don’t want Daddy catching this grief either. OMG! I hate being laid up so bad. He was so good to me last night. I felt so loved. All it took was some shit to turn my good day to poo. That’s ironic… 

I giggle a bit at the accidental joke. 

Ok channel that! Find your good mood again. Poo is funny. Poo is funny. Poo is funny. I chant. 

Molly thinks poo is hilarious. So do boys of all ages. Maybe girls do to until we are conditioned not to? I’m old enough to get over that and think poo is funny! 

Poo is funny dammit! I laugh again.  Why can’t I just let it be funny? It’s the smell isn’t it…! I’m scared Daddy will think less of me. 

OK, that’s a bit of progress. I can work with that. I don’t want Daddy to think I’m less sexy. If I stink I’m less sexy.
‘You know he probably doesn’t give a shit…’ I chastise myself. ‘It’s not like he cares that you smell like pee. You’re punishing yourself because of your own issues not his.’
Holy Shit! I stink like pee all the time now. Fuck! I bet I’m nose blind to it after almost four years of Molls leaking everywhere. God, I hope he is too!
‘Put on your big girl diapers and just ask him you twat!’
BE NICE! I yell at myself. 

“Mommy! My commin!” Molly wails racing down the hallway. “Daddy cleaned me up!” 

How can something so small sound like a herd of elephants?!? 

My stoney heart melts when my daughter enters our room. Who could stay mad at such a cute kid? She’s almost four and looks like she could start middle school. She’s almost six inches taller than every other kid in the daycare in her class. She could pass for a short nine year old! 

It’s not like she can wear age appropriate clothes either. So she’s always dressed in hipper pre-teen stuff. Clothes for her age group are too small, my stuff is too big. What a pair we make! It’ll be hard for her to find clothes when the stretchy teenage years get here. Her proportions will be all wrong. 

“Careful Doodlebug. Don’t get my leg.” I remind her finally releasing my stink-fear based bad mood.
“Look both of my Princesses are smiling!” He chimes flopping on his side of the bed.
“Mommy we is gonna get some dirt for the bed!” Molly bounces excitedly.
“You’re what?” I ask whipping my head around to look at my husband.
“You’re gonna take a nap while Molly and I make you a surprise for being such a good patient!” Daddy adds, “We are going to bring some outside inside so you can get out of the house without really doing it!”
“How are you doing that?” I ask cautiously.
“You’ll see. Now take your medicine. Take a nap and we’ll all spend the afternoon in the inside outside!” Daddy smiles. 

My momma spider senses are tingling. Whatever is about to happen will be fun, but will leave me or a cleaning service some work… 

“Wait! Daddy. Wait!” I beg.
“Take your meds Baby.”
“Good girl.”
“Hey Dad… uh… do I stink? Ya know… like pee. Do I smell? I don’t want to smell. That would be…”
“Easy Baby. Sometimes. Sometimes I smell you, but only if you aren’t wearing any perfume and you’ve wet heavy and usually after I take your diaper off. Then I’m probably smelling your diaper not you because I don’t smell pee at all when you are rediapered.”
“Listen Robin. I love you. I appreciate all this. I’m having a blast helping you. Let me. I promise not to let you embarrass yourself.”
“It’s Daddy’s job Baby. I won’t let you embarrass yourself with your friends or coworkers. And if you smell too bad to me, well, that’s my fault and I’ll just fix it. I don’t have to smell you if it bothers me cause I can just clean you up!” Daddy says cheerfully.
“Really, Really?” I feel a bit of hope rising in my tired upset heart.
“Really, Really Baby. Once you are all healed up, I’ll never stop you from changing yourself any more than I have ever stopped you from going potty. It’ll still be my job, but if we don’t see eye to eye one when it needs to happen, or if I’m busy and can’t get to it when you want, you’ll be welcome to change yourself.”
“Little short on words aren’t ya Baby?”
“Yeah. This is all so fun and weird and scary. I don’t want to turn you off Daddy. I want to excite you.”
“Well, you do Baby even now. Oil… grown up Baby bits… Daddy’s hands… oh yeah, I’m in a good place Princess. You’ve made me super happy. I like this too. Yes it’s fun. Of course it’s weird. I don’t find it to scary, but it’s not my diapered butt on the line so you’ll just have to forgive me that one.” 

Daddy pulls me half up for a big hug and a romantic kiss before lowering me to the bed and tucking me in. He leaves the room and I start to worry about inside-outside while he walks off muttering softly. 

“Wonder if she’ll sleep with one of Molly’s stuffed animals… or a pacifier. I’m such a freak…” He chuckles walking out of the room.

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Well wasn't that just precious!

HashtagRelationshipGoals. :)

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The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions.



I had taken my medicine and predictably slipped into a restless sleep. I had a sense of time I don’t usually have while napping. I kept surfacing enough to open my eyes but not clear the fog in my head. Twice I vaguely remember wetting my diaper and simply drifting back to sleep. I kept hearing random sounds from the living room causing a shallow fear for my house to flutter around the edges of my mind. 

I wake up around four in the evening still exhausted. I itch to get out of my bedroom and do something... anything really. At the same time, I’d love to just fall back to sleep if I could guarantee it would be a restful one. 

Hell, I’d be happy to be stuck in traffic bringing Molly home. Argh! I can’t believe myself. One day! One freaking day and I’m going nuts…
I have no patience! Cell phone to the rescue! 

I grab my phone and open Facebook. As I start to browse, I feel a small pressure on my bladder. It’s a small thing, like a whisper behind a door. I let out a relaxing breath and reminded my body I was in a safe place to go. I feel that I can stop it if I choose to, but I don’t and release a small wetting into my waiting diaper. 

It was like “permission to evacuate… over”. Then I authorized it on routine. “permission granted… over”. I mean it’s like sitting on the toilet with your pants down. You just go, ya know? There’s no conscious action. Just get your body in the right spot and in the right condition and it just goes. 

Apparently, my mind has filed anywhere as viable as long as I’m diapered, at least I hope. After all, when one is diapered Let it go sort of becomes theme. 

Damn It! Now I have that damn song in my head! I bitch internally. Frozen was fun once and only the once… 

[Me] I’m soggy and thirsty…
[Allen] and awake. We need a few more minutes out here…
[Me] *gasp emoji* I’m super wet, what if I wet the bed?
[Allen] Just hold it woman, geez. I’m workin here! 

I feel a sudden burst of mischievousness.  

[Me] but Daddy!
[Allen] Don’t Daddy me! I’m almost done.
[Me] but… I gotta potty!!!

Rolling with the juvenile train mood I wake up in, I begin to yell at the living room at the top of my lungs. 

I escalate the situation, “Daddy!” I yell!
“Baby! I’ll be there in a minute!” Daddy yells.
“Minute Mommy!” Molly yells.
“Daaadddyyyy!” I below loud enough to wake the dead. I yell so loudly that my voice cracks. 

I feel like I’m sitting in my own personal swimming pool here... 

I’d just wet so my diaper is warm and not totally uncomfortable. Still, I want a clean diaper and my loving husband said he’s the one to change them for me. I shift up the bed where I can sit up against the head board. I reach down unsnapping the crotch of my onesie. Wiggling my hips, I slide the top up my back where it no longer blocks my view of my diaper. 

I cup my crotch pressing the thick gel filled diaper into my pussy. It is a unique feeling that I’m beginning to treasure. I pinch and prod my diaper to see how full it is. I’m super squishy right where I expected I would be and a bit gelly halfway up to my waist on the front and totally wet on my back half. 

It’s totally retarded how happy this super wet diaper is making me. I don’t care why anymore.
I love this! 

Not much later, I hear them trundling down the hall and quickly yank the comforter back over me. Molly enters first. She’s a quick big little-girl-thing. Molly remembers my leg situation and approaches me from the floor this time. She leans in and kissing my head. 

“Mommy is you hurt’in?” She asks sweetly moving my hair from my face nurturing me as I have her hundreds of times before.
“Oh Molls, you’re gonna be a terrific Mommy someday.” I sniff wiping a tear away at her natural bedside manner.
“Yeah, but how are you feeling Momma? Molly had a good question.” Daddy refocuses us.
“Well, I feel like I wanna go for a jog but I can’t. A swim would do, but it’s too cold for that anyway. I’m itching to move around, but it still hurts. Not like it did yesterday though. I hate this stupid boot, but I guess it’s helping.” I admit.
“Think she’s ready Punkin?” Daddy asks Molly.
“Yup! Let’s pick her up Daddy!” Molly says taking my hand.
“Uh, Doodlebug… I need a minute with Daddy before I come see my surprise.” I tell my husband.
“…, Punkin, can you go put some juice in Mommy’s sippy?” Daddy asks her.
“Uh huh!” She nods emphatically.
“Daddy… is that a good idea?” I ask insinuating that it isn’t.
“Molly is nearly four. She’s practically a grown woman. She can handle it. Rinse out the cup first. K, Punkin?” He looks at her for confirmation. 

Allen loosens the lid of my Princess Leia sippy cup and sends Molly on to the living room with a loving pat to her diapered butt. I smile knowing that will be in my future too, frankly, I can’t wait! Loving-diaper-swats seems to me to be a heartwarming thing to receive! Well, it will be… you know… when I can walk again. 

“You know she can reach most everything you can already!” Daddy barbs at me.
“What’s the odds this diaper change is going to cost me some clean up in the kitchen?” I ask Daddy… er Allen. 

I have to stop calling him Daddy in my head at least!
Cause that’s weird and my real Daddy is gone. I don’t like thinking about him not being around for Molly.
“What the hell does Dad have to do with it?”
I gap at my own counter thoughts… What the fuck?
“No wait, I’m serious. You know who our Dad is.”
“You know where our Dad is!”
Well, yeah I mean…
“We believe we’ll see him again right?”
“Then quit fucking around! Allen can be our Daddy without taking Dad’s place in our heart. Shit, it’s like finding a whole new way to love Allen. He’s ours!”
I’m not fucking around. It’s perfectly natural to…
“Enough! You know this whole situation probably says more about you that it does our sweetheart.”
I don’t know how to be comfortable. I’m supposed to be a big girl!
Will you stop Socrates-ing me!
I love Allen as a man. He’s an amazing provider, but I’m better. I don’t need him in that way.
“Your right! Finally!”
“You don’t need him to provide for you, but you still WANT to need him. This way will work!”
I… Uh… Maybe…

“Where did you go there? Anyway, I’m going with 50/50. I think she can do it. The apple juice jug is less than half full. I make her help me with the dishes every time I do them cause I want to pass that chore off sooner than later!” He laughs putting a fresh depends under me before he takes off my wet one.
“I’m not likely to pee on ya babe.” I tell Daddy.
“That’s Daddy to you Princess.” Daddy corrects.
“I guess I’m already thinking of you as Daddy, but it’s sort of weird still. Well, the nick name anyway. I will allow you the privilege of changing my diapers. I will even drink out of a sippy cup for you.” Not that that’s a big sacrifice for me… hehehe “I will try to call you Daddy, but I want a sexy husband not just a Daddy. Oh! Don’t forget my hair. I loved that.”
“That’s a terrific start Baby.” Daddy smiles unfastening my diaper. “Your gonna need a bath after playing around outside inside the house.”
“I’m excited and terrified what I’m going to find…” I hedge.
“Well, it’s not like you can do anything about it, Daddy and Punkin will have to sort it out after all. So there’s no use in getting too worked up over it.”
“A girl could get used to this ya know.” I smile at him while he removes the old diaper and wipes me clean. “Don’t forget the oil!”
“This isn’t my first rodeo little girl. I got this.”
“I know Daddy.” I say suddenly finding myself terribly embarrassed covering my face with my pillow.

Saying it out loud on purpose is fucking weird.
“We’ll adjust!” 

Daddy yanks the pillow away, “No hiding from me Princess. I’ll always take care for you. This is what I want.”
“What is?” I ask.
“I want to make you smile. I like it when you squirm in embarrassment too I think. You supported all of us while I got my degree. I get to design buildings because of you! You’re sort of my hero and my knight in shining armor.” Daddy says lovingly.
“I still make more money than you.” I smirk.
Allen swats my ass, “I know, and that’s fine with me too. We could get by on my salary alone, but I don’t have to be the primary bread winner to be the Daddy around here.”
“Gasp.” I literally say. “There will be no manhandling of this Little Princess!” I scowl.
“Well, I don’t think I care for that either.” Daddy admits. “We’ll figure it all out as we go. There’s precedence for this in the internet ya know. Give ya something to read up on tomorrow while you’re all bored. We’ll call it homework.” He nods sagely finishing up my diaper change by snapping my top closed.
“I want to do things for you. You do everything around here and work too! I want to brush your hair every night sitting on the sink or whatever. It makes my hart warm to care for you and my other parts of me hard.” Allen hip thrusts the air like Jim Carrey.
“Daddy, can I have my Hulk jammies and a white onesie? This blue one won’t go.” I purposefully bat my eyes exaggeratedly.
“Of course Baby. Everything for you.” He says dressing me shortly after. 

What a bold and corny line!
“Pfft! You fucking loved it though!”
Yeah... I wipe the tear from my eye. 

He picks me up and we make for the living room. I can’t believe what I’m looking at. Daddy’s recliner is surrounded by some huge ferns from the front yard and some potted trees from the front porch. There is some shallow tupperware containers with dirt and grass in them in front of the chair. They’d even gone as far as pulling up all the blinds and tucking them away so that the corner of the living room is all windows. 

Daddy had two lamps over there too. One pointing up with a bright light radiating off the ceiling and anther pointed right at the chair. My laptop, phone, and tablet are all sitting next to the recliner safari. They had daisy chained several extension cable and had a couple of surge protectors supplying power to all my stuff. I appear to be set for a good long while. 

“Wahahahahaha!” I laugh.
“Does you like it Mommy?” Molly asks.
“Do you like it?” Daddy corrects her.
“Do Mommy likes it?” Molly tires.
“Better Doodlebug, but not quite there yet. I do like it guys! Where did you get the grass?” I continue to laugh.
“We slipped out for the lamps and the home improvement place had some sod samples. I thought it’d be fun to put your toes in the grass.” Daddy laughs shyly.

I reach up and kiss his cheek letting him know I approve and that I find everything sweet. Molly tugs us over to his recliner forcing Daddy to put me in the chair. I thoroughly enjoy rubbing the sole of my good foot in the thick carpet of grass, but end up having him turn off the lamp facing me. It is just too much light. 

“This is amazing guys. Daddy, Doodlebug thank you guys so much!” I gush loving this gesture and enjoying this little bit of outside inside.
“Mommy Molly love u pants!” Molly says feeling the flannel green material. “Mommy Smash!” She giggles.
“Punkin, where’s Mommy’s sippy?” Daddy says.
“I get it!” She says zipping off to grab it.
“You go with her Daddy. Make sure there isn’t two messes just this one.” I tell him pushing on his arm. 

Daddy kisses me and runs off after Molly. I take a deep sniff of the air and sneeze. I giggle at the outside messing with my nose inside my house

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Excellent as always!

The whole dad/daddy monologue reminded me of another story that had a similar Mother/Mommy conversation. I can't think of the name off the top of my head, I know it was by bbkimmy and set in the Diaper Dimension, but it's probably deleted now anyway so it doesn't really matter.

Grammer patrol:

Near the beginning you said "patients" instead of "patience."

Near the end you spelled "Supplying" as "Suppling."

I think that was about it.

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Really great story line.  Looks like mommy is going to be in diapers for a long while, maybe even after she gets her mobility back again?

As much as she hates the thought of it, I believe it would be good for her to do a messy one sooner rather than latter.  Considering her lack of mobility now, it is not hard to imagine this happening and once it does and all get over the reluctance, who knows what can happen???

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