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Found 20 results

  1. posting this thread with a similar idea of "What diaper are you wearing today?"Figured we could share what we are currently wearing. I'll go ahead and start.Currently, under my boy clothes, I'm wearing a 2010 style Girls Goodnite with butterflies on it.And I have my new training bra, it's lavender with a pink bow between the cups.I hope to update this thread a few times a week and hope others will join in too.Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I have been looking to make stories on here for a while, but I am not sure what to write. So I am posting here to see if the community has any suggestions and or requests for stories. Also if anyone wants to work with me on writing stories to have them reach out. You can see some of my writing examples in the role play section specifically My Baby Husband with @Nappy_Queen. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about anything and I look forward to your suggestions. You can find My Baby Husband here and I am working on the first chapter of it: Thanks, Giantessman.
  3. Hello there! We are New Diaper Archive. We have a website where we post old diaper stories which may have been deleted or forgotten and we also post newer content with the writer's expressed permission. If you're interested in a strictly diaper story website please check us out here: https://NewDiaperArchiveGroup.co.uk Our Future: We want diaper stories to be available to everyone and we plan to add accessibility features to our website so people with visual or hearing impairments can listen to or read the posted stories on our website. We also want to create a community website such as dailydiapers.com, but with exclusivity. We want a website where only our best community people can access it. People such as donators or sharers. You can find more about our goals here: https://NewDiaperArchiveGroup.co.uk/our-goals/ I hope you enjoy our website, Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone, I hope this sparks discussion about what helped shape our "Sissy" side. I know for me, this was a big tipping point. I wanted to make this thread to share specific memories or stories about your Sissy side. I'll share some of mine, starting with the following. This is the most open I've ever been with any of my friends growing up about panties and sissy things. When I was about a Sophomore in high school, i would stay the night at my friend Jim's house from time to time. We'd known each other since kindergarten and were really close. We both had younger sister's as well. Well, one Saturday after midnight, he and I were sharing our favorite "adult" videos with each other on his computer. We'd been a little "worked up" and both went to the bathroom (separately) to finish the job. Afterward, we were relaxing in his room and I half jokingly, asked "Have you ever wore Mel's (his sister) panties?" He said "No dude, and i don't think i'd fit haha" "Have you tried Ashley's (my sister)?" Nervously I said "Yes, sometimes when i'm home alone i "play" in them." He was immediately curious "Wait, you fit?....how do they feel? Are they soft?" We both wore generic store brand boxers at the time. His sister was almost the same age as us but on the "plus size". I knew she had a cute selection of panties from the many times I'd hung out at their house. She'd always bend over, showing her Hanes or Old Navy panties. Always with bright colors or cute sayings on them. My sister was a few years younger and more petite. I had spent many hours (when home alone) modeling her panties in the mirror. She was more subtle with simple polka dots and stripes from Gymboree or Gap. I told him "they barely fit, but they're so SOFT!!! and it feels amazing to 'finish' in them" "i know i could fit in Mel's just fine" It was too late that night to do anything, but we began to plan. I told my friend he needed to try panties as soon as possible. He was apprehensive but agreed. Just a few short days later, he sent me a text with a picture, "Dude i'm home alone which ones should i use" attached was a photo with 2 pairs of panties on his sister's bed. One was plain white with a very small pink bow on the front. The other was lime green with orange flowers. I replied "use the green ones, ones with patterns are so much more fun" He replied roughly 10 mins later "Dude!!!! holy crap that felt so GOOD" Later that week, i was home alone and sent him a similar message. The photo showed 2 pairs, one with rainbow polka dots and the others (and older smaller pair) with cinderella on it. He replied instantly "o you have to use cinderella!!!! will you fit in them?" I squeezed my butt into the cinderella pair and 'finished' almost instantly. I texted him back "i almost ripped them but it worked!!!!" We would play this game for a few months, quickly learning our entire sister's panty drawers and which pairs fit and felt good. Then one day he texted me and said "....would you ever want to wear Mels?" Sheepishly i replied "....ya...they look so freaking cute....would you want a pair of Ashleys?" "....ya.....if it's not weird..." "...no dude it's cool...just our secret man...promise...?" "ya of course man....totally.....when should we trade?" we waited a few more weeks, then found the perfect excuse, we needed to study for finals. He came over after school and my parents left us alone to study. We had the whole house to ourselves. I asked "Do you still want to do this, we don't have too?" "Ya man i;ve been thinking about it all day" Jim replied. "what kinda panties do you want? I asked. "The girlier the better dude" I excused myself to my sister's room and selected the pair. It was all cotton. Red with white polka dots and 2 little white bows, one on each hip. They were the largest size, so i hoped he would fit. When i returned, he told me to close my eyes. I heard him unzip his backback and place some soft fabric in my hand. I opened them and my heart started racing. They were bright blue with tons of white and pink stars all over. The waistband was bright pink and the on the butt they said "outta this world" I showed him the pair i selected and we both got tense. I told him to go first, if he wanted. He walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I could hear his shorts hit the floor. Then him shuffle to slide into the panties. "Wanna seee....just for fun hahaha" he asked. "Sure" i said. He slid the door open. He was barely contained by the small cotton panties that stretched around his waist. "dang those look good on you hahaha" "thanks man...these feel incredible...my sister doesnt have ones like these." He closed the door and 'finished' in them. then i went in. I couldn;t believe it. I was going to wear a real girl's panties!!! I practically jumped in them. "wanna see?" i said after i had modeled them to myself in the mirror. They fit like a glove. better than any pair of boxers or tighty whiteies i had as a kid. I felt magical. I opened the door and Jim said "whoa those fit you so well man!" I blushed and said "thanks." I then closed the door and 'finished' in them. We then realized we had 2 pairs of "dirty" panties that we didn't know what to do with. After a bit of deliberation, we decided to throw them in the dumpster behind my parents house. We both really wanted to keep them but realized it would be impossible to explain if we got caught. We never exchanged panties again but we would send pics and make each other choose which ones to "play with" throughout high school. A couple times he even had his cousin visit who was a year older than us and how thongs and PINK brand panties. We went to different colleges and soon only would reconnect on spring break or other holidays. We never spoke of the panties again. Recently he moved out of my area and got married. we only reach out to say "happy birthday" or send christmas cards.
  5. Does anyone know of any good DMLB stories I can read?
  6. Hello to all, I'd like to introduce myself. My main fields of activity are storywriting and roleplaying. You can find my stories on several sites (under the same nick): - abdlstoryforum - deviantart The stories are both ABDL and adventurous. As for roleplaying, I like complex scenarios with more characters evtl. more players. Fell free to message me if you are interested. I also can repost my stories here if somebody is interested.
  7. First and foremost I want to say I am not calling anyone a bad writer and am only speaking my 2 cents. I am not a perfect writer by no means. Does anyone else in the writing world feel that stories being written just aren't on the same level as they were 10 or even 15 years ago? I feel like today's writers are writing stories that resolve around happy and nice endings and you no longer have writings with unfair, dark endings. I guess when I grew up all the stories I read were written by authors like Long Rifle who in my eyes is the king of dark abdl stories. I really wish the style of writing I grew up with would some how makes it way back into existence.
  8. I write and sell spanking stories on Amazon under a pen name, several of which feature ABDL content. If you're interested, the link to my Amazon author page is below. If not, no biggie. Have a good day either way! S. V. Kerres Author Page
  9. Is it just me or does it seem like alot of great stories get unfinished and I really wish they could have great endings to go with them. My favorite stories that were never finished. Casey's Nanny Baby Jill The do-over program
  10. hi! just recently I finished a story called Baby care class (remixed) where I took an abandoned story, and I remade it and finished it. (i did try to ask for permission from the original owner but they never responded,) but that got me thinking, what other stories were good but abandoned? I know some people lose interest, forget, or just abandon their projects. does anyone know of any other good and abandoned stories?
  11. Hello there! this is a post aimed to people who: Live with their parents, live with roomates, or overall, don't live alone at all. How many baby things have you lost or have been caught by the people surrounding you? I think this is an interesting topic and a way to let out some steam... For example here are some stories of mine: I've bought a boy pacifier and I always was hiding it but suddenly I forgot about that and my mom found it and she thought it belonged to my baby cousin so she gave it to my aunt and I was like:
  12. How do a post a member-written story on the stories page?
  13. Agroml606

    Stories <3

    ok soo ive been writing this story.. but i have writers block.. and idk if i should even finish it.. like is it somthing that you all would read? do me a favor and look it over??
  14. Mad Katters Wonderland The lovely link to something I've been debating on doing for some time now. It may not be very full now, but I intend to spam it full of content going forward. I Don't expect it to get two bajillion million views like Princess Pottypants or Ausdpr get but it's another thing to hold some of you guys and gals over while you wait for everyone else to post stuff too. Just a place to well, really, get the ideas in my head out. It's kind of getting a bit cluttered up there these days. I've dedicated myself to a new caption every day this week (With one already up) So, there will be that. Followed with a story soon after (If my time isn't eaten by that crazy man in a blue box) and all sorts of other content.
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering what some of the best poopy diaper stories there are on this site? Maybe some of the veterans could point me in the right direction? I'm kind of in a story mood right now.
  16. I don't know how many other writers and authors out there would be interested but I'd like to recruit some editors and proofreaders to help clean up and make my stories more presentable, easier to read and generally a better product. I'm sure other writers and authors would appreciate the same. Feel free to chime in if you like. In return for your editing and proofreading, you would be the first to read a new story and possibly help shape the direction and flow of the story. Also, I'd be willing to proofread and perform minor edits within my field of interest, primarily DL and SciFi topics. I would propose that writers and editors agree on a format, such as .rtf, .txt or .doc or other common formats that are mutually agreeable. Chime in!
  17. Hey all, I'm a new member to this awesome community and looking to get some feedback, and possible link exchanges with fellow members. I'm a secret diaper lover and experienced adult baby, and as a writer I finally decided to put my talents to use. My blog is here: http://www.adultbabydiaperfetish.com I would love some feedback on the site (design, content, topics you'd like covered), and really looking to find other babies to do some link exchanges with! Please, be nice mommy! ps, I'm a web developer and writer by trade, though I decided to concentrate on the content in this case. If any other babies are having issues with their websites, just PM and I'll see if I can help you out - CSS and Wordpress my speciality!
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