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Making the Best of It: A Tale of Love and Acceptance in Two Acts

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I've been a lurker here forever, but there are so many great stories lately that I just had to try my hand.  I'm not a writer, this isn't the sort of thing I normally do, so apologies if I make terrible composition mistakes.


I awoke to the becoming-familiar view of the carrier frame.  The sunshade was pulled forward, its multicolored flowers staring at me from the padding, with store shelves gliding by beyond them.  Apparently we were stopping at the store, not that I had any say in it.  Just to check, I tried to push the pacifier out of my mouth, but the Amazon who took me remembered to inflate the nipple and it was going nowhere.  I blinked the sleep from my eyes and let my aching bladder go, there was no sense in trying to hold it any longer.  I hadn't seen a toilet in weeks anyway.  The shopping cart stopped moving and I found myself staring at an impossibly happy Little on a package of diapers who was exclaiming, "Mommy, I'm wet!  Aren't you proud of me?".  Given that there were stacks of diapers in the nursery that were taller than I was, I wasn't sure why we were here... but the second I heard Lisa's voice, I knew it wasn't good.

"I'm just saying, she's a bit of a brat, that's all," Lisa's voice grated on me, she was the kind of person who thought everyone should do things her way, it would just be easier... we didn't get along at all.  My "Mommy" April was kinder than many Amazons I'd seen, but that didn't change the fact that I was being held against my will and forced to wear diapers and everything that went along with it.  She continued, "You should just swaddle her for a month or two and see if that makes her more appreciative."

"Lisa, she's a good girl.  You're overreacting," April objected, calming the sudden lurch in my tummy just a bit, "She didn't bite you on purpose, you stuck your finger in her mouth while she was eating."

I blushed a bit.. it was true, she was checking to see if I was eating something I wasn't supposed to... which I was.  And I did bite her on purpose, but I "freaked out" and apologized right away, so it looked like an accident.  It was twisted, but I knew April loved me and that she wouldn't let anything truly bad happen to me, unlike her "good friend" Lisa.  There was just something about the way Amazons were wired... they needed to "take care" of something.  Most of them had extra love to give, like April.  Some just needed to have extra control, like Lisa.

"I saw her grab that candy without asking, I just know it," Lisa grumbled, "Look - they put out a new diaper for swaddled Littles."

The cart rolled forward and I found myself looking at another happy Little.  This one was laying down, wearing a short pink t-shirt and an unbelievable diaper... the padding extended from above her navel to just above her knees and each of her legs were splayed out at almost a 45 degree angle from her body.  There was absolutely no way that Little was moving anywhere on her own... but the smile looked real, her eyes were smiling too.  Her word bubble read, "Now I won't leak for sure!"  I had heard that there were people from my dimension that came here voluntarily to be Littles.  It was true that back home we all worked too hard, and after a lifetime of that... I could see why the idea of trading away all their freedoms in exchange for the love and care of an Amazon could be enticing.  I wondered if they were real as I shifted a bit in the carrier, the harness holding me down fast to the padding.  I could reach the release button, but I didn't have the strength to push it.  I had tried many times.

"Hm, no.. I don't think I want to swaddle my little Kimmy," I heard April say with a touch of distance in her voice... she was considering it, "But look at these!" she finished with a giggle.

"Oh.. oh my, those are adorable.. they're new too.  You should get a pack, it will be so cute to watch Kimmy waddle in those," Lisa chuckled as well, the malice disappearing from her voice, "She won't see it coming.  C'mon, April - do it for me."

"Oh, all right," April let out a tiny, mock sigh, "But only because I love you so much."

I heard a package being placed in the cart and closed my eyes quickly and pretended to sleep.  My mind reeled at what new devices the Amazons could have thought up to torment their Littles.  I must have pursed my lips in thought, because the next thing I knew, my pacifier was being removed and replaced by the nipple of a bottle.  I started draining it immediately while April looked down into the carrier, fawning over me.  The love in her giant green eyes was real... I liked her too, she was a very nice lady, but this wasn't exactly my ideal relationship.  She brushed a strand of her reddish-brown hair from her face while she watched me, her smile as big as her heart.

"There we go, sweetie.  I thought I felt you stir.  You're a bit dehydrated.  You're such a good girl for drinking without any fuss," she cooed at me.  Lisa rolled her eyes and we leisurely strolled through the store until the bottle was finished.

"Please," I said the second the nipple was out of my mouth, the sweet taste of the apple juice still lingering.. but I was cut off before I could say another word, the pacifier back in my mouth and three pumps to the shield had it inflated and I was silenced again.

"Shh, baby, you've said enough today.  You're going to be quiet for the rest of the day, we already talked about this.  I'm proud of you for drinking all of your juice," she said as she stroked my cheek, "We'll get you another bottle when we get home."

"You really do love her, huh?"  I heard Lisa's voice from the world-beyond-the-carrier.  It wasn't derisive, it was admiring.

"She's the best decision I ever made, Lisa.  I hope get to know how it feels some day," she said wistfully.

I sighed and sucked loudly on the pacifier.  It made April happy to hear me using the pacifier, and it was hard not to want to make her happy.. especially since I didn't have much else to do anyway.  It was hard to imagine that this time two weeks ago, I was stressed out over programming deadlines and chainsmoking my way to an early grave.  I didn't take very good care of my body, I didn't really care what went in it, I ate awful foods and drank too much, never worked out.  Who had time?  If you couldn't meet the deadlines for the job, there were 100 people just waiting to take your spot, so you did your best no matter what and always gave 110%.  I looked down at the pink striped snap-crotch onesie I was wearing now with its tiny ruffle "skirt" that did nothing to cover any part of my legs, it was a pretty far cry from my preferred style.  I was never a clothes horse, I liked cute clothes but didn't obsess over it... I was a boho girl, the style just felt right, the heavy jewlery and hippy clothes.  It was low-ish effort and attractive.  I was beginning to doubt I'd ever get to dress myself again.  I hadn't worn shoes in over a week now, I barely walked anywhere now and never outside the house, but my body was in better shape than ever.  The technology of this dimension was astounding.  They repaired my lungs and fixed all the issues from my alcohol abuse and malnutrition.. they even whitened my teeth.  Physically, I felt better than I ever had before.  Not that it was worth the cost though.

I missed the conversation between April and the cashier while I was lost in thought, but I had no doubt there was some comment passed about "how lucky" April was or some such nonsense, we couldn't go anywhere without someone cooing.  I knew I missed it because I felt the warm sunlight land on my legs and heard April sing, "My little Kimmy, cute as a bug.  My little Kimmy, needs a big hug."  She was always coming up with little tunes and silly songs.  She was a professional studio musician, she had musical instruments all over her house.  I continued to suck the pacifer loudly for her benefit, and I couldn't help but smile.  I tried to get a look at what she had bought as she whisked the carrier into the car and snapped it into the holder, but she was too fast for me.  I tried to give her a pleading look so I could at least ask what was in store for me, but in moments I was giggling around the pacifier in response to the bevy of kisses landing on my face and her tickling fingers.

I was on the smaller side for Littles, so the carseat was rear-facing.  All I had was a view of the back seat of April's car.. and her big green eyes looking at me from time to time in the mirror she had mounted so we could see each other.  I heard the car start and felt us beginning the drive to her house and started to let my mind drift again... I did that a lot lately, it was actually kind of relaxing.  But my relaxation didn't last long.

"So you're actually going to go out with that bassist tomorrow?  Am I still babysitting?  I'm still half-expecting you to back out," I heard Lisa ask and I suddenly felt a flash of fear and... something else I couldn't put my finger on, but suddenly biting her seemed like a really, really poor choice on my part.

"Yeah, seems nice and I haven't dated anyone at all in months.  I thought about calling it off, but I'm really glad you talked me out of it.  I think this one has potential."

"Oh good, you've barely left your house in a week, I don't think it's good for you."
"Well, I can't exactly take my little bundle of joy into the bars with me, darling."  I felt my cheeks burn at April's gentle laugh.

"Oh believe me, I know," Lisa sounded like she was pouting a bit and that fear intensified.  If Lisa decided to take out her frustrations on me, there wasn't exactly a lot I could do about it.. and the idea of being alone with her tomorrow did not sound fun.  "We used to go out three nights a week, I just miss you."

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry.  I don't really want to be separated from Kimmy right now, it's very important that we make a strong bond.  I want her to know how much I love her.  Besides, you've seen me plenty - you've been over almost every night this week."  I heard Lisa squeak the way she does when April pokes her in the tummy.

"Yeah, it's just not the same - we need to go OUT."

"We can go out, we'll just have to go to more family friendly places for a bit,"  I could see April's eyes smile in the mirror, "Maybe we should start looking for a Little of your very own."

"I don't know, April - it seems like a lot of work, and you don't get to go out any more, why would I want to do that?"

"Hopefully Kimmy can help you find the answer to that tomorrow night."

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Nice story so far, well written. Actually really awesome if you consider, that you usually don't write any stories!

You got me hooked, so I hope you keep writing. :67_EmoticonsHDcom:

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I think it is a great start and I look forward to reading about her date and being left alone with Lisa! Looking forward to more. Keep going!

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Now that I'm on the other side of the keyboard, I can see that comments really do make a big difference to the writer.  Thank you both :)

I'm writing this as we go so I don't know what kind of update schedule it might have, but I'm enjoying it so far.


Part 2

April set the carrier I was confined to down in the foyer of her home and released the buckle.  Normally I would scramble out on my own at this point, but I had an idea.  I had to come up with some way to win Lisa over tonight or I might be in a rough spot tomorrow.

"Aww, baby, are you feeling tired?  Come on out, sweetie," April's sing-song voice came from high above.  She pulled the sunshade back and the two Amazons looked down at me.

I still couldn't get over just how BIG they were.  I was 5'2" last I checked, although who knows if that was true since I was apparently in a new dimension, but I didn't even come up to April's waist.  Laying in a baby carrier on the floor with them towering over me made me feel impossibly small.  I hoped desperately that this didn't backfire... I tried to ask that Lisa pick me up, but the pacifier kept me from making any intelligible sounds.  I held my arms up toward her and opened and closed my hands.

April melted.  "Oh my goodness, Lisa!  She's asking if you'll pick her up!"

Lisa looked entirely unsure, she looked down at me, then up at April, then again back down to me, disbelieving.

"Why would she want that?  I don't know what to do with Littles," she complained.  I made a small whining sound and continued to open and close my hands at her.

"Just pick her up.  She's normally so independent, I really don't want to discourage this."

Lisa leaned down and her huge hands grabbed me under the armpits and hoisted me up.  I wrapped my arms around her neck as she pulled me close to her and nuzzled her as best I could.  I was terrifyingly high up off the ground, it would really hurt if she dropped me.  I closed my eyes and faked a happy sigh.  Her skin was actually really soft and she smelled like lavender up close.  I could feel she was unsure as she slid an arm under my diapered bottom, pressing the wet padding into me.  I resisted the urge to grimace and kept smiling.  I felt her lay her other hand on my back.

"Am I holding her right?"

"Judging by that smile, I'd say so.  Stay right there, don't move."

I heard April rustling in her purse and then the sound of her cameraphone "shutter".  I opened my eyes to find that she was taking pictures of Lisa holding me.  Thankfully I think my small frown was hidden behind the pacifier.  I looked up at Lisa.. she was smiling.  That made my smile return, my plan seemed to be working.  I got carried over to the couch where I snuggled up against Lisa's breast.  She started rubbing my back and I really did melt a little bit.  Her hand covered most of my back all at once, feeling her stroke my back felt amazing.

"Here, you feed her the next bottle, practice run for tomorrow," I heard April say, and next thing I knew I was on my back in Lisa's giant lap.  I squeaked a bit in surprise, I hadn't expected the sudden motion and I felt quite helpless... there was really nothing I could do to stop them.  April reached over, released my pacifier and took it from my mouth.. and gave me a look.  Not really a warning, but a look that said, "I'm watching you."

I looked up at the unsure Lisa and decided to relent this once, resistance now could spoil my plan, so I opened my mouth and reached up for the bottle.  Lisa gently lowered the nipple into my mouth and I wrapped my hands around the giant bottle.. it was nearly the size of a 2-liter soda back home.  They never seemed to take no for an answer, it's no wonder they all believed Littles needed diapers, anyone being given six liters of apple juice in a single day would have to pee like crazy, this was the third bottle they forced on me today.  Lisa wasn't going to let me hold the bottle on my own, but I wasn't going to let go either.  Not holding the bottle while being fed felt entirely too helpless.  While I tried my best to drain the massive amount of juice, I felt April lean over and poke my diaper.

"She's pretty wet and her daytime diapers aren't as thick as her nighttime ones, we should probably change her after that bottle.  I'll go put her new diapers away, be right back."

Hearing that, I tried to wet again but nothing would come.  It felt impossible to drink and pee at the same time.  I wanted an empty bladder when I got a clean diaper, I liked to keep them dry as long as possible, they were much more comfortable that way.  The daytime ones weren't that bad, I could still walk fine.  The nighttime ones were a different matter, they were so thick that I waddled around.. which April loved.

Snapping back to reality, I noticed that Lisa was watching me.  I looked up into her brown eyes.. she wore more makeup than April.  She had cat's eyes eyeliner and a nice subtle eye-shadow.  I missed makeup a lot, obviously I didn't get to wear any anymore.  Her expression was one of... curiosity?  She was watching me drink from the bottle carefully, studying me, a small smile on her lips.  Her shorter blonde hair had fallen around her face as she smiled down at me.  She was actually quite pretty when she wasn't being difficult... I wondered if she was having the same thought about me.

I finished the bottle as quickly as I could and tried again to pee while Lisa set the bottle down and carried me back toward the nursery, but again nothing would come.  Knowing my luck it would hit me right after I was taped into the next in a seemingly endless line of diapers.

"I can't wait to see you in these new ones, you'll be so cute!"

I had forgotten about the "she won't see it coming" that was mentioned in the store and my stomach filled with dread.  Lisa carried me into the nursery, my prison, with its off-white walls and bright white wooden furniture.  The carpet was a deep plush with a light pink hue, the enormous crib and changing table were stark white.  Oh, how I hated that crib.

"Oh, she finished that bottle faster than I expected, hold on - we need to give her a treat for being such a good girl for you," April said and walked out of the room.

I looked around for clues as to what they had in store for me, but I didn't see anything right away.  The nursery looked normal, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.. the new diaper that was waiting for me on the changing table looked normal enough.  It was a dark purple, which was new, but it didn't look different from any other diaper.  I groaned inwardly at the notion of this room seeming "normal" with its pile of stuffed animals as big as me and its closet full of baby clothes in my size.  Lisa was looking around too, she'd been in here before but she seemed to be taking things in more than usual.

"You smell pretty," I said in a small voice to Lisa, trying to break her out of her studying.  I didn't want her to get Little-obsessed, I just wanted her to think fondly of me so tomorrow night would be easier.

"Aww, thank you sweetheart.  I didn't know you liked lavender," she gave me a kiss on the forehead and laid me down on the inescapable changing table.  I blushed as she unsnapped the crotch of my onesie, I didn't think that would ever, ever feel normal.  I was being undressed by giant hands and I had zero say in what I was going to wear.  "But remember, you're not supposed to talk for the rest of the day.  Shh, I won't tell your mommy but let's be quiet."

April came back and handed Lisa yet another bottle.  I frowned, that didn't seem like much of a treat to me.  Lisa held it to my lips and I accepted the nipple.  My eyes shot open wide at the taste... it was AMAZING.  It was the thickest, richest chocolate flavor I had ever tasted in my life.  It was exquisite, the liquid was creamy and smooth and just... amazing.  I let out an involuntary, "Mmmm".

They both laughed gently as I sucked greedily at the bottle.

"Oh my, someone sure likes that - it's Littles' Chocolate, it's specially made for Little tastebuds, guess they weren't kidding," April went about removing the wet diaper and taping the new one on me, but I wasn't paying attention at all.  I was savoring every drop of this chocolate, "That's what good girls get for a treat, sweetie."

When the bottle was done, they sat me up and pulled my onesie off and replaced it with a pink t-shirt that read, "I Wuv My Mommy".  I was still in a bit of a daze from the chocolate as Lisa carried me back to the living room and set me down on my freshly padded butt.  I poked at the diaper.. it felt different, a little squishy, like there was a gel in the diaper.  It felt dry though, and comfortable.  It was a little bit thicker than my normal daytime diapers, but not as thick as the nighttime diapers by any stretch.  I didn't bother trying the tapes, no diaper had budged for me yet, it seemed very unlikely that this one would be any different.  April opened an activity book on the floor in front of me and dropped a crayon on the page.  They sat down on the couch together... but they were watching me intently.  Feeling very on-the-spot, I picked up the crayon and looked at the book.

It was a connect-the-dots picture... but it had hundreds of dots to it.  I had no idea what the picture might be, and that actually excited me.  I thought to myself, "This might actually be fun!"  I laid down on my tummy and kicked my legs up in the air, the book was bigger than a coffee table book back home.  I found the first dot and started connecting, it was actually challenging but relaxing at the same time.  April and Lisa were talking softly to each other on the couch, I wasn't paying much attention.  About three quarters of the way through the picture, which I had determined was a carousel but I still wanted to finish it, I felt the urge to go.  I still had full control of my bladder, I just had no choice about where to go.  This was a big struggle for me when I first got here, but I had lost count of how many diapers I had been changed into at this point and there was no use in fighting it.  I paused my dot-connecting but didn't lift the crayon off the page, I didn't want to lose my place, and released my bladder into the waiting diaper.  It felt like I peed forever, the warmth flowing into the padding, and I was about to start my drawing back up when I heard April and Lisa giggling.  I looked up to them in confusion.

"Looks like someone wet her diaper already," April smiled, "Can you walk over here sweetie?"

I set the crayon down and tried to get into a sitting position.. the diaper had expanded enormously!  It had ballooned up around my waist, I had to put my hands on the ground and push myself up to stand, my legs were splayed wide.  It shouldn't have even been that wet, the daytime diapers usually held more than that.  I looked at my bottom, it has expanded out even further than the padding between my thighs.

"It's a new diaper - they made it for Littles who fibbed about when they were wet, we just thought you would look so cute in it.  Can you walk over here?  I promise this won't be a regular thing since you're always such a good girl.  But I do have a whole package of them if you decide to be naughty."

I tried my best to waddle over to the couch, it was very difficult to walk in the swollen diaper.  I had to pivot my entire body with each step.

"That is the cutest thing I've ever seen," Lisa said.

"I don't like these diapers," I complained as I trundled over.  I grabbed April's knees to steady myself.

"Ah ah," April tutted, "You are done talking today, remember?  Let's put you in your swing for a bit while we make some dinner."  She lifted me under the armpits and swung me up to her hip.

"No!  Please can I fini-", my words were cut off by the hated pacifier.  I actually wanted to finish my dot-to-dot.  The carousel was pretty, I wanted to color it next.  I would be bored in the swing!  I pouted and refused to suck on the pacifier at all.

"Lisa, are you staying for dinner tonight?"  April plopped me down in the swing and adjusted out the straps so it would fit over my bulging diaper.  I could only wiggle my legs helplessly, it felt like I was sitting on a giant cushion.

"I don't think so, I'm in a burger-and-fries mood.  Rain check?"  She smiled and patted me on the head.  I crossed my arms over my chest and scowled.  It wasn't fair that they got to decide everything.  I was being good and doing their silly baby activity with no complaints.

"Oh, look at the grumpy girl," April teased, "Someone doesn't want any more chocolate, I guess."

Immediately my face brightened and I stopped scowling.  I was stuck here anyway, it would be worth it if I got more of that chocolate.

"Much better.  I'll be sure to have a bottle of the chocolate ready for you tomorrow, Lisa.  I think someone is a fan.  I bet she'll be a very good girl for you."

I nodded vigorously, which caused them both to laugh.  I sucked loudly on the pacifier as the swing started its side-to-side motion.  I closed my eyes and relaxed, imagining I was in a hammock on a beach in the Caribbean, sunning in a bikini... rather than strapped into a baby swing in a wet diaper.

"Sounds good, it's crazy.. but I'm actually kind of looking forward to it now," I smiled at Lisa's words, it was looking like tomorrow wouldn't be revenge day for me "stealing" her friend away and biting her after all.

"Oh, that makes me so happy to hear.  I'll see you tomorrow, I've got to go make some dinner for myself and little Kimmy."

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I like the chocolate treat and her activity book. Her mind goes back and forth which is fun too.  The story has a good flow so far but I am curious how she got to the dimension? You mention some coming voluntarily so I am curious. Loving this so far and looking forward to more. 

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24 minutes ago, SGTbaby said:

I like the chocolate treat and her activity book. Her mind goes back and forth which is fun too.  The story has a good flow so far but I am curious how she got to the dimension? You mention some coming voluntarily so I am curious. Loving this so far and looking forward to more. 

Thanks!  I actually have one of those dot-to-dot books made for adults, it is fantaaaastic when in little space.  I have a hard time playing with actual little toys, but that book is mentally stimulating in a way that doesn't disrupt those little feelings.

I have a plan to reveal how she got there (it wasn't voluntary) - it's different than what's been done so far.  I'm setting this on a separate island where the attitudes are just a bit different :) 

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Excellent update! Loving the flow and style of this story!

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Thanks again for all of the kind comments, I'm really enjoying writing this story.  I hope you continue to enjoy reading it!


Part 3

I awoke after a short nap in the swing to April kissing me on the forehead and setting me down on the floor.  I yawned and stretched and tried to stand up, forgetting that I was wearing the ridiculous expanding diaper.  I struggled to my feet, looked up at April and pointed to the diaper, hoping she'd get my meaning.  She just smiled.  I felt the urge to go again, but I really didn't want to find out if this thing would expand further.  I bounced up and down a bit and whined around the pacifier, trying to get a muffled "please" around the rubber nipple and plastic shield.  Her smile unchanged, April gently guided my body into a sitting position.

"I'm curious if those will expand again, and you always go after a nap... so go, little one," April stood back and watched me, but I just sat there, "Go on, let it go.  You'll get a cup instead of a bottle at dinner if you do."

I sighed and released the pressure on my bladder.  I was paying attention this time, so I actually watched the diaper balloon up to twice its previously-too-large size into something absurd.  The expanding diaper lifted my bottom off the ground and the padding expanded out to my knees.  I was lifted so far off the ground and my legs splayed so far apart that I was completely immobilized by my wet diaper.  I could wiggle my legs, but I couldn't get any kind of purchase to help me stand up.  I looked up to April pitifully and made a pleading motion with my hands.

"Oh my, they weren't kidding, were they?  Can you even move?" April looked down, her smile was soft and pitying.  I shook my head in response.  "It looks like naughty girls will be stuck in their Tattletale diaper - it tells on you.  Let's hope you're not naughty, huh?"

She picked me up, supporting the massive diaper with one arm and she held me to her, carrying me back to the nursery.  She set about changing me into yet another diaper, telling me, "We're going to eat dinner, you can finish coloring in your book, and then it's off to bed with you.  We're going to take your paci out to eat and you're not going to say one word, right little Kimmy?"

I nodded while she threw away the tattletale diaper and taped up the fresh, clean daytime diaper.  I didn't bother to struggle, there was nothing I could do about the situation anyway.  It felt good to be in a normal, clean diaper.  After that ridiculous diaper, the regular diaper felt so thin.

"I'm very, very happy with how you let Lisa take care of you, it made her happy," she lifted me up and snuggled me close, "She doesn't understand how wonderful it is to have a Little.  And I am so lucky to have one as wonderful as you.  You're a very sweet girl, Kimmy.  There are so many Littles that have to be punished all the time just to get them to behave.  You silly Littles don't know what's good for you," she said it lovingly and booped my nose, but it rankled.  I was an adult, I'd been taking care of myself just fine for years!

April carried me to the kitchen where she sat me down in the high chair, buckled me in, and snapped the tray in place in front of me.  This was another thing I doubt I'd ever get used to, mealtimes.  I wasn't allowed to do anything for myself in this world.  Everything was enormous and I was entirely at the mercy of April.  The memories of how I got here were fuzzy, the last thing I remember of home was a party with some friends and I was doing shots.  I've been blackout drunk a few times before, but this time when I came to I was in the back seat of April's car.  She explained it all to me, that I had travelled to another dimension where people like me were cared for and loved.. she showed me the adoption paperwork and explained the ins-and-outs of my new life, she explained that they had repaired my body and she told me that everything was going to be fine.  I shuddered at the memory of that first night in the crib, hoping desperately that when I woke up, I'd be back home.  But I woke up the next morning to crib bars and a diaper, which I inevitably ended up wetting.

I snapped out of it as April finished tying a bib that read "Messy Eater" on it, and set a sippy cup down on my tray.  I pouted a bit, it wasn't really what I was hoping for when she said I'd get a cup, but I honestly wasn't surprised.  I watched her as she prepared a small plate for me and a large one for her.  It looked like we were having chicken breast... rosemary by the smell.  April wasn't the best cook ever, but she wasn't bad.  Asparagus and roasted potatoes to go with it, and I'm sure apple juice was waiting for me in the sippy cup.  The meal made me long for a glass of wine instead.  The food was cut up on my plate, which she set in front of me with no utensils.  I waited patiently while she took a few bites of her meal, then she released the pacifier and started feeding me with a "tiny" (in that it would have been regular sized for me had she let me hold it) plastic fork, one bite at a time.  April would take a few bites, she would feed me a bite or two.  I had to be very careful when chewing.  She had warned me at the first meal that if I choked on a bite, she'd have to feed me pureed food... and I really didn't want that.

"Today was a pretty good day, huh Kimmy?" April said between her bites, while feeding me mine, "You were such a good girl today, I am so proud of you."

I smiled and took a drink from the sippy cup when I had the opportunity, reminding myself that I wasn't supposed to speak yet.

"I'm so glad I can trust you to be such a good girl, I like feeding you this way no matter what the books say.  You're such a cutie, it's a joy to watch you."

I made sure to finish the sippy cup, April was always very keen for me to finish any liquid she gave me, any time I left so much as a sip she'd make sure I finished it and I didn't want to give her cause to take the sippy cup away.  It felt good to be able to take a drink without having to suck it through a nipple and to be able to control how much I drank.. at least a little.  April used my bib to wipe my face when we were done eating, she always did that same motion whether I was messy at all or not, which for the most part I wasn't.  I glanced at the pacifier where she had left it on the table and watched her silently as she cleaned up after the meal.

She came back and picked the hated pacifier up and popped it in my mouth, but didn't pump the shield for a change so I could actually take it out if I wanted to.  It was much more comfortable that way.  She released me from the confines of the high chair and carried me to the living room, where she sat me down on the floor in front of my unfinished dot-to-dot.  This was part of the routine, I got some playtime after dinner while we watched TV, I just hoped it wasn't going to be...

The TV flipped on and April punched in the number for the "Littles Shopping Network", the shopping show where they spent the entire time showcasing all manner of furniture and supplies for "caring for your Little".  I hated the hosts, Tom and Beth - they were everything that was wrong with the Amazons.  Cold, controlling, they seemed not to think that Littles were people at all, just pets at best or toys at worst.  I hated this show.  I turned to my carousel and tried to find the dot where I had left off, it was in the mid-two-hundreds.

"That's right, Tom - this upgraded RoboNanny x9 can either be installed into an existing crib, or it optionally comes with its own, and it also comes with a guarantee that any Little placed in its care can be kept inside for up to seven days unattended.  It feeds, it cleans, it changes, it dresses, it rocks them to sleep.  Everything you need for a night out, a weekend away, or even a short vacation!" Beth beamed at the camera, never even looking at her co-host.

"My my, Beth - that's simply incredible.  I understand that our own studio Little Tina has been in this RoboNanny for what, three days now?" Tom's smug voice came from the TV speakers and my head snapped up to look.  Sure enough, there was a blonde Little with a pacifier stuffed in her mouth who was holding desperately onto the bars of a crib.  She reached pleadingly through the bars and started to cry.  "Uh oh," Tom continued, "Looks like someone needs a nap.  RoboNanny, begin naptime routine for Little Tina."

The Little wailed as flexible metal arms came from the sides of the crib and grabbed her by the wrists and ankles and laid her down.  You could see her trying to struggle free but the mechanical arms were too strong.  A flexible tube appeared from over the head of the crib and attached itself to the shield of her pacifier.  The camera zoomed in on the tube and showed a red liquid entering the pacifier and moments later, Tina was unconcious.  I heard my paci hit the ground at the same time April's phone rang.  I quickly closed my agape mouth and put the pacifier back between my lips.  Poor Tina.  I shuddered, thinking about how that could have been me.  Trapped in a cage for days where a machine fed you and changed your diapers, an endless cycle of eating and changing.  I felt a tear in my eye for poor Tina.

"That's a content Little right there, Tom.  Look how peacefully she's sleeping," rage bubbled in my heart as Beth walked away to show the next product, a teddy bear shaped sleepsack.  Before they could begin expounding on the horrible features of their device, April's phone conversation caught my attention.

"Actually, I'm watching it right now," April was relaxing on the couch, even she didn't seem to see how awful what they did to Tina was, which made me feel a little afraid, "Oh mom, no.  Please don't buy me that RoboNanny, I don't want one."

My blood ran cold.

"I know you're excited that I got a Little, but you already bought the crib, the changing table, that excellent pacifier - which has been a lifesaver - and more diapers than Kimmy will go through in a year, please don't buy the RoboNanny."

A year.  The words rang in my ears.  I hadn't really thought about the future, I was mostly trying to survive the present, to make the best of it... I had been in diapers 24/7 for at least a week, maybe a week and a half, could I endure it for a year?

"Yes, I know the crib is tax deductible.  No, I don't want the deduction, we agreed that you'd use it when you bought the crib.  No mom, I'm not falling for that one.  That's how you got me to take your expensive microwave.  If you buy another RoboNanny and tell me that you don't like the color of the old one, I'm still not taking the old one.  I like changing Kimmy's diapers.  She doesn't bite, she doesn't scratch, she doesn't kick.. Mom, she doesn't even try to escape.  She's a good girl.  Changing her diaper makes me feel close to her, I want her to feel how much I love her and a RoboNanny won't do that.  I won't do that to her."

April's mom must have been talking now, April went silent.  My emotions were an absolute rollercoaster.  April planned on keeping me in diapers for a year.. maybe more.... probably more.  Maybe forever?  Oh my goodness, was I going to be her baby forever?  Would I never get to wear makeup again?  Or feed myself?  Or pee in a toilet?  I looked down at my t-shirt and diaper and read the "I Wuv My Mommy".  All of these emotions were flooding, but at the same time, I could hear how much April cared about me and that felt good.  She wanted to protect me, she wanted me to be happy.

"Okay mom, I'll take that one from you.  But promise me, no RoboNanny.  Okay, good.  I love you too.  Yes, I'm sending you the newest picture of Kimmy right now, Lisa was holding her.  Oh yes, they are adorable together.  Oh, mom - I need to go, Kimmy looks tired, I think she needs to be put to bed."

I did feel tired all of a sudden.  I looked at my unfinished carousel.. the TV had distracted me, I didn't get to finish.  I only connected a few more dots.  I leaned down to put the crayon to the page again and suddenly I was up in the air.  April flipped the TV off and pulled me close.

"Let's get you in your jammies and a nighttime diaper, little girl," April smiled at me, I stared up at her in a daze.  "Oh sweetie, are you okay?"

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, but I didn't want to talk.  I bit down on the teat of the pacifier and buried my head in April's neck.

"Oh sweetie, what's wrong?  Oh no," April seemed genuinely distraught at me being upset, she carried me to the nursery and sat me down on the changing table.  "Okay sweetie, you can talk, tell me what's wrong.  I need to understand."  She gently took the pacifier from my mouth.

"I'm scared of the RoboNanny," as soon as the words tumbled from my lips, I started bawling.

"Oh Kimmy, my little Kimmy, I'm so sorry.  We won't be getting one of those.  I promise.  I want to be close to you, sweetheart.  You know that, right?"  I nodded, trying to stifle the sobs coming from me.  April picked me up and laid me in her arms, facing up at her.  She made a shushing sound and rocked me gently and... honestly, it was nice.  She held me close and rocked me and whispered to me, "My little Kimmy, you're always safe with me.  I'll always take care of you, my little one."

When I had calmed down, she laid me down on the changing table and removed my shirt and diaper, remarking, "Only a little bit wet," as she threw it away.. which was a surprise to me, I didn't remember wetting it at all, but I was really upset so who knows.  She gently lifted my legs and laid me down on the soft, soft padding of a nighttime diaper.  She moved extra slowly as she powered me and rubbed it in gently, taking some time to also rub it on my arms.  I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, feeling her draw the front of the diaper up, forcing my legs apart slightly.  Soon the tapes were fastened and I was trapped in yet another diaper.

"We're going to put you in your sleeper outfit, Kimmy - just because you were so upset.  I want you to feel snug and secure."

I nodded, I didn't want the sleeper outfit, but this wasn't an argument I thought I could win.  She worked my feet into the pink legs of the jammies, and then my arms, tugged my hands into the thumbless mittens and zipped up the back securely.  April had kept me in this sleeper the first few nights to make sure I wouldn't hurt myself, or figure out some way to take the diaper off even though I've never been able to budge the tapes even a bit.  She hugged me close and said, "You know what?  You're all snuggly, you can come sleep with me just for tonight."

I hugged her back as tightly as I could as she carried me off to her bedroom.  The last thing I remember hearing as I drifted off to sleep in her arms... in her giant bed... was, "I love you so much, Kimberly.  You are perfect just the way you are."

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I really like the setting you created. Also it's great that you are having fun while writing, means more to read for us =D

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Love the robonanny thing...scary. I kind of want her to finish the carousel picture. Lol. I agree with Shao it is awesome you are having fun writing this and it definitely shows in your work! The chapter is impressive and I am glad the grandma is involved and the babysitting adventure will be fun to read.  I enjoyed reading about how she arrived and her thoughts on the whole diapers in a year situation. I look forward to more!

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Here's the next part, thanks for reading :)

Please comment if you enjoy it - tell me what you like the best.  SGTbaby has already affected the story a bit with her feedback!


Part 4

When I woke up, I was in the swing in the living room, still in the sleeper.  I looked around but I couldn't spot April anywhere.  The pressure on my bladder was strong, so I let it go and felt the thick nighttime diaper grow warm and heavy between my legs.  I tried not to think about the RoboNanny or the feelings from the night before.  My tummy grumbled and I was looking forward to breakfast.  April made killer bacon and I got a strip or two most mornings with a bottle of orange juice.  Breakfast was a rare occassion where I got to feed myself entirely on my own, and I cherished it.  Unbidden, I smiled remembering falling to sleep in April's loving arms.  It felt good to be loved like that.

"Okay, great, I'll see you tonight," April was saying as she hung up her phone, walking from the kitchen into the living room.  "Well good morning, Sleeping Cutie.  I already finished eating, but I saved you a piece of bacon."  She looked good today, she was usually a skirt-and-top kind of girl, but today it was yoga pants and a t-shirt, a very different look for her.  I liked it.

"Yay!" I exclaimed, determined to start the day off on the right foot with April.  I raised my arms joyfully into the air and beamed.

"Oh my, someone is in a good mood today, I am so glad," she stopped the swing and retrieved me from it, carrying me into the kitchen.  The odds of getting changed before breakfast were nil, I just hoped she'd remember the mittens before she put me in the high chair, but I didn't think I'd score any points by pointing it out myself.

Nope.  She dropped me in the high chair, my thick diaper squishing beneath me.  I held up my hands a little less than subtly, under the guise of waiting for the tray.  

She caught the hint and said, "Silly Mommy," stripping the sleeper off of me with remarkable speed and leaving me in the high chair in just a diaper.  I felt extremely uncomfortable with my breasts exposed.. they weren't large, I was on the small side of B, but it still felt strange to be topless.  I actually felt better when she tied the bib, no words - just a big butterfly today - around my neck, covering my chest.  The tray was snapped into place and a hunk of bacon the size of my forearm was presented to me, with a sippy cup of juice!

"Thank you so much!" I said happily as I took a sip of the juice and started in on the bacon.

April just laughed, sitting down to watch me eat.  She grabbed a guitar from the corner in the living room and started playing some chords.  I only knew a tiny bit about music, I'd tried the guitar a couple of times but gave up because it was too hard.  I couldn't read music and I couldn't tell you the name of a note by hearing it, but I could memorize chords and progressions.  Listening to April while I ate was nice, she was a real professional.  Her transitions were smooth and her timing was always perfect.  I'm sure I looked hilarious to her, holding one single piece of bacon between both hands and gnawing on it like a squirrel.  She watched me, smiling, never missing a beat while I devoured my slice of bacon with a big smile on my face and then drained the juice.  The one Amazon-sized slice of bacon left me very full, it was exactly what I wanted this morning.  

"All done!" I said happily, I really did feel happy but I was hamming it up a bit for April's benefit.  Snuggling her last night was so, so, so much better than going to sleep alone in the crib.  I wondered if she'd let me join her again tonight.  I remembered the sound of her heartbeat which had lulled me to sleep.

"You're such a messy girl," April teased, using the bib to wipe off my fingers and face, "Good thing you always wear a bib!"

She tickled me and I laughed, and despite how bizarre this all was... it felt good.  It felt good to make her happy, knowing that she really did care about me.

"Hmm, looks like you don't really need a change just yet, which is fine.  I have chores to do," she carried me to the living room and deposited me in the playpen, one of those collapsible ones with the mesh walls.

"Cold!" I whined, holding my arms to me, hoping she'd give me a shirt.. I really didn't like being topless.

"Oh Kimmy," April sighed and strode off.  I pulled myself to my feet in the playpen.  Standing upright, I couldn't see over the padded border to the mesh walls.  I could probably scale it if I really needed to, but that would just make things harder.  One thing was for sure, this world had no shortage of ways to restrain me.  April came back a few moments later holding a white shirt with ruffled pink sleeves that read, "Cutie Pie" in fancy cursive lettering, and pulled it on over my head.

"Thank you,"  I smiled and sat down.

April gazed down at me, with a wide but soft smile, "You really are special, little Kimmy."  And with that, the day continued, me trapped in a playpen while April buzzed about the house, cleaning and straightening.. with an occassional music break.


The time in the playpen turned out not to be all that bad.. I hadn't noticed before, but the blocks in the playpen were actually a brain teaser, the kind you had to turn a certain way and it came apart, then you had to work to put it back together.  I actually loved puzzles like these, I would spend some of my precious free time back home doing one of these in an afternoon.  April checked in on me periodically, pleased that I had discovered the true purpose of the toy, and she showered me with praise when she came back and it was done.

"My little Kimmy!  I knew you were a clever one, the adoption agency told me not to bother with brain toys, but I just knew you would be able to do them.  I am so proud of you," she leaned down and kissed me on the head, "I'm almost done - you took a lot longer with that toy than an Amazon child would, but I'm really impressed.  And you have almost perfect timing.  It's almost lunchtime and I bet you're soaked."

I was actually a little dumbfounded at the remark... that puzzle was hard, like, "join the puzzle club" hard.  I suddenly felt a renewed sense of intimidation at the new world I inhabited and it made a bit more sense why the Amazons looked down on Littles the way they did.  Before I could say anything, April was off.. which was probably for the best, she seemed to really be enjoying my short, child-like replies this morning and nothing I wanted to talk about right then would qualify.

Figuring a diaper change was coming soon, I took a moment to flood the nighttime diaper again.  This way I would get to enjoy the comfort of a clean one as long as possible.  Sure enough, I was whisked off to the nursery shortly after, where I was changed into a fresh diaper and had a pair of shortalls pulled on over my "Cutie Pie" shirt.  She pulled my hair up into pigtails and tied them each with a small pink bow.. even tied up in high pigtails that way, the bottoms still brushed past my shoulders.  She clipped my pacifier to the shortalls but didn't stick it in my mouth before she picked me back up.  As April carried me back to the living room, I saw the two of us in the mirror in the hallway... and there I was, being carried on the hip of a beautiful giant, my hair in pigtails and an obvious diaper bulge under the snap-crotch shortalls.  I looked every bit the baby that April treated me as, and my heart sank a bit.  Maybe I was getting too comfortable with this, maybe I needed to resist just a bit more.  I didn't want anyone to think I liked it, after all...


The rest of the day went uneventfully, I continued to be good, April and I played some game-type activities where she cheered for me a lot and we watched some cartoons, until the doorbell rang late that afternoon.

I found myself in the playpen again while April answered the door.  Lisa was here to babysit, April was going to go out.. I felt a pang of panic, but calmed myself.  Everything would be fine, Lisa liked me now, nothing bad was going to happen.  I suddenly felt very worried and just a touch sad, I didn't want April to go.  April took care of me, April kept bad things from happening to me.  Would Lisa even be able to do the same?

Lisa strode in, jeans and a cute top, immaculate makeup as always.  She walked right over to the playpen and picked me up, "Hey there cutie, are we going to have fun tonight?  Can you promise to be good for me?"

April walked up near her and suddenly I had the urge to... I just went with it.  I held my arms out to April and whimpered.

Lisa looked hurt.  Shit.

April took me in her arms and held me close, "Oh little sweetie, everything's fine."

"Wow April, she's really attached to you today," Lisa said with a touch of jealousy in her voice.

"We had a really rough night," April said softly as she stroked my back, "Kimmy had a lot of tears and it took a lot of cuddling."

"Oh, poor thing," Lisa's voice softened, "Hey Kimmy," she said in a light tone, "don't worry, you and I are going to have a great time tonight.  Remember, your mommy promised I could give you a bottle of the chocolate if you could be a good girl for me."

I sniffled and held my arms out to Lisa.  April laughed and handed me over to her, "Well, looks like you're friends again.  I have to get ready, don't forget her bedtime is at 7 PM.  Littles need more sleep than you or I, they can be emotionally compromised if they don't get it."

Lisa carried me over to the couch and sat down with me in her lap, "Don't worry, I actually stayed up last night reading a ton about caring for a Little, I'm ready for this."


When April came out of the bedroom, I was sitting on the couch in Lisa's lap with my head resting against her breasts like a pillow.  It was amazingly comfortable.  We were watching an animated movie I had never seen before, and I was actually really enjoying myself.  I sat up when I saw April.  She was dressed in what would have been considered a Chinese-style dress back home, red with gold accents.  Her hair was done up behind her and her makeup was.. really, really good.  She looked amazing.

"Pretty," I said softly, which made April laugh.

"Oh thank you, sweetie.  I just hope my date likes it as much as you do," she smiled, "If you guys are going to finish the movie, make sure she drinks a bottle while you do - she hasn't had enough to drink today."

"No problem.  Have a great time, we'll be fine.  I'll see you when you get back," Lisa waved to her friend, who headed out the door and left me.. with a babysitter.

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I agree and thank you for the compliment of including some of my comments in the story. I think the fact she is talking is an improvement and how she is it on thick. Granted as you stated she wanted some reassurance due to the whole robonanny thing and enjoyed snuggling with April for sleep. I doubt she will get it tonight but who knows. I think Lisa will be good to her and her excitement about reading about littles is fun to see. I wonder if Kimmy will help whatever Little Lisa gets. Great job so far and happily looking forward to more.

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Ooo.. I want some of those tattletale diapers. Sigh,.. if I could just wake up in that dimension too with someone like April...

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2 hours ago, dmavn said:

Ooo.. I want some of those tattletale diapers. Sigh,.. if I could just wake up in that dimension too with someone like April...

I know, right?  If only.

Thank you to all of the wonderful commenters!  You make me feel so loved <3

I actually wrote like crazy over the last couple of days, I'm actually in the middle of writing Part 12!  If people keep commenting, I could be convinced to post two today :D


Part 5

After April left, Lisa and I played.  We actually had a lot of fun, we played hide and seek.. which was really surreal with an actual giant looking for you and chasing you.  Every round ended up with me curled up in her arms, laughing from being tickled.  It wasn't exactly fair, crinkling gave away my position several times.  We listened to some music, she had pretty good taste.  She taught me a couple of songs and we sang together.  The tracks where I knew April was playing in the background felt special to me.  She threw me on April's bed a few times, flying through the air was a lot of fun.  It was a carefree afternoon, and it was probably the most fun I'd had since I got here.

Lisa got physically worn out before I did, so she decided we should go back to watching movies.. so we rounded out the evening with an animated film.  The only downside was that I had to nurse a bottle during the movie, she would pause it any time I stopped drinking.

"Well, little Kimmy," she said, setting the bottle on the end table and squeezing her arms around me as I sat in her lap, "that's the end of the movie and the end of the bottle.  How about some dinner?"

The blood drained from my face as I felt the worst possible sensation.. my bowels were cramping.

"Kimmy, are you okay?"  Lisa sounded worried.  She stood me up and turned me around on her lap, facing her.  Before I could stop myself, I had done the unthinkable.  This was not the first time this had happened to me since I arrived in this dimension, but it was still unspeakably awful.  I started crying from sheer embarrassment.  It wasn't fair, I barely had any warning, it was like that the first time too.. it was like that every time.  Heavy sobs wracked my body as Lisa scrambled to figure out what was wrong.. when the smell hit her.

"Oh, you... I can't believe you waited for your mommy to leave to do that.. oh man," she carried me at arms length to the nursery and laid me down on the changing table.  She popped the pacifier that hung from the shortalls in my mouth, but it didn't look like she had the heart to pump the shield to inflate the nipple and really silence me.  I sucked on the nipple and shut my eyes tight as I tried to pretend that I wasn't there, that none of this was happening.  That I hadn't just messed myself and I was about to be cleaned up by a giant woman and fastened into another diaper... but that's what was happening.

I was finally calming down as Lisa finished taping the clean diaper on me and snapped my shortalls back together.  She picked me up and held me tight, and said calmly, "Shhh, it's okay - it happens, everything is okay.  You are taken care of."

I had to suffer through those hiccupping sobs as she stroked my back, carrying me to the kitchen.

"I'm not mad at you, Kimmy," Lisa said softly as she lowered me into the high chair, "You didn't do it on purpose.  You're a Little, you can't control when you go.  It's not your fault."

The words stung as she reminded me of my status in this world.

"Now let's see, what do we have for dinner.. oh, looks like leftover chicken.  Where's the blender?"

My mouth dropped open and the pacifier fell from my lips - she was going to blend my food and spoonfeed me?!  Before I could stop myself, I heard my voice call out.

"No!" I heard myself say.  Lisa whirled to look at me, I didn't have much choice but to double down, "April lets me-"

"Your mommy," Lisa corrected me, a slight edge to her voice.

"Lets me," I continued, not correcting myself, "eat bites of food, she feeds me bites with a fork."

"I don't think so," Lisa said as she dumped a portion of chicken into the blender and filled a bottle with apple juice, "All the books say that Littles your size-"

"And I get to drink from a sippy cup at dinner not a bottle!"  Oops.  I had done it now.  Lisa was mad.

"What the hell, Kimmy?  We were getting along so well and all of a sudden you're throwing a tantrum," she looked up at the clock, "Ohhh... I see, I messed up."

I looked up and saw it was 7:30... she was blaming all of my feelings on being tired, which felt incredibly unfair.

"Let's just have dinner quickly and go to bed," she said as she put the bottle on the tray and started warming up the blended chicken in the microwave.  I did some deep breathing to try and calm down, but I was really upset and the fact that she was blaming it all on me being cranky and not taking any ownership of the fact that she was taking away things that I had earned bothered me immensely.

Lisa sat down at the table in front of me and blew on a small bite of chicken.  She held it to my face but I turned my head.

"Kimmy," she sighed, "Look, I'm sorry that I missed your bedtime.  We were having too much fun.  I've really enjoyed tonight.  Eat this for me and you can still have some of the Littles' Chocolate."

I grudgingly took the bite and realized how good I had it with April.  It was a struggle to get through the bowl and the bottle.  I felt incredible relief when it was all gone and Lisa went to get the chocolate from the fridge.  Maybe the chocolate would make me feel better.. I remembered how good it was.

It was better than I remembered.  I sucked at the bottle happily, feeling the chocolate fill my mouth.  It was better than any dessert I had ever had back home, better than the best cheesecake, better than the best anything.  And Lisa took it away from me after just a few sucks.

"Lisa!" I wailed.

"Kimmy, this was for if you were good tonight.  You were good until dinner, and then you were throwing tantrums - so you only get a little bit.  You should be glad I gave you as much as I did."

"That's not fair!" I yelled at her.  I really, really wanted more of that chocolate.  I reached for the bottle, but she put it back in the fridge.

"I think you're too wound up for a normal bedtime, we're going to try a thing I read about in the books," she walked out of the room.  I shook the highchair tray impotently, trapped.  I picked up the empty juice bottle and threw it.  Lisa walked back in with a backpack and laid out a fluffy yellow blanket on the floor, and set down a set of Little-sized headphones... I didn't like the look of that.

"Lisa, I'm sorry - I'll go to bed nicely, I don't think-"

"Shh, the book says that Littles your size really like this, that you'll sleep better than you ever have before.  They recommend doing this for all Littles your size and smaller."

Lisa unbuttoned the shortalls and removed my shirt before releasing the tray, when she did she picked me up and pulled the shortalls off of me.  She started to lay me down on the blanket but I fought hard to get up, pleading, "Please Lisa, don't do this.  I'm sorry.  I'll be good," but Lisa silently laid me down and held me there with one hand, naked on the blanket except for my diaper.  She folded one side of the blanket over me, then the other, then folded the bottom up and rolled me over, and before I could do anything, I was completely trapped.  I couldn't move an inch.  The blanket was wrapped tightly and I couldn't move at all.

I started to cry as she put the headphones over my ears.

"Shhh, everything's okay," she called softly to me, she really didn't think she was harming me at all... she thought she was helping.  She picked my cocooned self up off the ground and held me in her arms, switching on the headphones.  Soft noises started coming from the earpieces with whispering hidden underneath them.  I fought as hard as I could, I had seen the hypnosis kits on the Littles Shopping Network, and I really, really wanted no part of this.  Lisa just rocked me, my face turned inward toward her, my head resting on her arm as she rocked from side to side, carrying me into the living room.


I woke up as April peeled the blanket from me, I was beyond groggy but so happy to see her.. her mouth was moving but it took a while for the sound to register, she sounded upset.  Did I do something wrong?

I was laying in April's arms, looking out I saw Lisa, who was sitting on the couch.  The clock behind her said 11.. she never put me to bed, she held me in her lap for hours.

"You can't just add hypnotic triggers to someone else's Little, Lisa.  It's not right," April held me close and I hugged her arm, "I won't tell you what you can and can't do with your own Little, but I don't want Kimmy's mind tampered with.  She's very smart for a Little."

"I'm so sorry, April - I... I was just following the book, I thought I was helping.  I thought you'd like to be able to just swaddle her up and have her go to sleep every time without fighting... she is really, really hard to deal with if you miss her bedtime."

"Your heart was in the right place but please, ask before you do anything like that again, I want to be able to trust you with my Kimmy, you're my best friend!  I don't agree with all the books, Kimmy has already proven to me that they're not always right."

"I am so, so sorry," Lisa sniffled and I felt bad for her, "I would never do anything to hurt Kimmy, you're right - there's something special about the love you can give to a Little."

April softened a bit at that and said, "I forgive you, you didn't know.  I can show you some different books you might find interesting, some ideas that are a little more modern..."

Lisa stood, she kissed me on the head, and headed for the door, "I think I'd like that.  I.. I really enjoyed tonight.  I had a really nice time with Kimmy.  You're right, she's something special."

After the door was closed, I felt April carrying me back to the nursery.. I felt.. well, drugged, honestly.  I had trouble holding my head up and my limbs felt like they each weighed a ton.  In my daze, I felt April change me and zip me up into a footed sleeper, and carry me out of the nursery.

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Can't wait for more!

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Very nice. This story is coming along well

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I was wondering if something would happen with Lisa. I a, glad Lisa was an,e to see some mistakes she made and how things might be different. Maybe April should have explained something's to Lisa as well before she went out but oh well. The tapes and their lingering effect will be interesting to read about. Please post more today!! 

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I can't wait to read more. Love the hypnosis in the Diaper Dimension.

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23 hours ago, little Shao said:

To word it like Kimmy, "Yay, update!"

This made me giggle.

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments, they really make me happy.

Here you go!


Part 6

I woke up earlier than usual the next morning to an unfamiliar sight.  I was cradled in April's arms halfway under the covers, and she was asleep.  I looked around as much as I could without moving, I liked looking at April's bedroom.  I tried not to move too much because, well, I didn't want to wake a sleeping giant.  April always woke up before me and it felt really nice to see her asleep.  Her chest moved with a slow rhythm, I could hear her heartbeat easily.  I sighed softly and let the pressure on my bladder go, flooding the diaper like I always seemed to need to when I woke up.  I snuggled closer into April's arms and gave the giant girl a kiss on her nose.  She had a bit of lipstick still on her lips, she must have cleaned up in a hurry before laying down.

I tried to remember what happened the previous night, but it was hard to recall.  I remembered fighting Lisa over being swaddled, losing, and then everything was a murky haze.  I remembered a tiny bit of feeling good, like April came to my rescue, but I couldn't remember much about it.  I closed my eyes and relaxed, just enjoying April's breathing, enjoying her warmth, the warmth of her breath, the smell of her hair.. this... this, I honestly didn't mind at all.  If the rest of life here with the Amazons was this pleasant, I don't think I'd have any complaints at all.

I felt April stir and I turned to face her as her giant green eyes opened slowly.

"Good morning," I said to her softly and kissed her on the nose again.

"Aww, sweetie.  What a nice way to wake up," she smiled.  Then her face darkened and she sat up, grabbing me by the torso and sitting me up, "Kimmy, are you okay?  How do you feel?"

I was startled by her sudden movement and I felt a little dizzy, "I'm okay - a little sleepy still I think.  My diaper is wet."

"How do you feel about your diapers?" she asked me.

"Um, I don't like them?  I never have.  I wish you had a toilet I could use.  Hell, I'd even be happy to pee in one of those stupid potty chairs, anything would beat having to wear diapers," I said frankly.

"Oh good," she sighed, looking visibly relieved, "I was so scared that Lisa had accidentally damaged your little mind.  She added a hypnotic trigger to you, you Littles are incredibly susceptible to hypnosis.  You seem to be wired to accept almost any hypnotic trigger, I was afraid she overwrote some of your personality!"

"That's possible?" I asked, scared, "What did she do to me?"

"She said you were a nightmare because she let you stay up past your bedtime, yelling and throwing things, so she needed a way to get you to sleep - Kimmy, did you really do all that?"

I looked down, suddenly ashamed at my behavior, "She put my dinner in a blender and made me drink from the bottle, and she took the chocolate away from me," I said defensively.

"Oh," she laughed, "you are a spoiled Little aren't you?  It seems like each of you Littles is wired to melt down at a specific time, something about our minutes being longer than yours.  Your time," she booped me on the nose, "is 7 PM.  You probably don't even realize it's happening to you, but your emotions become incredibly disregulated at that time."

"But it wasn't fair," I complained, refusing to cede that I was motivated by anything but the unfairness of the situation, "I like the way you feed me much better, and I like the sippy cup better than the bottle."

"Littles," she said as she swept me up into her arms and hugged me close, "don't know what's good for them, my silly little girl.  I can feed you that way because we're very careful and we've learned each others' patterns.  I wouldn't let Lisa feed you that way even if she wanted to, you might choke.  She did the right thing, you were in the wrong.  You live in a dangerous world that wasn't built for someone as small and delicate as you, darling.  The rules are there for your protection, believe it or not."

Inwardly I thought, Just let me go home then, the words burned on my tongue, I wanted to say them so badly but April was so soft and cuddly, and happy.. it would just start a fight.

"Am I still hypnotized?" I asked cautiously.

"No sweetie, not hypnotized.. you have a trigger now.  Any time someone swaddles you and rocks you, you will go to sleep no matter what, even if you just woke up.  You won't be able to control it.  Some Littles need triggers like that because they can't cope with how time flows differently here, so they just need a little help.  You don't have that problem, and I don't like swaddling - so that trigger will probably never get used again."

As I lay on my back in this giant's arms,  I felt how deeply she really cared for me.. and I honestly cared for her too.

"I.. I love you," as soon as the L-word came from my lips, April lit up light a million candles.. but it didn't last, "April," I finished, using her name.  She deflated a bit.  She still looked happy, but not on top of the world like she was just a moment ago.

"So close," she smiled sadly.  "I love you too, my little Kimmy.  I love you more than you'll probably ever realize."

She started carrying me out of her bedroom and toward the nursery.  I couldn't help but press for some information.

"If you know I don't like the diapers, why do you make me wear them?  Why can't we get a potty chair?"

"Well one, your bladder is tiny and erratic.  We'd have to run to the potty chair at all manner of odd times, and it wouldn't help at all in public.  The world just doesn't have reliable potty facilities for Littles.  Two, most Littles don't keep control the longer they are here.  Even if you could make it to the potty chair every time now, it might not be true in the future.  Three, I like changing your diapers.  I also think you are very, very cute in diapers.  You wear diapers, and I have no plans to change that."  She squeezed me tightly as she carried me into the nursery, "Now let's get you dressed and fed.  We have things to do today."


I was left in the playpen while April got dressed.  After that, she dressed me to go out, and I actually got a pair of shoes.  She put me in a daytime diaper and a yellow sundress with white velcro shoes.  My hair was put up in pigtails again and the pacifier clipped to the dress.

"Where are we going?" I asked as she carried me to her car.

"I have to work today, sweetie.  They need a rhythm guitar player and I got the call."

"Can I watch you play?  I'll be good, I'll sit still and not move."

"No, sweetie - it's against this studio's policy.  There are a couple in town that allow Littles in, but this studio has a daycare attached to it, so you'll be staying there while I record.  It should only be a few hours."

"I don't want to go to a daycare, can I stay with Lisa instead?" I pleaded.

"No, Kimmy," April said as she pushed the pacifier between my lips, the signal that she was done arguing with me over this, "Lisa is at her job.  You are going to the daycare and that's all there is to it.  Now, I want you to be on your best behavior.  Act like a good Little, I know you know how.  You are extremely charming when you want to be.  Don't try to prove that you're big, don't try to prove that you're an adult - it won't go well for you.  Use small words and be happy and your day will be great.  If you act up for the daycare like you did for Lisa, they will punish you.  I'm trusting you not to end up in a bad spot, sweetie."

I pouted a bit as she strapped me into the car seat and considered her words.  Lisa actually liked me, these daycare people wouldn't even know me.  It was going to be hard, but I had to try my best to be their idea of a "perfect Little".  I resented it, but I was glad that April was looking out for me.  I sucked the pacifier loudly as the car started and pulled out of the driveway, wishing I had a book to read or something to do during the drive.

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Yay! Thank you for the updates! I can't wait to see how time at daycare goes!! 

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Why do I feel like daycare will have a few incidents in it...or maybe that is wishful thinking. I am glad she wasn't harmed but the daycare folks might swaddle her or will that be nixed by April. It is interesting the borderline rebellion and acceptance Kimmy goes through while in the dimension, almost like she can't decide if life is better or not. April is also very tolerant of her asking questions. I look forward to more !! 

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13 minutes ago, SGTbaby said:

Why do I feel like daycare will have a few incidents in it...or maybe that is wishful thinking.

Why do I get the feeling that you want to see poor little Kimmy get into trouble? ;)

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