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Part One: Stranded


 The Thousand Sunny cruised through smooth waters as Robin lounged on the deck, drinking one of the drinks Sanji had prepared for her. She sat the beverage down and resumed reading the archeology book that she was midway through completing. This day had been a day where all the Straw Hats were able to unwind and relax while continuing their journey to the Grand Line. The tranquility wouldn't last as a fierce storm began blowing towards their location.

 Luckily for our heroes, Nami was always vigilant and kept an eye out for any anomalies in regards to the climate. She stood still and listened to the increasing winds. Nami instantly knew a Cyclone was incoming at a tremendous rate of speed. 

"Everyone take cover! "The Straw Hat's navigator yelled out. 

 Luffy and the rest of the crew quickly made their way below deck, but Robin had tripped while running for cover. The wind threw the girl towards the ocean and Nami chased after her endangered crew mate, disregarding her own safety as she ran towards the bow of the ship. The redhead dived for Robin and was able to grab the brunette's hand just before she fell off the deck. Nami's tight grip saved Robin from falling into the turbulent sea. She tried to pull Robin back onto the deck and almost succeeded in rescuing her friend. However, the velocity of the winds picked up and pulled the two women into the violent sky.

 Robin and Nami looked around in fear as they were being pulled into the eye of the storm. Robin noticed that they were being thrown far from the ship. The archeologist rarely felt scared, but being at the mercy of mother nature could instill terror into the toughest of souls. Nami tried to call out to Robin, but the roar of the wind made any communication impossible. The ladies couldn't see where they were about to land, but they seemed to be falling rapidly back down to the ocean.

 With a mighty splash the Straw Hat women landed into the calm water. The redhead turned around and looked towards the beach where Robin was sitting in the shallow water. Judging by her appearance, she was still in one piece. Nami swam for the tropical beach which seemed peaceful enough. The navigator got to her feet and looked up to see that the storm was now in the distance. She could tell that they were miles away from not only the storm, but the Thousand Sunny. "Robin, are you okay? " Nami asked as the brunette made her way ashore.

 Robin stood up and started wringing her clothes to remove the sea water. "Well, I could be better." The archeologist paused while taking in her surroundings. "Seems like the storm is pretty far away. I don't know which island we're on. Do you know if there were any islands near the course you plotted for the Thousand Sunny?"

"That's the thing. I recall seeing a few small islands, but they were over twenty miles away from the Thousand Sunny's charted course." Nami appeared to be in deep thought. "I'm not even sure if we're on one those islands either. "

"So we're on an uncharted island then?" Robin said with a sigh. "Then I suppose we'll need to find some way off of it. Clearly swimming isn't an option, so we'll need to see if we can get a boat and get back to the ship."

"That's a great idea. We can build a boat and- Wait a minute! Do you see that smoke in the distance?!" Nami exclaimed as she looked inland, towards the jungle, where a rising column of black smoke rose from the treetops. 

 Robin nodded. "That must be a fire. Do you think that it's from someone's camp?" she asked.

"Yeah, or the lightning could have started it." Both ladies ran towards the interior of the island where the smoke was originating from. They traversed uneven terrain and jumped over large fallen palm trees. Once they made it through the jungle, they both found themselves on a cobblestone path, staring at the massive stone dwellings that towered over them. "These buildings are huge! " Nami shouted from the sheer surprise at finding such imposing structures.

 Robin stared upwards. "I'm...not sure as to why these buildings would be this large." she said. "Hopefully we can find someone that can help us out." The ladies walked past a stone wall and up to a large wooden door."Think that we should knock and see if we can find out if anyone has a boat here?"

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea. " Nami knocks on the door and waits for a response. A large man answers the door.

"May I ask what you little girls want today? Do your parents know you're out of the house?" The large man condescendingly questioned the women. 

"L-Little girls? Sorry sir, but we are both adult women. You...are rather large though, I can see why you would assume that we're children." Robin said. "Anyway, may we come inside?" Robin asked graciously.

"Sure you are." The man replied sarcastically. "I don't have time to babysit you. Go next door for that nonsense." The giant stated as he closed his front door.

 Robin and Nami both looked at each other. "That man was incredibly rude." Nami huffed. 

"I agree. Let's try the next house." Robin replied.

 Both pirates turned around from the rude giant's house and walked up to a very extravagant looking manor. The entrance consisted of ornate granite columns which stood atop an equally fancy set of stairs which led to the front door. Robin admired the carved images on the Oak door as Nami knocked on it. A few moments passed before the door slowly opened, revealing an Amazon. She stood twelve feet tall and was quite fit.

"We hate to bother you, but we are stranded on this island and need to find someone who can build us a boat." Robin explained to the towering woman before her. 

"Sadly we are a very isolated people. We sometimes have curious young men and women who go out on journeys, but seldom return. I assume they must find what they're looking for in the world." The giantess looked away as if in deep thought. " I must admit that I envy them. I have tried for a long time to achieve my dream, but as the years slip by, I find myself further away from acquiring my purpose in life." She sighed.

 Nami felt the Amazon was getting a bit ahead of herself. "I'm sorry to hear that. Miss uh, may I ask what your name is? "

"I'm Felicity Stone. My family were stone masons on this island for generations. I'm the last living descendent of my lineage on the island." The statuesque woman explained while getting that far away look in her eye. "What are your names?"

"I'm Nami." The navigator quickly answered.

"And I'm Robin." The brunette introduced herself.

"Well, now that we're all properly acquainted. Would you like to come inside and join me for tea?" The Amazon offered. 

 The girls nodded and are allowed entry. They immediately notice all the large baby toys and items strewn about the living room as they walk through with Felicity. "Do you babysit children?" Robin asked the Amazon.

"You're very observant. As a matter of fact I'm the main babysitter in the village because I love babies. I was never able to have my own because I never married." Felicity explained. 

"How come you never got married?" Nami questioned her host. 

 Felicity gave Nami a sour look. "Well, I guess I am simply unlucky in love."

"Sorry to hear about that." Robin said before Nami could say anything more to aggravate the giant. "Maybe you could adopt a child?" 

 Felicity perked up at Robin's suggestion. "That's definitely a great idea. In the meantime why don't you two make yourselves at home while I prepare lunch."

"Thank you, ma'am." Robin replied as she walked up to the huge couch and tried to get up to the seats. Smirking, she simply used her Devil Fruit powers to carry her onto the couch.

 Nami stared at the couch and wondered how she was going to get to where Robin was currently sitting. Her thoughts were interrupted as Felicity picked her up from beneath Her armpits and sat her next to Robin. "Don't be afraid to ask for help, okay? " 

Nami blushed slightly. "Okay."

 Felicity had witnessed Robin's display of her unique Devil's Fruit abilities and knew she had to put a stop to that. The Amazon knew the perfect solution to stop Robin's powers. Her family had mined Sea Stones for the Navy and had even made all sorts of talismans carved from the stones. Felicity needed an opportunity to give the girl one of her necklaces.

 Robin sat on the couch and looked over at Nami. "While we have encountered Giants before, I have never been on an island full of them. This could be a very interesting experience." She stated thoughtfully.

"Yeah, we could even check out the market later and see if they have some unique things to buy for the Thousand Sunny."

 Felicity smiled and quietly left the room while the girls continued to chat. 

"It would certainly be interesting having such things on our ship." Robin replied.

"Yeah, but we don't have any Beri and no place to stay in case we're stuck overnight." Nami paused for a moment. "You think Felicity will let us stay the night?"

 Felicity returned from the back of the house with a necklace in her hand that was sized perfectly for Robin. "I couldn't help, but over hear that you're in need of a place to stay tonight. You're both welcome to spend the night if you like."

 Robin smiled at her. "Thank you." The brunette noticed the jewelry that Felicity held. "That's a beautiful necklace you have there." 

"Thank you very much. It's actually an old bracelet from my great grandma. However, it could certainly work as a necklace for you." The giantess held the item in front of the tiny ladies who admired it as she continued on. "I've been trying to sell it at the market, but it's hard to sell antiques on this island. I'm only asking twenty thousand Beri for it, but I could give it to you for half that amount." Felicity held the necklace in front of Robin. The archeologist admired the intricate design of the stone. 

"I'm sorry, but I don't have any money on me." Robin answered.

"How about a compromise. I'll give you the necklace now and you can get the Beri to me once you return to your ship. Deal?" 

"Hmm, alright. We have a deal." Robin held her hand out and Felicity gave the small woman the necklace. 

"Thank you. It's hard to support myself on just babysitting alone. Diapers, baby food and all the accessories don't buy themselves." Felicity smiled as Robin put the necklace on. 

"It really looks good on you." Nami complimented.

"I agree with your friend. It's like it was made for you." Felicity added with a smile. 

 Robin grinned. "I think I'm going to keep it on then. I'm sorry to hear about your money troubles at the moment, although there doesn't seem to be much you could really do. Perhaps maybe we could help in some way?"

"I'm not sure how you could help me, especially when you're stranded on my island, but I greatly appreciate the offer."

"I don't know what Nami and I would do without your hospitality. We would be happy to help you out in anyway that we can. " Robin replied.

"You're both such kind and polite guests. Now then, I was just going to make some tea for lunch, but I'm willing to bet that you're both hungry. If you would like, I can cook you girls something to eat for lunch." Felicity graciously offered.

 Robin and Nami both smiled at her. "Thank you. I do feel a bit hungry. I could probably eat anything you make, although I would like a cup of tea to go with it if that's not too much trouble." Robin stated. 

 Felicity nods. "That's perfectly fine. I'm afraid I only have macaroni and cheese or I can make you some chicken noodle soup."

"Soup sounds good to me. " Nami replied.

"I agree. Soup sounds fine." Robin added. 

"Can we help or are we too small?" Nami questioned.

"Not to be rude, but you're both going to have to sit in the high chairs because of your size. So, I'm sorry to say you can't help out."

"Seriously? High chairs?! " Nami said incredulously.

"I'm afraid so. I don't want you two getting hurt or worse. We don't have a hospital or even a clinic on this island. It's best to play it safe. You understand, right? " The Amazon offered.

"Why do we have to sit in high chairs? Why can't we just eat on the floor?" Nami questioned.

"Because adults eat at the table and not on the floor." Felicity chuckled slightly in response to Nami's proposal.

"I suppose if it's for our safety than we have no choice." Robin said with a sigh. "Come on, Nami. There's nothing else she can do."

 Felicity smiled and scooped both girls up and carried them on her hips to the high chairs. 

"I can walk you know!" Nami stated in an annoyed tone.

"Nami, I'm sure that it's easier this way. It would take us longer to reach the chairs if we walked and then you wouldn't even be able to get into them." Robin said. "Now stop being so rude."

"Alright, but I still think this is unnecessary." Nami retorted. 

 Felicity helped Robin into the pink, wooden high chair first and strapped her in. She repeated the process with an unhappy Nami before returning to the simmering water on the stove. She threw in some vegetables, seasonings and noodles. 

"This better be the only indignity we have to deal with." Nami stubbornly replied.

 Robin rolled her eyes. "I don't like this either. We just need to put up with it for now. We're tiny compared to everyone else on the island, so might have to deal with some things like this while we're here."

"Fine, but we need to get a boat soon and get back to the crew."

 Felicity came over to Robin and put a bib on her. "Now you girls don't fuss. I would hate for your clothes to get messy. "

Robin blushed as the bib was put onto her. "Well...I suppose if it is necessary..."

Felicity puts a bib on a struggling Nami. "It is. You two have no clothing and if you get your outfits messy then I don't have anything else for you to wear."

 Felicity walks back to the stove and pours two small bowls of soup for the girls. She brings the bowl over to Robin first and sets it down on the highchair's tray. Next she grabs the other bowl of soup and puts it in front of Nami. Each woman gets a baby spoon to eat their soup.

"Enjoy." Felicity says as she returns to the stove to start brewing some tea. 

"I must admit, this is probably the most embarrassing situation that we have ever had to put up with." Robin paused with a blush. She took her spoon and began to have some of the soup. "At the very least this is some delicious food."

"I agree on both counts." Nami ate her soup slowly as she realized that she needed to use the restroom. "Felicity, where is the bathroom? "

"It's upstairs. Do you need to use the potty?" Felicity asked. 

"Umm..." Nami blushed hearing the infantile word for a toilet. "I am just wondering where it is in case I need to go later." Nami figured she would just wait for lunch to be over. She could wait that long.

"You can have Felicity carry you to bathroom, it's nothing to be embarrassed about." Robin said with a smile as she ate her soup slowly, taking time to savor the flavor of it before eating some more.

 Nami ignored Robin and simply hoped that the meal would end soon. However, lunch seemed to drag on for Nami. The awkwardness of eating food in a high chair, while wearing a pink bib, had yet to dissipate for the Navigator. She only hoped see wouldn't have to do this again. The only thing that made this embarrassing situation endurable was the good soup. Once lunch was over she would use the toilet on her own without being carried around like a baby.

"Tea is ready! " Felicity announced happily to her guests as she poured a couple cups and brought a cup to each girl. Nami didn't really want anymore to drink, but she also didn't want to insult Felicity. At least the tea was in a nice cup and not a sippy cup or something as infantile as that, Nami thought before taking a sip.

 Robin thanked Felicity when the full cup of tea was set onto the tray, replacing her empty bowl of soup. She began to slowly sip the tea and grinned at the taste. "It is quite nice. May I have a bit more after this cup?"

"Certainly." Felicity responded cheerfully while Nami silently drank from her cup. Nami started thinking about the giant bowls, furniture and then came to the logical conclusion that giant toilets would most likely be in a giant's bathroom. With this unwanted epiphany Nami couldn't enjoy her tea like her crew mate did. 

 Robin, despite being infinitely more intelligent than Nami, did not come to this same conclusion because she wasn't needing to use the restroom like her crew mate and thus had no need to contemplate such things. The brunette sipped the tea, enjoying it until the cup was empty. She waited for more with a smile. "Isn't this tea wonderful?" she asked the navigator.

"It's good." Nami replied. She was focusing on trying to hold her bladder and wanted nothing more than lunch time to come to an end. 

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I like the story, one of the ladies likes being helped the other not sure about it is a nice unique spin. 

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This is a rather good start. :-) I certainly encourage you to continue as soon as you can. :-D

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I like this story very much! Yeah little sand amazons. I also like how there are both men and women mentioned in this story. Looking forward to more!

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This was a very good start. I will say that getting carried so far away from the ship might have been a bit far fetched. They could have just been blown off the deck and then washed ashore after the ship continued on its course. I am kind of waiting for Felicity to tell Nami she has had enough of her lip and this is how things are going to be period.  I will be looking forward to reading more. 

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Part 2: The Part You've Been Waiting For 


A few minutes passed by with Robin asking questions about the history of the island while she sipped her tea. It was an interesting conversation and she learned that the Stone family practically built this village. They not only mined the stone for the buildings, but built all the dwellings on the island. It was no wonder that everyone trusted Felicity with their kids, her family had done so much for the town that it would probably be unheard of for anyone to go against Felicity. Once there was a break in the conversation Nami spoke up. "Can I please go to the restroom?" 

"Sure thing. Let me just refill your friend's cup first." Felicity topped off Robin's tea and picked Nami up. Normally Nami would have protested, but she couldn't wait much longer to go. Once the giant crested the staircase, they approached a room on the right and Nami was set onto the floor outside the bathroom. Nami stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before Felicity finally said "This is the bathroom. I'll give you some privacy." 

Miss Stone opened the door and Nami walked in, closing the door behind her. The navigator's worst fears were confirmed, the toilet was about as tall as she was. It was like a one year old looking at a toilet, size wise. She tried to climb up it, but each movement threatened to open the flood gates of her bladder. Desperately she tried to climb it one last time and actually managed to get her body on the seat. However, her bladder finally let go and she urinated all over her shorts. The redhead cursed angrily at herself for not taking her shorts off before climbing onto the toilet.

Felicity heard the girl cussing and did her best to hide her grin before she opened the door. "Is everything okay in here?" Felicity noticed that Nami's clothes were wet. "Oh no, you had an accident!" Felicity pulled the garments off the angry girl and tried to calm her down. "It's okay. It's not your fault." She did her best to soothe the girl.

"What am I going to do? I have nothing else to wear!" Nami was more angry with the fact that she ruined her only shorts then anything else. Of course it wasn't her fault. In her mind she pretty much knew it wasn't her fault because the toilet was so big. 

"It's okay, but we have to put you in a diaper." Felicity replied.

Nami's anger turned into mortification. "I will not wear a diaper! " The redheaded woman yelled.

"It's the only thing I have that will fit you." Felicity tried to reason with the girl.

"But I'm an adult! " Nami replied in earnest desperation.

"I know that, but you can't walk around naked. Not only is it not practical, but if one of clients saw you naked then it might ruin my business. They would assume I'm not fit to care for a baby. "

"I-uh... Alright! " Nami conceded defeat. 

Felicity told Nami to stay in front of the toilet and next to the tub while the giantess left to go and retrieve the proper supplies. Once everything was procured, Miss Stone came back into the bathroom holding a jar of white powder and a thick white disposable diaper. Nami was told to lay on the ornate tiled floor. It was cold and the girl felt a shiver run up her spine as Felicity removed her shorts.

The Amazon grabbed some toilet paper and wiped Nami's private area dry. With that out of the way she then grabbed a handful of talcum powder from the glass jar and sprinkled it onto the blushing navigator's diaper area, making sure to rub it all over. Felicity hoisted up Nami's legs with her left and placed the thick disposable under Nami with her right. The girl was lowered onto the diaper with a symphony of crinkles which only made her blush a deeper shade of crimson. Finally she was tapped into her plastic prison. Felicity picked her up and carried the girl back to the kitchen on the first floor. The statuesque woman walked back into the kitchen with Nami on her hip like she was a baby and the thick, noisy diaper didn't help to mitigate this illusion.

When Robin saw Nami, she couldn't really help but laugh at her. It was just so funny seeing Nami dressed like that. "So, looks like you couldn't make it, huh?" she said. "I do like this new look of yours. Suits you well."

Felicity sat Nami down with a loud crinkle as her diaper met the seat of the high chair which made Robin laugh even more. "Yeah, laugh it up. I'll have you know that the toilet is four feet tall and slicker then a Fishmen."

Miss Stone left the girls to bicker as she returned to the stove. With her back facing them and blocking their view of her nefarious activity, she poured into the tea, a fast acting laxative potion. Quietly the substance was mixed into the brew and the Amazon brought the tea pot over to the arguing girls. "Have some more tea Robin." Before an answer was given, Felicity poured the tea into her empty cup. 

Robin just smirked and snickered at Nami some more about the diaper, finding it fun to tease her about it. This went on for a while until she saw that some more of the tea was being poured into her cup. She smiled. "Thank you." she said as she began to sip the tea, finding that it still tastes good, if not a bit different. After she finished, she felt a bit of a pressure start to form in her bowels.

Felicity grinned inwardly and praised herself for remembering that she had the powerful laxative in case of emergencies. She was so close to achieving her dream of having her very own babies to spoil and call her own."Now girls, that's enough of that." Miss Stone interrupted the arguing and asked a question. "Why are you picking on Nami, Robin? "

"I was just saying that she looked a bit funny wearing that diaper like a baby. It's amusing to think that someone her age would wet their pants. Robin explained, smiling at the thought. "It's just harmless teasing, nothing more." She felt another pressure in her bowels. "May I please be let out of this seat?"

"You don't want to have dessert? I made some tangerine sorbet."

"I love tangerines!" Nami exclaimed happily. "I'll have some."

Robin shifted uncomfortably a bit."It's not that, I just want to leave the table for a moment."

"It's rude to leave the table during a meal. Once lunch is finished you can leave the table. Okay?" Felicity explained. The Amazon knew that the laxatives were doing their job and, once the inevitable occurred, she would be one step closer to having her babies. 

Robin sighed. "Alright, I suppose I could stay until the Ice cream is finished."

"Then it's settled." Felicity took a few minutes to gather the bowls and scoop the sorbet. Nami noticed Robin fidgeting and knew she was probably trying to go to the toilet. She figured she would eat her Ice cream slowly until her friend wets herself and then see how much Robin liked being diapered. Once the girls were both served the 'tangerine delight, as Felicity called it, five minutes had passed. Robin increased her shifting around in her seat as she eat her ice cream quickly. However, Nami enjoyed the sorbet gingerly while watching Robin's discomfort. 

"This is delicious! Nami announced to the room feeling ecstatic. "You have to tell me the recipe so that Sanji  can make our crew members some of this." Nami continued to savor the sorbet.

"It's a family recipe that has been passed down through the generations. I don't know if I am ready to share it." Felicity explained.

"Do you know any other recipes that use tangerines?" Nami wondered aloud. 

"Actually I do. I even make baby food from tangerines." Felicity replies causing Nami to blush

Robin was just finishing the sorbet while Nami requested seconds. The brunette was dismayed, but could understand. The dessert was certainly quite good, it was just hard to enjoy it like her crew mate when she needed to go this badly. Suddenly, a giant cramp hit her and she gasped. She was so very close to losing it right now.

Robin clenched her stomach with both hands."F-Felicity?! Can I please...ugh!" She groaned, interrupting the conversation. Suddenly, a bit of the mess escaped into her panties.

Responding to your feedback.

Wetpamer: Well, Robin is more polite and an intellectual. She can understand some of the reasons why a high chair is practical in this situation. Nami is brash and more likely to question authority. 

Paragondragon: I am happy to oblige you. Please let me know if you like this latest installment.

SGTbaby: I have noticed men are fairly rare in ABDL stories and, even though in this story they won't be around much, they will still be involved. 

CDfm: Well, this story is based on an anime and it may seem a tad bit absurd, but this is a very absurd show. Originally I had them landing into the ocean and swimming ashore, but then I realized that Robin can't swim because individuals who have consumed Devil Fruit can't swim. However, I do appreciate your insight and Nami will voice her concern, but not as much as Robin because Robin has the powers and Nami doesn't. Robin eventually gets fed up by the babyish treatment and Nami merely routs her on.


I greatly appreciate everyone's comments and hope to hear more of them in the future. Thank you to everyone who commented and everyone who reads my stories!


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Thank you for the update and addressing everyone's comments. I do like the incidents and how Robin certainly experienced the worse of two girls. I think including some males into the dimension is a good thing and is something I am considering if my own. I look forward to seeing Robin's reaction and where the story goes from there. 

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Part 3: Diapered 


What's the matter Robin?" Felicity asked with fake concern, as she walked over to the brunette in the high chair. 

Robin blushed. "P-Please let me out of this chair before I...no...please no! Ugh!" Robin's body gave into the violent cramps and she was forced to let out the huge mess into her panties. The garment was completely soiled once she fully relieved herself. The smell was also quite putrid and the others immediately took notice of the awful aroma.

"Seriously?! Did you just do what I think you did?" Nami looked at Robin with a repulsed gaze as she covered her nose.

Robin blushed deeply and whimpered. "I-It was...I had to go b-but...." She looked at the two ashamed and then looked away. "I-I should've went to the bathroom, but Felicity told me to wait..."

"Oh my god. I thought you farted, but you actually..." Nami stopped unsure if she should say the rest. 

"I can't believe you Robin. I would expect this from one of my babies, but you didn't even try to go to the bathroom like Nami did."

"You wouldn't let me leave the table until lunch was finished!" Robin whined.

"That's only because I thought you wanted to leave the table before the meal was over, which is quite rude. However, if you had told me you had to use the restroom, I would've gladly taken you upstairs." Felicity explained. Nami just looked on silently at the scene before her 

The archeologist hung her head in shame. She realized that she never voiced her need for the bathroom. "You're right. I apologize for ruining your high chair's seat."

"I shouldn't be too dissapointed in you Robin. I should have put you both into diapers the moment you walked in the door, but I wasn't thinking." Felicity picked up Robin and carried her out of the kitchen before Robin could retort.

Once the Amazon began climbing the stairs, the brunette spoke up. "P-Please don't do this ma'am. It was just an accident, it won't happen again." Robin said as she was carried. "Nami and I aren't babies. We don't need to wear diapers..." Upon entering the nursery the archeologist was stunned. Everything within was sized perfectly for the two pirates. She knew that the crib, rocking horse and changing table was meant for the giant babies that Felicity watched, but she was starting to feel like she really screwed up. Hopefully, the Straw Hat women could find a boat before Felicity subjugated them to anything worse than diapers.

Felicity laid Robin onto the changing table with a squish as the mess shifted in the brunette's panties."I know you're not a baby, but you can't just run around naked. What would my customers think if they saw you running around pantsless?" Felicity questioned. "They'll think I'm unfit to watch aft their children and I'll lose my only form of income." Felicity answered before Robin could object. 

Robin didn't really have a counter point to that. She just simply signed as the giant pulled the soiled shorts off of Robin. "Fine then, I'll wear a diaper, but don't expect me to use it."

"I would hope not. After all you're both adults, right? " Felicity stated as she removed the soiled undergarments from the pirate. Robin blushed, not only due to what the Amazon said, but because she was nude from the waist down in front of woman she barely knew. The very same stranger who was currently lifting her legs into the air and wiping her backside. 

Once the wiping was finished, and the giantess placed a fresh disposable diaper under her clean bottom, Robin found the moment to reply. Robin nodded. "Yes, we are adults. Those were just one time accidents that shall never happen again." she said, confident in this claim as her lower half was covered by a dusting of powder. Felicity taped the diaper shut. 

"Good because you only have one more chance to prove yourselves." The Amazon asserted while patting the front of the plastic diaper.

Robin nodded. "Alright, I'll tell Nami this. She pauses for a few seconds. "I'm just wondering, what will you do if one of us happens to have another accident?"

"Honestly, I'll assume that it wasn't an accident." Felicity said as she picked up Robin and carried the diapered woman on her hip. 

"W-What does that mean?" Robin asked nervously, unsure about what Felicity meant, as they made their way down the stairs. 

"I have babysat youngsters before who claimed that they were finished with potty training, but always had accidents. It's just easier to keep them in diapers until they get tired of sitting in their own waste." The Amazon stated as they reached the bottom floor.

"Okay." Robin said. She had to make sure to get to the bathroom next time and avoid having another accident. Which shouldn't be hard. She was an adult after all.

Felicity sat the archeologist down on the floor of the living room before getting the diapered redhead from the kitchen. She returned with Nami on her hip and plopped her onto the ground with a loud crinkle. They both looked up from the carpet at the towering woman. "Why do we have to sit on the floor? " Nami asked.

"I'd rather not take a chance with either of you on my couch." Felicity stated bluntly causing Nami to stare at the floor.

Robin blushed. "I've told you, that won't happen. Anyway, what are we supposed to do? Do you have any books for us to read or something of that nature?"

"What kind of books would you like? I have coloring books, pop up books and picture books." Felicity replied with a grin. 

"Do you have any... Advanced books? For instance, books without pictures that deal with serious themes like crime and slavery?"

"I typically don't have books of that nature. Sorry." 

Robin sighed. "A picture book will have to do then I suppose."

"I'll take a coloring book." Nami said picking something that would be halfway entertaining to do.

"Alright. I'll be right back." Felicity left to go retrieve the books and some crayons. 


SGTBabyy: Thank you for your continued support. I'm struggling to format and continue writing with this new phone I just got, but I'm going to continue because of you. 

coletheriolu: I didn't even realize I wrote the wrong spelling of his name. I appreciate you for pointing that out.

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2 minutes ago, Sky Hooves said:

I think there went something wrong with the upload.

I fixed it. I write all of my stories on a cell phone and this new phone is almost impossible to work with, but I am doing my best. I apologize for this Galaxy phone. Certainly proves that newer doesn't mean better. 

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1 minute ago, Cya said:

I fixed it. I write all of my stories on a cell phone and this new phone is almost impossible to work with, but I am doing my best. I apologize for this Galaxy phone. Certainly proves that newer doesn't mean better. 

You write your stories on a cellphone? That's actually pretty impressive.

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4 minutes ago, Sky Hooves said:

You write your stories on a cellphone? That's actually pretty impressive.

Thank you. So, have  you enjoyed the story thus far?

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1 minute ago, Cya said:

Thank you. So, have  you enjoyed the story thus far?

Totally! I'm looking forward to what will happen next^^

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Thank you for the kind words. I agree it is very impressive writing on a phone. That is awesome in its own right. Your story is well done and I look forward to the two "adults" possibly meeting some of the kids she watches. Lol. I like the way it is going and look forward to your next update.

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Part 4: Dinner Time

"How are we going to get out of here? Our clothes are ruined and we're in diapers! " Nami stated in an exasperated tone due to the current state of things.

"I'm honestly not sure. I have my doubts that there are any clothes that would fit us on this island." Robin replied while thinking about the predicament they're in. "If there were any clothes that would fit us, they would most likely be worn by infants. I don't really want to have to walk around in public like this or in baby clothing..."

"I agree." Nami looked down, feeling embarrassed.

Felicity returned with the books. She hands Nami a coloring book and some crayons. Then she gave Robin the picture book. "Enjoy!"

Robin sighed. "Well, it's better than nothing..." Robin stated as she began to look through it, seeing pictures of animals and such on the pages. "Are you sure that you don't have anything more intellectually stimulating?"

Nami started coloring as Felicity looked down at Robin. "I have a few boring old history books that document the island's past, but they're family heirlooms. I doubt you would find them interesting."

Robin's eyes lit up at that. "History books you say? I'd personally love to see them." 

"I suppose I can let you read one of my archival books, but so much as a page getting thorn or a drop of drool hits any of the pages and you'll find yourself over my knee. Do you understand, little lady?" Felicity explains in a no nonsense tone of voice.

Robin nodded. "I'm more than capable of keeping your book in its pristine condition." She replied confidently. "Could you please bring me one of them?"

"Alright, I'll bring you a book about the history of the island." Felicity quickly exited the living room.

Nami continued to color. "Don't mess up that book. Diapers are bad enough and I doubt that it's going to get any better if her book gets ruined." Nami reasoned, not even looking up from her art project.

"Nami, I'm an adult. Not a baby. I'm perfectly capable of treating her book with respect." Robin replied. 

"I know you're an adult, but I don't want to give her a reason to make things worse. I mean, she could kick us out of here in these diapers if she gets tired of dealing with us." 

Felicity walked back into the room carrying a very old tome. "Here you go." 

Robin smiled and took it. The thing weighed a ton. "Thank you." She sat it down and opened the book up to its first page, eager to read.

Felicity knelt down to the girls level. "I'm going to make something for dinner. What would you two like to eat? "

This question perked Nami right up from her coloring."Anything with tangerines!"

"Okay. I'll see what I can do. What about you Robin? " Felicity turned her gaze to the archeologist.

"Oh, a sandwhich would be nice I suppose." Robin said as she continued to read the book.

"That's fine sweetie." Felicity ruffles Robin's hair before she left the living room.

Robin blushes at that. "I really hope we don't have to stay here for long."

"Once she cleans our clothes we should leave." Nami replied.

The brunette agreed and they both returned to enjoying their various pastimes. The Straw Hat women sat together, deeply engaged while Felicity prepared dinner. She emerged from the kitchen a little while later and announced to the diapered ladies that dinner was ready. Nami looked up and instantly was picked up by the giant before Robin was grabbed as well. The women were carried to their respective high chairs. Once they were both seated and strapped in, the towering Felicity procured the dinner. Nami received a bowl filled with baby food made from tangerines. Robin's tray was soon adorned with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich minus the crust and cut into bite sized pieces.

Robin blushed. "Well, I suppose it's my fault for not really being specific with what I wanted. This is good enough anyways though, so it'll do."

"I know what you mean..." Nami stared at the tangerine mush in front of her. "Well, at least it's tangerines." Nami took her spoon and dug into the awaiting fruit puree. After the first spoonful she began to quickly eat it up. "It's so tasty! " Nami exclaimed, getting a little bit onto her top.

Robin began to eat her food. It was nothing amazing, but far from bad. It tasted alright. As she ate, jelly often squirted out onto her face and top.

The diapered women finished their babyish meals and were rewarded with Felicity grinning at both of them. "You silly girls got your food all over yourselves. I guess I should have put bibs on you two."

Robin blushed deeply as she looked at the mess she made on herself. "Oh, umm, I'm sorry about making the mess. I'll help you clean up if you want me to." she said.

"All you have to do is raise your arms for me. " Robin complied and her jelly stained top was removed exposing her bare breasts. Nami's shirt was removed as well leaving both diaper clad women topless and blushing.

Robin naturally covered herself up, not wanting her bare breasts seen by this woman. "What will we wear now that our clothes are stained?"

"Well, until I can wash your clothes tomorrow, I have some footie pajamas or onesies for you two. "

"I guess I'll take the onesie." Nami sighed

"A onesie is better than being naked." Robin muttered.

Replying to your feedback.

Skyhooves: Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoyed this update. 

SGTbaby: It's not easy,but I make due because computers are very expensive. I was considering having a customer drop off their giant kids, but that might mess with the flow of the story. Plus most of the story has pretty much been written. So, adding that type of scene would seriously delay any future updates. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed this part of the story and thanks again for your support!

Coletheriolu: Here's the latest update. Let me know what you think so far. Also, I greatly appreciate your continued support! 



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really enjoying this story.  cant wait to read more

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another error it says thorn instead of torn

Other than that really cute chapter, can't wait for the next one

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I am fine either way really. I like this chapter and how they keep getting or appear to get sucked in more and more. I look forward to seeing more 

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Part 5: Mutiny In The Nursery 

The amazon walked back into the nursery with two large, glass baby bottles. The bottles would have been perfect for giant infants, but they were tremendously oversized for the two women who were expected to drink all of the formula within said bottles. 

"Those seem, a bit large for us." Robin paused, thinking of the right words as Nami stared at the bottles, dumbfounded. "They would be quite difficult to hold." Robin said as she looked at them. "Although, I guess using my Devil Fruit power I could do it."

Nonsense, you just need to use both hands." Felicity grabbed Nami's hands and wrapped them around the massive glass bottle, using the redhead as an example to show Robin how to hold the bottle. "Now that you know what to do, I expect you to finish those bottles because it's bedtime." Felicity announced firmly

"Wait a minute. What do you mean bedtime?! This is way too early!" Robin stated annoyed.

"Yeah!" Nami yelled. "I don't want to drink from a bottle or go to bed at eight at night!"

"You've made a mess of your clothes. Urinated, defecated and spilled your food all over them. All i have done is tried to help you both." Felicity listed out the women's various offences. "Now, I can take you both over to the craftsman tomorrow and use my influence to help you get off this island." Felicity stated calmly. "Or, I can kick you both out of my house, tell Floyd to not build you a boat and then you two can sleep in the jungle until you decide to swim home." Felicity said, gradually raising her voice. "Now, what's it going to be ladies?"

Nami and Robin both looked at each other as they struggled to drink thier baby formula which had a creamy flavor to it. The girls quickly suckled their milk down as fast as they could in an earnest effort to appease the giantess. Unbeknownst to both women, the bottles had been tainted with laxatives to ensure that both of their diapers would be very full in the morning. Nami finished the formula first and had a very full belly. Felicity picked her up and patted her back. Nami burped up some formula onto the giant's shoulder which made Nami blush. "It's okay baby. Mommy's not mad." Felicity cooed as she sat Nami down. 

"M-Mommy?!" Nami gasped.

"What are you saying?! Why are you treating us like babies?!" Robin questioned the Amazon.

"Sorry about that. It's a force of habit I'm afraid." Felicity explains.

"That doesn't answer why you're treating us like babies!" Robin fired back. 

"That's right!" Nami added. 

"The girl who pooped her panties asks why she is in a diaper." Felicity laughed. "I've already told you both that I'm not about to have you two cost me my job because you want to be little nudists and piss on my furniture. You know how that would look to my customers?!"

Robin growled and looked furious. "That's it! I don't want to be here anymore! Let us out of this crib and we'll leave! Come on, Nami!"

"Oh, I see that you think you're too big for your diapers. Maybe a spanking will show you how to behave like a good baby. " Felicity threatened.

Robin glared at her captor as she and Nami stood up defiantly in the crib. "We are not babies. We are adults. We're pirates. Wanted for thousands of Beri by the world Goverment!"

"Really? Well, I am quite sure that the rest of the village would love to help me turn you two in. As you are aware, I am fairly influential here." Felicity grinned. 

Nami looked at Robin. "Why did you tell her that?!"

"I'll give you little girls a choice. Either submit to me and become my daughters or go to prison. What's it going to be?" Felicity towered over the two baby women, triumphantly, as she made her ultimatum.

"Neither!" Robin barked. "I'm not going to prison nor am I going to become your baby!" Robin stated loudly.

"We're tired of your baby games!" Nami chimed in.

"I'm just going to defeat you and escape with my friend!" Robin announced, as the brunette crossed her arms and closed her eyes, trying to make giant hands appear and smack Felicity. Much to Robin's dismay, it didn't work.

"Oh really? Big talk from a little girl who looks like she's having trouble making poopy." Felicity laughed.

Nami watched as Robin did her best to activate her powers, but nothing happened. "Why aren't your Devil's Fruit powers working?!"

"I don't know!" Robin said. She tried again and again, but she just couldn't unleash her hands. "What did you do to me?!"

"I didn't do anything to you. You're babyish behavior and actions have brought this onto both of you." Felicity smirked, knowing full well that the Seastone necklace Robin wore was inhibiting the brunette from activating her power. The archeologist began to panic and looked around. She spotted a teddy bear and picked it up before throwing it at Felicity.

The amazon wasn't hurt by the toy being thrown at her, but she felt it was the perfect time to instill some discipline into her new baby girl. Robin was yanked out of the crib and carried over to a large rocking chair. Nami watched horrified from the crib, as her friend was stripped of her onesie and diaper. Robin trashed about when she found herself over Felicity's knee, in only her bonnet, as the giant rained down blow after blow to her bottom. After the seventh slap Robin began to beg Felicity to stop. By the thirtieth spank she was outright crying at the top of her lungs. Her new mommy brought the sobbing woman into a tight embrace and cooed to Robin. 

After about five minutes of soothing the baby woman, Felicity put her back into her diaper and she joined Nami once again. The redhead looked at Robin with sympathy and hoped she wasn't next. Luckily for the navigator, the giant turned off the lights leaing the two diaper glad girls alone in the darkened nursery.

"How do we get out of here?" Nami wondered aloud.

Robin was still crying slightly from the pain. "I'm...I'm not sure if we'll be able to get away. This woman wants us to be her babies and we don't have a way to fight back against her at the moment..." She replied as she laid down onto the soft crib mattress next to Nami.

Nami tried to think of something to say that would cheer Robin up. It dawned on her that hope was still out there on the Thousand Sunny. "Don't worry Robin. Luffy and the crew will save us!"

"But they don't know what island we're on." Robin said. "Even if they do, how are they going to know that we're in this house?"

Nami looked down thinking about how right Robin was. The only way that they could find them is if they sail in this direction and then knock on every single door in the village. "I guess that's true. I don't know what else we can do." Nami laid her head onto the pillow next to Robin and tried to go to sleep next to her diaper clad crewmate.

Robin sighed. "Well, I'm going to sleep. Hopefully, we can get out of here in the morning." She stated tiredly as she closed her eyes. She didn't go to sleep immediatly though. She was troubled by her racing thoughts. What if something, like the global position of the island, kept her from using her Devil Fruit powers.


Replying to your feedback. 

babybb: I'm glad you're enjoying the story and I hope you like this new update. 

coletheriolu: Thanks for catching that mistake. I'm grateful to have you helping me with these slight errors. I have since edited it. I hope you like this new chapter as much as the last.

SGTbaby: Well, very few stories attempt to do things in this fashion because it's hard to make it realistic. They are not only stranded,but are guests in Felicity's house. Even though Nami is annoyed by most of the babyish treatment, she knows that they don't have many options. Not only that, but Felicity justified everything in a fairly rational way to Robin and Nami, for the most part, listens to Robin. However, the deeper they get, the more afraid of Felicity Nami becomes. Only Robin can actually do anything to Felicity, but the Seastone necklace has rendered her powers useless. 

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poor ladies,  looking really bad for them.  Felicity is actually pretty smart at her tactics and tricking them.  will take a miracle to escape now

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Love  the updates and I really do like how you address folks comments. But I can see your point and am enjoying the story. Does she ever figure out why she can't use her powers?

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Sorry, I managed to get myself pretty far behind in my reading. I did manage to get caught up this morning though. The story had progressed very nicely. At this point it would seem as though the only option available for the little ladies would be to comply and give in to being treated as Felicity's babies. At least until an opportunity presents itself to escape. That seems like a long shot at this point but its about all they have. I am really looking forward to reading more. 

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