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  1. Has anybody found a source of pants thicker than 8mil?
  2. Protex. End-of-line (US English: "Close-out") on a batch of Tuffy Pants wrongly labelled 7mil. They are a horrendous price and are only available in a limited range of sizes, mainly children's but some smaller adult ones too. Semi-transparent and very significantly stiffer than the 6mil "medium thickness" ones of UK origin previously worn. A totally different experience in terms of the tactile sensations that result, whether with a diaper underneath, or towelling pants, or direct against the skin.
  3. With considerable difficulty, I've recently obtained some PVC pants in a really thick material, 8mil. Having tried them for a couple of weeks, I'm amazed that such items are not more widely available. The heavy grade material leaves the wearer in no doubt that the pants are being worn. Both restrictive and reassuring at the same time. What do others think of making waterproof pants from such heavy material?
  4. Back in April, a modest consignment of waterproof pants addressed to me (total value just over US$100) was stopped at the UK Border. This despite the customs declaration on the outside of the padded envelope being correctly filled in identifying the contents as tax-exempt. An additional sticker bearing the company name of the specialist sender added extra detail, stating the precise paragraph in the international customs agreement giving rise to the tax exemption. Miffed, I paid up (necessary in order to stop the parcel being returned to sender) and then claimed back both the tax and the Royal Mail handling fee. That meant obtaining and filling in a Form BOR286. Supposedly these are downloadable from the Border Force website but I couldn't get one to print out properly so I collected a copy from my local mail depot. Next step was to send off the completed form and the "evidence", including the original customs declaration, the invoice for the goods and so on. After a couple of weeks I received a letter agreeing that the tax should not have been charged, but it was a further two weeks before payment arrived. Moral of the story: Don't let the blighters get you down! Quite how much difference it made I don't know, but I included on the Form BOR286 details of a previous tax-exempt transaction wholly within the UK. I did that by way of evidence of having previously signed a declaration of medical need, already on file with HM Revenue & Customs.
  5. Please would you quantify "heavy gage" (gauge)? Since the apparent demise of Tuffy, I'm struggling to find anything heavier that 6 mil (Six one-thousandths of an inch) vinyl. That, apparently, classifies as Medium rather than Heavy. I'd like to try at least 8 mil, but I can't find any.
  6. I do like the concept of denial of sight of your own boy-bits and I'm glad to hear, Dizzy, that you are being kept to that régime. Strictly, I trust, by which I mean even at bath time, during diaper changes, when having your pubic hair removed and when being chastised.
  7. I do like the idea of the bib overalls as daywear, but might a lycra leotard underneath be a better (maybe also cheaper) proposition than a onesie? Four layers (high capacity diaper, heavy duty 6 mil or more plastic pants or plastic body suit, stretchy leotard/onesie and bib overalls in a coarse denim material) should be sufficient to stop even the most determined AB from all forms of self-arousal by day. No fiddling, no humping. Night-time is a different matter. Absolute chastity should be maintained - after all, what's the difference in terms of naughtiness between self-arousal by day and self-arousal at night? If chastity is to be imposed, both scenarios have to be considered in terms of both wee-wee and willy-touching. Mistressedbaby's input also merits comment. Yes, the carer should masturbate AB boys from time to time. Not too often, though. Just enough to drain stale semen - say once every ten days. But when done, done to excess. A total clear-out such that AB's balls ache. Achieve that and next time he may then be just a little bit less keen to have it done, at the same time incrementally lessening the desire to try arousing himself. Might a situation eventually be reached whereby AB doesn't like arousal - even seeks to avoid it? How about prostate massage as the routine stimulus? Very effective in completely draining the system, and no touching of dinky even by his carer. Very prim and proper! I like the idea of the resulting emissions being caught in AB's fresh diaper, the same one then to be worn until saturated with wee-wee. Combining these ideas, maybe AB could be made to come whilst his boy bits remain out of his sight? That way, he never even sees let alone touches his stiffy. But if, despite all, he does attempt to fondle himself, a spanking is undoubtedly appropriate.
  8. Personally, I feel that a Kigurumi would hide the fact that I'm diapered. Fine if that's what you want, but my preferences tend towards the opposite. Wearing a disposable diaper for practicality (apologies to the environmental lobby - I live in an apartment with inadequate drying facilities for terry squares), I like that to be held snugly in place by a onesie. Then towelling pants for a bit more bulk, topped off with oversize and very noisy PEVA (not PVC) plastic pants. I only change to quieter PVC pants when I go out.
  9. I've read your posts in the thread "My Catheter/peebag Adventures" but I'm unclear whether you found the catheter helpful in terms of avoiding sleep disturbance. Could you clarify, please? I don't think I'd have the nerve to try inserting anything like a Foley catheter myself, but maybe a Sheath Catheter might suffice for an experiment to determine whether turning in my sleep did or did not cause detachment or malfunction. My guess is that it would work for me by day but not by night.
  10. Time for a recap, methinks. The original post was a question, not a statement. It asked: " Do night-time diapers help prevent Alzheimers?" What is clear from the published scientific research is that uninterrupted deep sleep is beneficial in preventing Alzheimers. There's no disputing that; it is a done deal to the accepted standards of scientific proof. So what are the implications as regards action? Rather obviously, prevent deep sleep being interrupted - by whatever means that can be devised. So the question becomes: Is diapering one way of preventing interruption of deep sleep? My answer is "maybe". There are pre-requisites: The sleeper has to be prone to getting up several times per night, either to go for a wee or because they are wet. Without diapering, such awakening has to produce significant interruption of deep sleep. With diapering, the individual sleeps through episodes that would otherwise have awakened them. If those three tests are met, then it seems that diapering does indeed have a role to play, as the hypothesis contained in the question suggests. Improbable though it may sound.
  11. Elfy... It is well established in the branch of mathematics we call statistics that correlation does not of itself prove a causal relationship between two variables. There are statistical ways of distinguishing between causation and coincidence, but they only identify the probability of causation. To conclusively prove causation, one needs to go further and identify the causal mechanism. In the case at point, that has been done to accepted standards of scientific proof. So, far from the matter still being mere correlation, it is a done deal in terms of explaining why there is a failure to clear the amyloid deposits. That's why the search is now on for two things: In the realm of prevention: Enhancing uninterrupted deep sleep, to aid the natural process, and... In the realm of cure: Developing drugs that will promote clearance by mimicking or stimulating the natural process. The diapering suggestion is, at most, one possible contribution to the matter of enhancing uninterrupted deep sleep. It may sound absurd, but when I was born the idea of man walking on the moon was absurd. With so much at stake, surely we should consider all possibilities - even those initially suggested tongue-in-cheek?
  12. Jason, You wrote " By your logic, then you should never have kids, because, well, you know, babies cry quite a bit during the night." Nonsense! I did not say that, neither did I infer it. What I am suggesting is that all forms of sleep disturbance should be identified and remedied where possible and to the extent possible, so as to avoid interruption of deep sleep and thus head off the problem of failure to clear beta-amyloid deposits. That does not imply finding a single remedy. In such circumstances several partial remedies working together can be equally beneficial. Dlover49 has it right. Having to get up during the night is an age-related matter. Any benefit from diapering to help sleep through isn't going to contribute to the overall situation until an inability to sleep through without diapering arises. But once that age has been reached, why not take advantage of the potential benefit that diapering can offer?
  13. > Every other week there is news of a new way to cure something and it always fades away. What convinces me that we have something of substance here regarding Alzheimers is that the cause-effect mechanism is explained in terms of amyloid 'flushing'. Thus the research has gone far beyond identifying mere correlation between two matters that might or might not have a causal relationship. That is a very important scientific and statistical distinction. > I really don't see this as "Oh boy, better train myself to be a bedwetter!" type of news. Surely the implication is that all possibilities should be explored in terms of avoiding interruption of deep sleep? Diapering may well not work for everyone, but for me it makes the difference between getting up 3 or 4 times and sleeping right through.
  14. This is where I first found out about the new discoveries: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2016/horizon-curing-alzheimers Unless in the UK you are unlikely to be able to stream the video. However, the key words are these: " A new system inside the brain has been discovered which clears amyloid in deep sleep, but allows it to accumulate when we don’t sleep well." Keep an eye out for syndicated transmission in your local TV area. Likely to be on a Public Broadcast station. Anything written more than a year ago now has to be regarded as out of date.
  15. Daddy Ant... Here's a link to a checkable and supposedly credible source on your side of the Atlantic: http://news.berkeley.edu/2015/06/01/alzheimers-protein-memory-loss/ Of course there are many other reasons for disturbed sleep apart from getting up for wee-wees. Noise and light pollution come to mind, especially when one remembers that one's sense of hearing stays "on guard" when we sleep. Therefore I'm not suggesting that diapering is the be-all and end-all of Alzheimer's prevention. But if one's bladder is the cause of three or four excursions to the bathroom each and every night, there must be some intrusion into what would otherwise be uninterrupted deep sleep. If, that is, one can train oneself not to wake up... I have successfully made the transition from getting up to wetting in my sleep, so I know it can be done. Snugglebear... Why do you find this irrational?