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Found 226 results

  1. If you're enjoying the story let me know in the comments-- and if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, click here to cast your vote and determine what happens next in the story. “There’s no single thing we can point to, Ashley,” Mr. Milken said, eyeing her with a cold and calculating smile. “It’s a number of little things adding up to a much larger problem... you might say it’s a problem of attitude as much as performance.” His voice was silky smooth, his gaze ruthless. Ashley squirmed in her seat, shifting under his penetrating gaze, his handsome features, and his expensive suit lending him authority and gravitas. “I understand,” she said, fighting the urge to roll her eyes. This wasn’t the first time she’d heard about performance problems at a job, and she honestly doubted it would be the last. “It’s not just coming in late or leaving early, it’s not the fact that you gossip instead of getting your work done on time, it’s not constant leaves and ‘personal days’... it’s not even the fact that you spend over an hour in the ladies room every day. Those are merely symptoms of a larger problem.” “Yes sir,” she said, stifling a yawn. She was eager to get to the part where she made platitudes about doing a better job and then going back to her cubicle to file her nails. Milken put up a good front, but she knew he didn’t have it in him to fire her... just like all the rest. When she put on a properly chastened, puppy dog face, no one could look into her bright blue eyes framed by cascading blonde hair without relenting. She’d learned long ago-- bat your eyelashes and flash a little cleavage and you can practically get away with murder. “I’m glad you agree,” Milken said cheerfully, “because I think we need to have a little talk about your position here at the company.” Ashley got a hollow feeling. “I’m sorry?” she said, trying to sound confident. “Your position here at the company... I’m just not sure you’re right for it.” “But...” “We’re trying something new here,” he said smoothly, interrupting her. “A new program for, shall we say, ‘delinquent employees.’” “What kind of new program?” she said, barely keeping the edge out of her voice. “We’ve found a position that we think is ideal for an employee with your-- temperament.” “Such as...?” Ashley inquired curtly, suddenly on edge. Mr. Milken touched a button on his desk. “I think Ms. Simmons can explain better than I can,” he said as the door swung open and the primly dress, stern-faced Ms. Simmons entered. Ashley studied her conservative dress and the neat bun in her hair skeptically, but Simmons coolly ignored her with a professional, almost military disdain. “This is the one I was telling you about,” he said, “can you show her the ropes, Ms. Simmons?” Only then did she turn and look Ashley over, and the impassive expression on her face suggested that she wasn’t overly impressed. “I think that can be arranged. Come along,” she said with precision, turning and moving to stand by the door. Ashley looked over at Mr. Milken for confirmation, certain that this was some sort of joke... but she was met with a smile and gesture from her boss. “Run along, Ashley,” he said dismissively, “Ms. Simmons will show you the ropes.” Uncertainly, she rose from her seat and made her way over to Simmons, standing before her awkwardly. “Er... So, I guess...?” But Ms. Simmons was in no mood for dallying. “Come along,” she said quickly, snatching Ashley by the hand and dragging her out of Mr. Milken’s office and into the larger work area beyond. “Hey! What’re you, nuts?! Let go of me!” Ashley whispered angrily, praying no one would notice as she struggled and failing to disengage herself from Simmons. “Silence!” Ms. Simmons demanded, landing a hard, open handed swat to the seat of Ashley’s tight skirt, the noisy POP of her palm drawing some stares, and even a few giggles. “OW!” Ashley complained, reaching back to rub her tingling backside, hobbling along behind Simmons all the way to the elevator. She pushed the button and ushered Ashley inside. “I think you’ll find things will be quite... different for you from now on,” she said with subtle glee, pushing the button for the basement. Looks like Ashley is on her way back to daycare-- should it be a fully mechanized, futuristic, automated nursery, or do you prefer the human touch of the old fashioned kind of nursery? The nursery should be fully mechanized and automatic It should be an old fashioned adult nursery staffed by people Click here to vote Check out Babes In Diapers for more great stuff
  2. BabyDL44

    DL wanting to try AB

    I am currently a DL. Curious about the AB side. What's the best way to have a first experience?
  3. Canadian_Guy