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  1. Sarah wanted so much participate in that reality show. It was a very popular show: the last year, the first edition that it was transmitted it had made the 39% share then it was a very good opportunity to become famous. Who wouldn’t want became famous after all? She had passed the audition, and she was so enthusiastic that she signed the contract without even read it, then she hasn’t idea of what to expect from the editorial staff. The day of the start of the show Sarah got up very early, she took a shower, and she had a hearty breakfast. Then, after she wore the cutest clothes that she had, she took her back pack with her panda onesie and some candy, and she went to take a taxi to go at the studio; the girl had some difficulty to get on the car but, luckily the very nice taxi driver helped her, it’s very uncomfortable for littles in this giants world. When she arrived to destination she paid the taxi headed towards the competitors gathering point; she was on time and some else competitor was already there, she greeted them and started to talk with the amazons and the other little. They were invited to the changing room where a makeup manager occupied to Sarah’s look styling her hair in two twin tails: “Welcome to the second edition of “the nursery”!” she said watching the camera “my name is Stella Hall and for this second edition I will be the presenter of this fantastic show” then after a short speech she approached two golden and glass urns “ good competitors! Your names are put in those two urns. Now I will extract one name from both of them to fix the pairings you. When I will pronounce your name please take a step forward and go across that door!” Stella extracted some couples of name from the two urns until it was extracted Sarah’s name: “Sarah Owen paired with Richard Gray” Sarah did a step forward approached her partner a thirty years old amazon man with a muscular physique who smiled her before to take her hand and step forward the door. FIRST DAY: the arrival Sarah and Richard went into the set of the reality: Crossed the threshold they founded themselves in a lobby, in front of them there was five different colored doors and a table with another urn on it. On the fifth door there was a plate with the words: “confessional”. When every competitor was in the house they heard Stella’s voice: “Dear competitors welcome to the house of the nursery” she said them from the TV studio “like last year a little while ago I coupled you in sixteen couples Little-Amazon. The couples will live together the amazons will take care of the little in everything from feeding to change diapers” Then Stella started to explain: “Then Stella started to explain: Like you can see the room in front of you has four doors each of a different color. In front of you there are another urns and now Amazon competitors have to extract one ball from it. This is because you will be divided into four different teams: Blue tadpoles, yellow little stars, red strawberry, and white kitties. Now I will call Amazons names, and they will pull out a ball from it. Now I start to call your name: Miranda Smith” an amazon with long blond hair approached the urn and go put her head in it extracting it immediately after. “Can you show us what ball did you extract please?” Stella asked Miranda who showed a white ball “then Miranda Smith and Liam you are sorted into white kitty team. Come on go to the white door!” Miranda take her little partner boy and go across the white door. The second to be called was Richard who took Sarah hand and went towards the urn from which he pulled out a yellow ball “you are in yellow stars team. Come on!” Stella said inviting Sarah and Richard to go across the yellow door entering the house destined to them. “What do you think about to explore the house?” Richard proposed to Sarah and she accepted immediately. It was a very big apartment over two floor: on the first floor there was two very big rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom while on the first floor there as other two rooms, another bathroom and a big play room. Sarah and Richard went around all the house while the other member of their team was coming in the house. When only they were every competitor of yellow star team was in the house they hear Stella’s voice: “competitors do you hear me?” “Yes!” they answered from the house “perfect! I have to say you that now the little have to change then amazon competitor you are prayed to bring your partners to your room ant put them the clothes that you will find here” Richard took Sarah little hand and went with her to first floor, together an amazon woman and a little man, entering one of the two rooms: It was a very big and comfortable room: Close to the wall in the center of the room there was a big double bed and next it a big white crib with a yellow star printed on the top and a changing table with diapers, lotions, and everything can be useful for a baby. On the other side of the room there was a wardrobe with a dresser with yellow handles for only drawer. After he took Sarah’s backpack and rested it on the bed Richard took her for the armpits and he raised her up on the changing table and he started to remove her dress “this dress is very cute!” he said leaving on her only a purple childish underwear set brand Tinker Bell. This was the first time that a man saw her without clothes then she was very uncomfortable but Richard started to chat to distract her: “then Sarah what do you do in your life? Do you study? Do you work?” he asked him “I am a cartoonist!” she said very happy “I love my work very much but the competition is unforgiving” “don’t worry! If you are able I’m sure that you will have success” he said removing her vest “and you? What is your job?” she asked him before he laid her down and remove her panties doing her blush “I’m lawyer!” he said “I work for a law firm but and in my free time I like read and mountain biking” he said opening her legs to clean very gently her private parts with a wipe, then he took her from the ankles and raised It up to put a diaper under her butty. Sarah shivered when Richard started to spread a bit of cream on her little butterfly before to close her diaper on her groin and tape it. When Richard took a white Onesie, with a yellow star printed on the chest and yellow short sleeves, from the drawers, and he put it on the little girl doing lay her down to button the groin up. When Richard finished preparing Sarah they hear Stella’s voice: “competitors! Now one by one go to the confessional before spectators want to know you”. “Let’s go!” Richard said to Sarah helping to get down from the changing table and taking her hand to go to the first floor where they meet their teammates waiting to be called by Stella. When it was their turn Richard and Sarah went out from the team apartment, and they get in the confessional. It was a small but illuminated room with a white armchair positioned in front of a big flat screen whereupon which they could see Stella’s face “hi Richard! Hello Sarah! Welcome to the nursery’s studio!” She welcome them “hello Stella!” they said “yes we are very excited for this new experience” Richard said “I saw that you explored the apartment do you like Sarah? What do you like most?” Stella asked “yes I like it very much! I never see a so big apartment” she said “did you see the playroom? I Bet that you can’t wait for go to play ” Sarah blushed evidently “don’t worry!” Stella said “ We will know each other better during the show. Bye bye! ” Then Richard put Sarah on the ground took her little hand, and he got out from the confessional. this is the first story tat i write set in diaper dimension i hope that you like it
  2. A/N: Another story that probably won’t have diapers, but will reference them, and talk about them, due to the context of the world this is set in. Please let me know what you think. Chapter 1: I finished high school with one of the highest scores in the state, and was in the top 100 in the country. If I were an Amazon, my school would’ve put my picture on the wall, because I was a little, it was an embarrassment. I was the best their school had to offer. I didn’t even attend graduation, they sent me my certificate in the mail. I was however offered scholarships, I took the least prestigious offer. Janet’s Academy. It’s well known for being a non-diaper University, and the best out of all of them. Their littles went on to go into all sorts of fields, form science to engineering. Even a few well known artists came out of there. We never left our country of Zanton though. It was strict about not forcing things, it was known as an equal opportunity nation. We even have littles member of parliament. They pushed for diapers no longer being mandatory in public, or in public buildings. I loved it, but progress was slow. Yes, you can’t just grab a little without facing jail time, but that didn’t mean people stopped looking down at you (I need some humour in there). Janet’s Academy is nicknamed dollhouse by Amazons, because it has facilities that actually suit the requirements of a little, I was so happy to find a toilet I could actually use my first night there...I wanted to cry. I know, that’s so fucking sad. Even some workplaces now have little offices in their buildings, probably helped by ‘little only’ businesses that are doing so well. They had to poach the competition somehow. It all worked in our favour, it took thirty years before littles actually took advantage of the law, and started their own businesses, and little bankers gave loans to right people ect. It took time, but out country was the best one if you wanted to be a little. Yes some people still wanted to be adopted, and stink in a diaper. I didn’t understand it, but in our country, that was niche, and highly regulated. Little trafficking is illegal, and adoption centres are actually pretty high class and they don’t accept any little. It’s actually become a complex process. Some people post online to ‘meet’ an Amazon for that kind of thing, but some people also saw fit to go to glory holes. It’s not my business. I couldn’t wait for class that next day. I had a desk, and a chair I could sit on. A far cry from my high school at home, where I had to sit on the floor. I was in an elevated desk, like my other little members. So we sat shoulder to shoulder with the other Amazon students. This University had was almost 50/50 in Amazon to little distribution. It was great. My teacher was doing math on the board. I had chosen engineering, if things went to plan, I’d be building hospitals soon. I was writing away, when the door opened. An Amazon was late, a beautiful one at that. Her hair was blonde, her eyes a shining blue. And she wore a white dress with ankle high boots. She didn’t just make my head turn, everyone was staring. She smiled rather awkwardly, before making her way across the room, finding a seat next to mine. I think I screwed up the lesson. I couldn’t un-notice her. She was right there, and my heart was going to beat out of my chest. It wasn’t long before she turned to me, with an odd look on her face. “Is there a problem? Because look, being against Amazons is just as bad as shitting on littles.” My eyebrows rose. “What? Wait, no! I just, have you seen yourself, you’re gorgeous”. Boy was I smooth. Her mouth went slack jawed. Yeah, this was very taboo. Amazons don’t date littles. That’s one thing that’ll never change. I mean, I couldn’t exactly have sex with her, I was barely tall enough to reach her knees. “You think I’m...God, I...don’t know what to say.” I think that’s one way to make an impression. I shrugged. “Don’t say anything. My name is Jane, I’m not plain. And I didn’t quite catch yours.” ”I’m Samantha.” She took out her hand. I put mind in hers, now I just felt like a dwarf. “Nice to meet you, would you like to have coffee with me.” She gently shook mine. “I’ve got a study session on, but I can give you my number. If you want.” Wait, what? She actually... I smiled. “That’d be lovely.” Just like that, I her contact on my phone. And she walked off, glancing back at me with a grin. When she was out of sight, I heard a: ”You have to tell me how you did that!” I turned to find another little looking right at me. He was pretty tall, probably a few inches from being a Mid, he was a whole head taller than me. But he was grinning wildly. “Do what?” I didn’t get it. He looked at me flabbergasted. “I need to know how to pick up chicks, you just did it, give me pointers.” ”I...be a confident and nice person?” Now I was even more confused. He just laughed. “You’re a riot. I do that all the time, I just end up rejected. Amazons don’t want me, other littles think I’m too tall and Mids think I’m too short. Everyone’s a critic you know. What about you? Only interested in giant girls?’ I almost stammered. “No, no, just that one. She was, I mean, did you see her.” He smirked. “Hell yeah I did, good on you. She was so much woman, maybe too much for me to handle, but obviously just enough for you.” He winked, I was mildly grossed out, but then he paused, handing out a card? “Call me if you ever want to hang out, it’s not just giants who have to study.” I watched him walk off, with more questions than answers. I get the feeling he often had that effect on people. The card read Jason Mason. What a name.
  3. Kassiani pursed her lips as she stood, arms folded behind her back, next to her partner. Before them, a sobbing woman had her hands over her eyes, looking like her shaking legs might give out beneath her at any given moment. A man had his hand on her shoulder, trying to whisper soothing words in her ears. The couple was rightfully devastated. It was late, half past ten last she checked, and the woman before her – Mrs. Evelynn Hogan had gone up to give her little boy a late night bottle. It was not uncommon for parents to feed Littles late in the night in the first year. It further promoted healthy bladder movement. Tonight, however, she’d gone up to an empty room; crib abandoned, sheets mussed up, window open. It was only natural she call the police, and Kassiani had been called not long after that. She and her partner were investigating an increased number of disappearing Littles. The count was up to twenty three. Nine little boys, fourteen little girls. Not all of them simply vanished from their cribs like little Nelson Hogan. Some had been abducted in public; plucked from daycares or café patios. No witnesses had ever offered a description that made much sense. At least, not to those with closed minds. Kassiani was beginning to think there might be merit to a few of the claims, made mostly by Amazon children. “I just don’t understand,” Mr. Hogan stated with a shake of his head. “Nelly was a good boy. A little vocal at times, he was still new, but never stirred much of a fuss. Even if a Little were capable of running off in the middle of the night with no one noticing, he never would have tried it.” Kassiani nods. “He’s not the first baffling case. Mr. Hogan, if you would be so kind; my partner and I would like to go up and take a look at the nursery. Would you accompany us? It might be better for your wife to remain downstairs,” she advised. The man’s expression turned grim. He pushed his glasses up higher on his nose and ran a hand through his crop of thick black hair, messing it more than it already was, if it were possible. After a moment, he nodded. “Of course, I’ll show you up.” Silent as always when dealing with grieving families, Kassiani’s partner, Nathaniel, moved first as Jonathan Hogan led them upstairs. He had his hands stuffed into the pockets of his crisp gray suit. Kassiani followed them both up a set of curled, white wash stairs. The top floor of the house was neat and orderly, and a door at the end of the hall was open, light spilling into the dim hallway. Mr. Hogan hung back as the two detectives stepped into the plush carpeted nursery. Kassiani glanced around the room, taking in the details quietly. The walls were a soft, muted yellow, and stenciled across them were various cars, planes, trains, and boats, all with cartoony eyes and gaping smiles. It was sweet. The love the Hogans had for their Little was obvious as her gaze swept over the room. He had all sorts of blocks and toys to play with, many of which dotted the floor and spilled from an open toy chest. Kassiani plucked a teddy bear from its place on a green cushioned rocking chair. The bear was a soft brown, a green silk ribbon tied around its neck, and it held a heart shaped pillow with I Love You scrawled in white cursive letters across it. She stroked a finger over the bear’s plush face and smiled. “You said you had a lid crib?” she inquired. Mr. Hogan nodded. “Yes. Not that we ever had any concerns about Nell ever trying anything, but the boy did love to climb. Climbed everything. If you took your eyes off him for a moment, he’d scramble up a bookshelf or climb the drawers onto the counter. We were worried he might take a tumble at night, so we got a lid and started locking it after putting him down. Safety measure. Listen, you’re free to look, take anything you need to, and I’ll answer any question you have, but I should really remain with my wife right now. She’s not holding up well. Nelson is her whole world.” Kassiani dipped her head. “Of course. Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Hogan. We’ll be alright up here.” “No lid now,” Nathaniel commented once the father had scurried back downstairs. “These things don’t usually have more than one set of keys, and they’d have heard the lock break if someone had busted in.” Kassiani walked up to the crib. It was true, there wasn’t a trace of the lid the Hogan’s had on their crib. Instead, there was just a fine trailing pile of black dust on the crisp white sheets. Pulling on a latex glove, Kassiani scooped some of it up. Ash. It was certainly unusual, but she’d seen it at a few scenes now. Nothing about the situation added up. Once again, her theory rose in her mind, nagging like a cicada beneath a glass. She gave her head a shake. Putting merit into such a concept could get her abilities questioned and the last thing she wanted was to be put under review. She excelled at her job. But no, it was still there, lurking, prodding at her. She couldn’t shake it. “Any theories, Nate?” she asked, her voice a little shaky. Anything to break her from her thoughts. Nathaniel turned, his head cocking to the side like a lizard eyeing a juicy bug and a frown twitched at the corners of his mouth. “You’re not still thinking about the witness reports are you? Kasey, they were children. Kids making up stories, nothing more.” “Kids all making up the same story, Nate? That’s always unusual enough to warrant at least considering. You know as well as I that the second we start excluding suspects based on age, personality, appearance of ability…or size, then we’ve lost the case.” “You really think a Little did this? Kasey, look around this room. It’s meant to contain a Little. We’re damned good at that. Otherwise, every nursery in the country would be empty.” He had a point. The notion that Littles were the culprits felt illogical. How could a Little, or even a ragtag band of them, get in and out so efficiently, casting off restraints specifically meant to use their size and strength against them, and make off with a victim, or perhaps in their eyes, a rescue, without getting caught, or even much more than a passing glimpse by a child? She sighed and rubbed at her temples. Illogical, but not impossible. If there was anyone in the city with cause to take the risk, it would be Littles. They would likely see it as liberating themselves from their own fates, futures. Few Littles sought out the comfort of an Amazon home. But the things that didn’t add up with a Little were rivaled by the improbabilities of an Amazon. “How did the Hogans not hear anything?” she said finally. “If an adult had come in here to pinch Nelson, he would have cried. What reason could another Amazon whisper to a baby to keep him quiet? He’d have no reason to trust them.” “Gun, maybe? Littles may be silly creatures, but they’re not that dumb. Besides, Nelson couldn’t walk. Littles couldn’t have carried him,” Nathaniel responded. He folded his arms over his chest and leaned back against the wall, raising an eyebrow at her. Kassiani grinned. This was much better, comfortable. Bouncing debate points off one another. They’d come to a middle ground eventually. “Then how did the culprit get in? That window is accessible from a ledge too small to safely stand on, and even the window itself would be a squeeze to get through. And again, the noise factor. If the Hogans claims are to be trusted, Mr. Hogan was reading a paper, and Evelynn would have been in the kitchen preparing tomorrow night’s dinner. Neither activity is loud enough to conceal heavy footsteps or a ruckus going on right above their heads.” Nathaniel tilted his head to the side, a sign he was giving her a point. Her grin widened. “Maybe it wasn’t an Amazon. You make a good point. They don’t trust anyone when they’re free and they trust strangers even less after they’re adopted. It would have had to be a very efficient break in to be an Amazon. There’s not a clear motive.” “So you agree with me?” “That it wasn’t an Amazon? Yes. But not that it was a Little. They couldn’t pull it off either. I want to look for a Mid.” It took Kassiani a moment to digest his words. Where had that left field notion come from? “You think a Betweener did this?” she echoed. “But my theory is the absurd one?” “Now who’s casting off a class?” “Well come on, Nathaniel!” she exclaimed, throwing her hands up. “There are no more Betweeners in the city, you know that. You think a rogue Mid managed to go unnoticed this long? They’d stand out like a sore thumb in the crowds. Why take such a risk?” Kassiani swallowed the lump in her throat. A Mid. It was true, she hadn’t considered them. It could mean another civil war though, if they were involved, and she doubted their government wanted to risk the fragile peace they’d brokered. Both populations were still recovering from the backlash of the Betweener separation from government. It had been a major pride blow, to be unable to control the middle class. In the end though, it was easier to give them their land to form their own society and live as they would. The cost was that they were no longer welcome in Amazon society. Not for support, trade, or work. If Mids were snatching Littles from their cradles, the uproar would be wildfire. An uncontrollable blaze that would engulf them all. “If it is a Mid,” she said finally. “You’d best hope we find them quickly and quietly, and that all the missing Littles are unharmed.” She sighed. “Fine. We’ll pursue your theory. But if it comes up dry, Nate, you’re going to support me with mine.” Nathaniel’s posture straightened and his expression darkened. “If anyone else asked me to practically commit career suicide, I’d drop them good.” Kassiani squared her shoulders. “I’m not anyone else.” “Which is why you’re not on the ground,” he pointed out. “And you’d better be right in that event, or I swear, I’ll kill you myself.” “If you’re right, someone else might just do it for you,” Kassiani countered. She sighed and glanced at the crib again. “There’s still one thing I don’t understand, from any angle. How the hell did they do that? Those lids are automated, heavy. How’d they manage to destroy it…it looks practically vaporized. Nothing but a bit of ash, though a fire would have set off the alarm and breaking it would have made too much noise.” There wasn’t an immediate response and Kassiani turned back to Nathaniel. He was staring in the same direction. Finally he shrugged and shook his head. “Yeah, I have no clue. This whole situation is way too messed up.” …Meanwhile… The old warehouse complex was dark and desolate. Nothing disturbed the eerie silence that hung over the abandoned structure. It really was a mess, a surprise the city hadn’t zoned it for demolition yet. Three figures dropped through a broken window, their footsteps drowned out even in the open floorplan of the building. One, a small boy with a mop of sandy curls and brown eyes so wide they might’ve popped of his head, stood between two others. He was still wearing a footed sleeper, fingers locked in the fingerless mitts on the ends, and a massive, swollen diaper sagged between his legs, making his knees wobble. He sat down with a rather noticeable squish and blushed. A lone candle, still flickering in the night, provided them their only bit of light to see by. One his one side, another Little, with shaggy blonde hair and green eyes that practically glowed in the dark. He spun a small crowbar and tucked it behind him on his suit. He knelt down next to the other boy, spun him around, and hooked a clawed finger into the zipper on his back. The sound of the zipper opening filled the room and soon the fabric was spilling off the small boy. Neither made a sound as the clawed figure, cloaked in black, shredded the diaper off next. “Nelson your real name?” he asked finally. The Little boy nodded and hung his head. “You’re safe now, Nelson,” a female voice assured him. The other figure knelt down and caught his chin with her hand. She offered him a smile. Dressed near head to toe in a bright red getup, her dark hair pulled into pigtails tied there with ribbons. “There won’t be any more nurseries in your future.” She glanced at her companion and took out a small red and black polka dotted yoyo. “Time to purify,” she murmured as she dragged her finger up the center. The front of the yoyo split open and a soft white light spilled from it. She took a deep breath, then turned it upside down over Nelson’s head. They all watched as a glowing white dust showered over his head. “What is that stuff?” the boy yelped, then his hands flew to cover his mouth. “My…my lisp!” The girl smiled and nodded. “Gone. You can walk properly again too.” “And hold it,” the other boy stated with a grin. “Useful stuff.” “Nelson, listen very closely. You’re going to go upstairs where there’s a little kitchenette. There’s a box in the cupboard by the stove. You’ll find proper clothes there, some rations. Squat down here a day or two. Someone will come for you. An associate. An Amazon. You can trust him. You’ll know it’s him when he comes in, talking about a fetching a lost teddy bear, okay? He’s going to take you far from the city. A place where you can start over, live freely. You mustn’t leave this warehouse until he comes for you, not for anything, okay?” Nelson hesitated and for a moment, the girl thought he might argue. Then he simply nodded. “Okay. Thank you,” he added. He didn’t wait around, simply scurried off in the direction of the stairs. The girl, still crouched on the ground, shook a little more dust into her hand and blew on it. “Miraculous ladybug,” she whispered. She watched it glow, the red and white swirling from her hands to race off into the night. It would repair any damage, simultaneously destroy any evidence. She grinned at the thought of the baffled looks the police would wear. Oh well. “Job well done, as always Milady.” The girl grinned and rose to her feet. Her associate was holding out a hand. She clenched her fingers into a fist and bumped it against his. “Pound it,” she agreed warmly. “Feel like a little rooftop celebration?” the boy inquired with a grin. “Under the stars, the moon. What’s not to love?” She rolled her eyes at his romantic advancements. A flirt, she’d decided long ago. Nothing more. Still, she trusted him with her life, as she knew he did with hers. Her thoughts were pulled from her as a soft beeping sounded in her ear. She brought a hand do cup one of the earrings in her lobes, watched him twist his ring uncomfortably. “Looks like we’re running low on time. Perhaps another night, Chat Noir,” she decided, offering him a kind smile. She liked him well enough, but it was imperative they knew nothing of their real identities. She stepped up on the window ledge and swung her yoyo until it pulled taunt on a pole a good distance away. “Bug out.” With the final statement, she swung out the window and off into the night. Well then....been a while since I've written a chapter, much less posted anything. I'm kinda surprised that this came from my brain, I haven't written fanfiction in a LONG time. Like, a really really long time, but oh well. It's how I started off back then, so perhaps it's fitting that it's how I'll get back into writing now. That said, I am so feeding my guilty pleasure here. I am a mega nerd when it comes to Disney and animation and all the wonderful things on the memory lane of childhood. Miraculous Ladybug is a show a friend of mine recently got me into and I will curse her name till the end of my days for it, because I'm shipping characters and raging out like crazy at this adorable kids superhero show. But you know what? The characters are literally adorable idiots and I've come to decide they'd be freaking wonderful Littles, and the diaper dimension rather fits them nicely for it, so here's an AU story about vigilantes with magic powers seeking to liberate Littles from cribs and the detectives soon to be hot on their tails. As a side note, yes, Ladybug's abilities are way off in this. I kinda had to rework her a little so it all made sense, since there's no akumas to catch in this. Anyways, to everyone who knows the show, *Fist bump*. To those who don't: go watch it, it's great (Though, start with the origin episodes 'Stoneheart' as it actually makes the show easier to follow than starting at ep 1 does). And if you don't wanna watch it....well, it is AU so I don't think you need too much knowledge of the show to read this, as I am reworking the characters and abilities a bit so I'll touch on a lot of the lore. Disclaimer though. (Wow, have not done one of these in a while either) MLB and it's characters are obviously not mine and the wonderful minds behind it deserve all the credit there. I'm just having some fun writing this story. Also, totally a working title. I'm open to better suggestions on what to call this, lol. Have a great day everyone. Littles - stay out of trouble you naughty things. -Kwoceans
  4. A fnaf rp! Looking for a Scott to tease/catch/diaper Vincent. (If you don't know a lot about FNAF just know that Vincent's known for his big ego and Scott hates him, so in this situation he'd tease Vincent. ) Vincent hummed softly, walking around the small shopping center with the other guards in front of him. They were there for boss, picking up a few decorations for the pizzeria and so on. Vincent was a quiet type in big groups, so he trailed along behind Scott, rather than engaging with the others. He wore tight black jeans and a puffy pastel yellow sweater, looking quite adorable, although he considered it casual. His hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail, as it usually was. As well as... well, boxers. See, Vincent didn't even know what a little was yet, let alone know he was interested in diapers. But, that would soon change. They eventually passed a small aisle around back, labeled adult incontinence. He glanced down the aisle, then paused, his face heating up. Adult diapers, huh..? I wonder how they feel, he thought to himself, blushing further. Vincent stopped to look down the aisle, though the other guards kept walking. He figured no one would notice he was gone, and wandered in to check out the diapers.
  5. Hiya! My name's Caelly and I'm a 21 year old transgender ABDL from Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been ABDL since I was 12 and have been wearing diapers for years. It's my 21st Birthday today and I'm celebrating the best way possible: double diapered in a onesie and skirt sitting in bed eating birthday cake with my hands and drinking Dr. Pepper from a sippy cup (I'm truly an adult now :P). Movies are my life. I study them at uni and go see at least two movies a week at the cinema (it helps to wear diapers, no bathroom trips so no missing scenes). Happy to be here to chat with so many cool ABDLs and others :) Feel free to reply if you wanna know more.
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    Precious bum!

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    So cute and a little soggy.
  7. “Has anyone given you a placement test yet?” Nerissa asked as she led the girl past the receiving desk. "Oh, um... no. I didn't know there was one?" Shannon said. She felt horribly dwarfed around the woman, especially with her this close. Shannon had been on earth until a few days ago, and she wasn’t sure if she still was on earth. Everything around her looked and seemed the same in terms of scenery, technology, language and human beings… BUT there was a glaring amount of cultural differences, mostly centered around people who were tall, the Amazons, and people who were not, like her - the littles. Shannon was 5 foot 6 inches tall a few days ago, and since coming ‘here’ she’d either shrunk or found out that her height was far down the low scale as whatever height she was now, Nerissa was 4 feet taller than her. There were lots of Amazons around, and more so then there were people her height. "No worries hun, just a mix up then. Come along with me and we'll get this all straightened out." It was Shannon’s first visit to the ‘wanderer home’. It was something she’d heard of that helped lost people who didn’t seem to be from this world. One scary thing she’d found since arriving was that the other’s her size seemed to blur the lines between children and adults. Leading the smaller girl into one of the back rooms of the group home, Nerissa indicated where some of the guest rooms were, as well as the bathroom and the kitchen, and finally, the classroom. There was a certain amount of acclimation that new arrivals to this world would need to do. The only problem was that the classroom was not encouraging. There were colorful desks arranged in lines, posters with educational values on the wall… and oddly, at the front of the class was a plastic child's potty, and to its side, a wooden stand with bottle. Shannon looked a bit confused, but otherwise remained silent--wanting to make a good impression. She’s spent the night before sleeping on a park bench. She didn’t want to mess this up. "...So um, do I just take a seat at one of the desks?" Nerissa shook her head no, having the girl stand at the front for a moment. She leaned against one of the desks and crossed her arms. "We came up with this test back when the wanderer home got popular. It’s a home for visitors, and not residents. Does that make sense?” “Um.. I guess, you mean it’s a place for those who aren’t native?” “Exactly, and I’m not sure if you’ve seen the boys and girls who look about your height, but there’s a lot of them who have a problem growing up.” Shannon gulped and nodded. She’d seen one or two at the park. They looked like big toddlers with their much taller parents treating them as such. “I’ve seen them, and I’m not like that.” Nerissa nodded. “Good, but that’s what the test will determine. In the past we’ve had a few runaways try to stay here and pretend they were from somewhere else. This test will help determine one very important factor.” “What’s that?” “Are you a big girl?" “Umm… do you mean like, physically or maturity? Because I’m not really as tall as you .. er.. obviously, but I’m an adult. I mean, I’m nearly 23, which is adult for where I’m from.” Nerissa nodded at the girl. “Allow me to rephrase, I forget to explain things to new girls at times. Are you a big girl, as in, are you potty trained?” That made Shannon blink. "Y-Yeah! I have been for years?" Shannon said, looking a little confused at what was a silly question to even bother asking. It made her think about the young adults she’d seen dressed strangely in the park. Were they potty trained? She got a little more nervous as being at the front of the room was... even though it was empty, it was stressful. Nerissa just grinned. Littles were so wonderfully naïve. "Good, now if you would be so kind, follow me over here, we're going to have a retention test to determine your maturity," Nerissa said motioning toward the wooden stand. Shannon nods. "...um, retention test...?" regardless, the girl followed, looking the stand over. It’d been in the room the whole time, but she just didn’t really know what it was for. "Mhmm... this stand right here is a piece of medical equipment. It's designed too... clean... things. In a moment we're going to hook it up to you and it’s going to feel like you need to go to the bathroom. The test of a big girl is going to be showing me that you can hold it. Can you wait 10 whole minutes without having an accident? It should be very easy for any BIG girl." "...um..." That one took her a few seconds to decide on. "...Yeah, sounds easy!" She didn't sound so sure, now, but she did want to prove that she wasn’t a big girl. "Good, let’s get the test started then," she said, going to the stand and starting to prep it a little bit. She took the bottle off the top, filling it with a solution from a sink in the corner. "I'll need you to pull down your panties, and please lift up the back of your skirt a little." Shannon hesitated for a few seconds. "W..why?” she asked. “Because this is how you prove you’re a big girl. Do I have to help you do it?” the woman said a little impatiently. “No, I can do it." She said a bit nervously. It felt kind of like a parent was talking to her as she slid the panties around her ankles, setting her skirt up a little. She looked around the classroom. It was empty and the wanderer home was mostly quiet. Still it was embarrassing to be in a classroom like this with her butt on display. "This is going to feel a little odd hun, just relax and it we'll start the test shortly," Nerissa said as she replaced the bottle on top of the stand and took out a long hose connecting to it. At the end of the hose was a bulb. “Do you know what an enema is?” Shannon gulped. She had a general idea. She knew you took water up…inside… you. “Is this the only way? I mean, is there some other test?” “You’ll be fine hun. This is a common medical procedure.” Nerissa just put a calming hand on Shannon's shoulder before starting to tease the tip of the hose in between her cheeks to poke at her pucker. Shannon tensed up her shoulders. Instinctively, at first, her body seemed to reject the intruder, tensing up to try to disallow it. "It’s… uncomfortable... w--wouldn't it be easier to just wait until I need to go...?" Nerissa shook her head. "I couldn't be sure you were telling the truth in that case. This way, I know for sure you'll need to go potty and we can properly assess you, " she said pressing a little more firmly until the bulb started to press in. "There, it’s in hun. Now as I said, this will feel a little weird. I've got a full bottle. And it’s just warm water. Relax and we'll be ready for the test in under two minutes," she said as she slowly opened the valve, and a rush of warm water went down the hose. Shannon tensed up as the water rushed in. The feeling was unlike anything she’d ever felt. While the amazon had told her it was a medical procedure, and she’d heard it was before coming her, this was the last thing she’d thought she’d be doing today, and if it wasn’t for lack of place to stay, she would never have allowed this. "How much more...?" she asked with a groan. Shannon was starting to feel very full. Nerissa tapped the bottle as it emptied the last of the way out. "That.... should just about do it," she said. She put her hand back on the girl's shoulder and started to gently remove the hose. "Now the test begins as soon as you have your panties back up and you take a seat on that plastic potty. Ten minutes, and if you're panties are still completely clean we pronounce you a big girl and you get to stay upstairs on the top floor." Shannon nodded, rushing to get her panties up--stopping halfway down, however, hugging at her belly. She went a bit slower, trying not to strain herself, hobbling over to the potty. Taking her seat, her eyes shot to the clock. Determined as she was, part of her KNEW she couldn't make all ten minutes. She’d never felt such an intense need to go before. Nerissa pulled a pocket watch out and started the timer with a click. "All right, 10 minutes hun. Show me you're a big girl," she said as she took a seat on one of the smaller sized desks. After a minute or two, Shannon reached down and latched her hands on the potty, tensing up. She let out a small, distressed whine. "H--how many people pass this?" Nerissa smiled and artfully redirected the question. "All BIG GIRLS have passed it," she said honestly. "Only babies fail it." Shannon nodded, trying to use the sentence as motivation, but it didn’t take long though. After another minute, and not long before the halfway mark, Shannon let something slip--just a tiny bit of water. It dripped noisily into the potty. Nerissa stopped looking at her watch when she heard it. "Hun... did you just do what I think you did?" she asked, a slight smile curling at the side of her mouth. "Speak up, tell me what just happened?" “I…” Trying with everything she could, the dripping only got louder as more leaked out. “I’m trying… I just…” All of a sudden it was everything at once. At first it was just water, soaking through her panties and going into the potty, but then it was much more then water as everything in her piled up in her panties. Shannon sat with one of her arms curled around her stomach, and another around her mouth, stifling a small gasped "Noooooo." “Shannon?” Nerissa persisted, but it was obvious what had just happened. Shannon whimpered out a small "I couldn’t..." squirming on the seat. "Ew, ew, ew..." "You failed,” Nerissa sighed. “And you know what that tells me? Do you know what type of people can't even pass a simple test?" she asked as she walked toward a shelf at the side of the room, getting some wipes. Shannon hung her head. "b--but I haven't had an accident in years! And I’ve never had an enema before!" Nerissa came back with a box of wipes, taking the little by the shoulder and having her put her hands out on the ground in front of her, positioning her at a crouch over the potty. Her ruined pantied bottom pointed out. The amazon pulled down the panties and started trying to clean her up with wipes. "Haven't had an accident in years until you took the placement test? Are you saying you intentionally failed then? You wanted to prove to me you’re nothing but a baby?" "N--no, it was an accident! This is a crazy test! You have to believe me!" Shannon said, put off guard by the treatment. She whimpered at being cleaned. "Well... if you swear it was a onetime thing, I'll make a deal with you. Because you had an accident in our classroom, and failed your placement test, I'm going to put you back in diapers. You're certainly not going to be the only little around here in diapers. From now on though, when you have to go to the bathroom, I want you to come find me or any of the other adults here and we'll help you get out of the diaper to go potty... We'll keep that up for a week. That should be enough proof I think... but if I find out you have more accidents. Well, you may find yourself in diapers quite a bit longer." Shannon didn't need diapers, but what argument could she make in a new place. Especially dirty panties around her ankles... "Alright..." Nerissa finished cleaning the little in the somewhat compromising position, leaving the wipes and the ruined panties in the plastic potty on the floor. She took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the changing table at the back of the room. "Consider yourself on probation hun. I know this is a new place, and I know you’re nervous, but don't think you can get away with more than a few accidents before everyone here will know just what you are," she says stopping short of the table. She gave the padded surface a pat. "I--Well, good! That was the last one!" Any attempts of hers to seem confident were complete failures; she was just whining now. She crawled up, laying out on the padding. "...Um! Since I'm just on probation, can it be a thin one?" "Sure hun, just remember, prove to me it was a onetime only accident," Nerissa said, bringing out the thinner diaper. It was a disposable, the same kind you could get at convenience stores. She got a bottle of powder to go with it. Without warning, she took the girl by the ankles like she really wasn't anything more than a baby and pulled her bottom up off the table, sliding the unfolded diaper under her before setting her back down and starting to powder her. Shannon fidgeted a bit, not used to the sensations. "Well, yeah! Just--long 's you don't give me another enema I *know* I'll be okay! I'm not a baby..." "Of course not hun, and this diaper is just to keep you protected in case that test wasn't a fluke," she said as she finished taping it up. She gave the now diapered little a pat on the front of her diaper before helping her off the table. She tried to hold back a giggle, as the girl's skirt didn't seem to come down far enough to hide what she was wearing. This was how all littles needed to be really. Diapered toddlers. "Remember, tell an adult when you need to go potty. Okay?" "Why can't I just take it off myself?" Shannon whined, taking her first few steps in the diaper. Each one had an awkward waddle to it as her legs were pushed apart. "I need a dress or something to cover this, too..." she continued to march around the room, trying to get used to the rustly plastic. It never quite worked though--every step was as infantile as the last. "You need an adult so that they can make sure that your diaper's clean. I'm sorry to say that after failing that test you need to earn our trust," she said, covering her mouth with her hand to hide the bemused expression on her face as she watched the girl toddle about the room. She had no doubt, with a little help from a special teacher like herself, she'd get this girl to need diapers for a rather long time. "...Alright! No problem! That's just a few seconds extra--and I'm not a baby so I can wait it!" She was clearly determined to prove herself. Shannon was about the most plucky wanderer that Nerissa had ever seen. Usually girls screamed their heads off. Stopping after a waddled lap around the room, Shannon poked at her diaper. "...this is a *thin* one...? What are the thick ones like?" "Hopefully you'll never need to find out. Those are for heavy night time bedwetters and littles who are such babies that there's really no hope in potty training them," she said. Shannon gulped. --------- "Hi hun, do you need to potty?" Shannon jumped, spinning around. "Um--yeah, I was planning on heading back to the home in a bit! But since you're here, um, yeah I need to go!" Nerissa lifted up the back of Shannon's skirt, checking her just like a toddler. "Let me check your pants hun, and then we'll head to the potty." "But..." Shannon rolled her eyes. She was bone dry. But this sort of thing had happened a few times since she started staying at the home. Heck, it was just about standard for the world at large and people her size. The Amazon smiled and gave Shannon's crinkle bottom a pat. "C'mon then, let’s get the big girl to the potty," she said taking Shannon's hand and leading her back toward town, waddling and stumbling a little at the taller womans longer gate. It was almost too easy as Nerissa took a particular path back toward town, making sure to bring the two of them just past an area of construction. It was almost Halloween and a local haunted house liked to set up every year in a storefront. They’d barely rounded the corner before an Amazon in a monster suit made a silly ‘RAWR’ jumping at the two of them. Nine feet of monster when you’re just over five is terrifying. The little stumbled back and fell on her padded bottom, promptly soaking her diaper. After the initial shock, and hearing Nerissa chastise the costumed monster, Shannon tugged her skirt down, her heart pounding. “Its not Halloween yet! You shouldn’t be doing that!” the Amazon teased the performer. She got a flyer in response before looking back in surprise at Shannon. “Oh, you okay hun?” she asked bending down and offering a hand to help her up. She nodded. Shannon just had to make it back and rush to the bathroom... and Narissa would never even know. Standing up, she put on the most confident face she could muster with a soaked diaper around her waist. “Well we’re almost back, come on hun,” Narissa said turning back around and already able to see the yellow tinge under the girl's skirt. She didn't say anything, instead offering her hand. "You're safe, it was just a guy in a costume, c'mon the home's not far now," she said leading Shannon back by the hand once more. As she got on the same street, there were a few giggles from the other Amazons as they spied a little in diapers. Given her ‘adult’ clothing it was still obvious she was ‘new’ to the area. Shannon was bright red long before they got back to home. At some of the giggles she realized what the problem could be and when the Amazon was turned, she hastilly tried to tug up the diaper, and push her skirt down. Anything to avoid detection for the few seconds she might need! Nerissa led Shannon into home and went back toward the classroom, stopping before the pink plastic potty. "All right hun, do you need some help getting the diaper off?" she asked, looking quite ready to lean down and help the little get seated to do her business. Like this was some second test or something. Shannon shook her head, pushing the skirt down a little. "Why are we here? Why can’t I just go to the regular bathroom? It’s not that big of a deal. " She was obviously hiding something. "...u--um, would it be okay if you left for a moment? I don't know if I can do it with you watching..." "Hun... are you trying to hide something?" Narissa asked at the very obvious way the girl was pulling down her skirt. "I know you’re a big girl and of course you wouldn't have any accidents, but you do seem to be acting a little strange." Shannon shook her head. "You already checked me once! Nuh uh!" Nerissa leaned down and swept Shannon's hands away, pulling up the front of her skirt almost to her chest, and leaving the girl looking rather foolish as she stood there in an obvious soaked diaper. Nerissa let out a 'tsk' and shook her head, obviously looking very disappointed in Shannon. "Why did you have to tell a fib Shannon?" "W-well--I dunno! It was--I had it up until that stupid monster at the end! And--I'm not a baby, I don't wanna go back to diapers!" She let out a small whine, stomping one foot down. Reaching down, Nerissa gave the front of Shannon's diapers a few pats, making sure she could feel that she was indeed in a diaper, and that it was wet. "Aww hun, so you were scared? That's all it was? I believe you, besides, you said you've never had an accident... aside from just now and earlier at your test," she said, ticking the two incidents off on her fingers. She undid the tapes on the girl's diaper and removed it, leaving her wet lower half exposed as she gently put a hand on the girl's shoulder and had her sit down on the child's potty. "Go ahead and see if you still need to go, we'll get you back securely into a diaper after." Shannon nodded, trying to go... but she had nothing. "...this--um, this won't count against me, right? Since it was just a fear-thing... which hasn't happened in years either by the way!" "We'll use a three strikes rule to make it fair... does that work? I know you said it'd never happen, and sometimes we do just get scared, but there's only so much I can believe... so that's strike one hun. If I find or hear about you wetting two more diapers... then I'm going to extend this whole thing another week. That's another week of diapers. ... If I find out you've messed in a diaper... that's going to be three strikes automatically. " Shannon bowed her head, then nodded. "Well--I definitely won't mess! Or wet! Promise..." Nerissa nodded and helped the girl up, shaking her head but not commenting on the empty training potty. She led the girl toward the back of the classroom once more, helping her up on the changing table. She got out another thin diaper and lifted the little by her ankles once more, getting a wipe and cleaning her thoroughly like the toddler she'd been acting like. She put the diaper under her next, getting out powder and liberally applying it before taping it up once more. "There, dry again," she smiled, grinning at the little who now smelled a bit like a baby. Shannon nodded, hopping off the table with a smile. At least she was out of that wet diaper... for good, she was SURE of it. She wouldn't embarrass herself again--either in front of this nice caretaker, or in front of the city full of people. "...Um do you have any drinks? All the walking made me a bit thirsty..." "You a fan of milk? I have some in my room in the back. I got it fresh this morning," she said motioning toward the office door in the corner of the room. "Yeah, I love milk!" Shannon followed, bouncing and crinkling with every step. "Um, thank you! ...sorry about all this... accident stuff..." "No trouble at all hun, that's what the class is for. And as you said, not going to happen again right? So there's nothing to worry about," she said leading the way to her office which had a small desk and two chairs. Behind her desk she had a mini-fridge where she pulled out a metal pitcher filled nearly to the brim with a rather thick milk. "Fresh, and cool," she said, reaching to a drawer on her desk and pulling out a double handled sippy cup. She poured the cool milk into it and capped it back up. "Sorry, I’m not sharing my own mug," she said pushing the cup toward Shannon. Shannon looked at the cup for a moment, frowning. There was something about this world. Childish things didn’t seem THAT bad… and hearing someone that much bigger then you tell you something, you were just inclined to listen. Shannon snatched up the cup quickly, rushing out a small "Thank you" before drinking the stuff. "...Wow, this is really good!" she giggled. It didn’t taste like any milk she’d had before. "Glad you liked it," she grinned. --------- "...So, um, what are the uh guests on the top floor like?" Shannon asked with a yawn. "Intelligent and energetic girls, most of them are littles like you," Nerissa said, smiling. The tall amazon was in the midst of the common room, a diaper bag on her shoulder, helping a few other littles who had less than perfect potty training. Shannon had been spending more and more time at the home, but as she spent time on the ground floor, she’d been curious about the upper floor and some of the girls she’d been told were there. People who had passed the test she’d failed. She’d never actually met one herself. It was already a few days since her arrival and some of the strange things in the home were starting to seem pretty casual. She’d only had one more strike since making the deal with Nerissa. It’d happened after lunch a lunch of milk and sandwiches the other day. It took her by surprise, but other than a warning of not to let it happen again, Shannon had just been changed and sent on her way. It was comforting to know she wasn’t the only little with potty problems. When Nerissa had finished attending the other little, she came over to get Shannon, scooping her up. Shannon, being tired, was content resting her head against Nerissa's arm. She even dozed off, ever-so-briefly, breathing out a light high pitched sigh for a second before snapping back to the waking world. Shannon had been given her own guest room on the ground floor and recognizing someone was in need of bedtime, Nerissa had brought her to her room. She set Shannon down just before her bed, making sure she was awake enough to know she was home. The little yawned again, but then her stomach growled angrily at her. "I missed dinner," she said sheepishly. Shannon was still allowed to wander around close to the home and she didn’t have her own money so she depended on the home for most things. Nerissa smiled and nodded. She came around to the other side of the bed and sat down, laying her back against the pillows and motioned for Shannon to come sit next to her as she reached into the diaper bag for something. Sitting next to her, and squirming over to look inside the bag, a natural curiosity overtook Shannon. Nerissa pulled out a baby bottle, one that was more sized for an Amazon baby, and was rather large for someone the size of a Little. It was filled with a heavy milk, the same actually she'd had at lunch the other day and in the sippy cup before that. She smiled and held it up, motioning warmly for Shannon to rest against her, "It'll help you relax hun, you seem stressed." "...Um... do I have to drink out of the bottle...? I'm trying to *not* be a baby! I mean, I know it'd help... but..." Nerissa tried to do her best to seem warm and comforting and like there was nothing odd about this at all. The world tended to help these girls act more appropriately to what they really were and it was hard for Shannon to object. Nerissa kindly put her hand on Shannon's shoulder, pulling her in so that the diapered Little was resting with her head on the amazon’s chest, and she softly, but firmly pressed the nipple between her lips, silencing her protests. "Just relax hun, you've had a very trying week." Shannon whimpered, but as she was in the position and her tummy was grumbling she nodded slowly, sucking on the nipple. After the first drop, there was no way the Little was going to move an inch. The milk was so delicious, so thick, and... a little sleep inducing. But of course, she made sure to finish the bottle, filling herself up with the creamy goodness. When she finally did finish, she turned her head slightly, resting against the Amazon's chest. "Thank you..." she murmured, nearly asleep from the milk. Nerissa smiled as the girl turned her head, being sure to give her back a few firm pats. She had a very full tummy of milk, and Nerissa already knew exactly what that'd do to her. She kept patting her back leaning in to whisper, "It’s okay hun, get some sleep, I'll be back in the morning to check on you," she said. Shannon nodded, letting out a small burp before dozing off in the woman's arms. After all of the adventure of winding up in this new world, all of the stress, and the belly full of milk, she’d sleep through just about anything. Nerissa slowly eased Shannon off of her. She tried her best to make the sleeping girl comfortable, propping her on pillows, pulling the covers up. She also couldn't help taking the girl's hand, and gently bringing the thumb up to push in her mouth. Nerissa smiled, Shannon was quickly moving along with the program. She grinned to herself, taking the bag, and leaving the room quietly. By morning, Shannon was still sleeping like a baby in complete bliss. She was still sucking on her thumb and hadn't moved an inch since last night. Nerissa was there first thing in the morning to let herself in. She had the same bag from the night before on her shoulder, but it was a bit fuller with a few different things this time. She smiled seeing the girl still sleeping and sucking her thumb, she came around to the side of the bed, easing the blankets off of her and discreetly checking her diaper, trying her best not to wake her. Shannon slept through the check--it seemed like it would take a lot to wake her from this state. The diaper was, of course, soaked. Her thin diaper had barely managed to take it all and she’d leaked a little on the bed. Smirking, the Amazon just started prepping things. The milk had apparently worked its magic, the little not even waking as she wet herself like in an infant in her sleep. Nerissa took a seat on the bed next to Shannon, not bothering to change her yet and leaving the blanket off of her. "Shannon, wake up hun," she said giving the girl a good shake on her shoulder. Shannon slowed to waking, turning up to look at Nerissa. "Mmmorning..." she murmured. She first noticed her thumb, still in her mouth, and instantly retracted it, blushing. "Um, I don't usually suck my--" She fidgeted in her embarrassment, causing her to feel something quite foreign. Another fidget confirmed her fear. "I--" she couldn't come up with any excuse, like she always had before. Either to convince Nerissa, or herself... So she simply started to tear up. "Strike three hun," she said softly. “Remember what I said?” She gave the soaked diaper a pat, as if confirming what the girl could feel. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and took out a pacifier, unceremoniously pressing it into the girl's mouth. "It's okay, I'm not mad... I kind of suspected from the beginning," she said, taking out powder, wipes, and one of the very thick disposables from the bag. The disposable had very childish prints on the front and unlike the thin diapers with two tapes that looked more medical. These were baby diapers, one tape on each side, thick able to keep a baby dry. Shannon shook her head, murmuring a quiet "MmMm! MmMm!" from behind the pacifier, a very childish "no, no". But... how could she argue it? She was *sitting* in a wet diaper. And she wanted to get out of it, even if it meant getting into the childish diaper. Shannon laid out, turning her head to the side, whimpering a little. Nerissa stood up and began her task of changing Shannon. She got out a changing mat and placed it on the bed, pulling Shannon by the ankles and resting it under her. She untapped the wet diaper and began wiping her. The amazon took and unfolded the thick disposable, sliding it under the girl. She took out baby oil and rash cream first, starting to work it into the girl's privates. The time it took to clean her up made Shannon feel... well, babyish. She didn’t think she could have changed herself for one, and for two, it made her feel kind of gross, knowing that Nerissa had wipe pee off of her. Nerissa followed up the rash cream with a healthy dossage of baby powder, this time not just centering it to her diaper area, but on her tummy and thighs as well. This Little was going to smell like a baby. She taped the diaper snuggly in place, it was thick enough that it forced Shannon's legs slightly apart. "There, dry and clean," she said offering a hand to help the sobbing girl sit up. Nerissa put the used diaper in the trash and came back to the bed to sit down opposite Shannon, holding her arms out for a hug. "It's okay hun, it’s not a big deal," she repeated sweetly. Shannon hugged her, trying to believe her... for her own sake, really. What she had been so sure of before, now seemed like an insurmountable obstacle looming on the horizon. Nerissa giggled with the girl and reached over, taking the pacifier and trying to keep her distracted as she reached into the bag and pulled out another full baby bottle. She was gentle, but still firm and insistent as she pressed it into Shannon's mouth, moving her from hugging to resting against her chest again. She smiled, somewhat smugly now. Shannon snuggled tightly against Nerissa, drinking the bottle hungrily. She noticed that rather than get tired of the bottles, she was liking each one more and more and more. Her thoughts eased off of the wet night she had made minutes before, instead easing to a relatively new, infantile bliss. Nerissa watched Shannon settle into a steady drinking rhythm. She smiled, patting the little on her diapered bottom. "Its okay hun," she said in a steady, relaxing voice. "Just relax, we both know what you are, you're just a baby, and that's perfectly okay. After you finish your breakfast bottle, we'll get you dressed and bring you to the nursery of the home. Shannon shook her head when Nerissa mentioned that she was a baby, but wound up relaxing back down, and nodded through the rest of the conversation. Nerissa smiled as the bottle emptied, and once again, she holds Shannon close to start patting her back. As soon as she'd recovered from the wooziness of having a full bottle, she'd get the girl dressed in something rather juvenile and help her toddle off to the nursery section of home. --------- It was another day or two later before Nerissa decided to come check on her pet project. Shannon had been coming along rather nicely, the cute little accepting that diapers were something she may need to wear for a while. She grinned just thinking about the small 20-something girl waddling around in them. Shannon was in the nursery part of the home most of the time now. She was playing alone when Nerissa arrived, and as she set her eyes on Nerissa, rather her typical reaction, she jumped up, scowling angrily. "Nerissa!" Nerissa smiled warmly. "Hi hun, you settling in well here?" Shannon nodded on instinct. "Well--yes--but-- I was talking to some of the other kids today, and *none* of them passed the test! I don't think it’s possible!" She couldn’t really hold up the ruse forever, might as well give a grain of truth on it. "I remember when you asked hun. You asked me and I specifically said 'only big girls pass the test,' which is true. And all the girls you asked... were they diapered like you?" "Well, yeah, but... how many big girls *are* there? Because someone said there aren't any, only mommies and caretakers!" Nerissa shook her head, laughing good naturedly. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and pulled out a pacifier. "Just who haaaaave you been listening too?" she asked as she pressed the pacifier between the Little's lips. "I bet you’re just cranky because you need a change," she said with another warm smile, bringing her hand to lift the girl's juvenile dress and check her thick diaper. Nerissa was spot on--though it certainly wasn't as bad as she expected. Just damp, not even squishy to the touch. Shannon shook her head a few times, blushing, but didn't remove the pacifier to continue arguing, instead sucking on it and shooting the Amazon a glare. Nerissa gave her diaper a few pats. "Seems all right hun, I think you can stand to wait for a change," she smiled. "Come on, I bet I know what will calm you down," she added, nodding toward a rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. Shannon let out a small whine, bringing her hand up to the pacifier. "...’tay, but... take me to see the potty-trained kids soon! I mean it!" Nerissa just nodded absently, not really planing to do any such thing. She took a seat in the rocking chair, lifting up Shannon to sit on her lap. She cuddled her close, holding her head to her chest and bouncing her a little on her legs. Then reaching down, she pulled up another full baby bottle of milk from her bag. "Now just relax hun, I know how much you like your milk." Shannon nodded, but eyed the bottle with noticeable suspicion. For a second, it even looked like she would reject it... but with the milk being as addictive as it was, she caved, opening her mouth wide. Nerissa smiled as she pressed the nipple into Shannon's mouth, tilting her back to let her drink it all up. She rocked the chair and hummed softly, grinning as she gave the girl's diaper a bit of a pat. Shannon squirmed, disliking any focus on the diaper, or its slightly wet state. She may have accepted it, but she didn't embrace or enjoy it. Her mind shifted off everything else though, focusing on how *wonderful* the milk tasted... Nerissa let the girl drink it, she had a plan today, and she'd need the girl in her semi-haze after the full bottle of milk to put it into action. Shannon drank the bottle, almost mindlessly, gulping the entire thing down as quickly as she could. She didn't seem to notice, but Nerissa felt the diaper grow warmer and soggier. It often seemed to happen when the girl was drinking her milk now. Nerissa grinned as Shannon was almost finished with the bottle. She looked around and was happy to see that the Nursery was mostly clear now, and so with the cute Little so focused on nursing, she decided to help her come around to the idea of liking diapers a bit more. She began to rub at the front of the soggy diaper, gently, and tracing her hand around to the back, giving a few soft pats. Shannon let go of the nipple briefly, letting out a small whine. "N--nerissa, what are you--nnh..." she hastily finished the bottle, sucking harder whenever the Amazon rubbed her. Nerissa alternated rubbing the front and giving soft pats to the back. She was counting on the general sleepiness of a full tummy of milk that Shannon wouldn't wholly understand what was going on. She just coo'd softly. "It's okay hun, relax, you like your diapers, they feel good don't they?" she asked with another soggy rub. Shannon moaned softly. She wanted to say no, she hated diapers, but it was starting to feel really good. "...y--yeah... " she set her hands down, on Nerissa's legs, and started to softly squeeze. The Little was breathing out horny little sighs and gasps on every single breath. It felt so wonderful... the squishy padding pressing against her, the soft patting at her bottom... the way the diaper swaddled and cushioned everything... she squeezed tighter with her hands, focusing everything she had on how wonderful her diapers were. Nerissa kept at it, leaning down to whisper in an ear. "That's right, diapers can feel really nice when you relax..." she said with a particularly firm pat to her bottom. "Its okay when you’re tired and when you've got a nice full tummy to just be a baby and enjoy your diapers," she said. Part of Shannon wanted to whine and complain about being called a baby--but that part was shoved back, and her focus forced back on how right Nerissa was. It was always easy to listen to Nerissa and what she told her. She gave a small nod, whining on her next breath. Nerissa grinned and whispered just a little more. "It’s okay baby," she repeated, almost like a mantra. "It’s okay to feel good in your diapers. It’s almost nap time for you... go ahead and let go, let everything go in your diaper," she said with another soggy rub to the front, and pat on her bottom. "Show me you need your diapers," she said in the softest whisper. For a brief second, Shannon shook her head, trying to shrug off the attempted suggestion. But by the time Nerissa reached "Let everything go", Shannon felt something in herself, forcing out. She hadn't realized how far she'd gotten into all of this... part of her tried to resist, to hold it in. But like so much else, she was powerless to do so. As Nerissa finished "show me you need your diapers", Shannon's back arched, and she obeyed Nerissa's order. And she, however slightly or subconsciously, accepted Nerissa's suggestion, melting into a pleasure that she /knew/ could only have been caused by her wonderful diapers. Nerissa smirked as she felt the Little start to shiver and whimper, cumming cutely and adding to the wetness there. And as the Little arched her back, she felt the suggestion take hold, if only for her semi-concious state, and could feel the girl shudder as she gave in to do something really babyish, messing her diaper. Nerissa started to hum the lullaby again, nuzzling the Little as she continued to shake and convulse a bit. "Such a good baby," she said, watching her use her diaper as instructed. She knew this wasn't the end, but this little was coming along nicely. Shannon settled back, shell-shocked from the whole experience. It felt unreal, dreamlike... and part of her wanted to fall asleep right here. "...Did I just poo poo...?" she murmured, confused. She may have been back in diapers, but a full-fledged messy accident? That was the worst she’d had yet. Nerissa was all coo's and tenderness. "Aww it’s okay hun, that’s why you’re in diapers. We'll get you cleaned up and then ready for a nap in no time." Nerissa didn't seem to act like anything was wrong. Where Shannon's previous accidents, she'd tried to console the Little, this time, Nerissa just gave Shannon's diaper a few good pats, and as she got up, carried Shannon on her hip. "Come on hun, we'll get you changed out of that poopy diaper and put you down for a nap. You’re usually pretty sleepy after your bottle, huh?" she asked. Shannon nodded, squirming slightly as the woman carried her. "...yeah..." she sighed, in a daze from what had just happened. "...I didn't feel it coming at all... I usually do, kinda... I just can't make it..." Nerissa nodded smiling as she took Shannon toward the changing table in the nursery. "I know, it’s tough to know when you need to go hun, that's why you're in diapers. Accidents happen," she said, going about the process she had quite a few times before with Shannon, changing and cleaning the Little before putting another thick diaper on. She took out a pacifier and put it to Shannon's lips. Shannon nodded, seeming to accept that fact for the moment. She certainly didn't have the energy to fight it, if she did want to, so she sucked away at the pacifier, nearly dozing off right on the changing table. Nerissa changed Shannon into a fresh diaper and seeing how she was falling asleep, she quietly and gently changed her into a one piece footed sleeper as well. The bottom was bulging noticeably with her diapers and it just made her all the cuter. Instead of her usual bed, Nerissa carried her to a crib in the next room. Pacifier in mouth, adorably clothed, she looked like a baby. It was another solid hour before Nerissa came in checking on the cute little. With gentle hands, she scooped up the baby, bringing her back to the changing table and removing her sleeper. She slipped on the juvenile clothes she'd been wearing earlier, and left the pacifier in. Shannon had managed to wet a bit more in her sleep, but she wasn't soaked, so Nerissa didn't change her. Then, almost as good as earlier, Nerissa, put the sleeping Shannon back in the playroom, leaving her propped against some stuffed animals. When she woke... it'd be a bit different then earlier. Had earlier even happened? Nerissa left quietly, being sure to just let the girl discover what she will on her own. Part of having these wanderers in the home was playing a little with their heads. Usually they were already susceptible to things they normally wouldn’t be… the world it made it so. But it was especially effective if you left them believe they’d dreamed up an incident where-in they enjoyed diapers. Shannon eased out of her sleep, looking around the room in confusion. Her initial reaction was that her experience with Nerissa was undoubtedly real--just like anyone who has a dream. But after a moment, she immediately recognized that the pieces didn't quite fit. She was in the same outfit, and in a totally different spot, for starters. Two, she was as clean as could be. She kind of remembered being changed... and she couldn’t believe she would have messed, but… maybe she had? Pressing a hand to her diaper, she was just as wet as before that whole thing... she sat up, sucking idly on the pacifier. What an odd afternoon. --------- As the days went on, things were mostly normal for Shannon... or really as normal as they had become. She was diapered full time, she made friends with the other Little's of the home, even if most of them were in diapers themselves and no one seemed to question or bat an eye that she was too. The rest of town kind of ignored them, usually only giggling when they saw them around. As small as they were though, things did change. Shannon hardly noticed them. One day, while back in the park, once again searching for the place that had brought her into this world, her thumb found its way to her mouth. She didn't even realize it was there, and at the same time, she began to wet her diaper, not knowing she was doing it. Nightly she'd wake up in the morning needing a change as well. There were a few successes mixed in, she found some of the other adults and told them she needed to go poo poo, phrasing it as a child would and was successful in doing that, one time even with Nerissa, who smiled, and praised her, and gave her a nice bottle of milk as a reward. ... but the successes stopped the next morning after that. Right at the breakfast table with everyone else around, Shannon felt an odd sensation in her rear, and before she knew what had happened, she was messing her diaper. Shannon froze mid-bite, moving a hand behind herself to pat at the diaper in disbelief. In the mornings she often just came to breakfast in a t-shirt and diaper and although no one seemed to mind her accidents, and she had started to care less and less each time. But this… doing it without warning, right at the breakfast table? She hadn’t even felt the need, just suddenly there was a warm mass pushing out of her. She slid out of her chair, rushing towards Nerissa's spot. "Um--Nerissa!" she whined, waddling and whining as it squished around. "Nerissa I made poo poo again!" Nerissa smirked, as some of the others at the table giggled. "Turn around hun," she said, in a somewhat admonishing tone. She proceeded to lift up the back of Shannon's night shirt, in front of everyone having breakfast, and pulled the back of her diaper out to check her like a toddler. "You sure did hun..." she said, letting the top gently snap back into place. "It’s okay hun, babies can't help it," she said with a warm smile, the word baby kind of rolling around Shannon's head. "Go back and finish your breakfast, we'll get you changed after." Shannon bowed her head, looking around the table. It was humiliating as could be... but the others were *just* as bad as she was! Most of the time, at least... sticking her tongue out at the other girls giggling at her and she toddled back over to her seat. Sitting down in her chair with a little squish. She continued to eat, her face completely red the rest of the meal. --------- Shannon was wearing a baby pink t-shirt underneath a sunflower yellow pair of shortalls today. It was a lot less embarrassing than the usual onesie she sometimes had on in the nursery. It didn’t even bother her that she never selected her own clothing any more, even if she did have some clear favorites and least favorites in her new wardrobe. "Hey there hun, I had a fun idea for today, you want to go to playground on the north side of the city?" Nerissa asked with a big smile. She was casually kneeling down next to Shannon, reaching a hand to unsnap some of the poppers along the arch of shortalls, to check her diaper. "Um, sure! That actually sounds like a lot of fun!" Her diaper was just a tiny bit damp, and she barely noticed the check, having grown used to them. Nerissa helped Shannon up, redoing the snaps to her overalls. "Well then I'll go pack a bag and we'll be all set, why don't you go find your shoes hun? Those overalls and that adorable shirt should be perfect for a day outdoors." Shannon nodded, poking around for her shoes. Her old tennis-shoes had gone missing one day, and they’d been casually replaced with pink, childish sneakers. Once she found those, she slipped them on and bounced over to the door, bobbing in place as she waited for Nerissa. Nerissa came back with a cloth diaper bag on her shoulder. It was a light pink with baby bunnies on it. The tall Amazon happily took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the front of the home where she'd left a stroller set up. Shannon blushed a little. A stroller? She could walk just fine! Still, she knew that it was probably a long walk... and the diaper made her waddle really badly... and she knew that Nerissa usually knew better than her. Without so much as a word, Nerissa lifted the Little up under the arms and placed her in the seat. It made the Amazon smile, not even an argument. She leaned down to pull a strap snugly up through Shannon's legs, connecting it to one around Shannon's waist, securing her in the baby stroller. She put the diaper bag on the tray under it, and gave Shannon a tickle on the nose. "All right hun, lets head to the park," she said, winking. She couldn't help but smile at how cute Shannon looked. Pink t-shirt, yellow overalls thickly bulging at the waist, obviously diapered. She was the perfect little baby girl, and she’d be ready for adoption soon. As they went, Shannon first started to look at people around her--watching them all go about their day, moving back and forth... it was mesmerizing. But after a few stifled giggles as they saw her, she focused off into the horizon, thinking about whatever came to mind--how good the milk she was fed was, how much fun the park would be... It took a good 10 minutes to walk across town, but it was a nice day out and the journey was pleasant. As nice as it was, Shannon still arrived as red as a beat. Still, it didn't matter, she told herself. She got to have fun at the playground, after all, and the gigglers didn't. And as Nerissa kept reminding the Little, what was wrong with being a baby? Shannon might not have fully believed it, but it was a useful thing to tell herself whenever she heard little snickers and giggles. Nerissa pulled the stroller up to the playground, pausing to unbuckle the strap and help Shannon out of the stroller. She placed the Little in the woodchip area of the slide and swingset, giving her puffy bottom a pat. "I'll be right over there on the bench hun, you have fun with the other kids," she said, leaving the Little who wasn't much bigger then about half a dozen Amazon babies and toddlers. Shannon blushed, bowing her head a little. It was a bit embarrassing to know that everyone else here was perhaps two dozen years younger. Still, she charged in, intent of having that not matter--after all, a slide was a slide, no matter who rode it! Nerissa watched with a warm smile as Shannon played. At first a little shy, and perhaps a bit timid as the other kids weren't entirely sure what to make of her. One Amazon baby girl was overly curious and gave the back of Shannon’s overalls a tug. It shocked Shannon enough that she felt her diaper suddenly warm as she wet it uncontrollably. But things settled down, and not long after, Shannon was having fun, riding down the slide, playing games, and generally toddling around with the other babies. It wasn't till about thirty minutes later, when Shannon was hardly aware of the passage of time that Nerissa got up to fetch her. Shannon could never get really used to a wet diaper. She wildly flipped between having not a single clue or care in the world, to awkwardly standing off to the side, her mind inseparable from the soaked padding. Most of the time, though, she was playing and having fun just like any of the actual babies. When Nerissa finally came to collect her, she didn't want to go. "We're right in the middle of a game of tag, though! Can I *pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase* keep playing?" Nerissa came over, and in front of the other kids, and a few giggling parents, unsnapped some of the poppers on Shannon's overalls, checking her diaper. "Aww hun, you're soaked, you can play tag again in a moment, but first it’s time for a little baby girl to get her diapie changed," she said, taking Shannon by the hand and leading her waddling away from the playground a second. She didn't go far, just back to the stroller to collect her bag and then taking a changing mat out of it. She started to set up the bench as a makeshift changing table. "Up you go," she said lifting Shannon up under the arms. Shannon kicked her legs slightly, blushing and looking at the other kids. Many were two or three, but some were older, and undiapered. Getting teased by people her actual age was one thing, but getting teased by people far younger with seemingly more maturity was another. But once again, Nerissa was right... she was absolutely soaked, so she needed a change. Maybe that's why she was having problems catching people in tag? Nerissa undid the rest of the snaps on Shannon's overalls, pulling them back up to her waist and revealing the wet diaper to the playground. Most of the parents and kids didn't bat an eye, a diaper change was nothing new here. But it was the first very public change for Shannon. Nerissa smiled good naturedly, getting out wipes, powder and some diaper cream as she undid the tapes to Shannon's diapers and pulled it away, lifting her up by the ankles to wipe her down like a baby. It was nice that no one minded... still, Shannon couldn't tear her eyes from the group, watching for anyone who might be staring. She still cooperated of course, helping Nerissa by lifting her legs up. "Um, thank you!" she said courteously, turning her attention back to the group again. Nerissa placed another thick and clean diaper down on the bench and lowered Shannon to it, she took out diaper cream and rubbed it in, before taking the powder and applying it liberally. Shortly after she brought the front up and taped it snugly on. She gave the little’s diaper front a rub. "There we go, all dry," she said, helping stand her up and redoing the snaps to her overalls. She sent the little away with a scoot and pat to her crinkling rump. "Go on and play a bit more hun, it’s a nice day." Shannon nodded, dashing off to the group. When the game of tag finished, she went to the slide, giggling with excitement as her rump slid down the slide over and over. She went down another four times, Shannon obviously enjoying herself and sinking into the reality that playing carefree with the toddlers could be pretty fun. She had lost track of time again until Nerissa came and lifted her up from behind. "All right hun, all that play had to have made you hungry by now," she said, smiling and tapping Shannon's nose. She carried the baby girl back over to the bench, before sitting down, reaching into her diaper bag, she taking out another full bottle. She helped Shannon sit back, craddling her to feed her a bottle. Some of the kids, most of whom younger giggled, as apparently Shannon was really just a 'little baby' even younger than them, as she was being fed like this. Shannon blushed a little, but in the moment, certainly couldn't find herself caring. After all, the milk tasted absolutely amazing and the others didn't have any. It was sweet, made her feel warm and soft inside... it was wonderful, even with the giggles in the background. Nerissa hummed softly, feeding Shannon. She let her nurse, and drain the somewhat large bottle, filling up her tummy with the liquid. After a full 7 or 8 minutes, the bottle was empty, and Nerissa helped Shannon up to her shoulder, giving her firm and gentle pats to her back, causing a few errant bubbles in her tummy to travel up and make the Little burp with a little line of milk hanging out the corner of her mouth. Nerissa cleaned it up gently with a wet cloth and brought the baby girl back to the playground, smiling and letting her play again once more. Although with a tummy full of milk, she was a bit more slow this time, getting a little more tired with the afternoon. Rather than the more active activities, the girl wandered over to the more relaxed ones, like the large tic-tac-toe board that was set up. Being so obviously an adult, she figured she would beat all the kids who tried--but of course, perhaps because of the milk fogging her mind, she wound up losing most of the matches. Pouting, she decided to head back to the slide for one or two quick goes. Shannon went down the slide twice grinning. She was getting tired, but she still wanted to do it again. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, climbing up a little slower and one handed to ride down once more. She giggled around her thumb, although all the milk her belly was sitting a little heavy now. She toddled away from the slide, walking a little slow as felt her bottom suddenly push out a big warm mess into the back of her diaper. She stopped and stood still a moment, sucking her thumb. She wouldn't be able to say why she just stood there, sucking... it could have been a babyish mindset, it might have been shock and awe, or a bit of the two. She stood there for about ten seconds after, just sort of staring, letting the feeling sink in, before spinning around and looking around at the other children. "Nerissssssssaaaaaa!" she whined, a new instinct from the home. It brought a lot of attention to her as she looked around for the Amazon. Nerissa had watched the whole thing, smiling as she’d seen Shanon slow, and then babyishly fill her pants. Nerissa had been tracking Shannon's progress, and even without the bottles, she lately seemed to be at that point where she legitimately needed diapers now. She waved and walked over to the suddenly panicked girl. "Aww hun, everything all right?" she said coming over and gently cupping a the side of her face in her hand. "Someone getting a little tired?" she asked as the girl looked so cute sucking her thumb. Shannon pressed couldn’t help but nudge the hand and try to lean against the taller woman. Looking for affection with tears forming in her eyes. "I--I made a poo poo..." she whined. Nerissa bent down and gave Shannon a hug, discreetly reaching a hand around to pat the girl's bottom, helping reassure her, and let her know that indeed, she'd had a messy accident, but it was okay. "Aww hun, it’s all right. C'mon, let’s get you back home for a nap. I only brought one diaper to the park." she said taking Shannon's hand and starting to walk the sobbing baby girl to the stroller. Nerissa had purposefully not brought a second diaper, planning on this with the milk. Shannon had learned to accept diapers, and she needed to learn to accept using them, and sometimes being stuck in them. Nerissa's consoling helped dramatically. Shannon winced as they walked, the mess mushing up against her. It was even worse when she was sat down in the stroller... but all that consoling was helping to dry the tears. Nerissa brought the strap up between Shannon's legs and around her waist once more, causing the girl to whimper a little as she was suddenly pressed into and held firmly to the mess in her diaper. It wasn't a completely bad feeling, kind of warm, mushy. Nerissa was quick to recognize the look on Shannon's face and reached into her bag pulling out Shannon's favorite stuffed animal and a pacifier. She slid the thumb from Shannon's mouth and pressed the pacifier in, kissing Shannon's cheek as she handed her the stuffed animal. "Just relax hun, it'll be a short ride back," she promised. And the milk was making her tired... although it would be a little bumpy. Shannon nodded, staying quiet and sucking on the pacifier. She did her best to relax, which was good... it let her feel the warm mushiness against her in a different way. The little bounces might have caused her to wince once or twice, but they wound up helping her come around to acceptance. Just 8 minutes into the 10 minute walk and nearly back, Shannon nodded completely off to sleep, being at peace enough with the load in the seat of her diaper to ignore it and rest. Nerissa smiled. This was a good step. The goal was total incontinence and acceptance of being a baby. A few more outings and gentle encouragements to get Shannon used to the feeling of wet and messy diapers, and she was sure the little girl would stop asking for immediate changes. Once back at the home, she unbuckled the sleepy baby and carried her toward the nap room, going for the changing table first. No need giving her a rash. The girl blinked and stirred a little as she was being changed. Nerissa spent a few moments wiping Shannon thoroughly to clean her bottom, before lowering her down onto another thick diaper. She grinned. "No worries hun, just giving you a diapie change before you go sleepy sleepy," she said, starting to apply diaper cream and powder to her. Shannon barely heard it, back to sleep shortly after. Nerissa taped up the thick diaper, helping Shannon up and removing her overalls. She left the girl in just the pink shirt she'd been wearing underneath and her diaper. She was placed and left to sleep peacefully in her crib. --------- Shannon had slept well. Her sleep had felt really good, and she had some memories of yesterday, but they were like dim lights in a fog. The milk had helped her dreams, crafting them to gentle childlike dreams of wonder and simple joy. Shannon didn't even stir an inch as she wet her diaper thoroughly in the night. This had become normal, and even as she woke up and sat with a slight squish, it only jostled her a tiny bit. Nerissa heard Shannon and was quick to let herself into the nursery, scooping up the Little and hugging her close, patting her back. "Morning sweetie," she said reaching into the crib and looking for her pacifier, easing it into the girl's mouth. "You just need a change huh?" she asked, pretending like this was completely normal, that the Little infant in her arms was just that, an infant who needed coddling. Nerissa set Shannon on the changing table and the Little went through an all too familiar diaper change. It'd been two, almost three weeks since she'd last even had a chance to use the potty. She was in thick diapers full time. She sucked her pacifier, while Nerissa lovingly cleaned her up. Her sleeper was removed, and she was given a cartoonish baby t-shirt, since it was warmer out, before being brought downstairs to breakfast… where for the first time she didn't sit at the table with the others, but instead was placed securely in a high chair. Shannon squirmed in place, looking down at the others. "mm--" she lifted a hand up to remove the pacifier. "How come I'm in the high chair?!" she whined, squirming in place in her crinkling diaper. "I can feed myself just fine!" Nerissa smiled, she liked head games early in the morning. "Oh you can? All right hun, I just thought the high chair would be a nice change of pace, if you can feed yourself," she said getting out a simple bowl of oatmeal and a small spoon that had a deceptive weight to it, and putting them both in front of her. "Finish it all up, and you'll get a nice bottle of your favorite milk," she smiled. Shannon snatched up the spoon, immediately fumbling with it a little. But after a few practice swings, she was sure she had it, so she went to snag some, only to drop the spoon entirely in the oatmeal. Nerissa sighed a bit dramatically, and reached in to reclaim the spoon, letting the need to do so go unspoken. She cleaned it off with a paper towel and then she got a pink cloth bib and wasted no time tying it around Shannon's neck. She pulled up a chair, took the bowl, and the spoon, and held out a scoop of warm oatmeal, smiling. "Come on hun." Shannon shook her head. "I just fumbled a little!" but still, she opened her mouth. She was hungry... and the idea of more milk was a wonderfully enchanting idea. It was a little awkward at first, but Shannon took a bite, and then another, and then another. There was a drip here, and a soft dab of a paper towel to Shannon's cheek to clean it away... and as the other residents came in and out for breakfast, it was apparent that Shannon was a baby this morning. Baby shirt, thick diaper, being fed in a high chair. Shannon gave a little whine, but otherwise, tried to move her attention back to the oatmeal. Not the best of foods to really focus on the taste, but still, better than the others since she got all of Nerissa’s personal attention. Having started with breakfast that day, both lunch and dinner had Shannon seated in a high chair with a bib around her neck. After another bottle of formula, which she had no power to resist, it was back to bed. Days started to go on like this, and while Shannon got more comfortable with the routine, there was still something nagging at the back of her mind, like something was wrong, like she'd forgotten something important. It was a day or two later, dressed in another pair of adorable overalls with a onesie underneath, doing nothing to hide her obvious diaper bulge, that Shannon was seated in her stroller. Nerissa was taking her back to the park. Baby Shannon had been well behaved and she needed a bit of excitement. Nerissa also seemed to be excited about something too. Oddly, the park wasn’t as empty as usual. In one corner of the park, there was a picnic going on… and oddest of all, it was a picnic of littles. Littles who were professional, and adult, at least as they appeared. There were five of them, and almost all watched Shannon curiously as she was helped out of her stroller when she arrived. The Littles were noticeably more aware that Shannon wasn't a baby then the Amazonian woman. It didn’t seem to meet Shannon’s attention though. To her, she almost entirely believed herself to be a baby after the weeks and weeks she’d been living such a life. There was something wrong somewhere in her mind, and that something bugged her when she saw the other group her size, but the rest of her and the want to have fun carried her towards the slide, which she rode down, giggling all the way. With a pacifier in her mouth, the cute babygirl waddled her way up the play structure and rode the slide another two times. The picnic group had all but stopped now, 5 girls watching her a bit stunned. They were acutely aware that Shannon was way too old to be in diapers, even if her size didn't seem to make the Amazonian parents in the park look twice. Two of the littles whispered something and looked over at Nerissa, who offered a polite wave, which had all the girls quickly look away. Another parent took a seat with Nerissa after a while, talking about motherhood and her own adorable Amazonian baby which size-wise wasn’t much smaller then Shannon. It was at this point that one of the Little's quietly made her way over to Shannon. The girl was a red-head with a neat little pony tail and a cute summer dress on. Maybe in her late 20’s. As Shannon went down the slide, she was waiting at the bottom. "Hi, what's your name?" she asked. Without breaking her stride, Shannon popped the pacifier out of her mouth. "Hi, I'm Shannon! Who're you?" she bobbed up and down in place at the bottom of the slide, brimming with infantile energy, crinkling with each little movement. The girl tilted her head. "Jacquline... erm, Jackie. Are you... ... you're not really a toddler right? I mean, we're Little, we can tell, even if the others," and she indicated the parents around the playground, including the Amazon chatting with Nerissa. "even if they can't." Shannon tensed her fingers up, unsure what to say. She had to think about what she even meant by "not really a toddler", at first. She sat there, umming and ahhhing for a second, looking at Jackie and then Nerissa. "...um, well--I... don't know?" she eventually settled on, looking confused and just a little bit embarrassed. "Are you wearing a diaper?" the Little asked, since it was fairly obvious under Shannon’s overalls. Little's could be blunt and very forward. Two of the other Little's from the picnic group had gotten up and were talking to each other just out of the playground area. "I, um... yeah." Shannon knew there was absolutely NO denying that one. "...and um... that makes me a baby, I guess!" she added, following Nerissa's usual line of thinking. Nerissa got up, along with the other parent who went to get her own child. Nerissa scooped up Shannon eliciting a meep of surprise as she was picked up just like a toddler. Jackie watched wide eyed, calling "You're not a baby!" in a quiet voice after Shannon. Even as she heard it, Nerissa had something new in store. She'd been working on readying the baby slowly, and sitting down on the bench with Shannon, she started to unbutton her top. Shannon squirmed. It was... weird hearing that from Jackie. She was a bit upset, and couldn't quite pin down why. She didn't want to call Jackie wrong, since Shannon's physical age was the same as hers... but people *could* be babies even if they were old, right? It was just so weird. Shannon looked up at Nerissa, staring as her top was unbuttoned and a maternity bra came into view. "...Are you... going to breastfeed me...?" she asked realizing the obvious. Shannon's paci hung on a ribbon attached to her overalls. Nerissa smiled and nodded at her. Nerissa was not fabulously endowed, just a modest C, but the nipple was already wet as she undid the clasp on the bra, the milk smelt very similar to what Shannon usually drank. "It’s okay hun, I know you must have a rumbly tummy, you can drink your fill baby girl," she coo'd. The wide eyes of the five Little's were watching Shannon intently now. There was a slight revulsion from Shannon, but then that smell, that milk she was soo used too, so … addicted too. Shannon nodded, casting a look over to the Littles. It was difficult to push herself towards doing it, but Nerissa was right, her tummy was all rumbly and that needed fixing. She curled up towards the nipple, latching on and starting to nurse hungrily. Nerissa cuddled Shannon to her, patting her head one hand, and patting her thickly diapered and crinkly bottom with the other as she cradled her. She was acting like an infant now, shamelessly nursing like a baby and drinking breastmilk. Some of the mothers in the park watched approvingly, but to them, Nerissa just looked like she was feeding a baby, to the Littles, they couldn't believe what they were seeing. "Did you make a friend hun?" Nerissa asked of Shannon, smiling and stroking her head as she nursed. Shannon didn't move her mouth off of the nipple, but she gave a small, mildly discontented grunt between little sucks. Nerissa nodded. "That's nice hun, we'll have to see about setting up a playdate with her some time. I know you have lots of friends at the home, but it’s always nice to have new friends," she grinned. She gave Shannon's bottom a few more crinkly pats, and almost by way of answer, Shannon started wetting her diaper, the padding swelling a little. "Aww such a good baby girl," Nerissa coo'd softly in her ear. Shannon blushed, hoping that the others wouldn't notice. She did take a small bit of pride in it, now... at least when Nerissa praised her. The praise felt good. And having a playmate would be a lot of fun! She finally moved herself off of the nipple, sighing as she finished drinking. Nerissa just moved the baby to the other teat. Baby girls could drink a lot and over feeding wouldn’t do much more then ensure a full diaper and a nap for Shannon. When she was finally finished being nursed, Nerissa adjusted Shannon to her shoulder, patting her back firmly. Shannon felt a little funny for a second, but then she gave out a little burp, with a tiny bit of spit up trailing down her chin. At the same time as her belch, her tummy cramped a little and helplessly her body pushed out a mess into her diaper. Positioned as she was on Nerissa’s shoulder, the seat of her overalls suddenly drooped and the Little's watching were able to see just how much of a baby she was, filling her diaper. Nerissa finished patting her back and gave her bottom a few pats, causing the mess to squish. "Such a good good baby," she repeated the praise. Shannon would have felt humiliated in front of the other Littles, but the praise helped offset that. She curled her hands around Nerissa, giving her a big squeeze. She didn't even think any more about how sudden her mess was, or how icky it felt--it was a warm sort of surprise to her now, and wasn't really a bad thing. Just a part of being her. Nerissa redid her top, and got up with Shannon, going over to her stroller and gently putting her in her seat before buckling her in. She made sure the buckles were snug, pressing her into her full diaper. Nerissa was still working on making her comfortable with having had an accident. She spoke softly to Shannon, "We'll chat with your friend before we leave," she grinned. "Do you think she'd like to come play with you at home? I bet you could show her how fun it could be." "I um... I dunno! She doesn't seem like a baby... but I'd love more friends!" Shannon giggled, unaware of what she was signing the girl up for. Nerissa nodded, wheeling the stroller toward the group of Littles which were now looking intently like they were busy picnicking. Nerissa stopped just behind the red headed one, tapping Shannon on the shoulder. "What was her name hun? Can you ask her to come here?" Shannon nodded, looking over to the group of Littles. "Jaaaaackie!" she called, bouncing in the chair (and her mess). She was excited for a new playmate! The red headed Little stood up a bit stiffly and came over, immediately looking shy before the taller Amazon and the girl in the stroller. She could smell that Shannon had a messy diaper, and her cheerfullness and the way she ignored what she’d done was a little unsettling to her. "Hi Shannon," she said with a slight wave. Nerissa smiled and leaned down to Shannon, "Go on hun, why don't you invite her to visit?" Shannon grinned. "Hey, can you join us at my house some time? It'd be a lot of fun to play with you!" Jackie's demeanor changed a little as she looked back to her friends, who seem to be focused on their activity. She thought a moment, and looking up, with a slight bit of resolve, she nodded. "Y-yes. I'll come visit some time, I think I have something I’d like to talk you to you about Shannon," she said. "We can spend some time being... big girls," she said with a slight glance at Nerissa and lowering her voice to say the last part. It was the only thing she could think of in terms of fixing whatever was wrong with Shannon. Shannon tilted her head, looking confused. "Well... you can be! But I don't think I am..." she squirmed a little in the seat, making a small meep at the feeling of her diaper. "But yeah, come visit, please!" The other girl scurried back to her friends and Nerissa put the paci back in Shannon's mouth, pushing her in the stroller back home for a diaper change and an afternoon nap. “I really do hope she visits,” the Amazon smirked. --------- It was just after Shannon had been fed a full dinner of baby food in what had become her personal high chair, that Nerissa had decided to give her another lesson. Quietly taking the babygirl to her office by the classroom, she took a seat in the rocking chair with her. She started to rub at the front of Shannon's diaper, rocking them both in the chair gently. Shannon had grown slightly used to having her diaper, and chest rubbed on occasion. Even if it was still a bit weird, she quickly settled into the chair, sighing out a pleased and aroused little breath. Nerissa continued to rub at the front of her diaper, waiting till she got a slight moan with the loud crinkling. "Feels nice doesn't it hun?" Shannon nodded, letting out a few soft whines. "Y--yeah... it's really really nice feeling... it's ama--ah! oooh..." she leaned her head in, resting it against Nerissa’s chest. Nerissa traced a finger around Shannon’s ears, continuing to rub her diaper, smirking as the baby’s hips were moving in time with her hands. "That's a good baby girl... such a good baby girl," she said, sweetly whispering. "You want to do something for your caretaker baby?" Shannon nodded, beaming. The praise made her really happy. She softly grinded against the woman's hand, her hands softly kneading Nerissa's lap. "Use your diaper, do everything in it that you can, feel how good it is to let go in your diaper," she encouraged. It was something they’d done before, but she had a more specific intent for it today. Shannon squirmed, pushing herself against the woman's hands. "... I dunno if I can though... I don't really feel it anymore, so I don't know if I need to..." she let out a few grunts, trying her hardest. At first, it seemed she definitely didn't need to--but then, all at once, her diaper start to fill. "O-oh gosh!" she whined, the diaper taking on a new feeling as she was rubbed.” Nerissa grinned, easing her hand from Shannon's ear to move the girl slightly, starting to bounce her on a knee and focus both hands now on the front of her diaper. "Such a good girl, filling up your diaper, but there's still something more you can do," she said caressing the front of Shannon's diaper. The conditioning was going well, Shannon was addicted to the milk, nearly incontinent, and on the verge of a sexual connection between her diapers, and best of all, accepting that she was a baby. Shannon bounced, grinding against Nerissa's hands and genuinely enjoying the feel of her diaper. It wasn’t long before she was starting to dissolve into a body shaking orgasm. Just as she was peaking, Nerissa leaned forward and whispered in Shannon’s ear, right at her most susceptible moment. “From now on you are forever unpotty trained…” she whispered, “You will be in diapers the rest of your life… and I will always be your mommy.” The words invaded Shannon’s mind just as she was shattered and racked by orgasm, whimpering and shuddering as she came in her full diaper. Even if she didn’t fully understand it, her body processed it. She’d never feel the need to go again, and she’d found her mommy. It was over, she was officially a baby again. The poor baby was panting and spent after that. She was more than ready for an early bed time... after a diaper change and short pre-bed feeding straight from the teat of course. She was already asleep before she finished nursing. Not long after she’d been dressed in a new thick diaper under a purple onesie, and laid down in her crib. --------- Nerissa was relaxing on a couch in the large playroom at the home. She was dressed in a casual spring dress, her feet in flip flops and her hair falling lazily about her shoulders as she read from a book. Shannon was on the floor nearby, playing. Today Shannon was dressed in a short blue denim dress, and a pink t-shirt under it. Her bottom was covered in a frilly diaper cover and it caught the back of her dress, holding it up slightly to show her padded backside. Shannon seemed to flip back and forth, alternating between hyperactivity and calmness. Half of the time, she would contently color, nearly silent, while the other half of the time she'd be bolting from one activity to another, giggling and laughing to herself. Right now, she was hyper, waddling across the room to grab various toys, which she was busily building into a large fort in one of the corners of the room. At a knock from the door, Nerissa looked up. She put her book down and looked over to Shannon, just to make sure the babygirl was okay, before going to the door and finding that a Little was waiting outside. It was the girl that Shannon had briefly met at the park. "Oh hello there hun, have you come to play with Shannon?" she asked. The red head nodded shyly, looking around Nerissa to Shannon. "It's Jackie... uh, Ma'am," she said, before being invited in. She barely even acknowledged Nerissa and went right to Shannon. "Psst... we need to talk." "Um, okay! What do you wanna talk about?" Shannon asked innocently, paying only half attention. She was busy building a stack of baby blocks as a sort of flag for her fort. Jackie was wearing a simple short dress and a pair of loose shorts under it. She couldn't help staring at Shannon though. The way the other Little was dressed as a toddler, hair in a pony tail, pink shirt, obvious thick diaper under her denim dress... and not only that, but the red head knew that the other Little used her diapers. "You're... not really a baby," she whispered, watching as the amazon walked across the room to take a seat on the couch, getting her book. She tried to speak so she wouldn't be heard. Shannon shook her head, confused. "I don't understand..." she thought about it a little, stopping her construction. "...Mommy says I’m a baby." It was so firmly in the Little's mind, now. After a few seconds, she found her thumb slipping into her mouth, on reflex as she tried to think hard. After all, her hands weren't being used, so why not? Jackie shook her head, "Just because you look like a baby, doesn't make you one," she said putting a hand out to touch the front of the girl's diaper. Jackie was doing it mainly to confirm that the other girl was indeed wearing it, but what she didn't know was how thorough Nerissa's training had been recently. Which included helping Shannon to really like and enjoy her diapers. The slight bit of pressure on the front of her diaper made her tingle. Shannon half shut her eyes, whimpering ever so slightly around her thumb. It was hard to pin down exactly what it was, with the thumb in the way. Curiously, though, the girl held totally still as the Little held her diaper, not jumping away or even flinching at all. It seemed she was quite used to having her diaper touched! Jackie looked a little surprised as Shannon seemed to straighten, and she tugged her hand away as suddenly the diaper began to warm. The baby was peeing, but by the look on her face, she had no idea. Jackie gasped, perhaps she was in over her head, perhaps Shannon was already a baby and there was no saving her. After a few seconds, Shannon opened her eyes. "...Jackie? What's wong?" she asked after a few seconds, still sucking her thumb. Nerissa noticed the odd occurrence out of the corner of her eye, and put her book down, getting up to go over to the two Littles. "Uh oh... I think someone has a wet diapy," she said coming up from behind to tickle at Shannon's sides. Jackie took a step back from Nerissa, watching the exchange nervously as if it was something dangerous. The babygirl's dress was raised and it was confirmed that she was indeed wet. "Why don't you go get a new diaper and some wipes from the corner Shannon, I'll grab the changing mat from my bag," she said, fully intending to change her right here on the floor. Jackie was dead silent watching them both. Shannon dashed away, waddling noticeably as she snagged a few diapers and the box of wipes from the baby bag in the corner of the play room. She jumped down, laying out right next to her fort as Nerissa got the mat. She was laying down in front of Jackie and she looked up, blankly, hardly realizing that her and Jackie were having a conversation before. Nerissa lifted Shannon's dress up, smiling and giggling. "Why'd you bring so many diapers hun?" she asked, "You bring extra for Jackie?" she teased. The other Little gasped at the thought. “I’m only teasing,” Nerissa laughed at her good naturedly, letting her know she wasn't being serious (for now). Jackie had an instinct to leave, something was not right, but at the same time, something magnetic compelled her to stay. She knew what happened to some littles, and if there was any chance of saving Shannon, it'd be important to save her. She simply turned aside, letting the diaper change finish. Shannon was very used to it by now, thinking nothing as her legs were lifted by the ankles, she was thoroughly wiped, diaper rash cream applied, and finally followed by a healthy dusting of powder before being taped into a thick fresh diaper. "Can I get you something to drink Jackie? It's just about time for Shannon's bottle," Nerissa said, taking the wet diaper balled up, and throwing it away. Jackie nodded dumbly, not sure what else to say, and Nerissa returned a moment later with a sippy cup and baby bottle. Both filled with the same thing. Jackie was handed the cup and she looked at it with a frown as Shannon was given her bottle. Shannon happily stuck the nipple in place of her thumb, drinking hungrily. After a few seconds, Shannon lowered the bottle, looking at Jackie. "Drink! It's really really yummy." Shannon sat up, drinking away at the bottle, shuffling around a bit to get comfortable. Jackie watched Nerissa sit on the couch once more and looked at the sippy cup. "What's in it?" she asked, curiously. She wasn't about to degrade herself by drinking from the cup and managed to pry the top off. Nerissa noticed this, but didn't say anything. The red head gave the drink a worried sniff. "Milk!" Shannon giggled, getting about halfway through the bottle. She stretched out, feeling a little bit sleepy now. Still, she seemed determined to finish that fort--she stood back up, bottle in one hand, a toy in the other, trying to complete her build. Jackie stared at her drink a moment. It did smell like milk, but something was a bit off. She looked over at Nerissa again, worriedly, but there was something about the milk that smelt really really good. She tipped it up to her lips, taking a taste, and her eyes widened as she took a little more of a sip, which turned into a gulp, and soon she'd finished off her cup. "That.. was pretty good," she said nodding. She watched Shannon building her fort for a minute or two, trying to decide how best to handle the situation... oddly, she was starting to feel tired too as she saw the other girl yawning. Nerissa checked her watch, it'd be nap time for two Little's shortly. As they worked, Shannon finished her bottle too. She kept working, but she slowed to a literal crawl, and began to yawn every so often. She looked back at Jackie, nodding. "Yeah! It's pretty good, I love my milkies..." Not having been used to drinking nearly as much as Shannon, the redhead was not used to its effects, and even as Shannon was crawling around, yawning around her thumb, Jackie had managed to nod off, her back against the wall. Shannon noticed this after she finally completed the fortress. She crawled over to Nerissa, giving her pant leg a small tug. "I think we need naps mommy..." she yawned, resting herself against Nerissa's leg. Nerissa closed her book, smiling at the two adorable girls. She scooped up Shannon first, "I think you're right hun, let’s get your stuffed animal and your pacifier, and we'll put you down for a nap in your crib," she smiled, bumping noses with Shannon lovingly. She carried the Little on her hip for a moment. bringing her back to the nursery and doing what she said, getting her pacifier and teddy bear before easing her down into her crib. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get Jackie and set up a nap mat in here, I don't think she'd like the crib," she said teasingly. Nerissa went back out into the playroom, scooping up the younger girl. She was out cold, the milk having hit her hard for the first time. Nerissa couldn't help a grin, she knew this girl would be consigned to diapers and being a baby soon. She brought her back into the nursery, setting up a mat on the floor and laying the girl with a blankie atop it. Shannon grinned sleepily as she watched, squeezing the teddy bear. It was nice to have a playmate, even if she was a little bit unfun sometimes with her ‘not a baby’ talk. Hopefully she'd stop insisting Shannon was a big girl. Shannon laid down, letting her eyes drift shut. The girls slept easily. A milk induced sleep was one free of stress. Shannon slept deeply and with wonderful dreams, hugging her teddy, occassionally sucking on her paci in her sleep. She rested so soundly, that the milk's effect didn't even wake her. Her bottom pushed out a warm mess into the back of her diaper just like a baby. And not far away from her, napping fitfully on the mat, Jackie wasn’t far behind. Her body processed the milk and her bladder released in her sleep, causing the ‘adult’ girl to soak her panties, dress and naptime blanket. At the girls woke up, it would be nothing out of the ordinary for Shannon. For Jackie though, she awake with a start, letting out a startled shriek as she realized what had happened to herself. The red head started to cry, not trying to be too loud and bring Nerissa. Shannon sat up in her crib, looking at the distressed girl across from her with a big wet spot. At first, it was a little hard to believe--she was such a big girl! But after a few seconds, Shannon tried to reassure her. "Don't worry--it's not that bad! I mean... well... I'll call Mommy and she'll clean you up! Mommy!!" she called out, watching the crying girl. Jackie hopped up, still crying and tripping over the blankets around her ankles for a second. She came over and tried to put her hands on Shannon to shush her and keep her from bringing the Amazon. It didn't help, a moment later Nerissa walked in with her long legs. "Oh, someone up from their nap? Smells like someone has a stinky diaper," she said smiling. Her eyes were quick to see the red headed girl next to the crib, with the wet spot on the back of her dress. Sensing this, Jackie let out an eep, backing away from Shannon. "Oops, looks like there was more than one accident during naptime," Nerissa said. She quietly shut and locked the door behind her, going for Shannon first to change her baby. Shannon lifted her arms up, giggling as she was lifted. She didn't seem to realize that Jackie didn't want Mommy to be called. Why not, after all? Did she want to stay in her wetness? That wasn't that weird for the home she supposed, but if she just said that to Nerissa, she'd understand! Or maybe it was that she was a big girl... or, well, apparently not! "Jackie hun, its okay, sometimes girl's have accidents. I'm not upset," she said in a calming and familiar manner that Shannon could almost recognize. "Let me take care of my baby here and we'll get you sorted. Jackie was too mortified to answer, hands covering her rear and backing herself around the crib so that she was always on the opposite side of Nerissa. Meanwhile the Amazon carried her baby, lovingly laying her down on the changing table and going through a routine diaper change for her. Wipes, rash cream, more powder, and a thick diaper later, Nerissa set the babygirl down on the floor. "Why don't you go get her for me," Nerissa said with a pat to her diapered bottom. "I think she's scared and embarrassed." Shannon nodded, crawling over to Jackie. "Jackie?" she asked, softly prodding the girl’s arm. "Mommy's all ready to clean you up... don't worry, it happens! If you really hate it, you gotta get clean and get it gone!" Jackie was reluctant a moment, looking at Shannon and resisting. "You're not a baby Shannon, you're not... and I didn't have an accident, she did something to me! I've never had an accident before like this," she whimpered. Nerissa could hear her of course, but she remained quiet a moment. Shannon shook her head. "Well--accidents happen! I am a baby, and if I didn’t have my diapers I’d make puddles everywhere!” She giggled. “Mommy’s really nice and she'll get you all squeaky clean." There was something innocent and truthful in Shannon's face, and slowly, unsuredly, Jackie came out, walking bowlegged with an obvious accident spot between her legs. It felt gross, and she did want to get cleaned up. She couldn't look at Nerissa as she was led over. "It's okay hun," the Amazon echoed her baby's statement, very proud of the girl for how she'd handled it. "I'll have you all cleaned up and right as rain. I bet you’re worried that I'm going to put you in a diaper huh? Well, I can, if that's what you want?" to which the red head quickly shook her head no, and Nerissa laughed, "I didn't think so. I don't have any clean panties in your size, I do have pull-ups though." The girl whimpered at that, but defeated as she was, there wasn’t much she could do. Nerissa helped her get cleaned up, having her stand as she carefully took some wipes and a small baggy to wad up the wet panties and short and put them in. The little didn’t let go of the baby’s hand the hold time. Shannon squeezed her hand back, smiling all the while. She was really glad to be of assistance! "See?" she sighed, softly resting herself against the changing table. "Mommy's really nice and stuff! She's only here to help." Freshly cleaned, with pull-ups under a short dress that was designed to be worn with shorts, Jackie was quick to excuse herself. Nerissa reassured her that if accidents do happen once more, and that it was okay, and if she needed help with future accidents that she knew where the home was. She also invited her back for lunch whenever she wanted it... The red head was quick to make any excuse she could and escape the place as soon as the nursery door was unlocked. Nerissa and Shannon watched her go. "I think she's a shy girl who needs some friends Shannon," Nerissa said, scooping up her baby girl, carrying her on a hip as she watched the little practically sprint down the front walk, her pull-up easily visible under her dress. Shannon nodded. "I wanna find her some time again! Maybe we could stop by the playground soon and see if she's ever there again?" Shannon rested herself against the amazon's chest, softly tugging at the bottom of her shirt. Nerissa grinned and began to unbutton her shirt, hugging Shannon close. "I think she'll be back some time. She looked like she really enjoyed that milk," Nerissa winked. Her bra was next to go, leaving the girl's pert chest bare before Shannon. She removed the babygirl's pacifier and moments later she was breastfeeding again. --------- Heyo, I'm reposting this after getting a few messages about it. I've slowly been working on a pseudo-sequal about Jackie. No date of release to announce, just 'sometime in the future'.
  8. I'm looking for a roleplay partner/ caretaker. I'd like something platonic and online. I have telegram and discord if that makes communication easier. We can discuss boundaries and what we each expect.
  9. Feel free to not answer if you aren't comfortable. I post this because I'd like to see if there's a correlation between being AB/DL and childhood abuse. I myself was emotionally abused by my stepfather, and also dealt with an alcoholic mother. I don't think it's a direct cause in my case, but it definitely had influence on it. Without the abuse and alcoholism, I may have lacked the desire to recreate a better childhood.
  10. Heya, Looking to make little connections in Kent in the UK. I'm near Canterbury and hoping to hear from others maybe arrange meets
  11. Did anybody else get these? They are amazing! So much more brightly colored than I thought they would be.. and they don't mess around with the capacity. I can't believe how much they swell without leaking. http://imgur.com/a/9pcwQ
  12. The Calibeen saga is a series of stories - Audrey & Staycee, Lottie, and Velvet - that follow the events of a correctional reformatory, intent on making the worst people into the best. In as little as a year, patients leave the institution with a 0% reoffender rate. But how do they do it? These stories can be read in any order. Audrey & Staycee Velvet Lottie is a side-story to Audrey & Staycee that has less to do with the Calibeen institution itself and more to do with the people it creates. To follow along from Lottie's perspective, read A&S first. But if you want to enjoy the curious nature of this young girl and take the perspective of Cohen and Emerson, read Lottie before A&S! While A&S is a hardcore diaper story, Lottie is a gentle little story. Though there are ABDL elements, the strength of the story comes from the honest familial love between the characters. I'm going to be posting this one casually over the next few weeks. But the entire story is available on our Patreon in PDF and ePub format. Please consider supporting us! ~Sophie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lottie by: Sophie & Pudding 1. Hello. I couldn't run when the sun was out, and it made things so much harder. The dry leaves crackled beneath my bare feet as I darted through the trees only ever visible as one shade darker than the black of the sky. I'd been running for three nights, the moonlight having left me on the first, and by now my knees were well skinned and my feet full of mud. I would've kept running past the clearing if I had shoes on, but the texture of the gravel had me freeze. A road? I backed up into the forest and ducked behind a fallen tree. The sky was starting to take on color, and the stars starting to dim. And then everything changed: two blinding lights broke through the darkness and lit the road up like a river. It was late in the night, almost well into that point of day where you might still call it morning instead; the sort of time where it was unusual to see any other human being at all, let alone a svelte form stumbling out of the tree line and onto the road and interrupting the flow of your embarrassingly loud singing. I slowed down, expecting the girl to dart away like a frightened deer - but she didn't. She just stood there, awash in the flooding illumination of my brights. She was a waif-like young thing, skin soft and slightly translucent beneath a thin layer of smeared dirt, her hair tangled and knotted and a look of weak exhaustion in eyes that sparkled brilliantly blue regardless. I cocked my head and opened my door, stepping out of the green '91 Thunderbird that I'd learned to drive in when I fifteen. "Hey there. Whatcha doing out here on your own? There are bears in the woods, you know. You lost?" I watched her respond to the sound of my voice, taking a minute to click that the brights were probably making it hard for her to see me before I fumbled at the lever and dropped them down to a lower setting. Her eyes focused and I smiled, my pale freckled cheeks raising and my hazel eyes only shining concern back at the girl. I brushed a string of orange curls from my eyes and repeated the question. "Hey, love… are you lost? Do you need a ride?" "Um… yes… please…" My throat was sore, even with the simple, quiet words. I hadn't had any water in nearly two days now, the stream I'd crossed long behind me. I tugged the lavender nightgown down to my knees and slowly approached the green car. The woman seemed nice enough. And with a car like this, she couldn't have an affiliation to… no, definitely not. So I climbed into the passenger seat of the car, my heart pounding. I was safe, so why didn't I feel it? "Where are you headed?" The simplicity in the woman's voice was so jarring. No ulterior motives… "Um… just… south. As far south as you're going…" I'd been traveling that way since the start; I had to keep consistent. No point running if I wound up losing my direction. And so I'd mark in the dirt every day when the sun would set exactly which way I should go. Then I'd pick a star and follow it, eyes on the sky. "Well, I'm headed home right now, gum-drop." I slipped the car into gear and smiled at the girl, watching as her fingers tugged at the hem of her nightgown anxiously. Middle of the night, pajamas, looking like she'd been out in the woods for days? There was a tragedy at play here. "You in trouble?" The girl didn't reply, though, and I figured it was probably a stupid question to ask; if she was, she wouldn't tell a stranger anyway. "I'm Cohen." "Nice to meet you…" The texture of my voice was much more evident in complete sentences; I wished the woman next to me had offered me a glass of water or something. Then again, we were in her car, not her kitchen. "I'm… um… Lottie…" I'd need to go by that name now, wouldn't I? What choice did I have? "Thanks for this…" I picked at the dried dirt on my palms while Cohen drove down the road; it was so much faster than walking, and with the sun coming up, it meant extra ground I could cover. I smiled over at my pseudo-savior with gratitude. She couldn't have been older than thirty. "Nice to meet you, too, Lottie. That's an uncommon name, I think." Then again, so was Cohen. "Seems like an odd time of night to be out for a walk in your pajamas." It wasn't that I was nosy, per se, I just wanted to let the girl know that I was ready to listen if she wanted to talk. She looked weary, worn down and tired, like she'd ran dry a lifetime ago and was now just running on fumes. We pulled off the road onto a side-road, disappearing into the woods for a few minutes before we emerged into a field that sprawled as far as the eye could see in the dim monochrome that the early-morning cast across the entire landscape. Prominent, however, was the large two story house that we approached. It wasn't much, really: a house on a few acres and a dream to one day have an animal or six. But it was mine - well, it was ours. But it was a start in life most people my age hadn't yet managed. The car rolled to a stop and I sat quietly for an extra minute. I wasn't sure when I'd have the luxury of a soft padded seat again, or the mild air conditioning that the car used to counter the summer morning's heat. Cohen was kind, though, and clearly concerned. She clicked the door open on her side of the car and I followed suit, climbing to my unstable bare feet in the lush grass. "Thank you… for the ride, I mean." The sun was just starting to tint the sky - red in the east. I could use that and follow south until I found a place to sleep. I'd probably gotten further in Cohen's car than I had in the three days walking, and for that I was very thankful.
  13. Havent found much luck, finding locals on fetlife. Even tho im open to travel. It would be alot easier to travel within missouri =D So i figured id take a shot here.
  14. Wondering if there are any little or big people left in Oregon. Never seem to hear or find anyone so just wondering if anyone is out there. Not looking for sex or any particular gender, just a friend in at least the same state, gets lonely in the pacific northwest.
  15. Hey everyone! Pudding and I wanted to put out a short holiday story, so here you go. Once again, we have to thank @Selpharia for this one. She gave us a great writing prompt of "very anime and very gay". So welcome to our cute short-story about two girls who meet on their third annual school retreat after a long year apart! This is a one-off, so don't expect more. And I implore everyone to read Of Capes, Cowls, and Cuddles by Selpharia, because it's super elaborate and really cute! PDF and ePub versions of Snowflakes & Sweethearts are already available on Patreon for supporters! ~~~~~ Snowflakes & Sweethearts By: Sophie & Pudding I sat up and looked around the quiet common-room, decorated with sleeping bags and sleeping girls. A dim hue poured through the window, the lights outside reflecting off the falling snowflakes. It was dark and late. If you listened hard enough, the only thing you would hear was the harsh, icy breeze against the side of the lodge. I slipped out of my bed roll and shivered as my feet touched the cold floor. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and left as quietly as I could. "I was wondering when you'd come." I puffed out my cheeks and had flecks of snow on the little bear beanie I wore. I hugged Harumi tightly to steal some of her warmth. and wondered where the year had gone, the time that passed since last we met. This was our third year… the third time we'd met here in the mountains for our school vacation. Always like this; a few fleeting days. My school booked with the resort across the other side of the hill, so meeting meant fifteen minutes of trekking through whatever snow whipped through the air. But Harumi was worth it. Kanako and I met two years ago, on nearly this exact same day at nearly this exact same place. Back then, it wasn't snowing. What snow there was on the ground had been shoveled and it was easy for her to walk over to my lodge. Last year, she wasn't so lucky. This year, it was worse. I brushed the snow off her shoulders, off her hat, and hugged her as tightly as I could, dressed in my long-sleeved button down pajamas. "I missed you so much..." "I missed you, too." I melted in her arms the way the flecks of snow on my fleece jacket melted and put my cheek to hers. We only saw each other once a year, and until one of us could afford otherwise, that would be all it could ever be. "Come on, the tree's set up in the other room!" I took her mittened hand and pulled her through the foyer, dragging snow in with her. And sure enough, in the front lobby, between an abandoned check in desk and a three-story wall of windows, was a giant pine tree decorated in baubles, ornaments, rainbow lights, silver garland, and a bright glowing star. Underneath it, huge gifts were wrapped and tagged for donation. The day before Christmas - next week - they would get sent out to needing families. I fished into my pocket as she let me go in front of the tree. I pulled out the small package, wrapped neatly and elegantly in pink cloth with blue Christmas trees stenciled in the fabric, and held it out with both hands. "Merry Christmas, Harumi..." We'd never gotten each other gifts before, but I wanted to. I remembered her telling me last year how much she'd wanted the soother, and all year I'd remembered it, reminded myself of it, and saved my spare money for it. I looked down at the small box in her hands, then up in her eyes. I... I didn't know what to say. We didn't really do the gift thing last year. And I knew this was our last year together, but I hadn't expected... took the box out of her hands and held it in my own, like it was the most precious thing anyone had given me. And I hadn't even opened it yet. "You gotta open it," she laughed, stripping herself of her coat and mittens. "R-right, yeah." I pulled on the string and unwrapped the fabric, taking out the little paper box. There were no markings on it. So I lifted off the top and looked in. Immediately, I slammed the lid back on top and held it to my chest, looking around the room, at the administration desk, up at the balcony overhead, for anyone that might be watching. My face turned scarlet. Her reactions were so cute, her modesty, her shyness - she was the cutest girl I might ever have met, and I found her immediately charming. The same way I had in the first place when I first met her, when she'd tried to tell me that she didn't need help, despite the fact I'd found her outside under a tree in weather cold enough for snow. "Nobody else is awake, nobody but us." I pouted and looked down at the box again. Nobody is awake, I repeated. So I lifted the lid off again and held up the pacifier. It was pink and white, with hearts on the button, and a tiny white handle. No different than a million other pacifiers, if it weren't for the size. Maybe it was a trick of the Christmas lights shining colors down on us, but it definitely looked... bigger. Appropriate, almost. Wow... "Thank you, Kanako, so much..." I hadn't mentioned wanting one in months, but she remembered. I tucked it into the bag on my shoulder and pulled out a box, wrapped in gold and silver paper, holding it out with both my hands. "I got you something too." We'd never discussed it, never agreed to getting gifts, that we'd both come to the same conclusion was... well, it felt like magic, the sort of sparkling, tingling magic, that only happened at Christmas. I gently pried the tape from the paper with the tip of my nail and let the package open like a flower, a little box just a tad bit smaller the one I'd given her, and inside was a little velvet box. Inside, I was presented with a half heart necklace on chain. And as she swayed left and right and bit her lip, I saw the glimmer of the matching half around her neck. "Beautiful... you're beautiful, it's beautiful..." I took the box out of her hand and set my bag down on the floor next to her coat. She took off her hat and lifted her hair so I could wrap the chain around her neck and clip the half-heart into place. It sat perfectly, dipping low enough that it would hesitate on her shirt when she leaned forward. And before I knew any better, I leaned in and kissed Kanako on the lips. Last year, we'd kissed a bit. This year, I wasn't wasting time. We kissed and it was tender and lovely and I adored the way we did. I adored the way our lips touched, her soft freckles shining like my own private field of stars. Harumi was a beautiful girl, taunted all her life for her half-Irish bloodline from her father that left her skin pale and doll-like and peppered with freckles, but her hair dark black from her Mom’s Japanese heritage. I thought she looked ethereal. "I missed you.." We sat on the couch together, in front of the light of the Christmas tree, with the howling winds on the other side of the glass. We imprisoned in each other's eyes, lost in each other's lips, and incapable of keeping our hands to ourselves. First her cheeks, and her neck. She started with my hips and my sides. The front of her chest. Under my shirt. Then I was on top of her, with my knee between her legs. We'd never come this far, but we were adults now, and might never see each other again after we graduated. Neither of us wanted to wait and risk what might come for the sake of patience. One year, Harumi had mentioned having a boyfriend - I didn't know if that were true or not, but I'd had my share of admirers, too. It didn't make this moment any less ours. "You're beautiful..." I whispered, and smirked up at her with her knee between my thighs. A sharp thud, dull and quiet, broke the silence of the room. I toppled straight off Kanako and landed on the hard floor in front of the tree, echoing the sound. I fumbled as close to the sofa as I could and held my breath. Quietly, through the whistling of the wind, I heard footsteps. I heard a door creak. And then... nothing. I peeked up at Kanako and then the balcony. Nobody was there. Finally, I sighed. "That was scary..." "I wonder what that was... maybe it was Santa Claus." I knew she was looking at me strangely, but for a girl with a soother in her bag I didn't see her having much of a leg to stand on when it came to questioning my adultly nature. She gave me a sly smile and I knew what she was thinking. I stuck out my tongue. "Don't even say it!" I climbed up onto the sofa and reached for my bag. The pacifier was still there. I thought maybe I’d dreamt it up, that it was too good to be true. I slipped it between my lips and sucked softly on the nipple. I wasn't always so accepting of stuff like this: baby stuff. When I first met Kanako, I hated it! I remembered sitting outside in the cold, wrapped up in my winter coat and wet pants, trying not to cry. "I won't say anything, my little Rumi-chan..." I giggled and this time I was the one on top of her, pushing her down into the cushions and running fingers thru her hair. When I stared into her eyes, I did what felt natural and normal: I leaned in to kiss her... on the guard of her soother. Ten minutes, or an hour. I wasn't sure. She whispered words in my ears, words I'd read in text a thousand times. Words I'd heard on Skype. Words I heard in my dreams. But I'd never heard them in person. She kissed the front of my pacifier. She drew circles on my stomach. She spun my hair. She and I were the whole world. Finally, she tugged the pacifier out of my mouth and touched my lips. Her hand was down the front of my pajama pants. "You didn't change yet?" she asked. I blushed. We only had such limited time together, and I found myself wondering just what it was she was thinking to have forgotten something so simple. I put the soother back in her lips and tilted my head, grinning. "I guess that means you're going to risk it tonight, huh, Rumi-chan?" I puffed out my cheeks in frustration. Two years ago was the last time I risked it. Our school took a weekend trip to the ski resort and I was too humiliated to bring any diapers. Through sheer force of will, I thought I could overcome my stupid bedwetting for two dumb nights! But I didn't. I woke up in the middle of the night, ashamed and humiliated. Everyone would know. Everyone would tease me for the next three years. "No," I mumbled around the pacifier and patted the bag next to me. I hadn't gotten a chance to change yet. Everyone took so long to fall asleep! "I'm not stupid." Not stupid at all, in-fact - Harumi was one of the top performers at her school; she was in a half dozen after-school clubs and always got her homework in on time. She was the antithesis of me, the academic standout, and only our relative meagerness when it came to family income status drew commonality. And the fact we wanted to be with each other. There was that too. "Then let's take care of it, Rumi..." I put my hand on her back, entirely ready to do this for her for the first time. I pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. "Oh, no no no! It's alright! I mean--" She pushed it back in and touched her finger to her lips. "Shhh." And I realized immediately what she meant. I was being loud. We were both silent for a moment, until we were sure no one had heard my protests. I looked up at her with burning red cheeks and talked around the pacifier in a whisper. "I can do it, Kana..." "Oh no no, you're far too small to deal with that on your own, my pretty imōto~" In the time it took for her blush to conquer her cheeks, I'd unbuckled her bag simply and confidently. I'd never done this before, not with her, but I spent the last year doing both babysitting and volunteering in nursing homes, so I had a pretty good idea now! At any moment, I expected someone to come down the stairs. I thought someone would look down over the balcony and see a stranger changing a third-year's diaper on the sofa below. I thought the smell of baby powder or the sound of the snaps would attract attention. But all my fears were for naught. I didn't wear the same diapers on this trip as I did back home - I wore my cloth snap-together ones with the ribbon around the waist. I didn't want anyone to hear me crinkle. "First time you're seeing me naked and it's like this," I mumbled through the soother. It was hard to tell if that fact irritated or appeased me. "First time implies there'll be many more times." I teased her, smiling to myself - this was so much easier than the plastic ones! I positioned her easily, I dug out the powder from the top of her bag and I used far too much, and then I pulled the garment up between her legs and fastened the snaps that rested on her softly defined hips. She was so pretty... "Do you have a cover to wear over this, so you don't leak?" I asked, matter-of-factly, a question that probably caught her off guard at my knowledge. But my hand was rubbing her crotch when I asked, so I think she didn't have much room for protest. I sat up with a blush and shook my head, working to steady my breath. "Um... n-no. It's... it's a discrete one. There's a layer of plastic built in. As long as I don't sleep too long, I dun leak." The babyish lisp was an accident. I was slipping. Two years ago, I didn't know these feelings could exist, and now, because of Kana, I craved them. Feeling "little", as she put it. Diapers and pacifiers and her... "Then you have no more grown-up worries to fret over, do you?" I pushed her back down, my lips on hers and then atop her soother as I guided it back in. My other hand pressed against the thickness of her padding. Discrete, she'd said. And maybe in sound that was true, but this was thicker than I could have imagined, and she couldn't squeeze my hand away if she tried. She pushed and rubbed the front of my diaper, and I had to suck harder on the pacifier to keep myself quiet. Her words built stories in my head like sandcastles, and just as quickly as they came up, she would tear them down and start again. I curled into her chest, quivering and whimpering. I muttered her name through the pacifier guard, over and over, until we were both quiet and immobile on the sofa. This moment... I wanted it to last forever. I didn't expect our first time beyond kissing to be like this, I didn't and couldn't have guessed. But... I think a part of me might have known, even from the beginning, that this was so a part of her. And as far as Harumi was comfortable going with another person, she’d gone there with me. I felt... warm, in that knowledge. I almost fell asleep. If I had fallen asleep, it would have been very, very bad. I was dressed in nothing but a diaper and my pajama top lying on another girl in the lobby. But I didn't fall asleep. I heard the faint sounds on the stairs. Steps? Shuffling? I listened closely, to be sure, and when I was, I tapped Kanako's shoulder to get her attention. Someone was coming. We had to hide! I hadn't heard it as first, but my auditory memory kicked in. Quick like two little bunnies, I took her by the hand and led Rumi to the space behind the administrative desk, shushing her with my finger to her soother’s guard and holding my breath to try and hear what was happening. Was someone there? I held my bag and my pajama pants tight in my arms. Kana had to double back for her coat and hat. We had just managed to hide behind the check-in desk when the woman rounded the corner. I peeked over the counter, betting on the darkness to keep me hidden. Mrs. Yoshida stood in the center of the room, looking up at the Christmas Tree. Was she looking for me? Had she noticed I wasn't in my bed roll? But she didn't look like she was in a hurry. She turned around to walk out, but stepped on something. She reached down and picked it up: a glove. One of Kanako's gloves. Oh no... "Oh shoot..." I whispered, wincing to myself - my glove. My glove in school colors that were not the same as Rumi's... oh no, the teacher going to think a boy had snuck in or something! If only she knew how wrong she was... I giggled quietly and covered my mouth, trying to stay composed. It'll be okay, it'll be okay... She turned the glove over in her hands and looked down at her palms. Then, she put them to her mouth and blew hot air on them. And speaking as a girl without pants, it was rather nippy in the lobby. I watched quietly as my teacher went over to the other wall and switched on the electric fireplace, then turned around and looked right at me. I ducked down behind the counter and sucked on the pacifier to keep myself from hyperventilating. She saw me. She saw me! No, it was too dark. No, she would have called out. Right? We waited, both with baited breath, for the next moves the teacher would make. And then her footsteps began, and got closer, and closer, and I kissed Harumi on the soother. I got ready to stand up, to take the attention, to save my forbidden friend... but then there was clattering on the floor above us. Girls horsing around. And the approaching footsteps faded away into the distance. Saved at the last moment... I exhaled, pulling the pacifier from my lips, and putting my forehead against Kana's. "That was scary," I whispered for the second time that night. Kanako and I waited behind the counter until the footsteps stopped, until all was silent again, and then we waited a little more. Finally, I pulled my pajama pants on over the diaper and walked out toward the Christmas tree with Kana's hand in mine. But the fireplace on the other side of the room... it looked so warm and comfortable. "Come on..." I put both my hands on hers and tugged her over to the fireplace, over to the large plush rug on the floor right in front of it. The snow had picked up outside, whipped up in the wind, and the fire crackled like an instrument trying to play along and keep up, and I felt so serene that we were here... together. It was our last year, and thusly, our last school ski trip. Next year, if we wanted to come up here, we'd have to do it ourselves. We were adults now, after all. And soon, we'd be graduates. We were applying to the same colleges together and the same dorm suites. We even had our first non-ski-trip meet-up planned for the summer! Our lives were intertwined now, Kanako's and mine. I leaned over and put my head on her shoulder, staring into the crackling fireplace. We were thinking the same thing. We didn't even have to say it. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I was shivering in my coat with my knees pulled up to my chest. Tears streamed down my cheeks. My pajama pants and underwear were soaking wet, and I hadn't even sat in the snow. The paths were shoveled and the sky was full of stars. The only sound was my whimpering and heaving as I tried to make myself stop crying. Then there was the sound of footsteps close by. I looked up at the girl in the bear beanie. I'd never seen her before. "Do you need any help?" she asked. I shook my head, shooing her away with my hands. I didn't want her help. “Well, okay. Choice is the only thing given freely in this world. That’s what my mom says.” But I pulled down the zipper on my oversized parka, a puffy pink coat as warm as could be that I had gotten for this very trip, and I pulled my arms free to drape it over her shoulders. "I like your freckles, they're like little stars." ...what a weird girl, I thought. That was my first opinion of Kanako. She was a very weird girl. "What are you doing out anyway?" I asked, wiping the water from my eyes. Maybe if I had a reason to stop crying - like if somebody else was talking to me - I'd stop altogether. "I like to walk at night," she said honestly. Weird indeed. "And what are you doing?" she asked. I looked away. "Maybe you just like to come outside and cry?” I’d noticed how wet her pants were when I put the jacket over her shoulders, but it would have been rude to say anything directly. Instead, I offered her, "Sitting in the wet and icy snow you're gonna catch a cold, I have some spare pajama pants if you want them...? Our lodge is just past the hill, and that way you won't be cold." I didn't know then. I thought maybe fate had dropped Kanako into my lap. I thought that her lending me a spare blanket and some pajama pants was some serendipitous miracle. Six months later she told me the truth. She knew all along, she just didn't care. But I cared. I cared a lot! And then she started to realize, before I did, that I cared too much. It wasn't that I hated diapers, but rather, I hated that I didn't. She helped me up off the cold ground under the tree and together we walked back to her lodge. Neither of us remembered to bring mittens. To keep warm, we held hands.
  16. Gabriella, short name Gabby, is a 12 year old girl who is entering high school. But that's not the biggest kicker cuz she's not just entering high school at merely the age of 12 going on 13 but she is going to school in Japan. The reason she is entering high school early it's because her entire life she has been home home-schooled and her parents found a little program where she could go to school for a year in Japan and stay with a Homestay parent. For a long time Gabriella has been talking about wanting to be a Japanese idol singer so this could be a real opportunity to her. She is currently at the house of her home state dad Kenji as the program leader is explaining something to him that she can't understand because she has no chance to learn the language love the country. But she is also facing another problem she has not had the chance to go potty all day and she is currently Crossing her legs. It was an 18 hour flight just to get here in the bathroom on the plane looked too disgusting to use the bathrooms at the airport look weird and it was a 4 drive to get here. So she is bursting. In the car on the way here she had to let a bit of it out but she let out too much and she is sure that her what skirt was seen and she has to pee even more now
  17. hiyaa everyone my name is amber ive been wearing for over 10 years now (wow i feel old), i am 24 human years old but im like 1-4 at heart, i mainly wear for comfort i just get peace of mind when i do when i get put into them it help me get into little space , ive recently moved to london so id love to make some friends that are like minded and can cope with my annoying ass, i love gaming and going on photography walks not that i know many good places to go or get to atm. hope i make some new friends here xoxo Amber
  18. Um.. this story is pretty personal to me. I wrote it for my girlfriend last year when we first started dating to help her understand all this little stuff. It's really not like my stories with Pudding. It's sort of boring. And I don't really know why I'm putting it on DD at all. Except... maybe someone else out there needs a story like this? A story that explains the little stuff in a simple, relatable way. Or maybe someone's partner needs it. *nods..* Anyway. If you don't mind, please like or comment. These trivial things are very inspiring to me. Enjoy the story. ~Sophie Madison's Code in its entirety can be downloaded FOR FREE in PDF and ePub format from our Patreon. Please consider supporting us. ---------------------------------------- Madison's Code by Sophie ---------------------------------------- Pin 1: Smile One. “Which color is this?” “Green.” The only thing that annoyed me more than Madison Bell was her colorblindness. I know that sounds terrible, but when everyone in the eleventh grade plays the “what color is this” game every fifteen minutes it gets old fast. And who by chance would I get stuck with for my poster presentation? “This one?” she asked, holding up a colored pencil. “Blue.” She hesitated, the tip of the pencil hovering over the poster. Then she looked at me again. “Do blue and green go well together?” she asked. “Does it matter?” “I want it to look nice.” But when it was clear that I wasn’t going to answer her stupid questions anymore, she went back to coloring without intervention. I used my expert penmanship to write out our hypothesis on an index card. Long, flourished letters. “I love your handwriting,” she told me, watching me over my shoulder. “I mean, girls handwriting is always better than boys, eye, em, oh. But yours is even better than all the other girls too! There should be a tournament or something for handwriting. You could place first, I bet.” Kill me. “This one?” she asked, holding up another colored pencil. When the bell rang, Madison followed me out of the library. My legs were long and toned, and hers a chubby mess. Still, she kept pace. “Would you want to come over tonight and we can finish our poster? I have stickers that I think could really help it pop. And I got this boarder from the store for last year’s poster and I bet I still have some.” “I would rather do just about anything else,” I said honestly. There was no illusion here: Madison Bell annoyed me and Madison Bell knew it. “Finish it yourself and I’ll bring the cards tomorrow.” “Oh.” When I turned around, a few paces down the hall, she had stopped following me. I thought, for a second, she was upset with what I’d said. Something about the way her eyes caught the light. But the next second, she looped arms with Amanda Simmons and started telling her about our experiment. Annoying.
  19. Prologue: Jessie Matthews stood eagerly at the border. Which really wasn’t an appropriate term given the large gates behind which movie worthy vortexes of swirling light pulsed and sparked on occasion when people walked through them. The station he stood in was much larger and grander than anyone would think it ought to be, but then again, it was scaled to also accommodate larger people as well. Little. The term flashed through his head and he scoffed. It was an odd term, one that he’d only recently become familiar with. It sounded rather odd, given that everyone was roughly the same size here. Sure, he might be a touch shorter than most of his peers, but he certainly didn’t think it made him little. Despite that, the place he was going, was home to people of a much more giant scale, society seeming to be separated into three basic classes divided depending on average height. In the past year since portal hopping had been invented, and this new realm discovered, it had been an exotic and thrilling tourist destination, to which the inhabitants were all too happy to cater to. He watched one man, easily several heads taller than any of his homeland peers. An inbetweener, or mid, as he would be called in his home world. There were plenty of them around, joining up with tourists to be guides in the new world. It was strictly advised to have a guide, when travelling, because of the apparent dangers the realm held for people of his size, but Jessie didn’t think he’d have a problem and had neglected to pay to find and hire on. It did little to hurt his confidence as he stepped up to the portal. His bags would be delivered to his hotel for him, and of course, there was no guide to meet him. The woman manning the portal gate appeared far less pleased about this, her lips pursing. She simply shrugged after a moment, telling him it was his life to gamble with, and motioned him through. “Stay away from the Amazons, if you know what’s good for you,” she muttered. Jessie cocked his head, his floppy blond hair falling in his eyes. He brushed it back, confused. He knew little about the Amazons, or bigs, true giants in the realm. Sure it might be a tad intimidating, but surely they held no true danger to a tourist? Shrugging it off, he took a deep breath, heart fluttering in his chest. Then, the nineteen year old college student with the intent to spend his vacation time independently, stepped through the portal and into the station on the other side. Sophie The scorching afternoon sun shines bright overhead, nearly at the peak of the sky, but it feels incredibly nice after two straight weeks of rain, and I can’t help but enjoy a stroll through the town. I’ve no real destination in mind, just wandering, wallowing in the warmth of the sun’s rays and watching people bustle about. There are mostly in-betweeners about at this time, hurrying to jobs or going about morning routines. A few Amazons meander about, window shopping or likely just enjoying the sun themselves. There are very few Littles, and the few who are out and about keep to the shadows, the edges of the sidewalk closest to buildings, eager to scurry from sight. As always, I feel an urge to pick one up if they happen to race by just a little too close, but I make myself hold back. I’ve been wanting to adopt for a while now, and just recently completed a nursery, but I want the moment to feel right. I won’t just snatch some random child off the street. It feels wrong that way somehow. So I stuff my hands into the pockets of my sweater and continue down the street towards the square. A sudden commotion catches my attention, as the group of Amazon women just across the street, pause and take interest in something. I turn to look as well, and the sight that greets me is rather strange. There’s a little, dressed in jogging pants and a gray hoodie that looks a size too big for him. Floppy blond hair is being tossed about by the slight breeze, and he’s holding a camera up to his face, snapping photos of a sparrow that’s half the size of his head, not counting the wings. He seems completely oblivious to the world around him, a quality not commonly seen in wary native Littles. It’s painfully obvious that he’s a tourist, but he’s completely unattended, no guide in sight. The hungry pack of women chatter amongst themselves, seeming to argue over who should get to snap him up. Two of the three already have Littles, and both seem rightly miserable with too-thick diapers, and pacifiers secured into their mouths with ribbons. I chew my lip. I can’t help the fluttering feeling in my chest. I want him too, and I’ll be damned if I let any of those prissy girls that barely look fresh from college get their claws into him. So I set my jaw and approach the child, kneeling in the grass by the tree he’s aimed his camera at. “Hey there, Little one, what are you doing out here all alone? Where’s your guide? Did you get separated from them?” I inquire. I watch the child lower his camera, his hazel eyes widening with surprise. He’s got a few freckles peppered across his nose, and a rather slender jaw line with soft features. He takes a cautious step back and licks his lips. “Umm, hello,” he begins, his nervous voice falling flat. He seems confused by his own intimidation and it brings a smile to my lips. He’s so cute. “I haven’t got a guide, ma’am, didn’t see the point in one.” A gleeful peal of laughter bubbles from my lips and I shake my head, more than a little amused. “What’s your name, hon?” “Jessie,” the child murmurs, shifting his weight. “And you are…?” “Sophie,” I reply distractedly, not overly concerned with introductions. “Jessie, you should know, that there is a point to a guide. They’re your only form of insurance here.” “Insurance?” Jessie echoes in a soft voice. I nod. “Yup. The only thing preventing people from doing this,” I break off long enough to scoop him up off the grass, settling him on my hip. Jessie squirms in surprise. “H-hey! Put me down. What are you doing?” “Claiming you,” I reply, tapping a finger against his button of a nose. “You really should have had a guide. Now you have every set of Amazon eyes on you. It’s either me, or them,” I state, nodding to the slew of girls, one who’s clenched the fingers of the Little in her care, fixing me with a glare before stalking off, towing her poor little boy behind her. “And I don’t think you want to go with them. So just sit tight, it’s a short walk home,” I assure him as I turn and head back the way I came, and intense warmth spreading from the tips of my toes, up to the fluttering heart as I hug the small child close. “I demand you put me down right now,” he squeaks. “This is assault. Help!” he yelps, looking pleadingly around for assistance. No one pays him any mind whatsoever. I gently pat his back. “Hush now. This is your own fault really, sweetheart. You should never travel to an unknown country, much less a different world, without learning and respecting a few of the customs and rules there first. You should have had a guide. You made your choice, and now you’ll deal with the consequences because I’ve made mine.” I keep my voice soft as I lecture him. I’m not truly cross and I recognize his fear and confusion. “Just relax, Jess, I’ve no intention of hurting you.” He struggles some more, pushing against me and calling out, but when his efforts only receive him a tighter squeeze against me, he finally falls limp, grumbling to himself under his breath. The walk home, as promised, is relatively short as I approach my home. Standing tall and wide, at the end of the wealthy suburban survey, surrounded by a white picket fence that encircled both the front and back yard of the property I’ve called home the past nearly nine years. I unlatch the gate and stride through, pushing it closed behind me. The cobblestone path produces a sharp clacking noise as it connects with the soles of my flats. The tulips and snapdragons in the front garden are in full bloom, the weeping willow in the corner casting a pleasant shade across the walkway, creating a colorful and peaceful atmosphere. I stride up the porch steps and into my home. Discarding my shoes, I ferry my new charge upstairs and into the bathroom. Closing the door behind me, I finally set him down. The child immediately races for the door, but the handle is well out of his reach, his fingers failing to so much as brush it when he jumps desperately. Smiling at the amusing sight, I leave him to his devices while I drog the plug to the octagonal shaped tube and begin to run him a bubble bath. I frown, glancing down, when I feel him kick my leg. A hand, fingers clenched into a fist, smacks against me next as Jessie glares up at me with watery eyes. “Let me go,” he demands. “You can’t keep me here.” “You’ll find that I can,” I counter, my voice cool. I lift him up and sit him on the granite counter of the vanity, proceeding to remove his little shoes and socks. Both of which, I merely toss in the trashcan by the toilet. I lift his camera up from around his neck and set it aside. Despite his squirming and rather venomous protests, I have him stripped bare, clothes thrown away, in a matter of seconds. He’s still trying to lash out, cursing my name as I plop him down in the lukewarm water. His tantrum does little to dampen my mood however, and I ignore it, humming softly to myself as I begin to soap him up and scrub him down. “Just relax, sweetheart, everything is okay,” I assure him as I uncap the bottle of baby shampoo and squeeze some onto his scalp, lathering it in. “Really? Well you're not the one that’s been abducted off the street, carried goodness knows where, and stripped naked by some psycho lady who’s trying to bathe you,” he protests, smacking at my hands. “Will you stop touching me. This is creepy, you know.” I grin and laugh once more. “Oh, Jessie, you really have no idea the role you Littles play in our society do you?” I cup his cheek. “This is normal, and just the tip of the iceberg.” I proceed with my task of scrubbing him clean. Taking a new bottle, I squeeze some clear gel into the palm of my hand and proceed to lather it across Jessie’s arms, legs, chest, and crotch, dabbing a little on his face, though it’s unnecessary given the almost complete lack of hair there anyways. Not that the rest of him is overly hairy either. “That stings,” he complains. “What are you doing to me?” “Hush,” I instruct firmly, holding him still a few moments longer before I reposition him under the faucet and turn the water on. Satisfaction swells in me as I watch all the little blond hairs fall from his body, leaving only baby smooth skin behind. Jessie seems to notice this as well, and he squeals in protest. “What the hell did you do to me?” he demands. I scowl and tap his nose sharply. “Mind your mouth,” I warn him as I lift him free of the tub. I swaddle the angry child into a thick, fleecy towel and carry him into his new nursery. It’s a soft, pastel yellow in shade, with sandalwood furniture and a white carpeted floor. I let him get a good look at all the toys and furniture and supplies now meant for him. I lay him down on the changing table and pull away the towel. “What is this place,” he murmurs, clearly not catching on. “The nursery,” I reply. “And it’s all for you.” There’s some darker kind of joy that festers within me as I watch his face pale, his lips puckering as he stutters to form some sort of reply and fails miserably. He tries to stand up and get away, but I merely pin him with a hand on his chest, using the other to rub some lotion into his rump and thighs. I ignore his squeaks and protests as I sprinkle baby powder over his diaper area and fetch the first crinkly diaper from the storage area in the changing table. I lift him by his ankles and slide the thick padding between his legs, taking perhaps more joy than I should in watching how it spreads his legs as I pull it up and tape it down around his waist. The diapers are specially, designed so that the tapes can’t be pulled up by the meager strength of Littles. He won't be taking it off without aid. Jessie stares at the puffy padding around his waist. “What is this for? I don’t need these,” he protests. “I’m perfectly pot-capable of going to the bathroom,” he corrects with a stammer. I smile and lean in to kiss his cheek, a motion that he jerks away from. I offer him no further response as I leave him there, keeping a close eye, while I rummage through the drawers within his large wardrobe. I’d bought clothing for both boys and girls, not knowing what gender I’d intended to adopt. I reach for a blue diaper shirt with a dinosaur on the front, but pause. I glance back at the Little sitting grumpily on the changing table. At the soft features and slim, almost slender frame. There’s no real muscle on his body and handsome isn’t a term I’d associate with him. Instead, the word pretty comes to mind. And once I have that thought, I suddenly have a very hard time looking at Jessie like a little boy. Changing my mind, I instead pull a simple baby blue summer dress off a hanger and carry it over to the changing table. I turn Jessie around and begin to pull a brush through the short blonde locks on her head, pulling it up into pigtails that are short and stumpy and help sell the toddler appearance. Standing her up, I pull the dress down over her head and then twist her again to face me. She seems unsteady with her new padding, so I keep an arm out for her to lean on. Confusion and anger contort her pretty features as she glances down, then glares at me. “A dress?” she protests. “I’m not a girl.” I grin. “You are now,” I decide, leaning in to kiss her nose. “Don’t you worry about a thing, Jessie. I promise to take very good care of you and spoil you rotten. My little baby girl.”
  20. My little (age 2)
  21. Hello guys- I'm Llodgar! Im a 19 year old women (20 in may), and have been age regressing (unknowingly) since I was 14, to the age of a toddler if I had to guess. I only became aware of the little lifestyle three years ago, and joined it just over a year ago, and got interested in piss play, omorashi and such around the same time which easily lead to diapers and pull-ups. I believe im a Mommy as well. Outside of this whole community I have an amazing job that I love, a teacher at a daycare center where I work with all ages, 0-12, I use to be the lead teacher in the 3 year old room but had to go to part time due medical complications. I love to write poetry and fanfiction (which I also read obsessively and constantly), draw, walk in the woods, and stare longingly at attractive strangers xD okay the last ones not true. Im actually a shut in, havent talked with anyone near my age since eleventh grade, besides the typical greetings and pleasentries at stores, or at work with my colleagues. I hope ill find an insentive to actively talk to others through these forums!
  22. So I am searching for a semi experienced daddy to RP with. I want to be the only one wearing diapers and I want daddy to be strict and punish me(in roleplay) I am a pretty bad baby a lot of the time, so he needs to have a lot of rules. We can come up with a plot together. But I would like a plot where a boyfriend(who already knows about his fetish to diaper people and be a daddy, but never told his girlfriend.) finds out his girlfriend likes diapers, so then they start doing little time. In daddy time he can be quite strict, almost kinda sadistic, but he can also be caring. Thanks<3 bye bye! I hope I get some replies:)))
  23. First and foremost, thank you @Selpharia - author of the amazing "Of Capes, Cowls, and Cuddles" sci-fi epic - for sponsoring this story. Her interest in our work enabled and inspired Pudding and I to create this wonderful tale. The fact that Pudding's main character in Nightmare Asylum and Selphie's main character in C3 have the same name is purely coincidence! Or is it? *evil laugh* Pudding and I called this story 'Spoopy Nightmare Asylum' for like three months, so it's only fitting that Nightmare Asylum is the official name. I might be a little slow to update this one through because we literally just finished it and it has a ton of editing that needs doing. Anyway, I hope you like it! Disclaimers: diapers, wetting, messing, hypnosis, little, regression ------------------ Nightmare Asylum by: Sophie & Pudding 1.) ”A haunted house?" "No, dummy, a haunted children’s asylum from like old movies. You know, back before kids were drugged up all the time.” On the one hand, it was hard not to be interested, because we were both studying children’s psychology at the university, Ria and me, but on the other hand it was hard not to be disgusted because we were studying children’s psychology at the university. "You're not chicken are you? I mean I guess I can go and ask Cat Stone if she wants to go with me instead? You know that lil' closeted rug muncher's wanted to spend time alone with me for, like, ever..." I didn't like girls. Ria did. I didn't have a crush on her, but boy did she have one on me. And okay, I was a little manipulative. So? "Don't even say her name!" It wasn't that I had anything against Cat, it was just... well, she was prettier than I was. I hadn't quite let go of my high school self-consciousness issues. "Fine. You want to go into the stupid asylum? Then let's do it. I'm not afraid." Though I was notoriously afraid of everything. Bridget, on the other hand, wasn't afraid of anything. It was so annoying sometimes! And so sexy other times... Wahaha. Bridget strikes again! Calhoun Gardens wasn't even that far away, either, so the biggest issue was just waiting for it to be dark enough to be scary. Ria wanted to leave early, so we stopped at a Wendy's on the way to waste some time. Sometimes I felt like our movements with one another were a game of tug-o-war, or the world’s most childish game of chess; always trying to outplay one another. But we'd known each other since Freshman year, and had been untouchably close ever since. We just had... a dynamic. "Are you gonna eat your potato?” I waved a fry at my best friend, eating the way I usually ate: like somebody who'd never been an ounce over 130lbs despite a horrendous diet of fries and Mountain Dew. Genetics, am I right? "No, you can have it." I'd barely ate anything on the ride up. We were parked outside the gates of the building - tall and looming - and the sun had gone down twenty minutes ago. I was so nervous that I could feel it in my fingertips. There was a sign on the gate - readable even from here - that said "Keep Out". "What if we get caught? We'll get arrested. This is breaking and entering. We'll get expelled." "We're not athletes, you dummy, and we go to a state college; our behavior outside of school hours isn't some media spectacle." I rolled my eyes. I wiped my hands on a moist towelette a little too obsessively - because eating food with my fingers was somewhat of a breakthrough that Ria had manage to make with me in the time we'd known each other, but I still didn't like messy hands - and balled up the Wendy's bag to toss in the back of the car. "Okay it seems acceptably dark and spoopy outside now. You got charge on your phone?" I regretted that this wasn't the 1980's where we'd have flashlights and cool stuff like that, because everything we needed was on our phones. "Or, or, or! We could say we went in. And you know. Not go in. I like that plan." "You really are scared, huh?" Bridget sighed. "And here I thought it was sort of sexy, how you were willing to go into the scary dark asylum..." I pouted and crossed my arms over my chest, feeling warm inside. Damnit... "Let's go," I mumbled. Hahah! Bridget: 1. Ria's sense of realistic fear: 0. "Alright, let's go." When we got out of the car, Ria fumbled to lock it and I watched her, frowning. "Who's going to break into our car, you ditz? A ghost? Besides we might need easy access to the car if we're being chased by deranged spirits! She frowned. And quick like a bunny, I scampered up over the heavy iron gate that blocked our path. "There's a hole in the fence..." she quipped at me, as I landed, and I stuck my tongue out. "That's less dramatic. Come on!" I opted for the hole in the fence. I was never a very good athlete and that gate was awfully high. Once we made our way quietly across the parking lot, we came up against the side-entrance to the building. The asylum was huge - at least five stories. It took up half the block. "There is no way we are getting in. Everything is boarded up." I turned on my heel and started back toward the car. "Oh well, we tried!" "Yeah, I mean, I guess there's no way in." With a grunt of effort I pulled up the doors to the basement, angled against the side of the building, and waved my hands at the ensuing staircase down into the bowels of the sublevel. "This is so cool, can you imagine what went on here? I'm really curious. I bet it was horrible, though, and that makes for angry ghosts. I hesitated at the entrance. "Stop being a baby. Get down here." So I followed Bridget into the small, dark sublevel of the facility. I didn't even know how old this asylum was. But hysteria must have been a pretty big thing, right? Oh, I should have paid more attention in my psychology class... I fumbled for my flashlight on my phone. "Really? Selfie Light 2017? Don't you have any apps on your phone that aren't for taking your own picture?" I shouldn't tease, honestly, because Ria had the kind of confidence-issues in her appearance that few girls would ever muster, even at our age, and it did nothing to offset how much of a nervous nellie she was in every other area of her life. But hey, taking pictures helped her, right? "Hey the stairs are wet, be careful." That clumsy girl could trip over a strong breeze, so I was amazed we made it down to the bottom in one piece. The only problem was... "Ew..." We were standing in like two inches of stagnant, smelly water. "I am not going any further." "Stop being a baby," Bridget reiterated, but I shook my head. "These are new shoes. I am not going in there. No way, no how." "Then leave your shoes behind." "And step on a rusty syringe and die of poison?" I refused to go down the bottom step, even though the water didn't look that deep. "It's just water, and the sooner we get to the stairs to go up, the sooner we'll be out of it. And look it's not very deep so that means there won’t be any water upstairs, right?" I was pretty good at seeing the positives in things, almost annoyingly so, but she puffed her alabaster cheeks out in defiance anyway. "I'll piggy back you." Which I'm sure would go just fine given the fact she had four inches and twenty-five pounds on me, but hey, I was trying at least. "I don't need you to piggy back me!" I sighed and looked down at the water. Ugh. What else could I do? I'd have to wash my shoes the second I got home. I slowly put my foot down in the mucky water and followed Bridget through the dark corridors. Where were the damn stairs? It was hard to see, even with the flashlights on our phones, and to make it worse the ground beneath the water wasn't exactly smooth either. "Hey, look!" Stairs, at last! But as we got closer there was something just past the stairs... Troubled Patient Wing. We both stared at the doors with the faded paint and brass plaque, and shared glances. "Well we can't not go in there..." "Yes we absolutely can't!!" I went right to the stairs and got my feet out of the mucky water. Already I was regretting this trip. All it needed now was a spider or a ghost or a zombie child. I brushed the cobwebs off my jeans. But when I looked back behind me, Bridget wasn't there. Uh... "Bridget...? Bridget? This isn't funny... where are you?" "You have got to see this." Ria just about jumped out of her skin when I put my hand on her arm, and she shook her head quick as could be. "I promise if you don't want to stay when you see it, you can go, but you have to see it." She frowned. I grinned. I made sure I won. And just like the first time when I'd pushed through the double doors into the Troubled Patient Wing, things changed. There was plush red carpet beneath our soggy feet. Lighting. Soft music. A warm and inviting atmosphere. Like we'd stepped into a totally different place. ----------- The first five chapters are up on our Patreon! Please consider supporting us!!
  24. Hello I'm a 23 year old male from Cheshire area looking for a mummy/daddy. Very open minded anyone on here?
  25. I decided to do some artwork today, after watching the care bears original film. I just added a nappy to wonderheart bear (she's a newer character but cuter than hugs and tugs imo). Once done, my little side really wanted to colour it (this is a first for me as I'm still newly exploring) anyway, this was the result. I kind of determined my "age" based on this picture as around 4 or so. Anyway, hope you like it. Emily