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Making the Best of It: A Tale of Love and Acceptance in Two Acts

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Kimmy doll, I just want to go on the record in saying this was one of the best reading experiences I have had storywise and one of the best interactions with the author,writerwise. It cannot be overstated that some writers when they have reached a certain point,detach themselves from their readers or place themselves above them. You my dear did neither of those things.  You talked to us not Down to us and that made me want to follow this trail,this journey to acceptance to its beautiful end. Sure there were perils along the way, but after all that,I myself felt l shared that experience of love and acceptance as a reader. Thank you for all you did with this one tale!

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10 hours ago, BabySofia said:

Thanks for the warnings!

I'm glad you mentioned it in that other thread, or I wouldn't have even thought about it.  I'm really glad you enjoyed the story, I really enjoy yours as well!

10 hours ago, ELLIE52 said:

Is that enough for you?

Ellie, that was wonderfully lovely.  Thank you for taking the time to tell me.  You have been a wonderful reader this whole story, I have really enjoyed your comments.  I wasn't trying to give anyone homework :D 

10 hours ago, Wetpamper said:

I really enjoyed this story, I liked April with how loving and protective she was towards Kimmy. Looking forward to more stories in the future.

Thank you so much!  I'm glad you enjoyed the different tone of the story.  I can't promise more stories in the future, I'm really not a writer.. but I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

10 hours ago, Jayme said:

It's a toss up...

Thank you so much, Jayme :D If I made it hard to choose between three, that's pretty fantastic.  Thank you for all of the comments over the course of the story, you were very encouraging!

8 hours ago, Shotgun Diplomat said:

These paragraphs stood out the most for me:

Feelings are hard, and watching someone else have painful feelings is hard too.  People want to console, to silence.. to chase the sad away, but it's important to go through those feelings.  My therapist says:  "When you bury feelings, you bury them alive... you'll still have to deal with them later, and it will only be worse."  A lot of what I've learned in therapy over the last year or so of my life is woven through the story.  April is a mixture of myself and my lady love, but she has the emotional maturity we would both like to have someday and have been actively working toward.

I'm glad you enjoyed this oasis of caring.  I needed it, I'm very happy I could share it with you too.

8 hours ago, ForTheGlory said:

This series was so good I had to make an account and comment on it...

It's funny.. I hate happy, perfect endings in movies and books, they never feel real to me.  I knew I was going to have a mostly happy ending, but it wasn't going to be perfect.  I don't think my heart could take leaving her trapped on Catalon, even with Sunshine.

Kimmy not getting to be with Sunshine as she returned to April is my concession to the sometimes-cruelty of life.  It seems to me that nothing ever works out perfectly, but if you keep love in your heart, things do work out.

Someone creating an account just to comment is a huge compliment, and I really, deeply appreciate it.  I only made my account to comment on "Bad Husband, Better Baby", I love that story.. I sincerely hope that one has a happy ending for Nick (I've mentioned that over and over in that thread too, ha...) 

7 hours ago, SGTbaby said:

I am not sure if I could pick just one favorite part.

I noticed that too, the chapter length increased as the story went on and the characters grew and changed.  I should probably rewrite the beginning a bit, I actually ended up re-using the names "Tina" and "Beth" unconsciously, I need to fix that at least.  I probably won't rewrite the early chapters though, I'll leave it stand.  Thank you for your many supportive comments, I've said it before but I looked forward to your comments each day.

5 hours ago, herezulo said:

This story was fantastic, and it was written at an insane pace

I was a little obsessed.. I basically didn't do anything else with any of my free time, all of it went to this story.  I also obsessively watched for comments, sharing this story and seeing how it was received has been really important to me over the past month.

Act 1 was really great for me, and I think it stands pretty well as its own story.  Thank you for sticking with me through the rollercoaster that was Act 2.  It was hard at times, but I think the end was worth it.

2 hours ago, babyluv13 said:

... Thank you for all you did with this one tale!

I've really enjoyed interacting with you and everyone else, too.  I decided early on that I wanted to try and reply personally to each and every comment.  The conversation has been really important to me, the comments mean more than anyone probably realizes.  Authors really like getting the comments, and I hope I encourage more authors to respond to the comments the way I have.  It takes more time, but honestly, I get a lot from it.  Thank you for your wonderful comments and thank you for enjoying the story :D

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Kimmy, that was one of the best stories I have ever read, and the end was pure and loving.  Do not ever sell yourself short on how much talent you have at this.  You are great.  Best of luck with whatever you do next, hopefully your friend baby Billy :wub:

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