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Cya    30

Part Six: Bathtime


The girls had slept through the night rather uneasily. Nami had just awaken from a terrible nightmare. In her dark dream, she was captured and imprisoned by the Navy. The redhead looked around and saw a series of barred shadows over herself. "No, It wasn't a dream!" Nami yelled out to the room. It took her a moment to remember that she was in a giant crib. Robin rolled over and looked at Nami.

Robin's dreams were similar and just as unpleasant. Seeing as how she'd always been on the run from the Navy since she was eight. She woke up to Nami and looked at her. "What are you yelling about? It's still early..."

The navigator thought for a second. "I didn't mean to wake you up. I had a horrible dream that I was arrested by the navy and thrown into prison. When I woke up and saw the bars, I freaked out because I thought it wasn't a dream." Nami looked down feeling bad about the whole situation.

"We might as well be locked up in all honestly. At least then we wouldn't be humiliated." Robin said. "Although, given our status we would probably be tortured in Impel Down...I have a feeling that I'd be begging for this after experiencing that."

"Yeah. That's true. " Nami was going to continue, but the creaking of the floor boards silenced her as Felicity made her way to the nursery. The giant opened the door with a huge grin on face.

"Good morning my babies!" Felicity walked over to the crib and checked both women's diapers. Robin was clean, but Nami was both wet and messy. "Looks like my little girl needs her didee changed!" Felicity picked up a mortified Nami and took her to the changing table where she stripped the redhead of her onesie. The navigator covered her breasts out of habit, but the towering amazon only focused on the diaper. The soaked plastic disposable was untapped and thrown into the awaiting diaper pail to join the rest of the large, soiled pampers. Felicity wiped the blushing woman clean and scooped her naked body up and grabbed Robin on her way out of the nursery. Felicity carried both blushing women in her arms while the girls struggled to hide their bare bosoms from each other.

"Breakfast will come later. It's time for a bath and then we have to go to the market for supplies for your new life." Robin and Nami both cringed at the revelation that soon they would be paraded through the town in their infantile attire. 

Felicity entered the bathroom and sat both girls on the cold tiled floor. Nami was happy to be out of her diaper, but the tile reminded her that she was still naked and sitting in a giant's bathroom. The Amazon adjusted the faucets in the massive bath tub to a warm flow of water. Once she plugged the tub, she bent down to Robin's level, removing the brunette's bonnet and untapping the girl's diaper before yanking it off of her. Both women were now nude, on a giant's bathroom floor, waiting for their bath. Never in a million years, would either of them imagine themselves in such a bizzare state.

Robin looked at Nami fearfully. "We're going out into town dressed like infants." She said, actually shuddering at the thought. "People are going to see us. If we're lucky they will think that we're actual babies and not grown women simply dressed like ones. That would probably soften the humiliation somewhat." After a few minutes, she felt herself being lifted up by her new 'mommy' and put into the tub of water.

Felicity sat Robin into the shallow bath water and the archeologist was soon joined by Nami. The massive woman dumped in some bubble bath mix which started to produce a creeping layer of foamy bubbles. The girls were grateful for the rising wall of water and suds that currently blanketed their bodies. Felicity left the room after she turned off the water. 

"I don't want to be seen in public dressed like a baby either, but maybe we can escape once we're outside." The redhead replied thoughtfully.

"It would be possible to do something like that." Robin said, thinking of a few things that they could do to possibly escape from their captor.

Nami reclined in the large porcelain tub. "At least the water is warm."

Before Robin could reply, Felicity had returned with some bath toys. The giantess dropped a large yellow rubber duck, a toy red octopus and a blue seahorse made of foam into the water for the girls. "Go on. I want to see you two having fun or I'll feed you prunes for breakfast." The Amazon threatened the captive pirates.

With that threat in mind, Robin quickky grabbed onto the yellow duck and began to move it around in the water, pretending to have some fun with it. "I-I'm playing." She said nervously, hoping that this was good enough for the giantess.

Nami grabbed the octopus toy and squeezed it as she moved it around the tub. Once she eased her grip on the toy Nami could feel it sucking up water. The redhead turned the octopus towards Robin's duck and squeezed the toy, accidently sending a blast of water towards her friend, which got the brunette's hair wet.

Robin was not entirely amused. "I don't like the fact that we must play with such babyish toys like this. I find it quite humiliating." She stated as she stopped playing with her duck.

"I could always change your diaper in the middle of the market place if you would rather experience true humiliation." Felicity suggested with malice evident in her tone of voice.

Robin blushed and shook her head as she went back to playing with the duck. "A-Actually, this isn't too bad." She clearly lied.

"Don't you fib to me little girl!" Felicity replied in a no nonsense tone of voice.

"I-I'm not lying! I swear!" Robin said, piling on another lie to cover up her previous one. "I am having fun..."

"I don't think that spanking taught you anything, but I think I can fix that once the bath is over."

Robin's eyes widened in fear when she heard that. "P-Please no! D-Don't do anything! I'm so sorry for lying to you!"



Replying to your feedback.

babybb: Very well said. The ladies have to wait,but patience is always rewarded. I think a miracle will happen soon. 

coletheriolu: Thanks and you're absolutely right. I must have missed that. It's now fixed.

SGTBABY: I used to write CityJournals on Simtropolis. It was in another life as they say. XD Nonetheless, it taught me to respond to everyone, no matter how big or small the comments. As for the story. I'll try not to reveal too much, but Robin realizes what is holding her back, but that's when she is able to study it.

Babykayla: I'm glad you're enjoying the story and appreciate your support. 

CDfm: Long time no see. The petite pirates are basically going with the flow until they get their miracle. Nonetheless, they will have to endure more humiliation before they are liberated. I am glad you're enjoying the story. 

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SGTbaby    41

Excellent story...the threat was well done and I can only imagine the fun and humiliation they have left to go!!

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babybb    26

oh boy just when i thought it wouldn't get any worse.  going out in public dressed as infants ouch!!!  great chapter :)

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Great story. Can't wait to see what's next

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Cya    30

Part Seven: Punishment 

"I'll teach you to tell the truth in due time. Anyway I have to get you two cuties ready for your outing to the market." Felicity grabbed a glass jar of shampoo and started lathering Robin's scalp. The pirate remained docile as to not tempt the giant's temper further. Nami continued to play as Robin was dunked under the bath water and rinsed of the soap until the statuesque woman turned her attention to the navigator who minded the toy octopus. Felicity messaged the shampoo into the long red locks of hair until it was covered in suds. The giantess then dunked a struggling Nami under the bath water.

Robin was thoroughly humiliated by all of this. Her face was entirely red, something that seemed to have become common over the last day. "What do you plan to get at the market, Felicity?" Robin questioned.

The giantess looked down at the two nude pirates in the tub. "I not only wish to display my new babies to the village, but I am going to purchase the finest silk so I can make you both some lovely baby clothes."

Robin blushed deeply at the thought of being shown off to an entire village like this. Even if they would probably think that they were really just babies, it would still be quite humiliating to be treated as such by the entire village. The archeologist was broken from her current train of thought by Felicity picking her up from the bath. The tiny woman was wrapped in a thick terry cloth towel before the giant carried her out of the bathroom and back to the nursery.

Robin continued blushing as the Amazon laid her face down onto the padded top of the changing table. "Felicity, are you ever going to let us go? I'm sure that after three years people will begin to suspect that something is up when your two 'babies' have not grown at all."

"That's not a problem to me. My family left me enough Berri to live out the rest of my days with my new babies." The Amazon explained as she went through the items stored beneath the table. Felicity procured a large rubber bag and a long tube."Now it's time for your punishment." The giantess announced as she filled the enema bag with water from a bucket by the table. 

Robin could not see what was going on, but an unescapable feeling of dread was washing over her at the utterence of the word "punishment." "P-Please don't do anything too harsh to me..." The archeologist pathetically pleaded, hoping that she could find some sliver of mercy in the relentless giant woman. Sadly for Robin, no such mercy was to be found.

Felicity ignored Robin as she plunged the tube into her bottom and hoisted up the red bag filled with warm water. The giantess held the bag high as gravity forced the water into Robin's lower half. The brunette squealed when she felt the cold water enter her bowels and squirmed around. "Stop that!" She called out as she felt the water washing into her stomach. It was incredibly uncomfortable and certainly a weird sensation.

Robin's stomach started to swell as the minutes passed and the girl begged for this torture to end. Once Felicity lowered the enema bag, Robin's belly was bloated to the extent that she appeared to be nine months pregnant."Now let's get you into a diaper." The Amazon cooed to the pirate.

"Noo!" Robin's protests were silenced by a slap to her thigh as the giantess went to work powdering and tapping on a large white disposable diaper followed by a second diaper with cartoon print on it. Felicity grabbed what looked to be a diaper bag and lifted Robin up, carrying the bloated archeologist on her hip, as she returned to Nami in the restroom.

"You miss us baby girl? "

"What happened to Robin? " Nami question as she gazed at her pregnant looking friend.

"Oh, it's just a little punishment. Nothing for you to worry about unless you want to experience it." Felicity answered with a smile.

Nami simply shook her head as the towering maternal figure lowered the diaper bag and Robin until both were sitting on the frigid tile. The archeologist shifted uncomfortably, the feeling of her thick diaper served as a constant reminder of her infantile humiliation and the grumbling stomach pains were an ominous harbinger of the miserable future. While Robin reflected on the events that were to pass, Nami was being powdered and diapered after Felicity dried her off. Once the second diaper was taped onto the navigator the giantess looked at her watch. "Goodness me. It's almost nine o'clock. We better hurry before the morning rush hits the marketplace."

SGTbaby: I really like how I developed Felicity and I'm glad you noticed how she dishes out threats and punishments. 

babybb: Well, they were going to go out dressed like infants, but Nami's punishment took up a lot of time so now Felicity has to take them out in only their diapers and bonnets.

coletheriolu: Yes. I finally did it. XD

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babybb    26

another great chapter ;)  cant wait to see what adventures await them at the marketplace.   awesome job

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SGTbaby    41

Yeah road trip!! Looking forward to the future 

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Ok this enema thing really grossed me out. Don't want to be rude but to me it's just plain wrong. Good stroy though, keep it up.

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aldl4811    15

Great character development and pacing, I look forward to reading more.

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deewet    66

What a fitting punishment though, certainly would get my attention.  Not sure how long she can hold it, as for me it is only minutes.  Looks like a messy trip to the market-wonder how long it will take to get a dry diaper, probably only after some one learns to be a better baby?

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Cya    30

Part Eight: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Market

Felicity slung the diaper bag over her right shoulder and picked up both girls. The pirates could only marvel at her strength as the trio made there way down the stairs, which only stirred up Robin's belly, and approached the front door. Felicity opened the door to the broom closet by the front door and pulled out a double stroller.

Robin groaned slightly during all of this, feeling that the worse part of this was still to come. She had to remind herself that this woman could really do whatever she wanted to her and get away. She turned to Nami with sad eyes and tried to somehow quietly explain the situation.

Nami knew Robin must be in pain and was saddened that she couldn't do anything for her friend while Felicity deposited both pirates into the stroller and strapped them in. "Silly mommy almost forgot your bonnets." 

The giant tied the pink bonnet onto Robin's head and did the same thing with a pink bonnet for Nami. Now both girls were pushed out of Felicity's house and into public wearing only thick diapers and bonnets while trapped in a giant stroller.

The statuesque woman pushed the stroller down the path that led to her house and towards the town. A few passersby smiled at Felicity and the girls. One of Felicity's friends, saw the spectacle and rushed over. "I can't believe how cute they are!" The woman gushed. "Felicity. Who's girls are these? "

"They're my girls."

"Where did you find them?" The giant said while tickling Robin's protruding belly causing her to squirm.

"Let's just say that the stork dropped them at my doorstep." Felicity answered with an ear to ear grin.

Robin groaned more as the other giant tickled her belly a bit. She didn't dare say anything to get the giant to stop, fearing that a worse punishment would come to her if she did. Then she began to feel herself losing control.

Robin felt a mostly liquid mess pour into her diaper. The poor brunette couldn't believe her luck and started to cry quietly. The two giants made plans for later and said their goodbyes. Felicity noticed the archeologist gently sobbing, but ignored it as she pushed the girls to the main square which was filled with villagers. That's when she sniffed the air dramatically. "I smell a dirty diaper!" Felicity smiled as she unstrapped Robin and slung her over the gaintess' shoulder, patting her sagging diaper, spreading the muck everywhere which made Robin's crying intensify.

Felicity laid Robin on a bench next to the stroller and started cooing at her. The giant purposely made the whole ordeal into a big scene as a few of the townspeople stopped and watched Robin get her diaper untapped. "Such a stinky baby. You made mommy a big present. Yes, you did! " Felicity balled up the diaper and held it up with her right hand while waving her left hand in front of her nose. This only served to make the event even more of a spectacle. The Amazon sat the balled up disposable on the ground and grabbed a new diaper while Robin closed her eyes. The archeologist tried to imagine herself elsewhere while the assembled crowd watched the new mommy wipe her bottom. 

"Robin! What's going on here?! " 

The brunette opened her eyes and saw that the Straw Hat crew was now present in the crowd. She couldn't believe her luck. First she gets kidnapped, diapered and now discovered by her friends during the middle of a very public diaper change. Robin blushed deeply, but didn't have any time to be embaressed as she called out her friend's help. "Hey! I would appreciate some help getting away from her." The brunette yelled out. She was flailing around, doing her best to get away from the giant even though she was naked.

"Yeah me too!" Nami called out from the stroller.

"You heard our friends. They don't want to be your prisoners anymore!" Luffy declared angrily. 

Robin smiled slightly as the crew readied themselves for battle. Considering what Luffy had fought before, this giant woman would pose little trouble to him. Zoro stood with swords drawn, Frankie got into position, but all it took was a cannon styled punch from the captain of the Straw Hats that leveled the giant. Luffy stood triumphantly on her back as the girls ran to their hero and gave him their thanks.

The crew always wondered what happened to Nami and Robin, but the girls never explained the events that transpired while they were separated from the Straw Hats. Once Robin returned to the Thousand Sunny, she studied her momento from Felicity and realized it was a Seastone that prevented her from using her powers. She had spent the whole evening thinking about everything that Nami and herself had been subjected to on that accursed island. The archeologist waited until late that night to leave her room and go onto the deck. 

The cold salt filled air greeted Robin as she walked to the edge of the ship. The brunette gripped the stone necklace she bought from Felicity. She found herself looking at the necklace and out towards the ocean before she threw the damned necklace into the sea, vowing to never be humiliated like that again.

Replying to your feedback.

Babybb: I greatly appreciate you for following this story to its completion. I hope you enjoyed the ending.

SGTBABY: Thanks for sticking along for the ride during the entire story. I hope you liked how everything came together in the end.

Coletheriolu: I know enemas are not everyone's thing and I apologize if it bothered you. 

aldl4811:I appreciate it. I've had trouble with character development in the past and I'm glad to see that I'm improving. 

deewet: Typically, a woman like Felicity would make Robin sit in it until a nice case of diaper rash occured. However, in this situation, humiliation is the best punishment and not only sends a message to both women, but reinforces their status as infants.

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babybb    26

love the ending but sad also cause i really enjoyed the story alot.  

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SGTbaby    41

It was a good story. I do wish there had been more to it but it was still good. I look forward to the next one.

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little Shao    12

That was quiet something different. I didn't expect to find a One Piece story here. I loved the details!

Anyway great story, I liked it. Though the end seemed really rushed. Maybe you could drag it out a little bit next time :)

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CDfm    95

I really liked this story. I was sad to see it come to an end. I actually thought there could be quite a bit more of it and that the ending came pretty fast. I guess you could also argue that it wasn't overdone and ended after the little pirates had been humiliated just enough. I will be watching for your next story. 

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Cya    30

Babybb: I'm happy you enjoyed the ending and I'm sad that it's over too, but it's better than not finishing it.

Coletheriolu: All good things must come to an end. I'll probably have a few short stories up in the future. 

SGTbaby: I apologize if it seemed short. I didn't want to drag it out and there wasn't much I could add without the story becoming repetitive. I mean, that's the main challenge of writing a decent AB story is making it interesting. Typically the life of a baby is very schedule oriented and mostly filled with babas and diaper changes. I feel if I kept writing the story it would have devolved into that.

little Shao: I write a mixture of original stories and ABDL anime stories. Next up will probably be a story about Jessie and Cassidy of Team Rocket getting into trouble. 

As for the story itself, yes the ending was rushed, but this was due to a multitude of reasons. Basically I felt that continuing the story into a third or fourth day would not only lessen the effect of the first half of the story, but it probably would have been repetitive. I merely wanted to humiliate Nami and Robin, not break their wills like many other ABDL stories do. So, anything more then a day or two at Felicity's house might have been overkill. I'll admit that I could have probably wrote out a longer scene at the market, but I was feeling burnt out by the end which is why I wrapped it up the way I did. However, I'll keep in mind the fact that some of my readers desire a longer story and apply that to my regular stories. 

CDFM: I appreciate your continued feedback and I'm happy that you liked the story. It's hard to strike a balance when writing ABDL stories and I always feel that leaving the reader wanting more isn't necessarily a bad thing because that means my story wasn't stale or drawn out, like you said. Nonetheless, I probably should have had the pirates rescued after trying on a bunch of baby clothes in a public open air market. Well, I'll just have to consider all my options in the future before finishing a story, won't I?


Thank you to everyone else who read this story!




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