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I like diapers with tapes on the sides


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One of my joys when wearing cloth diapers is how heavy they become on my waist when wet :blush: These have to be tight enough or they can fall down- not a nice thing to have happen when you're out in the real world :o


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this thread makes me think of a question i have, how tight should a diaper be taped? ive had tapes pop off on me, ive had to use 3m transpore tape to make them stay, is there a video or something that tells how tight they should be? im wondering if ive been taping them too tight

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A disposable diaper should be taped on snug. Not tight enough to be taught, but just tight enough that it will be form fitting and won't fall off of you either. When taped on you should still be able to get a finger (maybe two) under your legs bands. If your diaper has elastic on it then you should even be able to pull it off and back on again without having to undo the tapes.

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