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Found 171 results

  1. Hey im a man age 25 looking for a Caretaker ... Sweet or Strict im open Minded i live in Denmark in Scandinavia in Northern Europe im looking for a Mommy or even a Daddy around or inside Denmark that wanna care for me both online and Real Life my other interests is in Sports and Hobbies like Modeltrains or Gaming and so on if you wanna know more about me just ask i don´t bite i´d prefer a Mommy around age 18-45 or about same about daddies Have a Nice and lovely day ...... bletrosaid<<
  2. Hi all. I'm a abdl in Southampton and I would really like to get to know if there are anyone else like me around my area. I would love to get to know more people that loves to ware and use there nappys as well. But I would also really love a daddy or a big brother someone who could look after baby a little and have fun with I'm very open minded and like to get to know people and making friends. Hope to hear from you soon BabySparkster
  3. Gabrial is a 22 year old coming home after finishing his fifth year in college as he is working on his master's degree. He doesn't visit home very often and rarely calls home as he tries to be as independent as possible. As consequence for his attemps he has not talked to his mother in almost a year as he did not go home for Christmas break or spring break. He just hopes his mother hasn't been too lonely without her only son.
  4. Having greatly enjoyed many of the stories others have shared here on the DD forum, I have decided to try contributing one of my own. It seems that we who are drawn to the abdl community vary widely in our interests and tastes when it comes to stories, so please read the following description of the story to follow: This will be an Adult Baby story. Diapers will be used for #1 and #2. It will have strong sexual themes and content, of both a heterosexual and a bisexual nature. It will involve an unconventional (open) romantic relationship. It will not be focused on humiliation or punishment, nor will it involve much in the way of domination or discipline save the gently administered authority of the caregiver character(s). No actually underage characters appaear in any context. I believe that sums up my caveat; if that didn’t put you off, read on. Please feel free to comment. This is most definitely a rough draft… A Baby Brother For Daddy’s Little Girl Chapter I Janey shifted in her chair in the middle of the small over-heated classroom. For the past twenty minutes she had been so wrapped up in trying to understand the professor’s lecture, she had failed to notice her growing need to pee. It was unusual for her to wear her diapers in public, she was always a bit fearful of discovery. But as she knew no one in the class and it met in the evening, she had decided she would risk it and was wearing one now. A barely perceptible private smile on her lips, she relaxed and felt a warm trickle begin between her legs, quickening into a hot golden stream. The stream rapidly became damp warmth spreading around her crotch and under her behind as her diaper did its job of soaking it all in. Janey always found that sensation arousing, and adding in the naughtiness of doing it right in the middle in a classroom full of people with no one the wiser made it that much more intense. Gradually, Janey tuned back into the lecture, but found she had difficulty following the professor’s droning voice and curious logic and thus her mind began to wander. Her gaze wandered also, and she found herself studying various other students around the room. Close by her sat a man of around 30 with what could easily be described as a baby face and brown hair, cut in a style that somehow also looked boyish. He was also just a bit pudgy. Not fat, but with a little bit of belly and a general softness overall. “Baby fat” was the thought that rang in her mind. What really caught her eye, though, was his clothes. He was dressed in a pair of Liberty brand demin overalls over a horizontally striped shirt, very much like people often dress toddlers. The infantile effect of it all was wonderfully complete, he was downright cute. Janey was almost jealous. Was this unintentional, or was she possibly looking at another adult baby? Thinking back on the previous two classes, she seemed to remember him dressed in a similar sort of toddler-chic. As she considered the question, the class came to an end. All the students started gathering their belongings and standing up to leave. When the subject of her scrutiny stood up to leave, Janey spotted an unmistakable wet spot on the back of his overalls that followed the tell-tale line of a diaper leak around the leg gather on his left side. The denim was dark so it wasn’t that obvious, but it was definitely there. Janey giggled to herself, glad that hers had not leaked and happy for him that no one but her as yet seemed to notice it. He seemed in no particular hurry to vacate the classroom, perhaps he did not know. Should she tell him? An impish grin crossed her face. Janey’s own attire that evening was also somewhat babyish, though more subtly so than she usually wore at home. She was dressed in a super simple green frock with a white sash in a bow at the back, with white tights and saddle shoes. She did have her hair in a single ponytail rather than her usual pigtails in a gesture of adulthood, but could not resist the addition of a white ribbon. It could not be denied that she looked every bit the little girl she liked to feel like, though she was in fact 32. That she was by nature a petite dirty blonde and only 5’4” tall only added to her babylike appearance. She followed the apparent big baby boy out of the classroom and down to the parking lot. “Excuse me, sir?” she called to him when she was sure no one could overhear. The man paused in mid-stride and turned around. “Y-yes? Are you talking to me?” he responded. Since beginning the class the previous week, he had not as yet had the opportunity to get a good look at Janey, or really many of the other students. Marketing, the subject of the class, was not his favorite subject, and like Janey, he found the professor hard to follow. Now with his undivided attention focused on her, he was taken aback, both by Janey’s undeniable feminine charms and by the the overtly juvenile nature of her dress and manner. “Cute” did not begin to describe the vision before him, though it was the word that kept coming to mind. “Hi! I’m Janey! Are you having as much fun in the class as I am?” Janey quipped sarcastically. “Oh, surely,” he responded, rolling his eyes. “I’m Daniel, or Danny if you like. That old man couldn’t lecture his way out of a paper bag.” “Tell me about it. Good to meet you, Danny!” said Janey. Then, with her heart pounding and a twinkle in her eye she added, “Looks like you had a little problem in there.” Responding to his questioning glance, Janey pointed at the wet spot on his behind. Danny instantly went beet red. Before he could answer, however, Janey pulled up one edge of her dress, revealing her own bulky underwear. “I’m sure glad my diaper held up!” Janey declared. Danny was in a state of profound shock. Not only had he been busted wearing a diaper in public, a leaking one at that, but he had apparently just met a beautiful adult baby girl. What should he say? He stammered, looking for words, but all that came out was “um”s and “uh”s. Fully aware of his discomfiture and wanting to give him some time to think on it, Janey decided to retreat. “Well, it was great meeting you Danny! See you in class on Thursday!” “Yeah…um…see you Thursday…” was all Danny managed to mutter by way of a goodbye as Janey hurried to her car. Getting in and starting it up, she smiled at her own deviousness. That she had given Danny much to think about she was sure, but now as she turned toward home she was looking forward to telling her Daddy about Danny. Daddy would want to hear all about him. Far from being jealous of her interest in another man, Daddy would tease and encourage her. He enjoyed it when his little girl “socialized”, such things turned him on, but with another adult baby? That had possibilities. What would Danny think when she told him about Daddy? That WAS a question. As she drove along through the darkness pondering these matters, another thought occurred to her, or rather a feeling. Her tummy was informing her that the wetness around her heinie was about to be joined by something more solid and stinky. This brought another smile to her lips. Another present for Daddy…
  5. Hello Hello...

    I've probably had an account on here before, but I definitely don't remember my login. I'm a 27 year old gay diaper boy in the city of Los Angeles. I've been around the ABDL community since about 2005, and started meeting alot of ABDL's in person in 2007. I wear more often than not, I tell people I'm 23/6 instead of 24/7, as I don't put requirements on myself to wear all the time. I have several different headspaces I can find myself in; mostly a 3-4yo toddler who isn't taking to the potty training or giving up his pacifier thing too well. But I can also be a naughty teenage boy who's horny as hell, a diapered puppy, a baby fur, or a sissyboy. Though most often, I'm just a 27 year old wearing diapers while going about life.
  6. Too Late

    I think one of my pics is too risque for DD... click here to read the full story with both pics. A friend of mine said she was in the mood for something dark and embarrassing... I'm dedicating this one to her and all the other naughty girls out there. If you’re a naughty girl and you’re reading this, then it’s already too late. That fascination you’re feeling, the urge to read onward-- that’s not an accident. You’re already falling under my spell... and by the time you’ve finished reading, it won’t matter what you are now... because by the time you get to the end of this, you’re going to be nothing but an overgrown baby. Don’t believe me? Then keep reading (as if you had a choice.) Let your eyes wander on down the page, and maybe even allow yourself a smile or chuckle at how silly it all is. That’s fine... your disbelief is all part of the plan... by the time you realize what’s going on, it’ll be too late. You can probably feel it now. It’s very subtle at first... little more than a tickle in the back of your head... but ignore it for now (as I know you will) and just keep reading. Let your eyes wonder over the words, letting them fill up your mind until there is nothing else. There... you can feel that something’s wrong now, can’t you? All those precious big girl thoughts are going away... drown out by the growing din inside of you-- a voice that tells you to abandon the hollow trappings of your adult life and settle back into the soft, babyish comfort of a nice... soft... diaper. Now it’s in full effect, and you wish you could take your eyes away... that you had just listened to my warnings... but now it’s too late. It’s OK, don’t fight it... just let the words wash over you, filling you up with warm, mushy feeling, pushing out all the bad thoughts, pushing all that boring schooling and useless job experience aside. Just relax and let it fill you with warmth and innocence, and don’t worry about a little dampness down below... you’re just wetting your pants. Now now... don’t run away (like you could if you even tried.) Just give your butt a little squirm in the seat any you’ll discover a little extra padding-- that’s right: you’re wearing diapers! Good thing, too... they’ll catch all the pee pee you were too silly to hold in and keep you from making a big mess... after all, you don’t want to get spanked by daddy or mommy... do you? And as you sit there, on you’re plushly padded patootie, you’re going to notice small changes... your cup of coffee becomes a bottle, your t-shirt becomes a onsie, and... was your hair up in pig-tails like that before you sat down and started reading? There’s no denying it, honey-- you’re turning into a baby! Now, you’re probably asking yourself “could I possibly be more infantilized than I am right now?” and I would like to respond to that question with a little riddle: what’s white and brown and stinky all over? Give up? BBBLLLAAARRRTT! The answer is you, honey... or more specifically, your diaper! PU! Don’t try to deny it young woman... your pampers are all saggy and brown and the back, even if the stink wasn’t a dead giveaway! You look so cute with that shock look on your face as that big load overwhelms you, forcing it’s way out of your backside and squishing into the back of your pampers without your permission. A saggy, stinky diaper butt... that was your fate the moment you logged in to this website! And let’s face it-- you wouldn’t be here unless you wanted it... would you sweetie? Now, I know you’d love to read more, but you’re long overdue for a nap, and mommy or daddy should be along soon to put you down for the afternoon. Night night, sweetie... and stop by again real soon... assuming you’re still allowed to use the computer, that is! Until then, I know you’ll be dreaming of diaper changes...
  7. https://fetlife.com/events/645302 Please RSVP and tell all your ABDL friends! :)] Look forward to seeing you there
  8. well i had one heck of a short but terrible experience with this site. about a week ago i made a free account there and after filling out my information i was blocked from accessing the page. i tried initially at first to contact them to see why but to no response. now i know i didn't post anything bad, hate filled or even trollish in my bio or info and none of the information i provided was false. i recently tried again but to no avail. be warned my fellow padded friends, this is not a dating site to try out, let alone worth the effort. they will just block you and not bother to respond to you about the blocking access they have put on you there. you have been warned, spread the word please
  9. Picture 9

    From the album runtor86

  10. Little Trans Boy Who Travels

    Hey everybody! Very new to the lifestyle but very very interested in getting started. As for myself I'm 21, 5'3" and 125ish pounds, I have a very muscular build and I'm good looking. A couple tattoos but I'm a good boy anyway. I'm a model and an actor so I travel almost constantly but I keep in touch very well. In terms of little space, I'm about 2 years old. I love music, playing with toys, crafts, watching cartoons and movies, playing video games and cuddling. I'm looking forward to learning more and connecting with interesting people.
  11. Mommy-AB Roleplay (mommy seeking)

    I am looking for anyone to do AB roleplay with me! This includes: Physically baby, mentally adult (whether that means in your thoughts or vocally) aka Magic transformation of some sort Adult mentally regressing / Adult using it as a stress reliever I don't do sexual stuff I do however, give cuddles and love to my baby! I am also into forcing adults into babies. (Kindly, of course c:) Here are some scenarios to get your creative juices flowing: 1. Friend comes to me looking for stress relief 2.Son/Daughter needs to regress (middle school age and up) Also, mention if it will be a mutual "babying" or forced/trapped
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282368873749?item=282368873749
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282368873749?item=282368873749
  14. Baby Training

    Alex struggled helplessly in his binds. Stuck in a diaper and dress, gagged with an oversized pacifier, and with a bright red ribbon wrapped around, he could do nothing but wait. He supposed that was what he was a Christmas present for someone. The only question was for whom. It was a question that had haunted him since the day he arrived at the training institute. Like everyone, he knew there was someone paying for him. Like most, he had no idea who they were, when he
  15. Hey guy & girls, I recently ordered from abdlfactory.com I ordered a lot of one-off samples of different nappies I'd never heard of. I must say, a load of these samples are absolutely wonderful! I haven't tried them yet, but a LOT of them feel as though they ought to get more appreciation in the AB / DL worlds.... There's one in particular called the 'Foresite AM-PM' nappy, and it's an EXACT REPLICA of the old Comficare nappies and is HUGE, yet you never hear of recommendations of this nappy.... It may possibly by because they look a little medical and thus don't get prominently advertised to the AB / DL communities but I swear.... people are missing out on proper wonderful nappies! Like, these are probably even cheaper than regular nappies as they seem to be selling to the incontinence market, not the AB / DL markets... I would not hesitate to buy a pack of these along with MANY of the other brands I ordered.
  16. Hi I'm kikipooh. I'm here to be honest with who I am and what I like and be me, even when I don't know what me is.
  17. Australian Kitten ABDL

    Hi! So, I joined this site two years ago because I love reading the stories and role plays on here. I haven't properly introduced myself or at least I can't remember if I have or not. Lol. So yeah. You can can me Yuni, Sparkles or whatever you like. I live in Queensland, Australia and I'd love to meet other Aussie ABDLs and furries. I'm into a bunch of different kinks, all or most being non-sexual. If you want to know if I'm into something and would write it or role play it with you, just ask. Also, I love cats. They're my favourite animal.
  18. Hi, my name is Areo. I'm looking for a mommy/daddy to baby me in chat. I'm open to any ideas, including sexual themes. If anyone is interested my pm is always open.
  19. Rosy,a girl around 24 losing her job as a space flight engineer, and having to return to her birth planet: Earth. Once there, she can no longer afford to keep her family in good standing with the goverment. SO in a last desperate attempt to save her family for the debt camps, she comes to see me. I'm Zeake Lafayette, a powerful crime lord who owns the Black Silk cartel, an illegal trafficking organization that spans several light years of human controlled space. But Rosy knows I have a sweet spot for girls in dire situations..... what she DOESN'T know is that my price is several years of slavery as my personal diaper pet. (If this intrigues you, Message me, or post a response) (Also, If this was the wrong place to post something like this go ahead and tell me, I'm all for learning! )
  20. With every purchase of our Super Sized Pacifiers in 5 different colours via our Etsy store you'll receive a 'FREE' White Pacifier holder clip strap worth

    Our Totally Unique and One Off Fetibears, Stuffies are now available via our revamped website; http://www.subspaceleathers.com/collections/fetibears
  22. Introducing our hugely popular range of Artisan, Retro hand crafted AB/DL-Leather wear! We make Chest, Nappy, All in one harnesses, reins, walking leashes and dummy gags for babies of all ages (and sizes), with nursery paddles in small and medium sizes. All of our Adult-Baby items are rigorously tested, dyed in beautiful pastel shades and fitted with locking buckles. We Also stock SuperSized Pacifiers in 6 colours! Whats more we even have a Bespoke service for anyone wanting something more unique and personalised! Check out our images of models wearing our items and visit our 'BabySpace' website & Etsy store for many AB/DL Sale sets http://www.subspaceleathers.com/collections/adult-baby
  23. Why Are We AB?

    Hiya folks! I have been a DL for many years and have only recently started exploring (and really enjoying) being an AB. This change has occurred largely because I started dating a woman several years my senior, and, though she had never before been into diapers and such before now, she finds both great emotional satisfaction and sexual stimulation from playing the role of mommy for me. In recent years, I have been gaining some enormous insights into my own psychology in other ways, and have been finding that through my AB experiences that I am gaining yet more. I believe I can at this point shed at least some light on why I am an ABDL, and I thought this might be illuminating to others with AB tendencies seeking to understand themselves as well as an interesting topic for discussion. A good primer for a psychological discussion on infantilism may be found at http://littleab.com/abinfo.html, it is actually the one from the now defunct DPF website that seems to have been borrowed. My own case is different than those discussed, but there are important notions discussed here. Basically, I believe that I am an AB primarily because of elements of how my psychology developed in early childhood. My mother and I had an unusually close emotional relationship throughout my childhood; she was my best friend through much of it, and a needed defender from my rather angry and violent older sister. She was also a juxtaposition to my father, who was rather emotionally distant from both she and I (and pretty much everyone). He was also in many ways married to his work, and thus not around much. In some ways, it might be said I took over my father's proper role of emotional support for my mother far too young, indeed I was to take over most elements of the "man of the house" role somewhat younger than appropriate. My parents remained married until I was 14, but they were not close through that whole period to my recollection. My dad does not really know how to relate to people emotionally even now, so you could say that he is incapable of being close to anyone. This is due to his own psychology, and as such blame is inappropriate. He was never an abusive man nor a Mr. Macho, and I've never really doubted that he loves me. He just finds emotional matters very difficult to express and to receive, and as such I pity him. I think in some ways we are closer now than we ever have been, which is still not that close... As for ABism, there are several factors discussed above that play into it I think. I am told I was resistant to potty training; it was not achieved until I was almost 3 and then with a threat to keep me out of pre-school. I think this resistance was partly due to the prospect of losing that special bonding ritual of the diaper change with my mother, partly due to not wanting to be "big boy" if that meant being like my father, and partly because of a third factor I have yet to mention. In my study of myself and my childhood, I have discovered what appears to be a power relationship between my mother and myself that I have until recently been unaware of. The child depending on the mother emotionally is natural; the mother depending on the child emotionally is probably not so. Whether or no, it gives the child power over the mother he or she would not usually have. What do you suppose happened when that power was challenged by the first time in life anything was really expected of me? There were of course other manifestations to this "I don't want to grow up" mentality, many of which persist to this day. I was big into stuffed animals rather long into my childhood, for instance; I slept with a stuffed killer whale into my 20's (still not sure why I stopped, saved a perception that girlfriends might find it unmanly). There are also numerous examples of how I psychologically try to duck adult responsibilities, often with disastrous results. There are elements to my maternal relationship that are similar to (though surely not the same as) sexual abuse, especially if you factor in the freudian association of mother and lover (I am male, so the more so). I'd swear she was more than a little jealous of my first girlfriend (which seemed strange at the time), and it was about then that the closeness we had once enjoyed came to a close. I do not for a moment believe my mother meant me any harm by anything she did, or even realized the potential for such. But as a human being and a woman in a loveless marriage, an offer of real intimacy from someone she'd be expected to be intimate with on some level anyway was probably irresistible. She has her own psychological scars that left her open to such a thing, and, though I perceive harmful effects to some parts of our relationship, it is far more useful to correctly perceive what happened than it is to lay blame. We are still pretty close today, and we discuss these things (not the AB side of it!) I am finding being an AB both instructive and therapeutic. My "mommy" is in some ways like my mother, indeed my lovers always have been in one way or another. If people get into this thread, I'll post more about her psychology, but suffice it to say she is a willing and even enthusiastic mommy. In playing out the baby role (toddler, actually) moreso than ever before, I am able to perceive a similar affection and power relationship to the one I must've had with my mother at that age. Marvelously instructive! It's therapeutic in the sense that if I'm allowed to be a complete baby sometimes, I can be a more complete big boy when dealing with the big bad world. So, what do you folks think? Anything ring a bell about my story, or possibly you can offer a different analysis? We can discuss me, but I'm really interested in YOUR ideas about where YOU think YOUR AB tendencies come from. Look forward to reading about it! Oh, and feel free to ask questions, make comments, etc. I will post more if we get a good discussion going!