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Found 15 results

  1. Dan and Sarah were young parents to 3yr old twins Lilly and Liam who they loved dearly. Sarah worked at the local bakery a few hours a week but she was home most of the time with the twins, and Dan worked a couple days a week, trying to provide for his family. He finally was able to book a family holiday to Disneyland in Florida, the first family holiday and the twins were looking forward to it. It was a few days before the trip and Dan and Sarah were trying to potty train the twins but it wasn't working very well. It all started one Saturday morning....
  2. bad toddler needs a strict mommy

    Ainsley's parents could not handle her behavior any longer. she spent her entire senior year of high school skipping class and doing drugs and her mother and father thought it was about time they taught her a lesson. "if you want to be a bad girl we're going to send you to a place where they will teach you to be a good girl again." they said. which was how Ainsley landed in the parking lot of sunshine academy daycare, where she would now be spending her days. she pouts, embarrassed how her parents have her dressed. she had a dora t-shirt on and a bright pink ruffled skirt, her hair was in pigtails. "okay Ainsley, let's get out and meet your new teacher!" Ainsleys mom said excitedly.
  3. Daycare RP (Open)

    Seth was 2 and 1/2 when his parents signed him up for Happy Smiles Daycare. He nervously walked into the Bloom Room, where the majority of toddlers were. His mother signed him in, and he walked through the gate. He was quite nervous, even more so because of the Pull-Up underneath his shorts. He looked around at the other toddlers, some in diapers, some in underwear, some in training pants. (Feel free to join as a baby or worker)
  4. Dan was 12yrs old, he was an only child with a mom who gave him everything, but something was about to change in his life. Unbeknown to him, his mom was engaged to someone, and it was the dad of a boy at his school, someone whom he knew because this boy was a target of constant bullying, and it was because he was known by the main bullies in school because he still wore diapers. Dan didn't do the bullying, he just went along with it, his mom had no idea, but this was soon to change... he didn't really know the boy, he only saw his friends teasing him. But he was about to find out that things were about to change.
  5. Staying with my Aunt Sharon

    As mom got in the car she said, "be a good boy for your Aunt Sharon!" I was sad and had been crying at the thought of my mommy being away for a whole week. "We will have so much fun!", my aunt consoled. It was certainly not easy for a 5 year old boy to be in a strange place for a whole week. I continued to pout as mommy drove away. "Let's go in and get a snack," Sharon said as she carried my suitcase and put my mom's quilted, baby blue bag over her shoulder. I agreed and took her hand. I enjoyed the graham crackers and apple juice she gave me and I was getting more comfortable. After finishing, she turned on the TV and I sat in a beanbag chair and watched my favorite cartoons, bugs and daffy made me almost forget mommy had left. As I sat and watched I started needing to pee. I didn't know where the potty was and I didn't always make it on time even at home. Aunt Sharon asked me if I needed to potty right after my snack but I didn't need to go then. I kept watching TV. Roadrunner was on and he was my favorite. I waited to long and soon felt a warmness on my crotch and bottom. I kept watching TV. Aunt Sharon came to check on me. She soon noticed my pants were wet. "Uh oh, Dougie, looks like you tee-teed in your pants. Let's get you cleaned up." She led me by the hand around the corner into a bedroom. My suitcase and quilted bag were on the dresser. She went to a closet and took out a plastic mat. It crinkled as she spread it on the bed. She lifted me up and laid me on the mat on my back. She took a round plastic canister of wipes out of the bag along with a light blue pair of my cloth trainers. She pulled of my shorts and I looked down to see that the pair of thick white trainers I was wearing were soaked and not near as warm as before. "You are a wet little boy!" she said pleasantly as she pulled off my trainers. I flinched as she wiped my genitals and bottom with the cold wipe. She looked at me and smiled. "Sometimes we have accidents, it's ok!" "Tell Aunt Sharon when you need to tee-tee next time. She finished wiping me down then slipped on the blue trainers and a pair of green shorts from my suitcase. "Now, then, all clean!" she said as she helped me off the bed. She rolled up the mat with my wet clothes inside and led me off to the living room. She took the mat to the washroom. I watched TV and soon forgot about my accident. She came back in the room and asked me. "Do you need to go potty?" "We have some errands to run". I shook my head no. She said, "Let's go try". and she led me to the bathroom then sat me on the potty. I tried and I pooted a couple of times but I couldn't go. She left and went across the hall into the bedroom. She returned with a pair of plastic pants. "Let's put these on just in case", she said as she took off my shorts. She pulled the plastic pants over my training undies and pulled my shorts back up. "Tell me if you need to potty," she reminded me. We loaded into her station wagon and she strapped me in the back seat opposite of her. She gave me a few books to read while we drove. We first pulled through the bank and I was given a sucker. It was orange, not my favorite but I happily sucked on it anyway. We went in the grocery store and she asked me if I wanted to ride in the basket seat. I nodded Ok and she asked me again if I needed to potty. I said I didn't. We left the grocery and went into McDonalds. I had a hamburger and some fries. She said,"You can play on the playground awhile if you want". I happily agreed and she read a magazine she picked up in the market. I climbed to the top of the slide and slid down over and over again. I was the only one in the store but I didn't mind. I crawled through the tunnel and swung on the swing. I felt that the inside of my pants had gotten a little wet. I didn't tell auntie though because I wanted to keep playing. By then a mom with two kids had come to the playground. She had a small baby and a toddler. We played and had a good time. I crawled back in the tunnel. It was nice and dark and I stood on my knees very quietly. My tummy growled and I pooted again. I stayed motionless. I pooted again and pushed. I could feel poopy filling up the seat of my pants. I pushed again and more poots produced more poo on top of the warm sticky ball already in the seat of my pants. I stood up and waddled to the side of the tunnel, still out of sight of my auntie and the mother. The mother called to her toddler, "Shawn, come see mommy". I peeked around the side of the tunnel as she asked, "do you have poo poo?" and checked his diaper. "I sure thought I smelled poo" and she checked the baby. "Hmmm you're clean, too". Aunt Sharon looked up from her magazine. "Dougie, come here please". She shook her head as I waddled towards her. She said to the mother "I think this is our culprit". I looked down and stuck my fingers in my mouth, something I did when I was nervous or shy about something. She stood up as I approached and leaned over my shoulder and pulled back the waistband of my shorts and pants. "Yep, he has dirty britches" She confirmed. The mom looked a little shocked that a boy my age would still be pooping in his pants. "Time to go now" she said as she grabbed her purse and led me toward the door. We approached the station wagon and she opened the back tailgate. She move a few things out of the way as I stood next to the back fender with the open gate shielding us. She grabbed my bag from the back seat. she opened the wipes and put them on the ground and placed the bag in the back area. She took my shorts off with out removing my shoes. I stood there in only a tee shirt, plastic pants and trainers she pulled some wipes from the canister. She carefully pulled down the plastic layer. "You're wet too" she said to herself. "I thought we were going to tell auntie when we needed to potty!", she scolded. "And I just asked you a few minutes ago" I looked down and continued to suck my fingers. My pants were at my ankles and I could see that poop filled the entire bottom of my pants. She reached over me and wiped my bottom, dropping the dirty wipe into the seat of the dirty underwear. She wiped two more times and then pulled the dirty pants off, removing the unders from the shorts. Bare-bottomed, she led me around the tailgate into open view and lifted me into the back of the station wagon. She took another pair of underwear from the bag and pulled my green shorts back on. "We need to make another stop",she said sternly. "You are out of plastic pants, Do you think you can keep from wetting your pants for a few minutes?" I didn't say anything as we rode. I kept sucking my fingers. "you shouldn't put your fingers in your mouth!" auntie warned. "I shouldn't be surprised though", she said under her breath. We stopped at an Eckerd drug store and we went in. We found our way to the baby aisle. "here's what we need" She said as she found the largest size Pampers. She continued shopping, selecting some Desitin ointment and a bottle of baby powder. We carried them to the counter and headed home. As soon as we arrived home she took me inside, without even unloading her shopping bounty. She again took me into the bedroom. "Little boys that wet and mess their britches need diapers", she said as she again took off my pants and underwear. She also pulled off my tee shirt as I laid on the bed naked. She lifted my legs and slipped the diaper under me. She pulled up the front and taped it on. "Now we won't need to worry" she said matter of factly. "Naptime" she said as she laid me on the bed. I fell asleep right away and woke up to a soaked diaper. I walked into the kitchen where Aunt Sharon was making dinner. "That is one wet diaper!" she said as she looked at me. She didn't bother taking me to the bedroom. I saw that the Pampers were now in the corner of the living room. She changed me quickly right in the floor. A week went by and I didn't use the potty once. When mommy returned, Aunt Sharon told her that she had put me in diapers. "I have been thinking about doing it anyway", she told Sharon. Dougie obviously isn't ready to be a big boy!
  6. Potty training RP

    Hey everyone, is anybody interested in doing a potty training rp. Where you're a single parent (mom or dad you pick) . You struggle between working, school and being a parent to a toddler and just trying to make ends meet. On top of that diapers and pull ups have just gone up and you think it's time to start potty training me. I'm James your 3yr old son that means well but always finds myself at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up in bad situations. I try to make you happy by using the potty but still have accidents as I normally go through 8-10 diapers a day. I can be a handful at times and tend to be a bit needy as well. I was thinking it could include a potential love interest as well later on and try to make this as realistic as possible. Let me know if anyone is interested or want to change it just a little bit I'm pretty flexible.
  7. Potty training age and accidents?

    What age were you actually potty trained? Did you still wet the bed or have accidents? i was "potty trained" just before I turned four but continued to have both pee and poop accidents until I was at least 9 and wet the bed until I was 11.
  8. Hello! I'm Cereza and I'm looking for a potential Rp that includes potty training. I'm looking for a mommy, daddy, and maybe an older sister or brother to babysit! The youngest age I prefer to be for this RP is 1 and half (When I was potty trained lol) and the oldest would be 3! I ask that you please be very detailed and send at least 2 sentances per turn! I'll reply as quickly as possible and I ask that you do the same! Bio: Cereza is a strong willed and very stubborn toddler who likes to do what she wants, though her parents would like her to be potty trained to attend daycare. She has long curly brown hair, big blue eyes, and medium reddish brown skin. She can be very loud and likes to make her opinion known to all, even if it's the less popular opinion. While Cereza is very smart, she has a very short attention span regarding some things, especially the potty. She doesn't like to be disciplined, but sometimes, a time out or a bottom spank is necessary. She's very close to her father, and despite her mother's wants, he spoils her and gives into her little requests quite often. She loves outings (to the mall, grocery store, park, her big sibling's school, ect) and eating sweets, though they cause sugar rushes. Feel free to reply with a bio and I'll be happy to start! If you'd like to join in (as a parent, sibling, or other family member, please feel free to jump in at any time and we'll include you in the story). Thank you for reading this! I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you! Love, Cereza
  9. Potty training game

    So I recently was inspired by a post on another forum to concoct a set of rules for a potty training game playable by one or two people. Would love to hear people's thoughts on it, and just generally put it out there for people to hopefully enjoy. I'll also note that you can find other ideas along these lines with a google search of diaper dare. :-) Here goes: Partnered potty training game This game is intended to give a framework for a Caregiver(CG)/Little couple to try out potty training. The object for the little (who starts out in a diaper with zero points) is to earn the right to wear first pullups, and then big boy/girl underwear by earning and spending points below until they have passed a potty training test. Their success or failure will depend greatly on how forthcoming the CG is with permission to use the potty, as going potty without permission always loses points, whether it's in the potty or their pants. CGs, how you use that advantage is up to your particular dynamic, of course! Frequent diaper/pullup/panty checks are encouraged to keep the little honest. ;-) The little's point total may vary between zero and twelve points. At no time will they have more than twelve or less than zero points. If an action would result in a point total greater than 12, then the total is twelve points. Similarly, if an action would result in a negative point total, then the total is zero points. The potty training test consists of spending 24 hours in underwear while maintaining a positive point total (i.e. at least one point) and not invoking either of the prohibitions against wearing underwear. Action Point cost Putting on a diaper 0 Putting on a pullup 0 Putting on big boy underwear -1 Letting your diaper leak -4** Wetting a diaper w/o asking CG for permission -2** Wetting a diaper after telling but w/o permission -1** Wetting a diaper with permission from CG 0* Letting your pullup leak -7** Wetting a pullup w/o asking CG for permission -5** Wetting a pullup after telling but w/o permission -3** Wetting a pullup with permission from CG -1* Wetting underwear w/o asking CG for permission -10** Wetting underwear after telling but w/o permission -6* Wetting underwear with permission from CG -4* Using the potty w/o permission from CG -2 Failing to drink when so instructed by CG -1 Using the potty with permission from CG +1 Drinking 16oz of water or other liquid +1 Giving CG an orgasm +1 Taking the potty training test -11 * = Little is prohibited from wearing underwear for the rest of the day ** = Little is prohibited from wearing underwear or pullups for the rest of the day The central mechanism here is permission from the CG. If you're playing alone, you could use a dice roll to substitute for the CG as follows: No more than once per 30 minutes, roll a d6 to ask for permission to go potty (either in the potty or your pants). On a roll of 5-6, you have permission to go. On a roll of 1-4, you do not have permission and must either wait for 30 minutes to try again or go potty and accept the loss of points. That's it. Feel free to post thoughts, additional rules, or your own games!
  10. Does anyone have any input on a reliable seller of adult training pants? There's a lot of sellers online and on Ebay. But trying to be careful of who I deal with. I would pay a little more for a good product. Something like Gerber cloth pants that are sold for toddlers. Not just plastic pants, but the reusable cloth style panties that were used before Pull-Ups. Figuring that the group could tell me who's reputable as well as who to avoid. Thanks for any and all input.
  11. Potty emergency

    Hi everyone! I've been a long time lurker, but today I just had to post. I had a really potty emergency and accident. I don't wear very often anymore because I am in a serious relationship. I'm afraid to tell her and would rather slowly phase diapers out of my lifestyle and be with her. Anyways, I was at the grocery and needed to pee. It was getting more urgent as I shopped. I only had to grab a few things, so I decided to wait. I thought I could make it home. After hitting one red light, my pee pee was about to burst out whether I liked it or not. Since I wasn't diapered, I really didn't want to wet myself. It was already dark out, so I decided I'd pull over and try to discreetly pee into a water bottle. As I was unbuckling my seat belt, the pee pee started to flow out. I couldn't help it. For about 5-10 consecutive seconds, I wet. It was such a great and scary feeling. Luckily my underpants absorbed a decent amount and the way I was seated mad the pee flow in the inseam area of the pants, so I could discretely get inside and change. I totally felt like I imagine a potty-training toddler feels with a potty emergency. I wish I had someone to tell me it was okay and get me into a diaper for the night in case I had any other issues I hope this was the right section to post this. Anyone else have similar situations? This was the first half of a fantasy inadvertently coming true.
  12. This may have been asked before, but why not another shot? If you think about it, we have 3 major diaper generations right now. There’s what's known as the "Baby Boomers". They only had cloth diapers with plastic pants. Disposable diapers were at most an idea in the 1950's of a P&G developer, Vic Mill's, the inventor of Pampers. Sometime in the early 60's Pampers were a luxury item sold in department stores and worn on special occasions. The idea of Pampers was to be a diaper and plastic pants all in one. Their slogan was, "Instead of a diaper, Pampers" Even though, they still leaked. So, plastic pants were still often used for early disposables as well. I was born in 1967 when Pampers had their wing folded design. Disposables were beginning to be an alternative to cloth. Even if a child wore cloth at home, some like me wore Pampers more regularly. Especially when doing things away from home. My memory of being “allowed” to wear diapers as a Toddler goes back to remembering a box of Pampers that were mine. The box was Purple and diapers were sized to fit Toddlers. This was around 1969-1970. I'd love to have a box of them now. Back then, it was thought that if a child wasn't potty trained before 3 years old, it was considered as abnormal. Fastening Tapes came to be a part of disposables in the early 1970's. During that time, there were a couple other brands. Johnson & Johnson disposable diapers were popular for those who wanted an alternative to Pampers. Huggies and Luvs were introduced in the late 70's and then the diaper wars began... First, came the double and then triple elastic hourglass shape diapers for a better fit between the legs and less leakage. Originally, thick was in. Then an absorbing gel was invented, reducing the need for so much cotton fluff to absorb wetness. Then there's the Pull Ups generation. You "Kid's" were (are) so lucky, IMHO. New diapers of different brands, cute prints and larger sizes were made. Bedwetting especially got easier as diapers and/or Pull Ups could be worn into later childhood if needed. Some are from the internet generation and knew at an early age you weren't alone to actually like wearing diapers. I loved the gender specific diapers of the early 90's. I sometimes bought girl diapers for fun. They didn't quite fit me anymore. So I’d wear them inside my undies like a pad. They would shift around but still felt good to wear. So what kind and or brand of diapers did you wear as a baby or into your childhood?
  13. Denver Daddy Looking For My Baby Girl

    Hi, I am looking for my little angel who needs a safe place to be who she is. I am open to a range of situations but ultimately looking for a long term relationship. Changing diapers and potty training is part of caring for her and I am happy to do it.
  14. Denver Daddy

    Hi, My name is Robert. I live in Denver. I am a Daddy to the center of my being. I am enjoying the post here and learning more everyday.
  15. Hello Everyone

    Hello, My name is Kevin and I've been in diapers since I was born. I'm 18 years old and I was diagnosed with Autism and Cerebral Palsy when I was 2 and so as a result I've never been fully potty trained. I came to this site for support and to meet new people. I'm pretty small so I still wear baby diapers (size 5) and I have a nursery at home. I live with my mommy and my two younger sisters who are also incontinent and have autism. I am very gifted in English, Math, and Science. I love being mommy's little boy and I always have my paci and blankie with me. (I'm typing this in my crib right now actually). Outside of diapers I'm the captain of the cross country and swim teams at my school and I just recently got a job as lifeguard for the summer (kinda weird in my swim diapers) Got to go now if mommy catches me up I get a spankin' Hope to hear from people soon Kevin White