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  1. Orchidectomy

    Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    Given that your play gender is female, you might care to explore the suggestion that chastity cages cause penises to shrink. After all, LGs age 3-4 don't have big Willies/Dinkies/convenient wee-wee tubes, do they? Has anybody here actually experienced such shrinkage?
  2. Orchidectomy

    Getting the statistics correct.

    That sounds fine at first, Rusty, but what about those who do not have regular daily bowel movements? Especially in places where a large proportion of the diet is high-starch rice, many only poop every other day. Your method of counting would, I suggest, never see them exceeding 1. Might it not be fairer to keep a tally of the number of consecutive days not using either an adult toilet or a potty? This would negate the old childhood trick of 'holding on' - using bowel movement as a way to prove independence from one's carer. Well, independence unless the standard "parental" response is a suppository or an enema!
  3. Can anybody advise whether there is a standardised way of counting the number of consecutive days when AB has soiled their diaper and/or pooped their pants? Maybe at first sight a silly question, but how do you tally this?: Three consecutive days with pooped pants, followed by one day constipated, followed by four consecutive days with a soiled diaper. Is that one "run" of three plus one "run" of four, or one run of seven, or one run of eight? Or what? And what if AB poops more than once in a 24-hour day? In the example, assume that neither a grown-up's toilet nor a potty was used over the same eight-day period. I'm presently keeping records, but I curious to know what you think about analysing the results. (And yes, there is a pun on "anal" hiding in there!)
  4. Orchidectomy

    Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    There is, I suggest, a purely practical aspect linking diapering and enforced chastity. If one is, for whatever reason, in a chastity belt, what do you do if the keyholder isn't around and you are desperate for the toilet? Diapering has to come into the mix somewhere, so why not make the diapering itself the way of enforcing chastity? The question then becomes "What's the best way of achieving that?".
  5. Orchidectomy

    Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    That certainly applies to me. A desire to be in diapers isn't, IMO, a sexual desire but something else. What else I'm unable to explain.
  6. Orchidectomy

    Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    Oh dear! An ambiguity on my part, it seems. Perhaps I should have said "According to medical literature cited on the OAB page of Wikipedia..." It was that academic paper I had in mind, not the layman's paraphrase.
  7. Orchidectomy

    Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    Being aware of "wanting to go" every 5 to 10 minutes certainy qualifies for wearing diapers 24/7! Many here might say "Lucky you!". Doing a little wee-wee in their pants, several times per hour, is their ideal. As for the cause in your case being OAB (Overactive Bladder), that's a definite maybe. According to the literature (referenced from the OAB page of Wikipedia), more than 40% of people with overactive bladder have incontinence. About 40% to 70% of urinary incontinence is due to overactive bladder. The relationship between the two is poorly understood; you cannot properly attribute causation here. It is possible to create the symptoms you describe by drinking Barley Water in place of other non-alcoholic drinks. Just beware that many commercial concentrates contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener not universally accepted as without allergy problems. For me personally, aspartame is a migraine trigger, so I cannot go down that route. My recommendation would be to accept the need to wear high-uptake diapers (8-drip rating) , topped with both towelling and plastic pants to deal with any little leaks from the disposable. Assuming you pass the usual 2000 to 3000ml per 24 hours, you should then need to change typically 3 times per day. No need to be on a permanent hunt for the next WC, just let it come in your diaper - day or night, at home or out-&-about. If we are in the realms of real-world rather than AB Play, you should also get medical checks of both Prostate and Bladder, especially if the condition has developed since puberty rather than having a history indicative of a lifelong problem.
  8. Orchidectomy

    Progressing Suggestions

    Even the cheapest disposable diaper eventually copes with one bladder-full if it has time to soak up your wee-wee. My advice is to wear a disposable next to the skin, topped off with double gusset towelling pants and then a pair of really heavy gauge plastic pants. At worst you will end up with a temporary lake in the crotch whilst the cheap-but-slow nappy does its soak-up job. Thus no embarrassing leaks in public. (You are, I trust, going to wear diapers when out and about, not just around the home?) As regards regression, my advice (for what it is worth) is to concentrate on suppressing your bowel control. What's right for one person in this regard isn't right for all, though. I combined anal dilation, a stimulant laxative and a bulk-forming laxative. You've truly arrived once you regularly have no awareness of defacation until you sense that warm, slightly moist feeling in your crotch.
  9. Orchidectomy

    Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    Hello "DLSafrica", I have to take issue with your assertion that baby boys aren't supposed to get erections. I reckon they do, even in the womb. Google the three words boy/masturbate/womb for evidence. After birth, a boy's erections are not always obvious. Except at bathtime and during changes, any evidence is hidden most of the time by diapering, isn't it? The answer to your question about erection-preventing chastity devices is 'yes', and what's more these are compatible with being ABDL-diapered at the same time. As it is a bit off-topic I'll detail my response in a Private Message - always assuming I can remember how to do that! Regards - Orchidectomy
  10. Orchidectomy

    Totals for 2017

    I did indeed mean diaper absorbancy. This is much easier to do in metric units than the American system of Fluid Ounces. Pee being near enough a density of 1, it follows that one millilitre of pee weighs one gram. One litre weighs one kilogram, and so on. Don't forget to subtract the weight of the dry diaper from the weight of the wet one; only then do you get the true figure for uptake.
  11. Orchidectomy

    Totals for 2017

    Belated best wishes from me too. I don't get to log in every day; I didn't mean to ignore you.. In my case, involvement with diapering is not totally a matter of choice; for me a degree of diapering is a necessity. But I do sometimes wet voluntarily, especially daytime. My advice is to build up your daytime use gradually, so that when you wet in public you are confident about your diaper coping with the amount of wee you are releasing. It may well be the case that there is more room for diapers under nominally female clothing (skirts and dresses) than under unisex garments (joggers, track suits and so on). Could you be persuaded to run a few experiments in this regard? By experimenting with different types of diaper and weighing the uptake at the point where the first leaks occur, it should be possible to determine whether cross-dressing opens up diapering opportunities not available to males who persist with a more conventional wardrobe as 'top layer'.
  12. Orchidectomy

    Oversize potty

    For hygiene reasons I don't see wood, even polished/varnished hardwood, as being the right material for the job. I'm thinking in terms of polypropylene. In the days when complex shapes were first carved as a former and then made into a mold using something akin to the Lost Wax process, a master copy would first be hand-carved at 1:1 scale by a highly skilled pattern-maker. Not any longer. In recent years 3D printing has made many pattern-makers redundant. The more so where a mere change of size is involved; laser scanning can in minutes produce a virtual image based on a precise magnification of a sample and that virtual image can directly drive a 3D printer to make the enlarged replica. In making a replica potty in adult size, it might be necessary to do a bit more than merely multiplying every dimension by the same amount. Two issues come to mind, comment invited: Weight distribution, not just whilst the user is seated but when getting onto and off the potty too. The finished replica must be strong enough not to break under what may be disproportionally-increased loading, possibly requiring strengthening of the bowl especially in the area under the AB's buttocks. Height of the splashguard. AB boys, unless very tightly circumcised, are likely to pee at a different angle to a toddler when sat on such a scaled-up potty, so some thought needs to be given to the adequacy of the splashguard (the part above the handle slot).
  13. Orchidectomy

    Oversize potty

    Does anybody know of a source of well-made oversize potties? Manufactured by the million in toddler size, I'm looking for one large enough and strong enough to be routinely used several times per day by an adult of, let's say, 90kg/200lb. Preferably traditional style as regards bowl shape, handle slot, boy's splashguard and so on. Discuss design details here?
  14. Orchidectomy

    Totals for 2017

    I've just added up my diaper use for 2017 and I'm now curious to know how my experience of being diapered every night for a year compares with others. Nightly, I put on a slip-style Tena rated at 8 drips, snugged into position by towelling pull-up pants followed by separate plastic pants. To stop me interfering with the diaper in my sleep, except in the hottest weather I wear a neckline-fastened one piece sleep suit with no way in below the waist. I've logged myself as being wet on 93 nights in the whole calendar year (that's just over 25%, or roughly one night in four). To count as "wet" there must have been a weight gain of at least 500g in the diapering, but typically with me it is much more. If I'm wet at all, I tend to be very wet, often dumping several full bladders into the same diaper without waking up. This is excellent in terms of an improved sleep cycle. Not waking up three or four times per night for a pee leaves me much better rested come the morning, which is why I'm quite content not only to be diapered at night on a 'precautionary' basis, but also to seek to move from a 25% wetness rate to 100%. I'd really like to achieve uninterrupted 8-hour sleepthroughs on a nightly basis, but I'm not there yet. At present, much seems to depend on what happens in my sleep the first time my bladder reaches the full mark. If I don't wake, instead dumping 250ml+ into my diapers, then subsequent full bladders don't wake me either. Already wet, some hidden mechanism seems to say "no need". But if I wake the first time, then I wake each subsequent time too - unless I deliberately wet myself and so set up deliberately the 'already wet' scenario. My fondness for a mug or three of tea before bed needs a mention here. When wet, typical weight gain in the diaper for a whole night will be around 1200g, which I reckon equates to four visits to the toilet or potty. The normal upper limit is about 1600, although on one record-breaking occasion I reached 2866ml before diaper leaks drove me from my bed. The sagging, soaked diapering hanging between my legs as I waddled towards the bathroom was quite a sight. Way past absorbing it all, a lake sloshed about in the crotch of the plastic pants. So what about daytime? In the past couple of months I've taken to wearing 8-drip Maxi pull-ups during the day whenever I go out. So much more convenient than having to hunt around for toilets. Just pause wherever you happen to be, and deliberately release just enough to deal with any urgency. What I don't know - and would like others to tell me - is whether such deliberate surrender of daytime bladder control has knock-on effects. Will involuntary daytime wetting follow? Maybe even loss of bowel control too? In the whole of 2017 I only had a soiled diaper twice, but it can happen. Each time it was morning and I was standing in a wet diaper, having just got out of bed, when an unfamiliar feeling developed between my buttocks. Only when I reached between my legs and lifted the crotch of my diaper did I realise that I had "done it in my pants", totally without prior awareness of what was about to happen. Not a problem at home, but elsewhere?
  15. Orchidectomy

    Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    My principal "problem" with what happened was that no child HAD to undergo orchidectomy in this situation. What peeves me is that the decision was taken for me, such that I was not given the choice of being left intact and monitored for testicular cancer later. A cancerous outcome of a failed orchidopexy is only a risk, not a certainty. It is entirely possible - indeed, likely - that nerve damage took place as a side-effect of the attempts to reposition things where they should have been. But just as I recovered control a few months after the first attempt, so I assume I would have done second time around had it not been for the emotional trauma of the unfavourable outcome. I do have reasonable daytime control, but occasionally I "lose it" big time. To save you asking, this has been logged in my diary 6 times so far this year but as yet, even after all these decades, no cause-effect relationship has been identified. By day I try to 'go' to a clock-determined routine, but occasionally everything goes wrong. There seem to be occasions when I try to pee to order, fail, yet soon after wet myself. Therefore, when out and about, I tend to wear a pull-up disposable of a type sufficient to cope with one full bladder. For reassurance as much as need, I like a heavy gauge PVC pant over that. 6mil is OK, but I really favour the 8mil ones when I can get them. Not being familiar with the PM system here, would it be possible for you to message me first and so set up the link? I agree it possibly isn't appropriate to detail on the public site things such as my development (in terms of Tanner Stages and so on) at the time of the second operation. Suffice it to say here that a cryptorchid boy does produce testosterone. What I lost at age 12 wasn't totally immature.