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Found 46 results

  1. One day a curious teenager wanders into the woods and fonds a curious cabin. The cabin belongs to a witch! The witch (or wizard!!) a little older than the teen ager. The witch invites the teen in hopes of slowly getting the teenager diaper dependant and like an infant! Does anyone want to be the witch/wizard?
  2. When Princess Seraphina's father gets remarried to the Queen of the neighbouring kingdom, Seraphina finally has a new mother. What she doesn't know is that Seraphina, at age 20, is only five years younger than her new mom! Not only that but her mother is a secret magic user. The new queen, and new mother, is horrorfied when Seraphina finds out she can use magic and she tells the whole kingdom. The queen decides to take revenge on her by using her magic to make Seraphina slowly become diaper dependent and mentally regress, this will show her who's in charge! And who her new mommy is. I would like to be Seraphina! Who would like to be the magic step mommy queen?
  3. How many of you diaper lovers or adult babies out there actually USE your diapers? I used to all the time, at least for tinkles, and got to the point where I was even pretty comfortable with wetting in public, as long as I didn't overdo it. I also gave myself enemas or suppositories that forced me to mess pretty frequently, and even did THAT in public a few times! But over time I gradually stopped using them less and less, and now even though I get all dressed up a few nights a week, and am comfortable wearing diapers, sissy clothes, and toys/plugs out in public, I just never wet or mess them anymore.I feel like I'm not being a good baby, and if I'm going to be buying diapers, I need to earn them. So with 12 disposables left in this current pack, I'm looking for instructions as to what I need to do to prove myself, and earn the right to buy the next pack.It's not that I'm totally opposed to wetting or messing, but I just need some encouragement and strict rules. Ideally, I'd love if someone wants to chat with me as I'm completing any tasks to make sure I follow through and don't wimp out.Thanks!Baby Kelsey
  4. Has anyone ever messed without diapers on? Like just in pants?
  5. I especially love the poops in diaper that are dark and firm. Oh sure, it does not happen all the time, but when it happens, it is simply great! Heaven is when there is a long and firm one. You see what I mean? When it doesn't crash against the bottom of the diaper, when it doesn't end up in a ball.I love it when it is long and wide, like a long cigar. How do reproduce it, do you know? I feel that it is easier with diapers that are not too thick, don't you think so? Because in the thick diapers, there is a kind of retreat that points to the rear and is the privileged place where the butter comes poop. While in thinner layers, there is a natural inclination which "guide" production. Looking forward to reading your opinions on the subject!
  6. Hi, everyone. I just wanted to share a short story from my recent collection of ABDL short stories: The ABDL Trilogy. This is just one of three stories available as a Kindle Ebook. If you enjoy this one, follow the link below to read more. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6XZ3TH WEEKEND WITHOUT A BATHROOM Jake laid sprawled out on the leather couch in a t-shirt and cargo shorts, staring at his smart phone. As his thumbs ran across the screen, the animation on the game that he was playing was just about the only thing distracting him from his current predicament. To say he was angry and disgruntled would have been an understatement. As he shifted to a more comfortable position, he heard a subtle crinkling under his shorts. He frowned as he felt the thick padding between his legs forcing them apart. At least he was still dry. The only thing Jake hated worse than wearing a diaper was wearing a used diaper. The fact that his diaper was still dry only seemed to affirm his conviction that being forced to wear diapers that weekend was a radical, absurd, and ultimately unfair decision that he was being forced to endure. The moody 19 year old boy on the couch knew full well that the disposable adult diaper he was wearing wasn’t the real reason he was angry. Though it was certainly an ever-present reminder of the people in his life who led him to this point: namely his mother. The woman had left Jake and his 18 year old sister to stay at a family friend’s vacation home for the weekend, as if he and his sister weren’t adults who could look after themselves! Why couldn’t his mom just skip her damn out-of-state conference if she was that worried about them? Their mother always treated the two of them like little children no matter how old they were. The only silver lining was that Jake wouldn’t have to put up with his mother over the weekend. (Though dealing with their family friend Heather was sure to be just as bad.) Hearing the sound of his sister Nicki giggling in the adjacent kitchen was like nails on a chalkboard to him. Heather and Nicki always seemed to get along so well. Jake had been foolishly optimistic to think that Nicki would take his side in arguing that they were old enough to spend one weekend at home by themselves. Sure, their mom worried that Nicki might invite her friends over and throw a crazy party. But it was Jake’s medical condition that was the real deciding factor in their mother’s decision to leave them both at Heather’s house over the weekend. Heather’s four-bedroom vacation home was certainly nice, even luxurious but it was the principle that mattered to him. While Jake would certainly admit that he had a minor medical problem, his mom had always blown it out of proportion. When his diaper had leaked on a family shopping trip a few months ago, his mom became determined to diaper Jake herself since he clearly couldn’t do it properly. It was completely unfair. He was an adult in every sense of the word so why should he have to endure his mother diapering him like a baby? Jake had always used the word “incontinence” to describe his condition, which was the appropriate medical terminology. In contrast, his mom had always used the cringe worthy term “ potty accidents” as if she was talking about a toddler who was still potty training. It was obvious that his mom thought that Jake needed far more care and supervision than he actually did. That attitude of hers naturally led others to think that he needed such care. Heather certainly thought so. It was only Saturday morning now and Jake was determined to stay right there on the couch with his eyes focused on his phone. If Nicki continued chatting with Heather in the other room, he might be able to avoid both of them for most of the time he was there. Sadly, his time alone on the couch didn’t last. Only a few minutes later, Heather and Nicki walked into the living room. “Hey Jake, how are you?” Heather asked in a friendly tone of voice. Jake responded with a pout and a shrug, still staring at his phone. “Well, I think you two kids have been cooped up inside long enough. It’s a gorgeous day outside and I still haven’t finished showing you guys around the property. Your sister thought it would be fun if we all went for a walk.” Heather said. “I think I’ll just stay here.” Jake mumbled. “Ah, come on. It won’t take long. A little exercise won’t kill you.” “I’m fine really.” Jake said, finally looking up at Heather. The blonde woman put her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrows as she stood over Jake. “Jake we’re not leaving you here by yourself. What if you had an accident and needed me to change you? Your mom would kill me if I let you get a rash.” “Well um, I would come and find you guys if that happened.” Jake said. “Yeah, right. Jake, you never tell mom when you wet your diaper.” Nicki said, chiming in. Jake said nothing. It was indeed true that there were many times when Jake was just too shy to go to his mother and confess that he had a wet diaper. Much to his chagrin, this led to her ‘diaper checks’ becoming increasingly more common. “I don’t know why everything has to be such a struggle with you, Jake. Can’t you just put your shoes on and come for a quick walk with us?” Heather said. “Come on, Jake. Stop being such a brat.” Nicki said. “Okay, okay! Fine.” Jake groaned, getting up off the couch. “Wait one sec.” Heather said, gently grabbing his arm. Jake groaned, knowing full well what was coming as Heather began unbuttoning his cargo shorts. He frowned as she slipped two fingers into the leg band of his diaper. The fact that she was a few inches taller than him made it easy enough for her to look over his shoulder, pulling back the waistband of his diaper and peeking inside. Nicki stood on the other end of the room watching with a smirk on her face. Jake had never gotten along with his sister and there were times when he was convinced she relished a chance to see her older brother embarrassed like this. “Okay, you’re good.” Heather said. “You know, you could have just asked me.” Jake said with an eyeroll. “I guess I could have… if I could trust you to be honest with me about your diaper.” Heather said. “You might want to bring this just in case.” Nicki said, handing a light blue bag to Heather. “Thanks.” she said, slipping the long strap over her shoulder. Jake despised that awful bag. His mom called it his ‘travel bag’ while Nicki had always called it his ‘diaper bag’ and as much as he hated that term for it, it was certainly appropriate enough. The bag contained several of his disposable diapers, baby wipes, powder, and rash cream. While Jake could understand the practical need for a bag to hold all his supplies, he was furious that his mom had purchased an infant’s diaper bag rather than a discreet backpack or gym bag. Sure, it was unlikely that anyone in a public place would see the bag around his mother’s shoulder and deduce that the teenager beside her was still in diapers. But the bag drew unnecessary attention to Jake’s medical condition. That damn bag seemed to accompany him and his mom on just about any outing outside their house… though it hardly seemed necessary for such a short walk. More and more, Jake was beginning to feel like a helpless infant rather than a 19 year old. Pulling up his cargo shorts, zipping them, and buttoning them up; Jake slipped his shoes on. Within a few seconds, the three of them walked out the front door. Jake squinted in the bright spring sunshine. It was warm out that day but not particularly hot or humid. He was grateful for that. There were many times during the summer when Jake felt uncomfortably hot in his thick disposable diapers. Luckily, when Heather had changed his wet diaper that morning, she had used lots of talcum powder. While Jake hated the babyish smell, it would certainly keep him from getting hot and sweaty. An enormous grassy field stretched out in front of them and a forest of pine trees lay just beyond it. Apparently, Heather had hired help that came to mow her giant lawn once a week during the warmer months. The property around her house was very well manicured, much like Heather herself. Her long blonde hair swaying in the gentle breeze, Heather donned a white tank top and an open plaid shirt over it. Paying little attention to the conversation between Heather and his sister, Jake’s eyes wandered down Heather’s waist. The pair of tight jeans she was wearing showed off her round toned butt. A brown leather belt with a large buckle and a pair of cowboy boots completed the outfit. Jake and Nicki had known Heather practically their entire life. At this point, she must have been a few years over 30 but still looked good for her age. If it weren’t for the fact that Jake hated Heather, he might have almost thought she was hot. She’d purchased her lavish vacation home in a fairly rural neighborhood, her nearest neighbors living over 6 miles away. That suited Jake just fine. At least there would be little risk of him being embarrassed in public or running into anyone they knew over the weekend. In truth, Heather had always been fairly nice to both Nicki and himself. Jake had always been more or less indifferent to her… until this weekend. Heather told their mother that she was happy to have them staying with her but on one condition. Apparently, his mom explained to him that Heather insisted he wear his disposable diapers all weekend without any exceptions while he was staying at her house. Not only that but the toilet would be totally off limits! The woman was crazy, though Jake knew that his mom’s exaggeration of his medical problem had only fed into Heather’s ridiculous terms for them staying with her. It was true that disposable diapers were commonplace in Jake’s house. At night, he always wore disposable diapers as a rule but his mom also insisted on them for longer outings. From shopping trips to restaurants to long car rides, diapers were often a precaution his mother insisted on. At home though, Jake was usually allowed to wear a thin, disposable pull-on style garment and even regular underwear sometimes. Sure, he had occasional accidents but those were usually rare when the bathroom was never more than 10 feet away! So it made absolutely no sense for him to wear diapers at Heather’s house. How could this insane woman expect him to just use his diapers for the entire weekend? Worse yet, how could he be expected to just allow Heather to change his diapers like a baby while he was at her house? The whole thing was like some kind of bad dream. Jake’s argument with his mother earlier in the week was still fresh in his mind. She had calmly explained the situation to him, as if it was somehow nothing out of the ordinary. “Jacob honey, Heather just bought this house and all of her furniture is brand new. This is her home and you need to respect her rules. Here at our house, I’m very lenient with you but its not like I’ve never had to clean up after one of your accidents. Do you remember how long I spent scrubbing the carpet in October after you wet your pants in the living room? And lets not forget your number two accident when we were all out Christmas shopping.” The conversation with his mom turned out to be so mortifying that Jake had to leave the room. It wasn’t as if he was going to persuade his mom to see things his way. Yes, it was true that Jake had accidentally pooped in his diaper once or twice in the last few months when a bathroom wasn’t close enough but it wasn’t a regular occurrence by any means. That was totally different than asking him to use his diaper on purpose when there were three perfectly good bathrooms in Heather’s house! It seemed Heather was stubbornly determined to keep her furniture and her bathroom clean and spotless, even if it came at the expense of Jake’s dignity. Anyway, he just had to get through one weekend. Surely he could do that. While Jake certainly had no desire to be around Heather and Nicki, it wasn’t the only reason he had resisted their invitation to go on a walk. Ever since he had woken up that morning, there was an uneasy, heavy feeling in his stomach that he had been trying to ignore. Jake knew it was unlikely that he could get through the entire weekend without tending to this need but he had to try. He found that if he didn’t walk too fast, the cramps weren’t all that bad. Deliberately lagging behind the two women, he almost seemed to waddle but then again, Jake always walked awkwardly when he was wearing a diaper. At one point, Heather accidentally dropped her house keys in the grass before bending down to pick them up. As she did so, the frills of some black lace rode up above the waistband of her jeans as Jake stared intently. He was surprised to see this older woman wearing such sexy underwear beneath her casual outfit. A few seconds later though, she stood up. As she pulled her jeans up a few inches, Jake’s glimpse of her panties came to an end. The sight had left Jake feeling acutely aware of the soft padding between his legs as he began to get hard in his diaper. She was undeniably hot. Staring at Heather’s ass, he resented the woman more than ever. Using the bathroom was no doubt effortless for Heather but it was a privilege that she refused to extend to him for the entirety of the weekend. She had effectively imprisoned him in his diaper. The simple act of walking around with a bulky diaper under his shorts made Jake feel less assertive, less confident, and less grown up. It changed his very personality. For all intents and purposes, he was a toddler for the weekend. Despite the fact that his mind was wandering, one particular part of his sister’s conversation with Heather caught his attention in that moment. “Seriously, my mom treats me like I’m still a little kid. Its so unfair.” It seemed shocking to think that his younger sister couldn’t see the irony in her statement. “At least she doesn’t make you wear diapers all the time.” Jake sneered. “That is totally not the same thing, Jake. Mom doesn’t make you wear diapers because she’s mean. She makes you wear diapers because you need them.” Nicki said with an eye roll. “But I can use the bathroom. I do it all the time at home!” Jake whined. “Yeah and you have accidents all the time at home too.” “Do not! I hardly ever have accidents at home.” “Whatever.” Nicki said. The fact that Heather was there made Jake especially eager to defend himself. Nicki’s snide comments and her exaggeration of his medical condition were probably just serving to reinforce Heather’s decision for him to be in diapers all weekend. Feeling a dribble of warm pee getting absorbed into the padding of his diaper though, Jake fell silent. While Jake didn’t often have full-blown wetting accidents, it was true that he sometimes dribbled pee. Even so, an occasional few drops of pee didn’t justify putting him in the thickest, most absorbent disposable diaper on the market! If Heather were to check his diaper at that moment, she wouldn’t even be able to tell that he had just peed. “Come on, be nice you two.” Heather said, trying to quell the argument between the two siblings. “Now Jake, you know full well that your mom makes you wear protection because you struggle with incontinence. Its nothing to be ashamed of.” “Yeah but I can use the bathroom. Its not like I need to wear diapers 24/7.” Jake said. “I know you can, sweetie but the fact is that you still have accidents a lot. I figured that you would have at least one or two accidents while you were here this weekend anyway so I told your mom that I wanted you wearing your protection just in case.” “Well, why can’t I at least use the bathroom though? Why do I have to use my diap… I mean uh, protection?” “Jake, your mom already had this conversation with you. I know you think this is unfair but I work from home so I’m going to be taking a lot of calls this weekend and I can’t just drop what I’m doing to help you take off your diaper and rush you to the bathroom at a moment’s notice. It’s just easier for everyone if you use your diaper. Its not like you’ve never used your diapers before.” Heather said. With a groan and a sigh, Jake abandoned his argument. He hated any discussion that involved his diapers but all too often he found himself getting drawn into such discussions when he tried to defend himself. Much like his mother, there was no hope of persuading Heather. A few seconds later, a sudden cramp forced Jake to hunch over slightly. Clenching his butt cheeks through the padding of his diaper, he was content to remain silent and allow Heather and his sister to continue chatting. Jake figured it would probably be better if he focused all his energy on holding in his impending bowel movement. “Anyway, we were talking about me, remember?” Nicki said. “Okay, okay, calm down. What were going to say, Nicki?” Heather said. “I mean, I’m 18 years old. I’m going to be graduating high school in a few months and I still have an 11:30 curfew on the weekends.” “I’m sure your mother just wants you to stay out of trouble.” “Its not just that. I had this huge argument with her the other day about how she doesn’t want me wearing thongs. Like seriously, how is my underwear any of her business?” Jake shook his head but said nothing. For quite some time, their mother hadn’t allowed Nicki to wear thongs. Nicki complained constantly about the cotton panties that their mother purchased for her, derisively referring to them as “granny panties”. When their mother discovered two thongs and a skimpy black G-string in the laundry a few weeks ago, she wasn’t too happy. Usually Jake could care less about whatever kind of petty dispute Nicki happened to be having with their mom at any given moment. That particular dispute though just made him think about his own ‘underwear’. It was depressing to think that his younger sister was arguing about what style of underwear she was allowed to wear while Jake was fighting with his mom about wearing diapers. He couldn’t figure out why his sister would want a thin strip of fabric up her butt… though it was disheartening to think how easy it was for her to keep her own butt clean enough to have such an option. “Nicki, you know you really don’t need a thong unless you’re wearing leggings.” Heather said. Jake suddenly became more interested their conversation. Listening to Heather talk about her underwear was a tantalizing prospect. It was a little disappointing to think that Heather didn’t often wear sexy thongs or G-strings but then again, his glimpse of her panties from earlier showed she still had some very sexy undergarments. How could someone so uptight and so tyrannical be so sexy? “So let me get this straight Nicki, you’re mad that mom doesn’t want you to dress like a slut?” Jake said. “Jacob Andrew Rollins!” Heather said sternly. “You apologize to your sister. That was not a very nice thing to say.” “Sorry.” Jake said, rather insincerely. “Could you give us some privacy, Jake? I think this conversation is way too adult for you.” Nicki said with a smirk. “Hey, I’m older than you!” “Yeah, by like a year. Anyway, since you don’t wear big boy underwear, I don’t think you’ll have much to contribute to this discussion.” “Jake, this is girl talk. Just give us a minute or two of privacy?” Heather said, putting her hand on his shoulder. “Fine.” Jake said. Jake was more than happy to wander away from the two women. He didn’t have any desire to come on the walk with them in the first place. “Stay where I can see you.” Heather said. Her tone of voice made it sound as though she was talking to a small child rather than a 19 year old adolescent. Another cramp caused Jake to cringe and it was beginning to seem all but certain that he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. He wiped some sweat from his forehead. It wasn’t the 75 degree Fahrenheit temperature that was causing him to sweat though. It was the stress of trying to control his body’s urge to relieve himself. In some small way, Jake was proud of himself. While staying completely dry all day was a task he often struggled with, he usually had no trouble holding his poop. (Yet another reason why it was ridiculous for Heather to forbid him to use the bathroom at her house.) If they had been in Heather’s house though, Jake would have at least been able to go to another room to poop in his diaper. The thought of engaging in such a humiliating and infantile act right in front of Heather and his sister was just too much to bear. Even so, Jake knew that he was soon going to lose the battle he was fighting with his own body. As they approached the small forest at the end of the field, Jake’s pace slowed. A slower pace meant that it would be easier for him to hold on. Heather and Nicki seemed to be chatting away about 15 feet in front of him, oblivious to Jake’s silent struggle. He focused on a large oak tree in the field that the three of them were walking towards. Jake figured he could hide behind the large trunk of the tree and have at least some privacy. While he was resigned to using his diaper, he quickly reminded himself that it would be a deliberate act. It wasn’t an ‘accident’ by any means. He was in total control. He didn’t need diapers. Just then, a longer spurt of warm pee shot into his diaper, undermining his confidence. Stopping by the oak, he watched as Heather and Nicki continued walking along the tree line at a leisurely pace, still engaged in their conversation. Leaning up against the tree trunk, he clenched his cheeks again as the heavy feeling in his stomach intensified. Taking one last glance at Heather and Nicki, he now felt confident that they were far enough away where they wouldn’t be able to tell what he was doing. He might as well get comfortable. Stepping behind the tree, Jake was comforted by the fact that it was cooler in the shade. Resigned to his fate, Jake got onto his knees. He was reasonably comfortable kneeling in the cool, shortly trimmed grass even though his mind was filled with anxiety about what he was about to do. Heather changing his wet diaper that morning had been embarrassing enough but the idea of her changing his dirty diaper was downright mortifying. Being in a clean, dry diaper granted him some self-confidence. On a weekend as embarrassing as this, he needed all the self-confidence he could get! Now he was about to give all that up by making a disgusting and revolting mess in the infantile, disposable garment he was being forced to wear. For a moment, Jake began to question his decision to use his diaper right then and there. The feeling in his belly wasn’t nearly as intense now that he wasn’t standing upright. He wondered how much longer he’d be able to hold on if he continued to fight the cramps in his stomach. Then again, if he was going to be trapped in diapers for the rest of the weekend, maybe he might as well get comfortable? Holding everything in all morning had probably contributed to his bad mood. At least once he was done pooping; he would be a lot more comfortable physically. (Though there would be some momentary mental and emotional discomfort.) Letting go was clearly the best thing for him at that moment. A bird chirped in the distance and he could still hear the faint sound of Heather and his sister talking off in the distance. Despite his newfound commitment to relieving himself, Jake found himself fighting a mental block. He had never deliberately pooped in his diaper before and it was strange to contemplate such a bodily function and not be seated firmly on the toilet. While he’d wet his diaper plenty of times, messing his diaper was comparatively rare. He thought that the feeling in his stomach was urgent enough that the slightest push would have the desired effect but his body wouldn’t cooperate. Still, he was worried that his privacy under that tree might be short lived. He had wasted enough time already and he needed to commit. Jake whimpered as the cramps grew stronger. Closing his eyes and bearing down, Jake knew it was now or never. With a loud grunt and a strong push, Jake heard a wet crackling sound as a hot mess of excrement ran into the seat of his diaper. Staring down at the green grass in front of him, Jake immersed himself in the task at hand. With another grunt, he forced more poop out, feeling the mass spreading out to find room in the confines of his disposable diaper. He had done it. Taking a deep breath, Jake remained on his hands and knees, not quite finished. Even so, his stomach now felt a thousand times better. Despite his embarrassment, the feeling of physical relief combined with the privacy offered by the large tree made Jake feel at ease. In all honesty, using his diaper didn’t feel so bad. The feeling in the seat of his diaper was strange certainly but not altogether uncomfortable. In fact, the warm mess was now causing him to get a little hard in his diaper, his unimpressive erection pressing up against the damp padding that confined it. He grabbed the crotch of his diaper, whimpering in frustration at the fact that his penis was confined in all that padding. Taking a deep breath, Jake then pushed the last of his poop into his messy diaper before feeling a stream of warm pee. He was finished. Once again, he placed his hand on his crotch in a vain attempt to grasp his boner through the thick sodden padding of his diaper. Just then, he got the eerie feeling that someone was watching him. Turning around, he saw his younger sister standing over him, shaking her head, arms crossed, with a mischievous smirk on her face. “Am I interrupting anything?” she said in a taunting tone of voice. Jake didn’t know what to say in that moment. The position he was in must have made it obvious what he was doing. “Having fun?” Nicki asked. “Huh?” “Heather sent me over here to check your diaper but I don’t think I really have to. You know, you look just like our two year old cousin Nathan when he’s going poo poo.” Still on his knees, Nicki seemed to tower over him and he felt more helpless than ever. “H-h-h-how long have you been standing there?” Jake asked hesitantly. “Well… I didn’t want to interrupt. You looked like you were concentrating pretty hard.” Nicki said with a giggle. Jake frowned. “Come on now. Let’s go show Heather what you did in your diaper.” Nicki said. Grabbing her older brother by the arm, Nicki helped him onto his feet. As they walked, it was as if Nicki was pulling him along like a small child who couldn’t be trusted to go where he was told. Jake didn’t resist. His diaper was now sagging due to the large load inside and Jake’s awkward waddle had become even more pronounced. “Heather! Jake made a mess in his diaper!” Nicki shouted. “Oh yeah? Did you check him?” Heather asked as the two siblings approached her. “I didn’t exactly need to check him.” Nicki said. Heather looked him in the eyes and wrinkled her nose. “Yeah, I guess that smell isn’t exactly subtle.” Heather said with a chuckle. “Still… sometimes its good to see what the damage is and take a look at what kind of chore we’ve got in front of us.” Jake just stared at the ground as Heather unbuttoned his cargo shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. “I can already tell you’re wet.” she remarked. Then she stepped behind him, lifting his t-shirt and pulling back the crinkling waistband of his diaper to peek inside. “Yep, I’d say you left quite a present for me in there.” she said, releasing the waistband and allowing it to snap back into place. “Told ya.” Nicki said, still smirking at her brother’s predicament. “I guess we should start heading back to the house.” Heather said. “I thought you were going to show us your barn at the other end of the field.” Nicki said. “Nicki, your brother needs a diaper change pretty badly.” Heather said. “Well, why don’t you just do it here? Isn’t that why you brought his diaper bag with us?” “Well, that was just in case he had a wet diaper. I honestly wasn’t expecting any poopy diapers.” Jake was quickly getting annoyed by them talking about him as if he wasn’t standing right there in front of them. It was all he could do to pull his cargo shorts back up to cover his sagging diaper. “Your mom told me you have a weak stomach and that you absolutely refuse to change your brother’s diapers.” Heather said, raising her eyebrows. “Hey, as long as you’re the one changing him and not me, I don’t care!” “Okay, as long as it doesn’t bother you.” Heather said. “Can’t we just go back to the house?” Jake interjected. Even though no one else was around, the idea of getting his diaper changed in the middle of Heather’s backyard was deeply embarrassing. Paying little attention to Jake’s comment, Heather unzipped the light blue bag around her shoulder. “Looks like your mom even put a rolled up towel in here to use as a makeshift changing mat.” Heather announced. “Do we have to do this here?” Jake asked anxiously. “Aw, no one’s going to see us, sweetie. Maybe your sister but I’m pretty sure she’s not going to be that interested in staring at your dirty butt.” “Not interested at all actually.” Nicki said. “Come on, lose the shorts.” Heather said, unbuttoning his cargo shorts once more. Stepping out of his shorts, he watched as Heather folded them and set them aside. Jake had never been outside in just his diaper and t-shirt before. The breeze on his bare legs felt surreal, though he wasn’t cold by any means. Now his sister and the tall, attractive older woman at her side had a clear view of his shiny, sagging, disposable diaper. Heather pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail before rolling up the sleeves of her plaid shirt. Then she laid the towel down on the grass. “Nicki, why don’t you be my helper and hold this bag for a second. Don’t worry. I’ll do all the dirty work.” Heather smiled. Jake watched as Heather reached into his diaper bag to retrieve a plastic package of baby wipes. “Okay sweetie, lay down on the towel. Come on.” Heather took him by the arm just as Nicki had done. As she guided him onto the towel, Jake was powerless to resist her. As his butt came to rest on the towel, he cringed feeling his warm mess spreading out between his legs and across his butt cheeks. Kneeling in front of him, Heather leaned over and slowly began rolling up his t-shirt to expose his bare stomach. Staring up at her nervously, Jake couldn’t help get a whiff of her mature, feminine perfume. She smelled so nice. It was a strong contrast to his own pungent scent. Just as she peeled back the tapes on his diaper, Jake realized his erection was returning. Biting his lip, he felt Heather opening his diaper as cool air flooded onto his genitals. It was horrifying to think Heather might see his boner as an indication that he had actually enjoyed pooping in his diaper. The attractive older woman wrinkled her nose but said nothing about his erection as he stared up at her helplessly. She then pulled three moist wipes from the package. “Okay Jake, I need you to grab your knees and pull them to your chest for me. Can you do that for me?” she said, looking down at him. Jake did as he was told, imagining the disgusting sight that Heather must have been witness to. Slowly and methodically, he felt the cold baby wipes swiping between his butt cheeks. Heather must have wiped him for over two minutes. For a fleeting moment, Jake almost felt glad that he didn’t have to take part in such a gross chore. Staring up at the sky, his sister briefly cast a shadow over him. Jake was relieved to see that she was staring at the screen on her phone and not at him. Even so, she did make eye contact with him for a moment, sneering at him in disgust. “Eew, you perv. You actually get horny pooping your pants?” Nicki said. “Nicki, be nice. Your brother’s a teenage boy. He can’t control it.” Heather said. He felt so helpless. His hard penis stood straight up but luckily Heather seemed more focused on cleaning his rear end. After more methodical wiping from Heather, he was beginning to finally feel clean again. Jake closed his eyes tightly as she ran the wipes over his balls, his erection standing taller than ever. It tickled ever so slightly. With his clean rear end feeling moist from all of the wipes, the early spring breeze felt like an icy North wind on his genitals. Folding his dirty diaper, she slipped it into a two ziplock bags, one after the other. The situation began to feel intolerable as Heather squirted some diaper rash cream into her palms, rubbing them together before smearing the cream onto his butt. For a fleeting moment, her fingertips slid across his genitals. He perversely imagined what a relief it would be to get a hand job from the sexy woman hovering over him but he knew such a fantasy could never be realized. The long diaper change was humiliating and sensual all at the same time. “Nicki, can you grab me a new diaper and unfold it for me?” Heather asked. “Sure.” Jake looked up as Nicki slowly unfolded a large, crinkling diaper in her hands before handing it to Heather. “Thanks. Can you hand me the baby powder too?” Heather asked, handing Nicki the package of wipes. Nicki returned the package of wipes to the diaper bag. Slipping the clean diaper underneath him, Heather sprinkled a thick dusting of talcum powder onto his bare butt. “Okay, you can put your butt down now.” Heather said matter of factly. Pulling the front panel of the diaper up, she surrounded his hard penis in soft, thick padding before taping it tightly in place. “All done.” Heather smiled, gently patting his diapered crotch. Sitting up on the towel, Jake whimpered in sexual frustration as he tried to cross his legs, the thick padding forcing them apart. As he stood up, Heather rolled up the towel and placed it back in his diaper bag. Jake noticed that she still had his rolled up cargo shorts in her hand as she slung his diaper bag around her shoulder. “Can I have my shorts back?” Jake asked, standing there in only a t-shirt and fresh diaper. “I think I’m going to hold onto these for now. I want to make sure we keep an eye on your diaper just in case you need another change.” Heather said, slipping his shorts into the large diaper bag and zipping it shut. Jake frowned and let out a heavy sigh but said nothing. He was tired of arguing. At least now he was in a clean diaper and his stomach felt a lot better. “Come on, I’ll show you guys the barn.” Heather said. With that, Heather gave Jake two firm and affectionate pats on his diapered butt. “Feel better, diaper boy?” Nicki asked with a smirk. Jake glared at Nicki as she walked past him. Crinkling with every step, he followed a few feet behind the two women. Feeling another dribble of warm pee in his diaper, Jake just stared at Heather as she walked in front of him… his eyes wandering down towards her toned rear end. He really did like the jeans she was wearing. CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEXT STORY: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6XZ3TH
  7. Hey, so everyone wants a mommy of daddy, but they aren't the easiest to find. I was wondering if anyone into messing who is closeish to Toronto would want to hang out, mess some diapers, watch some cartoons, maybe take turns changing each other?
  8. Well this was my first fanfic/ diaper story I had ever written. The quality is…meh as it is an earlier work. Although it does take place in the Pokemon World, knowledge of Pokemon is not necessary as most of the main characters are original. It is much more…one handed than my current work, so I hope I don't destroy too many of your brain cells. Summary: After recovering from a serious illness, Ash's sickly younger sister, Emily (Oc) is finally allowed to go out on her own journey at the age of 16, but winds up in the hospital shortly afterwards due to an embarrassing situation. Emily's Diary takes place 6-7 years in the past and is written by the Mc detailing her struggle for survival at the age of 10 when she comes down with a mysterious illness. Chapter One Emily sat down on the slightly damp grass and rested her back against a tall oak tree. She let out a yawn and stretched her legs out, listening to the squawking and hoots of the nearby pidgy's and sparrows nesting in the trees up above. Emily began digging through her bag tossing out empty food wrappers and bottles of water, which took up about 75% of her backpack. "Where did I put that map?" She mumbled to herself, going through pocket after pocket. After about ten minutes she sighed realizing she probably dropped it at the opening of the Viridian Forest. "Now what?" she asked herself realizing she was hopelessly lost. Emily was the 16 year old absent minded younger sister of Ash Ketchum whom no one knew about. Only the few residents of Pallet town even knew Ash had a younger sister. She was only six when Ash left on his Pokémon journey and she couldn't wait until she left on hers. Back then she idolized her older brother, wishing she could be like him someday. When she finally turned 10 she was prevented from going due to an illness. She had begged and pleaded with her mother to let her go, but with her poor health, there was no way. She was forced to stay back as she watched tearfully as her friends got their starter Pokémon from professor oak and left her behind. The months flew by and soon Ash was making a name for himself. Soon it felt like she didn't even have an identity anymore. Everyone knew her not as "Emily" but as "Ash's' Sister" Soon that idolization turned slowly into resentment as people only approached her to ask about her brother and talk of his accomplishments. Emily shook her head, trying to shake away those memories. That was six years ago she told herself. Things are going to be different now she thought as she stood up and brushed the leaves and dirt off her jeans. I'm a little late but I'm finally here! I'm going to surpass Ash! I'm going to be the new Pokémon master!...as soon as I find my way out of this forest. She said with a sigh. Alright first step, she thought to herself, gotta clean up this mess. She looked to her left and noticed a trash can about a quarter mile walk away then looked down. I think I can make it in one trip. Emily collected her things and with arms completely full, started the trek to the trash can. "Almost there," she reassured herself but suddenly her foot snagged on a vine and down she went sending her stuff flying in every direction. Emily moaned into the ground, slowly raising her head until she came face to face with a pair of black eyes and yellow fangs. "AHHHHH!" Emily screamed jumping to her feet and racing behind a tree in record time. Emily took deep breaths trying to calm herself down. She soon heard laughing coming from the direction she ran from and peeked her head around the tree. She saw a girl around her age laughing as she let a purple field mouse run along her arm and onto her shoulder. "I'm so sorry." The girl said although she continued to laugh. "I didn't mean to scare you, I saw you trip and went to see if you were ok. I've just never seen someone react to a Rattata like that before." Emily couldn't help but smile back at the girl. "I'm fine." She said eyeing the rat perched on the girls shoulder. I hate mice. "Here let me help you." The girl said as she bent down and started collecting the bottles that now littered the forest floor. "Thanks," Emily said truly appreciating the help. She looked over at the girl and very quickly turned a bright shade of pink as she accidently got a good look down her shirt. Emily's heart began beating twice as fast and her palms began to sweat. What the hell? she thought to herself as she quickly looked away. Why do I suddenly feel so nervous? "My name's Anna. What's your name?" the girl asked after they finished clearing out the forest. "E-Emily." She stuttered back. "Aren't you hot with that jacket on?" Anna asked looking Emily up and down. "It's got to be 90% humidity in this forest." "I feel better with it on." Emily said hugging herself. "I feel naked without it." Although it is really hot now that I think about it she thought as she felt beads of sweat rolling down her face and chest. "So what are you doing in the forest, Anna?" Emily asked unconsciously shifting from foot to foot. "Oh, I was collecting herbs for the nurse Joy in Cerulean City. I'm an intern at the Pokémon center there. She's teaching me how to make potions. What are you doing out here?" "Wow that sounds really neat! How did you end up as an intern?" Emily asked interested. She'd yet to meet a nurse Joy although she had already had a run in with an officer Jenny earlier today much to her displeasure. "Well Pokémon battles have never been my thing, but I love Pokémon none the less. Isn't that right little TaTa" Anne said letting the Rattata on her shoulder rub up against her cheek affectionately. Emily's stomach did a little flip and wondered to herself eww how could you love a rat? "You never answered my question about what you were doing here you know." Anne pointed out taking note of all the shifting and squirming Emily was doing. I wonder if she drank all of those bottles today. No wonder she has to pee. "Well todays actually my first week out on the road. I saw a Pikachu run into the forest and I wanted to catch it. Then well, I got lost and realized I lost my map." Emily admitted as she started to realize how badly she needed to pee. "Did you check your pockets?" "Of course I checked my pock-oh…" Emily said with a blush as she pulled her map out. "Let's see, it says I'm here and if I just follow this trail then I should reach Cerulean city in an hour. " Then I can find a bathroom. Doesn't look like there's one anywhere around here. "Hate to break it to you, but you're holding the map upside down." Anne said taking it from her and showing Emily where they were. It's about a four hour journey from here. "If you want I could lead you there. I'm headed back there myself. I could use some company" "No, really you don't have to go through that much trou-" BZZZZZZ! "I humbly accept your offer!" Emily screamed running away from the beadrills hive. Anne just shook her head and followed the screaming Emily. An hour into their journey Emily could barely keep it together, constantly grabbing herself when she thought Anna wasn't looking, completely unable to stay still. Anna wondered why Emily didn't excuse herself and just go. At this point Emily was about as subtle as a bulldozer and Anna was sure she wasn't going to make it much longer. She had asked Emily if she had wanted to stop several times now, but she kept saying she was fine. Although anyone could clearly tell she was lying. "How much longer till we get there?" Emily asked through gasps of breath. "We still have a few more hours. How about we take a break I'm getting tired too." Anne said sitting on a log. "You want to tell me what's wrong?" "Nothing." Emily lied crossing her legs. What's with this girl? Anna thought to herself then she remembered something that Emily had said about her jacket, about her feeling naked without it. Then it clicked. She's just really shy. Is that really all that's wrong? I just need to get her to relax. "Hey, Em. Can you come with me for a sec? I need to pee, but I don't want to go alone. I'm afraid of the forest at night and it's getting kind of dark." Anna lied. Emily turned a dark shade of pink. Ugh don't mention the word pee she thought. She was running out of time and she knew it. She took a step toward Anna and froze. She felt a spurt shoot out along with a sharp pain and quickly grabbed herself. Oh no I'm going to wet myself in front of Anna. Warm tears blurred her vision and started to fall down her face. "Look, I know you have to go so just go. Why are you torturing yourself? If you're waiting to find a bathroom you're looking at it." Anna said as a matter of fact while motioning her hand towards the foliage surrounding them. Anna spun around to face her friend after receiving no reply only to find her glued to the spot with tears rolling down her face as she clutched her side. "Em, can you move?" Anna asked a bit worried for her new friend. Emily shook her head as she felt another leak escape causing a burning pain. "Then just go here. " "I-I can't." Her face now closely resembling the shade of a cherry. "Look, there's nothing to be embarrassed about, we're both girls here. I'll go away for a sec an-" "No, I mean, I don't know how… "Emily mumbled embarrassed to admit the reason. "Oh, is that all?" Anna laughed with her back turned away. "Why didn't you just ask? I would have walked you through it. Ok first, pull your pants down." "I can't get them off! I can't undo the button." Emily whimpered after a moment of fiddling with her pants. "Here" Anne said coming closer as Emily's face grew redder and redder. Anna drew her pocket knife and cut the button off as Emily struggled with her pants. Anna sighed and moved Emily's shaking hands away and with one swift motion pulled everything down and lightly pushed her against a tree. Emily shrieked trying to cover herself, while tears continued to fall. "Now all you have to do is squat and let it out." Anna turned her back as she waited for her friend to relieve herself. Emily tried to calm herself down, and squatted lower trying to relax her aching bladder, but nothing came out. She tried thinking of the ocean, and of running water, but still nothing but a few drops and mounting pain. After a few minutes Anna started to worry that she embarrassed Emily too much. "Everything alright back there?" she called out. "No." Emily whimpered back. "Em, are you ok?" Anna asked rushing towards her new friend who was collapsed in a ball on the forest floor in pain. "What hurts?" "My side and lower stomach." "When did the pain start?" Anna asked looking her over for any bites or wounds. "When I got really desperate. I tried to go but it burned too badly." "Alright. Just sit tight and try to relax. I'll get nurse Joy on the line." Anne punched a few buttons on her transceiver and a hologram image of the pink haired nurse appeared. "Oh, Anna, what can I do for you? Did you have a question about the ingredients?" "No, actually my friend here is in a bit of trouble." "What seems to be the problem?" the nurse asked, a bit concerned. "Well, it seems to be her bladder. She says it hurts so much that she can't move. She was on the verge of wetting herself just a few minutes ago, but now she can't go. " "Hmm, feel around under her belly button and tell me what it feels like." "Eh," both Anna and Emily said at the same time. "Anna, part of being a nurse is dealing with human patients too. Do you want to help your friend or not?" "Sorry, Em, you heard her." Anna put her hand on Emily's stomach and felt around. "It feels hard as a rock. Not to mention she's burning up." Anna moved her hand from Emily's stomach to her forehead "Oh dear, sounds like an infection. " Nurse Joy said. "I'm sending my pidgeott to come get you, she needs to see a dr. in the meantime try to help her release as much as she can, or it's going to be a painful ride." "Release…?" "If she doesn't pee by the time my pidgeot arrives the Dr. will have no choice but to insert a catheter. I don't think she'll enjoy that. " And with that Nurse Joy signed off. "What's a catheter?" Emily quietly asked slightly afraid to find out. "Nothing you want to experience. " Anna said digging through her bag and pulling out plastic tarp and laying it out on a grassy patch. "You don't look to comfortable laying there on those rocks there so I'm gonna try and lay you down on this. "Small steps, there you go" Anna encouraged as Emily winced in pain with each movement. Emily wobbled as Anna caught her and laid her on the plastic sheet. "Alright now no matter what keep relaxing and try to pee." "But your thing." Emily said weakly. "Don't even worry, it's just a tarp if you go it will just flow off onto the ground. Now just relax." Anna encouraged as she pulled off Emily's pants completely wincing slightly at the sight of blood. Emily nodded and closed her eyes trying not to think of the fact that this girl she just met was looking at her naked lower half. "Emily, are you on your period?" Anna asked hopefully but the girl shook her head. Anna was afraid of that. She pressed slightly on the girls' stomach in different locations asking if it hurt until she got to one particular spot on her side as Emily yelped in pain. Anna took notice of a now slight puddle between the younger girls' legs and breathed a sigh of relief. "Emily, this might hurt a bit but I promise you'll feel better soon. Just keep relaxing." Anna then began to gently message the tender area of the girls' side, as Emily grimaced and clutched the edges of the sheet. After a few minutes Anna rubbed and noticed she no longer clutched the sides of the tarp. "Emily, does it still hurt to the touch?" "No," Both girls breathed a sigh of relief. "Ok, I think you'll be able to go now. So relax and try to pee again." Emily took a deep breath in and then out and soon a faint hissing and pattering sound could be heard as Anna saw the tiny puddle expanding and then suddenly stop as Emily whimpered in pain. "No, you're doing good! Keep going!" It hurts." Emily moaned curling into a ball. "I know, Em, It's gonna hurt but you gotta let it out. It's the only way you're going to get better." "I'm scared." "Shh, it's ok. It'll be ok. "Anna held the girls hand and continued rubbing the girls back, but she wouldn't relax again. Hmm Anna thought to herself as she remembered the previous events of how she met Emily. I think I have an idea. She rolled Emily on to her back and let her rest her head on Anna's lap as Anna peacefully ran her fingers through the girls black hair until Emily drifted into a light sleep. She then quietly reached into her shirt pocket and pulled out her little friend and gently placed it on the sleeping girls chest. A few minutes later Emily woke to the sound of light squeaking and the sight of little black eyes with yellow fangs. The sound of shrill screams could be heard followed by a loud pattering sound that grew louder every second along with a continuous stream of urine flowing down the edge of the tarp letting Anna know her evil plan had worked perfectly. Emily grunted but as the pain passed soon she relaxed until she realized what she was actually doing. She tried to jump up, but Anna held her down. She kept combing through the girls hair with her fingers as she watched Emily's face turn three different shades of red as her bladder continued to empty whether she wanted it to or not. "That's it, keep going, you're doing great" Anna praised as Emily buried her face in her hands as her stream finally slowed to a trickle as a giant bird swooped down and stared at the two of them. "Well, that's our ride." Anna announced. Let's get you cleaned up then we can go." She dug out a water bottle from her pack and poured it onto Emily's legs and the tarp, washing away any evidence of what had occurred. She dried her legs off with a towel and helped her manage to put her pants back on then wrapped her in a blanket. Her shaking seemed to be getting worse as Anna helped her onto the Pidgeott's back then climbed on after. Anna kissed the top of Emily's head as Emily leaned back into Anna's' arms and whispered "Thank you," before drifting off into unconsciousness. Chapter Two Emily laid back in her bed as she waited for the Dr. to come see her. She looked over at Anna and blushed. Emily stared for a moment as she thought Wow she’s really pretty. The way her hazel colored hair fell just a bit past her shoulders. Her black rimmed glasses magnified her bright blue eyes, not to mention her near perfect figure and. “Wait! What am I thinking?” Snap out of it Em! She thought to herself. It’s just the fever talking. Emily closed her eyes. Ugh I can’t believe what happened today. She thought as she let the day’s events play in her mind. That was so embarrassing! Peeing in front of some girl I barely know while she praised me as if I was a toddler making it to the toilet for the first time. She grimaced at the thought causing Anna to come over out of concern. “How are you feeling?” Anna asked, as Emily avoided eye contact with her. “Does it still hurt?” Emily nodded and rubbed her lower belly. She could feel the pressure starting to build back up. Just then the girls heard a knock on the door followed by the dr. entering and introducing herself. “Hello, Ms. Ketchum, I’m Dr. Page. How are you feeling? Can you tell me a little about what’s going on?” “My lower stomach hurts, and I’m having some trouble, uh, going.” Emily admitted as she intensely examined the blanket that covered her as if it would tell her the answers to life. “Alright, let me take a look.” Dr. Page said as she lifted up Emily’s shirt and gently pressed around. Emily winced in pain as the Dr. began pressing on her side. “Hmm, the problem seems to be your right kidney. It’s a bit inflamed but not too bad. I’m going to have my assistant come and give you a more thorough examination.” Dr. Page wheeled her chair backwards and shouted out into the hall, “Captain Waddlesworth, could you please come to exam room two.” Emily wondered what kind of Dr was named “Captain Waddlesworth” “He gets a little offended when I don’t call him captain.” Dr Page explained. This guy must be crazy Emily thought to herself. “Oh! It’s been a while since I’ve seen the captain.” Anna said. “Yeah, you hardly ever leave the ground floor.” Dr. Page commented turning her attention towards her. “Nurse Joy keeps me so busy running errands for her. Once this phase of my training is complete she’s going to have me come up here and help you with human patients.” “Wait.” Emily said confused. “I thought you said you worked at the Pokémon center.” “We are at the Pokémon center.” Anna explained. “Well the first two floors anyway. The third floor is a hostel for Pokémon trainers to sleep and get cleaned up and the fourth floor is where we treat trainers who are injured or sick. You were asleep when the Machokes brought you in on the stretcher.” “What is taking the captain so long?” Dr. Page said. “He’s probably flirting with the interns again.” Anna laughed and said “The captain has always had a way with the ladies.” Emily decided she didn’t like this captain person very much as she imagined him to be some egotistical jerk. Just then the door creaked open and there stood the captain. Emily’s jaw dropped, he was not at all what she had expected. “He’s a Pokémon?” Emily asked in disbelief. The psyduck, known as Captain Waddlesworth, stood there and cocked his head sideways. He was wearing a tiny lab coat and stethoscope around his neck. “Yep.” Dr. Page answered. “The captain and I go way back. He was actually my very first Pokémon. You see psychic Pokémon can be very useful when trained properly in diagnosing illnesses. They can learn to telepathically communicate with your body to find out exactly what’s ailing you. Have you ever been telepathically linked to a Pokémon before?” Emily shook her head.” I’ve only been to the family Dr. in Pallet town, and no Pokémon were involved.” “Ah yes, Pallet town. They are a little behind on the times there. The first time linking with a Pokémon can be a little scary, but try not to fight it. Are you ready?” Emily nodded and laid back down in the bed. Captain Waddlesworth hopped up on the stool next to her and placed a hand on her head and soon Emily’s life was flashing before her eyes. Emily was four years old again as she walked into the kitchen to find her mom crying at the table. Her father had packed his things and up and left in the middle of the night. Next she was six and Ash was teaching her how to ride a bike with no training wheels. Then at eight as her mom was teaching her how to bake cookies when she suddenly collapsed on the ground as she had her first of many seizures. She saw herself getting left behind by her friends while she was stuck at home watching day time talk shows about people falling in love with their Pokémon. Lastly she was back in the Viridian Forest, peeing uncontrollably while someone watched. Emily gasped for air as she found herself back in her hospital bed covered in sweat as tears streamed down her face. Anna rushed over and threw her arms over Emily’s shoulder pulling the shaking girl into a hug. “Hey, don’t cry it’s over. You’re okay, everything’s okay. Shh” Anna whispered in Emily’s ear instantly calming her down some. Captain Waddlesworth hopped down from the stool and touched Dr. Page’s hand. The Doctors’ eyes went blank for a moment as the psyduck reported its findings followed by a yawn as he walked out the door. “The captain has informed me you’re dealing with three kidney stones and a Urinary Tract Infection. Also you have a history of seizures is that correct?” Emily nodded as she shifted in her bed noticing how uncomfortable and wet she felt from sweating. This can happen for a number of reasons like calcium build up, but that doesn’t seem accurate given your age. Have you been holding your bladder for long periods of time?” “No,” Emily answered while Anna answered “Yes.” At the same time causing Emily to blush. “That’s not healthy, you should find someplace to go as soon as you feel the urge. Holding it in for excessive amounts of time can lead to infections, like the one you have now.” Dr. Page scolded. “What we are going to do is hook you up to an IV for 24 hours that will administer a medicine to help break up the stones and also a diuretic to help you pass them, but first let’s get you cleaned up.” The Dr said dropping her voice a bit. “The captain also informed me you’ve had a bit of an accident during the link. Don’t worry though” she quickly added as she noticed Emily’s face losing color. “That can sometimes happen during the first time for those with weak bladders.” Emily lifted up her blanket and peeked inside as her face turned bright red as she confirmed what the dr. said was true. “Anna, would you mind helping her into the shower while I find someone to take care of the bedding?” “No problem.” Anna said as she peeled back Emily’s blanket revealing the large wet patch under the young girls legs. Emily’s face turned a mixture between red and purple as she quickly stared out the window as she wondered “how many times will Anna see me like this.” “Don’t worry. Everyone’s reaction is different during their first link” Dr. Page said trying to cheer her up. “I was the Dr. on call when your brother did his first link. The whole time he kept muttering, “Oohh Gary!” over and over while humping his pillow. It took two days for my intern to stop blushing. Emily finally cracked a smile while Anna led her down the hall to the showers. “Do you need help or do you think you got this?” Anna asked while pulling a towel down and handing it to her. “I got this.” Emily said. “I think I’ve gone through enough embarrassment for one day” she said to herself. “Alright, just yell if you need anything.” Anna said as she walked down the hall to consult with Dr. Page. “Oh, Anna,” the dr said as she saw her coming down the hall. “I just got off the phone with Nurse Joy, while Emily is staying with us, you will be her official sitter. I’ll be placing her on a potent and fast acting diuretic. Given her condition and weak bladder I’ve decided she will need to stay in diapers for the remainder of her stay here. I know she won’t be very happy about this, but please encourage her to go as soon as the urge hits her, or else the infection will just become worse. If you catch her trying to hold it in or if she isn’t going at least once an hour place your hand against her lower abdomen and push down for 30 seconds. This will cause her to involuntarily wet, but use it as a last resort in case it causes her pain. Also, make sure to change her often and use lots of baby powder so she doesn’t develop a rash. Also, if she puts up a fight feel free to use your Pokémon to restrain her.” “Oh, uh, alright.” Anna said trying to take it all in. This was not going to be a fun night.
  9. diapers

    Essentially, (y/c) Kidnaps and regresses via drugs or hypnosis or whatever my character, turning them into a sissy who needs and uses diapers. Surgery is allowed, as well as sexual if you want.
  10. (Sorry if this is a bit gross to some lol). But how do you feel about messing? Is it enjoyable? I personally like the feeling of messing more than wetting, it's just a more comfy feel to me. I love the squishy, warm, and messy feel it has. It literally feels like having a banana in the back of your diaper xD. The only problem is the clean up, it can be frustrating sometimes.
  11. I stayed little longer than most. My younger brother was born when i was 4 and i guess I wanted to be babied too. I remember getting diapered and being changed. I wasn't potty trained until I was 5 and even after that I had a lot of accidents. Mom constantly reminded me to go to the bathroom and I wet the bed until almost 14. As a 7 year old, I started wanting to be a baby again. I talked like a baby, wanted mom to help with my bath and dressing and even intentially did bad on school work to get attention. Now as an adult baby I look back and think thats how i have always been. Just one time I'd like to be changed and rocked and even nursed. I dont see anything changing as I get older!
  12. Melinda Gets Her Bottom Changed This is a spin off of Melissa gets Her Bottom Changed. The author of it dropped off the face of the earth without so much as an ending unfortunately. I do recommend reading what he did write since it's really good. http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/25526-melissa-gets-her-bottom-changed/ This is my first story so any criticism is welcomed. Anyway, without further a do. Chapter 1. Melinda was an average teenage girl. She was 17 with her birthday only a few months away. She stood at 5 feet 3 inches and had long flowing blonde hair. Her chest wasn't anything special but her backside was to kill for. All the men drooled over her and she knew it. She was very popular in her high school and had the group of bratty girlfriend's to go with it. But there was one thing different about her that no one, not even her closest friends knew. Melinda loved to wear and use diapers. She would often drive home in her sporty 5.0 mustang her daddy bought her, sneak into her little brothers room and steal a few diapers. She might have been spoiled but this wasn't something she could just have her parents buy for her. She loved to slip on a pull up when she was desperate to pee and just fill it to the max and sometimes over. She would do this before a shower so she didn't get caught and could avoid messes. During this is where we shall join her. Melinda just finishes Peeing and leans back on the toilet, sighing in relief. "Ohhh that feels good." She had turned on the shower beforehand to make sure no one heard her Peeing as these pull ups tend to be loud. Just then, she gets a knock on the door. "Honey, are you still in the shower? I got to go to the bathroom real bad!" Crap! It's her mom! She quickly stripped off the now soaked pull up and three it inside the cabinet under the sink and hopped in the shower. "Yes mom! Don't worry, I'm covered!" "Oh thank god." Her mom comes in and frantically pulls her pants down and sits on the toilet just as she bursts. "I didn't think I was gonna make it for a minute there." Melinda didn't respond. She was too busy thinking what would happen if her mom had just burst in without asking. "She would be so angry." She thought. Meanwhile, her mother had finished and was getting up when she noticed the cabinet door slightly open, so she peeked inside and was shocked at what she saw. "Oh my..." To be continued? Chapter 2. "Oh my..." her mother said quietly. "Again." She quietly took the pull up out and left the bathroom, leaving Melinda to finish showering. When Melinda heard her mom leave, she started to relax and by the time she finished showering, she had forgotten about the pull up. She dries herself off and slipped the towel around her body before leaving the bathroom and to her own room a few doors down. As she put her clothes on, she thought how much better it be if she was putting on a big diaper instead of panties. She sighed to herself and got out her homework. As she was studying, she heard her little brother in the next room over playing. Her little brother was 5 years old and loved to play. So much so that he would pout if he didn't get his toys. He also was slow with potty training and their parents were having a hard time getting him to the bathroom in time. Melinda sat there listening to him play and wishing she could just sit around and play like a kid again. Instead of doing homework and other grown up things. She was brought back to the now when she heard her mother call for dinner. She got up and realised just then that she needed to pee. "Maybe I can sneak away after dinner," she thought before heading down stairs. Dinner wasn't anything special, and soon she was done and headed back upstairs when her mother called her back down. "Honey, it's your turn to do the dishes." "Yes mom." She bounced a little before heading back to the kitchen. Her need to pee was rising. As she came in, she saw her mother pick up her little brother and check his diaper before carrying him gently to the bathroom for a change. Her mind want back to the diaper she had left in the bathroom. "Oh no! I forgot!" She thought. She quickly washed the dishes that were in the sink and hurried to the bathroom and looked in the cabinet. "Crap! It's gone! No no no this can't be happening..." She said softly. "What am I going to do now? My parents are gonna get so mad!" She sat on the toilet and Peed. All the while, her mind freaking out. After a moment of sitting there, she began to think. She will just have to see what happens. It's not like she could do anything about it now. She finished up in the bathroom and went into her room and laid on her bed, thinking about everything that happened. As she began to relax, she pulled out her phone and got on instagram. She loved seeing how many followers she had. Over 100 thousand of them. Most of them being boys. She loved teasing them. Always making sure she got her butt in the selfies she took. She wondered what then would say if they saw her butt in a big puffy diaper. She giggled at the thought and said out loud, "I'd probably lose all of them haha." She started looking at abdl accounts and started thinking again. One of her oldest dreams was to be babied again. Without a care in the world like her brother. He could sit in the middle of the living room in just his diaper and no one would care. "I can't even imagine what would happen to me if I tried that." She said aloud. But at least her parents didn't say anything about the pull up under the sink. The next morning, Melinda woke to the sound of her alarm going off. She hopped out of bed with an extra pep in her step. This is the last day of school before Christmas break! She took a shower and used the toilet before getting dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. Her mother was already in the kitchen cooking when she walked in. "Hey sweetie. I made you bacon eggs and French toast. It's on the table." "Thanks mom." She replied as she spotted the food. She ate it quickly before grabbing her keys and heading out the door. And as she drove to school, she thought about her mom. She still hasn't said anything about the pull up. Maybe they don't care after all? Or she could be planning something... Either way, what's going to happen to her during this holiday season.? To be continued.
  13. This is a dark femdom story, with strong sexual content and cruelty. Please don’t read if the subject matter does not suit. Pathetic Sissy “Oh you are such a pathetic sissy!” Steve’s wife laughed and whooped as he shot semen over himself. His chest heaved with exertion. “A wank after every poopie nappy! What would all your girlfriends on Tinder say now if they could see you right now? And Nanny Smacks, what would she say? I know Nanny Smacks would laugh at you now for being such a dirty smelly boy!” Steve lay on the damp rubber surface of the changing table with his rubber pants bunched around his ankles. The wet and soiled terry nappy was open and his rapidly deflating penis still oozing ejaculate after his orgasm. Steve’s eyes watered over as June scraped the semen off his chest and stomach in a spoon. “Don’t cry Baby,” she ordered, holding the spoon to his lips. “You have nothing to cry about. You made your bed, now you will lie in it for the rest of your life. Now, open wide.. NOW!” The fierce change of tone brought an instant reaction from Steve who opened his mouth to allow June to dribble the semen into his mouth. “That’s better, Swallow. Good Boy!” she mellowed. “Now let’s get you into a clean nappy for Nana shall we?” ***** One month before, Steve’s world fell apart on a Saturday morning. Steve and June had been your Mr. and Mrs. Average in Suburbia. Steve working in a bank in the city and June was a stockbroker, working from home. He was 31 years old and 8 years older than his wife at her tender 23 years. They lived in a large detached house in the “Green Fields” area of town, subsidized heavily by June’s wealthy mother who lived a ten minute walk away. Mrs. Sarah Whiteman was a significant citizen in the borough, an influential member of the local council. She was well known for her charitable works with the local Church and the Red Cross. They had been sort of happy, entertaining once a week and being entertained once a week. They didn’t have sex very often as Steve had problems maintaining an erection and each event turned out feel like a chore to both of them. June found this puzzling and frustrating as she was a highly desirable woman who was not shy when it came to the bedroom activities. Her body clock was ticking and after 2 years of marriage, her mother was already wondering when her grandchildren would arrive. Steve worked very long hours at the bank but June tolerated this as she knew he valued his career highly. They did not need the money as their future was assured by the large inheritance that would come their way. When it came to sex, he almost never initiated it, and more often than not, appeared reluctant to whole heartily perform when she took the initiative. June sometimes wondered if he was gay. He was certainly ‘effeminate’ in his movements and speech. His thin body frame was light with no significant muscle development. She had never wanted an assertive husband, and fell in love with Steve’s rapid fire humour and his conversational skills. She enjoyed a governing role in their relationship, taking all domestic decisions and taking responsibility for Steve’s wardrobe. Shortly after they were married, she surprised him in the bathroom while he was wearing her panties. Initially he appeared embarrassed but quickly laughed it off as a lark. Other signs she had noticed were dried ‘crusty’ tissues under his side of the bed and white stains on his pyjamas. She was not that naive to realize that he was masturbating privately and this deeply troubled her. These ‘signs’ appeared regularly over the following months and she had challenged Steve about it but he had been angry and sulky over the accusations. Then recently, June discussed it with her mother who was equally shocked, but also very angry. “He’s hiding something from you,” she declared. “We have to find out what.” June was slightly disconcerted by her mother’s assumed involvement but said nothing. They spent that afternoon going through all his personal things to see if anything was out of place and they made a significant discovery. Sarah found a pair of female panties hidden at the back of Steve’s bedside table drawer. It was evident that they were unwashed. “Are they yours?” Her mother asked. June shook her head, holding the item disdainfully with thumb and forefinger. The lacy material was bunched and stuck together and the gusset stained with ‘female’ discharge. “They are damp and strong smelling. I think the smell is semen.” “Bastard! The pervert must be seeing someone else!” June seethed. Her mother put a restraining hand on her forearm. “Softly, we need to get into his phone and computer and find out all the facts so we can decide a course of action from a strong position,” she said. June nodded and warily replaced the panties back in the bedside drawer, closing only after taking a photo on her iphone. Two days later that infamous Saturday morning arrived. Steve, June and Sarah were drinking coffee around the kitchen table prior to doing their weekly shopping trip. Steve’s phone rang and jumped up to take the call in the hallway. June and her mother listened carefully but couldn’t get any idea about what was being said. He came back into the kitchen finishing up the call. “Ok.. yes, we will talk about it on Monday morning but you are right, the deal sounds great. Well done. .. Right.. bye then .” “Who was that then? June asked innocently. Steve sat and picked up his coffee. “That was the boss, Charles, telling me about a takeover happening next week.” June nodded, pretending to loose interest and started talking to her mother about what was on offer this weekend. Then the women had a stroke of luck. “Back soon,” Steve jumped up and rushed upstairs for his daily call of nature. Unluckily for him, he forgot to pick up his phone. Before the screen saver could kick in, June picked it up and hit the ‘home’ button and started scrolling through the contents. “What are you looking for?” June’s mother whispered conspiringly. “Everything and Anything,” she smiled, working intently. She worked quickly and silently. Both women heard the upstairs loo flush. “Mum,” June said. “It’s all here. Enough to hang him.” June steeled herself as Steve’s heavy footsteps sounded descending the stairs. *****
  14. I don't remember being changed as an infant or toddler but have vague memories of being in preschool and having accidents and getting changed. I was a bedwetter until age 11 though and I do remember being woken up in the middle of the night and mom slipping off my wet clothes and slipping in to dry ones. A vivid memory stays with me about a car trip with my cousin who was probably 3 which would have made me 5. I remember watching mom change his diaper and maybe being jealous or at least wanting the same attention. A little while later during a stop for food I remember sitting in a booth on my knees and filling my pants and telling mom "I doo dooed in my pants" lol thats what we called it. She went to the car and got a new pair of underwear out of my suitcase and took my cousins diaper bag in to the restroom and cleaned me up. As I got older, I kept having "accidents" usually whlie playing outside or watching TV. Since I was a bedwetter, it was routine for my mom to check for a wet bed and wet pants as soon as i woke up. Even as i approached 10 I would wake up to the feel and smell of a wet bed and lie there and mess my pants then get up and come waddling out of my room to tell my mom or grandma that i had "doo doo". It was embarassing and exciting at the same time...I remember being told to go in the bathroom and mom having me stand next to the toilet as she lowered my pants. I remember looking down and seeing the mess i made...All such fond memories.
  15. The overall experience of messing is enjoyable, but if I had to say, my favorite part is the crinkly sound the diaper makes when you are filling it up. What is your favorite part of messing? Is it the sound, the feeling, the aftermath, or just the knowledge?
  16. Hello there, i was wondering what a good diaper would be for daytime use? I have incontinence in both its forms and only so much or so little control. I love bambino bianco and secure x plus diapers, but i want something that doesn't crinkle and can hide under clothes a little easier. The reason why is because i know that my diapers have been noticed, whether by sight or noise maybe both but i don't want that to happen again. I've been incontinent for over half my life so its nothing to get used to, but its nothing that i want to be noticed for either. I live in the US, so far i have been tempted to buy some from Tena, what are your thoughts? What works best for you in the daytime?
  17. Fred wandered through the Clubs and Socs Fair feeling overwhelmed. There were just so many things he wanted to get involved in. The badminton club, the swim club naturally (he’d been swimming competitively for years), the Omega Society, Juggling Soc, and he’d always wanted to play chess, should he join Chess Soc he mused? Then of course there was Psych Soc, he felt that he should really join that since he was planning to major in it, shouldn’t he? But Psych Soc met Thursday evenings, the same as the Film Soc, and he really wanted to learn more about world cinema. Sighing, he was beginning to realise that too much choice could be a very bad thing indeed. So it was that, whilst finding it impossible to decide what to join and lamenting the inadequate number of evenings in a week, he suddenly saw it. Innocently wedged in between two other stalls, as though it were perfectly at home there, sat the ABDL Soc, or I Soc for short. Fred couldn’t believe it. Surely there was no way it could be what he secretly hoped it would be, was there? An infantilism society. He didn’t know a lot about college regulations yet, but he felt there was no way that the people in charge would allow such a thing. However, looking over it, he saw that all the signs were there. A big baby’s bottle painted onto the stall’s banner, two girls holding signup sheets, one dressed in shortalls and the other in a frilly pink tutu and a princess crown, and several stuffies sitting alongside a rattle on the table. There was no way it could be anything else. In an instant all the other things he had considered signing up to were forgotten. If this really was what he supposed it was, then he had to join it he told himself. After so many years of being alone, this was his chance to meet others like him. To share a side of himself, that he didn’t think anyone else would understand, and maybe even find acceptance. Yet even as his imagination leapt into overdrive, he steeled himself for disappointment. For as much as he wanted to believe it, the whole thing just seemed too wonderful to be true. In fact now that he thought about it, Fred, his feet glued to the ground as people pushed past him on all sides moving from one stall to another, wondered whether it wasn’t all some elaborate prank; a nasty trick, posed by some fraternity or other, to get abdl students to reveal themselves, so they could be mocked and made subjects of ridicule. Just picturing it, he didn’t know if he could bear it if that happened. What if some of the friends he’d come from Pymsville with found out about it, and told everyone in his town. He’d never be able to go home or face his family again. And even if it wasn’t a trick and the society was legit, could he risk people, he didn’t want knowing, finding out he was a diaper lover? He wasn’t sure. But how could he pass this up? Mulling things over in his head, whilst at the same time spurring himself into action once more so it wasn’t obvious that he was just standing there drooling at the stall, he headed over to the swim club table. Chatting to their senior members half heartedly, telling them about his past experience and training, he kept the I Soc, which wasn’t too far away, in the corner of his eye the whole time. One or two people approached it, seemed to chat for a moment or two, but then wandered away. But no one appeared to sign up while he was observing it. When he had finished registering for the swim club, and had received a membership card and list of training times, he made up his mind to go to one of the tables beside I Soc. That way, he thought, he could at least get a better look at things without risking too much. Walking over easily, and ostensibly calmly, to the table, Fred couldn’t remember the last time he felt so nervous. Actually no, thinking about it then he realised that could, it was the first time he had went into a pharmacy and bought a packet of adult diapers. But that had turned out okay though he recalled. The risk had happily paid off in the end, and several times after that. If he could overcome his fear then, for what was only a few diapers, surely he could do so again for what could potentially be a much greater reward. However despite this attempt to steady himself, his legs still felt like jelly and he wasn’t fully aware of what he was doing. So when he reached the table to the right of I Soc, he didn’t realise his mistake until it was too late. The stall in from of him was Jew Soc! Oh Jesus, he thought, why couldn’t he have picked the stall on the left instead – not that he knew what that table was either. Panicking because he literally knew nothing about Judaism and didn’t know what he would say or ask. Fred was just about to turn and leave, when much to his dismay, the guy at the stall (fully bearded and wearing a weird hat) spotted him. “Shalom my friend” he said enthusiastically “Are you interested in signing up?” Flustered and tongue-tied, Fred just stood there speechless. He didn’t know what would have happened if a rather cavalier fellow standing beside him hadn’t interjected “not a chance Beny! There’s one of ours if I ever saw one. Look he’s only short of wetting himself!” he laughed. “Get that man a diaper stat” he shouted loudly. Hearing this Fred almost died of mortification on the spot, his whole body and face taking on the colour of a shiny red fire hydrant. “I don’t know Mark” the Jewish guy, apparently called Beny, retorted chuckling “he has the right nose to be one of us. Atah medaber 'ivrit? (Do you speak Hebrew?)” he asked Fred questioningly. Fred was about to say something, when all of a sudden everything seemed to be too much, and he was overcome with this irrepressible urge to get the hell out of there. Turning and high tailing it through the crowds, he could faintly hear the Mark cackling behind him whilst being given out to by a girl. “Why do you always have to be like that Mark? Huh? Not everyone’s as confident in their sexuality as you. Another one scared away? How do expect us to get anyone to sign up if you keep acting like a fucking JERK!” However whatever Mark said after that, Fred didn’t stick around to hear. Running he left the Clubs and Socs Fair far behind him, and didn’t stop until he was back in his dorm room. Panting and out of breath, he threw himself on the bed and, with his roommate not back till later, let his tears flow freely.
  18. So I tried the marshmallow thing and the result was full loss of control. It took about 15minutes and I knew it was coming but there was no way to stop it. The end result was a poop like baby poop. It wasn't hard or turdish. It was liquidy and mushy. I'm happy it worked and glad I tried it. I highly recommend this technique to anyone who wants loss of control and poop like baby poop.
  19. Chapter One "It's a big decision," Claire's mother worriedly commented. "Are you sure it's something you want to do at your age?" she asked, knowing that the answer would be the same as last time, and every time before that, ever since Claire had informed Kathy of her intentions six months ago. "Ugh, yes mum," the nineteen-year-old whined from the other room, exactly as Kathy expected. "Besides," Claire continued, lowering her voice to room temperature as she lugged a box into the kitchen, "It'll only be sixth weeks at a time, at least at first." Claire dropped the large brown cardboard box on the table with what she hoped would be a conversation-ending thud, but was disappointingly a merely a muffled comma. Her mother looked up from her rapidly cooling cup of tea, and was about to begin a new tack when Claire cut her off: "Anyway, it's not like they don't have the internet in Germany! And you know I'll always be a few hours flight away." It was the trip of a lifetime, and what's more, it tied into her studies at university, and so would even count towards her degree! She certainly wasn't going to let her neurotic mother get in the way. Kathy had always been more than a little nervous about Claire's various escapades, even something as little as a sleepover with school friends. Of course, Kathy had a little more reason to be worried than most parents. Claire had been, until the age of about 14, what they used to euphemistically call a 'bedwetter', but in the last few years had become known as 'wetters'. As it became clear that the new generation was increasingly likely to be only fully out of diapers by five, and a significant minority of about 20% were in need of night-time diapers until mid-adolescence, new phrases had begun to creep into common usage. The Government initially used the term "incontinence sufferers", but this was rapidly thrown out by the younger generation as patronising. They then moved onto "those who use toilets less", until settling for the simple, catch-all phrase "diaper wearers". Never one to miss an opportunity, of course, the diaper industry had thrived with this increase in marketing potential. Claire remembered the old "Drynites" brand vaguely, and shuddered at the thought of the unfortunate souls who had to wear them. Flimsy, low-capacity and small, they were quickly replaced by increasingly large sizes of baby diapers, and by the time Claire had finally outgrown her bedwetting, most large supermarkets sold tape-up diapers all the way up to a 32" waist, with capacity and print variations to suit plenty of tastes. Kathy's concern for her daughter was more of a hangover from the perceptions of bedwetters from her day - Claire would always tell her not to worry, as usually at least one other girl would be in diapers at any sleepover. Kathy, however, worried nonetheless, and Claire was quietly grateful. It was better, she thought, to have a mum who cared too much, instead of too little. So, 5 years free from diapers, Claire was here, packing for her first big trip abroad - six weeks working at the University in Cologne! Claire opened the large brown box and began placing its contents on the kitchen table. Books, pencil cases, protractors, notepaper - it was all here, stationary she hadn't needed since school days, neatly packed away by Kathy. Kathy, oblivious to Claire's silent thanks, began to fuss, "Well don't get it all out here! Take it up to your room, that's where your clothes and suitcases are!". Knowing she was right, Claire grunted in annoyed approval and began to quickly place the items back in the box. As she threw in the last pencil case, she felt her hand brush up against a familiar surface - a sort of fine cotton - but ironically she couldn't quite put her finger on what it reminded her of. Eager to escape her now irritated mother, she bustled upstairs, trying hard not to drop her now unbalanced box of school things as she went. Laying the stationary out on the slightly dusty floor of her bright, modern bedroom, she began to make piles - "take", "keep", and "throw away". Ikea pencils went in "throw away", treasured teenage doodles went in "keep", and her best pens went in "take", ready to packed off to Germany. As she reached the bottom of the box, having filled the "keep" pile far larger than her mother would have liked, Claire's hand again brushed up against that family fabric. Curious, she looked into the box. There, at the bottom in the corner, was a solitary diaper. It was clearly unused, and it was clearly hers - first, it was covered in a little blue flower pattern, and second, it looked about the size and thickness of a small parcel, certainly big enough for her 24" waist. Her heart beating imperceptibly faster, Claire reached down and picked it up. First, she went to put it into the throw away pile, "After all," she reasoned to herself, "No one would want one old diaper, and I certainly don't need it". But she stayed her hand, and placed it down in the "keep" pile. "Who knows," she though, "I might need it in the future - maybe I'll get the flu, and won't be able to make it to the toilet". She stood up, and was about to go downstairs when the blue and white diaper, perched on a pile of half-used school books and potentially useful post-it notes, caught her eye one more time. "Well, if I am going to be in Germany for 6 weeks, why wouldn't I need it then? Besides, I don't know what exactly the diaper situation is over there, so it may be the only thing I can find." To be on the safe side, then, she moved it to the "take" pile, ready to be packed. But first she went down stairs for a nice cup of tea.
  20. Quilly was always terrible at keeping her body in check. Always thinking she could hold it for just a little longer, only to end up having a frequent accident. Having had one too many incidents that rounded up with her getting scolded by her parents. Quilly had told that as a nineteen year old girl she shouldn't be wetting herself like a toddler, she's been warned that if another incident happens one more time she'll thoroughly be punished. At least that's what her mother had told her, and knowing that woman. Quill did not want to anger her anymore then she has. Which explains the reason why Quilly was running home from work, her bladder feeling as if it was going to burst she meander through one of her neighbors back yard and down the street, hoping her friend Lindsey wouldn't see her and want to chat.
  21. Hey, so I've been wanting to use castor oil with a diaper sometime soon but after doing some reading online, I'm kind of nervous now. The reason is because people have said the effects of castor oil sometimes lasted for an additional day or two. This worries me because I can't be diapered for that long. So do you think a buttplug would stop the effects of a castor oil mess? If not, please comment any other suggestions on how I could prevent messing myself with the after effects of the castor oil. Thanks!
  22. Hi everyone. Let me start by saying that I am completely new to diapers. I have never worn any, but I hope to in the near future. While I'm new to diapers, I am very familiar pooping. For a long time I've LOVED pooping in my underwear. But they just don't cut it anymore. There's little protection from leaking, which is the biggest problem. So I've come here seeking advice and personal opinions. There's quite a few things I want to ask so please bear with me. I will provide even more details if needed. 1. Which brand of diapers are best for pooping? By this I mean which can hold the most, is good at keeping it from leaking out, and of course are comfortable. I don't care for peeing, just making stinky, so I don't need a diaper for that. 2. I want to be able to stay in a messy diaper for a VERY long period of time. What is the best thing to use to help combat diaper rash? As in help prevent and also alleviate. 3. What is a good way to help mask the smell, or contain it? While I actually am fond of how mine smells, I don't want things I own to smell of poop since I know it can linger. 4. Where is a good site to buy diaper supplies? These are all the questions I have for now. If I think of anything else I'll post here again.
  23. I remember when I was younger, I tried messing for the first time and it took forever to clean myself up. Now, though, it's not that bad to clean up my messes, especially when I made the change from baby diapers to adult diapers (which was very recent as well!). I'm starting to get this feeling of not finding messing as exciting. I feel like it'll be exciting if I changed someone else, but the feeling with myself is very, very slowly starting to dwindle. Have any of you felt that, as well?
  24. Hey this is my first story of this type so I'm sorry if it's clunky in places. Also the characters are meant to be American so I've tried to use the proper idiom but I've probably slipped into my native British tongue. All that aside I hope you enjoy. __________________________________________ Chapter One Sometimes a person's life takes strange turns and you end up someone you never thought you'd be, but let's start at the beginning. It was a month after I'd finished high school, I'd done decently but couldn't afford college so began looking for work. I'd already applied everywhere in the podunk town where I grow up when my Dad kicked me out for being and I quote here “Chris you're a lazy good for nothing son of a bitch, get the fuck out of my house now!” Certainly a fine way to start your morning. I wasn't going to fight him on it as he'd just kick my ass, as he's done so many times before, and then throw me out bodily. So I packed quickly and quietly. I filled my backpack with my better clothes though most of these wouldn't have been accepted at a good will, and my bunny. Now before you start pointing and laughing just yet, there's plenty of time for that later, the reason I a reasonably macho eighteen year old guy keeps a pink stuffed bunny with him in bed is because it's all I have from my Mom, she died a few years ago. She thought was going to have a girl and bought this ludicrously big, seriously it was bigger than me till I was about five, stuffed bunny. But I've had it and it always makes me think of her, despite what it does to my metal credentials. I was out the door before breakfast and didn't regret it, well except the breakfast part. I waited around town for a till around noon then showed up at my friend Jackie's place. She was cool, we went to concerts together and were generally best friends, my crush on her was only slightly heart breaking. One of the nicest things she did was let me stash stuff at her place, I couldn't even keep change around the house because my Dad would steal it for beer money. Jackie lived in this apartment near the centre of town with her girlfriend Lucy, they'd moved in together about a year ago after their families kicked them out for being gay, it's that kind of town. As you can imagine I'd spent a fair amount of time here. After a knocking and waiting around for few minutes, the door opened to display Jackie in all her morning glory; over large Iron Maiden T-shirt covering most of her slightly chubby frame, rubbing at her make up blackened eyes and green hair looking like a dying grass. “Hey squirt, what are you doing up this early?”, I was always called some manner of short joke by everyone, in freshman year it was so bad I was listed as Frodo on the school register the joys of being five feet nothing. “I need my stuff, I got kicked out” “Kay” with a yawn she waved me in. The place was a decent sized three room apartment; bedroom, bathroom and sitting-room/kitchen/artist studio/band rehearsal space. Jackie sat down on the sagging multicoloured sofa, while I found my stash of stuff and began stuffing it into my backpack. It was nothing much just; my phone just a cheaper thing I had cause everyone needs a number, my laptop I was given by the school for my 'special needs', an old Ipod with a cracked screen and the money I'd been able to scrap together. I noticed the stack of bills was lighter than last time I'd checked it but it was probably just Jackie or Lucy taking their 'rent' for me using their place all the time. I heard Jackie pouring a bowl of cereal behind me and Lucy snoring from the other room. “So do you wanna like talk about it” Said Jackie from the depths of the fridge. “What's to say, he's been threatening for years” I sat down on the floor, bag next to me, my bunny's eye staring up at me from within. “So what are you going to do?”. Lucy made a disgusting snorting snore from the other room. “I don't know, leave town I guess there's no where here that'll hire me. Maybe try Amherst they just opened that big new mall there's bound to be something there” “Worth a shot” Jackie was eating cereal now and searching for the remote. “I best be going, see ya” I got up and walked to the door. “What ever Dude” I heard cartoons as I walked away from the apartment. Dejected I walked to the bus depo and left town. It was a two hour ride to Amherst, two hours of staring out the window and kicking myself for not charging my Ipod last time I'd used it. Amherst wasn't quite a city but it was definitely a lot bigger than where I grow up. I'd been here a couple of times before for concerts and the like. I got off in the down town cause I vaguely knew the place, though admittedly it looked quite different in the day light. Still having not eaten I wandered into the first Dinner I saw. I order a sandwich and some fries. When the waitress came over with the food she said “Your Bunny's showing Hon”, she pointed at my backpack and right enough right in plan sight sat my bunny for all the world to see his pink fuzzy butt. My blush must of have been something because she gave a hell of a laugh “Don't worry sweetie, it's cute really” she set my food down and tousled my hair as she walked away. Using the place's wifi I began searching. While I ate I discovered that basically everywhere at this new mall was looking for people, great I thought I'll head there tomorrow then began checking the rental listings. There was very little but I noted addresses finished my food and paid. The waitress called out to me as I left “See you cutie”. The first two places I tried were a bust wanting outrageous deposits and all manner of referrals, but the final place worked out for the very obvious reason it was a shit hole. It was a tiny basement apartment; dingy, dark and damp but it was home for now. I paid for two months in advance, I had to haggle the manager down from six. By the time everything was done it was after seven and my savings were nearly wiped out, I hoped to god I'd find a job tomorrow. After texting Jackie that I'd found a place and everything was cool, I set out for some supper. As I was leaving the building's I heard a voice yelling behind me “Hey you're the new guy right?” I looked back to see a fat pasty guy with dreadlocks and a pokemon T-shirt looking at me from the stairs. “Yeah I just moved in” “Right, Jim told me, you heading out?” I guessed Jim was the Manager's name. “Yeah I'm off to get some food” “There's this really good pizza place down the block, I'll buy you a slice as a welcome to the building”. I accepted his offer for lack of anything better to do and we head off. And much to my surprise I had a really good evening, we spent a few hours bullshitting about video games and eating really good pizza. The guy's name was Curtis he worked some data entry job but spent most of his time goofing off and writing programs he sold, “two paychecks for the hassle of one my man”. He was a complete flake but a nice end to a really shitty day. The next morning I rode the bus to the mall my backpack stuffed with resumes I'd run off Curtis's computer the night before. This mall was massive, it was so big I'm sure there could have beeen a zombie apocalypses happening at one end and at the other you'd notice nothing about it except maybe a lack of mall walkers. I spent the day handing resumes, I stopped in at a copy shop twice to print up new ones. Most of the time I just got a nod and it was tossed on a pile, which to be honest was fair, I certainly didn't look like much even in my best clothes, a black t-shirt with only three noticeable holes, jeans that the knees of were only a distant memory and sneakers that were more duck tape than shoe but I tried damn it. It got to four and I was down to my last resume again and I really didn't want to walk all the way back to kinkos to make a new batch. So looking around I saw the one place I hadn't dropped of anything too within crawling distance. Looking back I have no idea why I thought to try here, it was a big make up boutique, the sign above the door said sassy in massively curly pink letters with blue anime stars behind it normally I won't even see this kind of place let alone go in but that day I did. I walked in and looked around, there were two counters behind which stood two tall goddess breezily chatting to each other, scattered around the store were low tables and shelves stacked with all manner of creams and poultices wrapped in ribbons and colourful papers. In the centre of the store was a small kiosk that housed more of the tinctures and pigments. As you can probably tell I had no idea what was what here, but I carried on regardless. I walked up to the woman I assumed was senior of the two, she as certainly the taller of the two, her long blonde hair fluttered as she turned to me. “uhhh, hi I don't suppose you're hiring” I squeaked out. “hmm yes we are, have you got a resume” “yeah, sure” I handed the last one over and damn it I was blushing “okay thanks” I about to turn to go when she stopped me with a gesture and began looking over the resume. “Looks good, why you come in back and we'll talk it over” she said with a smile that left me stammering, to which she just laughed and lead me by the hand into the back room. It was a nice employee lounge come storage area. She sat me down at a table and we began talking; it was standard job stuff at first; my experience, my grades usual stuff, then it branched out into my family and I ended up telling her about what happened the previous day, then about my Mom and stuff about my Dad I hadn't really told anyone. I don't know she just drew it out of me, she was so gentle and kind, at one point she handed me a juice box because my throat had gotten swore from talking so much, I'm not much of a talker normally. But she just smiled down at me as I slipped at the thing. Then she explained about the job what I'd be expected to do etc at which point I began spluttering, a bit of juice had gone down the wrong way in my shock, coughing I said “You mean I've got the job” “Of course silly, why do you think we've been talking so long” I was shocked still for a second, then she leaned in close and began wiping at my face with a napkin “You're making a mess sweetie”. My blush made her laugh again and she continued on with her explanation. When she was done she looked me over critically “You'll need to some proper work clothes of course” my look down seemed to tip her off “but you can't afford that right now can you? It's okay I'll order you in a uniform something nice and smart. And we'll have to go something about your hair”. I involuntarily grasped at my slightly more than shoulder length hair “You mean cut it?” I squeaked. “No no I wouldn't dream of cutting such gorgeous hair, you just need to give it a proper clean is all, use some nice conditioner and maybe put it up in ponytail or something when you're here. Now stand up so I can measure you.” Taking a tape from a draw she began the most through job of measuring possible, she measured bit's of me I didn't even know I had. After this was done he handed me a bunch of cosmetics from a box and explained the proper uses of the various bottles. “Right I think that about covers it, I'll introduce you to everyone on Monday other than that welcome on board” she said with a great big smile. I don't know why I did it but I quickly rushed in and hugged her and then dashed off. I heard her good natured laugh I ran off. Chapter Two I had four days to kill and not much money to kill it with. I hung out with Curtis a couple of times watched some hilariously bad movies with him. Got a drunken screaming phone call from my Dad about how I was a little shit who'd ruined his life. And a text from Jackie asking why all my stuff was gone from her place. So all in all a mixed couple of days. Then Monday rolled around. The night before I'd spent two hours in the shower getting as clean as humanly possible, using all the hair care techniques I'd been told before. I also tried to patch up my clothes using a sewing kit I'd found in a draw and some duct tape I'd borrowed off Jim the manager, it was an improvement but that's not saying much. Finally after waking up extra early I brushed my hair out hundreds of times and man did it shine. So I hopped on the bus and headed out to the mall once more. I arrived a bit early and so was waiting around out side the front when the blonde goddess arrived. She was like a Valkyrie in casual business wear, man that's cheesy even for me but what can I say that's how I saw her. She stopped next to me and began unlocking the grating in front of the store. “Hey Chris you ready for you first day of work” “Yeah, umm” “Call me Ms Caroline, let's get everything prepped okay” “Sure thing … Ms Caroline” She lead me into the back picked up some things from a box on the table we'd sat at for my interview. “Here's your uniform, tell me if it doesn't fit right you can change in the bathroom back there” I mutely took the plastic wrapped packages and walked to the indicated room. The uniform wasn't that bad, no where near my taste but certainly smart. A simple white button down shirt, with grey waist coat and a pair of pale blue dress pants, it kinda looked like something from shoujo anime. I stepped out stuffing my clothes into my bag. Ms Caroline pulled me through the door bubbly with excitement. “Let me see, let me see. Oh you look wonderful” she began fussing with the collar and tweaking here and there. Next she pulled me to a chair and got out another box, this one containing a pair of smart black shoes and began putting them on my feet and doing up the laces, when I began to object she just told me to shush. She stepped back and looked me over critically, then from her purse she withdrew a hairbrush and hair tie and came behind me and began brushing my hair into a high ponytail. When ever I began to object or say something she'd just shush me and go back to what she was doing humming what sounded like a nursery rhyme. When she was done she pulled me to my feet and pointed me to a mirror, I looked respectable damn it, a little femme perhaps but still classy I could see Ms Caroline's beaming smile from behind me in the mirror. The next hour we spent getting the store ready; restocking things and resetting displays, as we went round Ms Caroline explained what everything was, how to best uses it, how to match colours for people and a thousand other things. It was more than my dumb guy brain could take but I tried my best and she was patient. I handled a couple of costumers and Ms Caroline only had to correct me once, it was still embarrassing though to be trying to explain the difference between two different types of concealer and then to suddenly hear from across the store “Other way around Sweetie, sorry miss he's new”. After a lunch break which consisted of Ms Caroline admonishing me for not packing a lunch or bringing any money with me, and wandering around the mall sipping from a juice box she'd given me, the other two employees arrived. One was the other goddess from the other day, slightly shorter and stocker than Ms Caroline but still a giant compared to me with Black hair and something of a tan complexion she was introduced to me as Ms Lillian. The other was introduced to me as Sam, she was not to much taller than me, red haired and freckled and always seemed to be in motion, fidgeting, racing about, always full of energy. I found out that Ms Caroline and Ms Lillian owned the store together, along with other locations. This explained why they wore smart business wear, while Sam and I wore uniforms, the only difference between ours was that Sam's had a plaited pink skirt. Sam on her part was very happy to no longer be bottom of the pile or the store baby as she put it. So Sam would boss me about and Ms Caroline or Ms Lillian would smile indulgently as I ran around trying to do everything right the first time and that's pretty much how it went at work for the first month. Back at my apartment I settled into my bachelors life fairly well, I got to know the local fast food franchises a little too well. Curtis tried to show me round town a couple of times but we'd most often end up back at his place, drinking and watching movies. To say I was a light weight would be to greatly over estimate my stamina, so I've have one of a six pack and Curtis the rest and we'd yell the stupidest things we could thing of at the film we were watching. Chapter Three So my second month started and I walked into work still not entirely with it after the previous night's space nazis marathon. I walked into the back to change into my uniform as had become custom, I feared for the cleanliness of anything that entered my apartment, and found Ms Caroline sitting down staring at the door I'd just come through. She did not look please. “Uh, hi mmm Ms Caroline, I'm not late am I?” I trailed off lamely. “No, I'm just sick and tired of the mess you keep leaving behind in the bathroom” she spoke in short clipped bursts, she was mad I really thought she was going to hit me I stared shivering. I'd been warned about this before, toilet seat left up, pee on the floor, that type stuff and I tried to remember but I kept messing up, I always keep messing up story of my life. “Something has to be done about it, and it's clear you can't manage it” she raised her hand to bush hair out of her face and I flinched at the movement. She saw this and properly looked at me hunched down and shaking. With a much softened tone she bent down to look me in the eye and said “I know you finding it difficult here, there's some many things to remember and you're always rushing about so maybe you don't have time to think about everything and sometimes everyone needs a little extra help and protection”. I must have looked particularly pathetic, my eyes were misting over I can be a terrible cry baby at the worst possible times, and I was trembling. Ms Caroline just said “Oh sweetie” and swept me up in to a hug, stroking my hair she whispered into my ear “Oh honey, I'd never hurt you, okay? I'm sorry I scared you. Now all I want you to do is let me know when you need to go potty, and I'll take you back here and make sure you don't make a mess, that's all nothing scary”. I nodded my head, face pressed into her chest. I got my breathing under control and let myself be lead into the bathroom, Ms Caroline sat me on the toilet and with a warm wet cloth began to wash my face wiping away the tears and cooing over 'what beautiful lashes I had, and my big bright eyes', yeah it felt silly but it was the first time in a very very long time that anyone had said anything nice about me, probably the first time since Mom. I don't know why I let what happened next happen, my I was still scared thought she'd stop liking me and stop treating me the way she was, but what ever the reason I let her dress me there in that cramped little room. With little words of encouragement and cutesy instructions she removed my shirt and pants and dressed me in my work uniform, only stopping to briefly comment on 'how I really needed new underwear, and that she'd have to get me something better'. As we walked out of the bathroom Sam bounced into the room, Sam never just entered a room she always; bounced, burst, skipped, or on one memorable occasion power slid in to the room. She took one look at me and said to Ms Caroline “What's wrong with the baby?”. They always referred to me as 'the baby' though it was always sweetie, honey, pumpkin, bunny or Chrissie when talking to me, I surprised I didn't scream and shout “My name is Chris, I'm a grown man damn it”, though given what that got me when I did it later on in this tale of mine I think it's fair to say it would have a similar outcome, needless to say such I'm long past such delusions now. “Oh I just scared him some, don't worry nothing to fret over right sweetie?” Ms Caroline said the last with a ruffle of my hair, I just nodded my head with a slight grunt. “Now why don't the pair of you grab a juice box and we'll start the shift”, ruffling my hair again and then Sam's as she walked out into the show floor. Sam and I just shrugged at one another, so while I tided away my civvies into a box I was using as a locker Sam grabbed two juice boxes from the refrigerator. She handed me a purple box with the straw already stuck in, the box was covered in smiling flowers, I noticed hers was orange with a lion. With a solemn expression on her face Sam struck a commanding pose and toasted “To Capitalism, may it's wheels grind us into the dust” in a false bass. Giggling we smacked boxes and sucking on our juice went to work. And so the 'tyranny of the bathroom', at least that's how I thought of it, began. Every time I 'needed to go potty' as Ms Caroline called it I had to ask permission, more often than not having to say the phase 'I need the potty' before she'd stop pretending to not understand me and taking me by the hand lead me to the back room. She'd then wait for me to do my business and inspect the room and if there was anything at fault make me clean the whole bathroom all while standing over me complaining about my lack of control and the uncleanliness of little boys. By the end of a week it must have been the cleanest bathroom in the entire mall. In addition making me ask to use the bathroom I had to wait until Ms Caroline was good and ready, which could take a very long time. Sam got very good and spotting me squirming waiting to be allowed to use the bathroom, to which she'd loudly cry “Chrissie's doing the potty dance” and fall about herself with giggles. Curtis thought this was alternatively hilarious and terrible, and sometimes both at the same time. Though he did frequently tell me to quit after his laughter had subsided. He offered to get me a job at his place but it somehow never went anywhere. The worst thing was when I was out of work I'd need to pee and I'd start frantically looking for Ms Caroline till I remembered where I was and dealt with the matter myself. It was about a month after the regime change that everything changed for me. That day it was just me and Ms Caroline it was a slow Tuesday, the kind of day I liked best normally me and Sam would goof around and be silly, or I'd talk to Ms Lillian about movies, she was a woman who knew her Godfrey Ho from her Bruno Mattei. But today it was just Ms Caroline and my self, I was sat on a stool at the centre display behind a case of the more expensive make up and perfumes I just dangling my legs of the side bored. I'd just finished my third juice box of the day and was just bored enough to think a customer would be just the thing to liven up my day when a cramp hit painful and sharp. My bowels were sounding all the alarms, I had to go. I looked at Ms Caroline but she was engrossed on the phone, so I sat there and squirmed and waited. I'm quite certain I waited at least long enough for the heat death of the universe to destroy us all but according to the clock it had been thirty seconds, but clocks have been known to lie right? Taking all time pieces to be liars and fools, I slid off my stool and shuffled to the door to back room, as I passed Ms Caroline I saw she was still on the phone, she turned to look at me and mouthed “wait” to me while continuing her conversation. So I stood there shuffling from foot to foot and whimpering softly to no avail. A particularly painful cramp make me gasp in pain and I began moving towards the door again. Ms Caroline looked at me again with a hard angry expression and whispered “No” at me. I froze and suddenly put a face to the phase scared shitless.
  25. Ok, so while I adore messing my diaper and don't mind my stink at all, I need a way to hinder or hide the smell. Does anyone know of any good covers I can get and/or diapers that will help bring the smell to a minimum?