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  1. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    My principal "problem" with what happened was that no child HAD to undergo orchidectomy in this situation. What peeves me is that the decision was taken for me, such that I was not given the choice of being left intact and monitored for testicular cancer later. A cancerous outcome of a failed orchidopexy is only a risk, not a certainty. It is entirely possible - indeed, likely - that nerve damage took place as a side-effect of the attempts to reposition things where they should have been. But just as I recovered control a few months after the first attempt, so I assume I would have done second time around had it not been for the emotional trauma of the unfavourable outcome. I do have reasonable daytime control, but occasionally I "lose it" big time. To save you asking, this has been logged in my diary 6 times so far this year but as yet, even after all these decades, no cause-effect relationship has been identified. By day I try to 'go' to a clock-determined routine, but occasionally everything goes wrong. There seem to be occasions when I try to pee to order, fail, yet soon after wet myself. Therefore, when out and about, I tend to wear a pull-up disposable of a type sufficient to cope with one full bladder. For reassurance as much as need, I like a heavy gauge PVC pant over that. 6mil is OK, but I really favour the 8mil ones when I can get them. Not being familiar with the PM system here, would it be possible for you to message me first and so set up the link? I agree it possibly isn't appropriate to detail on the public site things such as my development (in terms of Tanner Stages and so on) at the time of the second operation. Suffice it to say here that a cryptorchid boy does produce testosterone. What I lost at age 12 wasn't totally immature.
  2. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    Hi, Gobphus. You seem to have started a long-running thread with this one. > Wow, when you wet, you really wet a lot! True. But it must be in several sessions, because the total weight gain in my diaper is several times the weight of pee I produce if I unload one full bladder into a measuring jug, day or night. > When you don't wet, do you wake up during the night to use the toilet or do you wake up dry in the morning? I don't recall sleeping through since age 11. So its either a wet bed, a wet diaper, or a walk to the bathroom. Chamber pots seem to have gone out of fashion. > Have you always wet in your sleep? I was dry from about four until age 11. A couple of weeks before my eleventh birthday an attempt at orchidopexy (US English: Orchiopexy) failed due to what I can best describe as 'short plumbing'. Potentially fully functional, but would not reach. I was wet for some months but then recovered control. They had another go a year later, which also failed. The nature of what happened next, in the 1950s and early 1960s regarded as a necessary precaution against testicular cancer, you might be able to deduce from my User Name. There's no obvious physical reason why that should induce long-term nocturnal enuresis, but emotionally? When it is done at the onset of puberty and the boy has not been briefed on the possible adverse outcome? I do sometimes wonder whether my wetting is some form of substitute for reproductive emissions.
  3. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    Several issues at work here, in combination. As regards pee volume, that's attributable to my habit/need to drink more than average - preferably weak tea. Reason: I'm a lifelong migraine sufferer and dehydration can trigger a migraine, writing off the best part of a day. Therefore I err on the side of caution and routinely down three mugs of tea last thing before heading to bed. Almost certainly this is a major contributary cause of bedwetting. I used to regard bedwetting as the lesser of two evils, but now that I've made it into a game I don't fret over it. And the migraines? Maybe two per year rather than two per week. To ensure that I sleep right through (say 8 hours without stirring), I put on my night-time diapers at about 17:00 / 5pm and spend the evening dressed in plastic pants. It's then as good as certain that I will have wet myself deliberately before going to bed sometime after 22:30.. Already wet, I won't wake up until the next morning. A slight cheat, but guaranteed to produce a very, very wet diaper overnight. What constitutes a wet night in my tally? If I am wet when in diapers, the weight gain in the diaper will be 1kg or more, so standing up and lifting the crotch of my plastic pants soon determines that. Maybe it is easier to describe what I classify as a dry night - one where it would be practical to remove the diaper and put it to one side for re-use. The other sort of "wet night" is one where I have dared not to wear a diaper at all, but wet the bed all the same. I never sleep without a heavy duty plastic sheet under the cotton one. By heavy duty I mean the sort that one might use as a tablecloth at a kids party. In that scenario, a dry night is one where the plastic sheet would not have been needed. That's rare; I don't often take the risk.
  4. Waking Up Wet or Wetting

    My tally so far this calendar year is 58 wet nights. In every night wetness bar one, measured by weight gain, I've dumped more than 1 litre of pee into my night attire of slip-style disposable + terry towelling pants + plastic pants. Almost always the figure exceeds 1200ml (say 40 US Fluid Ounces). This suggests at least three wettings per night. On a few occasions I have exceeded 2 litres. Something I've noticed consistently is this: The first time that my bladder is full enough to wake me (typically 300-400ml), I wake up. If reassured that I'm adequately diapered, I allow myself to wet. But second and subsequent wettings don't wake me. I stay asleep. Has anybody else noticed this "already wet" effect - a clear distinction in wake-up tendency as between no diaper or a dry diaper on the one hand and a wet diaper on the other? For me, already being wet seems to turn off the wake-up call of being about to wet again. This remains true even in the event of leaks.
  5. Heavy duty plastic pants

    I checked with Babykins earlier this month, since this thread started. Their thickest is currently 6mil and the material is soft and silent. The problem seems to be that the source of the 8mil material has dried up, leaving nobody able to make them even to special order. A pity, because the restraining sensations imparted by a really thick pant simply are not matched by anything else. Not to mention the give-away noises. Same applies to matress protection. There used to be on sale at just about every corner shop, sold by the metre length, a wide clear plastic material intended for use as a tablecloth for childrens parties and so on. It worked equally well as a waterproof undersheet and it was much cheaper than the 'official' product. Lasted years; I still sleep on mine every night, often wetting it. Must be five years old by now.. But that's vanished too. One correction to Christine's comments, if I may: The 'mil' figure is an absolute measurement (thousandths of an inch), not a figure relative to the size of the finished garment.
  6. Heavy duty plastic pants

    Has anybody found a source of pants thicker than 8mil?
  7. Heavy duty plastic pants

    Protex. End-of-line (US English: "Close-out") on a batch of Tuffy Pants wrongly labelled 7mil. They are a horrendous price and are only available in a limited range of sizes, mainly children's but some smaller adult ones too. Semi-transparent and very significantly stiffer than the 6mil "medium thickness" ones of UK origin previously worn. A totally different experience in terms of the tactile sensations that result, whether with a diaper underneath, or towelling pants, or direct against the skin.
  8. Heavy duty plastic pants

    With considerable difficulty, I've recently obtained some PVC pants in a really thick material, 8mil. Having tried them for a couple of weeks, I'm amazed that such items are not more widely available. The heavy grade material leaves the wearer in no doubt that the pants are being worn. Both restrictive and reassuring at the same time. What do others think of making waterproof pants from such heavy material?
  9. Problems with UK imports.

    Back in April, a modest consignment of waterproof pants addressed to me (total value just over US$100) was stopped at the UK Border. This despite the customs declaration on the outside of the padded envelope being correctly filled in identifying the contents as tax-exempt. An additional sticker bearing the company name of the specialist sender added extra detail, stating the precise paragraph in the international customs agreement giving rise to the tax exemption. Miffed, I paid up (necessary in order to stop the parcel being returned to sender) and then claimed back both the tax and the Royal Mail handling fee. That meant obtaining and filling in a Form BOR286. Supposedly these are downloadable from the Border Force website but I couldn't get one to print out properly so I collected a copy from my local mail depot. Next step was to send off the completed form and the "evidence", including the original customs declaration, the invoice for the goods and so on. After a couple of weeks I received a letter agreeing that the tax should not have been charged, but it was a further two weeks before payment arrived. Moral of the story: Don't let the blighters get you down! Quite how much difference it made I don't know, but I included on the Form BOR286 details of a previous tax-exempt transaction wholly within the UK. I did that by way of evidence of having previously signed a declaration of medical need, already on file with HM Revenue & Customs.
  10. Do you apologize for your messy accidents?

    Please would you quantify "heavy gage" (gauge)? Since the apparent demise of Tuffy, I'm struggling to find anything heavier that 6 mil (Six one-thousandths of an inch) vinyl. That, apparently, classifies as Medium rather than Heavy. I'd like to try at least 8 mil, but I can't find any.
  11. Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    I do like the concept of denial of sight of your own boy-bits and I'm glad to hear, Dizzy, that you are being kept to that régime. Strictly, I trust, by which I mean even at bath time, during diaper changes, when having your pubic hair removed and when being chastised.
  12. Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    I do like the idea of the bib overalls as daywear, but might a lycra leotard underneath be a better (maybe also cheaper) proposition than a onesie? Four layers (high capacity diaper, heavy duty 6 mil or more plastic pants or plastic body suit, stretchy leotard/onesie and bib overalls in a coarse denim material) should be sufficient to stop even the most determined AB from all forms of self-arousal by day. No fiddling, no humping. Night-time is a different matter. Absolute chastity should be maintained - after all, what's the difference in terms of naughtiness between self-arousal by day and self-arousal at night? If chastity is to be imposed, both scenarios have to be considered in terms of both wee-wee and willy-touching. Mistressedbaby's input also merits comment. Yes, the carer should masturbate AB boys from time to time. Not too often, though. Just enough to drain stale semen - say once every ten days. But when done, done to excess. A total clear-out such that AB's balls ache. Achieve that and next time he may then be just a little bit less keen to have it done, at the same time incrementally lessening the desire to try arousing himself. Might a situation eventually be reached whereby AB doesn't like arousal - even seeks to avoid it? How about prostate massage as the routine stimulus? Very effective in completely draining the system, and no touching of dinky even by his carer. Very prim and proper! I like the idea of the resulting emissions being caught in AB's fresh diaper, the same one then to be worn until saturated with wee-wee. Combining these ideas, maybe AB could be made to come whilst his boy bits remain out of his sight? That way, he never even sees let alone touches his stiffy. But if, despite all, he does attempt to fondle himself, a spanking is undoubtedly appropriate.
  13. What Onesie or Pajama do you have?

    Personally, I feel that a Kigurumi would hide the fact that I'm diapered. Fine if that's what you want, but my preferences tend towards the opposite. Wearing a disposable diaper for practicality (apologies to the environmental lobby - I live in an apartment with inadequate drying facilities for terry squares), I like that to be held snugly in place by a onesie. Then towelling pants for a bit more bulk, topped off with oversize and very noisy PEVA (not PVC) plastic pants. I only change to quieter PVC pants when I go out.
  14. Do night-time diapers help prevent Alzheimers?

    I've read your posts in the thread "My Catheter/peebag Adventures" but I'm unclear whether you found the catheter helpful in terms of avoiding sleep disturbance. Could you clarify, please? I don't think I'd have the nerve to try inserting anything like a Foley catheter myself, but maybe a Sheath Catheter might suffice for an experiment to determine whether turning in my sleep did or did not cause detachment or malfunction. My guess is that it would work for me by day but not by night.
  15. Do night-time diapers help prevent Alzheimers?

    Time for a recap, methinks. The original post was a question, not a statement. It asked: " Do night-time diapers help prevent Alzheimers?" What is clear from the published scientific research is that uninterrupted deep sleep is beneficial in preventing Alzheimers. There's no disputing that; it is a done deal to the accepted standards of scientific proof. So what are the implications as regards action? Rather obviously, prevent deep sleep being interrupted - by whatever means that can be devised. So the question becomes: Is diapering one way of preventing interruption of deep sleep? My answer is "maybe". There are pre-requisites: The sleeper has to be prone to getting up several times per night, either to go for a wee or because they are wet. Without diapering, such awakening has to produce significant interruption of deep sleep. With diapering, the individual sleeps through episodes that would otherwise have awakened them. If those three tests are met, then it seems that diapering does indeed have a role to play, as the hypothesis contained in the question suggests. Improbable though it may sound.