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  1. I remember mine pretty vividly. I was 17 and at boarding school, and it wasn't super long after I came out to my best friend. I'd done quite some thinking and decided that I was going to get some diapers. During an off-campus trip, I picked out a pack of disposables at Target, did self checkout, then tried my best to hide them on the way back. When I first put one on, the feeling was strange. I just felt so right. At the time, it was my first time wearing a diaper in 15 years. But it didn't feel like it, it felt like I'd never been out of them. I loved it, it just felt so secure and comforting. It's been a journey ever since. What about you guys?
  2. I recently became aware of my adult baby fetish. I have noticed i get a lot of pleasure from using my pacifier and making a mess of my diaper. Does anyone else feel the same? What are some of your favorite diaper experiences? I need new ideas. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hey everyone this is a story that I wrote about a year ago, but could never get exactly where I wanted it to be at so I had a friend of mine commission it for me. I have permission to post this story and the current writer of this story is Brasser3. He is doing such an amazing job with this story and I will post daily chapter updates until the story is complete. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as I do. Loved to hear feedback Thanks! The blissful silence of Katherine’s darkened bedroom was violently disturbed by her alarm clock. A set of blurry eyes emerged from underneath a cocoon of blankets to stare at it, wishing terrible things to happen to the horrible little device. A pajama sleeved arm reached out and swatted wildly, somehow managing to simultaneously hit snooze and knock the alarm clock off the cheap IKEA nightstand. She knew it would go off again, but she didn't care. She curled up deeper into her pile of blankets that were too big on her twin mattress. All that mattered was sleep. She didn't even really need to get up, being unemployed and all, but sticking to a routine and setting an alarm was the leftover decision from adult Katherine. This was sleepy Katherine, and she had a very different philosophical opinion than adult Katherine. It wasn't necessarily the correct opinion, but it was certainly louder, and usually won the arguments.In the previous weeks, she had gone from a graduate student, to a doctor, to a full-time interviewer, to an unemployed couch-dweller. Her residency had been great internship experience but hadn't mattered when it came to actually getting a full-time job. It had been one month since graduation, and adulthood had hit her a lot harder than she expected. Her student debt was nearly 400,000 dollars, an unfathomable amount that was already expecting her first payment. It turned out that people don't have a lot of sympathy for you when you have Dr. in front of your name. Everyone just assumes that doctors are loaded, but the truth is that most of them are in debt up to their eyeballs. Her savings were quickly disappearing with budgeting of her crappy car, crappy apartment, and crappy meals. She was almost asleep when her phone started vibrating. "Nnooooooo." She moaned into the covers as a hand reached for her phone. She read the caller ID and saw that it was her friend Amy. She groaned and accepted the call. Amy Bradford was incredibly perky and had an annoying habit of calling for everything instead of texting like the rest of the population. They had been friends since the first grade, so she could make an exception for her, but she didn’t have to be happy about it. "What?" Katherine groaned into her phone. "Are you still asleep?!" Amy’s shrill voice came through the phone’s speaker. Katherine winced at the sound and quickly dropped her phone’s volume to nearly silent. "I was... what do you want?" "Did you hear anything back?!" Amy asked excitedly. Katherine sighed at the question. She was so tired of people asking about her job status. "Yes Amy. I got multiple job offers and didn't call you yet because I'm trying to milk them for all the money they will give a fresh graduate with no experience." "There's no need for that tone Dr. Grouchypants." Amy scolded. "I'm just checking on you. I know you'll hear something back soon. Wasn't the OCH interview like a week ago?"Among the twenty-something interviews she had been through in the past month, the most sought after just so happened to be in her own hometown: Ohio Children’s Hospital. OCH was the most renown children’s hospital in the country, the absolute perfect place to work. Amy had been a nurse at OCH for a few years now, so she was a bit biased where she wanted her friend to work. Katherine had been to every hospital in a hundred-mile radius that was hiring and decided that if no one called her back, she would just have to find something else to do. It had been a week since the last interview, and after not even receiving so much as a rejection letter from anywhere else, Katherine was beginning to embrace unemployment.“Yup. Still nothing.” She could hear Amy sighing on the other end of the line. “I’m sure they’re just doing a background check or something.” “Yeah, that’s probably it.” Katherine’s voice didn’t sound very convincing to her. “It will happen soon, and we’ll go out to celebrate!” Katherine rolled her eyes. Partying was Amy’s favorite pastime, not hers. She didn’t mind going out, but she didn’t have nearly the tolerance for alcohol that Amy did, Amy was over six feet tall and could out-drink any man, but Katherine was just barely over four feet tall and weighed less than a hundred pounds. Amy’s natural confidence was a sharp contrast to Katherine’s short demeanor and Amy had developed a unique relationship of protecting her friend. If Katherine tried to walk into most bars, the bouncer would usually laugh at the child trying to pass herself off as an adult, not even bothering to check her real ID that proved she was actually 27. With Amy around, she had someone to stand up for her… even if Amy sometimes made fun of her height too.Amy sensed her apprehension on the phone. “Don’t worry, you can pick the bar and we’ll go wherever you want. I won’t even make fun of you for getting those fruity drinks you like. First one’s on me!” Katherine sighed audibly. At the thought of a drink, Katherine felt a pain in her abdomen. She had been in bed for over ten hours and desperately needed to use the bathroom. “Thanks Amy. I’ll-” Her phone started vibrating in her hand. She squinted as her screen lit up at full brightness and nearly blinded her. It was the local area code. Could it be the hospital?! She thought excitedly. “Amy, I’m getting another call, I’ll call you back.” She slid the green phone icon across her screen, ending the call without waiting for a reply. She bolted upright in her bed, flinging her blankets off.“Hello?” She said, trying to hide her excitement. “Is this Katherine?” A deep woman’s voice came through her phone. She realized how high pitched her first answer was and tried to lower her own voice to sound more like an adult. Just before she spoke, she looked down and realized that she was still wearing her pajamas; pink footed pajamas designed to look like a bunny, complete with a hood, floppy ears, and a little puffball tail on her bottom flap. She was speaking to a professional, probably wearing a power suit, and she was in bed dressed like a child. This realization didn’t add to her confidence. “Yes, this is Katherine…” She said weakly. “Hello Katherine. My name is Jennifer and I work in Human Resources for the Ohio Children’s Center, and I’m calling to congratulate you and let you know that you have been selected to…” Katherine could hear her heartbeat in her ears. The HR representative methodically read through the form dictating her salary, benefits, and legal agreements of the job. Katherine tried to follow, periodically saying, “uh huh” or “okay” while the representative continued to read without pausing. She was barely processing what she was hearing. “-and we will be emailing all of this to the email address that you gave for confirmation and digital signing of the agreement. Please submit the confirmation and you will begin next Monday pending your acceptance.” The rep finished. Katherine waited to see if she was finished. After a long pause, she said, “Okay, thank you very much.” “Thank you, have a nice day!” The phone beeped as the call ended. Katherine let out a squeal and started bouncing on her bed. Her arms flailed, and she couldn’t contain her movements. As she bounced, a sharp pain in her belly stung and she felt her bladder starting to release itself. She clamped her legs together shoved her hands against her crotch. She crawled out of the bed and shuffled towards the bathroom. She loved wearing her cozy footie pajamas, but the only kind she could find in her size were technically designed for children, as was the case with a lot of her clothes. The only real inconvenience with them was that her pajamas made it difficult to go to the bathroom, especially if she was in a hurry. She clenched her kegel muscles and felt a torrent threatening to burst out of her. Due to Katherine’s size, she had always had issues with having a small bladder, so occasional accidents weren’t the most uncommon thing to her. She shuffled into the bathroom, threw her phone on the counter, and released the snaps on her bottom flap. She pulled it down between her legs and sat down on the toilet, relaxing her muscles and feeling the pressure disappear as she relieved herself. She sighed with relief, but something didn’t feel right. She didn’t hear the typical sound of the water splashing, then noticed a warmth spreading between her legs. “Oh shit!” She cried out. In her haste, she had forgotten to pull her underwear down. She had been expecting her period to start any day now and had gone to sleep with a pad in her underwear. She hated how the thick pads felt, but she was so small that even the smallest sized tampon was terribly uncomfortable for her to wear. When she relieved herself, the pad had absorbed the first few seconds of the stream without her noticing, but now it had expanded to an overfull sponge that was leaking through her underwear.She tugged the back of her waistband down, bunching the overfull pad up and holding it out of the way. The pad leaked out into her hands and dripped down the legs of her pajamas. She held still as she finished peeing, wincing at the sensation. “Oh gross…”, she said as she let her heavy underwear droop. She wiped herself as best she could, then waddled over to the sink, trying to keep her dangling wet underwear from making any more contact with her skin. She stood on the stool she kept in front of the sink to wash her hands and thought about how she was going to clean up when her phone started ringing. Amy’s name appeared on the screen. She let out a sigh and answered the phone.“Hel-“ “Was it them?! Did you get the job?!” Amy interjected. Katherine smiled at her excitement. “Yes! They ju-” Katherine had to pull the phone away from her ear as her friend screamed into her phone. “I knew it! I just took my lunch break and I’m in my car. I’m right next to your street, I’ll be there in like 10 seconds!” Panic washed over Katherine. “Amy-“ The phone beeped that the call had ended. Katherine froze for a few seconds, her mind racing over the limited options she had.Katherine ripped the zipper on her onesie down and shimmied out of it as fast as she could. She let her soaked underwear slide down her legs and hit the floor with an audible thud. She left the bathroom and ran naked to her room to find for something to wear. Dirty clothes littered the floor, but anything would be better than her current state. She found a pair or wadded up sweatpants and quickly tried to put them on. She flipped the inside-out legs through and nearly put them on backwards before noticing the orientation. She was about to throw on a random shirt before remembering an important detail: even though Amy was her best friend, she hadn’t seen her without a padded bra on before. Katherine technically had to wear a training bra to properly fit her almost non-existent breasts and the padding was absolutely necessary. Amy would definitely notice if what little breasts Katherine used to have were suddenly gone.She ran to her sock drawer and pulled out one of the many wadded up training bras she kept hidden. She unsnapped a pale pink bra and threw it on in record time. She looked around the floor and eyed a wadded-up hoodie when several loud pounds came from her apartment door. Katherine jumped from the surprise and quickly donned the hoodie. She hurried to the door and turned the old and tarnished door knob. The door swung open and two long arms rushed through the doorway to grab Katherine in a bear hug. Amy squealed as she swayed back and forth, sweeping Katherine off her feet and squeezing her against her blue scrubs. “Con-grat-u-la-tions!” Amy said, enunciation each syllable with her movements. Katherine let out the remaining air in her lungs in a weak wheeze, “Thank… you….” Amy released her grip and shut the door behind her. “Okay, tell me everything! Did you get the position you wanted? Which department are you in? Are you in my wing? When do you start?” Katherine couldn’t get a word in edgewise. “I don’t know, I kind of went on autopilot during the call. They said they’d email me all the info.” She said, still catching her breath.“Oh, they probably sent it already. Let’s’ go check it!” Amy started walking towards Katherine’s room where she kept her computer. Katherine froze as a panic washed over her. She started running after her, unsure of what to say. “Um…” She said, buying for time. “My computer isn’t really working right now.” Amy paused and turned back to her. “Okay, can’t you load it on your phone? I have to know if you’re working in my wing.” Katherine stalled to think of an excuse. “Well… I don’t know where I put my phone.” Amy gave her a confused look. “I just called you like a minute ago… Why don’t you want to see the email? Are… Are you not accepting the job?” She said, sounding horrified. “No, of course I am.” Katherine said hastily. “It’s just… this is all a lot to take in. I just haven’t processed it all yet.” Amy let out a relieved sigh. “You had me worried there for a minute. Don’t freak out about it, I went through the same thing. I can help you understand the legal or professional jargon if you need any help.”Katherine sighed, relieved at the change in conversation. “That would be awesome, thank you so much.” Amy gave her a reassuring smile. “No problem. So, let’s see the forms. Where’s your phone?” Katherine’s short-lived relief was gone again. She tried to think quickly. “I, um… it’s probably in my room?” “I’ll help you look for it.” Amy turned and started walking to the bedroom. Katherine hurried to keep up with her. Amy stepped through the doorway and into the mess of clothes all over the floor.“Did a tornado come through here?” Amy looked around with a judgmental eye. “How long have you lived here?” Katherine hurried around, gathering up clothes. “Only a month, I’m just a bit behind on laundry.” She bundled up the most embarrassing items underneath her arm and chucked them on top of the pile that encompassed her hamper. “Just make sure you don’t throw your phone in the hamper by accident.” Amy said, beginning her own search. The room was nearly clean when Amy started walking out of the bedroom and said, “Hey, I’m going to use your bathroom really quick. I’ll see if your phone is in there too.” The bathroom was just outside the bedroom door, and just as Katherine understood what was happening, Amy was turning the doorknob. “No wait!” Katherine said, rushing out of the room. She stepped outside to see Amy staring down at the wet underwear and pajamas on the floor. She froze, unable to speak. There wasn’t going to be an easy way out of this. “Um, Katie… are you incontinent?” She tried to think of something to say, but Amy continued. “Why do you need pantyliners?” Katherine finally found her voice. “It’s not a liner, it’s a pad. I just… had a little accident.” “Oh…” Amy said, looking back down. “I’m not judging or anything, I just didn’t know you had a problem.” “I don’t!” Katherine said indignantly. “I had been laying in bed for a while and I just got excited when they called about the job. This doesn’t really happen, I swear!” “Okay, okay.” Amy said, gesturing surrender. “I believe you. Stuff happens. So, if this doesn’t happen that often, why don’t you wear tampons?” Katherine blushed. “I… they don’t really fit me.” “Really?” Amy said, looking confused. “I mean, whatever works for you, I guess. Do you wear them all the time?” “No!” Katherine said, feeling more and more like she was losing control of the conversation. She felt the beginnings of tears starting to form. “I was expecting my period! It was just an accident! I had just woken up, the phone call threw me off-”Amy leaned down and cut her off with an unexpected hug. “Kat, you don’t need to explain. I can see this is upsetting you. It’s okay.” Katherine instinctively returned the hug. Her face flushed warm with embarrassed at her outburst. Amy let go of her and stood back up. “I do have to say; however, the bunny pajamas are kind of adorable.” The blush spread, and Katherine’s face felt like it was on fire. Amy laughed and said, “Don’t be embarrassed little bunny.” She looked over towards the sink. “I think that’s your phone on the counter.” She reached over and handed it to Katherine. She took it quickly, grateful for the distraction. She opened her email app and sure enough, the hospital had already sent her email. She turned the screen towards Amy. A bright smile appeared on her face and she snatched the phone back. She swiped frantically, mumbling words to herself as she read. Her eyes lit up as she came across the piece of info she was looking for. “You’re in my wing!” She swept Katherine off the ground again in another bear hug, the gentleness of the previous hug nowhere to be found. Katherine felt a pang of concern at just how easily Amy was able to pick her up; she didn’t even seem to be winded. “This is going to be great! You’ll love it there. I’ll be able to show you everything, we can take lunches together, oh it will be so much better having you there.” Katherine’s arms were still pinned to her sides and she flailed her hands, signaling her feeble attempt to tap out of the hug. Amy set her back down, then got a concerned look as if she just remembered something. She glanced down at her watch. “Crap, I’ve got to grab something for lunch and get back. I’ll use the bathroom at work.” She started heading for the door, Katherine rushing to keep up with her.“I’m off tonight, and we are going out to celebrate! You pick the bar.” She pulled her keys out of her pocket as they reached the front door. “I’m so happy for you, Katie. This is going to be great. I’ll text you later!” Katherine smiled at her as Amy walked out the door. She waved her off, shut the door, and turned the deadbolt with a satisfying click.She let out a deep sigh now that her predicament was over. She felt her muscles go weak and she slid to the floor. “I need to go find some underwear.”The evening out was better than Katherine had expected. Just as promised, Amy didn’t mock her choice of bar, light alcoholic beverages, and only tried twice to get her to dance. The following day allowed a nice recovery from the hangover. The weekend flew by as Katherine prepared for her first day. She laid out her outfit, complete with her very own pink stethoscope. She woke up early, showered, and ate a complete breakfast of pop-tarts and a glass of milk. Katherine arrived early at the hospital in full garb and wandered around until she found the door number listed in her orientation email. She walked in to see a few other employees also going through their orientation, except that all of them were wearing casual clothing. Must be custodians or IT people. Katherine thought to herself. They all turned out to be doctors, none of them wearing a white coat. Katherine felt judgmental eyes looking her over like she was a child playing dress up. The time was spent signing forms, taking a photo for her ID badge, and having the highlights of the employee handbook read to her by HR. They gave the group a tour of the facility and showed them where their stations would be. The orientation only lasted until the mid-afternoon, her real first day beginning tomorrow at 9. They would each be assigned to their groups and go through introductions the next day.Katherine walked out of the room and started for her car, still feeling embarrassed by her outfit. She took off her coat and wadded it up and stuffed it in her bag. She realized that Amy was on her current shift in the wing and wondered if she would run into her. She took a detour and started walking down the halls looking for her friend. She turned a corner and ran into a tall, thin woman. Almost everyone was tall in comparison to Katherine, but this woman had to be at least six feet tall, almost as tall as Amy. She wore nurses’ scrubs and her pale blond hair was wrapped up in a tight bun.The woman looked down at her over her glasses sternly. “You’re not supposed to be in this area. Are you lost?” Her gaze unnerved Katherine and she stammered for a moment. “Um… Sorry, I was just looking for my friend.” The woman continued to stare at her. “Where are your parents? I can show you to the information desk and they can help you find them.” She started to reach for Katherine’s hand. “No,” Katherine insisted “I’m not a child, I’m a doctor. I’m looking for my friend Amy. Amy Bradford. She works here!” She felt like she was losing control of the situation.The woman eyed her skeptically. “You work here?” She said, her tone thick with skepticism. “Can I see your employee ID?” As she said this, she reached for a walkie-talkie connected to her belt. Katherine started to panic. “I… I just started. I don’t have it yet.” The woman continued to stare at her, eyeing her up and down. She raised the radio to her mouth and was about to speak when a voice called down from the hallway. “Katherine!” Amy called, pacing towards them. Instant relief washed over Katherine. She finally had someone who could vouch for her.The woman lowered the radio and turned to look at Amy. “Miss Bradford, do you know this girl?” Amy continued towards them, speaking quickly as she walked. “Sorry Miss Anderson, that’s my friend, Doctor Katherine Baker. She just went through orientation. I was a little late coming to meet her.” She finally caught up to them, a sense of urgency on her face that made Katherine even more unsettled. The woman looked back down at Katherine, looking almost annoyed. “In the future, please do not go anywhere without your hospital identification card.” She snapped the radio back in its' holster. “As for you Miss Bradford,” She said, her gaze shifting back to Amy. “unless I’m mistaken, you’re still on the clock and this is not your appointed break period.” Amy looked appropriately chastised. “I’m sorry Miss Anderson, I’ll work through my next break and mark it on my schedule.”“See that you do.” She said, turning to leave. Her head arched back over her shoulder, barely addressing Amy. “Oh, and please show your friend to the nearest exit. Even if she is a doctor, she is not yet authorized to be in this area.” She strutted off, leaving the two of them alone. Amy let out a sigh. “That’s Kelly. She’s a bit… formal.” Katherine looked at her diminishing figure as she continued to strut down the hall with such perfect posture that Katherine could couldn’t believe there wasn’t something propping her up.“What’s up her butt?” She said, condescendingly. From far down the hall, Kelly stopped abruptly, the echo from the rhythm of her heels on the polished floors fading to silence. Katherine’s heart dropped as she wondered if she could have heard her from that far away. Amy’s eyes went wide as they both stared down the hallway. Kelly didn’t turn around. She didn’t even move. She just stood frozen for a few moments, then resumed walking.Katherine looked to Amy with wide eyes, and they share an unspoken agreement that it was time to go. Amy pointed towards down a different hallway and they both took off, out of the Kelly’s line of sight. After they were sure they were far away from Kelly, Amy started talking again. “Kelly is the nurse supervisor. She coordinates most of the scheduling around here and has been here longer than most doctors. Not much of a joker that one…” They made it to the lobby and Katherine could see her car through the large glass windows. “So, do you think I’ll run in to her again?” Amy paused for a few seconds. “Well… you could say that. She works in our wing. She’s my boss… and she will oversee your scheduling too.”“Oh…” Katherine said weakly. “So… not a great first impression?” Amy gave her a reassuring smile. “It was just a random fluke. Tomorrow is your first formal day. I’m sure things will go better then.” Katherine nodded and returned the smile. “I’ve got to get back to work. See you tomorrow.” Amy turned and walked back to her station. Katherine sighed and turned to head to the parking lot. Tomorrow would be a new day, and this time she would make a better impression.
  4. SayuriKitty

    A New Home

    The day started out like any other. Sayrui was stirring awake in her bed as the sunlight shined down into her eyes from the window. She slowly stretched and glanced around the blurry room. Her eyes slowly widen as she realizes she wasn’t in her own bedroom. The walls were all painted blue and had butterflies painted on them as well. Her gaze lingered over to the future which looked to be bigger sized baby furniture. Finally she had sat up only to realize she had woken up in a white crib and covered by a light green blanket. She panicked and started to cry as she was sure it was just some nightmare and that she would wake up once she panicked enough. Slowly standing up to climb at the crib bars as she peers over at the bedroom door rather sure she heard the door knob turning. (looking for an RP partner, feel free to join. I’d much prefer longer post then one liners, thank you!)
  5. If you're enjoying the story let me know in the comments-- and if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, click here to cast your vote and determine what happens next in the story. “There’s no single thing we can point to, Ashley,” Mr. Milken said, eyeing her with a cold and calculating smile. “It’s a number of little things adding up to a much larger problem... you might say it’s a problem of attitude as much as performance.” His voice was silky smooth, his gaze ruthless. Ashley squirmed in her seat, shifting under his penetrating gaze, his handsome features, and his expensive suit lending him authority and gravitas. “I understand,” she said, fighting the urge to roll her eyes. This wasn’t the first time she’d heard about performance problems at a job, and she honestly doubted it would be the last. “It’s not just coming in late or leaving early, it’s not the fact that you gossip instead of getting your work done on time, it’s not constant leaves and ‘personal days’... it’s not even the fact that you spend over an hour in the ladies room every day. Those are merely symptoms of a larger problem.” “Yes sir,” she said, stifling a yawn. She was eager to get to the part where she made platitudes about doing a better job and then going back to her cubicle to file her nails. Milken put up a good front, but she knew he didn’t have it in him to fire her... just like all the rest. When she put on a properly chastened, puppy dog face, no one could look into her bright blue eyes framed by cascading blonde hair without relenting. She’d learned long ago-- bat your eyelashes and flash a little cleavage and you can practically get away with murder. “I’m glad you agree,” Milken said cheerfully, “because I think we need to have a little talk about your position here at the company.” Ashley got a hollow feeling. “I’m sorry?” she said, trying to sound confident. “Your position here at the company... I’m just not sure you’re right for it.” “But...” “We’re trying something new here,” he said smoothly, interrupting her. “A new program for, shall we say, ‘delinquent employees.’” “What kind of new program?” she said, barely keeping the edge out of her voice. “We’ve found a position that we think is ideal for an employee with your-- temperament.” “Such as...?” Ashley inquired curtly, suddenly on edge. Mr. Milken touched a button on his desk. “I think Ms. Simmons can explain better than I can,” he said as the door swung open and the primly dress, stern-faced Ms. Simmons entered. Ashley studied her conservative dress and the neat bun in her hair skeptically, but Simmons coolly ignored her with a professional, almost military disdain. “This is the one I was telling you about,” he said, “can you show her the ropes, Ms. Simmons?” Only then did she turn and look Ashley over, and the impassive expression on her face suggested that she wasn’t overly impressed. “I think that can be arranged. Come along,” she said with precision, turning and moving to stand by the door. Ashley looked over at Mr. Milken for confirmation, certain that this was some sort of joke... but she was met with a smile and gesture from her boss. “Run along, Ashley,” he said dismissively, “Ms. Simmons will show you the ropes.” Uncertainly, she rose from her seat and made her way over to Simmons, standing before her awkwardly. “Er... So, I guess...?” But Ms. Simmons was in no mood for dallying. “Come along,” she said quickly, snatching Ashley by the hand and dragging her out of Mr. Milken’s office and into the larger work area beyond. “Hey! What’re you, nuts?! Let go of me!” Ashley whispered angrily, praying no one would notice as she struggled and failing to disengage herself from Simmons. “Silence!” Ms. Simmons demanded, landing a hard, open handed swat to the seat of Ashley’s tight skirt, the noisy POP of her palm drawing some stares, and even a few giggles. “OW!” Ashley complained, reaching back to rub her tingling backside, hobbling along behind Simmons all the way to the elevator. She pushed the button and ushered Ashley inside. “I think you’ll find things will be quite... different for you from now on,” she said with subtle glee, pushing the button for the basement. Looks like Ashley is on her way back to daycare-- should it be a fully mechanized, futuristic, automated nursery, or do you prefer the human touch of the old fashioned kind of nursery? The nursery should be fully mechanized and automatic It should be an old fashioned adult nursery staffed by people Click here to vote Check out Babes In Diapers for more great stuff
  6. This bloody song is spinning around in my head, not sure who she is but its too damn catchy
  7. Hey im a man age 25 looking for a Caretaker ... Sweet or Strict im open Minded i live in Denmark in Scandinavia in Northern Europe im looking for a Mommy or even a Daddy around or inside Denmark that wanna care for me both online and Real Life my other interests is in Sports and Hobbies like Modeltrains or Gaming and so on if you wanna know more about me just ask i don´t bite i´d prefer a Mommy around age 18-45 or about same about daddies Have a Nice and lovely day ...... bletrosaid<<
  8. "Finally! We made it!" Alex said, opening the door to a tavern. The room inside was dark, only light by torches and candles. Long wooden tables and benches were spread half haphazardly over dirty floor boards, and drunken patrons laughed loudly over mugs of beer. "Now lets get drunk!""Yes, that appears to be what we normally do at this part of our quests," Julian said. He was tall, with elfin ears and short black hair.Alex sat down heavily on a bench and spread his legs wide. He waved broadly at the bar to summon the waiter and held up three fingers."I believe they expect you to go up to the bar," Julian said."Nonsense! They'll do what we pay them to do. With what we just made on that quest we can surely make it worth their while," Alex held up gold coins between his fingers. "Besides, I'm no maid or waitress, I don't serve drinks. I'm a warrior! Manliest of trades!""Are you sure you should be saying that? Given you're... issue," Julian said.Alex glared. "DON'T. BRING. THAT. UP. It makes it worse. But yes, that was an odd thing to say.""Wait, bring what up?" Joshua, the third member of their group, asked. He was shorter then the others and dark haired, and had come in as a bard."Alex's weakness," Julian said."What weakness?""NO! Don't say it. I don't have a weakness."Julian looked at Alex. "Well you know how every member of our party has strengths and weaknesses? Like how my strategy and deduction are tempered by an inability to understand human behavior?""Yes, I thought that was just a cultural difference."He shrugged. "Either way, Alex has his own.""Don't say it! I'll fight you!" Alex said, getting angry. "I'm going to get the drinks."Joshua was surprised. "Did he just challenge you?""Yes its part of the curse. He didn't mean it."Alex returned with drinks, and they all began sipping. A moment later a tall, muscular man came to the door. "Package for Alex!" he shouted out."Here!" Alex said. "This must be the new armor I ordered. Best blacksmiths in the country. I already threw my other stuff out.""Was that a good idea before you've seen it?" Joshua asked."I believe you are about to witness his weakness."The muscular man handed Alex a large cardboard box."Huh, seems really light," Alex said. He opened up the box. "HEY! What gives!""Something wrong, sir?" the blacksmith said."Its made out of plastic!" Alex shouted. He held a large, purple shield with a teddy bear etched into it. "And why is there a teddy bear on it?""You said 'bear themed." We kind of filled in the blanks.""A collar?!""Neck guard.""Yes, like a grizzly bear! Oh Jesus," Alex took out a long foam baton with a rattle at one end, colored with purple and blue stripes. "Is this supposed to be my 'sword?' "Yes." "A collar?!""Neck guard.""What else is in here? I..." he stopped and blushed. "Oh.""What is it?" Joshua asked."I'm not taking it out.""Yes, the request filled in the box for 'infant,' then requested armour, so we assumed it was for a child. Hence the rest of it.""No, no, I thought that meant I fought on foot.""Oh, I can see the confusion," he said."WHo was dumb enough to think something sized for a 6' man was for a baby?""Anyone else find it odd we have cardboard and plastic but still use torches and steel swords?" Joshua asked, but was ignored, as it wasn't relevant to the story.The blacksmith folded his arms and glowered. "Hey now, we get all sorts here. Dwarves, elves, giants, this wasn't an odd order.""Whatever. Can I get it replaced? Same order, but real?"He shook his head. "Sure thing sir, I apologize."The blacksmith left, leaving the box of toys behind."Oh god," Alex put his head in his hand."What else is in there?" Joshua asked."A large diaper and a purple sweater with a heart on it. A hood with teddy bear ears. Booties." Julian said."What?! Really?!""Uggh why do these things always happen to me?" Alex moaned."Well it can't be that bad. A simple misunderstanding on...""No, no, he's right. These things just always happen to him," Julian said. "Its his weakness. Reverse Plot Armour.""Reverse what now?""DON"T say it. It makes it worse."Julian ignored Alex and kept going. "You know how some fictional characters have 'plot armor?" No matter how bad the scenario or ridiculous the odds, they will succeed and end up looking good, because the universe wants them too succeed?""Yes...""Alex is the reverse. The universe wants him to fail.""What?""Its like his entire life is being written by a deranged author who wants him to be humiliated. No matter how hard he trains or works, in certain situations he will always lose and be embarrassed.""Really? But... we just completed a quest together! He fought off..."Julian waved his hand for silence. "Yes, yes, it has to be under the right circumstances. Specifically, when his pride is at stake. Observe. You have seen Alex drink multiple beers, correct?""Yes...""Don't you dare!" Alex said.Julian picked up a drink and handed it to Alex. "Hey Alex, can you drink this easily, or are you too immature to not spill it?""What!? I'm not imma... Shit!" he shouted as the beer poured over him."See? Now watch what happens.""No, no you triggered it! You @$$#0!%!"The owner of the bar, a short, fat and balding man, came up to Alex. "Hey! Are you spilling those drinks!? I see you can't be trusted with a glass.""What!? That's a weird thing to say! What are you, HEY! What!?"Alex was ignored as the bartender put a baby bottle full of beer in front of him. "I'm not drinking from that!" He picked it up and threw it against a wall."That's it! You are going to have to clean that up!""I'm not! Hey, let me go!" Alex struggled as the man grabbed his wrist and pulled him up. He pulled and punched, but couldn't break the man's grasp as he dragged Alex accross his lap. "Nooo let me go!""You either stop struggling or I'm going to treat you like any other misbehaved child!" He raised his hands and began spanking Alex, who moaned and shouted."The bartender is really rough," Joshua said."Oh, no, he only does this toward Alex. See, watch," Julian picked up the two remaining beers and threw them against the wall.The bartender stopped what he was doing and smiled. "Oh, I'm sorry sir, we'll get that cleaned up and replaced for you. On the house. Have a nice day!" He then went back to spanking Alex, who was sobbing, but still struggling. The bartender pulled down his pants and continued on his bear bottom."I've seen Alex outfight monsters twice his size," Joshua said."Yes," Julian replied."And now he can't outfit an aging fat guy?"He shrugged. "Its part of the curse." They both watched as their friend was beaten into submission, then lead up and marched sobbing through the bar with his pants around his legs."Should we do something?""No, this usually will play itself out.""So... I mean, doesn't that kind of make him useless? He's supposed to be a warrior but can't fight?"Julian shook his head. "No, its only when Alex is challenged or brags about certain topics.""Soo... if the challenge makes him seem immature or incompetent, he will fail? What else?""Oh, anything that challenges his manliness. Think of it this way. If he becomes the best lock pick in the world, he will still be thwarted by anything labelled 'child safety lock,' and have his failure publicly seen. Its the same with his bragging, he doesn't even normally care unless you invoke the Reverse Plot Armor. Watch," he cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted. "Hey Alex! Isn't cleaning up stuff like that a maids job? I thought you were a big tough warrior?""Yeah! I can't do this! I'm a guy... uh oh, why would I say that..." "Disrespecting woman I see!" a feminine voice said. A woman, as short and wide as the bartender with mangled hair and wearing an apron, came out of a backroom. "We will see about that.""Please no!" Alex continued his fruitless struggling as he was brought into the back."What now?" Joshua asked.Julian shrugged. "You are likely about to see one of the oddest and most common sights in our group: Alex forcibly cross dressed.""Huh. Should we do something? How long does this last?""As long as Alex keeps on saying stupid things. Which is... never, really, once the curse starts. Usually he'll end up humiliated publicly, then it will die down and he will go back to normal. People will forget when they see him again, and it repeats."There was a loud hooting and hollering. They looked at the back of the room as Alex was lead in wearing a maid's dress and carrying a bucket of water and a tray of drinks. The men in the bar all ogled him as he walked his way through to where the beer had been spilled."And we have plenty more chores for you to do after that, girl," the older woman said."Yeah yeah yeah," Alex muttered, trying to ignore her as much as the hollering. He made it to the table with the other two and handed them their drinks. He then got down on his hands and knees, and began scrubbing."So that is it? Maturity and masculinity?" Joshua asked."Usually, but it can have other effects. We tried a few times to see what triggered it with odd results. Once we got him to brag about his being human..""Really?""The curse leads to some odd statements. Anyway, we found him wearing a leash and being treated as a princesses 'pet dog.' Another time it was that he was capable of making decisions. We found him tied up and immobile. Normally its this or something like his armor.""I see. Can I try?""Don't you dare!" Alex said."Sure why not?" Julian said.Joshua thought for a moment. "Hmmm... Hey Alex. I see you crawling like that, don't only babies do that?""Well no, I have to do it to get to..."He was cut off as the bartender lifted him straight into the air and cradled him."OH come on! That one wasn't even weird, it was true!""Hush now little one! No tantrums or you'll get a spanking! I can see that this sort of thing is too complicated for you. And what is this?" he held up a damp part of Alex's skirt. "Naughty! Not telling us when you needed to go!""No that is beer! Help!" Alex shouted at his companions, kept drinking."Huh,""Yep."They heard screams and please coming from the back room, followed by loud banging noises. "Should we help him?" "No, lets see this play out. I'm sure he's used to it at this point." Julian said. The banging sounds were soon replaced with sobbing."I'm sure he'll be fine," Julian said.Alex re-appeared, this time suckling a pacifier. His dressed bulged out at his waist, and the short skirt flared up to show thick white plastic underwear under his skirt. The bar room was filled with laughter as people jeered at him. A few began to reach out and pat or grab his padded bottom, and another pulled him into his lap. Alex whined and moaned, but was helpless to stop it.Julian shook his head. "Poor Alex, diapered again.""Again?" Joshua asked.He nodded. "This really does just always happen to him."They watched as Alex suffered through a series of humiliations, getting pinched prodded from all sides, his diaper checked over and over, and spanked whenever he fought back. One held him down and began feeding him a bottle of milk."I suppose we really should do something," Julian said."How?""There is a plan. One moment," He took out a cell phone and dialed a button."See! There it is again! We live in meadival castles but have cell phones?!""Quite. Its magic," Julian said."Riiighht.""Hello," Julian said into the phone. "Its Julian, about Alex. Yes, it happened again. In the pub at the edge of town. Yes. Skirts and diapers, so ABDL and sissy. Alright, see you soon.""Who was that?""You'll see."A read haired girl, wearing light armor and carrying a spear and a bow, came into the taveran. "Ah! You've found my baby!" she shouted, and walked toward Alex."What? Ka..." Alex began, dropping his pacifier."Shhhh now," she pushed the pacifier back into his mouth. "Who found my baby?"The bartender came our from behind the bar. "What? Is she yours?""Yes, he... she, is mine. She got lost a while ago and I've been looking. Thank you so much for finding... her.""Is that true?" he looked at Alex.Alex first glared, then clamed down and looked wide eyed from the girl to the bartender. He then nodded. "She's my..." he stopped, and they all looked at him.The girl nudged him. "Say it or we'll never get out.""She's my mommy..." he said. The bar cooed at his confession, and the girl took him out."Well, we should pay and see whats going on," Julian said. He left money on the table, Joshua grabbed the box of toy armor, and they both left.Outside the girl was scolding Alex. "What did you get into this time? Huh? BAD BABY!" She held a rolled up news paper and smacked him on the head."Hey! Kacey! Don't you...""Don't talk with your pacifier in your mouth! You know that!" she smacked him again.Julian put a hand on her shoulder. "Now now, you know its his curse making you do that."She paused. "Ohh riiighht! Sorry Alex!'"Don't mention it. Seriously, please don't mention this ever again. Now let me get out of these. You have a change of clothes?""I don't know if thats the best idea," the girl said."Yes," Julian added. "Normally after and incident like this its a good idea for you to remain diapered for at least a few days incase... you know..."Alex rolled his eyes. "FINE! But let me get out of this dress. You have any other clothes?"Joshua held up the box. "Oh you have got to be kidding me."Alex, now dressed from head to to toe in play armor, with a diaper serving as his only protection beneath and his top being a purple hooded teddy bear sweater, stomped through town back to his camp to change."Stupid weakness!" he muttered. "It could have been some stone or the color yellow or fried chicken, but noooo it has to be stupid Reverse Plot Armor. This is all so ridiculous. I could have taken any one of those guys at the bar... no, ALL of them AT ONCE, if it weren't for..." he was cut off by people laughing. "HEY! You keep quiet or I swear I'll beat you with just this foam rattle!" He shouted, pointing the toy at them. "You want to be the guys who lost a fight to a guy in a diaper?" He hit a barrel with the sword and the barrel shattered. The others became afraid and ran away. Alex went back to walking and muttering. He left the town and ended up in a forest, where he began angrily casting the toy armor into the forest."Stupid fake armor. As if THAT was their mistake. Like that's a normal thing to confuse. Wouldn't happen to anyone else, I swear..." he stopped and jolted as he ran into someone's back while pulling his sweater off. The person, slightly shorter then Alex, fell to the ground. "Hey!" Alex said. "Don't you know that little people like you need to pay attention to bigger people like me? I... wait, that was a weird thing to say... oh @#$%..." He stopped as a sudden realization came over him.The person he hit, whom he assumed to be human, turned around. He was crying, and had a wooden soother in his mouth. "Uh ohh..." Alex said.A massive shadow covered him. He turned around to see two giants behind him, both looming over him and glaring. He looked back at the person he hit. A giant's baby, crying. He then looked at himself, the same size as the giant's baby, wearing only a diaper, and who had just hurt their son. He looked up at the giants, who glared at him. "Oh for heck's sake!" Alex said as he was hoisted into the air.
  9. Hi all. I'm a abdl in Southampton and I would really like to get to know if there are anyone else like me around my area. I would love to get to know more people that loves to ware and use there nappys as well. But I would also really love a daddy or a big brother someone who could look after baby a little and have fun with I'm very open minded and like to get to know people and making friends. Hope to hear from you soon BabySparkster
  10. So I bought a few ABU Diapers, the first two I got scented with the scent strip and I did not like it at all, from far away it smells good but up close it is really overbearing. So, I got two $5 coupons from ABU and used it to order 2 more Diapers, and pay the remainder with my card, but I made sure to get them unscented. When I open the package both the package and the Diapers have a amazingly wonderful smell. This may make me a little wierd, but as soon as I take the Diapers out I hold them to my nose and smell them, then I keep the bag for a little bit so that I can stick my nose inside and sniff it, because the scent from the Diapers also scent the bag after being sealed and mailed. Now what I wanna know is what that wonderful smell is that you get even without the baby fresh scent strips and where it comes from. Is it the plastic they use? Is it the landing zone Diaper Tape? Is it the ink used for the prints? What do they do to these Diapers to make them smell so good without the scent strips?! Baby Diapers have this too, because I smell it when walking down the toy/Diaper aisle at King Soopers. However, Depend and other incontinence brands do not have this scent, obviously ABU is trying to make their Diapers as close to Baby Diapers as possible, which explains the scent when you take them out of the package. But what is the scent?! Is it just something that happens with the production of Baby and ABU Diapers? Or do they do something special to them to get that wonderful scent? Remember I'm not talking about the scent strips that you pay extra for, I'm talking about the scent that comes from the Diaper itself when you take it out of the package. Is it like a new car smell, where they just smell really good because they are fresh and the scent wears off after a while? Or do they actually add something to it during production that makes it smell so good until wet/messed? Please help provide some insight as to what this scent is, where it comes from, and how it's achieved, because I'm not having much luck finding out what the normal scent of a Baby/ABU Diaper is (not the scent strips), I would really appreciate it, thanks and stay Diapered! Reply Report Remove formatting BoldItalicUnderline Text colorFont size Insert linkInsert imageSmiliesInsert Gallery embed AlignmentListInsert table UndoRedo Toggle BB code Write your reply... Post reply Preview Attach files Share: TwitterRedditPinterestTumblrWhatsAppEmailLink Diaper Talk Default style Terms and rules Privacy policy Help RSS Forum software by XenForo™ © 2010-2019 XenForo Ltd. | Add-ons by ThemeHouse Discord Integration © Jason Axelrod of 8WAYRUN Reply
  11. Does anyone else wear their Adult Baby Diapers to School/Work (Bambino, ABU, Rearz etc.) just because you want to? Or are you afraid that you will be discovered and go with more discreet pull-ups, and save the AB printed Diapers for home? Because I do it as often as I can and I've never been noticed, my jeans hide the crinkle so you can't hear it, and no one notices me wearing in the bathroom. (or if they do they don't care/say anything) Just curious?
  12. (Sorry guys, had to throw in the #zeropenises tag just to get in on the running joke - though this story does feature all female characters) So this is a short story I did a while back at CushyPen. I can't tell you much about it without #spoileralert, so I'll let you just dive in and see what you think of it. Comments, criticism, and hate mail are always welcome. --------------------------- You Know You Deserved It 7:45am Mommy Tina sat quietly and sipped coffee as little Janet fumbled her way through her morning cereal. Janet sat there in her booster, naked but for a bib and last night's very wet diaper, the anticipation of what was coming completely overwhelming her, but still she did her best to be neat and tidy as possible. Mommy didn't like her making messes on "school days" like this, and she didn't want Mommy to be upset today. "Now you make sure and be a good girl today at school, get all your work done, so I don't have to hear any bad reports from your teachers," Mommy scolded. "School" was her job as a paralegal at Mayfair, Flowers, and Tarkenton. Mommy used to be a lawyer there, until she left to join the ACLU, so she still maintained friendships with Janet's bosses – the "teachers" in question. Not to mention, Mommy Maryanne was a partner there. Hence, if the twenty-five-year-old missed a deadline or fouled up a research assignment, Mommy Tina was first to know. Janet carefully chewed and swallowed her mouthful before she responded, "Yes Mommy." Speaking with a mouthful of food was definitely not acceptable behavior for a little lady, and Mommy was always chiding her when she did un-lady-like things. Except during playtime. Playtime was Janet's chance to just let loose and be as little and as silly as she wanted, and Mommy never punished her for it. Well, other than an occasional sit in the Naughty Chair for being fussy or throwing a tantrum. But throwing tantrums was fun too, especially after a bad day at School. But today was different. Mommy was quiet, and so was Janet, and Janet was on pins and needles about what was coming tonight. As beautiful and spacious as their 1-bedroom apartment at Thomas Circle was, Mommy said there wasn't room for what needed to be done here, and Janet knew she deserved it. Mommy had been counting up the incidents for weeks before, and once Janet crossed the threshold, what was to come was cast in stone. Janet shuddered as she considered it. That Mommy decreed it was going to happen at Black Rose, DC's most high-profile BDSM club, instead of here at home simultaneously thrilled and terrified her. She spooned up the last of her Lucky Charms, and Mommy smiled, rising to her feet. "Good girl. No messes. We need Mommy's help getting dressed today?" Mommy set the bowl aside and lifted the tray, then hoisted Janet out of her seat and stood her on the floor. "Umm..." Janet really wanted Mommy to dress her, but she wasn't sure. Would Mommy be happier if she started playing at Big Girl now, or... "Mommy's help it is!" The quandary was moot; Mommy latched on to her hand and tugged her down the hall. Mommy rarely gave her time to mull that answer. Either she was confidently feeling big, or Mommy treated her little. Staggering in her swollen diaper, Janet joyed over Mommy making the choice for her. Adulting was hard, letting Mommy take care of her was easy. A fresh, clean girls' Goodnite, a crisp white blouse, black knit wool skirt, hose, and stylish black heels later, Janet was feeling very big-girl indeed. Mommy tied her hair into a smart ponytail and did her makeup for her, and Janet was very careful to sit still through the process. Her last incident being fidgety while Mommy was doing her hair and makeup got her a sharp swat with the paddle, something she definitely did not want this morning. "There we go. Now, Mommy needs to get ready, and Janet needs to get her head right for adulting now, so I suggest we go sit and watch the news for a while, okay?" "Yes Mommy." Even though the instruction was toward readjusting out of littlespace, Mommy was Mommy in private company, no matter how big or little Janet felt, and accidentally calling her Tina at home had much more dire consequences than letting slip a "Mommy" in public, as embarrassing as that could be. She straightened up and mustered her most dignified stride, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she made her way to the living room. She sat on the end of the couch, carefully turning both legs the same direction, and reached for the remote. Inside, adult Janet was shouting down the giggling toddler-girl who just thought the whole exercise was silly. She hit the power button on the remote. The screen lit up. It was still on Cartoon Network from the night before. She stifled a giggle; Dexter's Laboratory was starting. Changing the channel to CNBC was a monumental effort of will, but Mommy had issued the order, and Mommy would be cross if that order wasn't followed. Squawk Box was on. Boring stuff about Wall Street. She pouted a bit, Dexter would be way more fun and interesting than this. "Big girl, Janet! Big girl!" she muttered under her breath. She focused on the screen. Texaco stock down, profits pinched by continued slumping fuel demands. Kimberly Clark stocks up as Huggies brand announces new Disney character designs on the entire product line. Janet unconsciously wiggled in her Tinkerbell Goodnite, delighting in the subtle crinkle... Ugh! Focus! Biotech stocks on the slide, consumer backlash against expensive prescription drugs driving bearish forecasts. Time Warner up, earnings outperformed projections thanks in large part to success of the Turner Broadcasting group's revamp of... the Cartoon Network morning lineup. "Dammit!" she whisper-shouted. Mommy expected her to be focused and ready for work by the time she was finished getting herself ready, but the distractions were everywhere today, especially in anticipation of what was coming tonight. "Dammit, dammit, dammit, Janet, pull yourself together!" Work. That's it. Need to focus on what was coming at work. Big case involving a patent troll suing one of their clients, she was sure to have a pile of research work on her desk related to that. And the SEC charges against their other big one, god, that was a huge, sprawling mess. Good grief, she was sure to be busy nonstop today. Probably have to work through lunch to avoid having to go in for overtime tomorrow. That'd be horrible, missing Saturday morning cartoons and... "NO NO NO!" she squeaked. Right at that moment, Mommy's heels announced her exit from the bathroom. "Someone having a little trouble?" Mommy stepped over to the kitchen counter and looked approvingly at the TV, then back down at Janet, who was doing her best not to fidget. Sadly, her best under Mommy's gaze and in this state wasn't much. "I'm trying, Mommy, I am! Even the TV's being mean!" "Come here, baby." Mommy's tone was neutral. Janet fidgeted even more as she stood and walked over, hands in a fig leaf in front of her skirt, head down, wobbling now on the heels she so confidently strode out in just a few minutes ago. "I'm sorry, Mommy. It's hard to adult." Mommy drew her into a hug, reaching down with one hand and patting her bottom. In heels, Janet stood barely five feet tall, and the nine inches of height between the two women always made Mommy's hugs extra comforting, pulling Janet's head easily into her bosom as she embraced her. "Mommy knows how hard it is. Trying to watch business news was a very adult choice. Good girl. What went wrong?" "Well, first they started talking about Huggies diapers, and they showed a clip of the commercial with the little girl with the pull-up on her head and all these pictures of Huggies Disney prints, and then later they talked about Cartoon Network and showed a bunch of clips of my favorite shows, and it just wasn't fair!" "No, it wasn't, was it. Mean old news broadcasters, trying to fuzzy up your head like that. Should I call Nanny, then, so you can be little today?" "No, Mommy! There's too much important stuff to do at school today!" Yes, Janet badly wanted to stay home and be little, especially if she got to spend the day at "Nanny's", also known as Mommy Racquelle's house, but she also wanted to be good. She knew what was coming tonight, and she didn't want to give Mommy Tina any reason to be cross or disappointed or anything else ahead of it. "I have to adult today! I have to!" Mommy released the embrace and grasped her shoulders firmly. "Look at me, Janet." Janet looked up. "It is up to you to be a big girl and go to school and make your teachers happy so Mommy can be proud of you. I know you can do it. You know you can do it. Will you do it, Chamita?" Chamita. The word gave Janet tingles every time Mommy said it. Mommy said it was what her grandmother in Venezuela called her when she visited her house. It meant babygirl, or something like that. When Mommy asked anything of Chamita, the answer was always yes. It had to be yes. Chamita could never refuse her mommy. "Yes, Mommy!" Janet stamped her foot for emphasis. "Good girl. Let's get Chamita to school then, so she can work hard and make Mommy proud." Make Mommy Proud. Yet another little key that unlocked certain secret places in Janet's heart. It was right up there with Good girl. Mommy had given Janet the option long ago to give up working and be little around the clock, her several mommies taking care of her, and as tempting as the offer had been, she knew that Mommy wanted very much for her to continue adulting. And Janet wanted it too. Giving up her job meant Janet would no longer have any control over how big or little any of her mommies treated her, it would become their decision, not hers. And she liked having that choice, even if she more often than not deferred to Mommy Tina, or Mommy Racquelle, or Mommy MaryAnne. It was fun insisting she was a big girl and having one of her mommies ignore her pouty demands and put her in diapers anyway, leaving her to sulk behind her binky in her playpen. But most of all, she lusted after Mommy's praise, and Mommy always praised her for going to School and working hard. Plus, she always looked forward to coming home and being little after a hard day of adulting, and that little joy would go away if she quit her job. So big girl it must be. The pair walked tall together out of the apartment, rode down the elevator, and into the waiting cab Bennie, the doorman, hailed for them just as he did every weekday. 8:50am "Okay, Chamita, be good girl at school for Mommy!" Mommy kissed her cheek and gave her a squeeze. "I will, Mommy," Janet whispered back sheepishly. For as many times as this exchange had happened, Janet had never gotten over being embarrassed about having the strange person driving the cab hear it, wondering about what thoughts were going through his head as he eyed her quizzically in the rearview mirror. She felt the soft blush creep into her face yet again as she hastily opened the door. She and Mommy exchanged waves, as they did every morning. Usually this was the moment where Janet was completely able to get back in big-girl mode, standing in front of the huge tower, three entire floors of which were occupied by her employer. Today was different, though. Today was a much bigger struggle. Today, she had to block it out of her mind, what was coming. Tonight. It was going to happen. She couldn't do anything about it. And she knew she deserved it. She mustered all the big-girl dignity she could and walked through the revolving door into the towering foyer. Again! Again! NO! Think about legal things. Think about precedents and case law and not about how fun it'd be to splash around in the big fountain right next to you! DAMMIT! Her pace quickened toward the elevators. She got there just in time for someone to hold one open for her, and there she was right in the front, in arm's reach of the buttons. She reached out to... Push them all! See the lights all light up! She tapped 7 and quickly pulled her hand away before she could get herself in trouble. Staring straight ahead, she smoothed out the front of her blouse and clasped both hands around her little handbag, trying to at least pretend her nerves weren't already frazzled. Focus, dammit! Focus! The war inside her head raged. She felt like she was chasing a tiny version of herself around a room while the little version was wreaking havoc everywhere. Make Mommy proud, remember? The words were like an elixir. The toddler quieted, and her focus returned, at least long enough for her to exit the elevator and into the sea of cubicles that was the paralegal pool. 11:05am Work had been fast and furious that morning, a never-ending stream of research, delivering briefs, making an occasional low-level client call, but Janet was keeping up with the pace. In fact, it was easier when she was busy, easier to tune out the noise and distractions. She'd been good all morning, even got a compliment from one of the partners about the brief she delivered for a class-action on which he was lead counsel. But right now it was all rushing back. This morning she had been grateful that Mommy put her in a pull-up, because this morning she was still very much in little mode, and she didn't want to be big yet. Now, as she sat in the stall with same pull-up around her knees, staring at the delightful little Tinkerbell designs while she tinkled, all the focus was gone, and it was only sheer force of will that kept her from giggling. She flexed her legs, determined to keep that pull-up from dropping to her ankles, the raw fear of anyone else seeing it the only anchor to "adulting" she had left. She finished and cleaned herself up, then slid the garment quickly back up her thighs. It was a certainty that everyone in this echo chamber could hear the crinkling, that they all knew she was wearing a diaper, that her "big girl" facade was a complete farce. It was as certain as the telltale little yellow stain in the middle, the little tiny dribble she'd left when she got so busy she almost forgot to go potty entirely. It wasn't a big stain, not even enough to feel so much as a swell once the soft padding hugged her girl parts again. But even if she didn't need to call Mommy Racquelle for a change at lunch, she'd see it this afternoon, and any chance she had of claiming big-girl status ahead of tonight's looming event was out the window now. Pee in her panties meant she wasn't ready for big-girl panties, which meant big, thick, crinkly diapers after School and on until bedtime. Part of her wanted to run upstairs and find Mommy MaryAnne, tell her about her "accident" and that she wasn't feeling big enough to stay in school today. Janet once playfully called her "Ma" and claimed it was just easier than saying all those M's. While she was scolded severely for it at the time, MaryAnne decided that "Mama" was rather cute, and that became Janet's name for her. Mama would close her office door and give Janet a warm hug before calling Nanny to let her know that Janet would be coming early, and she'd be diapered and have lunch and a nap and be able to play until Mommy came to pick her up. But Mommy would be disappointed if Janet didn't stay in School. That was the last thing she wanted. So she bit her lip, straightened out her skirt, and exited the stall to wash up. Hold it together, Janet! It's only three more hours! You can do this! If anything, it was a mere 15 minutes until her lunch break, so she'd have a chance to gather herself, get refocused. After that it was just making it to 2:30. That was one of the more embarrassing, yet very pleasant aspects of having one of her mommies working in the same firm. As a partner in the firm, it was easy for Mama to pull strings down in the paralegal pool to accomodate Janet's "special scheduling needs", or more accurately the three women's collective desire to have Janet's schedule look more like that of a kindergartner. Where she went in at 9 and left at 2:30, her co-workers pulled 8 to 5. Her bosses never asked her to stay late, though she was occasionally tapped for Saturdays if the backlog was too deep. It was a compromise struck when Janet first moved in with Mommy, that Nanny get time with their babygirl on a daily basis, since she worked out of her home, and it came with the standing offer for Janet to abandon school altogether and let Nanny take care of her during the day. For Janet, the arrangement was dizzying at times, but she loved each of her Mommies very much, and she sorely missed each of them on the occasions she was deprived of one, like the week Mama spent in Boston, working with one of the firm's top clients on an important project. That was a really bad week for Janet; she tried to go to school on Monday, but knowing Mama wasn't in her office upstairs in case Janet had an accident or just needed a cuddle to get through the day made her nervous, anxious, completely unfocused. She wound up leaving work at lunchtime that day and every other day that week, and it it took nearly all the strings Mama could pull to keep Janet's job when she got back into town. That was the first time the three women spoke seriously about Janet "not being ready for school". After barely convincing them she was perfectly capable, Janet resolved to tough it out at work by whatever means necessary going forward. Janet was definitely in the "whatever means necessary" territory today. The anticipation of tonight's event had been building inside her for over a week, and now it was nearly unbearable, consuming her entire thought process, filling her with anxiety. She was rapidly running out of mental energy, and 2:30 seemed like eons away. 1:55pm Lunch had been no help. The self-imposed diet Janet was on made passing the snack machine an exercise in torment. It wasn't that she was overweight, far from it. It's just that she had picked up enough of a chest to where she could no longer fit comfortably into a girls' XL dress, and Target had this adorable pink one with Frozen characters on it that wasn't available in the girls' plus sizes Mommy usually ordered for her. She made Mommy promise her that if she lost a little weight, she'd get that dress, and she was almost to her goal weight of 95 pounds, and she could nearly fit back into her 32B, which would satisfy Mommy's insistence that she have a little room to fluctuate. Nanny always scolded her for being so skinny, but Nanny was also the most athletically built of the four of them, despite also being the shortest of her Mommies at a mere five feet four. Janet suspected Nanny could probably take either Mommy or Mama over her knee with little effort, whether they resisted or not. The thought made her chuckle, Nanny dropping her powerful hand on Mama's bottom while her impossibly long legs flailed helplessly. Janet just managed to finish the amicus brief she'd been called upon to draft that morning, and as she looked it over one last time, proofreading and error-checking as thoroughly as she could, she cheered herself inside. It was quite good, and she was sure today's "teacher", Mark Ainsworth, would be sending along a very good report to Mommy. Her toes curled in anticipation as she saved the final copy then forwarded it along to him. Five minutes to go in the shift; perfect timing. She shut down her computer, gathered her purse, and made for the elevators, doing her best to maintain at least a pretense of professionalism when inside she was positively bursting again, toddler girl forcing her way back into her headspace. Normally she'd stop for a bathroom break on the way out, but she was determined to make her exit before she could be delayed by would-be small talkers, or worse be asked to come in tomorrow for extra work. The ride down seemed to take forever, stopping at every floor on the way, and her bladder began to murmur, ever so subtly. Janet had a dilemma now. On one hand, her pull-up was already stained, but there was a chance Nanny would give her a pass on such a tiny little dribble. Of course, it might not matter, Nanny could be in one of her moods, just looking for an excuse to give Janet the full babying treatment when she arrived, which Janet hate-loved and love-hated every time. And as much as Janet wanted to stay big for as long as possible before tonight's event, she also didn't. Being changed out of her big-girl clothes, diapered, and bottle-fed by Nanny, put down for a little nap, and playing in the playpen until Mommy came to pick her up was a positively delightful idea. The elevator finally stopped at the ground floor, and Janet walked out into the lobby completely on autopilot as she wrestled with these thoughts. The fountain finally made her decision for her. As soon as that tinkling sound reached her ears, her body betrayed her, and she blushed deeply, forcing herself to increase her pace and pretend nothing was wrong as her pull-up began to warm and swell between her legs. She had reached the revolving door by the time she was done; it wasn't that big of an accident, but it certainly removed all doubts as to what she'd be wearing shortly. She spotted Nanny's silver BMW sitting at the curb, and all the big-girl thoughts melted away as she jog-walked toward the car. She opened the door and nearly jumped into the seat, landing on the rustly puppy pad Nanny always laid out (just in case) with a gleeful squeak, pulling the door shut gently behind her. Nanny was very strict about slamming the door, and if Janet was going to spend the afternoon being little, she wanted it to be as pleasant an experience as possible. "Well hello to you too, cutey!" Nanny smiled as Janet's thumb found her way to her mouth. "I see someone is geared up for a little afternoon." Janet nodded her head fiercely and giggled. Nanny lifted Janet's skirt, which normally would have sent the smaller woman into a fierce blush, but "little" Janet only ever cared about modesty in the presence of strangers. Behind Nanny's dark tinted windows, the rest of the world ceased to exist. "Looks like someone had an accident today." Nanny's sing-song voice was scolding, but playfully so. Still yet, Janet felt the need to defend herself, thumb in her mouth or not. "Vat jus' happem, Nanny! Da foun'n made me do i'!" Nanny's made contact with the front. "Hmmm. Feels pretty warm. You sure we didn't have any other accidents today?" "Um... I had a li'l bribble before..." "I see. Thank you for being honest, sweetie. Let's get you home and changed before you wind up with a rash." Nanny watched for an opening, then scooted into traffic. "Are we excited about tonight?" The anxiety rose back up in Janet, and she dropped her thumb into her lap. "I'm scared, Nanny." "Oh I bet, you poor thing. This is your first time going to the Rose, isn't it?" "Uh-huh." "Well, how about Nanny fix you a nice bottle of chocolate milk when we get home, help you relax a little and take your mind off it?" "No chocolate, Nanny! My diet!" "Oh for heaven's sake!" Nanny rolled her eyes. "If you lose any more weight, I'll be able to put a harness on you and fly you like a kite in the park!" "Nuh-uh! Mommy's gonna get me the dress with Elsa and Anna and Olaf on it! I've only got a couple more pounds to go!" Her thumb found its way back into her mouth as Janet's thoughts wandered off to the animated movie with the silly snowman in it. "Good lord, you and that silly movie. Well, Nanny got a package in today with your name on it!" "Wa wuv in i'?" "Well I guess we're going to find out in a few minutes, aren't we?" "No fair!" Janet pouted behind her thumb. "No fair what? I only opened one of them, the one I ordered for you. The other one is as much a mystery to me as it is to you!" "Who wuv i' from?" "I'm not sure, it didn't have a name on it, but the return address was from Chicago, so that might solve part of the mystery." Janet's eyes got wide as she remembered the glorious two weeks she spent at "little camp" with her friends from the Chicago Ageplayers crew in May. And the even more glorious week she spent when she got home being constantly doted on and spoiled rotten by all three of her Mommies after them missing her "SO MUCH", as they told her day and night. She wondered who of her little friends sent her a package and why and what could possibly be in it! Or maybe it was another invitation! No, Nanny wouldn't have called it a "package" if it was just a letter. Mysterious indeed! Nanny let out a chuckle, breaking Janet's concentration. "Hey silly goose, we're home!" Janet looked out the windshield in disbelief. There indeed was Nanny's townhouse in Georgetown, a huge step up from Mommy's condo in the city. But that was a whole other reason Janet was determined to keep working, because she and Mommy were saving to buy a place like this. Janet's little paralegal salary at the law firm wasn't a ton of money, but it was enough to pay a lot of peripheral bills, leaving Mommy free to invest a huge amount of her paycheck. Another year or two and they'd be ready to live in a wonderful spot like this. Maybe even in the same neighborhood as Nanny. Then she'd get more time with both of them, and Mama too, as she lived just a few minutes away in an even nicer complex than this. "Are we coming in, or do we need Nanny to carry us?" Nanny snapped her back to reality again, this time a little sterner than her playful rib. "Sorry Nanny." Her thumb dropped out of her mouth, and she took Nanny's hand and stepped out of the open car door. "Our little head is just full of thoughts today, isn't it?" Nanny said, wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulder as she closed the car and locked it with her keyfob. "I guess so..." "Care to share?" "I was just thinking about your pretty house, and how someday soon Mommy and I are gonna have a pretty house near here too, and then I'll get to see even more of you and Mama, and it made me happy." "Aw, that's going to make your Mama and I very happy too. But you know what will make me happiest right now?" Nanny opened the door and ushered her inside as she spoke. "What?" "A certain babygirl toddling her damp little self up to her room so Nanny can get her properly attired for a fun afternoon together!" Nanny gave her a playful swat on the bottom, and Janet giggled in spite of herself. She kicked off her heels behind the door, glad to be rid of the cumbersome footwear, and dashed up the hardwood steps, stumbling once as her nylon-clad feet betrayed her. "Alright, alright, no need to fall and break your cute little bottom, now!" Nanny laughed as she followed her up the stairs. Janet scampered up to the landing and hooked a left into her favorite little spot in the whole house, Nanny's nursery. Of course, it wasn't a nursery for Nanny, it was for Janet. And it wasn't even entirely Nanny's idea. In fact, she'd only known Nanny for about a month when Mama and Mommy had conspired with Nanny to build it. But it was a magical little place nonetheless, and she'd spent a substantial part of every afternoon for the last six months here, and a fair number of overnights. The tall white crib stood out starkly against the soft lavender walls, as did the changing table across the room from it, with its little stepladder for her to "assume the position" on top. Not that Nanny needed any help; she was strong as a bear, and could easily carry Janet around one-handed when she felt like it. The walk-in closet was filled with clothes far more befitting a girl of four or five; Nanny was obsessed with expanding Janet's little wardrobe, and no doubt there was something new. Nanny was a bit proper, though; she refused to buy anything with cartoon characters or for that matter anything she didn't think befitting of "a little lady". Which meant everything Nanny put her in after School was absurdly girly and more than likely rather short, as it was intended to be worn with leggings, which Nanny never put on her. Too much fuss for playtime, was her constant refrain. And Janet would always complain that if she was to play dress-up, she should be dressed up proper. Then came the inevitable, "Who changes the diapers decides the rest of the underwear." Today was no different. Janet dutifully stripped away her skirt and blouse, Nanny arriving just as she started to wrestle down her pantyhose. She stumbled and fell backward on her squishy bottom with a squeak, and Nanny just laughed. "We needing some help?" "No, Nanny, you just startled me." Janet managed to get one leg free of the stretchy nightmare before Nanny bent over and grabbed the other one, ripping it loose effortlessly. "Honestly, I have no idea why your mommy insists on going to such lengths. Up up!" Nanny patted the vinyl-covered top of the changing table, and Janet quickly made for the ladder and sprawled herself out. Lying here, nearly as far from the floor as she normally stood, in a wet pull-up, made her feel about as little as could be. "Cause I'm 'posed to be a big girl at school, Nanny!" Nanny raised her eyebrow as she tore the sides down on the sodden underwear and began wiping Janet down with a warmed wipe from a tub attached to the table. "Do big girls do this in school?" Nanny dangled it in front of her for emphasis before wrapping it up and tucking it into the diaper genie. "I was on the way out already, and the fountain made me do it! I adulted good! And I worked hard all day!" Janet poked her tongue out in defiance. Nanny reached into her shirt pocket and produced a pacifier, which she tucked into Janet's mouth and went straight back to work. "Alright, sassy girl. Nanny believes you. But we're all done being big today, aren't we?" She wiped the Desitin off her hands as she spoke, and began dusting her with a generous layer of powder. "Mmmhmmm." The anticipation was still a mixed set of emotions for Janet. Big girl was fading fast now, as the sweet smell of the powder reached her nose. When she stepped out of that elevator, she was determined to stay big girl until tonight, but she'd expended so much effort at work trying to stay focused, and the nipple felt so good bouncing on her tongue, and Nanny's strong arm lifting her bottom up... it was hard to care about much of anything right now but being snugged up tight into a thick pink diaper, Nanny's fingers running along the leg elastics to make sure it didn't pinch. Oh, and what video she wanted to watch, since Cartoon Network was pounding that stupid Teen Titan show. Maybe Frozen again. Or Hotel Transylvania. That would be fun. "Are you going to lift your arms up for me, or are you just going to sit there like a silly lump?" Nanny stood there expectently, a lavender bishop dress in hand, two pink butterflies embroidered on the attached white bib. Janet raised her arms, silent but for her suckling and her bottom rustling. Yep, big girl was all the way gone now. Once Nanny had the dress over her head, Janet reached out for her. "Oh, we want to be carried? Well, it's a short ride to the crib," Nanny said as she pulled loose Janet's hair band and went to work on her face with one of the wet-wipes, stripping away the makeup Mommy had carefully applied this morning. "Mmm-mmm!" Janet squeaked. "No nap, Nanny! Movie!" "Your Mommy and Mama and I already discussed it. It's going to be a very late night for you tonight, and we don't want you getting all overtired and emotional. You're taking a nap, and that's all there is to it." "None of my mommies have to take a nap!" Janet crossed her arms and pouted behind her pacifier as Nanny dropped the siderail on her crib. "Your mommies all have to work, including me. In fact, while you're napping, I'll be finishing in a teleconference in my office. Believe you me, I'd rather be having a nap." "Hmmmmph." Janet played it up, but she actually was tired, just from the mental struggle today. Nanny handed her Avvy, her big stuffed unicorn, and hoisted her up with a rustle. Janet couldn't help but giggle as Nanny bounced her on her hip, betraying Janet's efforts at being rebellious, even if it was only passively. Nanny laid her in the crib, and Janet threw back another "Hmmmph," though with less conviction, as she flopped over and showed Nanny her back. Nanny swatted her bottom with a hollow plastic thud. "Sleep, baby. Nanny come get you when it's time to get up." She covered Janet with the throw. "Hmmmph!" Up went the rail, locking in place with a loud click. Such a comforting feeling, being surrounded by bars that came up all the way to her chest even when she was standing up in here. She suckled quietly and sighed. She was so sleepy by the time she realized Nanny had forgotten her bottle that she didn't even care as she slipped into happy little dreams. The next thing she knew, there was a hand on her back, and a soft voice in the room, but it wasn't Nanny's voice. "Hello, Chamita. Time to wake up now and get ready for our big night!" Her eyes popped open. "Mommy!" She flipped over, her pacifier and Avvy tossed aside as she lurched to a sit and looked up. Mommy startled a bit and chuckled. "Hello there, sleepy girl!" Janet was a bit surprised herself. If Mommy was here, then it was already six o'clock! And she hadn't even so much as heard Mommy drop the rail. She reached out with a squeak, and Mommy laughed as she picked her up. "Oh yes, baby, Mommy's happy to see you too!" "Nanny made me go ni-ni! I wanted to watch cartoons!" Janet put her fake pout back on, hoping to buy a little sympathy, or at least a reaction from playing her cute-card. Mommy just gave her diaper a squeeze, which was silly, because she was still dry, though that was probably going to change soon. "Oh yes, mean old Nanny insisted we take a nap, even though it was clear we needed it!" Nanny's laughing voice rang out from the doorway. "And she didn't even give me a ba-ba!" Janet pressed. "Meanie!" "Oh, Nanny!" Mommy gave her a squeeze. "No ba-ba before nap?" "Okay, you got me there. I'm sorry, Jan-Jan, I was distracted by that meeting I had to attend." Nanny stepped aside as Mommy carried her out into the living room. Janet stuck her tongue out at Nanny on the way by, and Nanny laughed and pinched her cheeks. "You're so adorable when you're grumpy, you know that?" "We goin' home for supper, Mommy?" Mommy sat down on the sofa and pulled Janet into her lap. "No, silly. All your party clothes are here, and you don't think Nanny would miss a chance to doll you up for an important outing, do you?" Janet's heart skipped a beat, and big girl came surging back. "Mommy! I can't go out in public in baby clothes!" She buried her face in Mommy's shoulder. "We've been over this, Chamita." Mommy lifted her chin and turned to face her. "You earned what's coming tonight. And you are going to be dressed properly for the occasion." "But Mommy..." "Hush." Mommy's finger went across Janet's lips. "Nanny, could we get a ba-ba over here, help tide her over until we eat later?" Inside Janet was roiling over the prospect. Terror was winning out over thrill. In public. In one of any number of elaborate party dresses Nanny had stashed in the closet. None of which covered her underwear. Would Mommy let her wear tights? Would it even matter if she did? Maybe it would on the way in and out of the car, but once they were inside that imposing place, a place dedicated to bondage and leather and dark things, to discipline of the fiercest kind. What would those people think, when they got a gander at her puffy rearend and her absurd piles of pastel-colored crinoline and satin and her curls and rosy cheeks? She was going to be made a spectacle of, and while the idea excited her when it was first announced, the closer it came to becoming a reality, the more afraid she was of it. She let loose a whimper and curled up tighter in Mommy's lap, her eyes squeezed shut. The crinkle in her bottom was no longer soothing, nor was her bladder emptying itself, swelling her diaper up and warming her thighs. A nipple entered her mouth, and Mommy whispered, "There we go, Chamita. Relax and drink your ba-ba." Those words soothed her. And a pull on the bottle, her mouth filling with chocolate Ovaltine, was exactly what she needed to forget the nightmare brewing in the back of her mind. She suckled eagerly, nuzzling Mommy's chest and letting loose little whimpers of pleasure in between swallows. "Good girl, Chamita. Gooood girl." Janet squirmed and curled her toes. Somewhere in the background, she heard Nanny chuckle. Then there was a shift on the couch, and she felt those strong hands rubbing her feet, thumbs digging firmly but gently into her arches. "Someone needs to relax and stop worrying so much," Nanny scolded. "It'll all be gone in a flash, and you'll be sad it's over before you know it." "And besides," Mommy added, "You know you deserve it." Yes, yes she did deserve it. She earned all of it. And it was nearly time to face it all. 6:45pm By the time Mama arrived, Janet was fully done up. Stark white tights covering what was now a thick, comfy white diaper with a couple of boosters, "So we don't have to worry about changes until it's all done" according to Mommy. Pink patent leather Mary Janes to match her pink-and-white babydoll dress with its puffy short sleeves and Peter Pan collar and satin sash tied into a huge bow in the back, a full crinoline skirt beneath. Nanny assured her that no one would see her well-padded bottom until she bent over, and when Janet stood in front of the mirror in Nanny's bedroom, her hair in curt pigtails with pink barretts securing them, far too much blush on her cheeks, and her pacifier attached with a pink ribbon to her collar, she actually believed it too. There were so many other things rustling on her, surely no one would hear her diaper, and the tights would keep it well secured even if she wet it. "So pretty!" Mama declared as Janet ran to give her a hug. "Are we all ready to go, then? Our car is waiting out front!" Car indeed! Mama had splurged on what looked like a cross between a limo and a giant SUV, which sat right out front of Nanny's condo. In the darkness of the fall evening, her three mommies surrounded her and ushered her into the back seat, where a wonderful sight awaited her – her very own car seat! She squealed as she climbed into it and Mama buckled her in snug with the five-point harness. "Is it ours? Do we get to keep it?" "Well yes we do, though I don't think it'll be of much use in Nanny's car." Mama said with a chuckle. "Oh, so now it's on me to swap out for a truck?" Nanny said. "Puleeeeeeeese Nanny?!" Laughter rose as the vehicle pulled out into traffic. Nanny rolled her eyes. "We'll discuss it more later. Mama needs to start consulting with Nanny before buying new furniture, though!" Janet kicked her legs happily, enjoying this new level of security and childishness she had fantasized about many times. Her three mommies chatted, but Janet was deep into little-space now, their words just a buzz in the background as she stared out the dark-tinted glass and watched the car-headlight fireflies dance to and fro. She suckled her pacifier happily, wishing she'd taken Avvy with her. Having a friend to cuddle would have made this moment absolutely perfect. Stop and go, stop and go, the car wandered through traffic, her mommies laughing and joking in the background somewhere, until it finally stopped one last time and didn't move again. "Time to go, Chamita!" Mommy reached over and released the latch on her harness. Janet's heart clenched. It was time. Right now, it was time. Time to step out, to be exposed in front of strangers on the street. Time to enter the strange place she'd only ever heard stories of, terrible stories. Her eyes darted around the car. Nanny had her handbag over her shoulder, and Janet could see the handle of the paddle that had on rare occasions made contact with her bare bottom. Janet didn't feel so safe anymore. She felt exposed, vulnerable, full of dread and anxiety. She began to tremble as the soother fell from her lips. "I... I can't.... Mommy, I can't!" Her throat began to tighten, and tears formed in the corners of her eyes. "I wanna go home Mommy! I can't go in there!" The faces of all three women changed, reflecting deep concern. Mommy snatched her up out of the carseat and onto her lap, pulling her close, while Nanny rubbed her leg and Mama her back. "It's okay, Chamita. It's okay. You can do this, I promise. Mommy would never make you do something she didn't think you could do." Other words of encouragement came from Nanny and Mama. Her pacifier was tucked back into her mouth, and Mommy rocked her gently. "Be brave, Jan-Jan," Nanny whispered. "You can do it." "Jan-Jan need a ride?" Mama offered. "No, I know Chamita's strong enough to walk with us, isn't she? Mommy and Nanny and Mama all be right by your side, baby, holding your hands the whole way. You can do it, baby. Look at me, Chamita." Janet looked up into Mommy's eyes. "Say it, Chamita. 'I can do it.'" "I... can do it." Janet didn't really believe it, not all the way. "That's right, you can do it." Mommy squeezed her tight again. "Say it again, Chamita. Mean it this time." Her mommies were all here to keep her safe and protect her and love her, just as they had the entire year since she agreed to become the full-time baby of this little poly family. How could she be afraid now? She trusted them completely. Surely they would not abandon her now. "I can do it." "That's my big brave Chamita! Let's go!" And with that, the car door opened, and out they went. This wasn't a particularly busy area of town for foot traffic, and even though she knew people in cars passing by could see her, those faces didn't mean anything, she couldn't see them. She clutched two hands tightly, and a third one rested on her shoulder as she took trembling steps toward the door. Mama opened it, and in she walked. A tall, dark-haired woman in a leather catsuit stood at a counter across the room, and as she saw Janet, she grinned broadly. "And who is this adorable little thing? I might have to check some ID!" She laughed, and Janet's mommies all laughed with her, though Janet just blushed. "Well this happens to be the belle of this particular ball. Lassetter party?" Mama spoke coolly and confidently as she reached forward to shake the woman's hand. "Right through that door," the woman replied. Got a good turnout for this one. Have fun cutie!" Right... through... the door. They were here, now. No turning back. Mommy gave her a pat on the bottom and whispered, "Go ahead, Chamita." Janet steeled herself. She stood up straight, took a breath, and marched toward the door, pushing it open and nearly stumbling on the staircase on the other side. Nanny caught her arm as she regained her balance and surveyed the scene. There was no evidence of any of the horrible things Janet had heard about. A huge sign greeted her overhead, "Happy First Birthday, Jan-Jan!" it declared. And suddenly the room noticed her as well. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they all shouted, breaking into raucous applause. She spotted Tracy from the CAP crew, and her heart soared. One by one her little friends from so many play-parties and visits and overnights came into vision, and she squealed with joy. There were balloons everywhere, and a ball pit, and littles and their mommies and daddies filling the room. This dark place had been fully converted into a little princess' birthday ball. She turned back toward her now grinning mommies. "I... I was so scared! I... heard so much..." "Silly girl!" Mama said, pulling her into a hug. "This was the only place I could find that would host a birthday party for a big little girl like you!" "Oh, thank you, Mommy! Thank you Nanny! Thank you Mama! I love you!" She reached out to them all, and they surrounded her in a huge embrace. "Oh little Chamita, you know you deserved it." She did deserve it. She was a good girl, and she had the best mommies a little girl could ever dream of. Full of happy thoughts and love, she turned and dashed down the stairs and straight into the fray, just like a little girl at her very first little-girl party. The paddle? Oh yes, she did catch the paddle later that night. Right before she cut the cake, Nanny got one good shot on her very padded bottom. Her "birthday spanking". By the end of the night, Janet was positively giddy at the idea of having a second birthday party. But only if she deserved it.
  13. Hi, I'm a "senior citizen infant" because (A) I am 60 years old. And (B) I dream and fantasize about being a baby again, around 6 to 12 months old, in cloth diapers, rubber pants, snugly pinned with two blue diaper pins. (Because I am a baby boy.) I currently live in the small town of Winona, Minnesota, but I have lived and traveled all over the state, with my favorite part being the North Shore of Lake Superior. Although I love mommies and grandmas, I am not looking for a "partner" or "caregiver." For the past 30 years, I have babied and nurtured myself by hiring "phone mommies" to talk to me over the phone. Any other senior citizen babies on this forum?
  14. Feel free to not answer if you aren't comfortable. I post this because I'd like to see if there's a correlation between being AB/DL and childhood abuse. I myself was emotionally abused by my stepfather, and also dealt with an alcoholic mother. I don't think it's a direct cause in my case, but it definitely had influence on it. Without the abuse and alcoholism, I may have lacked the desire to recreate a better childhood.
  15. cookiemonster23


    So, my significant other knows I'm an adult baby. He's pretty accepting of it, but I'd like to ask him to maybe participate in it. We've done "daddy" roleplay a couple of times, but it didn't last, and I took on the role of a little girl rather than a baby. How do I go about asking him for this?
  16. I am currently a DL. Curious about the AB side. What's the best way to have a first experience?