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Found 16 results

  1. Dan was 12yrs old, he was an only child with a mom who gave him everything, but something was about to change in his life. Unbeknown to him, his mom was engaged to someone, and it was the dad of a boy at his school, someone whom he knew because this boy was a target of constant bullying, and it was because he was known by the main bullies in school because he still wore diapers. Dan didn't do the bullying, he just went along with it, his mom had no idea, but this was soon to change... he didn't really know the boy, he only saw his friends teasing him. But he was about to find out that things were about to change.
  2. Hey everyone, is anybody interested in doing a potty training rp. Where you're a single parent (mom or dad you pick) . You struggle between working, school and being a parent to a toddler and just trying to make ends meet. On top of that diapers and pull ups have just gone up and you think it's time to start potty training me. I'm James your 3yr old son that means well but always finds myself at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up in bad situations. I try to make you happy by using the potty but still have accidents as I normally go through 8-10 diapers a day. I can be a handful at times and tend to be a bit needy as well. I was thinking it could include a potential love interest as well later on and try to make this as realistic as possible. Let me know if anyone is interested or want to change it just a little bit I'm pretty flexible.
  3. As mom got in the car she said, "be a good boy for your Aunt Sharon!" I was sad and had been crying at the thought of my mommy being away for a whole week. "We will have so much fun!", my aunt consoled. It was certainly not easy for a 5 year old boy to be in a strange place for a whole week. I continued to pout as mommy drove away. "Let's go in and get a snack," Sharon said as she carried my suitcase and put my mom's quilted, baby blue bag over her shoulder. I agreed and took her hand. I enjoyed the graham crackers and apple juice she gave me and I was getting more comfortable. After finishing, she turned on the TV and I sat in a beanbag chair and watched my favorite cartoons, bugs and daffy made me almost forget mommy had left. As I sat and watched I started needing to pee. I didn't know where the potty was and I didn't always make it on time even at home. Aunt Sharon asked me if I needed to potty right after my snack but I didn't need to go then. I kept watching TV. Roadrunner was on and he was my favorite. I waited to long and soon felt a warmness on my crotch and bottom. I kept watching TV. Aunt Sharon came to check on me. She soon noticed my pants were wet. "Uh oh, Dougie, looks like you tee-teed in your pants. Let's get you cleaned up." She led me by the hand around the corner into a bedroom. My suitcase and quilted bag were on the dresser. She went to a closet and took out a plastic mat. It crinkled as she spread it on the bed. She lifted me up and laid me on the mat on my back. She took a round plastic canister of wipes out of the bag along with a light blue pair of my cloth trainers. She pulled of my shorts and I looked down to see that the pair of thick white trainers I was wearing were soaked and not near as warm as before. "You are a wet little boy!" she said pleasantly as she pulled off my trainers. I flinched as she wiped my genitals and bottom with the cold wipe. She looked at me and smiled. "Sometimes we have accidents, it's ok!" "Tell Aunt Sharon when you need to tee-tee next time. She finished wiping me down then slipped on the blue trainers and a pair of green shorts from my suitcase. "Now, then, all clean!" she said as she helped me off the bed. She rolled up the mat with my wet clothes inside and led me off to the living room. She took the mat to the washroom. I watched TV and soon forgot about my accident. She came back in the room and asked me. "Do you need to go potty?" "We have some errands to run". I shook my head no. She said, "Let's go try". and she led me to the bathroom then sat me on the potty. I tried and I pooted a couple of times but I couldn't go. She left and went across the hall into the bedroom. She returned with a pair of plastic pants. "Let's put these on just in case", she said as she took off my shorts. She pulled the plastic pants over my training undies and pulled my shorts back up. "Tell me if you need to potty," she reminded me. We loaded into her station wagon and she strapped me in the back seat opposite of her. She gave me a few books to read while we drove. We first pulled through the bank and I was given a sucker. It was orange, not my favorite but I happily sucked on it anyway. We went in the grocery store and she asked me if I wanted to ride in the basket seat. I nodded Ok and she asked me again if I needed to potty. I said I didn't. We left the grocery and went into McDonalds. I had a hamburger and some fries. She said,"You can play on the playground awhile if you want". I happily agreed and she read a magazine she picked up in the market. I climbed to the top of the slide and slid down over and over again. I was the only one in the store but I didn't mind. I crawled through the tunnel and swung on the swing. I felt that the inside of my pants had gotten a little wet. I didn't tell auntie though because I wanted to keep playing. By then a mom with two kids had come to the playground. She had a small baby and a toddler. We played and had a good time. I crawled back in the tunnel. It was nice and dark and I stood on my knees very quietly. My tummy growled and I pooted again. I stayed motionless. I pooted again and pushed. I could feel poopy filling up the seat of my pants. I pushed again and more poots produced more poo on top of the warm sticky ball already in the seat of my pants. I stood up and waddled to the side of the tunnel, still out of sight of my auntie and the mother. The mother called to her toddler, "Shawn, come see mommy". I peeked around the side of the tunnel as she asked, "do you have poo poo?" and checked his diaper. "I sure thought I smelled poo" and she checked the baby. "Hmmm you're clean, too". Aunt Sharon looked up from her magazine. "Dougie, come here please". She shook her head as I waddled towards her. She said to the mother "I think this is our culprit". I looked down and stuck my fingers in my mouth, something I did when I was nervous or shy about something. She stood up as I approached and leaned over my shoulder and pulled back the waistband of my shorts and pants. "Yep, he has dirty britches" She confirmed. The mom looked a little shocked that a boy my age would still be pooping in his pants. "Time to go now" she said as she grabbed her purse and led me toward the door. We approached the station wagon and she opened the back tailgate. She move a few things out of the way as I stood next to the back fender with the open gate shielding us. She grabbed my bag from the back seat. she opened the wipes and put them on the ground and placed the bag in the back area. She took my shorts off with out removing my shoes. I stood there in only a tee shirt, plastic pants and trainers she pulled some wipes from the canister. She carefully pulled down the plastic layer. "You're wet too" she said to herself. "I thought we were going to tell auntie when we needed to potty!", she scolded. "And I just asked you a few minutes ago" I looked down and continued to suck my fingers. My pants were at my ankles and I could see that poop filled the entire bottom of my pants. She reached over me and wiped my bottom, dropping the dirty wipe into the seat of the dirty underwear. She wiped two more times and then pulled the dirty pants off, removing the unders from the shorts. Bare-bottomed, she led me around the tailgate into open view and lifted me into the back of the station wagon. She took another pair of underwear from the bag and pulled my green shorts back on. "We need to make another stop",she said sternly. "You are out of plastic pants, Do you think you can keep from wetting your pants for a few minutes?" I didn't say anything as we rode. I kept sucking my fingers. "you shouldn't put your fingers in your mouth!" auntie warned. "I shouldn't be surprised though", she said under her breath. We stopped at an Eckerd drug store and we went in. We found our way to the baby aisle. "here's what we need" She said as she found the largest size Pampers. She continued shopping, selecting some Desitin ointment and a bottle of baby powder. We carried them to the counter and headed home. As soon as we arrived home she took me inside, without even unloading her shopping bounty. She again took me into the bedroom. "Little boys that wet and mess their britches need diapers", she said as she again took off my pants and underwear. She also pulled off my tee shirt as I laid on the bed naked. She lifted my legs and slipped the diaper under me. She pulled up the front and taped it on. "Now we won't need to worry" she said matter of factly. "Naptime" she said as she laid me on the bed. I fell asleep right away and woke up to a soaked diaper. I walked into the kitchen where Aunt Sharon was making dinner. "That is one wet diaper!" she said as she looked at me. She didn't bother taking me to the bedroom. I saw that the Pampers were now in the corner of the living room. She changed me quickly right in the floor. A week went by and I didn't use the potty once. When mommy returned, Aunt Sharon told her that she had put me in diapers. "I have been thinking about doing it anyway", she told Sharon. Dougie obviously isn't ready to be a big boy!
  4. this was a commissioned story. It involves kidnapping and forced infantilism and is a bit explicit in parts. I can write in any style and for this one I was asked to make it look like a mid 00s mommy blog! A time before smartphones and YouTube, but with all that stuff just around the corner. It’s a neat gimmick for telling a story. Maybe you will think so as well. MamaJenn2000’s Mommy Blog Your source for all the best mom tips, tricks, news, and stories! _____________________________________________________________ May 1, 2005 Welcome, dear readers, all my Mommies and Littles! I have exciting news for you today. Those of you that have read my blog these past four years know I have been waiting to find a good little girl and boy to adopt for my very own. I have been a nanny for twenty years, but I have always longed for children of my own. Well I finally found the perfect little ones and they are coming home with me tonight! Madison is a spoiled brat, and kind of a slutty dresser. She is 18, but that is no excuse to just run around in skimpy outfits showing off your goods to all the naughty leering boys! You know by the time I get through with her she will be a proper and respectful little lady. Perhaps with something thicker covering that cute, chubby, bubble butt instead of the thin floss she calls a thong. She reminds me of myself when I was that age, except I wouldn’t be wearing a crop-top and showing off my little belly. I also had bigger breasts than her, but that’s not important. Jayden, Madison’s twin brother, is almost as spoiled as his sister. Like most boys his age he doesn’t respect ladies and is often rude to his superiors. Boys are bad enough without giving them disposable income. You give them just a little money and suddenly they think they run the world. Well not on this mamma’s watch! His traditionally good looks, tight toned buns, and wealth aren’t going to get him out of trouble with me. Of course these two are absolutely adorable, but I feel that with a little work they could be even sweeter. I have my work cut out for me with these two, but if you know me then you know I love a challenge. I recall the case of little Robbie [see journal entry for March 7, 2002]. His wife was sure that a tall, beefy man like him couldn’t be controlled, but I still get emails from her thanking me. Yes, little Robbie is still sucking on binkies and using diapers to this very day. If I can handle a full grown man like him then these babies should be a piece of cake. _____________________________________________________________ May 1, 2005 (2) The adoption went off without a hitch. I got the little Jayden and Madison in my back seat. Getting Jayden tied up and restrained was easier than I thought. The boy must have been too distracted staring at my tits to notice I was wrangling him. Considering he was just a little over six feet tall with well toned muscles I guess I was somewhat surprised to get his wrists tied behind him so quick and easy. Madison put up quite a fight though. She’s about my height (5 foot eight,) and pretty curvy. I did mention she liked thongs, right? That silly thong wedging itself between the crack of her big round butt made for a nice handle as I pulled it up and made her fall backward. I got her face down in the grass and she was bound in a cinch. I had made a plan to de-potty train them so I could start them fresh as infants. Well guess what happened on the long drive to my cabin? Jayden soiled his pants. I knew instantly the moment it happened, but Madison still pointed it out and was rudely yelling at her brother for it. She changed her tune once she soaked her pants though. I bet that thong wedging itself in her crack was pretty dirty in the back as well. It shut her up instantly and made for a pleasantly quiet though smelly drive the rest of the way. I think the two of them could tell there was nowhere to run to in my secluded little spot. My cabin is quite far and “away from it all!” The poor babies were crying when they got into my home. It must have been uncomfortable to have to set in messy and wet pants respectively. I took care of Jayden first, releasing his wrists and letting him lay back on the changing table. I caught Madison peeking as I changed her brother’s pants, putting him in thick pampers. Perhaps I should have the talk with her and start teaching her how to change a diaper one day. While Jayden was well behaved Madison bawled her eyes out! For all her teasing about Jayden being a baby Madison sure wasn’t doing herself any favors. Eventually I got her wiped down and in a pretty pink diaper. Tomorrow I will have to do something about that awful pubic hair between each of their legs and then begin with their baby training. [attached files: madison+jayden_pants-backside.jpg, jayden_bbluediapers.jpg, madison_ppinkdiapers.jpg, crybaby_madison.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 2, 2005 I awoke my first morning to the sound of needy babies, rattling the reinforced bars to their cribs. I knew I would have to put up with fussy babies, so I didn’t let the rude awakening bother me too much. Madison was crying again, but little Jayden was sitting silently. Both of them needed diaper changes, but Madison had made quite a mess on herself last night. It looked as though she tried to remove her diaper too, but then put it back on when she realized there was nowhere for her to go but inside her diaper. I think perhaps Madison needs special treatment. She has the temperament of a six year old, while little Jayden is more like a two year old. Despite being twins they couldn’t be more different in the developmental age department. Naturally I changed Madison’s diaper first. I walked her through the process as I did, explaining each step to her. This seemed like it was helping her calm down. I pulled back the soiled diaper and held it up slightly so she could see the mess she made. I then used the cool baby wipes on her dirty butt. I even had to wipe down her dirty pussy. Speaking of which, it was about time to get it shaved. Using some shaving cream I applied it to the girl’s groin and then carefully dragged the razor over her mons before going lower. I made sure it was a close shave, but a delicate one as well. Her naughty snatch was now a perfect bald flower. I wiped her down again and then applied some soothing cream to the area. She got a new pair of pink diapers with the added bonus of ruffled bloomers to go over it. It was the daytime so I dressed her in a pretty pink dress to match her bloomers. Jayden was next. When I opened Jayden’s diaper I saw his naughty little circumcised peepee pointing back at me. Fearful it might spout off I used one of my handmade peepee teepees to cover the tip [you can buy one here, fans!] They’re usually made for actual babies, but it fit over the boy’s short stubby dick easily. “Jayden was playing with himself last night!” Madison informed me. “Shut up, Madison!” Jayden said back I thanked Madison for tattling to me and then gave Jayden a hard smack on his bare butt. It left a red mark on that pale skin of his. The one thing these two had in common was their light skin and the way it easily reddened. It let me know when they felt a hard smack or when they were embarrassed and blushing. He howled and whined from the smack. Sure enough when I inspected the inside of the diaper not only was it wet but it also was sticky with cum. I explained to Madison how boys just sometimes can’t help themselves, even if their sister is in the same bed as them. Still, I think Madison might be ready for her own bed. I may also have to do something to stop Jayden from touching himself without permission. I proceeded to change Jayden’s diaper and shave off the nasty patch of pubic hair around his still hard cock. Now with Jayden in thick baby blue diapers I dressed him in some fancy boy shortalls. He even got his own fancy bow tie around his collar. I was hoping he would be more appreciative that I was still treating him like a spoiled rich boy but he pouted and whined when he saw his outfit. Oh well. Sometimes the little ones just do not respect the lengths us mommies go for them. As I write this the two of them are on the floor playing with the baby toys I provided. There should be plenty there to occupy their little minds and let them grow and explore. Today has just begun and I can tell it’s already going to be an interesting experience! [attached files: jaydens_peepeeteepee.jpg, madison_prettydress.jpg, handsomejayden.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 2, 2005 (2) Jayden started asking me a bunch of silly questions like “why are you doing this” and “when are we going home,” which wasn’t so bad until he was raising his voice and trying to be threatening. Well, dear readers, you know what we do with little boys that yell at their mothers. I had him over my knee and spanked him hard right through his diaper. Oh yes, he felt it, even through his thick crinklepants. Oh how he cried and carried on! I think the cutest thing was how he kicked his feet. Madison has taken to sulking on the floor. She just sits there pouting and crossing her arms. At first she was trying to pull her skirt down in front to hide the thick diapers. That clearly did not work for her! The pouting wasn’t welcome, but her silence once. I decided to reward the girl and showed her the potty chair [Amazon: Adult Sized Potty Chair] that she will be learning how to use. It’s true that she initially balked at the idea of having to sit on the potty, but once she figured out that her poop would either go in the potty chair or on her butt she eventually made the right choice. I let her know that we would start potty training tomorrow, which made her upset because she wanted to go right then! Madison looked a little sad when she peed herself loudly into her thick diapers. I explained that she wasn’t ready just yet and gave her a piece of candy. I think she’s feeling better now. Well it seems that after Jayden’s spanking he is much more behaved. He is at the table coloring with crayons. You know that face little kids make when they’re trying to poop? He had that exact look on his face today! Oh he was trying so hard to poop and eventually it came. I could see by the way he sat more relaxed in the chair that he must have made a big mess on himself. I stood quietly, not wanting to interrupt, but once I saw his hand lingering down between his legs I had to step in. Pulling his hand above the table I wagged my finger right in his face. “No, little Jayden. You may not play with yourself until you’ve asked for Mommy’s permission.” I told him. Madison must have heard this because there was another groan of disgust from her. “He’s been doing that since he got here!” she explained. I assured Madison that if I caught him playing with himself again he would have his privates locked in a chastity device and his hands mittened. Madison was still upset that her brother wasn’t punished but she still thanked me. There was a lot of learning and laughter today. I have never felt so fulfilled and rewarded as I do now! It’s just been my second day being a real mommy, but I can tell I’m going to be great. Madison and Jayden got to bed without too much fuss tonight. They look so cute cuddled up next to each other and I’m going to miss seeing them like that, but Madison is a big girl and she has shown she’s ready for a big girl bed soon. ______________________________________________________________ May 4, 2005 A lot of exciting things have happened lately! Yesterday after I changed Madison and Jayden out of their diapers I gave Madison her first pair of training panties. At first she whined that she wasn’t getting big girl underwear, but when she saw that Jayden would be staying in diapers she warmed up to the idea. She thought it was pretty funny now that Jayden was like her baby brother this time. She tried to tell me how she potty trained before him once before, but I quickly told her that her old life didn’t matter. All that mattered was what was happening to them now. The pink girl potty was set in the middle of the living room so that I would always be able to see it from almost any angle. Jayden was curious and was touching it a lot, lifting the lid and feeling the plastic. Madison didn’t like this and told him not to touch her potty “It’s my potty!” she said! Oh how I had a good laugh at that! Madison was eager to use the potty today, so she was drinking from her bottle a lot and always asking for more juice. Some time in the afternoon she was ready. I saw her trying to cross her legs so she clearly had to go, but little ones tend to like to push their limits. Thankfully there was no big accident after all that build up. Madison sat on her potty chair and let out a torrent of pee. I stood over her watching it stream out of her pussy. Jayden was watching too. Instead of trying to make him go away she spread her legs to flaunt what she was doing. “I’m using the potty because I’m a big girl, but you still wear diapers because you’re a dumb boy!” She teased him, sticking out her tongue. “I know how to use the potty, we’re the same age!” Jayden tried to defend himself. I explained to Jayden that Madison was a little more mature than him so only she was ready for the potty, even though they were the same age. Jayden didn’t understand, whining and complaining the whole time. After Madison’s impressive jet of piss subsided I wiped down her little pussy for her and pulled her training panties back up. We left the potty chair in the middle of the room for now and she would go back and forth to it throughout the afternoon. Jayden was becoming increasingly jealous watching his sister go in the potty like a big girl. Perhaps he was begging for attention because eventually he was squatting down and looking me dead in the eye as he messed his diaper. He made a big fuss about how I should change him right then and there! I informed him that he would be changed when I was well and ready to change him. I don’t think he was expecting that since right after he started to throw a fit, stamping his feet around. I grabbed him by the ear and sent him to time out. He continued to gripe while facing the wall so I stuck a pacifier into his mouth and using a ribbon to keep it gagging his maw. I let Madison tease him about being such a baby and boy did he get the message then. Jayden was crying into that pacifier, making muffled sobs the whole time. Madison pranced around him and told him he deserved what he got for acting like such a brat and making her endure his nocturnal fiddling. Madison’s point brought my attention to her much needed big girl bed. I showed her my guest bedroom and let her see the cushy bed in the middle. I pointed out that it was all for her. When she sat down on it she noticed the crinkling of the plastic sheets. She seemed slightly bothered by it, but she didn’t complain. I made a note of that to myself. Madison was learning her place and that is the only reason she got special treatment. I had another present in that guest bedroom. A thick vibrator in the top dresser drawer. If she were to go exploring and find it then she might be tempted to use it. If she did end up using it I knew exactly how I was going to punish her. Yes, I know, I was practically setting her up, but sometimes you have to test your little ones. When I came back to Jayden I caught him with his hand down his diaper. I pulled Jayden from the corner set him on the changing table. I pulled off his shortalls and tore open the filthy diaper. Just as I suspected the mess had gotten everywhere. “This is what happens when you play in a messy diaper!” I explained to Jayden, having to wash his mess off his cock and balls. “I wasn’t playing with myself I was just itchy!” he whined. I could tell he was lying because his dick was still hard and had glistening pre at the tip. After he was cleaned I flipped him over and called Madison into the room. Madison had an eye-rolling look on her face as if to say “what did he do now.” Instead of explaining I simply took off one of my slippers and handed it to Madison. I pointed to Jayden’s butt and she got the idea. Madison took to spanking her brother gleefully. Maybe a little too gleefully! The slipper slammed down hard on Jayden’s butt, turning it from a light pink to a prickly red. Jayden cried and attempted to reach back and stop the slipper. I held his hands down against his back though so Madison could finish spanking him. I finally let go of the boy and had him stand up. As he was rubbing his bottom that naughty cock of his was still hard. That just would not do! I got the chastity underwear from the back room. Before putting it on I had to give his little prick a smack so it would get soft. He howled and grabbed his crotch, but I had work to do so I asked Madison to hold his hands behind his back. I put the special underwear on and carefully locked his naughty package into the chastity harness. I then had Madison give me each of his hands and I stuck them into some tight mittens. Finally a brand new diaper was taped around his waist. He wouldn’t be getting his pants back for now though. I told Jayden that if he wanted to play with himself again he had to ask Mommy for permission. Jayden gave a little nod. As if to add more insult to injury Madison needed her potty again, but this time for number two. She wasn’t shy about making a big poop in the potty chair while poor pitiful Jayden watched. She was quite proud of herself, as she should be. Jayden would be going poop and pee on himself for a long time while Madison just might move on to some thinner underwear soon! [attached files: jaydens_chastitypants.jpg, madison_goingpotty.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 5, 2005 Madison slept soundly that night and must have been really relaxed because she didn’t make a peep at all. Her baby monitor was quiet. Meanwhile I was hearing so much rustling and rolling around coming from Jayden’s monitor. At one point in the middle of the night I had to go to his crib to console him. He was crying because he was so desperate and he couldn’t touch himself. I told him that he’ll feel better if he just wet his diaper and went back to sleep, so he did. Still, the next morning he was up again, whining and pleading with me to let him touch himself. I had to admit, it was adorable how he was now begging for release. I opened up Jayden’s diaper and then proceeded to unlock his chastity device. His little nub of a cock wasn’t able to get fully hard, but he was still needy. Using the soaking wet front of his diaper I wrapped the soggy material around his shaft and started stroking. I thought it would be a good use of reinforcement to masturbate him with his own diaper. Jayden didn’t take long to spurt on himself. Sometimes it’s good to have a boy that cums so quickly! Wouldn’t want your hand getting tired, you know? With his sticky wet diaper put away in the pail I start putting his new diaper on. Before I tape the diaper around his waist I make sure to lock his limp dick back inside the chastity device. Leaving Jayden by himself to just enjoy his diaper and play with his toys I decided to check on Madison who still had not gotten out of her bed yet. I opened the door and it looked like she was pretending to be still now after fidgeting a moment ago. I walked up to her bed. “Madison, hands out.” I commanded her. Reluctantly she moved her hands from under the covers to the top. “What were you doing, hmm?” “Nothing.” she said, not making eye contact. I put my hand under her chin and made her look at me. “If I catch you again I’ll have to restrain your hands like I did for Jayden.” I warned. When I pulled back her covers I saw that her pull-up had leaked and she soaked the bed. I took her out of the bed and walked her to the living room to the changing table. She hung her head sadly as she did her walk of shame past Jayden. Jayden took the opportunity to point out her accident. “Now who’s the baby?” Jayden said like a brat. I ignored him but Madison was crying a little. I pulled off Madison’s heavily soaked training pants and threw them away. I wiped the piss off her, having to flip her on her tummy to clean the piss off her back as well. I drew the wet wipes up and down her legs and thighs, getting her completely clean without needing a bath. I put her in a fresh pair of pull-ups for today, but with an extra condition. “No more pull-ups to bed. From now on you’ll be wearing your diaper to bed until you start waking up dry, got it?” My words must have cut Madison deep. Her face looked so red! She nodded in agreement though. As I was getting my little ones dressed for the day I announced that we would be going out to the store to get groceries and supplies. They probably thought that they would be getting away. Before leaving the house I had some harnesses locked around their torsos that I could attach some leashes to. I explained very simply that it was so they wouldn’t wander too far from Mommy but I don’t think they understood. Sigh… kids! I had them go into the back seat of my van (which, as you recall, I had to clean up after their first non-diapered ride with me) and we were off to the store. In town, about five miles from my house, is a quaint little shop where I get all my groceries and things for the house. I am well known around here and some of you that work at the shop even read my blog. Hello everyone at the Nickel And Dime on Palma Street! Oh the looks we got as we entered the shop today. People were congratulating me on my successful adoption of these two sweethearts and some folks even commented on how cute they looked. Madison, being a little brat, was making up some silly story about me kidnapping her and her brother to Mister Green the shopkeep. He knew that the girl was being silly and gave her a piece of candy which she rudely tossed to the floor. I told her to apologize to Mister Green or she’d be getting a spanking right in front of all the patrons in the store. It took her a couple seconds to process that I wasn’t bluffing and he finally said sorry, picking the candy off the floor and putting it in her pocket. I kept Madison and Jayden on their leash as I walked through the store, stuffing the cart with healthy foods and of course some cleaning supplies. I should have stocked up knowing I’d have some very dirty children living with me, that’s on me. I also got extra plastic sheets for Madison’s bed knowing I might have to replace them maybe once a week. I saw Jayden making his pooping face. The seat of his pants were expanding as he dropped his fresh logs into the back of his diaper. Madison, for once, wasn’t teasing him. I think she had to go too because she was grabbing at herself. “Mommy I need to go.” she tried to tell me discreetly. I suggested that we all go to the family bathroom together. Madison wasn’t keen on the idea though. She said she would just hold it until we got home. Well that was a fib because the next thing I knew Madison was whizzing into her pull-up. She must have a huge bladder because when she wets a pull-up it gets really really wet! The damn thing couldn’t contain her pee pee and she ended up dribbling on the floor. Thankfully the shopkeep is such a kind and understand man. He mopped up after Madison’s accident without making a big fuss. He even tried to cheer the poor girl up, telling her the usual things like “accidents happen” and “it’s not your fault.” (I disagree. It was her fault! She could have went to the family bathroom with us.) Still, Madison pouted and sulked for the rest of the shopping trip. I had to use one of my spare towels for the back seat and I had Madison sit on it. She told me she was sorry and begged me not to spank her or take her potty away. I told her I would think about it, just to keep her on her toes. I was ready to forgive her, but I didn’t want her to think she was getting off easy, so I let her sweat it out in her soggy pull-up during the drive home. I had to change Jayden first and I made Madison stand in the corner while I did it. Jayden seemed really happy to be getting the diaper change. He was willingly sucking on the pacifier I gave him. He didn’t even need it gagged around his mouth this time. I wiped the poopy mess off his bottom and tossed out the used diaper. I slipped a new diaper under him and powdered his rump, giving him a new diaper. I didn’t bother giving him pants, as usual, I didn’t see the point since we were at home now. I finally called Madison from the corner. Pulling down her training pants I wiped her butt and crotch clean as she stood there. I also washed off her damp legs. I asked her “Do you want to try for the potty chair again?” and you should have seen her face light up. She was so grateful she gave me a big hug, which was funny because she was still naked from the waist down! I brought her over to the potty chair that was in the middle of the room and she sat on it for a full minute, trying to relax and go. She finally managed to do her business on the potty and smiled proudly, spreading her legs so I could watch the pee dribble from her pussy lips. How sweet! Madison’s been on a roller coaster of pride and shame today and it’s too bad it’ll have to end with more shame. As I was getting her for bed she was crying and fussing as I stripped her bare and got her fitted into her thick night time diaper. Once again I explained to her that if she just keeps her diapers dry then she can go back to pull-ups at night. “Having to wash the piss out of your bed sheets every morning would be too much work for me!” I said bluntly. These two are quickly learning their place. I kind of expected there to be some hiccups today what with me taking them out of the house for the first time, but pretty soon they’re not going to want to run away anymore. Pretty soon they’re going to want to just stay here with me. [attached files: toddler_harnesses.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 6, 2005 In the middle of the night I was woken up to the sound of a certain vibrator going off on the baby monitor for Madison’s bedroom. Well, it wasn’t just the buzzing sound I heard, but also crinkling. I knew Madison would find it and I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist it. I took swift but quiet footsteps to Madison’s room, swinging open the door to catch her in the act. I yanked off the covers, seeing that she had the vibrator pressed between her legs over the thick diaper! How cute. Too bad she didn’t ask for Mommy’s permission! I pulled her diaper down in the back to show off her bare butt and then I started spanking her hard with my open palm. She squealed, kicking her legs but I kept spanking until I left a few hand-shaped red marks on her cheeks. I pulled the diaper back up and let her know that she’d get a more serious punishment in the morning. Once morning came along I pulled Madison from her bed and dragged her out into the living room where I had set up the changing table. Jayden was already changed into a fresh diaper and had shirt and pants on. I pulled Jayden close and let him watch as I tore open Madison’s night time diaper. “Madison has been playing with herself at night.” I said, “I guess she’s no better than you, Jayden, despite how she’s always been tattling on you.” This made Jayden feel better about himself. Though Madison had more self control when she came here at first it seems that little diaper babies eventually can’t keep their hands off of themselves. I wiped Madison clean and discarded her used night time diaper. Instead of getting her a pull-up for the day I grabbed an extra thick diaper with the phrase “Little Slut” printed across the seat. She fussed so much but I gave her a smack on her bare butt before applying the baby powder. Rubbing in the baby powder was going to be the last contact her privates got for the day. The full realization of just how large these diapers were only came to Madison once they were taped around her waist. The soft, cushy material spread her legs apart quite a bit. I picked her up, carrying her like a doll to the doorway that went into the kitchen. There it was, the baby bouncer. This was custom made for a full grown adult. There were also some hand restraints. I locked each of her wrists into the restraints so now Madison would be stuck there, unable to move, let alone touch herself. Not content with just locking her up in the compromising position I started to unbutton my blouse. I had it open and showed my nursing bra to Madison and Jayden. I opened a front panel on the nursing bra, revealing one of my bare breasts and the achingly firm nipple that was begging to be suckled on. I sat down on a chair facing Madison and called Jayden over. Jayden excitedly got into my lap. I carefully peeled off the tapes from the side tabs of the boy’s diaper and let it open. Unlocking his chastity device I freed his little penis which was already starting to get erect. I let him latch onto her nipple and nurse on it. I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone suck on my nipples, and I was actually happy to have Jayden’s mouth on me. As he nursed I went to work slowly stroking his cock between my fingers. I had to keep my pinky and ring finger stuck out as I stroked up and down since his shaft was too short for my whole hand to fit around. I looked down, watching the subtle twitches on his face. Madison was looking on and I could tell she was jealous. Jayden was going to get a full release. On top of that he was allowed to have Mommy’s nipple. Oh how excited he was! It wasn’t even a full minute before the preseminal fluids were building up at his tip and squirting out a little. Popping the nipple out of his mouth he screamed for mommy and then shot a load of cum forward. The rest of the cum oozed down my hand. I was well aware that I’d have to clean up that mess, but I didn’t mind. I simply wiped off my hand and pulled Jayden’s diaper back up and reapplied the tabs on the sides. Madison squirmed, trying to move her arms. All she could do was bounce in her little harness though, looking cute. She was crying and begging for me to let her down now. I shut her up with a pacifier gag just like the one I gave to Jayden. I tied the ribbon behind Madison’s head and soon she was completely quiet. I had used a damp sponge to clean up Jayden’s excitable boy spunk from the carpet. Jayden meanwhile was waddling around in a happy afterglow. He flopped onto the couch and ended up having himself a little nap. Poor guy, all tucked out from two minutes of mommy’s nipple and a little tug on his peepee. Jayden and I snuggled on the couch after I buttoned my blouse back up. I got a little kiddie book from the coffee table and read it to Jayden, using different voices for all the characters. Jayden just sat content, leaning against me and sucking on his thumb. Again, all Madison could do was look on. I could hear the sounds of the poor girl struggling to contain herself despite her position, but her well fed tummy gurgled on. Soon enough she was filling the back of her diaper and blushing deeply. She did not cry. She merely made some quiet noises as she fidgeted ever so slightly. It seems Madison had found one way to give herself pleasure, though it was entirely at the expense of her dignity. I couldn’t stop the girl for that. It seemed appropriate. After an hour of desperate squirming and fidgeting I finally helped Madison down from her position. She stood in front of me, cheeks wet with tears. I removed the pacifier from her mouth. “Is there anything you would like to say to Mommy?” I asked her in my gentle sing-song tone. “I’m sorry for touching myself, Mommy.” she said quietly. “Yes, but you did it without Mommy’s permission. I don’t mind if you touch yourself, but I have told both of you that you may only do it if you ask Mommy first” I think the message finally sunk in to Madison. She looked like she had more to say, but was too shy to say it. I had to coax it out of her. “Come on, tell Mommy…” “May I play with myself now, Mommy?” Madison asked, her face getting even redder and hotter from shame. I gave her a flat “No.” She looked surprised and embarrassed. What’s more, Jayden had been awake to hear the exchange. I let her stand there as I went back to the sofa. I keep a good look at her from the corner of my eye. “May I get a new diaper, please?” she asked, her voice trembling. “Not until you both need a change.” I replied, patting Jayden’s crinkly butt. Madison pouted and whined, pacing around. There was nothing she could do about this. I was finally breaking the spoiled girl of her entitled attitude. Now she just sat on the floor. She rocked back and forth and I could tell she was just trying to get off by making her mess bigger. Again, I did not stop this, figuring it was better this way. As long as she did not use her hands she could find any humiliating way to arouse herself in the diapers that she wanted. I gave her long hard look and I think she could tell that I knew exactly what she was doing. She paused for a few seconds as our eyes locked. She then turned away and kept on wiggling around on the floor in her dirty diaper. When it was time to change my babies’ diapers I had them sitting side by side on the table. I ripped the tabs off of the diapers and opened them, greeted by their filthy backsides, though Madison’s butt was much filthier, just as I suspected it would be. I made sure to loudly comment on how messy Madison had been today and that she wouldn’t be getting her pull-ups back for a while. Madison cried about this, but hey, it was the right thing to do. After all, it took much longer to clean the poopy mess out of Madison’s naughty little pussy. You have to be careful with cleaning poop off of girls down there. The constant denial of release for several hours made Madison super sensitive, so it wasn’t a surprise as I was applying the cream to her pussy lips that she shuddered and orgasmed during her diaper change. I smiled knowingly, but I don’t think Jayden realized what happened. I got fresh diapers under each of them and liberally applied the baby powder. I taped the diapers shut and made sure they were tight before helping them up and leading them to the dining room. I made a nice big dinner tonight. I wanted their diapers filled to the brim by tomorrow morning. Both Madison and Jayden were back inside their shared crib. Madison’s morale had been completely busted at this point. She hugged her brother and they spooned together in the crib. It was so cute I just had to take a picture! Eventually Madison might be ready to be a big girl again, but she was going to need to prove it to me. [attached files: jayden-nursing.jpg, madison_bouncy.jpg, madison_spooning_jayden.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 8, 2005 It was now a full week since I had brought home my babies and they were fully used to their new life. When I changed Madison and Jayden’s very poopy diapers this morning Madison asked me again if she could try training pants for the second day in a row. I let her know I would think about it and then gave her a nice thick diaper anyway. I added that I might be willing to let her use the potty but she would need to come to me and ask for me to remove her diaper first. That lifted Madison’s spirits a little and she remained a polite and well behaved little girl all day. She didn’t even tease her brother anymore. I found the two of them actually “playing house” together. Madison was being the mommy, obviously, and Jayden was the baby. What a funny image, a Mommy in thick diapers! You wouldn’t catch this mommy in thick diapers ever. I let Madison have a baby bottle filled with juice so she could give it to her brother. She squat down over the boy and held the bottle into his mouth for him, watching as he drank down all the juice and hosed the front of his diapers. Madison giggled, amused by seeing her brother drink and helplessly wet himself, but again there was no teasing. Madison pretended to change Jayden’s diaper, miming the actions and pretty much copying the exact same movements I usually make. Maybe she is ready to learn how to change a diaper now? I doubt she’ll ever be a mommy like me, but the potential is there. I think she’s starting to look up to me! Later on while Madison and Jayden were at the coffee table coloring with crayons Madison squirmed and I could tell she peed a little into her diaper. She had that guilty look on her face. Still, she stood up and asked if she could go use her potty. I held her hand, helping her stand to her feet and then I carefully loosened her diaper and pulled it down around her ankles. She scrunched up her face, trying to go. Soon enough there were little tinkle and plopping noises coming from that potty. I helped her stand and wiped her cute hiney with the toilet paper. Jayden stood up suddenly, legs parted, and let out a funny surprised sound as he filled his diaper. His face was red and he gave me a look like he wasn’t expecting to suddenly make such a big mess. I guess after all those times where he was basically forcing it out a sudden surprise mess caught him off guard! It was pretty funny and I had a good laugh. Madison actually showed tact and told Jayden it was okay. I couldn’t be more proud of her now! I pulled Madison’s slightly damp diaper back up, adding some powder down the front. This was the perfect opportunity to show Madison how to change a boy’s diaper for real. I picked Jayden up and set him on the table and then called Madison over. I stood beside her as I told her each step. “First you need to pull the tape from the tabs.” I pointed out. She acknowledged and did as she was told, “Now you pull down the front and leave the diaper open.” Madison seemed to stare for a while at Jayden’s big mess and the way his penis, free from any restraints today, was pointing upward like a sundial. “Don’t get distracted. You’ve seen your brother’s penis plenty of times.” I handed her the wipes and told her that she had to wipe the poop off of the boy’s butt. “Front to back, just like when you wipe yourself.” I kind of let that slip, forgetting just for a moment that Madison was now being wiped by me these days. “Once you’re done with a wipe just drop it into the diaper. We’ll be throwing out the whole thing later anyway.” I held the girl’s hand and guided her over the boy’s genitals. “Carefully wipe the scrotum around and then go uuuup the shaft.” It was fun to slide the cool wet wipe up Jayden’s hard penis together. “Now we take away the used diaper, fold it over itself, and retape it shut. Now do you know where the used diapers go?” I let Madison show me. She walked over to the diaper pail, lifting the lid, and dropping the soiled diaper down into it. I clapped for her and she hopped up and down, making her breasts bounce. What a cutie! I told Madison to get a new diaper, which she did happily. I held Jayden’s ankles while Madison slid the diaper under her brother’s butt. I set Jayden back down. “Do you know how to put a diaper back on?” Madison must have been paying attention each time I changed the diapers. She knew to connect the tabs at the right position so that the diaper wasn’t lop-sided or too loose. Jayden sat up when his diaper was finished being put on. He looked really embarrassed to get a diaper change from his sister, but the dear sweet girl gave him a hug and a kiss. Jayden was hugging Madison back too, smiling a lot. He might have been hugging her a bit too much, but I allowed it. It was good to see these two getting along and I felt like a proud parent knowing that their new attitude was my work! My babies were doing so well. I knew I had to reward them. I asked them if they wanted to go somewhere special with Mommy. The looked a little apprehensive, but I guess that was understandable. I had them both get dressed in play clothes; baby blue overalls with patches for Jayden and girly pink denim skirtalls for Madison. I hooked their harnesses on and lead them to my van on their leashes. They were confused, I could tell. We were going somewhere new and it wasn’t like our store trip. It was out in a more public place and that seemed apparent to them when we got into the parking lot with lots of other cars. I got out of the van and hooked the leashes to each of their harnesses, leading them towards a clearing with a few trees, revealing to them a public park with playground equipment scattered about. There were other children and parents there. My babies were so surprised when I unhooked their leashes. They gave me a strange look, like they didn’t understand. I told them to go play and I smiled. I just wanted them to have fun and I also needed to show my trust. Perhaps I also needed to prove to myself that my babies loved me enough by now not to run off. Madison and Jayden ran in different directions. They ran right up to the playground equipment. Madison climbed on the monkey bars while Jayden was crawling through the plastic tubes. Content with seeing my little ones playfully enjoying themselves on the equipment I went to sit down on one of the benches with the other parents. I sat across a beautiful woman who was staring at the two oversized children frolicking around in the park. “They’re a little old to be playing here, don’t you think?” she asked. “Perhaps, but they’re late bloomers,” I explained. “They’ve just been doing so well at home lately that I wanted to let them just have fun outdoors today.” “And it looks like they’re wearing diapers.” she said, squinting her eyes. “Indeed they are.” I flat out told her. “though my girl Madison is a bit more potty trained than Jayden. Isn’t that how it always is?” The woman sat silently, the wheels in her head turning. She finally answered “You know I do find that’s true. My own little Susie was out of diapers while her older brother was still using them. They’re both potty trained now, just Jeffrey took forever to figure out the potty!” I had a good laugh with the woman, exchanging pleasantries. I even told her about my blog, so if you’re reading this, hello Hannah! Madison ran up to me. She was tugging down the front of her skirt. She opened her mouth like she wanted to say something, but she got really shy in front of my new friend Hannah. “What’s the matter, Madison? Did you have an accident?” I asked point blank. Madison scrunched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. “Do you need to use the potty?” She then nodded quickly. I turned to give Hannah a look as if to say “see?” I reached out and held Madison’s hand and praised her for being a big girl, coming to Mommy when she was in need of a toilet, unlike that time at the store. I lead her to the public bathroom building at the far end of the park, taking her into the little girl’s room with me. There were some children there all by themselves, much younger than Madison. I could tell she looked at them with a twinge of jealousy because they weren’t in diapers and they didn’t need their mommy to take them to the potty anymore. I got her into a nice, pristine, and clean stall. I squatted down and told Madison to hold up her skirt as I loosened her diaper carefully and then pulled it down around her ankles. Her diaper was still in the same state as before so I told her “Mommy is very proud.” I sat her down on the toilet, holding her sides as if she was too little and might fall in. Obviously she wouldn’t with a bulbous bottom that big, but I had to remind her I still thought of her as mommy’s little girl. She sighed, a look of happy relief on her face as she tinkled into the toilet. I loudly announced “you’re such a big girl today!” She blushed a little but still happily peed in the toilet, even parting her legs to let me see the stream. When the stream died down I gave her pussy a gentle wipe and she shivered, enjoying it. I gently scolded her for that, but I still had a smile on my face. I just wanted to send the message to her not to be inappropriate. I stood her up get her diaper back on, tightening tapes. I opened the stall door and gave the toilet seat a quick wipe down before flushing for her. I took her to the sink and told her to wash her hands. She was washing her hands next to another little girl who smiled at her. The girl announced something about being “big” because she could go all by herself now. Madison blushed, but she smiled back at the girl as if to assure her that indeed made her a big girl. We walked out of the public toilet together and she was about to run back to the play area. I grabbed the straps of her skirtalls and made her stay put. I said “what do we say?” and she told me “thank you.” I nodded and let her go. I was just on my way back to the bench when a young girl was shouting and pointing at Jayden. “Eww, that boy pooped!” I think half the playground heard her! Jayden looked so embarrassed, holding his bottom. I walked over to Jayden and he ran up to hug me. I embraced him back, kissing his forehead and whispering that it was okay. I walked him over to an empty bench and laid him back on it. I told him to stay put as I went to the van to grab the diaper bag. I was back in no time and I could see the girl from before was staring. A few other kids looked on as well. I did my best to block their view, bending down in front of Jayden and undoing the snaps around the crotch of his overalls. With his diaper revealed I could see that he indeed peed and pooped on himself, just as the girl said. I tore open the diaper and Jayden started crying. I could tell he was upset about needing a diaper change out in public like this, but the baby changing stations in the public bathrooms are just far too small to fit someone like him on them. That’s what I told him anyway! I know I could have done this in the back of the van, but it was cute seeing him get extra embarrassed. I placed the peepee teepee over his erect penis and started wiping down his messy butt. My boy was drawing a small crowd at this point, all of them trying to peek at the grown boy getting his diaper changed. I waved my hand to shoo them away but they didn’t go too far. I pulled the dirty diaper away once he was clean and I held it up. “Does anyone want to throw this in the trash for me?” I asked. That seemed to help clear the crowd, who either stepped far back or ran away. That tenacious little girl happily took the loaded diaper though and with a proud smile she skipped to one of the trash cans and tossed out the diaper. I smirked and knew that the little girl would probably grow up to be a great mommy like me some day. I tucked the new diaper under Jayden’s butt, sprinkling him with lots of powder quickly and then removing the peepee teepee. I closed the diaper over Jayden’s crotch and taped it snug around his waist. The girl had come back just in time to see Jayden’s exposed diaper and she giggled. I closed up the overalls between Jayden’s legs and stood him up. The girl held out her hand and apologized for embarrassing Jayden and then she ran ahead, pulling him back towards the playground so he could keep playing. He looked a little funny having to bend down and run at the same time. I kept a close eye on them, chuckling softly and shaking my head. I saw myself in that girl. Even back then I was curious about babies and I wanted so badly to be a mommy, always begging for dolls to play with. Here I am now, living my childhood dream! As the sun got lower I laid a blanket out on the grass. I placed a wicker basket in the middle of the blanket and then called my children over. Madison and Jayden scampered over to the blanket and sat down on it. I opened the basket and handed them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a box of fruit juice for each of them. I let Madison put the straw into her own juice box but I helped Jayden with his, poking the box for him. I got a sandwich for myself and a can of coke. I watched Jayden and Madison get crumbs all over themselves, even dripping jam on their overalls. I didn’t mind because play clothes are meant to get dirty! I just used a napkin to wipe them down when they were done and then packed everything into the blanket, tying it at the top and carrying it to the back of the van. I told my babies that we were done for the day and would be going back home. I helped Madison and Jayden into the back of the van, buckling their seat belts for them, and we drove back to my secluded cabin. All the excitement of the day must have tuckered them out as they were resting against each other in the back seat. Even my big girl Madison was sucking her thumb. That night, when we were finally at home all alone, I rewarded both my babies with my breasts. I opened my blouse and pulled back both left and right panels of my nursing bra. Madison excited latched onto my nipple, sucking it eagerly. Jayden meanwhile was giving tired slow sucks. With each of my hands on their bottoms I felt a tingle of pleasure wash through my body. It felt so good to finally have both of my breasts nursed on. Madison stopped for a moment though. “Mommy, can I touch myself?” she asked, looking at me with a pleading expression. I giggled and assured her it was okay this time. I told Jayden he could join in too. Now I had two masturbating happy babies in my lap, sucking my nipples. I could hear their diapers crinkling loudly. Madison’s hand was down inside of her diaper, most likely fingering herself. Jayden’s hand was outside his diaper, rubbing it vigorously. He came fast and sighed, leaning back against me with a wide open smile. Me and Madison had a chuckle at the sticky boy, but soon Madison was joining her brother and climaxing in her diaper as well. She blushed warmly, pulling her slightly damp hand from the diaper. I set the two of them down and carried them to the bathroom. I drew a bath for them, adding lots of bubbles. I stripped them both naked and they got into the tub together. I told them “no funny business now, bath day is very serious.” Even though I said this I added the tub toys of little frogs, duckies, tugboats, and mermaid barbie. Madison played with the mermaid while Jayden was making an approximation of tugboat noises with his mouth. I used a big sponge to clean them up, getting them all soapy and then squeezing the sponge over top of them to rinse them off. I unplugged the drain for the tub and helped the naked ones out. Jayden gave Madison a look and then they both ran out of the bathroom, naked as jaybirds. This must have been something they’ve done before! Even though it was naughty, Mommy liked the surprise. I had to admit it was adorable watching their naked butts scamper around the house, running away from my towel. I captured Jayden first, rubbing down his body and making him dry and then tackled Madison, drying her next. Having these two fill my home with laughter was the greatest gift. I finally had them in their night diapers and jammies and locked them into the crib. Madison and Jayden happily accepted the crib, cuddling each other once again, this time with Jayden being the big spoon. I turned on the night light and then left the room, smiling proudly. I’m very grateful to have these two in my life. [attached files: dayatthepark.rm]
  5. What age were you actually potty trained? Did you still wet the bed or have accidents? i was "potty trained" just before I turned four but continued to have both pee and poop accidents until I was at least 9 and wet the bed until I was 11.
  6. WARNING: this story contains wetting, heavy soiling, and some sexuality. This is more of a self-contained short story, so I probably will not be adding more to it. At 22 pages I think it is a nice length for this type of tale. In this story a young woman in her early 20s becomes infatuated with her female boss. There's accidents, on-purpose messes, spankings, and even a failed attempt at potty training! ~ The Boss And Her Baby a story by AMRose ~ Part 1: Fresh Start Eileen was always a short girl. Even as an adult everyone towered over her. Her shoulders and chest were narrow and her hips were wide, making her bottom heavy. She always styled her hair into a tight bun in the back, preferring to keep most of it out of the way. Her bangs in the front were cut just above the eyebrows. Less than five feet tall, even in heels, she was determined to prove herself. She didn't want to just be seen as some cute little waif. She knew she was valuable and her work would speak for itself. During high school she had attempted to make friends with the other girls. It was a constant struggle to keep up with them. Being a late bloomer in middle school she had wanted to use high school as a fresh start. Things did not go so smoothly for her though. In her first year, during history class, she was not allowed a bathroom break, and she wet her pants. People jokingly called her a baby before because of how small she was, but after that incident the teasing was relentless. She would forever be known as the girl who pissed her pants in history class. It was terrible for her self-esteem, but it strengthened her resolve. She would reinvent herself the moment she was out of high school. She would make something of herself. Eileen walked down the hall of the massive building. She made it through her first year of engineering school being generally unnoticed, but now it was time for her to start her internship job at this new company called Leafletter. She had heard that the company was founded and still being run by a ruthless businesswoman, Ms Lenore Mayweather. Perhaps she would make good at the company and catch this woman's attention. Naturally, Eileen thought, a hard-nosed feminist like Mayweather surely understood another woman's struggles in the business world. Sometimes she would see Ms Mayweather while walking through the long hallways of the building. The woman was tall and imposing. Being over six feet tall she had dwarfed little Eileen more than most people did. Eileen was afraid to admit it, but she found this strong woman appealing in more ways than one. Sure, she respected her for everything she had done in the competitive business world, but she was also astoundingly attractive. Eileen was a curious girl, but she never thought she might be gay. Ms Mayweather is someone she would not mind having a homosexual experience with though. Having low self-esteem she figured a woman like that was out of her league anyway. Besides, she never really gave off this vibe like she was a sexual creature anyway. She just looked hot. One chance with her would be thrilling, but how could she ever get that chance? No, for now she just stuck to herself. Relationships, with anyone really, would have to take a backseat to her professional career. Eileen was starting at the bottom, and her manager at this level was an insecure little man that thought little of her. This new life was safe, but it was also boring. Unfortunately it would not be boring for long. Despite her best efforts, Eileen was having too many close calls during the day. She was getting a little cocky, thinking she could hold it in better than she could when she was a kid and teen. Still, she'd be rushing down the hallways at the last moment, only just making it in time and going in the toilet. The fancy suit she wore was her mother's. It was out of fashion, but that wasn't the point. It meant something to her. If she ruined this suit it would be devastating and not just because of the humiliating accident. She had to be more careful. One unfortunate morning, Eileen had overslept and arrived to work about two minutes late. She was not able to go through her morning routine. Her hair had not been done, so instead of the tight bun it was a lazily pulled back ponytail. She had to eat a cold pop-tart while she drove to work and drink a bottle of warm water. The worst part is that she did not even get to use the bathroom. She resolved to use the women's bathroom first thing when she punched in at work. The only problem was her mild tardiness was noticed by the weary manager on her floor. Instead of getting a break, the man ordered Eileen to her desk and to get started. She didn't feel like she was in any position to argue. It was just two minutes, but she still felt bad about it. She tried to simply concentrate on her work, frantically typing away at her desk. She wiped her brow, feeling anxious. Her body began to tense up. Someone was looming over her. Taking a cautious turn of her head she saw that beautiful woman, Ms Mayweather. "What happened today, Eileen?" the woman kept a strict but caring tone as she spoke to the little lady. "You're usually so punctual." "Just overslept." Eileen responded, looking back to her screen and avoiding eye contact. "Um, I'm sorry." "Well there's no need to apologize. Just do your job." "Yes ma'am, miss, uh uh, Ms Mayweather." Hearing Eileen stammer like that caused Lenore Mayweather to crack a smile. She silently left the young woman's work station, but she allowed her gaze to linger as she walked away. She would be keeping an eye on this girl. Time seemed to move slowly now. Eileen was becoming visibly agitated. She crossed, uncrossed, and re-crossed her legs, over and over. The pressure on her bladder was building. Some stray drops of urine leaked out, dampening her panties but not becoming visible on her dark skirt just yet. It was getting urgent and if she waited too long now it would be too late. She figured she got enough work done to take her bathroom break now. She stood at her desk and looked about like a prairie dog. Great, no one was looking. She slipped away from the work station and made her long walk down the hall to the women's bathroom. By now Eileen was walking funny. Her thighs were pressed together as she took small but quick footsteps. She didn't want to have an accident, not here, not now! She didn't want to have an accident after all she had done to this point, building herself up. It started to happen anyway. First it was a small trickle. The piss dribbled out from her slit, dampening her panties more than they already were. Eileen had no choice but to run now. Piss was flowing down her legs, rivulets streaking her pantyhose. Her footsteps made wet squishing noises as they became filled with her piss. She was leaving a dotted trail behind her of stained carpet. She shoved some other girl out of the way as she raced into the women's bathroom and made a beeline for the first stall. She yanked down her panties around her ankles, spraying piss everywhere and even getting it on her skirt. She raised her skirt and sat on the toilet. By the time she was on the toilet though the stream was but a mere drip. She felt like crying, but she held back those tears. She sat on the toilet, looking at her panties. There was an unmistakable yellowish stain from the bottom of the crotch to the back. She slipped her feet out of her boots. Raising her butt off the toilet slightly she poured the piss out of each boot into the bowl. Eileen sobbed, not knowing what to do. There was piss all over her clothes, making visible stains on her pantyhose and skirt. Maybe she could just sit in the bathroom until her clothes dried? Before she knew it, the sound of high heels were clacking into the bathroom. "Did somebody piss on the floor?" it was Lenore, her boss! She followed the wet trail into the bathroom. Eileen got quiet as she stood in the stall, frozen in fear. "I know someone's in there." her voice was just outside the stall door. "Come on, I can see your feet. Just come out here so we can talk." The woman's tone made Eileen feel strange. It was commanding, but at the same time there was a familiar comfort that came with hearing it. A warmth was spreading through her even as she pulled the now cold wet panties back up. She bashfully opened the stall door to look out at Ms Mayweather. "Ah, the new one. Eileen, is it? Is this going to be a continuing problem?" she asked bluntly. "N-no!" the shocked girl said, ducking slightly behind the door like a scared child, "I was in a rush this morning and I didn't even get to use the bathroom before I left otherwise I would have gotten here even later and I'm really sorry this wont happen again!" Lenore smirked at the long run-on sentence. She sighed and rolled her eyes back. "Why don't I believe you?" As the tall woman said this, Eileen's heart sank. She was being chewed out like some small child! Her face was turning redder by the minute. Lenore could see the shame washing over the girl, which only seemed to make her smile more. "Look, come with me. I might have some spare clothes for you in my office." This all seemed so unexpected for Eileen. She was sure that she would be making the walk of shame back to her car and would probably be fired. Lenore took off her jacket and tied it around Eileen's waist. It was the kindest anyone had ever treated her, besides her own mother. "Jesus," Eileen thought, "she is like my mother." Though this made her more embarrassed there was a comforting feeling to having someone care this much. She didn't fight it. She followed right behind the taller woman as she lead her through the building, heading for her private office. For the most part people ignored the two women walking through the hallways and work stations of the building. Coming to the large office at the end of the building Lenore locked the door behind them. She untied the jacket from around Eileen and took a good long look at her. "Just look at you. You're soaked!" Lenore started, "Why didn't you go use the potty?" "Wha- what?" Eileen stammered. "You heard me. The potty was right down the hall. You could have gone and saved yourself the embarrassment, but now you're covered in pee pee!" "It wasn't my fault! Seriously!" "Whose fault could it be? No one was holding you down and forcing you to wet your pants, were they?" "No..." "Then explain yourself." Lenore made good points. Just as a mommy would. Eileen got quiet. Her face was red. She could feel a warm blush that touched her cheeks and even down to her shoulders. This was the most shame she felt since she was a child, but now that she was an adult there were other feelings coming over her. Having a tall sexy woman chew her out must have been some deep dark fantasy she never knew about. Her pussy was warming inside the cold, damp panties. After a while of not hearing a response Ms Lenore Mayweather grabbed Eileen's arm and pulled hard. Eileen let out a tiny gasp as she watched her boss sit down. Lenore set Eileen over her lap, ass raised. Suddenly there was a loud smack as her hand came down upon Eileen's bottom. Eileen tried to say "no" or "stop" but all that came out was a breathy gasp for air. She was spanked more. Each smack to her bottom was a sensual experience. She never had any girlfriends or boyfriends. She never felt this way before at all! She had tears going down her face from the shame and pain of it all, but she was secretly enjoying it. Lenore left one more hard smack on Eileen's butt before she stopped. She helped Eileen stand and looked into her eyes. "Take off your clothes, young lady. I will have them washed and returned to you later." Lenore held out her hand, expecting to be given the clothes. Eileen found herself timidly undressing in front of the woman. First her top came off, then her skirt, pantyhose, and panties. She slipped out of her soggy boots as well. Lenore stood there and continued to hold each article of clothing until Eileen was only in a bra. "All of it." barked Lenore. Eileen reached behind herself, unhooking her bra. Lenore walked away, carrying the soggy clothing, underwear, and boots to a nearby closet where she set them inside. Eileen just had to stand in the middle of the room, which had a comfortable temperature, but it was still awkward to be completely naked at her place of work. She crossed her arms over her little tits. Wisps of pubic hair decorated her crotch, just above her slit in a V shape, like they were pointing towards her privates. Her shoulders and chest were weak and by comparison her rear and thighs were larger. After what felt like forever Lenore finally came back with a new stack of clothing in her hands. She set them on her desk. The statuesque woman sauntered over to Eileen and swept her arms under her, carrying her like a bride towards the top of her desk where she set her down. Eileen's eyes were wide. No one had ever carried her like that since she was a toddler! Eileen heard a ripping noise and soon realized what it was when she felt something cool and soothing against her wet skin. It was baby wipes. Lenore was wiping down the pissy girl with such gentle care. She then lifted a large white cloth, letting Eileen look at it and soon figure out what it was. This was a diaper. "Wait a minute-" Eileen was about to speak. Lenore put one finger to the girl's lips. As if by magic that made her turn quiet right away. Lenore grabbed Eileen by the ankles and lifted her, making it simple to slip the diaper under the girl's butt before setting her back down. Lenore parted the girl's legs and then applied a generous powdering of talc around the crotch and butt. She used her hand to rub the baby powder into Eileen's skin. She dusted her hands off, clapping them together. She then pulled the front of the diaper up over Eileen's crotch and taped the tabs together at each side. Eileen was now in a thick adult diaper, but it wasn't over yet. Lenore pulled a T-shirt over Eileen's head. She then put on a pair of lavender colored overalls. Eileen was just going with this for now. Her new outfit looked so cute! Lenore put the finishing touches on, knit socks with tiny kittens on them, and some clunky red sneakers that were a bit too big. Lenore muttered something about having to get shoes to fit Eileen's tiny feet. She helped the big diapered girl stand and look at herself. "You're going to stay in my office from now on. When you come in I expect you to head right over here and do your work right beside me so I can keep an eye on you. I know you'll be a much better asset to this company if you have fewer distractions." As Lenore spoke in her stern but caring tone Eileen just nodded along. When the lecture was finished Eileen rushed to Lenore and hugged her. Lenore pat the girl on the back. "O-kay, o-kay." Lenore sighed, letting the girl hug her. "Well since you don't have your desk in here right now why don't you just sit in Mommy's lap while she does her work?" Eileen felt a jolt of pleasure travel through her body when Lenore called herself 'Mommy.' She didn't argue. Once Lenore sat down, Eileen got right in her lap. She had to lean to the side. Despite being small, she was still adult-sized. Lenore smiled as she felt Eileen nuzzle into her neck while she worked. "Sorry about everything." Eileen muttered. "There's no need to apologize. You're just a little girl and you couldn't hold it." Lenore said back. "The important thing is that now you know to stay with Mommy so there are no more accidents on my nice carpets." Eileen couldn't help but smile. The day seemed to move much faster now. She cuddled her new "Mommy" while wiggling around to feel the thick diapers rubbing against her. It made her feel a bit awkward, but she had to give in to these new desires. It just felt too good. Eileen stayed in her boss's office for the rest of the day. It was safe there, and she felt better than she ever felt before. Could this really be her life now? Had she really worked this hard only to end up right back where she started? Just an overgrown baby girl that needs diapers. Part 2: Going Home By the time the work day was over Eileen had fallen asleep in Lenore's lap. Lenore jostled Eileen awake. Eileen's eyes shot open and she looked nervous. She fell asleep and that meant she probably wet herself! She reached down, grabbing her crotch and feeling the damp diaper between her legs. Lenore threw her head back and chuckled. "Relax. That's what your diapers are for. I figured you must be a bedwetter." Lenore stood and set Eileen back on her feet. "Do you wish to go home by yourself, or do you want to come back to Mommy's place?" She asked so casually. Eileen had to think about it. She stared at her feet before finally speaking up. "Could I change my diaper first?" she asked. "Well that depends on whether or not you're going home by yourself." Eileen kept her gaze down. Going home with Ms Mayweather sounded like a dream come true. She just never thought her first time sleeping over with someone would be like this. Lenore was growing impatient, tapping her foot as she waited for an answer. Finally Eileen agreed to have the woman drive her home. Lenore smiled, grabbing her coat and briefcase. She nodded in the direction of her personal closet. "I had someone wash your suit and clean out your boots. Go grab them would you?" Eileen's face turned red again. Some stranger saw her accident! She just hoped no one recognized the clothing as hers. Her anxiety faded when she felt Lenore's hand on her back, guiding her. The motherly touch was just what she needed. Eileen picked up the bag that had her things in it and followed Lenore out. The office was mostly empty at this time of day, but some people still saw them walking towards the parking lot. Eileen was grateful that they didn't have to walk far. The boss always got the best parking spot, naturally. Lenore opened the passenger side door, having Eileen step in. The woman then locked Eileen into the seat, clicking the belt buckle for her. Lenore got into the car herself and drove off. As Eileen looked out the window watching the world zip by she got the urge to suck to her thumb. It was something she did a lot as a child whenever she became overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by things like having a big public accident. She resisted, thinking about all the times she was called a baby. Her thumb was inches from her mouth before she let her hands rest back in her lap. Even though she was dressed in overalls and a thick diaper she still asserted that, in her mind, she was an adult, not a child. Lenore had played some lullaby music on the stereo. Combined with the view of the window and the gentle motion of the car Eileen fell asleep again. Eileen awoke when Lenore opened the door on her passenger side. Lenore unbuckled the girl's seatbelt and lifted her out of the car. She carried her like a small child towards the quaint looking house. Eileen wondered why someone as rich and powerful as Lenore Mayweather lived in such a little home, but when she looked around she noticed just how secluded the land was. Lenore apparently owned all this land and kept to herself. It was a quiet, peaceful place to be. Once inside Lenore set Eileen down on her feet and motioned with her hand. "Go ahead and explore. I'm just going to bring some things in and then I'll get that diaper changed." When Lenore said this, Eileen blushed a little. She had forgotten that she peed herself. She felt her crotch and wondered if she wet herself more during her nap. The diaper did feel kind of warm again. She waddled her way through the house, poking around into the kitchen first and then going down the hall. She found the bathroom. Dare she use it now? She took a few steps in when she was stopped by Lenore's strong arm, pulling her back. "ah ah ah," Lenore warned, "the toilet is only for big girls." With that she lifted Eileen up again, carrying her away from the bathroom. Eileen whined and pouted as she was carried off. Lenore opened a door, revealing an adorable pastel colored room. It was like some little girl's room with pictures of unicorns on the walls, a bunch of stuffed animals, a princess bed with bars on the side, and in the middle of the room was a table with a cushioned top. Beside the table was a diaper pail and an adult-sized potty chair. Eileen was taken out of her overalls and then sat on the table. Eileen had heard that Lenore was single and childless. In all her years there was never a mention of her having any kids. Eileen figured that an independent woman like Lenore just didn't need children, but perhaps having adult children was something that helped filled that having-it-all space in her life. Before she knew it her diaper was open and she was being wiped. "Someone just couldn't resist using their new diapers, huh? So much pee pees." Lenore commented as she slid the baby wipes over the girl's butt. She used some more wipes to clean off her crotch. Lenore's hand lingered for a bit too long over Eileen's privates. She finally let go of her, dropping used wipes into the used diaper before crumpling it up. She opened a tall metal cylinder and put the pissy diapers into it. It must have been the diaper pail. Lenore grabbed something from under the changing table. She showed it to Eileen, a pretty and pink pull-up, sized for a girl Eileen's height and build. It was decked out in Disney princess decorations across the front panel. "Now Eileen, darling, we are going to start from square one and try potty training you again. You'll wear these training panties while at my house and at the office. Instead of going to the toilet you will be starting at the potty chair. If you manage to do well with the potty training only then will you be allowed to use the toilet again." Lenore finished her speech by pulling the training pants up Eileen's waist. Eileen never felt more ashamed of herself in her life. She was grateful that Ms Lenore Mayweather was the only one who knew about this right now, but all of this was a major step back for Eileen who worked so hard to be taken seriously. Eileen was dressed back up in her overalls and set back down on the floor. Lenore smiled, patting the girl on the head. "I think we're going to get along just fine, little girl." Lenore showed Eileen through the rest of the house, explaining where she could and could not go. She stopped at the living room, having Eileen sit down in front of the television. She turned it on and then placed a DVD into the player. Eileen watched a cute and colorful cartoon playing, showing a ballerina dancing around in what looked like a diaper. The title read "Potty Training For Teens And Big Girls." Eileen frowned. She usually liked cartoons but now she was going to be forced to watch this? Lenore pat Eileen's head again. "Be a good girl and watch the movie while Mommy makes dinner." Eileen pouted, looking at the screen. It was just like any other potty training video except all the characters were adults. The narrator explained scenarios that seemed all to familiar to Eileen. Ignoring her body's urges, holding it for too long, laziness, and even stubbornness to use the potty. That last one brought back some memories. She did seem to recall that when she was three, almost entering her fourth birthday, her parents were still struggling to potty train her because she refused to give up her diapers. Eileen blushed as he thought about this. Was she really that much of a big baby? Why was she such a late bloomer? On the video the narrator explained that many "big girls" refuse the potty because of the pleasurable sensation of a dirty diaper. Eileen perked up at this. She felt her face warming with blush at the thought that she might enjoy how her diapers felt. Was this really something she longed for this whole time without knowing it? No, she couldn't accept that. She was a big girl! She just had accidents. As the video showed a grown woman getting her diaper changed Eileen felt a warmth distributing from between her legs. Her pussy tingled at the thought of being changed by Lenore just like the woman in this video. She tried to shake these feelings, but she couldn't. All her life she just tried to grow up, not grow down. Maybe she was being made to realize these feelings always existed deep inside her, and maybe Ms Lenore Mayweather was just more knowledgeable about these things. "I hope you learned something, little girl." Lenore said, surprising Eileen by appearing right behind her. She turned off the DVD for now. She puts her hands under Eileen's arms and helped her stand back up. She walked her to the kitchen. It smelled so good in there. On the dining room table was a big meal laid out for her. Eileen never really learned how to cook herself. She was the type of person to just microwave something. Eileen thought Lenore was amazing. She ran a whole business and still had time to be a mom. Still blushing from earlier Eileen sat at the table and felt the deepest gratitude towards her boss. "Thank you, Mommy. This looks really good." Eileen kept her gaze down. "I'm glad you think so, but it still looks like something is bugging you, kiddo." Lenore said, sitting across from Eileen and holding her hand. "It's just that... I could never do what you do. You're like my hero. I wish I could be you." Eileen bit her lip. "Hey..." Lenore leaned in and raised Eileen's chin with her thumb, "you're just a kid, and I don't just mean that because you're not potty trained. I will admit I've accomplished a lot for my age, but people like me are one in a million. You still have your whole life to accomplish all your goals." Eileen's heart fluttered. The encouragement from Lenore had her over the moon. Now unable to contain a large smile growing on her face Eileen felt she could get through this momentary hurdle. She ate her dinner quietly, sitting across from her hero, and actually feeling good about herself. After dinner, Lenore cleaned up and let Eileen wander around to do whatever she wanted, as long as it was within the house rules. Eileen knew that meant to stay out of certain rooms of the house. She waddled around, crinkling loudly underneath her clothes. She entered her adorable bedroom and looked for something to occupy her time. Searching through the stuffed animals she found a stuffed giraffe and a kitty with a frilly dress on. She sat on the floor and started playing with the stuffed animals, imagining a whole back story where they started dating and were in love with each other. As she made kissy sounds and pressed the animals' faces together she looked across the room at the changing table. She noticed that there were several pairs of diapers and pull-ups all stacked neatly. If she ever wanted to take one they were right there. She then looked at that plastic potty chair. She had never seen one that big before. It was a smaller and lower to the ground than a toilet, but it was still obviously bigger than a normal child's potty chair. Eileen stood up and walked towards the potty, lifting the lid and putting her hands all over it to inspect it. She realized how badly she had to pee just then. Normally she'd be holding it until the last minute, but with Lenore in the house she wanted to show her that she could use the potty like a big girl. "Mommy!" Eileen called out. She heard Lenore's footsteps coming to her room. "What do you need, baby?" Lenore looked down at Eileen standing by the potty chair. She smiled, "You want to try your potty?" Eileen gave a nod. Lenore got on her knees and helped Eileen out of her overalls. She pulled them down around her ankles. "Okay, show me what you learned from the video." Lenore said, watching. Eileen wasn't paying attention to the part where the girls were actually using the potties, but she was smart enough to know this part anyway. Eileen pulled down her training panties. She stood there, naked from the waist down now, just looking at the seat of the potty. She lifted the lid and then sat down. She was worried she might have a hard time going with Lenore standing there. It turned out to not be a problem at all. A jet stream of piss was erupting for her, making a loud piddling noise as it went into the bowl of the potty. The sound of pee hitting hard plastic echoed inside the potty chair. Eileen blushed a little, but part of her was proud to show her new mommy that she was going like a "big girl." Lenore clapped her hands "Good girl, Eileen! I'm going to put a happy face on your potty training chart!" Lenore kissed Eileen on the head. Once the stream died down Lenore put her hand on Eileen's shoulder "All done? Don't have to go anymore?" Eileen shook her head. Reaching under the changing table, Lenore handed Eileen the toilet paper. Eileen stood up and wiped her privates and then put the used paper into the potty chair. She then put the lid back down on the seat. It felt funny to be proud of something she already knew how to do, but considering the accident she had at work this was a small victory today. Perhaps going back to potty training was going to be good for her. The rest of the day Eileen was so happy and proud. She was so enthusiastic as she played with her toys. Any feelings of shame and inadequacy were washed away by Lenore's kindness and encouragement. As the day was coming to a close Lenore stripped Eileen out of her current outfit and got out her onesie. Eileen actually liked the onesie. It was comfortable. Lenore showed Eileen over to the princess bed, pulling the crib bars down on one side so she could climb in. She showed her how to pull the bars up and down just in case she needed to potty in the middle of the night. "Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?" Eileen asked boldly as she climbed into the bed. She looked up pitifully as Lenore pulled the covers up to Eileen's chin and tucked her in. "You're too young for that, baby. Maybe when you're older. Besides, you and know both know how much of a bedwetting risk you are." Lenore kissed Eileen on the forehead. "Now goodnight, my baby girl. We have a big day at work tomorrow." Eileen was sad that she couldn't get closer to Lenore just yet. God, she loved her. She wanted to kiss her, touch her body. She was pretty sure now she was gay, at least for her. Her light was turned off and the room was only lit up by the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. Sitting in bed and trying to sleep she thought about all the things she would like to do to Lenore. She put her hands under the covers and started to rub her crotch through her pajamas and pull-ups. In the quiet of the room all she could hear was the crinkle of those training panties as she played with herself. ~ Eileen awoke the next morning. It was still dark and according to the kitty clock on the wall it was way too early. All that napping she did yesterday must have helped her wake up early today. Normally she was the type of person to oversleep. She thought about going right back to bed when she suddenly felt a pain down below. She had to poop and it had to come out right now. She reached for the bars of the little converted crib bed and was about to get out when she got an idea. Maybe just this once she could mess her diaper and pretend it was an accident. She remembered back when she was four years old, deliberately going poop in her pants because it felt so good. She remembered how much trouble she got into for doing that too. Well now she was an adult, and no one was going to stop her. Even if she got in trouble with Lenore she could still try to pass it off as an accident. Her heart was pounding as she thought about what she was about to do. Sitting up straight in the bed she used her arms to raise her bottom up slightly. She scrunched up her face, pushing. She felt the poop as it came out, going into the back of her training pants. The sensation of having that warm, lumpy mess touching her crack and cheeks flooded her with nostalgic feelings. She lowered her bottom back down onto the bed and felt the poop getting smashed around inside the pull-up. She still had to go, so she pushed out the rest of the logs, feeling them creep up the back of her training panties. She worried now that she was going overboard, but it was too late to stop now. She sighed and laid back on the bed, enjoying her messy panties. As a child, the sensation of pooping her pants was just comfortable and satisfying, but as an adult pooping her pants there was a surprisingly erotic quality to it. Her privates tingled excitedly. She just had to reach down and play with herself. She placed her hands over her crotch and grinded the soft material of her trainers against her flesh. She much preferred completely outer stimulation when masturbating, so she didn't even have to undress. This was even better than when she played with herself last night. The feeling of a mess on her ass gave her some extra stimulation. After what felt like only ten minutes she heard the door to her bedroom click. She pulled her blanket back up and pretended she had been sleeping. Lenore walked into the room, wrinkling her nose. "Hey, stinky, get up." Lenore said in a commanding voice. "What? What is it?" Eileen muttered, pretending she just got up. "Don't play that game with me, sweetheart. I know you've been awake. Now get out of bed and let me see those panties." Lenore's tone was really stern right now. How much did she know, and how could she possibly know it? Eileen pulled down the bars on the side of her bed and crawled out. She stood in front of Lenore as the woman unzipped the onesie and yanked it off. Lenore shook her head. "There's poop everywhere!" she shouted. Eileen gasped. She looked down, genuinely surprised. The poop has indeed come out of the leg bands and coated her thighs. It also got on the inside of the onesie. "I didn't know, honest! It was an accident!" Eileen tried to excuse herself. "Little lady, this is no accident. There was a potty chair right there and you chose to poop yourself instead of using it!" Lenore did not raise her voice. She just sounded disappointed. Eileen actually felt guilty. Damn, Lenore was even good at guilt tripping like a mom does! Lenore sighed and pulled down the soiled panties carefully. "These are only meant for small accidents, but you just completely shit all over them." Lenore dropped the soiled training panties into the diaper pail. A teary eyed Eileen grabbed onto Lenore's night gown. "Mommy, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to..." Eileen whimpered. "I'm sorry too, because now I'm going to have to teach you a lesson." Lenore grabbed Eileen, spinning her around. She wiped her ass clean roughly with the baby wipes as Eileen stood there naked. Once she was clean enough Lenore sat on the bed and pulled Eileen over her lap. The smaller girl's eyes went wide. No way, Lenore isn't really going to do this, is she? Just then she felt the woman's open palm smack against her bare bottom. Eileen howled at the first impact. She kicked her feet and begged Lenore to stop, but she continued. SMACK! the hand came down again. "Are you going to fib again?" Eileen shook her head. SMACK, another contact with her bottom. "And next time you'll try and poop in the potty?" Eileen nodded. She was spanked two more times before Lenore let up. Eileen's cheeks were red and burning now. She wouldn't soon forget her lesson. Lenore squirted baby oil onto her palm and then rubbed it over Eileen's cheeks and between her crack. Eileen winced a little at the feeling. Her bottom was still stinging from the spanking. Lenore patted down Eileen's crotch with some oil, reminding the girl of how she was just masturbating earlier. Eileen was mortified, but she still wished she had the chance to finish playing with herself. Lenore tugged the new training panties up around Eileen's waist. "Next time you poop your panties on purpose you are going back to diapers for a month, got it?" Lenore warned the girl. Eileen nodded quickly in agreement. Lenore started dressing Eileen again. She still gave her a childish T-shirt and overalls instead of her conservative suit she usually wore to the office. Eileen wanted to resist, but given how much hot water she was in the girl wasn't about to kick up another fuss. Lenore gathered the clothes from last night as well as the dirty onesie, sending them to the laundry room. She started up the washing machine. "As soon as the wash is done and the clothes are in the dryer we are leaving." Lenore told the girl. She lead Eileen to the kitchen and heated up a toaster pastry for her. She set it on a plate. "Let that cool and don't burn your mouth, sweetie." Eileen didn't need to be told that, she thought. She shouldn't have needed someone to tell her not to poop her pants either, but she still did that. Eileen sighed, blowing on the pasty and taking careful, tiny bites. ~ The ride to work was a little tense. Lenore seemed upset still, despite keeping her cool. The woman looked over at the girl, all decked out in her cutesy kiddie clothes. She smiled a little. "Sorry, honey. You know I'm just trying to help... Sometimes when you are bad Mommy needs to spank. You know I love you, right?" Eileen was surprised. Did she really say she loved her? Even if she meant like how a mother loves a daughter that was still enough for her. Eileen swallowed and then nodded in Lenore's direction. Lenore chuckled and reached over to pat Eileen's head. Coming into work today felt weird. Not just because of the night she spent with Lenore, but also because of the fact she was dressed like a toddler, walking past her old employees. Eileen ducked her head down and walked close to Lenore, not wanting anyone to see her. They might still notice she's not at her usual desk though. Maybe they'll think she is simply a niece of Lenore's as long as they don't see her face. She was short enough to pass as a teenager or a tween. Lenore shut the door behind them and sat at her desk. She picked up her phone. "Kathy?" Lenore spoke to her administrative assistant, "Ah there you are, could you bring in the potty chair from storage? Yes, I have a little one visiting again. Thank you so much." Lenore pressed another button on her phone. "Tony? Could you bring in that pink learning desk from the loading station? Uh huh, the cute one with the flowers on the side. Thanks." She then hung up the phone. Eileen gulped, looking nervous. People were going to come in here. Worse yet, one of them would be coming with a potty chair! Eileen scampered behind Lenore. The woman looks over her shoulder. "Now now, why don't you say hello to Aunty Kathy when she gets here..." Lenore stands and brings Eileen back around to the front of the desk. "And make sure you tell her thank you." Eileen stood there, anticipating more ridicule and humiliation. Of course Kathy was the first person to enter the private office, putting the larger than normal potty chair down in the middle of the room. "Why hello there, little girl, what's your name?" Kathy said. She clearly knew this was an adult. Eileen blushed and looked away. "Her name is Eileen." Lenore answered for her "Eileen, honey, what do we say?" "Thank you, Aunty Kathy." Eileen mumbled. Kathy bent forward. "Don't be embarrassed. I had a little sister that was a late bloomer too. Didn't stop wetting the bed until she was old enough to drive." Kathy assured Eileen. It didn't really make Eileen any less embarrassed, but it was kind of Kathy to try. Almost as soon as Kathy had left, Tony came in, wheeling the childish looking desk into the room. It was pink with flowers painted on the side just like Lenore said there would be. There were little distracting buttons and knobs on the desk too. They didn't do anything useful other than make noise and look cute. The desk was essentially an adult-sized busybox. Tony tipped his hat to the two ladies and winked at Eileen before leaving the office. Lenore got out the spare laptop from her desk and put it on Eileen's new desk. She pulled up an extra chair for her and had her sit down. "Now I expect you to work hard today, sweetie! Make Mommy proud." Lenore kissed Eileen on the head and went to her own adult desk. Eileen started up the laptop and began her work, logging into her company account. This new environment was perfect for her. Eileen was able to get a lot of work done today. When she needed to pee all she had to do was walk right over to the potty chair which was only a couple feet away from her. Whenever she was bored and waiting for something to process, she could play with the interactive things on her desk. Work was actually fun now! By the middle of the day Eileen had a large grin plastered on her face, swinging her feet from her chair. Eileen had finished more work today than she had before. There was clearly something to this treatment that Lenore was giving her. ~ When the work day was done, Lenore praised Eileen for being such a big girl. She made sure to point out the marked improvement in her workload as well as the greatly improved potty skills. Lenore showed Eileen the potty chart app on her phone which, despite one frowny face, had some other smiley faces on it for the times she managed to go in her potty chair at work. Eileen blushed, but she still felt proud. Lenore picked up Eileen and carried her out of the building. Eileen has happy to be carried after such a long day. She still buried her face into Lenore's shoulder, worried people might see her. She didn't really hear any murmuring or gossip though. During the car ride, Eileen had noticed they were not taking the usual way home. Confused and a little nervous she looked at Lenore for an explanation. Lenore just gave a sly look and winked at her. Soon enough the car was parked outside a building. A large colorful sign displayed the words "Klasky's Ice Cream." Lenore helped Eileen out of the car. It was one thing to be dressed like this at home or in her boss's private office, but this was a public place! Still, Lenore was also showing a kind gesture by taking Eileen out for ice cream. She did like ice cream. The shy girl stood behind Lenore as they entered the shop and stood in line. Lenore pulled Eileen out front. "Now Eileen, you have to tell them what flavor and toppings you want!" Lenore cooed, patting her butt to usher her forward to the front counter. Eileen got a bowl of vanilla and ended up asking for lots of different candy toppings. She went a little overboard, but she figured that she should get a treat considering what she had to endure. Lenore laughed and kissed Eileen's cheek. "Someone's got a sweet tooth!" she teased. Lenore got a more sensible small cup herself with no toppings. She sat at a booth with Eileen, watching her eat her ice cream and get it on her face. Lenore used a napkin to wipe around Eileen's mouth which made her whimper and whine, turning her face away. She sat still once she realized that resisting like that would only make her look more childish so she sat still the next time she got her face wiped clean. "Before we go, do you need to use the toilet, sweetie?" Lenore asked point blank, right in the middle of the shop where anyone could hear her. "No! Geez, why'd you have to ask me that right now?" Eileen's face was red hot. "I had to make sure. You know how hard it can be for you to hold it." Lenore said, not caring about discretion. Eileen groaned, lowering her head into her arms. She looked around to see if anyone had been listening in. Naturally a couple at a table across from them was looking over. They must've heard something! Eileen continued to feel embarrassed. Lenore held Eileen's hand. "You want to go home?" she leans in close. "N-not yet. I'm going to finish my ice cream." Eileen went back to eating, trying to pretend the humiliating exchange never happened. Naturally, she did have to pee, but she wasn't about to let Lenore be right. Not now after she just humiliated her like that. The car ride home wasn't so bad at first, but the longer they were in traffic the more pressure Eileen felt on her bladder. She squirmed in her seat, trying not to look like he needed to pee. She tried to subtly put her hands between her legs, bending forward as she did. The attempt to hide her desperation only drew more attention to her, making her look more childish. Lenore smirked. "You shouldn't play with yourself in the car, Eileen." Lenore teased, knowing full well the girl just had a full bladder. When Lenore parked in front of her house, Eileen darted out of the car. She waited outside the front door, groping her crotch and bouncing in place. Lenore took a medium stride up the door and opened it. Before Eileen could rush by though, Lenore grabbed her for a big hug. She spun around, holding Eileen close. "Thank you for a very productive and fun day, Eileen!" Lenore praised the girl, squeezing her against her body. Eileen whined. "Peeee!" she cried out. A loud hissing came from her pants as she soaked her pull-ups. Lenore set Eileen back on her feet and looked at the girl as she helplessly peed on herself. The pull-ups did their job this time, holding back the piss from soaking into the overalls. Still it was obvious from Eileen's face and body language what she was doing. Also the faint sound coming from her crotch was a dead giveaway as well. Eileen pouted at Lenore. "All right, sweetie. That one was my fault, I won't count it." Lenore smirked and patted Eileen on the butt. Eileen did a funny waddle to her bedroom, which made Lenore giggle. The woman followed her wet little girl to the room to change her into a clean pair of training pants. Part 3: Getting Naughty Eileen woke up feeling fresh. Her training pants were actually dry this morning! She walked up to her potty chair, pulling off her onesie and then tugging down her trainers. She lifted the lid and sat on the potty, sighing as a peed into it. She couldn't wait to tell her mommy! There was another reason for her to be happy. It was the weekend. Now she could spend all day just being a little girl and not having to worry about anyone looking at her or judging her. The bedroom door opened up and Eileen smiled excitedly, pointing at the potty to indicate she actually used it this time. "Hey, Eileen, I'm sorry but I need to come into work today." Lenore said. Eileen's heart sank and she slouched on the potty chair. "Oh baby, don't be sad. It'll only be for a couple hours. I just need to take care of an emergency. I have to run a tight ship, you know." "But, Mommy, I don't wanna go today! It's my day off." Eileen stood up, wiping herself. Lenore's face twisted as she thought. She rubbed her chin. "Well, Eileen. I can't really get a babysitter here on such short notice. Are you sure I can trust you to be all by yourself today?" "Yes, of course!" Eileen said. "I didn't become a total baby, I'm still an adult here." "Yeah, you say that, but I've changed your diapers a lot in the past couple days." Lenore remarked. "Fine. Just this once you're on your own. You call me if anything happens though. You can have a cold Pop Tart for breakfast, but I don't want you using the toaster." Eileen pumped her fist once Lenore turned away and whispered a quiet "yes" to herself. As Lenore walked out the front door, Eileen raced after her. She opened the door and shouted from the doorway. "I went on the potty this morning! Don't forget to put that on my chart!" Lenore waved from her car and then got in. Eileen watched her mommy pull away to head back to work and leave her all alone for a few hours. She hoped that Lenore would remember. Eileen sighed. She looked around the empty house and then shouted "paaaar-tyyy!" she ran up and down the hallways, yelling like a hyperactive child. She knew exactly how silly this looked, but she was alone so she did not care. She hopped on the couch, dancing around wearing nothing but pull-ups. She held her hands over her little breasts so she could bounce as much as she wanted to without her bra on. She looked over at the television set, seeing that potty training DVD just resting on top of the DVD player. Eileen thought for a moment. This was the closest thing to porn in the house. There were naked girls in it! Sure they were mostly sitting on potties and having their diapers changed, but she got to see their privates. Yes, Eileen was sure she was gay if this is the kind of thing she was going to watch to get off. With a happy grin she put the DVD into the player and started it back up. She sat on the floor in front of the TV, queuing the video up to the part where they show the adult women pulling down their pants. Eileen licked her lips and then stuck her hand down her trainers, using her middle finger to tease her clitoral hood while her other fingers just massaged around her mons. She didn't like to stick things inside herself, but she loved to stimulate herself on outside of her pussy. Maybe that's why it felt so good when she was wet? She was caught up in the moment, feeling mesmerized by the video. Suddenly a new chapter started, one she didn't see last time. "When your girl is being dirty." Eileen sat up straight to attention. What were they going to show this time. The video went on to explain how sometimes your baby girl will refuse to go on the potty. They showed a girl purposefully using her pants, showing a close-up of her face at first and then panning down to show her pants darkening around the crotch. The back of the girl's pants began to droop as well. Eileen paused the video. She was feeling awkward. She had another urge to mess herself, but she remembered what happened last time. She tried to think of a way she could get away with it. She remembered there was a stack of diapers just sitting there under the changing table in plain sight. Eileen stood up and rushed down the hall. She pulled out one of the large adult diapers and held it up. She had never put a diaper on anyone before, let alone herself. She pulled off her training pants and then set the thick diaper on the floor. She sat on the diaper and pulled it up around herself. She taped the sides shut and was surprised at how well of a job she did. It felt so snug on her, just like when Lenore put her in one! She tried to think if there was anything she missed. "Oh yeah!" she thought, grabbing the baby powder. She pulled the waistband back and puffed a generous amount down her diaper. Satisfied with the job she did, Eileen waddled back to the living room to continue watching the video. She started it up again, seeing the girl on the screen continue to wet and mess her pants on purpose. She looked pleased with herself. Eileen knew that look well. As Eileen watched and listen to the voice over chastising the naughty girl she relaxed her muscles and let the poop just slide out of her bottom as she sat there on the floor. The instant the poop made contact with the diaper it became smashed against her butt. Because she was sitting down the poop had little room so it just squished all over, spreading across her cheeks. Eileen felt so good after her accident. She rocked back and forth on the floor, feeling the poop get spread more. Eileen wasn't even paying attention to the video anymore. She was so content, having her poop smear all over the inside of her diaper. She was making such a mess of herself and she was getting away with it! She gasped, feeling her pleasure peaking, and she slowed down. She actually had an orgasm without even touching herself. She sat in silence, thinking about what just happened. Stopping the video and turning off the TV, Eileen stood back up, feeling diapers droop heavily from the weight of her messy load. As fun as it would be to stay in the diapers she knew she had to hide the evidence now. Eileen waddled back into the bedroom. She grabbed the baby wipes and climbed onto the changing table. She tore the sides of the diaper and let it fall open. The mess was everywhere on the inside, even coating her crotch. She knew it would be bad though. Digging lots of wipes out of their box she began to wash away the poop. It took a while and she wasn't sure if she was getting it all. She pulled the diaper away from her butt and got on all fours, trying to wash the mess away from her cheeks by reaching behind herself. She finally climbed down from the table and threw her used diaper and all those wipes down the diaper pail. She looked at her butt in the mirror really quick, just to make sure it didn't have anymore lingering mess on it. Sighing after the long deed was done she pulled her training pants back on. As Eileen got herself dressed she felt real proud of herself for basically getting away with something so naughty. She just had to smile about that. Eileen put on a fresh pair of overalls for the day and headed to the kitchen to grab a Pop Tart and then wandered into the living room to sit on the couch. Cocky and complacent Eileen kicked up her heels onto the coffee table and put the television back on, turning it to the cartoon network. She ate the cold pastry, getting crumbs on her chest as she laughed at the cartoon playing. After about an hour Lenore had finally come back home. Eileen dusted the crumbs off of her shirt and overalls and then ran up to her mommy. She almost knocked her back as she pressed against her for a big hug. "Oh my, someone sure missed Mommy! You didn't get into any mischief was I was away, did you?" Lenore combed her fingers through Eileen's hair. "No Mommy, I've just been watching cartoons." Eileen let go and skipped back to the couch. "Wait a minute, little lady, get back here." Eileen said, pointing down at the floor in front of her. What could Lenore want? Eileen took a nervous step forward, heading over to her mommy. Lenore spun Eileen around. "Surprise inspection." She announced as she undid the overalls and pulled them down around Eileen's ankles. Lenore tugged back the waistband of the trainers and wrinkled her nose. "Hmmm." She pulled the trainers down next. Eileen was getting nervous. Did Lenore know something? Was it just her motherly intuition? Lenore grabbed Eileen's cheeks and spread them. "Eileen, honey, did you go poopies today?" Lenore asked, tilting her head as she looked at Eileen's face. Eileen had to say something. "Um, yes Mommy..." Eileen said, "I went in the potty." Without asking for further details, Lenore held Eileen's hand and made her do an awkward walk with her pants around her ankles. She brought Eileen into the bedroom and looked at the potty chair. Lenore lifted the lid and looked inside, only seeing the pee from earlier this morning. "Eileen, have you been fibbing? Your potty doesn't have any poopies in it and yet your bottom looks like it's been wiped poorly." Lenore stood straight, staring down at Eileen from her full height. "No! No way, I mean um..." Eileen tried to think of a lie. "I used the toilet! Sorry, Mommy. I know you said I wasn't allowed on the toilet yet but I thought I might be ready!" "How did you go in the toilet? Why don't you show me?" Lenore said plainly. Eileen wasn't sure what Lenore's point was, but she tried to walk down the hall to the closed door of the bathroom, trying to pull her pants back up at the same time. Attempting to open the door, she found it was locked. "Well imagine that, the bathroom is locked. I wonder how you got in there without a key." Lenore leaned against the door, looking down at Eileen. She caught her. "All right, poopy butt, what really happened today while I was gone?" "Nothing! I don't know. I just had a dirty bottom today..." She tried to shrug it off, struggling to get the straps of her overalls back over her shoulders. Lenore grabbed Eileen by the wrist, dragging her back down the hall to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and once again pulling Eileen over her lap, holding one hand firmly on her back to keep her still. She got two hard spanks onto her bottom before Eileen cracked. "Wait, stop!" The girl sobbed, "I pooped in one of the diapers!" she finally confessed. "Tell me everything that happened." Lenore sat Eileen up on her lap and looked her dead in the eyes. Eileen sniffed, feeling guilt and shame over what she did and how she lied about it. "I w-wanted to be a dirty girl, like in the video..." Eileen admitted through her sobs. "I took one of the d-diapers and I put it on. Then I p-pooped and I played around in my poopy diaper." Eileen felt as if her whole body was blushing as she gave her confession. "And then what did you do, Eileen?" Lenore held her still in her lap, her voice calmer but still stern. "After I made myself feel good I tried to change myself and hide the evidence. I put it in the diaper pail." Eileen sniffled and rubbed her nose. Lenore set Eileen down and walked over to the diaper pail, opening the lid and looking inside. Sure enough there was the used diaper under some very messy looking wipes. She turned back to Eileen. "You've been a very very naughty girl." Lenore told her. "I thought you were interested in getting potty trained but I guess that was another fib you told me." "I'm sorry..." Eileen mumbled, chin tucked to her chest. "That's not good enough this time. You're in diapers for the rest of the month, got it?" Lenore stated strongly. "No no no, I wont do it again, Mommy! I promise! Please, I want to keep my big girl pull-ups!" Eileen started pleading. "I don't think you do. I think you want to pee and poop your pants and play with yourself." Lenore said, pretty much stating facts. Eileen knew it was true, but she couldn't admit it. "And you want Mommy to clean up after you. If that's what you wanted then you should have just been honest. Now because you weren't you are getting your privileges and your privacy taken away." Eileen whined and wanted to complain more, but Lenore just smacked her butt. She wasn't having any of it. She took Eileen by the hand and brought her into the bathroom. She took out her key chain from her purse and opened the door to the bathroom, letting both of them in. The bathroom was shimmering and clean. It was so spotless. No wonder Lenore never let Eileen in here. Lenore stripped Eileen of her clothes. When she pulled off the training panties she put them right in the trash. "Say bye bye to your big girl panties." Lenore got on her knees and started to draw a bath, adding bubbles. Eileen stood timidly in the bathroom, completely naked and shivering. She sniffled, feeling bad. She was left to think about what she had done and how she disappointed her mommy. She might have even gotten a lesser punishment if she didn't lie about it. Lenore pulled Eileen towards the tub and helped her in. "It's about time you had a bath anyway." Lenore said, lathering up a sponge. She scrubbed down Eileen's naked body, just working it like it was a job. It wasn't sensual or anything, though it did feel nice. "Hey, don't look so glum." Lenore said as the sponge dipped into the water and started to get scrubbed between Eileen's cheeks. "You'll be allowed to be as messy as you want and play with yourself in your dirty diapers all day until I decide you need a changing. Don't act like you aren't going to enjoy it." Eileen kept her mouth shut. Of course that part was going to be fun. The only problem was that now she might be totally exposed. Lenore said she wouldn't get anymore privacy. If she was granting the girl privacy before, then what was she planning to do to her now? She dreaded everyone at the office finding out she was a diaper using baby. Lenore pulled her hands out of the tub and dried them on a towel. She walked to the toilet and lifted her skirt. She then shimmied out of her tight panties before sitting onto the toilet. "I didn't get to do this since I got home. I had to deal with your naughty butt." Lenore complained. Eileen looked over at her mommy and heard her tinkling. The stream hit the water in the toilet bowl loudly. Eileen was actually jealous of this woman because she got to use the toilet while she wasn't even allowed on a baby potty. Sure, it was her own fault she couldn't use the potty, but she wanted to be a baby on her terms! Lenore stood up and dabbed her soft bush with toilet paper. She tugged her perfectly, pure white panties back up and pulled her skirt back down. "Up and out." Lenore reached into the tub and pulled out the drain plug. She helped Eileen stand up and then wrapped her in a large towel. Eileen stood still as she felt the towel rubbing all over her body to dry her off. Lenore lead the girl back to her room, raising her up onto the changing table. She pulled out one of the thick diapers from under the table and placed it under Eileen's butt. She sprinkled the baby powder all over and then rubbed it in with her hand. After dusting her hands off she folded the thick pampers around Eileen's waist and taped them shut. Lenore indeed does the best job when it comes to diapering up Eileen. Lenore pulled Eileen back to her feet and sent her to the closet. She picked out a very frilly pink and white dress. It looked like the kind of old-fashioned dresses babies wore in black and white photos, only sized for an adult. The dress did not even go down all the way, leaving Eileen's thick diapers completely exposed. The opened a drawer on the night stand by the bed and took out a large pacifier on a string. She put the string over Eileen's head and then stuck the pacifier into her mouth. "Don't you take that out now until I tell you that you can." Lenore picked up a little stool from the floor and took Eileen by her other hand, walking her out to the living room. She set the stool in the corner and then made Eileen sit on it. "You're in time-out for ten minutes." Lenore told her. She left her alone and walked away, getting on her phone. Eileen sniffled, tears rolling down her cheeks as she sucked on her binky. This was by far more embarrassing than what she experienced before and it was all her fault. To make the situation even more awkward she was feeling very aroused, the crotch of the diapers heated up nicely. The ten minutes of corner time seem to stretch out longer than expected. Time went so slowly, as if she really was a little kid again. She remembered how excruciatingly long these kind of time-outs felt when she was younger. "All right, Eileen." Lenore came back to her once the time-out was over. She had her stand up. "Aunty Kathy is going to be here soon to help me watch over you tonight." It looked like Eileen's punishment was just beginning. Eileen wondered who else would find out she was a diaper wearing baby. It was a mortifying experience and yet she still felt all tingly between her legs. Eileen waddled across the room. She sat on the couch, lazily watching the television as she didn't know what else she could be doing right now. Kathy eventually showed up. She lived a half-hour away but she didn't mind coming over. Eileen heard the two women talking to each other in the next room. She tried not to listen to what they were talking about, but Lenore was just so loud. "Yeah. She's been pooping herself on purpose. I really think putting her back in diapers for a while is a good call." Eileen's ears burned as she heard her mommy talking about her. She sucked hard on her pacifier and sank into the couch. She tried to turn up the volume on the television so she didn't have to hear anymore of her mommy's insulting and candid comments about her. Kathy walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to Eileen. She put her arm up on the back on the couch and inched closer to the big baby. "So, your mommy caught you being a dirty girl, did she?" Kathy smirked. Eileen pouted and spit out her pacifier. It dangled around her neck on its string. "Leave me alone." Eileen crossed her arms tight across her chest. "Hey, I know this punishment seems harsh, but you can get through it." Kathy patted Eileen's knee. "They key is to always be honest with Lenore. She appreciates totally transparency above all else. You give her that and she'll treat you right." Eileen thought about what Kathy said. It seemed to be the right way to go. Kathy let her arm hang down lower until it was draped around Eileen's shoulders and she pulled her in close for a hug. Kathy stood up and was about to walk away. "Thank you, Aunty Kathy." Eileen spoke up. Kathy smiled at her as she slid off into the next room. Kathy and Lenore talked for what seemed like a long time. Eileen was no longer paying attention, having gone back to sucking on her pacifier. She could hear pots and pans scraping around in the kitchen. The two women must be cooking something. Eileen kind of wished she could help, but Lenore would probably just remind her that she's too much of a baby. Eileen spread her legs and relaxed, pissing all over herself. She sighed and let a smile creep up her face. If she was going to be forced to wear diapers she thought she might as well enjoy them. The thick diapers quickly absorbed her pee so she didn't feel too wet for long. "Eileen, honey, dinner's ready!" Kathy called for the girl. Eileen got up from the couch, letting her pacifier fall out of her mouth as she waddled to the dining room table. A fancy adult-sized high chair was at the table now. Lenore lifted Eileen up and put her into the high chair. The tray in front locked her in place. Kathy tied a bib around Eileen's neck while Lenore handed her a plate with all her food cut into very tiny bites. She also got a tall baby bottle filled to the brim with milk. She did not get a fork though. Eileen realized that Lenore must want her to eat with her hands. While Lenore and Kathy talked as if Eileen wasn't even in the room the girl began to pick up her food with her fingers. She tried her best not to make a mess, but her hands and face were covered by the time she was halfway through her plate. She picked up her bottle and practically chugged the milk. Kathy and Lenore's conversation was suddenly interrupted by Eileen letting out a loud burp. The two women giggled and Eileen let out a nervous laugh herself. After dinner was finished the two women helped clean up Eileen's face and hands. They lifted the girl out of the chair and Lenore carried her to the adorable bedroom. "I'm not sleepy..." Eileen whined. "That doesn't matter. Your new bedtime is 8pm." Lenore informed her. Eileen was set in her bed. This time when the bars were raised Lenore put a padlock on them. Eileen could probably still climb over the bars, but she knew that the lock was mostly just to send a message that she shouldn't get out of bed. Lenore gave her some plush animals and toys to play with while she was in the crib. She then set a baby monitor on the night stand. Eileen sat in her crib and watched the glowing stars light up the ceiling as the light went off. She sighed and figured that tomorrow would be a better day. Soon she began to hear voices. It was Kathy and Lenore, and they were apparently coming through the baby monitor! Lenore must have set the monitor to go both ways. "So the baby's in bed?" Kathy said, the sound of bed sheets rustling behind her voice. "Yeah. I think she's learned her lesson, but I'm still going to keep her in diapers for a month." "Well she's your baby. I sure you know what's best for her." "Damn right I do. I love that little brat." The two women giggle. "You know who else I love?" Lenore said in a raspy whisper. Eileen listened closely now. She heard the faint sound of lips smacking. There was heavy breathing that intensified. Eileen got a warm blush all over. She was actually hearing her mommy and aunty making out through the little monitor. She rolled over onto her tummy and listened closer. She heard the soft moans of love making. Eileen was so jealous of Kathy right now. She knew her chances with Lenore were slim, but still, she wanted that woman so badly. For now she could only enjoy her vicariously. Lying on her tummy she began humping against her bed through her diapers as she listened to the two women pleasure each other. Eileen was having trouble stimulating herself through the layers of thick diapers so she forced a little more pee out. Feeling the hot wetness on her crotch she began to hump against the bed again. It felt much better to grind her crotch against the soggy material. She wondered if the two women could hear her movements. She tried not to think about that. When she heard Kathy climax Eileen tried to imagine herself feeling the same release with the help of Lenore. She closed her eyes, imagining Lenore licking her. She shuddered and accidentally moaned. She pressed her face to the pillow to quiet herself. She looked up from her pillow and stared at the monitor. She heard the women whispering lower. Eileen rolled onto her back and got quiet. She picked up her pacifier and stuck it into her mouth. Sucking on the pacifier helped her get to sleep. ~ The next morning as Lenore lifted Eileen out of the crib and made a comment about Eileen being a stinky baby. She carried her to the table and set her back. Lenore tore the sides of the diaper and let it fall open. As Lenore was cleaning up Eileen's mess the girl thought it would be a good time to be transparent with her like Kathy told her. "Mommy?" Eileen spoke up in a weak, barely-awake voice. "Yes, my little one?" Lenore responded, smiling down at her. "I really like my diapers." Eileen admitted. "I know you do." Lenore said back. Eileen bit her lip and looked off to the side. She turned her gaze back to her mommy. "I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about using one of my diapers yesterday." Eileen said, twisting her dress in her hands. "It's just, well, I never really had these feelings before. I've always been kind of a baby though. I used to poop my pants a lot until I was five years old, and I wet my bed almost every night. When I was in school everyone called me a baby because I there were a couple incidents where I wet my pants. It only happened a couple times though! I thought I could leave all that behind when I got my job at Leafletter, but then you noticed my accident and then all of this started all over again." Eileen sniffled, her voice started to tremble as she bared her soul. "Then when I was given the option of diapers again I guess it sort of made some feelings come to the surface that I didn't know I had. I liked going pee and poop on myself. I just didn't want anyone to know. I wanted you to think of me as a big girl." Eileen pouted and looked down. "Well, you're not a big girl." Lenore finally said after some seconds of silence, "but that's okay." Eileen looked back up into Lenore's eyes. She saw a loving expression. A look of pure motherly adoration. It wasn't the affection of a lover though. "I know, but..." Eileen sighed, "I wanted to be on your level. Maybe not equals, but someone you could respect enough to go out with and kiss and make love to." Lenore pursed her lips. "Aw, poor baby." she said. The comment cut through Eileen's pride, hurting it more than it already was. "Well, tell you what, you keep telling me the truth and maybe after lots and lots of begging I'll finally give you what you want." It wasn't a great deal, but Eileen was desperate enough for Lenore's approval to take it. Eileen giggled and smiled at the thought that, some day, she might get to do sexy stuff with Lenore like Aunt Kathy did. "You think I'll ever graduate from diapers, Mommy?" Eileen asked, feeling the cool wipes now rubbing over her sensitive privates. Lenore looked down at the girl. She was always perceptive enough to know that Eileen liked being touched like this during her diaper changes. "I highly doubt it. I think you might be in diapers forever, or at least as long as I am around." Lenore said. She sprinkled baby powder onto Eileen's butt and crotch and then leaned forward as she rubbed the powder in. "But don't let that stop you from trying to reach your other goals. There's no rule that says you can't be a big success while wearing a big diaper on your butt." Eileen sighed contentedly. Lenore knew exactly what to say, and she did it while giving her a pleasurable diaper change too. Lenore folded the fresh diaper around Eileen's waist. She picked up the little girl from the changing table and bounced her in her arms. "I see great things coming from you." Lenore said with a wry smile. "And I will be there every step of the way to cheer you on, even as you're dropping loads in your pants." Eileen had to giggle at this. She hugged Lenore and kissed her on the lips. Lenore turned her head away and laughed. She then turned back though and gave Eileen an innocent kiss right back on the lips. "Hey, don't you two go hogging all those kisses now!" Kathy poked her head in through the doorway. She walked between Lenore and Eileen, letting the both of them kiss either cheek of her face. The three ladies laughed, sharing this moment and hugging each other.
  7. Hello! I'm Cereza and I'm looking for a potential Rp that includes potty training. I'm looking for a mommy, daddy, and maybe an older sister or brother to babysit! The youngest age I prefer to be for this RP is 1 and half (When I was potty trained lol) and the oldest would be 3! I ask that you please be very detailed and send at least 2 sentances per turn! I'll reply as quickly as possible and I ask that you do the same! Bio: Cereza is a strong willed and very stubborn toddler who likes to do what she wants, though her parents would like her to be potty trained to attend daycare. She has long curly brown hair, big blue eyes, and medium reddish brown skin. She can be very loud and likes to make her opinion known to all, even if it's the less popular opinion. While Cereza is very smart, she has a very short attention span regarding some things, especially the potty. She doesn't like to be disciplined, but sometimes, a time out or a bottom spank is necessary. She's very close to her father, and despite her mother's wants, he spoils her and gives into her little requests quite often. She loves outings (to the mall, grocery store, park, her big sibling's school, ect) and eating sweets, though they cause sugar rushes. Feel free to reply with a bio and I'll be happy to start! If you'd like to join in (as a parent, sibling, or other family member, please feel free to jump in at any time and we'll include you in the story). Thank you for reading this! I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you! Love, Cereza
  8. So I recently was inspired by a post on another forum to concoct a set of rules for a potty training game playable by one or two people. Would love to hear people's thoughts on it, and just generally put it out there for people to hopefully enjoy. I'll also note that you can find other ideas along these lines with a google search of diaper dare. :-) Here goes: Partnered potty training game This game is intended to give a framework for a Caregiver(CG)/Little couple to try out potty training. The object for the little (who starts out in a diaper with zero points) is to earn the right to wear first pullups, and then big boy/girl underwear by earning and spending points below until they have passed a potty training test. Their success or failure will depend greatly on how forthcoming the CG is with permission to use the potty, as going potty without permission always loses points, whether it's in the potty or their pants. CGs, how you use that advantage is up to your particular dynamic, of course! Frequent diaper/pullup/panty checks are encouraged to keep the little honest. ;-) The little's point total may vary between zero and twelve points. At no time will they have more than twelve or less than zero points. If an action would result in a point total greater than 12, then the total is twelve points. Similarly, if an action would result in a negative point total, then the total is zero points. The potty training test consists of spending 24 hours in underwear while maintaining a positive point total (i.e. at least one point) and not invoking either of the prohibitions against wearing underwear. Action Point cost Putting on a diaper 0 Putting on a pullup 0 Putting on big boy underwear -1 Letting your diaper leak -4** Wetting a diaper w/o asking CG for permission -2** Wetting a diaper after telling but w/o permission -1** Wetting a diaper with permission from CG 0* Letting your pullup leak -7** Wetting a pullup w/o asking CG for permission -5** Wetting a pullup after telling but w/o permission -3** Wetting a pullup with permission from CG -1* Wetting underwear w/o asking CG for permission -10** Wetting underwear after telling but w/o permission -6* Wetting underwear with permission from CG -4* Using the potty w/o permission from CG -2 Failing to drink when so instructed by CG -1 Using the potty with permission from CG +1 Drinking 16oz of water or other liquid +1 Giving CG an orgasm +1 Taking the potty training test -11 * = Little is prohibited from wearing underwear for the rest of the day ** = Little is prohibited from wearing underwear or pullups for the rest of the day The central mechanism here is permission from the CG. If you're playing alone, you could use a dice roll to substitute for the CG as follows: No more than once per 30 minutes, roll a d6 to ask for permission to go potty (either in the potty or your pants). On a roll of 5-6, you have permission to go. On a roll of 1-4, you do not have permission and must either wait for 30 minutes to try again or go potty and accept the loss of points. That's it. Feel free to post thoughts, additional rules, or your own games!
  9. Does anyone have any input on a reliable seller of adult training pants? There's a lot of sellers online and on Ebay. But trying to be careful of who I deal with. I would pay a little more for a good product. Something like Gerber cloth pants that are sold for toddlers. Not just plastic pants, but the reusable cloth style panties that were used before Pull-Ups. Figuring that the group could tell me who's reputable as well as who to avoid. Thanks for any and all input.
  10. This may have been asked before, but why not another shot? If you think about it, we have 3 major diaper generations right now. There’s what's known as the "Baby Boomers". They only had cloth diapers with plastic pants. Disposable diapers were at most an idea in the 1950's of a P&G developer, Vic Mill's, the inventor of Pampers. Sometime in the early 60's Pampers were a luxury item sold in department stores and worn on special occasions. The idea of Pampers was to be a diaper and plastic pants all in one. Their slogan was, "Instead of a diaper, Pampers" Even though, they still leaked. So, plastic pants were still often used for early disposables as well. I was born in 1967 when Pampers had their wing folded design. Disposables were beginning to be an alternative to cloth. Even if a child wore cloth at home, some like me wore Pampers more regularly. Especially when doing things away from home. My memory of being “allowed” to wear diapers as a Toddler goes back to remembering a box of Pampers that were mine. The box was Purple and diapers were sized to fit Toddlers. This was around 1969-1970. I'd love to have a box of them now. Back then, it was thought that if a child wasn't potty trained before 3 years old, it was considered as abnormal. Fastening Tapes came to be a part of disposables in the early 1970's. During that time, there were a couple other brands. Johnson & Johnson disposable diapers were popular for those who wanted an alternative to Pampers. Huggies and Luvs were introduced in the late 70's and then the diaper wars began... First, came the double and then triple elastic hourglass shape diapers for a better fit between the legs and less leakage. Originally, thick was in. Then an absorbing gel was invented, reducing the need for so much cotton fluff to absorb wetness. Then there's the Pull Ups generation. You "Kid's" were (are) so lucky, IMHO. New diapers of different brands, cute prints and larger sizes were made. Bedwetting especially got easier as diapers and/or Pull Ups could be worn into later childhood if needed. Some are from the internet generation and knew at an early age you weren't alone to actually like wearing diapers. I loved the gender specific diapers of the early 90's. I sometimes bought girl diapers for fun. They didn't quite fit me anymore. So I’d wear them inside my undies like a pad. They would shift around but still felt good to wear. So what kind and or brand of diapers did you wear as a baby or into your childhood?
  11. 1. 15th July 1993 Rebekah touched the packet of Pampers and felt like a dirty girl. Her first night babysitting for the Field’s and Karen had left her standing in the nursery as Beth, the toddler, had started crying downstairs. Rebekah pulled her eyes away from the nappies and caught her breath, the pink changing table. Her hips bumped the end of the vinyl mat as she leaned in to touch. She felt safe the minute her fingers brushed it. Safe and aroused. “Becky! We’re about ready to go... Can you bring Beth's blanket down pleaseâ€.She heard them saying their goodbyes to the baby as she entered the living room “she'll be asleep soon, you can leave her in here or...†Rebekah's mind was back in the nursery, the thought of the nappies had made her go her tingly down there. The slamming of the front door brought her back into the living room, realised she better get to actual babysitting. Beth had woken up as soon as her parents left so they played for a bit, taking the babysitters mind off her desire to return upstairs. She needn't have worried as her nostril filled with the scent of poo. “Has someone filled their nappy?" she asked as she carried her charge to the nursery. 2. She'd got Beth cleaned up and into her crib. Rebekah watched her drift off before cleaning the changing table. She taped up the used nappy, enjoying the feel of the plastic and noting how warm it still was. She remembered the time she'd found a wet disposable in the swimming pool changing rooms. She'd taken it into one of the cubicles when no one was looking and had tried to put it on, although it had been too small. Her breath was getting shorter as she placed the dirty nappy in the bin. Looking around the nursery, smelling the scents of baby powder and wipes she took off her trainers and felt the soft carpet between her toes. She felt herself fill with a dizzy excitement, a familiar dampness between her legs evidencing her mood. She began to explore the nursery, opened the nursery closet and drinking in the sight of 4 large packets of pink Pampers nappies. She came, creaming her knickers there and then in the nursery, a little sigh escaping her lips. She wanted more and was pulling her cut off jeans down as she dragged the sealed bags out and laid the closest one flat on the carpet before she straddled it. She lowered her crotch down and slowly start to hump the packet of disposables, the cotton of her moist panties sliding easily across the pack. She squeezed her thighs making the plastic squeak and push up into her privates. She closed her eyes as she felt the shame and ridiculousness of what she was doing wash over her. Then her little twat erupted with pleasure, little moans escaping her lips at the sensation. Getting up clumsily, still panting, she looked down to see a smear of cunt juice across the Pampers. 3. She slowly got herself to her feet, and stacked the nappies back in the cupboard. She felt a fresh sense of embarrassment at what she had been doing. What if she had been caught? Closet closed she padded back to the changing station, slipping off her damp panties and feeling the air against her pussy. She took in the sight of the baby powder, the wipes and the already opened packet of nappies. She'd already made her mind up about putting one on, her stomach doing a little somersault at the thought. She pulled the open bag of Pampers closer and was soon fingering an exposed nappy, her other hand clenching the changing mat as she pulled the disposable free. She slowly opened the nappy up, sniffing the baby scent as she buried her face in the soft fabric. It smelled like her childhood. Her heart pounded as she slipped the nappy between her legs and, testing the tapes, realising that it would fit her. She turned and sat her naked bottom down on the cold vinyl of the changing mat and leaned back, putting her legs in the air and feeling like a big baby. This is what Beth must feel like as she slipped the nappy under her backside. She brought the plastic up between her legs and felt close to ecstasy as her crotch was wrapped in the soft fabric, as the elasticated flares locked around her thighs. The throb in belly told her she was being very naughty. The 18 year old pulled herself up from the pink mat and waddled over to the nursery mirror... She was wearing a babies nappy. She felt a flush as she picked up one of Beth's dummies from the side and slowly popped it into her mouth. She ran her hands over her large chest, her erect nipples poking through her white vest. She gave some soft sucks on the pacifier, noticing that her hand had been gentle working the front of her nappy. She slipped it around to her bum, pushing the disposable between her cheeks, feeling the cotton fabric against her little bumhole. Again a wave of silliness overcame her, she was wearing a nappy for babies, stood in a nursery and was meant to be babysitting. She also realised she needed the toilet bad. She crouched down and, holding the bars of the cot, she let a stream of her hot wee trickle into the pampers. She could feel the nappy heating up and swell on her thighs, she opened her eyes and saw drips of her piss stain the cotton white nursery carpet. Shame filled her as the nappy swelled. Closing her eyes she slowly got down on the carpet and began to crawl on all fours, wee wee running out of the sodden nappy as she moved about. She made her way over to the little plastic ball pit, one hand fixed on the wet nappy, and began playing while she let out soft coos. Rebekah was lost into a world of her own until a sound of slamming door snapped her back to reality. The front door. They were back. And panic. Beth let out a cry. The teen girl jumped up, feeling the warm piss-wet through nappy sagging and straining around her waist. At the crib she tried to sooth the crying baby, as her other hand went to start taking off the nappy. Foot steps on the stairs, she couldn't be found like this. As she leaned further into the crib, she felt liquid running down her thighs, remembered the wet patches on the carpet earlier. How would she explain? what would they say? As she picked up Beth she realised the baby had wet her disposable too, compounding her embarrassment, and with that she heard the nursery door go, felt a sharp ping around her waist and heard the dull splat as her soiled nappy hit the floor. â€Rebekah...?†Karen and Will stood staring at their babysitter standing half naked with an exposed, wet bottom in front of the cot. The young girl burned with hot shame. â€Rebekah†Karen gentle took Beth into her arms â€those nappies are for the baby. Daddy? I think we are going to need the big girl pampers...†4. Rebekah watched the evening take hold of the nursery, the shadows growing long across the pink and white decor. Mrs Field, Karen,had left the babysitter perched on the changing station, reassuring her that she'd be right back before leaving the nursery with her husband. Becky was wrapped in a pink an yellow blankie, which the woman had taken from the nursery rocking chair, watching Beth sleep in her crib. The toddler had fallen back to sleep after her mother had tended to her, quickly changing her soiled nappy. She'd asked Rebekah to help her, handing her the pee filled Pamper to seal up and bin. Despite the situation Becky had felt a deep longing to be in Beth's position, having Mrs Field look after her. "That's better" Rebekah was snapped from her reverie by Mrs Field return, noting that the mother had changed into a small black nighty that barely covered her thighs. The older woman padded across the nursery, stopping to switch the night light on that bathed the baby's room in a gentle yellow glow. Karen faced the young girl as she put her arms on her covered shoulders "And don't you worry about anything" Mrs Field offered the teen a sincere smile as she rubbed her shoulders gently. "Mrs Field I, I, I'm so sor-" Rebekah was cut off by the older woman quietly ssshh-ing her "it's ok, I know you how you must feel". She offered the young girl an understanding look, Rebekah felt her eyes grow moist at the warmth shown. "Oh honey, don't cry, we'll look after you tonight. I won't have you going home in this state" Mrs Field pulled the babysitter into her arms, Becky felt herself relaxing in the embrace, felt the older woman softly rocking her "it's ok sweetie". Rebekah sat back feeling a bit better as her employer wiped the remaining tears from the young girls face "I think I know what'll help". A baby bottle appeared in front of Becky's mouth, Beth's bottle to be exact, still half full from when she had put the toddler to bed. She looked into Karens eyes who indicated with her eyebrows to drink from the bottle in her hands. Becky watched the teat inch closer, it seemed to invite her to clamp down. She relented, wrapping her pert lips around the rubber nub, sucking hard. As Rebekah drank she felt the shame of being caught by the Field's ebb away. "There you go" Mrs Field stroked the young girls hair as she sucked on the baby bottle. Her body followed her mind and relaxed completely, eyes drifting shut. A dribble of milk ran from her mouth, Rebekah felt her chin being wiped softly by her new carer. She heard Mrs Field say something but the words felt like they were a million miles away, the sensation of being bottle fed taking her back to a babyhood she could barely remember. She made herself focus and the words became clear "Rebekah? Darling? I think it's we got new nappy on you" 5. "let's get you cleaned up first" The young mother cooed at Rebekah, who sat back on the changing station. The plastic mat was cold on her naked behind making her fidget. The young babysitter was back again amongst the baby powder and nappies. A small stab of shame ran through her although this was slowly overtaken by the security of the care being shown by Mrs Field. Rebekah felt the baby blanket open, watched the woman's eyes run over her naked nubile body. “You're very pretty Becky†the experienced hands of her ward ran gently over breasts, backs of fingers brushing her erect pink nipples. The hands stopped at her ankles and Rebekah felt them push back, saw her legs appear above her. Kathy's arm moved across the babysitters field of vision, before a packet of baby wipes appeared, clutched above her naked body. “Let's wipe your bum bum†the young mothers head bob down between Rebekah's thighs, making her gasp when she felt warm breath on her privates and then sniffing “you've made quite a mess young ladyâ€. The next sensation was the cool touch of a baby wipe on her still wet pussy, juices running freely again. “Oh Rebekah, we'll never get you cleaned up at this rate" the young babysitter blushed as she watched Karens head go down again. Rebekah let out a gasp and a squirt of cunt juice at the touch of a tongue lapping at her tight pissy pussy. Rebekah softly panted, drinking in the sight of the nursery as she was licked clean on the baby changing table. She stared at the cute Disney prints on the wall, embarrassed by Mickey and Pluto's gaze on the scene below. She pushed back, head slipping off the mat as she felt the soft penetration of fingers down there. Her breath came faster now, both hands grasping the changing mat, she opened her eyes and was inches away from the opened packet of Pampers, she pulled the plastic bag towards her rubbing her face into it as an orgasm rocked up from her twat. "Messy baby†she heard the mother gently chide as she rose from Rebekah's thighs, baby wipe dabbing at her mouth. The babysitter lay still for a moment, her body alive. “let's get that nappy on†Karen said. 6. Rebekah was taped and secure in a disposable as she was helped off by Mrs Field. “You look very cute Rebekah,I used to be able to fit in them before Beth came along" the babysitter felt a pat on her nappied bum which lingered and squeezed. “Want to play for a bit while I get sorted?". Rebekah was about to nod when a cry came from the crib. “shall I?...†Rebekah began to waddle towards the cot when Karens hand blocked her way “I think she needs feeding sweetieâ€. Rebekah saw a glint in the older woman's eyes “but I imagine you're quite hungry, aren't you Becky?â€. Rebekah watched the older woman back slowly away from her, slide a hand up the black negligé, up to her chest before slowly un-cupping one of her swollen breasts. Rebekah felt moist between the legs, the tight nappy hungrily ate up the juice and swelled back against her clit. She began to waddle forward as the young mother sat back into the nursery rocking chair. “Crawl, baby Becky†the young mother sighed as Rebekah went down on all fours, her nappied bum rocking as she crawled over the soft nursery carpet. Rebekah heard Beth's cry become more incessant at the sight of her mums breast, “it's all mine kid" she thought as she wrapped her mouth around the already expressing nipple. Warm milk exploded on her tongue, her hands moved instinctively to her own tits, nipples. The babysitter squeezed her legs together feeling the bulk of the plastic nappy against her sopping pussy. The older woman moaned as Rebekah sucked more eagerly, milk dribbling out of her mouth, staining the nightie. Rebekah felt a slight urge to wee, she pushed, wanting to fill a nappy again. She I unclamped her mouth from the lactating nipple “Mrs Field?†Warm milk running down Rebekah's chin over her body “call me mummy, Beckyâ€. She watched her new mummy's eyes roll back as she said it. “Mummy? I need a wee wee†Rebekah felt herself pushed back from the exposed nipple “I think we've had a few too many wet nappies today Becky, let's try getting you potty trained" the young girl felt a hot stab of humiliation as she watched mummy tuck her breast in, noting that it was still coated in her saliva. 7. Karen had placed the changing mat underneath a pink potty, Rebekah finding the 'Care Bears' design cute as she straddled and lowered herself, with mummy's guidance, on to the baby toilet. She felt the nappy tightened against her arse, a sudden tug on her left thigh as the older woman pulled the tab lose, letting the used garment fall around her ankle. Just as Rebekah was being primed to piss at her new mummy's command she heard Mr Field's voice from the nursery doorway "how are you two getting on?". Rebekah felt a tinge of embarrassment at the sight of a man watching her acting like a big baby. She made out a large piece of folded plastic, realisation dawning that it was a giant nappy, bigger than she thought possible, the "big girl pampers" she thought. He waved the nappy in her direction, catching and returning her mischievous grin. She suddenly felt a hand on her toned stomach "sit on your potty darling†The older woman watched her make contact and relax. Rebekah was watching Mr Field who had shifted his free hand towards his chino'd crotch, a large bulge growing at his touch. Rebekah hadn't “lost†it yet but she'd fooled around with few of schoolmates, girls and boys. “Do you need a hand?†Mike asked his wife, rubbing the massive tent he was supporting. “Becky said she needed the toilet, before we get started†a smile flashed across her face “will you come and pick this up†she indicted for Rebekah to lift her leg before picking up the used nappy and handing it to Mike. Rebekah watched Mike lean over, take her damp nappy as he deposited the larger disposable on the side. “now sweetie lets make a big wee for mummy and for daddy†nodding at her husband who’s eyes were fixed on the young girls crotch. Rebekah nodded, paci clamped between her teeth as she let go. She felt liquid splash back onto her swollen cunt lips and looked up at the Field's, both smiling at her making toilet in their toddlers potty. Rebekah felt Mrs Field holding her steady, her arms around her shoulders. She felt Karens other hand on her crotch, stroke her little brown thatch of pubic hair before massaging her clit. Rebekah was enjoying the sensation, the exhibitionism of pissing into a babies potty in front of grown ups. Karen nodded “good girl, isn’t she a good girl daddy?". Rebekah looked at Dada for approval and saw his giant red rocket poking out of his fly, his hand working it faster. “She is a good girl†she saw him want her body with his eyes, the tinkling sound of her wee hitting the potty filling the white and pink nursery “a very good baby, no need for for dirty nappies anymoreâ€. She watched him put the cum stained disposable frist to his nose, sniffing the sweet sour smell, and then wrap it around his purple shaft as he start to fuck it, the little teddy bears clutching balloons facing outwards. Rebekah let out a little squeal at the sight of Daddy's transgression triggering her biggest orgasm yet, an explosion of piss and cum hit the rapidly filling potty causing a splash back of wee all over her legs and onto mummy kneeling next to her. She babbled at the intense feeling, nearly falling off the potty but mummy steadied her. “Good baby, you’re such a good girl†Karen hugged the naked, potty bound babysitter “and for being such a good girl Daddy has a present for you†Rebekah eagerly leaned forward, the plastic front of the potty pushing into her clit as she faced Dadas bright red firehose. She watched him slide his pee pee faster and faster in the dirty nappy, she reached out and took hold of the cock/pampers combo, felt the plastic and started to work him. Rebekah closed her eyes in ecstasy, a small smile across her lips as she suddenly felt a hot blast of sticky liquid covered face across her mouth and dummy. Her pussy responded in kind as she let out a deep moan and felt herself shaking on the potty. Rebekah opened her eyes and put her head against mummy's chest as daddy gently wiped her face with the dirty fucked Pampers, clearing her of his cum. "I think it's time for beddy byes" her new Daddy said leading his wife and teen baby into their bedroom.
  12. Hi everyone! I've been a long time lurker, but today I just had to post. I had a really potty emergency and accident. I don't wear very often anymore because I am in a serious relationship. I'm afraid to tell her and would rather slowly phase diapers out of my lifestyle and be with her. Anyways, I was at the grocery and needed to pee. It was getting more urgent as I shopped. I only had to grab a few things, so I decided to wait. I thought I could make it home. After hitting one red light, my pee pee was about to burst out whether I liked it or not. Since I wasn't diapered, I really didn't want to wet myself. It was already dark out, so I decided I'd pull over and try to discreetly pee into a water bottle. As I was unbuckling my seat belt, the pee pee started to flow out. I couldn't help it. For about 5-10 consecutive seconds, I wet. It was such a great and scary feeling. Luckily my underpants absorbed a decent amount and the way I was seated mad the pee flow in the inseam area of the pants, so I could discretely get inside and change. I totally felt like I imagine a potty-training toddler feels with a potty emergency. I wish I had someone to tell me it was okay and get me into a diaper for the night in case I had any other issues I hope this was the right section to post this. Anyone else have similar situations? This was the first half of a fantasy inadvertently coming true.
  13. Hi, My name is Robert. I live in Denver. I am a Daddy to the center of my being. I am enjoying the post here and learning more everyday.
  14. I woke in my crib cuddling my stuffed puppy dog and squrimed from the discomfort of my wet and messy diaper. "Mommy MOMMY!!" I inserted my thumb into my mouth as mommy walked into my room. "Hang on honey I'll get you out of that diaper in just a sec." She says as she picks me up out of my crib. "Oh I hope your not getting mommy's cold, that's one heck of a mess you have in there." I wince as mommy pats my bum feeling my warm mess sqiush all over my bottom. She gives me my pacifier as she secures me to the changing table. I take out the paci to quiz mommy to see if she followed through with her promise. "Mommy what are we doing today?" I ask her in my baby voice "You already know that answer sweetie, anything you want to." She said warmly smiling at me "Why?" I ask her watnting her to tell me again. I feel her lift me off the changing and carry my tiny diaper clad body to the glider in the corner of my room. "hehe you are such a silly baby today." She says tusling my hair. "Well we're doing it because we're finally free today and alone soo mommy wanted to spend some quality bonding time with her sweet little boy, and on top of that you've been doing great going on your big boy potty this week." She was right I had been doing well with my potty training. Don't get me wrong I've had more than my fair share of accidents this week, but I'm not half bad for being autistic. "So how old are we today hmm?" She asks snapping me back to reality. "Dis many mommy" I say to her holding up four fingers. "Well Mommy likes that answer. Let's get you dressed and have breakfast, then we can start our day."
  15. Hi, I am looking for my little angel who needs a safe place to be who she is. I am open to a range of situations but ultimately looking for a long term relationship. Changing diapers and potty training is part of caring for her and I am happy to do it.
  16. Hello, My name is Kevin and I've been in diapers since I was born. I'm 18 years old and I was diagnosed with Autism and Cerebral Palsy when I was 2 and so as a result I've never been fully potty trained. I came to this site for support and to meet new people. I'm pretty small so I still wear baby diapers (size 5) and I have a nursery at home. I live with my mommy and my two younger sisters who are also incontinent and have autism. I am very gifted in English, Math, and Science. I love being mommy's little boy and I always have my paci and blankie with me. (I'm typing this in my crib right now actually). Outside of diapers I'm the captain of the cross country and swim teams at my school and I just recently got a job as lifeguard for the summer (kinda weird in my swim diapers) Got to go now if mommy catches me up I get a spankin' Hope to hear from people soon Kevin White