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Found 11 results

  1. I think it's cute what accidents are called by different people. In my family: mommy called it: tee tee pants, Doo Doo pants gramma called it: wet britches, dirty britches sitter called it: pee pee, poo poo. what was it called for you?
  2. Potty Law (updated 7/8)

    Sharon came home from work to a feverish, bleary-eyed foster son lying on the couch. She stashed the packages in her hands beside the door and sat beside him. "How are you feeling? Any better?""A little.""You do look a little better, but you're still not feeling too great, are you?" Ryan shook his head and curled up more closely to Sharon as she felt his forehead. "Yep, you still feel like you have a fever. You'll need to stay home again tomorrow, but I'll stay with you, okay?""Sharon, no. You've already stayed home from work to take care of me for three days. I'll probably be feeling better tomorrow.""It's not just that. During our three-day-long campout on the couch while you've been sick, we missed out on some important news.""What?"Sharon took Ryan's hand in hers and brushed his hair out of his eyes. "Well, honey, you're not going to like this, but...A new law was passed making it illegal for children under the age of 18 to be potty-trained.""Wait, what?! What the hell does that even mean?! Why does that affect me? I'm already potty-trained. I turn 18 in two months, who will even know the difference?!""I'm sorry, honey. You're going to have to wear diapers for the next two months. But, at least it's only for two months! Think about other teenagers who still have a few years before they turn 18!""Ugh...Well, I can just...um, use them, or whatever, and immediately change myself. I guess it won't be terrible."Sharon smiled wryly. "It's not that simple. You're also not allowed to change your own diapers. I'll have to do that for you.""What?! No way, Sharon.""I'm sorry, honey." Sharon got up and brought the packages in that she had bought on the way home from work. Several packages of diapers, wet wipes, and rash cream."Wait, you're doing this, like, now?! We can't at least wait until tomorrow?""No, honey. Now let's get you diapered up.""Wait, let me pee really quick." Ryan had felt a growing need to go when Sharon got home, but had put it off once she came in. "No. You can't use the toilet at all until your birthday.""But I'll have to go soon, anyway, why waste a diaper?""It's the law. Now, lie down so I can change you."Defeated, Ryan lay down and put his hands over his face, humiliated as Sharon lowered his pajama pants and replaced his boxers with a thick diaper. She pulled his pants back up and patted his bottom. "See? Was that so bad?""Yes, it was. And it will be even worse when there's, like, stuff in there when you, um, change me.""Ryan, don't worry about it. I've changed more diapers than I care to count.""Yeah. On babies. And, occasionally a three-year-old, in Sammy's case."Sharon smiled. All three of her own children were grown now, and she had told Ryan once before about how difficult her middle child had been to potty-train. "It'll be all right, honey." Sharon kissed his warm forehead, got a pot of soup started for dinner, and changed into leggings and a sweatshirt before joining him on the couch. He snuggled against her shoulder, still not feeling good. "Does your head hurt?" Ryan nodded. Sharon gave him some Tylenol and held him close. A little while later, he was squirming, as he had to pee badly now. Forgetting that he had said he needed to pee earlier, Sharon just thought he was trying to get comfortable and loosened her hold on him so he could adjust himself. A while after that, Ryan was more desperate for the toilet than he remembered being in a long time. The last time he remembered having to pee so badly, he was at someone's house with his mom and was too afraid to ask her to take him to the bathroom, and he held it until he couldn't anymore and he wet his pants. "Ryan? Wha--oh," Sharon nodded in understanding when he unconsciously squeezed his legs together. "You need to go potty?""What?!""Oh! I'm sorry. This diaper talk has me in 'potty-training' mode. And it sounds a little nicer, anyway. You obviously need to use the bathroom. Just go ahead and go. I don't think you can hold it for two months.""Sharon, this is too embarrassing.""It's okay, sweetheart. You're going to have to get used to it. Just go."Ryan held on for a few more minutes, but soon experienced a loss of control he hadn't felt since he was three. No amount of squeezing his legs together and holding his crotch could keep the flood back. First, a few spurts escaped, but soon his bladder weakened completely and pee rushed in a torrent into the thirsty padding between his legs. He gasped as he felt himself lose control and completely wet himself.Sharon sensed the tension leave his body immediately. "Oh, honey, did you go pee-pee?" She asked sympathetically. Ryan nodded shamefully. Sharon felt the front of his diaper to assess the damage. "You don't feel too wet, so I'll wait until you wet at least one more time before I change you, unless you get uncomfortable. I don't think I'll have to change you after every time you wet.""Nah, I can tell it's drying up."After dinner, Ryan had a bigger problem. Wetting his diaper right beside Sharon was bad enough, but now he needed to, um, do the other kind. Sharon knew he usually went sometime between dinner and bedtime, so she knew he would need to go soon. "Um, any chance this law only applies to peeing?"Sharon smiled. "No, honey, and I'm sure you need to go by now, so just do it. It's okay, I promise." Ryan tried not to, but his stomach had other plans. Sharon left the room to give him some privacy, and after a final ominous rumble, he curled up into a ball on the couch and pushed a load into his diaper. He wanted to die as a foul odor filled the room. He released a little more pee as well, causing the front of his diaper to swell. Sharon returned a few minutes later with a clean diaper and a pack of wet wipes. "All done?" Ryan nodded. She lowered his pajama pants, carefully removed his diaper, and cleaned him up before taping a clean diaper on him. "Those are cold," Ryan whined, fidgeting as Sharon wiped him down."I know. I'm sorry. Do you want me to arrange for you to finish high school online? You can still see your friends whenever you want, but you will have to go to the nurse during the day to be changed. You can't avoid being changed by me, but I thought you'd probably want to have as few people changing you as possible. And I can work from home just as easily as I can at my office.""Yes, please. What's the point of this stupid law, anyway?""Some of the diaper companies managed to convince the legislature that having teenagers become dependent upon their parents like this would solve behavioral issues. All they were really after, though, was expanding their audience for sales." After throwing the dirty diaper away and washing her hands, Sharon came back to the couch with the thermometer and Tylenol PM. "You look tired, baby. You should go on to bed, and hopefully you'll feel better in the morning." She checked his temperature, sighing when the thermometer flashed a reading of 101. Once he'd taken the pills, she guided him upstairs to his bed and tucked him in. "Goodnight, sweetheart. Wake me up if you start feeling worse, or if you need a change, okay?""Sharon. I haven't wet the bed since I was six.""Oh. I guess you're right. Still. Wake me if you need me." Sharon brushed his bangs back and kissed his warm forehead."I will." Ryan rolled over, knowing Sharon would scratch his back until he fell asleep, like she always did when he was sick. Once he was sleeping, she put a glass of water on his nightstand, kissed his forehead again, and left the room. Ryan woke up at 5:30 the next morning, needing to pee really bad. Temporarily forgetting the new law and the diaper he was wearing, he rushed through his room to his bathroom door, frustrated that the door was locked. He suddenly became aware of his diaper, which made him remember that he wasn't allowed to use the toilet. He went back to bed and held it for a while longer before realizing there was no point. He certainly didn't want to experience the discomfort of losing control of his bladder again, so he closed his eyes as he willfully peed into his diaper before he went back to sleep. He hated to admit it, but the warm padding felt amazing against his body.Sharon came in a couple of hours later to check on him. Ryan opened his eyes when he felt her cool hand on his forehead. "Still running a fever," she murmured. "I may need to take you back to the doctor." Her hand next went instinctively to his diaper. "Oh! You've already wet.""Yeah, I woke up and had to pee a couple of hours ago, so I just went ahead and did it.""Do you want me to change you? Are you uncomfortable?""No, it was just one time. I can barely tell now."Sharon brought him some breakfast, then led him downstairs to watch TV. They snuggled up together on the couch, like they'd been doing since the first day he was sick. Sharon was the master of a sick day, that was for sure. Unlike the abusive parents he'd finally been taken from a couple of years before. By mid-morning, Ryan's bladder was making him slightly uncomfortable, and he would usually be visiting the toilet soon, but he still didn't like using his diaper. By lunchtime, his bladder was screaming for release, and Sharon had seen the desperation of a child who urgently needed the potty enough times when her own children were small to immediately recognize the problem. "Just go potty, honey," she murmured. "You're going to get a UTI if you keep trying to hold it." Ryan allowed himself to relax and pee again, and Sharon could hear the tell-tale hissing coming from his diaper. "You finished?" Ryan nodded sheepishly. Sharon felt his diaper through his pajama pants to see how wet he was. "I think I'll go ahead and change you. You're pretty wet now."Ryan nodded shyly. "Yeah, I'm starting to get uncomfortable." He squirmed, not liking the soaked padding against his skin. His diaper was too wet now to feel pleasant like it did after the first time he peed that morning. He lay down while Sharon got a diaper and the wipes. "Why the wipes?!" Ryan whined. "I'm just wet. And they're so cold.""But I need to make sure I get all of the pee-pee off of your skin, so you don't get a rash." Sharon removed his soaked diaper, wiped him down, and taped the clean one on him. "Are you sleepy?" Ryan nodded. He cuddled into her as she wrapped her arms around him. She brushed his bangs back and felt his forehead. "That fever isn't going anywhere, is it? I'm taking you back to the doctor tomorrow if you're not any better.""Mm-hmm," Ryan mumbled drowsily, falling asleep in the arms of the woman whom he had recently cometo love as his mother.More to come...
  3. Damsel in Diapers

    When Princess Seraphina's father gets remarried to the Queen of the neighbouring kingdom, Seraphina finally has a new mother. What she doesn't know is that Seraphina, at age 20, is only five years younger than her new mom! Not only that but her mother is a secret magic user. The new queen, and new mother, is horrorfied when Seraphina finds out she can use magic and she tells the whole kingdom. The queen decides to take revenge on her by using her magic to make Seraphina slowly become diaper dependent and mentally regress, this will show her who's in charge! And who her new mommy is. I would like to be Seraphina! Who would like to be the magic step mommy queen?
  4. Becoming the Little Sister

    Would anyone be interested in trying this situation out with me? This takes place in an alternate future where much like changing your name, a person can get their legal age and gender switched. I play your teenage brother, but I am not very responsible. I get detention in school most days, I have been suspended for fighting, and it seems like I might just drop out all together. To try to stop my from dragging myself further, you get my age and gender changed to a 3 year old girl. Some things I like are having to ask to use potty and not being allowed to wipe myself after, limiting my speech, and acting like a kid in public. If anyone is interested, here is a starter post. Jacob reaches over and shuts his alarm clock off yawning. Today would be the first day that he could go back to high school after getting suspended again. This time it was because he said very rude things to a teacher and walked out of the school. He figured today would be just like any other day of school, suffer through eight hours, maybe take a couple naps to help the time pass, probably get detention for doing so. He gets dressed in jeans and t-shirt heading downstairs to get some breakfast before the bus arrived.
  5. Mommy wets?

    I've always thought it would be exciting form of punishment to be restrained on the changing table with an unfolded diaper underneath while Mommy straddled me (reverse cowgirl) and wet my diaper for me. Then she would tape it up and put me down for a soggy diaper nap. I haven't seen this scenario played out really at all in stories or on websites. I'm curious if anyone has had an experience like this they are willing to share?
  6. I wanted to ask all you big boys who don't wear protection 24/7 like me what you do when your at home. And maybe there's some adventurous girls who might like to share something as well. Some girls prefer to stand, so I've heard. When I'm at home, I rarely stand to potty. And no worrying about missing my aim. I also often sit on the potty when wearing a diapers. I don't know why. I think it feels a little like potty training. Some times I like to regress like a preschooler who still wets his pants. If I'm not wearing protection at bedtime, (I know, WHY NOT?) It's also a lot more relaxing to sit on the potty when half asleep. Also, I usually "potty it all out" when I sit down. Because it seems, thanks to age and an enlarging prostate having to go after going. And getting back up to finish going a short time later is just frustrating. Might as well just wet the bed. Another excuse to wear diapers. The exception for me is if I'm in a real hurry or I'm out in public. Who likes to sit on a public toilet unless it's absolutely necessary? So I'll use a urinal if there's a restroom available, Personally I'm just not comfortable wearing a soaking wet diaper while out in public. Of course, there's always that involuntary leakage when zipping up. It never fails to leave a wet spot if not wearing something absorbent. I've bought baby diapers out of the restroom dispenser to use as a stuffer. Nobody seems to notice unless it's a thick bulky thing. So, does anyone else who isn't a 24/7 diaper wearer do something simular this? I'm cuirious to know just how wierd I am. THANKS!
  7. Gerber Vintage White Potty Training Pants

    From the album Misc. Pics

    Vintage Gerber White Potty Training Pants Panties for Toddlers and Bed-Wetters These were the type of pants/panties that I usually wore after I was taken out of diapers during my preschool years. I was probably wearing these everyday up to the day before Kindergarten began for me. As a chronic bed wetter past age 10 years. These types of training pants were used on me past my 7th birthday. Then, they either no longer fit me anymore, or my Mother just stopped buying and/or using them on me. After that, I received a one-time but still a hard, humiliating spanking on my bare bottom before bedtime. Towels were missing and I didn't know how to use a washing machine. I'd stuff a towel down inside my pajamas bottoms. They worked like a diaper and I had a few dry nights. Then she caught me and said I was wasting all the bath towels. My pajama bottoms were already half way down. So for that I got a punishment that hurt my emotionally than it ever did physically. She would ridicule me about my bed-wetting and say I was just too lazy to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She'd often say things about her going to the store to buy me a box of the toddler size Pampers (in the purple box). Sometimes I wish that she would have done it for me and let me sleep in a dry bed. My bed was a toddler bed that I slept in until about 3rd grade. I was told that there was no reason to buy me a regular bed until my bed-wetting stopped. Eventually someone gave their used twin bed to us when I was about age 7 or 8 years. The bed was protected with a rubber sheet. But I still had to sleep on pee soaked sheets for about a week at a time. It's been about 2+ years since she's passed away. I don't really miss my Mother like I should. I do/did love her. But not like a Mom.
  8. Malfoy's Diaper

    In the collegian parody production of Harry potter, called "A Very Potter Musical Sequel", Malfoy talks about how he wears diapers and his potty training. The idea being of his wearing diapers, is that he is so rich, he never needed to learn how because there is always someone to do the dirty work for him. This has been out for sometime, I'm surprised when my searching the forums didn't reveal it. Hope you enjoy this find! This is a clip about it, but the theme goes through the whole play. Worth watching if you are a Harry Potter fan to any degree.
  9. Have to go potty!

    From the album Little Me :)

    © kawaiibaby

  10. Potty emergency

    Hi everyone! I've been a long time lurker, but today I just had to post. I had a really potty emergency and accident. I don't wear very often anymore because I am in a serious relationship. I'm afraid to tell her and would rather slowly phase diapers out of my lifestyle and be with her. Anyways, I was at the grocery and needed to pee. It was getting more urgent as I shopped. I only had to grab a few things, so I decided to wait. I thought I could make it home. After hitting one red light, my pee pee was about to burst out whether I liked it or not. Since I wasn't diapered, I really didn't want to wet myself. It was already dark out, so I decided I'd pull over and try to discreetly pee into a water bottle. As I was unbuckling my seat belt, the pee pee started to flow out. I couldn't help it. For about 5-10 consecutive seconds, I wet. It was such a great and scary feeling. Luckily my underpants absorbed a decent amount and the way I was seated mad the pee flow in the inseam area of the pants, so I could discretely get inside and change. I totally felt like I imagine a potty-training toddler feels with a potty emergency. I wish I had someone to tell me it was okay and get me into a diaper for the night in case I had any other issues I hope this was the right section to post this. Anyone else have similar situations? This was the first half of a fantasy inadvertently coming true.
  11. Denver Daddy

    Hi, My name is Robert. I live in Denver. I am a Daddy to the center of my being. I am enjoying the post here and learning more everyday.