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Found 17 results

  1. After being put in diapers by machines. Cody falls down onto the conveyor and accidently poops his diaper. The machine detects it and thinks cody is a dirty diaper. So it grabs him giving him a huge poopy diaper wedgie then throws him in the diaper pail with the rest of dirty diapers. Art piece by jigarvasani
  2. I am Anastasia de Jong. I am a 25 year old and I'm a tall blonde with blue eyes, and a very complex personality, but nevertheless I had a very strong mind. I was called a genius in the field of robotics and talented inventor. I invented a robot that can help all single mommies with their newborn's babies. And This is robot-nanny. I am going to present an exhibition model for buyers on the Internet. though I have not tested it yet, and banks refuse me grants to conduct experiments. I deactivate the robot and go to bed. Sleep. The morning is wiser than the evening.
  3. Chapter 1 Aikawa is a tall black fur bull with a red shirt and jeans. He was working like normal at his job. He's worked at for years. When he got called into his boss. Aikawa takes a seat and sits across from his boss who sighs. “Hey, look ill get straight to the point. we have had a major decrease in sales lately and we are now losing money.” Aikawa looked confused “Am I not doing a good enough job?” He shakes his head. “No no! You are doing a wonderful job! But that's the problem you have done such a good job you are being paid quite a bit. And we can't afford it, unfortunately. So we are going to have to let you go” His eyes get big “Wait, you can't do that. I need this job! Come on please I will lose my house...I just bought a car and I won't be able to pay anything.” He nods “I understand but we have thought about this long and hard. I'm sorry Aikawa but you’re fired.” He started to get angry, jumping out of his seat and knocking it over. “You know what?! Like I care! Screw you and screw this place I worked hard at this place for years and this is how you treat me! No, I'm not fired! Because I quit!” Aikawa leaves the room and slams the door and tears up heading to his office to clear out his thing he quickly grabs what he wants and storms out trying not to cry. For a big strong bull, he was pretty emotional. He put his stuff in his car and got in the driver's seat and put his head on the steering wheel crying some. "What am I going to do...? I'm lucky my bills are paid this month along with my car but what about next month...if I don't find a new job quick ill be moving back in with mom..no ill live on the streets before I get that desperate." He laid there a while before Finally starting his car “I just need to get home and clear my head” He begins to drive home with the radio playing some music he loves to take his mind off things even though all he wanted to do was cry. He was able to stop himself from crying. What good is crying going to do, If anything it will only make a situation worse? He thought to himself. He Finally makes it to his home, pulling his car into his drive then shutting off the car then getting out. He locked the doors and accidentally locked his keys in his car. His eyes get big. "DAMN IT!" He groans and looks into the car "Today's just not my day..." He wanted to go back and cry but he didn't want to be seen either so he holds it in fighting it. "I'll just go inside and play some games with friends on my computer. That helps me take my mind off stuff ill call a lock pick later." He heads to his door then remembers he also locked his door key in the car. He kicks his door so hard from anger he accidentally kicks a small hole in the bottom. Now he was just angry, luckily for Aik, he keeps a spare key hidden under a rock in his yard. He goes out and grabs it, he heads to his door and unlocks it. He gets inside, shuts his door and throws his shoes off, and sits at his computer desk. "keep calm... Just relax Aik...if not you will have to pay for more shit you can’t afford." He breathed in and out deeply hoping to calm down. But it got a bit too much for him and he silently started to cry when one of his friends called him on discord. He quickly rubs his eyes and takes a few more deep breaths to calm himself. Before grabbing his headset and joining the call. "Hello?" He said. "it's about time you answer. I thought you were ignoring me or something." His friend said joking around with a laugh. "Nah just had to take a long piss. But you know I had work today why would you even call? I might have still been at work." He lied and laughed. It was kinda a forced laugh, His friend kept laughing as well. "Good point, I forgot oh well don't matter I just got excited and had to show you, dude. I sent you a link to this cool new website! You answer a few questions then boom you're sent money directly to a special bank! It's so easy, I have only done a few once in a while you get some strange questions but you should check it out!" Aik sat there thinking that sounds like a wonderful way to make money. And he wouldn't have to leave his house. But it was odd how convenient it was. "hmm ya, I'll check it out. Thanks, dude. Now-" He was interrupted "wait hang on a second" His friend muted himself for a while. But it gave Aik time to think and check out this website. ‘Www.surveybab.com’ he clicks the link and it goes to a nice-looking website easy to navigate too. He wondered what was up with the name though. "Survey bab? Must mean something like... Uhh, big amazing bounties?" He laughed at other things it could be that did cheer him up quite a bit. His friend was still muted, So he decided to sign up for this; he just had to make a username and password and fill out a bunch of other information. He makes his username Aikawa. Surprisingly it's not taken. Awsome he thought. He also noticed a small stuffed animal on the side of the screen but thought nothing of it. Next was a password but he had a program on his computer that would make random passwords and save it so all he had to do was remember one master password to his other passwords. He gets a random password and hits next. Next was a bunch of questions to start reading them out loud. Still seeing the bear on this page. "How old are you" Aik Types in 22 "Do you live alone or with someone?” He types in alone "Do you have any other source of income?” He goes to write yes but stops. He then puts in use to. He keeps going through a lot of others then gets to the last few. "If you start a survey you must be willing to finish it, doing so could result in being kicked off. Whoa, but I guess I could understand that. I wouldn't want to do that." He agrees to it then reaches the last question. And it says one thing. "Do you like toys? The heck? Uhh... Sure?" He puts yes and hits finish. Finally, he gets to a screen with a bunch of recommended surveys to start with. He looked kinda confused as to what to start with. He also had a money counter at the top that had 1.00$ on it. “It must give you a dollar for signing up and I bet my friend got something because I clicked his link.” Again he noticed that bear on the screen it was like it was watching him. But then he remembered and checked the discord and his friend messaged him. "Sorry man, I gotta go my lady's mad because I won't get off the computer. Catch you later man, peace." Aik sighs he was kinda relieved he didn't want to talk he kinda just wanted to spend time alone but he wasn't going to ignore his friend. But this did give him time to answer surveys. It was 5 pm and he didn't have to work so he could do surveys till he passed out. So he does, he starts his journey down survey rabbit holes. Some would be like 50 to 100 questions. It was very boring but it was kinda engaging like the questions were specifically made for him. Once in a great while, he would get some strange questions. "Do you or anyone you know buy toys for themselves or yourself?" He checked no and continued answering them. Another strange question appeared in the next survey. "If you had the chance, would you buy some toys and play with them? We have seen an increase in adults enjoying toys." He wasn't sure but he marked yes, I mean he's an adult but hey playing with some toys could be fun he guesses. He was having fun answering questions at this point and he'd already made 50$. It wasn't much but hey it was easy money but it was 1 am and Aikawa had to head to bed. But it was like something was telling him he needed to buy something. He got to the store on the same site and found most things cheaper than normal shops. This was nice then he noticed a bear, the same one that's been looking at him on every page of the question. He was almost enthralled; he couldn't stop thinking about it. But he didn't find it that odd. He sighed and shrugs "Why the hell not. It's... Kinda cute. Maybe I can give it to my friend's kid. Or just sit it on a shelf." He clicks on it and pays for it. It was pretty cheap at 5$ with next-day delivery. "Wow, even next day shipping? That's amazing, this site is incredible. Can't wait to come back and do more stuff it was kinda compelling. It's almost like a full-time job on its own." He chuckled some but he needed sleep. He undresses down to his boxers and lays down in bed. Unaware of what might happen in the coming days. He falls asleep and dreams of doing surveys in his sleep. Chapter 2 Aik gets woken up by his doorbell ringing. He groans and gets out of bed throwing on some PJ pants and answering the door. "Hello...?" He said kinda zoned out before he saw the postman. "Sign here." Aik signs and is given a box then the postman walks off hopping back in his car and driving off. Aik shuts his door looking confused and grabs a knife to cut open the box. Inside was a teddy Bear that he ordered last night. There was a strange machine that he pulled out the Teddy Bear. He then sets it beside him. Seeing the bear so much in the Surveys secretly made him secretly excited to really have it. But his curiosity was on the machine that he pulled out of the bear checking it out. It's got a cord to plug it in, then another cord that looks like a USB. He was even more confused at this point. But he notices a paper on the bottom of the box. He grabs it, sits the strange machine on the table then reads the instructions. "Hello, thank you for doing so much work on surveybab.com as thanks we sent you a very thank you gift. a special machine called Care-o-Matic. that will help you make money more quickly. All you must do is hook it up to your pc through the USB cable. It does have a chance to order items it thinks you will enjoy but they will be very cheap. It will learn as you answer questions. Also, software updates and new parts can be added to it, they will be coming to you free of charge. Once we think you need them anyways. The current version is 0.1, it's the most basic version and can't do too much more than specified. You can buy new attachments from the store or wait for the free features to come. So get back to work and make Some money! Love the Survey bab team." Aik looks at the Care-o-Matic and grabs it along with the Teddy Bear and takes them to his computer. It's only 9 am, he could get in a few surveys before lunch. He plugs in the Care-o-Matic and puts the bear beside his computer, it made him feel safe watching him. He gave it a smile then logs in to his computer and starts to answer questions. Some of the questions start to get more and more strange and off-topic. "You said you would buy a toy and you did. Do you mind telling us how you like him and what his name is?" Aik looks confused "Why would it ask that...uhh whatever." he grabs the bear and feels him "Well, he's very soft... And his names... Chocolate!" He laughs and gives it a small hug and puts it back on the desk. These questions made him feel younger almost but were very relaxing. He fills the questions in but the strange questions get more frequent than last night. As another comes up. "When was the last age you remember having an accident" Aik looks at it "Accident? Like wetting myself...? Why would it ask that... That's kinda personal but maybe just to learn what age kids stop having accidents?" Aik shrugs it off and types in 9. He also noticed all these surveys ask about his age and gender. It got pretty repetitive but whatever it was easy. Before too long Aik felt like he was floating outside his own body watching himself do surveys. Maybe he was bored, or maybe he was just so in the groove he didn't even have to pay attention? But he couldn't oddly, he couldn't stop at all. minutes changed to hours, it was already 5 pm. He hasn't eaten or used the restroom all day but he finished a survey and something brought him back to reality something was dripping down his leg he looked down and noticed he wet himself. Aik blushes and stands up shaking his leg. "T-the hell?! Crap I must have spaced out so long I forgot I had to pee! Damn it glad no one was here to see that." Aik quickly takes off his clothes throwing them in the basket. He grabs a towel to soak up the urine on the ground before he hopped in the shower. He related and just sat back thinking about what happened. “So odd I don't even remember having a feeling to pee…” He sighs, getting out and drying off. He changes into some new clothes. He goes to where he wet and picks up the towel. "So glad I live alone, anyways... What time is it? 5 pm?! I did surveys for 8 hours straight?! No wonder... I'm starving too. Note to self eat breakfast before starting surveys heh." Aik goes and makes some food to eat quickly then goes back to his desk. sitting down at the desk all he sees on it is an item that says bought and it goes back to the Survey page. "The heck? It just spent 20$? Damn thing must be broken!" But he couldn't complain he made over 100$ doing surveys for 8 hours twice as much before the Care-o-Matic so what was 20$ it's probably going to be something he likes. He hopes anyway it's supposed to learn what I like anyways. He decides to get in a few more surveys while he's there. Some of them ask the same question again. "What age were you when you had your last accident?" Aik goes to write 9 then blushes "W-wait... I technically had an accident...but I should probably write the truth" He puts in 22 then the question starts to get even more strange. "Because you're 22 and had an accident, have you ever considered an adult diaper?" Aik looks strange and puts in no. He could control his accidents it was a one-time thing. "What a stupid question... I'm not losing control... I just lost track of time. I'm not a baby." He finishes the last few as it keeps asking him basically the same question over and over. In every survey. He started to space out again and he swears it reads. "I need diapers." He keeps reading it over and over before he realizes what he's doing. He looks and it's 1 am and he feels wet again and looks down and he's wet himself again. But he can't understand why. "What the hell?! Again...huh? Maybe the questions were right?" He cleans his mess up then takes another shower. He gets dressed and he goes to lay down but stops and walks to the desk grabbing his bear and going back to his room. "it's been a strange day hasn't it chocolate? Well except maybe you... Uhh, you want to sleep with me...? What the heck are you doing Aik...you're an adult, not a child." But He makes the bear nod and smiles “But no one has to know…” He lays down and puts the bear beside him and hugs it. He didn't have a girlfriend or anyone to sleep with and this made him happy and not feel so lonely. These surveys got harder and harder to take his mind off. He had fun doing them; he couldn't even remember to get off to eat and pee. But that wasn't that big of a deal. Right? He quickly fell asleep hugging his bear wondering what tomorrow will bring. Chapter 3 The next morning aik woke up around 8 am. It was very early compared to normal but all he could think about was doing more surveys. He sat up in his bed. His crotch was cold and wet. He pulled his covers back and he couldn't believe his eyes. He was wet, not only wet but soaked. He had pissed himself. He felt so ashamed and so confused at what was going on. He has never had an accident like this in forever. He grabs his bear and hugs it and gets up slowly, he begins to strip his bed. After he takes it all to the laundry room to wash later. He heads to the bathroom and strips and takes a shower. He thinks long about the accident today and peeking out at the teddy bear on the bathroom counter. He shakes his head and finishes his shower and gets out dries off and goes to his bedroom for clothes. He gets dressed and begins to talk to himself. "Man, if I keep this up... I might need diapers." he shakes his head and blushes "what am I saying? I don't need diapers, I'm not some kinda baby... But the Surveys seem to think so and they seem like they know me better than I do?" Aik looks at his bear sitting on the bathroom cabinet he grabs and hugs him walking past his computer. Looking at the bear-like it's almost another person. He's growing to like this bear way more than he ever would have thought. "Do you think I need them diapers chocolate?" Suddenly a voice comes from the Care-o-Matic as he walks past. But aik mistakes it as chocolate talking. "of course you do, but that's ok I love you anyway! You have a problem, unlike most adults. Remember you use to have a Bladder problem as a child they said it could come back. but think of this, you could answer questions all day without having to worry about using the bathroom!" Aik blushes as much as he hates the idea of wearing diapers. He kinda liked the idea of not having to go to the bathroom and being able to do questions all day but he wishes he had a way to have food brought to him. Then he remembered the Care-o-Matic has upgraded, maybe he can get one that cooks him food. He quickly gets on his computer keeping chocolate close looking in the survey store. He finds an upgrade for it from 0.1 to 0.5 it can do a few more things but importantly it cooks food. It basically has arms and legs and will plug itself back in when low battery. It can do a bunch more stuff but Aik decides not to read all of them and quickly buys it up. It was quite expensive at about 80$ but he didn't care. It left his account low on money but it was with it in his eyes. Now he just had to wait, he opened up a survey to prepare to work. Suddenly the doorbell rings nearly jumps out of his seat, he then remembered the Care-o-Matic ordered him something. He goes and someone is standing there with a tablet. He has him sign for it and the postman hands him a big box. He takes it inside opening it up. His eyes got big and his face turned red. It was a case of 40 adult diapers. What if someone saw this he thought. He would die of embarrassment. But even if, let's just call it care from now on. thinks he needs diapers. Well, He was starting to believe maybe care knew him better than himself. He takes the case out of the box and takes it to his room sitting them on the bed and looking at them. He could not believe he was about to try this. He opens the case and pulls out one of the huge diapers.it was just a plain boring white color. Luckily he didn't need to leave the house with these. "This is incredible... They're so big... Who would have known they make them so big..." He gulps and pulls down his pants and boxers and he undoes the diaper laying it out. He keeps looking at his window even though it's closed. If anyone caught him he would die his heart was going a million miles an hour. He sat on the diaper and pulled it up over himself. It was soft and different. It wasn't the worst thing ever; he reluctantly tapes it up and stands up. It was sort of difficult to walk like this. But he managed he thought best not to put pants on.it would be easy to see if they got wet and didn't want to risk them leaking. He heads to his desk and finds a sandwich on his desk he looks around covering himself in embarrassment. No one was there; he sat down and shrugged. He ate the sandwich and started to do surveys. After 2 surveys he was already out of it, not because he was bored he wasn't sure why. it was almost like being hypnotized and you know you're there but you can't do anything. He can't even read the questions. It was like his body was on autopilot. It's kinda fun and freaky, he just remembered enjoying every minute. When suddenly it hits 5 pm and it completely wears off. He had an odd warm feeling in his crotch but it was weird he felt the front of his diaper and blushed. "W-when did I use it? I mean, I do need them. I guess? This is why care bought them for me. I would have been too embarrassed to do it. Thanks care, I think." Suddenly it talks back. "it's ok sweetie. Little bulls need help all the time." Aik was blown away that it could talk. He just stares at the care unit. "Y-you can talk!?" But it didn't respond, he thought he was hearing things. He rubs his eyes and scratches his ears, and just looks at it. Before his stomach growls. "I'm hungry... Last day I had to make myself something though isn't that exciting chocolate?" He chuckles to himself he felt very childish in a wet diaper with his teddy bear. He hugs chocolate before he heads to the kitchen with him. His diaper was sagging from being soaked. Who knows how long he's been wet. He makes himself a quick sandwich and heads to the front room walking awkwardly from the wet diaper. Sandwich in hand. "I probably need to change first. I definitely don't enjoy this wet diaper. Hmm, I wonder if care could get care to change me when it's updated." This really piqued his interest. He could have care do all this stuff for him and all he had to do was answer questions. This will be a blast, But he still needs a change today. he goes to his room and puts his sandwich down. He then pulls out a new diaper and removes his wet one-off and throws it away. He diapers himself in a new one. He was still pretty nervous but much quicker that time. It was different but it was beginning to feel normal to him. He grabs his sandwich then heads back to his desk to eat it before working on more surveys. When he sat down though he found the screen saying thanks for your purchase. And goes to the normal screen. He looks confused but he shrugs. Probably just care she seems to know me well. "Care knows best. It will know what I want and need. But it spent quite a lot of money... 150$ shesh I'm going to have to work hard on questions if I'm ever going to use this money for food and stuff. And not diapers...and teddy bears. God, what am I four?" He sighed but he could make that back quickly. He starts working on questions getting the same feeling as before. Time Flies by and around 1 am he comes around with an awful smell. His eyes get big when he moves, once he realizes it's him. His hand moved to his crotch he was also soaked. He jumps up. "Eww! This is so gross!" he runs to the bathroom and un-tapes his diaper and cleans up a bit and throws the messy diaper in the trash "I-I can't believe this. I have no control over anything anymore, Why don't I? I swear I could control my body before this." He sighs and cleans up taking a shower luckily he didn't have to clean up more clothes thanks to the diaper. Then it hit him that he didn't take a shower after wetting himself today. Strange normally that kinda stuff grosses himself out but he wasn't thinking correctly. After the shower he dries off staying naked, then goes and grabs chocolate and goes to his room to see his sheets and stuff all washed layers out nicely. "H-hello?" No response. "That's creepy... But I won't complain...maybe a little" He grabs a new diaper, puts it on, and just lays down in his bed only diapered and hugs chocolate and smiles covering up. He's never slept in a diaper but it felt so normal to him. "Tomorrow is going to be so fun with care upgraded! Hopefully, I can get to a doctor, maybe I'm getting sick with all these accidents?" He lay for a while before falling asleep he didn't notice it but he was definitely changing these surveys were slowly hypnotizing him, making him believe this is who he is. How far will it go? Why would someone want adult-sized babies? Chapter 4 Aik grones as his doorbell rings at 6 am, he decides to ignore it; he wasn't going to leave his bed so early. whoever it was could wait till later. He quickly fell back asleep. An hour later something shakes him and he feels the covers thrown off him. Exposing his very wet diaper. Aik was still so out of it he didn't notice till he heard tape ripping off the plastic diaper. His eyes open quickly and there's a robot that looks like care and it's removing his diaper. He blushed and pulled chocolate in for a hug. He held him close unsure what to say; he just stared in disbelief as care changed his diaper cleaned him off and put a new one on him with baby powder. He was happy to be clean but the idea of anyone but himself changing his own diaper was strange. It was strange enough he had to go back to diapers. Suddenly it talks. "is the little Aikawa hungry?" It says in a calming voice. Aik nods and he swears he sees it smile and takes his hand. It pulls him out of bed in nothing but a diaper and it leads him to the kitchen. He was still holding his bear close; it was the only way to feel comfortable right now. He sits down and air escapes his diaper he blushed some. suddenly. The robot begins to cook making waffles. It smelled amazing aik couldn't wait. A bit later care puts a plate in front of him and a waffle with a bunch of syrup. Aik licked his lips and dug in eating it all up. Nearly forgetting his situation. Care suddenly grabs the plate and hands aik a tablet and Aik looked confused looking at the tablet it was signed in to his account on survey bab. "How about you get to work?" He looked at it and it had a Survey link opened up. “But…” He was quieted as she forced his finger to hit the start survey. It was like his mind went blank again. He waddles his way to the front room laying on the rug and starts to do questions but this time oddly there done with pictures, it's awesome. He didn't have to read at all. It was so relaxing he kicked his feet back and forth and just spaced out like normal. His diaper would crinkle every leg move but he didn't pay enough attention. He couldn't remember what he was answering but it was about his favorite toys and stuff. He was out of it for another 8 hours before he was able to move on his own again. He started to think it was suspicious but something was also telling him what's the point if you're having fun and his hand touches the front of his diaper and a change. He giggles Blushing. He found it funny he couldn't control it now. He was such a child he's never felt so relaxed in his life. "Care... Umm, can you help?" Care comes in with a diaper in hand and quickly gets him changed into a new one. Aik smiles. "Thanks, care." Care walks off and comes back with more food and puts it in front of him, it was a hamburger. He was starving; he quickly ate it up. But today he wanted to do more than questions. A strange part of him wanted to play with something. He had chocolate but he needed more toys. He opened the store on his tablet and just clicked a bunch of toys just buying a ton. He pays for them all and looks excited for tomorrow. He didn't care about how much money he had only about what he wanted. He holds up chocolate smiling. "See that chocolate! Me and you will have more friends soon!" He looks at the bear for a moment. "You think care needs more upgrades? She could do more for me? That's a great idea!" He gets back to the store and finds a final upgrade for care. This will completely take care of anyone to the max. He quickly ordered it agreeing to anything it asked him. To Aik this was his own decision but it was the surveys. once he spaces out it starts to hypnotize him by repeating what he is and needs to do over and over and over. It's getting bad he's starting to forget what age he is. He lays back and plays with chocolate pretending it can talk and care comes in and touches Aiks diaper and he blushes. "Y-you just changed me I don't need it again...I'm playing shesh..." It gives him a curious look "Well, you are wet again already it has been a few hours." Aik looks surprised and puts his hand on his own diaper. "A few hours?! I just started playing! Whoa, it is wet...aww." Care pats his head and picks up aik. Aik wasn't small so this surprised him so much. "Ahh! P-put me down please!" Aik hugs care close and she takes him to his room. she changes his wet diaper. And lays him back in bed and covers him up, Care kisses his head. "Time for bed." Aik looked blown away. "B-bed? It's... 7 pm?" Care nods. "Yap and also your new bedtime. Now get to sleep." Aik wasn't a bit tired he grumbled. "Stupid robot... I'm not sleepy, you need to take care of me not give me a bedtime!" Care grabs a book and sits by his bed. It was a children's book where did aik get that? he didn't own any strange. Care started to read and Aik could not stop listening. It was like it was also hypnotizing him. it was familiar but he liked it before too long he fell asleep. Care puts a pacifier in his mouth and aik oddly accepts it and sucks it hugging his bear. Care gets on his computer and ordered a bunch of stuff. Today was probably Aik's last day of being somewhat of an adult. But aik will probably accept it pretty easily after more surveys. Chapter 5 Aik could hear the doorbell ring again today but he decided to ignore it again. He could feel his diaper was soaked and he was still sucking his pacifier, he hasn't realized he even has it yet. But care was sure to get the door. The mailman brings a bunch of boxes in the house, to care some are really big and some quite small. What could all the boxes hold? Care opens each box setting them all out. One has an adult-sized crib, another adult-sized baby clothes. Another an adult high chair. The next had an adult playpen. And a whole bunch of toys and stuff enough to change Aiks entire house into an adult baby house. Hours passed and Aik didn't wake, but he was moved. He gets picked up and laid on a table he yawns and feels his cold wet diaper being removed. This woke him up quickly and he looked down to care, changing him. he smiles and relaxes. And goes to talk through his pacifier. "fanks cawe. I not realize I was wet..." He blushed hearing how he was talking and pulls out the pacifier and looks at it confused. Why was he sucking a pacifier? "How did I get this...? I mean it's odd it was relaxing." Aik looks around while he's getting changed. All his stuff was gone, his room looked like a nursery. a crib sat where his bed used to be that's when he noticed he was laying on a changing table. He felt like he should freak out but something was telling him this is normal. But he wasn't sure. Finally, care finishes his change and starts to put a cute red onesie on him and he blushes. Ok, this was definitely not normal. "I-i can wear big kids clothes care..." They look at Aik and it smiles. "Aww it's ok but these hide diapers better and help with the sag. I wouldn't want anyone to see you in them, would you? I promise I know what's best." Aik thinks for a while, was that true? This gave care enough time to quickly put it on him before he realized it. "H-hey!" Suddenly care picks him up and walks to the kitchen and Aiks eyes get huge as he sees his whole house looks like it's made for a giant baby. This was enough to make him know this was not ok "What happened to all my stuff?! What's with all the baby stuff?! Care! " Next, he's put in a big high chair and strapped in, and has the tray put on his high chair. He couldn't get out if he tried. "Let me out now! Stop, cancel! I want to go back to normal! I was ok with the diapers but this is way too far you stupid robot!" Care puts a tablet in front of him on his tray and has surveybab.com opened. He looked down and instantly calmed down. He couldn't control himself; he started to do surveys now all surveys were pictures of toys and stuff he would like. Suddenly it's pulled from his hands he feels himself whine a bit before he can think somewhat normally again. "Huh? What happened? " Aik looks around and care sits in front of him with some baby food cans. For some reason, Aik felt like this was normal. He felt like he was freaking out over something but for some reason, it was normal to him. "Open up baby" Aik didn't know what but he had a strong sensation to do as care asked. He opens his mouth and care puts a spoon full of food in his mouth. It was good, This made him smile. He kept getting spoon-fed by care till it was all gone and he was full. He lay back on his high chair as care took him out and held him taking him to the front room sitting him in a large playpen. There's a bunch of all the toys he picked out and chocolate was also in there. Aik didn't know why but he just wanted to scream with excitement he thought this was not normal but he knew it had to be. "TOYS! Yay!" Aik couldn't contain his excitement. He started playing with all his toys, later care gave him his tablet and he would play and answer questions. He couldn't remember the last time he had some much fun. He suddenly could feel he had to pee and poop but he was having too much fun to care as he just lets it all go laughing and having a blast. It was almost like he was no longer blanking out completely during surveys. Later Care comes into the room "Seems like someone had an accident" Care smiled at him and he continued to play, unable to quit even if he wanted to which he didn't. Care picks him up and he grabs some toys. "NO! I WANT TO PLAY!" He threw a tantrum then care gave him a stern look "You've been playing enough first you need a diaper change baby. Or you will get a rash in that stinky diaper" He throws the toys in his playpen and crosses his arms pouting. Then it hits Aik what he's been doing and what he just did in his diaper and he blushes like Crazy. Aik couldn't figure out why he was acting like this. Then it hits him. "THE SURVEYS! I-I GOT TO QUIT THEM! OR I'LL BE LIKE THIS FOREVER!" Care lays him down on the changing table and gets ready to change him before he rolls off the table and lands on his butt feeling everything squish around. He felt disgusted. He tried to get up but his legs just gave out on him. He keeps trying before care picks him up. "Goodness are you ok? it's ok you probably haven't learned to walk. Or forgot." This scared Aik he couldn't even think while he was changed and cleaned up and put in a new diaper. Was care in on this? She's trying to change him in more than one way he had to get away. "I-i can't walk...? Ever?" Care picks him up. "Maybe once you are all grown up sweetie. right now you're still way too young." Aik normally didn't cry easily, But he just burst into tears. "I'm an adult, not this baby I'm not! It's this survey! You can't make me do them anymore! They're messing up my Brain and making me a baby! Please! Care if you really know what's best you will help me!" Care didn't listen and took him to the playpen and plopped a pacifier in his mouth and forced his face into the tablet. He started sucking his pacifier slowly, stopping the crying not even remembering why he was crying. He went back to doing surveys and playing with his toys while sucking his paci. He doesn't even remember when but somehow he passed out face first hugging chocolate and his soggy diapered butt in the air. Care came in and picked him up and changed his soggy diaper and then put him in his crib with no change. "Analysis... Aikawa is trying to fight back. This might take a few more days than expected to fully make his mind into a baby for good. Punishment program engaged, Yelling, trying to run or anything bad will result in a bad punishment. Will make my little baby boy love his new lifestyle." Care leaves the room and goes to the front room to charge and plug herself into the computer. Chapter 6 Aik was in such a deep sleep in his crib when the familiar warm liquid started to push against him, he grones sitting up. Why couldn't he feel it anymore? He's got to escape before this gets worse. He can't live like this, it's not right. He looks around, it's still pretty early. He used the bars on his crib to help him stand then held himself up. The bars went up to his chin. He was blown away by how big it was. He shakes his head and tries to climb out. He Finally gets a leg over and tries to get down but he feels so high up. He panics a little and his grip slips. He goes to land on his legs but they did nothing but slip in front of him and he slams on his butt. Lucky he had a super wet diaper, it caught his fall. He could feel his diaper leak a bit from not being changed last night. He crawls out to his front room looking around seeing care plugged in. He smiles this was his chance to escape. He crawls to the door to open it. He gets on his knees and tries to turn the doorknob but it wouldn't open. "The hell...?" He sighs and crawls to the back door it also wouldn't open "Come on... What's going on? is this crazy robot trying to keep me from escaping... It's already ruined my bladder and my walking. If it keeps going I'll never be myself again... And that's scary...it's not like I'm suffering or hurting. I'm just scared to not be myself anymore." Suddenly he's grabbed from behind and picked up. "what are you doing out of bed young man!" It was care. Aik screams and struggles, beginning to cry, scared. "Let me go you stupid fucking robot! I don't want to do this anymore!" Care looked angry. Could robots feel angry, it takes Aik to the couch and she sits down laying him over his knee. "What are you-" Suddenly his eyes get big as his diaper is pulled down and he realizes what she might be doing. He tries to fight but the robot is too strong. suddenly he feels a hard smack on his ass. Aik fights hard not to cry as it hits over and over and over and over. Suddenly Aik Burst into tears. "I'm sorry I won't do it again! Please stop! It hurts so much! Do whatever you want! Just stop the pain!" Care stops and pulls up his diaper and Hugs him patting his back as he cries. The hitting was so hard it made him wet himself again his diaper was leaking badly. Next, a pacifier was put in Aiks mouth. He didn't fight it and sucked it. It kinda helped with the pain at least and relaxed him. She then took him to the changing table gave him a quick change before taking him back to the front room. Then care sits him in her lap and hands him the tablet with the normal website on it. "I think you need to relax with some surveys, sweetie." Aik gulps. He shakes trying not to but nothing could stop it. He started doing surveys and having fun with it too. He soon began to fall back asleep. "... Regression 75% complete. Just jumped up 15% in the past hour. Best Increase all week. Upgrade to 1.0 bought and shipped. Once upgraded I will take care of my baby forever till I can't anymore." Lay him back in his crib and let him sleep a few more hours till 9. Keeping him on a somewhat schedule. Aik gets woken up and taken for another diaper change Aik was happy to be in a new diaper. Care takes him to the kitchen he's was expecting to be fed but care grabs a strange bottle and fills it with something and then care screws the strange bottle with a small nipple on its chest. Care then brings him closer and it hits him that she wants him to drink from it like he was being breastfed he blushed. He wasn't going to fight through he didn't want to be hit again. He opens his mouth and starts drinking from it. He couldn't imagine how he looked. Probably like a little baby being breastfed. At Least it tasted good. He was also feeling full from this strange stuff. Before it was empty Aik was full but he was forced to finish it all. Aik grones from his full stomach. He's sat down in something that he didn't notice. suddenly he's being pushed forward. He laid his head against the thing and closed his eyes, relaxing. He hears the door open and he's pushed outside. This woke him up as he opened his eyes great big. Even his yard looked like a place for a big kid. He couldn't say anything, what if someone saw him. This was the most embarrassing thing to happen in his life. And not only that he can feel himself filling his diaper and peeing. He could only blush as he was pushed outside and taken down the street. This makes him realize he hasn't been outside in over 4 days. The fresh air was nice but this is crazy. He was keeping a close watch for anyone he knew. But there wasn't anyone except a few ladies pushing strollers around like Aiks. That's strange he thought, then he sees the kids inside them aren't kids there are people his age and there in diapers and playing with toys. This must be all the people who have been tricked into this website. He had to fight this and save everyone. If he gave up he will be just a baby like the rest of these people. But how was he going to do that he thought? If he did anything to fight back, care would hurt him. Care kept pushing them all the way to the park. It was full of real-looking people but they all had a "baby" or two I would say the once with two are couples. Do they even remember they love each other or do they just think like babies? This made Aik shiver. These poor people are forced to live forever like this. Who's ever planned this must be so evil. But what could care have planned for him and the others? He looks back and care looks human and his eyes get big. And it says. "1.0 upgrade complete. Mommy mode engaged." Suddenly it started to talk like a real human. It was almost scary how well it was. Care smiled at Aik. "Hello sweetie. Do you want to play with some other babies? While mommy talks to other mommy’s?" Mommy? It's joking right she doesn't expect me to call her that. I won't I won't become this baby she wants me to be I won't. But the tablet was held in front of him. He doesn't remember what happened but he knows it couldn't be good. Chapter 7 Care picks up Aik out of the stroller after his hypnosis and puts some strange mittens on Aik and some kinda strange backpack on his back. Aik crawls around and sees like 15 other boys and girls. The boys had a shirt on and no pants with a big diaper and the girls had on a dress and not that he was trying but he would peek see them sitting and they also were wearing thick diapers. Aikawa felt lucky he still had pants on. He felt like the most adult person there before all his dignity was taken away and care pulled off his pants. He would be lying if the girls didn't look kinda cute and his eyes were always looking up at them. Aik blushed and was sat down by the other diapered adults with baby minds. Aik knew this was his chance to run; he starts to crawl away when he was pulled back by something. He's on what seems like a leash. He crosses his arms and sits there in the grass. That's when he remembered he was in a dirty diaper. He looked down at His diaper, it was brown in the back and yellow in the front. Not only that but he was really itchy but he couldn't scratch himself with the mittens on. He felt kinda embarrassed but no one seemed to have a normal mind anymore they were all laughing and playing with each other. Then Aiks eyes get big he sees his friend sitting there in a diaper and shirt. He looked funny. He wanted to laugh but he was also in the same predicament. He crawled over to him. He also saw his wife also diapered. "Umm... Hi, bud..." Aik waves and his friend sees him and his eyes get big and hug him "AWK! ME NO SEE YOU SO LONG!" Aik pats his back, blushing his friend wasn't much of a hugging person but he also was talking funny. "O-oh right sorry about that... What happened to you...? Are you-" He gets cut off from his friend feeling Aiks diaper and he blushes and pulls away "Miss Aiks mommy! Aik had an accident!" Aik blushed more "Shhh! And she's not my "mommy"! That's weird! She's a stupid robot." His friend looks at him "Me fank you need more surveys? You don't sound baby enough...it ok Aik! We all have fun join us!" He smiles and aik couldn't believe it he had to be imagining it. His friend wouldn't say that. It had to be the Surveys that's messing with his brain. Suddenly care comes over and lays a cover on the ground and picks up Aik and lays him on it. He was confused about what she was doing. Then she started to remove his diaper and he blushes. "W-wait! Not in front of my friend! And everyone!" Care gave him a glare and aik gulps he didn't want to be spanked. Care removed his dirty diaper and cleans him up. Aik covers his face in embarrassment with his junk hanging out for everyone to see. Care puts a new diaper under him and diapers him up. She then gives him back the tablet he couldn't control anything after that and he remembers watching himself play like a baby with his friend. They played for hours. Aik was so worried what if he didn't get back control, what if this part of his mind disappears forever. This made Aik start to cry, and knock him back to his senses he couldn't stop crying. Care came over and picked him up and rocked him and aik found it hard to stay awake. He wanted to rest, he wanted to forget about this baby crap. He wanted to be normal. He let out a big yawn before falling asleep in her arms. He woke up what felt like shortly after in his crib he was sucking on his pacifier he didn't know why but he felt very relaxed with it in. He sat up and felt his diaper was soggy he only sighed. He hated it but it was something he can't control. He knows he's better off in diapers than wetting everywhere but being treated like a full-on baby was getting to his head. He barely had anything left to fight. He started to think maybe he was just a baby then he shakes his head and slaps his face. "Stop thinking that! You're not! I-i'm sure I'm not... I'm..." He shakes and tears up "I'm...a baby..." he starts crying. And quickly care runs in with her human-like new body and picks up Aik and cradles him. "Oh no sweetie what's wrong?" Aik just kept crying unable to express how he felt he just wanted to cry but he was happy to be comforted. Soon care smiles. "I bet my baby's hungry huh?" Care pulled up her shirt and aik just started calming down some, care had real human breast but he kinda didn't care he was pretty hungry. He put his mouth over her teet like a baby would and just started to drink it was so relaxing he just drank till he was full. Then something happened to Aik. His mind was put at rest and he no longer wanted to be an adult. He wanted to be mommy's baby. No, he was mommy's baby. He pulled away from the breast and smiled. "Me full mommy!" Care smiles and kisses Aiks head. "Such a good boy!" Aik looks at his diaper. "Mommy me messy can you change my diapy?" Care takes him to the changing table and lays him down. "Well of course sweetie! Do you want your cute diapers?" Aik looked excited. "Ya! And then I want to play! And watch cartoons!" Care laughs. "Alright you can do that then" Aik gets cleaned up and put in a fresh diaper. These new diapers had childish print on them, she had taken him to the front room and put him into his playpen. He spent most of the rest of the day playing and watching TV just having fun. Aik didn't realize it but his mind was completely changed. The old Aik was nearly gone; it was crying out for help to come back. Aik would almost just be this baby if he could control it himself. He wanted to be himself not someone else. Chapter 8 It's been a few days Aiks been nothing but a complete baby. In his mind he wants to gain control, He hasn't even taken a survey in the past few days he thought maybe after that he could gain back control. But nothing came to mind. He would play with his friend and even have diapers changed together; they had a blast together. But he didn't seem that much changed except being in this little headspace. Maybe it's not changing us to be different but changing us to accept this new thing? After that Aik could feel more in control of his body but in reality, he has full control. It's more of the fact Aik didn't want to admit how much he loves this new life being a baby, it was amazing, He could play all day and not even have to stop to pee or anything. This started to go through his mind and he accepted it more and more before in his own mind he had full control. He woke up the next day in his crib. He smiled and hugged chocolate. "So I always had control... I was just too ashamed to admit it to myself." Aik feels his diaper and giggles. "Oopsie looks like the baby's wet" Aik shushes chocolate "let's not tell mommy heheheh." Aik lays in bed for a while before care walks into the room. And aik sits up quickly. "Morning mommy!" Care smiles and picks up Aik "Someone's a happy boy today isn't he?" Cares checking Aiks diaper without him noticing. "Yap!" Aik smiles Bigger "Me just realized how much me like being you baby!" Care gives a sweet smile and hugs him "Sweet taking won't get you out of a diaper change sweetie." Aik puffs out his cheeks and crosses his arms. "How did you know?" Care laughs "Well, I checked it while you weren't looking. Boy, are you soaked! But you did drink a bunch of mommy's milk before bed didn't you?" Aik nods "Mommy's got such good milk too!" Care lays him on the changing table and changes him and gets him in a fresh diaper. And picks him up she pulls up her shirt to reveal her breasts and like a newborn Aik quickly grabs on and starts to drink. Aik could drink and nearly fall asleep and know mommy would take care of all his needs. This was definitely the most relaxing time of his life. He's taken to the front room and sat down in the playpen and lays there half asleep when he hears the door open he sits straight up. "Bud?!" But it wasn't his friend he saw a few people in suits he felt embarrassed. He hasn't felt that in a while. They walk up to Aik and smile and coo at him. "Hey, little guy! We wanted to tell you we got a lot of information from you so we are going to pay for anything you want. This offers going to most of your community for accepting our little test." Aik sat there and thought ‘anything I want?’ Information? The guy could see Aik was embarrassed he just laughed. "I see you're embarrassed and confused. Let's see I'm from surveybab.com the website designed to hypnotize you into being a baby but it only works on people who mentally would enjoy this stuff. But would never admit to it." Aik blushes and sucks his thumb for comfort. He began wetting himself in embarrassment. "Y-you did this to me? So I can have anything...?" The man nods "What if me wanted to be normal..." The man Smirks "Then you would be lying to yourself, little one. But we can arrange that no problem." This made Aik blush more and think more. "Hmm, I got an idea little one how about we let you keep care forever and we will pay for everything you need and throw in a vacation to a beach. Imagine running around the beach in your diapy and laying in the sand. No one to judge you." Aik could feel his excitement rising and it sounded amazing. "But... What if other people saw me? They would mock me..." The man thinks for a second and smiles. "Well, we will rent out the beach then! Just for you and all your uhh... Adult baby friends?" Aik hopped on his diaper butt in excitement. "DEAL DEAL DEAL DEAL! YOU HEAR THAT CHOCOLATE!" The man laughs. Then look at care. "Care! Implement care for your baby till he asks you to quit!" Care smiles "I planned on it" The man looks confused "Hmm seems your care unit thinks it's actually your mom... That must have been harder on you trying to fight it thinking you don't want it." Aik nods and hugs chocolate close. "Yap me though that! Then me realize I love this! What about my friends thought, they like it too?" Aik tilts his head. And the man just smiles. "Well, most would prefer to only be babies once in a while so we allowed it. You're probably the only one that wanted to be one full-time. But I'm curious how it will affect you so continue being you. And just have fun." Aik nods and smiles big as the man leaves. The next day he and his best friend with a lot of other Littles crawling around on the beach in diapers and mommies or care units changing them. It was the most fun and cutest week ever. But Aik enjoyed every minute of it. He couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life like this. Maybe they would let him get other friends involved in the future?
  4. From the album: Bottleneck Baby's Art

    Found these images online, they were credited to Bottleneck Baby so I'm doing the same here. They look like they cold be early work.
  5. From the album: Bottleneck Baby's Art

    Found these images online, they were credited to Bottleneck Baby so I'm doing the same here. They look like they cold be early work.
  6. From the album: Bottleneck Baby's Art

    Found these images online, they were credited to Bottleneck Baby so I'm doing the same here. They look like they cold be early work.
  7. From the album: Bottleneck Baby's Art

    Found these images online, they were credited to Bottleneck Baby so I'm doing the same here. They look like they cold be early work.
  8. A cold breeze kicked up dust accross a desolate patch of land, which had been graded by the construction equipment that sat idle. Clouds rolled over the real estate development where one fully furnished dwelling, a show house, stood. However, despite its minimalist exterior and modern design, the contents of this house were rather futuristic: cutting edge devices were strategically placed throughout the model home. These gadgets promised to deliver comforts and automation beyond anything mankind had yet seen. In front of the building stood two impatient men, boys really. Each was just shy of being twenty. One had a crop of blond hair which reached his petite shoulder blades. The other had a stylish emo hair cut, one eye obscured from sight with a streak of blue at the ends of the chopped up strands of hair. The two older teen's chatted amongst each other while waiting for the technician who was supposed to meet them. Once he arrived, he would engage the testing of the features of the household. Regardless of that, the boys cared more about getting paid once the tests were completed. "Man, when's this guy supposed to get here?" The black haired boy, named Kevin, asked in an annoyed tone, shivering from the cold. "I dunno, but this is weak. We got here on time and now this clown is lagging." The blond with the shaggy mop whined like a petulant child. "I know, man. Wish I brought a hoodie or something." Kevin replied. "Shit, I wish we could get lit while we wait, but I ran out the other night." The blond explained. "I'd smoke a bowl with you, got some in my car, but who knows if this guy will be a hard ass about it. I didn't even blaze because it's the potent stuff." "Shoot, good point. I don't want to go home broke just for smelling too dank." The blond smiled as Kevin chuckled. "Shit, man. After we finish here, I'll blaze you out if you're down. Just throw me a fiver." "Eh, are they going to pay us straight cash or what?" The blond scratched his head. "Doubt it. I just meant that you could cash your check and pull some money out of the ATM. Throw me a five and we'd be even." Kevin elaborated. "Yeah, sure thing." The blond looked up at the interior of the porch, a mock stone pillar stood next to the two, supporting the second story. "You don't think that they got cameras or like, audio devices up there do you?" Kevin looked at the blond with a blank face. "Uhhh, don't be paranoid, Eric. Besides, we're sober. They can't say shit." "True." Eric instantly felt better. Kevin made a good point. They were just chilling, waiting for this tech guy to show up and let them test out the house. Not like they we're getting drunk or something stupid on their property. "Sweet!" Kevin pointed towards the lone road which dissected the wide open development. A white van appeared out of seemingly no where. It was fairly quiet and pulled into the driveway. "I think he's here, bro." Eric and Kevin's spirits finally lifted. The sooner they could begin the tests, the sooner they'd get paid and could leave. However, much to the teen's surprise, a beautiful young red head stepped out of the driver's side door. She was of average height, about the same size and weight as the boys. Her vivid red hair draped across her shoulders, contrasting with her white coat. "Damn." Kevin whispered to Eric. "I know, dude." Eric replied, almost dumbfounded, completely caught off guard by this woman. He had expected some old dude, hairy fat guy or some combination of the two. "Good afternoon." The redhead greeted. "Kevin and Eric, right?" "Yeah, I'm Eric." The blond smiled a dumb little grin, intoxicated by the woman's perfume. "I'm Kasey." The technical minded woman smiled at the boy with the emo hair. "And that must mean that you're Kevin?" "Yeah, I am." The nineteen year old stated, a little more level headed than his new buddy. "So, like, you want us to test out this place, right?" "Yep, and I've noted that you've agreed to all the waivers and such, but I need you to sign this disclosure form." Kasey pulled out two pieces of paper from within her coat. "What are we agreeing to by signing this?" Eric asked, starting to think clearly again. "It says that you both agree not to tell anyone about what you see inside. You know, we got to protect our trade secrets." Kasey explained. What she didn't tell them was that the papers held a clause which vaguely eluded to the fact that the corporation would not be held liable for any malfunctions that caused the boys injuries, or even death. "For sure." Eric answered. "Makes sense." Kevin added, as he signed the paper with the pen that Kasey handed him. Eric grabbed the pen from Kevin's hand and jotted down his signature. "Good." Kasey smiled, "Everything looks to be in order." The technician put the papers away. "Let's get out of the cold and into the house." Kasey pulled out a small laser pointer and shined it onto a small, black surface on the front door. It was a tiny square, barely an inch by an inch in diameter. Suddenly, the door opened automatically. *Welcome home, technician three seventeen* A sleek, humanoid voice greeted Kasey. "Not bad, sounds better than Alexa." Kevin smirked. "Yeah, beats the average robotic voice you hear on Google." Eric said, not wanting to be out done by Kevin. It was silly, but the two young men were engaging in the timeless act of trying to impress the fairer sex. However, they both failed to realize that this slightly older lady was not interested in them. She may of been in her mid twenties, but that didn't mean she was into guys that were probably fresh out of high school. "Thanks, I didn't design the voice, but I am glad to hear that it's a pleasant enough tone. You'll be hearing her all day." Kasey stepped into the living room, leading her male companions. "So, do you like, monitor our reactions or how is this going to go down?" Kevin asked. "Basically, I'm here in case something needs adjusting or if a glitch happens. We've tested this system a million times in a closed environment, but this is the first test where the house is actually out in the literal elements. For instance, I'll be monitoring the power consumption and other variables to ensure that everything goes according to plan." "What happens if the storm knocks out power? We're not trapped in here, are we?' Eric asked. "Good question. Depending on what exactly happens, I can call HQ and they'll activate the remote generator to power everything. It's in the prototype stage. In the future, this house, and the rest, will just run back up power automatically." Kasey stated. "Why isn't the generator always hooked up to the house?" Kevin wondered aloud. "Well, to be honest, it's to test our remote systems. In fact, that'll probably be the last thing that we test. HQ said that they would simulate a blackout to test it." "Okay, cool." Eric nodded. A loud crack pierced the sky above as the thunder clapped, jarring the trio out of their calm conversation. The boys looked startled by the unexpected noise as the room descended into darkness. A low hum was heard as the house tried to stay online. "Shit, I thought it wasn't going to rain until tonight!" Kasey was slightly annoyed by the power going out. "Yeah, what's with the thunder?" Eric added. "The storm must've blown in earlier than calculated." Kasey sighed and went for her phone which normally rested in her pocket, only to find it missing. "Shit!" She exclaimed. "I left my cell in the van." Kevin noticed that the calm demeanor which Kasey carried herself with was broken by the fact that she didn't have her phone and the power had gone out. It was interesting, to the young man, to see how people reacted to minor annoyances. However, had he known that her phone was the only way to get them out of the house, he may of respected the nature of the situation that was rapidly developing. "Okay, I have an idea. I'll go manually activate the back up generator since I can't contact HQ." Kasey was starting to head down the hall when Kevin called out to her. "You can use my phone." "I appreciate it, but it'd probably take longer to wait on hold. We could end up waiting an hour to get the right people on the line" Kasey lamented. "I'll just manually start the back up power. Thanks for the offer though." Kasey began to walk deeper into the house, hoping that she could fix this. The last thing she wanted was to end up trapped in here all day with these guys. 'Hell, I'm practically babysitting these guys, but I want to be the...' Kasey shook her head, trying to rid herself of those thoughts. She had to maintain her composure and think professionally. A hallway opened up to the garage and a door stood between the technician and the generator. 'Shit, I hope they don't go snooping around. If they find my stash, I'd just die.' Kasey knew that she should have removed everything related to her shameful kink, but she didn't want to abandon her private fortress of infantile delights sooner than she had to. Having an automated system literally pamper her was a dream come true and she wasn't quite ready to let it go. "Here we are." Kasey pulled off a panel of the wall, exposing the black, cylindrical device which sat on the ground inside the wall. It was an odd set up, mostly because it only allowed enough room for one person to fiddle with the generator. Still, it had to be compact, the suburban homes couldn't waste space in their layouts. Despite the crampt quarters, Kasey got to work plugging in a few wires and typing a code into the key pad which would turn on the slumbering generator. A low hum came from the device. "Eureka!" Kasey shouted as the lights turned on in the garbage. *BOOM* A blue flash engulfed the entire house thanks to a direct hit with a lightning bolt. The house absorbed the energy like a sponge, but the internal systems were thrown offline. Kasey had covered her head, ducking down, due to the shock wave which had scared her half to death. While she huddled by the generator, she had no idea that the house was rebooting, and that the program she had designed for her private fetish would override the traditional programming. To Be Continued... For just a three dollars, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. You can also read up to the next part on my Patreon if you pledge today. Also, maybe you'd like a short story? If you pledge fifteen dollars and tell me what you'd like to read and I'll write you a story about any anime or situation you choose https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213
  9. I am Anastasia de Jong. I am a 25 year old talented inventor. I invented a robot that can help all single moms. This isrobot-nanny. I am going to present an exhibition model for buyers on the Internet. though I have not tested it yet, and banks refuse me grants to conduct experiments .. I deactivate the robot and go to bed. Sleep. The morning is wiser than the evening.
  10. David is going around a factory with his college class. He is less than interested in whatever educational value the trip was supposed to have and is easily distracted. When he gets separated from his group he accepts the help of an employee to direct him. Surely the employee wouldn't lead him in the wrong direction... --- If you enjoy my stories please consider subscribing to my Patreon page where I post a 2000+ word update every four days or so. For $5 a month you can read all of my updates a week before everyone else and for $10 you get early access plus exclusive stories only available to my patrons. There are more tiers and rewards available on the page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 Thank you to everyone who is already a patron of mine: DannyDazzler, Joe, Jerry J, Jack C, Fernando L, Conta, Mike S, Carter B, Dr J, Paul F, Trish C, John D, Archibald B, Bojack D, John, Georgia C, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Daniel, Jeffrey G, P, Joe, Tabbi, Anon, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Tim, Cless, Frank S, Scott S, John D, Pierre-David G, M, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, Chris, Dorian G, Ceneroz, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Matthew S, Pierry L, Paul C, VoidofContext, ReiofLight, James K, Lin J, Plus M, Orange, Joe V, Daniel O, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Tim, Alice W, Sophie S, SB1275, John Z, BuffaloBill, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben R, Ben F, Steven H Prisoner of the Machines By Elfy “David, are you paying attention?” Mr. Healy asked with exasperation. “Yeah, of course…” David replied as he tried to pretend he hadn’t been bored out of his mind during the tour he and his college classmates were on. In all honesty the eighteen-year-old David couldn’t be less interested on this tour of a manufacturing plant. When he signed up to the Business Management course at his local college he had done so just as an excuse to put work off for longer. He had very little actual interest in his course and even less interest in walking around a factory making all sorts of boring things. David was slouching along at the back of the group and paying more attention to his phone than anything going on around him. In the absence of paying attention he was planning his evening, he wanted to go to his friend’s house for some video games before they went out later in the evening. It would be pretty much the same evening he always did. “You can learn some really interesting things about managing a company here.” Mr. Healy said loudly as the disinterested students milled around. David rolled his eyes as the tour continued. The group started walking away and David was going to follow until something else grabbed his attention. “Boring tour, eh?” A man in his forties was looking up from some kind of large cutting machine and wiping his hands on the messy shirt in front of him. “Yeah.” David nodded his head and smiled, “Like, Mr. Healy is just the most boring person in the world.” “I can see that.” The man said as he nodded his head. He smirked and walked over to where David was standing, “My name’s Steve.” The man wiped his hand on his pants and held it out. David hesitated before grabbing the hand and shaking it. It seemed like he had found a kindred spirit and David looked at the thing the man was cutting. He seemed really friendly and disarming, even though David was usually quite shy he had no problem talking to this man. “What do you do here?” David asked as he let go of the man’s hand. His fingers hurt a little from Steve’s strong grip. “I cut shit.” Steve let out a loud bark of a laugh, “Metal, mostly aluminium. Cut it into the exact shapes and sizes so the guys down the line can put it all together.” “Sounds interesting.” David was lying but he didn’t know what else to say. “You’re not a good liar.” Steve smirked, “But that’s alright. I enjoy my work and it pays well. Your group are business students, right? Maybe you’ll be my boss.” Steve laughed and slapped David on the back roughly. David smiled uncomfortably in return, he had changed his mind. Steve wasn’t a kindred spirit after all, he was someone who gave David a really weird feeling about everything going on. David looked around and suddenly realised the group he was with had all disappeared. He had no idea where they had gone. He felt very alone. “I’d better get going.” David said as he started walking away, “I don’t want to miss anything.” “Mmhmm.” Steve nodded as he watched David moving away. David looked around to see if he could see any sign of his professor or classmates but they were nowhere in view. He looked around nervously feeling very out of place within the unknown factory. He could see some of the other workers looking his way and he felt vaguely threatened. “Lost?” Steve’s distinctive voice came from behind David. David closed his eyes and nodded his head without turning back around. There were several doors and he wasn’t sure which one his group had gone through. He cursed his lack of attention but blamed his professor for being so boring. “I think they went through that door.” Steve pointed to a door a little off to the side of the others. There was a sign on it that said “No Admittance!” “Really?” David looked doubtful. He knew how factory workers liked to play practical jokes on outsiders and he felt like he was being set up to get in trouble. The door looked different to all of the other ones around the room. It looked stronger and whereas the others were old and wooden, this one seemed very new. It even had a digital lock, it looked very out of place in an otherwise rather uninspiring factory. “Cross my heart.” Steve said. “It says “No Admittance” though.” David tried to see any hint of a smile or some sort of tell that Steve was playing with him. He knew people like this liked to prank outsiders. “That’s just for the general public.” Steve said, “Seriously, I’ve seen a bunch of these things in my time and they all go down there. It’s where we store the raw materials. I’ll even come with you if you don’t believe me, hold on a second…” David watched as Steve lowered the cutting machine and grunted with effort as he pressed it down. Bits of metal fell away to the floor around the cutter as it lifted up again. Steve quickly swept up the fallen metal and indicated for David to follow him. David hesitated but realised he had no other leads to follow in this bustling factory and he was getting in the way of all the workers trying to move around him. He was getting some evil looks from the people he was holding up. Steve walked around his machine and over to the door he had pointed at. It was behind another machine and looked fairly hidden from view, there was an overweight man operating a large drill in front of it. David moved a little closer as Steve unlocked the door and pushed it open, the corridor beyond was very dark. David walked over to stand next to Steve and looked into the darkness. It didn’t look likely that anyone had been down there in a while, David was unsure but when Steve indicated for him to step inside he decided to do so. “Just head down there.” Steve says. “Its pitch black…” David replied sceptically. “Hold on a second…” Steve fiddled with something on the wall and several small lights hanging from the ceiling flickered into life. Their light didn’t reach the floor. “Are you su-” David turned back to the doorway and was about to ask if Steve was sure this was the right way but the door was closed and Steve was gone. David hurried up to the door and tried to push it open but it was locked. Even worse than that the little window was covered by some card. David trying yelling and banging on the door but no one could hear him with all the machinery going on. David didn’t know if this was a prank or not but he turned to look at the dark corridor with worry. This didn’t seem right but he could either walk down there or stay here for who knows how long. “Great…” David’s voice echoed around the walls of the dark and bare corridor. Walking down the hallway rather gingerly David looked around for anything which might show a way out. He slowly walked through the darkness and expected Steve to suddenly yell that he had pranked him but there was nothing, the sound of the factory sounded like it was getting further away and David didn’t understand how he could’ve walked so far and still be in the building. In the almost complete silence of the hallway David felt like he heard some clanging from somewhere ahead. He could hear a low hum of electricity going through the walls. David suddenly found a staircase leading downwards. It seemed impossible that this was where his group had been taken, the guys in the factory must be playing a prank on him. Whatever they were doing David was determined to continue forwards since he was sure it was the only way he would spring their trap and get out of this strange and dark place. He walked down three flights of stairs and then continued down another hallway, he thought he was walking back towards the factory but it was easy to lose your bearings in such a dark place. --- “Hey! Tom! Get over here!” Steve called down the line of machines which were stopping for lunch making the factory an eerily silent place. “It’s lunch time.” Tom replied with his older voice. He was in his mid-fifties and his hair was greying quite dramatically. “It’s an emergency.” Steve said rather pointedly. His eyes shifted to the door he had sent David through a few minutes beforehand. Tom’s whole demeanour changed and he looked around conspiratorially as he put the sandwiches he had begun unwrapping on his work bench and started walking over to Steve. With the factory now silent the two men withdrew away from everyone else and spoke in hushed voices to each other. “I just sent a fresh one down.” Steve whispered. “Did you tell the guys upstairs?” Tom asked as he nodded towards the offices with windows overlooking the shop floor. “I was just about to do it.” Steve said as he hit the button on his machine to power it down, “I know they were looking for someone to send. I might get a nice little bonus for it.” “And I guess you want me to do the dirty work?” Tom looked mildly annoyed at his younger co-worker. “Don’t be like that, man.” Steve said as he clapped his friend on the back, “Help me out here and I’ll split the bonus with you. We need to make sure he gets into the room.” “Fine…” Tom put the tools he was carrying down on Steve’s workbench. “Good luck.” Steve said, “And don’t look so miserable. This is a nice little earner for the pair of us.” Tom nodded his head and stretched. He lifted the card that blocked the small window to make sure the person Steve had sent through had walked away from the factory. He keyed in the code and opened the door. Rather than walking down the hallway where David had gone Tom turned immediately to the right where there was a heavy slab on the floor. As the door closed behind him he pushed the slab out of the way to reveal a hatch with a ladder, he climbed down quickly until his feet hit the floor again. He quickly pushed the ladder up and it went up into a ceiling where it was hidden by a hatch. The hallway Tom was now in was illuminated by light shining through the window in another door. He made sure to give the door a wide berth as he hid behind some boxes nearby. He prepared for action because he was never sure what he would have to do. All he could do now was wait. --- David was thoroughly creeped out by the hallway he was in. At the bottom of the stairs the corridor was much different to one he had previously in. This corridor was much colder and looked like it had been abandoned for a long time, it was pitch black apart from a light at the far end of the corridor. David could see no other doors or anything else so he started walking forwards towards the light, he assumed he would walk through that door and end up in another part of the factory or something. As the door got closer David felt like something was wrong. He couldn’t be sure what exactly was going on and he was starting to feel increasingly fearful of what might be happening. This was all so weird, he should’ve just paid more attention to the tour he was on. He had always had trouble listening to others and he was always described as being off in his own little world. When David was a few feet away from the door the corridor opened up a little bit. He saw some large and heavy looking boxes to the side of the wall and they disappeared into the darkness. It was next to impossible to see anything in that murky darkness. “Is anybody in there?” David called out towards the door in front of him. His voice quivered slightly with the nerves he was feeling. There was no answer. If anyone was in the room in front of David they were staying quiet. The door in front of David looked heavy and was made of steel. Just above the door handle was a frosted glass window, the eighteen-year-old couldn’t see what lay beyond the door but the light was pouring through and almost blinding in the otherwise dark hallway. David reached the door and gently pressed against it. The door, much to David’s surprise, opened with ease. The door swung slowly open and David covered his eyes as they adjusted to the sudden light. He tried to see what was happening in the illuminated room but it was all coming into focus very slowly, he eventually saw a long padded table and in the centre of a large room with other things around the edges. “What the hell!?” David asked to no one in particular as he saw a small cage against the rear wall. What kind of room was this?
  11. Elaine peered over the ridge, shielding her eyes slightly as the wind kicked up the dust, she lay low on the ground, a hand clutching the grip of her pistol. The wastelands were deathly quiet, save for the low whistle that was the breeze over the dunes and ridges of the desolate landscape. 'It must be here somewhere…' she thought, reaching inside of her jumpsuit for a crumpled piece of paper. Unfolded, the paper was a very old and incredibly worn-out map, depicting the surrounding area in vague detail at best. This was a pre-war map; it wasn’t likely to include ruins or craters, let alone the location of vaults. She grunted, looking from the map to her surroundings. 'It has to be here, I’m sure!' She thought again, staring at the big red circle drawn on the map, with the numbers -109- scrawled next to it. Elaine had set out over two weeks ago on her expedition to find the elusive vault #109, to which little if any information was known. Even after raiding the Vault-Tech offices she was none the wiser, other than a: the vault existed, and b: it was somewhere here. For a hefty sum, she managed to scrounge a map from a couple of wastelanders who claim to have coordinates to its location, but hasn’t dared gone near it. She bit her lip, thinking of not just the caps she spent but the working condition laser rifle she traded for it too. 'I knew never to trust ghouls' she thought, folding it back up and tucking it back into her jumpsuit. She was a young woman, Elaine. Only just in her twenties, having left her settlement after hearing stories of the vault hunters; wastelanders who travelled to the mysterious nuclear bunkers that dotted the country, raiding them for any pre-war tech and becoming quickly rich in the process. She didn’t want to waste her years flogging junk in Megaton or following in her mother’s footsteps as a Brahmin farmer, she wanted adventure!Steadily getting to her feet, Elaine brushed off the dirt and cautiously walked on, constantly on the lookout for any rogue raiders, or worse, super mut…ANNNNNNTSSSS!!!???She let out a squeal as the ground beneath her gave way with a crumble, falling a few feet and landing with a bruised THUD. “God friggin dammit!” she grumbled, pulling herself up and looking around. She had fallen into what looked like a mineshaft; lots of wooden supports lined the walls and ceiling, which now had a big hole letting in sunlight. Elaine rubbed her backside, groaning, looking back and forth, noticing the tunnel seemingly descending deeper into the ground. She slowly withdrew a small flashlight from her utility belt, flicking it on and moving slowly forward, her pistol raised. After about 50 yards came an abrupt end to the tunnel, a solid wall. Shining her light, she could make out a big grey circle of metal, shaped like a cog…with the numbers 109 in faded yellow writing….THIS IS IT! She beamed, nearly jumping with excitement. The entrance was literally hidden underground! She hurried forward, looking at the door, which stood motionless and still. Putting her ear to the cold metal, she couldn't hear a thing. Though seeing how they were several feet thick, needing to withstand a nuclear holocaust she guessed as much. She moved over to a control panel nearby, blowing a few decades of dust and earth off. She scratched her head for a moment, before pushing and pulling the buttons and levers at random. After only a few presses the door let out a loud mechanical groan, the sound of machinery vibrating through the tunnel, shaking even more dirt from the ceiling. After a minute or so of chugging, the door finally slid aside, steam gushing from the opening mechanism. Pistol raised again, Elaine moved forward into the dimly lit vault. The entrance was nothing special, she had been in two vaults already and this looked no different. All switches, machines and a room off to the side that housed the control room. She moved on, occasionally looking over her shoulder in the event that she was being followed.She gripped the wheel of the only door out, twisting it, opening the door. She threw up her hands as bright white light instantly shone through the door the moment it was cracked open. She covered her eyes in pain as she tried to get used to the brightness, just as a voice spoke.“HI THERE AND WELCOME TO VAULT #109.” She half recognised the voice; it sounded an awful lot like a robot… “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE THE VERY FIRST PERSON TO SET FOOT IN OUR PROUD VAULT SINCE ITS GRAND OPENING WHICH NEVER HAPPENED!” Still grumbling, Elaine peered through her fingers. Standing above her was a big clunky robot, much cleaner and well presented than the ones she was used to dealing with. Also this one wasn't attempting to zap her with a laser beam, which was a rare treat. “First person? What about the past vault dwellers?” Elaine asked, tentatively. “VAULT #109 WAS NEVER OFFICIALLY OPENED BY VAULT TECH!” The robot answered immediately, always speaking with a cheerful woman’s voice, albeit with a typical robotic tone. “DUE TO PRODUCTION ISSUES, SUPPLY ISSUES, REASON ISSUES, AND MANY OTHER ISSUES TOO NUMEROUS, VAULT #109 WAS DEEMED A FAILED PROJECT BEFORE IT HAD BEGUN, AND WAS NOT OPENED TO THE PUBLIC. VAULT TECH ATTEMPTED TO REPURPOSE THE VAULT, BUT WERE UNABLE DUE TO THE NUCLEAR WAR WHICH OCCURRED NOT FIVE DAYS AFTER THE ORIGINAL PLANNED OPENING OF VAULT #109!” Elaine blinked, standing up straight during the machine’s explanation. 'So if this vault has never been opened…the tech inside must be untouched and worth a monumental amount of caps!' She thought, looking around. What vaults she had explored had been ransacked long before, the interiors had rusted over, most of the equipment either missing or no longer in functioning order. This place was a goldmine. “WOULD THE YOUNG LADY CARE TO FOLLOW ME? AFTER OVER 200 YEARS I CAN FINALLY SERVE MY PURPOSE!” The robot turned and began clunking away down the passage. Elaine followed, tucking her pistol into her holster, no longer needing it if the vault has only just opened. The robot lead Elaine further and further in, past a few doors, rounded windows that peered through into pristine computer labs and control rooms, a gentle hum filled the vault as the two of them walked through. After a few minutes they came to a stop, another door slid open before them.“So…what purpose did this vault have, exactly?” Elaine asked, looking around. “Why did Vault Tech decide against opening it for people to use?”“VAULT TECH EVENTUALLY CONCLUDED THAT EXPERIMENTING ON HAVING NO LAVATORIES IN A VAULT WAS DEEMED NECESSARY!” The robot answered straight away.“What? No lavatories? You mean like…no bathrooms?” “VAULT #109 HAS ENOUGH BATHROOMS TO SATISFY THE CLEANING OF ITS MAXIMUM 1000 OCCUPANTS. RATHER IT HAS NO FLUSH LAVATORIES TO DISPOSE OF HUMAN WASTE.”“What the hell? No toilets? What the hell was anyone supposed to do?” Elaine asked, flabbergasted, as they entered the room. “VAULT #109 OCCUPANTS WERE EXPECTED TO WEAR DIAPERS!” said the robot, turning to Elaine. “DIAPERS FOR ANY AND ALL AGES, THEY WERE TO BE RECYCLED IN THE VAULT DIAPER RECYCLER AND REPURPOSED INTO FRESH DIAPERS, MEANING THE VAULT WOULD NEVER RUN OUT!”“B….but that’s ridiculous!” Elaine stammered, shocked at the very idea. “Who the hell thought that would be a good idea?! A hole in the ground filled with 1000 guys dressed like babies?!”“IT WAS THE PURPOSE OF VAULT #109, AND AS OUR FIRST OCCUPANT, YOU HAVE THE PROUD HONOUR OF BEING THE FIRST PERSON TO EXPERIENCE VAULT #109’S PURPOSE!” “What? Are you kidding me??? No way am I letting a crazy robot diaper me, I’m outta here!” Before Elaine could turn to leave a pair of hands clamped around both her arms, she struggled, turning her head to see an identical robot standing directly behind her, its claw-like hands closed tight around Elaine’s arm, as she wrestled fruitlessly against the iron grip.“VAULT #109 OFFERS SEVERAL EXPERIENCES FOR OUR OCCUPANTS!” The first robot continued. “OCCUPANTS CAN CHOOSE TO DIAPER THEMSELVES, OR ALLOW THE SOPHISTICATED VAULT TECH MACHINERY TO PERFORM THE TASK FOR THEM!”“GO TO HELL!!!” Snarled Elaine, still trying to break free from the second machine.”“DOES NOT COMPUTE!” The first robot said. “VAULT TECH MACHINERY WILL PERFORM DEFAULT ACTIONS IN THIS EVENT!” There was a loud whirring sound from behind Elaine, as a second pair of arms extended from the body of the robot holding her still, they moved seamlessly through the air, clamping around Elaine’s legs this time.“STOP IT, LET ME GO NOW!” Elaine screamed, feeling herself being lifted off her feet. The first robot marched forward, raising its own arms now. “PLEASE REMAIN STILL WHILE VAULT #109 TECH SERVES YOU, THANK YOU FOR YOU COOPERATION!” It said, before seizing the front of Elaine’s jumpsuit.“Don’t you things dare touch me, I said NO. STOP!” She cried, seeing the buttons on her suit pop open, her bra now on full display as the machine yanked off her clothes. “LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP THAT! P…PLEASE!” She wailed, as the robot continued stripping her of her outfit. What the robot couldn’t simply peel off, it sliced with a precise zap of its laser, effortlessly undressing Elaine in a matter of seconds. Soon Elaine was just in her underwear, her clothes and equipment now in a jumbled heap on the floor. “ONCE THE OCCUPANT IS COMPLETELY STRIPPED, PROCEED TO PART TWO!” the robot chimed, reaching forward and grabbing her bra in one claw and her panties in the other. “NO! STOOOOOOP!!!” Elaine shrieked, fighting back tears as her underwear were ripped away, leaving her now stark naked, at the mercy of these crazy machines. The robot holding onto her began trundling along on its caterpillar treads, still keeping Elaine aloft in it’s grip, her nude body coming up in goosebumps at the cool air of the vault. The robot carried her towards the big machine that took up most of the room, a conveyer belt sticking out the front like a flat grey tongue. Next thing she knew, Elaine found herself lifted higher into the air and placed upon the rubbery surface of the belt. As she realised she was no longer in the robot’s clutches she instinctively began trying to escape, but the machine had already began whirring and chugging, the belt quickly pulling her into the void of the open hatch, which quickly shut behind her. Plunged into darkness, she shivered, curling up as the belt rolled her into nothingness. As the belt eventually came to halt, lights switched on, momentarily blinding her yet again. Before she could get a grasp on her surroundings more clawed hands seized her limbs. She shrieked again, ignoring the rather unusually soft and gentle grips as they pulled her arms and legs spread-eagled.Elaine could only watch as the arms forced her legs apart, pushing them up towards her chest, exposing everything. “This is insane, stop this PLEEEEAAAASSSSE!!!” she cried. The machine didn’t take any notice, and was poofing some white powder over her bottom and privates. Unable to escape, Elaine stared as the arms finished the powdering, spreading her legs even further. Her knees almost touching her chest, Elaine stared at the thick, white diaper now being unfolded, framed between her legs. “NOOOOOOO!!!” she cried out, her face turning red in an effort to get out of this insane contraption. Unable to move a muscle, the diaper swooped down, and within a matter of seconds, was taped snug around her. “This isn’t happening! THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!” she kept repeating, the diaper thick and poofy between her thighs. She sniffed, stressed tears flowing down her face, she hardly noticed the arms now slipping a vault jumpsuit style diaper-tee onesie over her, stretching her arms up and slipping them through the sleeves, pulling it down her body and snapping the buttons around the diaper, covering everything besides her legs, still bare. The arms finally settled her down upon the conveyer, which kicked into life once again, pulling her snivelling form along, finally popping her out the other end.Falling with a flump upon a soft floor, Elaine looked around. She seemed to be a dormitory of sorts; bunkbeds lined the walls, all of which looked pristine and untouched, the room lit the same as the other. Immediately she reached down, desperately trying to unbutton her onesie and rip off the horrible diaper. She wrenched at the onesie, for all her strength she couldn’t pull the buttons apart, they seemed stuck somehow, either way it wasn’t coming off it seemed. She collapsed, exhausted, red faced and sweating, looking over as another robot clunked into the room, identical to the one that greeted her. “GREETINGS, WOULD THE OCCUPANT CARE FOR SOME REFRESHMENT?” it asked, in the same cheerful female voice. Elaine glared at the thing, fuming. “Do I look like I want a f***ing drink??!!” she snapped. “I want to get out of here!”“I’M SORRY, BUT THE VAULT IS NOW CLOSED, OCCUPANTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO LEAVE UNTIL THE ALLOTTED TIME HAS PASSED AND THE OUTSIDE IS DEEMED SAFE!” It chirped; its tone still as happy as before. A bottle of purified water dropped from a chute built into the robot’s chest. “TIME FOR YOUR REFRESHMENT!”
  12. This is part one of a commissioned story that has been available on my Patreon for one week. The second part was posted today so if you want to see what happens next you can do so for a $5 a month pledge. All $5 pledges get early access to story updates by one week and I post every 4 days. For $10 you get the early access plus exclusive stories. Every pledge is hugely appreciated by me and allows me to keep working at a fast pace This is a commissioned story as well and if you would like a story commissioned or want to discuss ideas about stories (No purchase necessary!) please don't hesitate to message me here. A big thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my work and a super huge thank you to everyone who supports me through Patreon: Dannydazzler, Lena S, Jerry J, Kyle L, Kian R, Mario, Frank S, Charlie S, Alex B, P, James S, Orion F, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, LB Iceland, Liv, Cyatommorrow, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J, Scott S, James B --- Out of Their Depth By Elfy “This park better be worth it.” Jack said as he slumped against the wall. He was in one of the only spots of shade in the long queue. There must have been hundreds of people in this queue outside of “Wild Rapids”, the brand new water park that had only opened a month or so beforehand. The queue was full of kids of all ages as well as older people. The water park advertised itself as being for all ages, as well as the exciting and fast paced rides aimed at the older crowds, there was also a separate area of the park that was designed for small children. It was this area of the park that was gaining most of the media attention and it was also the reason why so many families were in the queue. “It definitely is!” Ben replied with enthusiasm, “This park is amazing.” “Have you been here before?” Jack asked. “Well… No.” Ben admitted, “But everyone says it’s really cool and super high-tech.” Jack rolled his eyes. He was not a big fan of theme parks, he hated the heat, the crowds, the overpricing and all for a few minutes on a rollercoaster. Jack wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for the fact that this was Ben’s 18th birthday. Even then, it had taken Ben promising to pay for Jack’s ticket for him to agree. The two of them were in the final weeks of high school and were considered to be loners of a type. In reality they were just rather introverted, they were part of a small circle of friends who had known each other for a long time. They talked with each other a lot but rarely initiated conversation with people they didn’t know. It was early in the morning and the park had only recently opened the doors but already the queue to get in was stretching as far as the boys could see behind them. They had arrived an hour earlier, much to Jack’s annoyance, but now he could see why. Jack couldn’t believe how far back the crowds stretched. He couldn’t even see the back of the queue, he wondered what it was that made this park so special. Not helping the mood of the situation was the terrific heat, with not a cloud in the sky the sun was burning down on everyone and if anyone had forgotten their sun cream they would know about it later. The queue started moving to the entrance at an agonisingly slow pace. Ben was practically bouncing up and down in excitement but Jack was just impatient and wanting it to hurry up. The longer he spent baking in the sun the more he regretted agreeing to come on this trip with Ben. “I can’t wait to see the robotic helpers.” Ben exclaimed, “I wonder if they are as lifelike as I’ve heard. They say that 90% of the park is automated!” Jack didn’t respond. He was just happy that the entrance was finally in sight. Slowly but surely they inched closer to the gate and to the promise of fun and excitement beyond. Jack had a headache from the screaming kids and knew he wouldn’t get much relief when inside, he just hoped there was a quiet corner somewhere. “I don’t believe it…” Ben suddenly said with wide eyes. He quickly hid himself behind the people in front of him in the queue. “What’s wrong?” Jack asked as Ben ducked down and looked rather crestfallen. “One of the people working the gate!” Ben whispered as if anyone else cared, “It’s Brick from school.” Jack’s eyes also went wide. Brick was obviously not the guy’s real name; his real name was in fact Bill but everyone called him by the nickname “Brick” given to him due to the fact that he was the toughest person in school and was afraid of no one. People compared getting punched by him to having a brick thrown at them! “Relax, relax…” Jack replied, “There are a bunch of gates, we probably won’t see him and even if we did, what is he going to do? Out here in public, he can’t touch us or he’ll get fired.” Ben nodded but was still clearly worried. Both of the boys, as well as their whole circle of friends, had suffered from bullying thanks to Brick but it was Ben in particular who seemed to get it the hardest. Jack understood Ben’s reservations and he too hoped to avoid that particular entrance. Fate always seems to like to play games and sure enough as they finally approached the entrance they were sorted into the queue heading straight for Brick’s turnstile. “Great…” Jack said sarcastically, “Calm down Ben, we will get in and you won’t have to worry about him.” “Well, well, well.” Came Brick’s deep voice as he saw who was walking towards him. A smile curled the lips of his rough face. “Hi Brick.” Jack said cautiously, “We don’t want any trouble.” “Trouble?” Brick asked innocently, “Whatever do you mean?” “Nothing.” Jack eventually said deciding that he didn’t want to antagonise the much larger bully. “Thought so.” Brick replied with a sneer. “Can we just get two tickets please?” Jack asked the man in the ticket booth. “Of course.” Brick didn’t intend to cause any trouble. He really couldn’t afford to; he was working at the park part-time to save up for a new car. Brick looked down at the cash register which was labelled for each of the different tickets and he suddenly came up with an idea. He suppressed an evil grin when he looked back up at the scrawny Jack and the even smaller Ben. Brick intended to make this a trip to the park that neither of them would forget. “I’ll tell you what.” Brick said as he looked up from the register with his best poker face, “I feel bad about the way I treated you both. Let me make it up to you.” “It’s OK, Brick, we just want to go inside.” Jack replied cautiously. He had experienced enough of Brick’s surprises to know he didn’t want one of them at this park. “I insist.” Brick said with his best impression of a sincere voice. Jack and Ben looked at each other with trepidation. They knew Brick couldn’t be trusted but neither of them wanted to speak up to tell him no. “Ali!” Brick called out behind him causing another young man to run over, “Look after the booth for a few minutes.” Brick walked out of the ticketing booth and beckoned for Jack and Ben to follow him around the outside perimeter of the park. Jack and Ben were both nervous but felt too overawed by the bully to say no. Maybe the guy did want to make some amends, maybe they would get the line skipping VIP experience. Jack was the first to move and he hopped over the barrier and started following Brick. Not wanting to be left alone, Ben ignored his gut feeling and started following his best friend. “I really don’t like this.” Ben whispered to Jack when he caught up. They were several feet away from Brick and felt confident that he couldn’t hear them. “Relax.” Jack said. He tried to project confidence but his voice wavered slightly, “What could he possibly do in front of all these people?” Ben thought that he could think of more than a few things that Brick might do to them but he kept his mouth quiet in fear of being heard. They walked for a few minutes. Slowly the loud noises from the crowd faded away as the boys followed Brick around the large perimeter. It was just as Jack was about to speak up and ask where they were being taken when Brick finally stopped and took a key out of his pocket. He started unlocking a non-descript door and motioned for Jack and Ben to follow him. “This is just a back entrance.” Brick assured the boys when he saw them hesitating, “Go through here and tell the person at the other end that Brick sent you, he can give you both the special treatment.” “R-Really?” Ben asked in disbelief. He had been quiet until now but he couldn’t help but speak up. The promise of special treatment intrigued Ben despite the fear of what that meant. “Yeah.” Brick said, “We get to give out a few VIP passes a month and I have no one else to give them to. You might as well use them.” “I don’t trust him.” Ben whispered in Jack’s ear as Brick spoke. “Man, we should just go for it.” Jack replied, “Skipping the queues will save so much time. We could go on all the rides and then get home with some of the day still left.” “But it’s Brick!” Ben replied earnestly, “We can’t tru-” “Thank you very much.” Jack replied loudly to Brick and he walked through the gate. Ben bit his bottom lip and shook his head but followed his friend in. Whether good or bad, he couldn’t let Jack go in alone, Ben had nowhere else to go now anyway since they had obviously lost their spot in the entrance queue. “I hope you both have an unforgettable time.” Brick said as Ben walked past. The statement seemed so suspicious that Ben was going to turn around and maybe not go into the entrance but the door was already closed and Ben heard the key turn in the lock securing the gate yet again. Ben and Jack were left in a very strange part of the park. There was a tall wooden fence to both the left and right of the path. It was imposing and the walls went so high that it created a very dark and shaded area. The sounds of splashing and laughing children died away. It was as if this little pathway was in a totally different realm to everything around it. “Brick!” Jack yelled, “Come back!” There was no response from the other side of the heavy door and as far as Jack and Ben knew they had been left completely alone. The dark path had only one other doorway and it was at the other end of the alley. Jack, realising Brick was not going to return, started walking down the shaded pathway. At least it was a little cooler in all this shade even if it seemed incredibly dodgy. “You’re not going to just walk through there are you?” Ben asked incredulously as Jack started towards the doorway at the other end of the path. “Where else are we going to go?” Jack asked back with a shrug, “Come on… I mean, Brick is a bully but this isn’t school. He can’t do whatever he wants here and get away with it.” Ben cautiously followed Jack to the other end of the alley. He had a really bad feeling about this but saw no other option. Brick had locked the door at the other end and had given them little choice but to take the only other exit. The other door was marked “Staff Only” and was set into the back of a large building. Nothing from the outside gave a hint as to what the inside would hold, it looked very non-descript but also very large. When they reached the door they found it was unlocked already and it creaked open when given a small push. The room inside was very cosy looking with a large television and lots of couches. There was one single person sitting on one of the couches who was reading a newspaper and looked up when the two boys entered. “What are you doing here?” The uniformed man asked rather authoritatively, “This is a staff only area.” “Brick sent us?” Jack said with little confidence as Ben hid behind him. Maybe Brick had set them up to get in trouble after all. “Brick?” The man asked in confusion. “Bill. He works on the gate.” Jack clarified as he remembered that Brick probably didn’t use his nickname at work, “He said he would arrange for us to get some special treatment. We know him from school.” “Right…” The man on the couch said as he stood up, “Give me a minute.” The man retreated around the corner of the room where he could still keep an eye on the two intruders and grabbed the radio from his waist. He fiddled with the dial to change the frequency before raising it to his mouth. “Turnstiles this is Alan, over.” The employee said quietly so as to keep the boys in the dark about what was happening until he could check out their story. Jack and Ben stood awkwardly near the door they had come through and started to really hope that they hadn’t been set up. Trespassing at a major park like this could get them in some real trouble. “This is turnstiles.” Crackled the voice at the other end of the radio. “Is Bill there?” Alan asked. “This is Bill, what’s up?” Brick’s voice came through so loud and clear that Alan had to turn the volume down on the radio so that they weren’t overheard by the two trespassers. “Did you send a couple of guys down to the staff room?” Alan asked the bully on the gate. “Yeah, yeah…” Brick replied, “Hold on a minute.” Alan listened to the sounds of Brick moving away from the crowd of people until the only thing coming through the radio was static. “I want you to give them “The Treatment.”” Brick said quietly. It was an innocuous sentence but one that caused Alan to wince. “Are you sure?” Alan asked hesitantly, “I mean… If we get caught, we could get worse than just fired.” “Do I need to remind you of three months ago?” Brick hissed threateningly, “The scumbag who was hitting your Mom. You came to me and I dealt with it, we got the blackmail pictures and now he isn’t a problem.” “I know…” Alan said as he put his hand to his forehead. “Well, now I want you to do the same to my two friends here.” Brick continued, ”It’s already all set up. You just need to start the process.” Alan didn’t respond. “Do you hear me?” Brick said, “If you don’t do it the police may find some interesting evidence about what you did to your Mom’s ex-boyfriend.” “But that was you!” Alan tried to keep his voice down but he was getting understandably upset. “The photos make things look a bit different.” Brick hinted. “Fine.” Alan said angrily, “I’ll do it but after this we are even.” Alan put the radio back on his belt and took a moment to compose himself. Everything Brick had said was true, Alan had asked Brick to find a way to make the man disappear and by using blackmail Brick had done just that. Alan had assumed it was all over after that but now Brick was calling in the favour. Alan angrily cursed his own idiocy for talking to the bully in the first place. Shaking himself to regain his composure, Alan walked back into the main room to find Jack and Ben still awkwardly standing by the door. He felt bad for them, he had no idea what these guys had done to evoke Brick’s anger but it didn’t really matter. Alan had no alternative but to do as Brick had asked. “Follow me.” Alan said with a sigh. “Everything’s alright?” Jack asked. He had to admit to some surprise, “We get special VIP treatment and stuff?” “Sure.” Alan said with a forced smile, “Just follow me.” Jack looked at Ben and both boys smiled. Maybe Brick wasn’t such a bad guy after all, maybe he was really doing them a favour.
  13. Amy and the strange nursery Amy watch as the Doctor run around the tardis console pushing buttons or just slamming things, her husband Rory was throwing darts. She was bored! Amy went up to the doctor as he was tiring wires together. 'Doctor where are we going?' The Doctor gave her a smile 'don't know, been playing with the randomiser, we could be anywhere in time and space isn't that fun?' Amy groaned, she decided to play darts when the tardis landed. 'Ok where are we now?' Said Rory walking up The doctor notices some strange readings but Amy just walked out the door, 'Amy wait!' Screamed the doctor but the door slammed behind Amy and the tardis started teleporting. Amy tried to get back in but it disappeared. 'Oh great' said Amy as she started getting cold, 'why do I have to wear a skirt today?' She walked around when she notice a building, she quickly walk towards it and open the door. 'Oh it's so warm' she said as she shut the door, she found a switch which she pressed to light up the room. She found herself in some sort of giant nursery, there were cribs, toys, change tables even adult nappies. Amy saw some pictures on the walls of pictures drawn by babies. Amy chuckled, 'what sort of place is this?' She then went to the change table, it looked big enough to lay on it, probably have my nappy changed..... Amy stop, what was she thinking, she's too old for nappies and she can go to the bathroom just fine. She decided to wait here until the Doctor could get her. She sat on the table waving her legs, she notice a button next to her, Amy know not to press it but she was too curious, beside it won't hurt anyone. Amy pressed the button and the table started to rubble. Amy tried to hop off but two metal arms grab her and pin her down on the table, Amy screamed as more arms started to pull her skirt. "Change time for the baby" it said as Amy saw it took off her skirt. The metal fingers went to the sides as it took her panties off, 'stop it' said Amy but it grab baby powder and powdered her privates, Amy watch as it pulled out a adult diaper, Amy gulp in fear but strangly she was looking forward to this. The arms lift her legs as it slid the nappy under her. As soon as it was taped and fitted snugly around her the arms went away and Amy sat up to look at her nappy. Amy couldn't help but giggle as she poked the plastic. She got off the table and stand wobbly as the nappy were spreading her legs apart. 'Great, I'm diapered and bored' she said, but she notice the toys, it wouldn't hurt to play at least for an hour right? She waddle to the toys, sat on her diaper ass and started playing. She made noises as she played with the stuff toys, she took her jacket off, leaving her in her pink shirt as she crawled towards the blocks, Amy build a tower, getting it as high as she could, when a robot walked in the room. Amy yelped as the robot pick her up, "time for num nuns" it said as it carried Amy towards a adult high chair. It put Amy in, tied a bib around her neck as the robot started feeding her baby food. Amy ate as the food mush around her mouth, 'oh this is soooo good' she moan as the robot continued to feed her. Amy ate and made a mess on her bib and shirt as she greedily gulp the food down. Once he robot was done it took the bib and Amy's shirt off, it then took her bra off, leaving Amy sitting topless on the high chair. The robot took Amy off and place it cold hand down Amy's nappy. "Time for a nappy change" it said as it carried Amy to the table. Amy couldn't help but smiled, she can't denies that she's been looking forward to this. As the robot took her nappy off, it powdered Amy and try to put a clean one on but Amy just waved her legs, laughing as the robot tried to put the nappy on her. The metal arms came back as it held her legs down and the robot taped up the nappy. 'Awww you got me' said Amy, the robot thenulled out a pacifier and put it in her mouth. Amy suckled as the paci is making her tired. The robot carried her to the crib and place her in. Amy slept as the robot left. Amy suck her thumb as her diaper began to expand, a horrible smell arose as Amy mess her nappy. Once Amy woke up, she feels the back of her nappy as the poop mush against her ass. 'Strange I didn't need to go! She said as she got on her knees, her head above the rails. 'Hello! I need a nappy change!' Arms from the table started to extend as it pick Amy up, it laid Amy on the table and started changing her messy diaper. Amy started blowing spit bubbles out of boredom as the machine wiped her ass. Amy watch as the arms put her messy nappy in the bin and powdered her privates. It then taped a new clean nappy around her waist as it put Amy on the floor. Amy looked around the nursery, sure she like being pampered this way but she needs to find Rory and the Doctor, she got up and waddle towards to door, she tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. 'Childlock?' Said Amy 'ok it's been fun but I really need to leave' she shook the door, she bang on the door until the robot came back. It lifted Amy up by the armpits and held her, "warning, baby should not bang on the door" it said 'Buzz off tin can, I am not a baby!' Amy tried to get off but the robot won't let go, Amy started hitting it but hurt her hand. "Baby is being nitty, baby must be punished" it said as it went to a chair, it sat down as it laid Amy on its lap. Amy felt scared as she felt her nappy ripped off, leaving her naked as the day she was born. Amy struggled until the robot started smacking her ass. 'Owwwww!' Moan Amy as the metal spankings continued, 'please stop! I'm not a baby! I'm a grown women!' The robot continued, Amy started to cry like a baby as she thrashed around, shaking her arms and legs as the robot continued to smack her sore ass. When the spanking stop the robot lift Amy up, Amy still crying like a baby, started to suck her thumb as the robot carried her to the table as it placed a new nappy on her. Amy sobbed as the robot bridal carry her and started rocking her. Then the robot pulled out a bottle of milk, Amy tried to fight but the bottle was force into her mouth. Amy started drinking the milk. Amy drank until the bottle was empty, the robot put her over its shoulder and pat her back, making Amy let out a big burp, milk dribble down her mouth. Thrombotic wiped her mouth and place her on the ground, then it went through a door and disappeared. Amy started pulling at the nappy, but she can't take it off. 'Where are you doctor?' She said as she gave up and sit cross leg on the ground. Amy got up and walk to the robot door, she try to find a switch or something but it won't open. Amy then got an idea. She pulled out her messy nappy out of the bin and gagged as she went to the door. 'Did I really made this much of a mess?' Said Amy as she threw the nappy away, causing the robot to come out to clean it, leaving Amy to quickly go through the door. She ran but she fell, so instead she started drawing as fast as she could. She crawl into a room where she saw cameras of her in the nursery, 'Woah this is creepy' she said but the robot found her. Amy tried to run but the robot grab her, "baby will be punished now" 'No please' screamed Amy as she struggled until the robot deactivated. Amy started as the doctor and Rory came running in. 'Amy thank goodness, I see you found the vexones nursery, shouldn't go in there by the way' said the doctor as she notice Amy's nudity and cover his eyes. 'Amy are you all right?' Asked Rory 'Do I look all right?' Said Amy pointing at the nappy 'I've been treated like a baby for hours!' 'Yeah the vexones is the galaxy's nursery pros, they make a nursery for anyone' said the doctor, when Rory gave Amy his jacket to cover her breast the doctor removed his hand 'ok long story, the tar dis was forcefully being taken with us in it. We escaped, defeat the vexones and save you, now let's go before this planet blows up' the doctor started running with the ponds behind him to the tardis. As they escape and the planet exploded the doctor decide to take them to Vegas, Amy went to her room to change. As she put her bra and shirt on and about to remove the nappy, she remembers how good it feels around her waist, she pulled her pants over the nappy, deciding that she could wear for a few more hours. The end
  14. Chapter 1 Billie Piper sat in the kitchen feeding her baby son, Eugene in his High chair as her other son Winston was at school. Billie sighed as she put the empty baby food down and put Eugene down in his playpen. 'Man, I need some help around here' her husband was off in Africa shooting a movie, and Billie can't find time between acting and lookinafter her kids. As she sat on the couch and put on the TV, a ad came on. "Behold mothers! Tired of taking care of your children without any time for yourself? We'll get the new Robot Nanny! So you don't have to worry about leaving your kids with an untrustworthy babysitter, you can just set the dial on it and it does the rest! So you can enjoy a nice day with your husband! Get the Robot Nanny NOW!" Billie looked at the number on the screen and started dialing it now. Hours later the package arrived in a human size box. Once Billie open it, the robot nanny rolled out. Billie looked at it, it has the face of a 21 one year old, wearing a maid outfit and extendable arms. Billie read the instruction manual, 'ok I got to give it pictures of my kids for it to know who is the children' semis simple enough, Billie grab a picture of her at the beach with Winston and Eugene sitting next to her. Billie admired the way she looks in that red bikini, all the guys were staring at her that day, she insert the picture in the robot's mouth. The nanny downloaded the picture in her data banks as it determines the ages of the children. Then it start scanning the people in the picture. Winston James Age 6 the oldest of the children and goes to school. Eugene Fox Age 2 still a baby and started potty training Billie Piper Age 1 youngest of the children It looked at Billie, scanning her white top and sweat pants Baby Billie not wearing suitable clothing, must have gotten into her mothers closet The nanny started rolling around the house, Eugene stared in awe as Billie smiled, maybe it's working! 'Ok Nanny!' She called out to her, the Nanny turned towards her, 'take care of my kids while I go out with friends!' The nanny looked as Billie went to her bedroom to change. It started going through her programming. Parents not found. Winston at school. Eugene and Billie left alone. Job: take care of children till parents arrived Billies came out, wearing a sunflower dress as she grab her purse and walked to the door when the Nanny blocked her way. 'Ummm. What are you doing?' Asked Billie as she lowered her sun glasses 'Billie not allowed to go outside by herself' Annouced the Nanny 'Uh yes I can, I'm the mother!' 'Incorrection! Billie is a one year old baby and must be taken care of until parents arrived' the Nanny took her purse and put them on the table. Billie started to get a little mad, 'Nanny! I'm the parent and I'm telling you to take care of the children while I'm away!' She yelled at the tin can Billie yelped as the Nanny picked her up. 'What are you doing?' Shrieked Billie as the nanny started bridle carrying her to Eugene's nursery, 'put me down this instead now!' She screamed but the Nanny just held her as Billie struggled and thrash and kick, trying to get off but it just held her tight as they entered the nursery. The Nanny sat Billie on the change table, Billie try to get off but it just held her tight and place a pasi in her mouth. 'Now relax' it said as it laid Billie down, she spat out the pasi as she sat back up, 'Nanny! Who is the parent here!' The Nanny went through her files, 'Laurence Fox and Billie Piper' 'Yes!' Yelled Billie happily 'They have three kids, Winston James age 6, Eugene Fox age 2 and Billie Piper age 1' 'No!' Yelled Billie, then she reliaze her mistake with the photo, 'oh no you tin can! It's the kids in the photo you have to babysit, not me as well!' But the nanny just shush her as it stared to pull up her dress. 'Hey what are you doing?!' Yelled Billie as she try to pull her dress down. 'Billie needs to be in her own clothes, can't go through her mummy's clothes' it as as it continues to pull the dress off but Billie just keep grabbing it, they fought over the dress when they accidentally ripped it. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIPED!!! Billies started in shock and sadness as her dress was ripped from her body, leaving her in her bra and panties. The nanny just shook her head, 'Notty notty, now I just have to replace this before your mummy finds out' 'But it's my dress, my beautiful dress' sulked Billie as she covered her naked body. The nanny just threw the dress in the bin as it proceed to grab her bra. 'Oh no you don't' said Billie as she struggled but the nanny just wrap her tightly with its arms as it manage to in hook it and take it away, leaving Billie's breasts exposed. Billies quickly cover her breasts, 'are you malfunctioning or something? What happens it my sons sees me like this?' She quickly looked out the door, hoping Winston doesn't come home now, or Eugene getting out of his playpen looking for her. The nanny threw the bra on the ground as it grab the sides of her panties. 'NO!!' Shrieked Billie as she kick the robot, but hurting her foot in the process as it can't feel pain. It laid the kicking and screaming Billie on the change table as it started pulling down her panties. Billie sobbed as she try to grab her panties but the nanny just hit her hands away as it pulled her panties off her long legs and discarded it to the ground. Billies laid on her son's changing table, where she change Winston and Eugene on. She looked up at the Nanny, who was pulling out a diaper and enlarging it with her ray, making it into a giant baby diaper! Billie screamed as she rolled off the table and started running out of the nursery, she doesn't care if she's completely naked she just had to get out of here! But the nanny was too fast for her as it grab her belly and held her up, Billie shrieked as her bare ass touch the cold surface of her uniform, as it carried her back in the nursery and back on the table. Billies screamed and kicked and hit and cried but it was no use, she spotted the diaper laying open on the table as the nanny sat on down on the padded surface. Billies gave up, her hands and feet was sore from the hitting and she was tired as the nanny lift up her legs and powdered her privates. Then the diaper was taped up around her naked waist. Billie looked at the mirror at herself. Sitting on her sons changing table, wearing nothing but a big diaper, she looks exactly like a baby right now. Billie cried as she was lifted up by the Nanny and carried put of the nursery.
  15. Hi all, I've just released a lengthy new illustrated & colored novel with heavy ABDL domination themes, which has been in the works for a few months now. It was originally inspired by the old 'Lost In Space' fan story by Hal, though morphed into something quite different in the end. It contains the usual crazy themes for my kind of stories, check out my blog to see what that contains if you're unsure.
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