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Airtavel with alot of Adult diapers

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I plan to pass around 35 adult diapers and 20 pullup diapers in one of the documented bags total of 55 diapers almoast half of one of the documented bags.

In the flight I will have to pass through USA security(TSA) because I connect Mexico-Houston-Japan, do you think I will have problems to pass with that quantity of diapers through security.

Are there any tips you could give me to make my pass through security safely?

thanks for your help :)

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A few years back I had to go help my grandmother for two weeks. I packed one bag of clothes, and one bag of just diapers. When I got to my destination there was a 'we were here' sticker on my bag from where the TSA had opened and inspected it (I'm sure stacked, compressed diapers looked weird on the xray) but no problems.

I had two diapers in my carry on in case of delays, TSA lady flipped through them (in the bag) and sent me on my way.

They've seen it all, and don't care :)

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8 hours ago, dldl2222 said:

i already had planed to take only 1 bag because i thought i was only allowed to bring one, but they recently told me i can bring 2, if the only hassle would be to carry both that

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Just updating you guys, I had zero problems with my travel, documented my bags on Mexico, only took around 5 diapers for the flight on my carry on, passing through USA, nothing was said about my carry on, and when I arrived to japan they didn

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