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  1. Minako: I watched Chibiusa scolding baby-Usagi, like a real newborn infant. And she’ll even wipe her snot with baby wipes. "Chibiusa treats the baby, so cute. Is she an older sister?" Eiko: I also arrange for the urgent delivery of the selected changing table. Minako leads us further to the babies section. Before us is a long rack with different products for babies. I choose products for babies under one year old. I put new pacifiers, baby bottles, several packs of wet wipes for the kids in the cart and answer Minako along the way. "Chibiusa is now an older sister. Baby's only quite small yet. She is only eight months old. Me and Rachel are mommies for babygirly." We come to a long shelf with diapers. Minako kindly shows us some suitable firms. "Baby, look what Aunt Minako has chosen for us. What diapers do you want? Pampers? Huggise? Or Luvs?" I ask, showing the appropriate diapers.
  2. I am sitting in a dirty and clean diaper. When Elsa appears in her beautiful purple dress. Elsa picks me up from the playpen's and carries me to the changing table and fastens her seat belts. She turns on mobil and I fall into some baby's trance. I suck on my hands and giggle stupidly while Elsa changes my diaper. Wiping my dirty ass with baby wipes. I feel the warmth and softness of a fresh diaper when Elsa fastened it to me. Finally, she changed my diaper and turned off mobil. And I could think again. I didn’t know the news from Arendell yet. "Elsa, I’m tired of all this childishness. I want my former life. I want to wear panties and dresses like yours. Please stop all this." i cry ..
  3. Eiko: I'm calling a worker. A blonde girl with her back to me. and to my surprise, it turns out to be Minako. She moonlights at this mall. She walks up to us and starts to smile broadly, looking at Usagi, who is living like a dolly. I write out her crib for urgent delivery. tonight. Minako: I heard from Rei and Ami that you now have a baby. Of course I will help you with crib's but also help you choose the rest of the things. We see how Chibiusa carries cute bedding. We all agree that the baby will sleep very nicely in her new bedding. We are heading to the changing table section and Minako is graciously showing a beautiful changing table. Minako: "Baby do you like it?"
  4. I shouted to Elsa the pleas and I with fear heard the answer .. that I must again ruin the diapers ... “Nooo,” I moaned, and the pain in my stomach became stronger. I squeezed my buttocks with my hands, but in the end I could not stand it and heard the loud BRRRUUUUMP A and I felt a soft warmth from behind .. I blushed with humiliation and cried ... Seeing nothing because of tears, I slipped and fell right on my ass .. Having smeared my mess even more ... "I do not want to be a baby ... I want freedom. Please someone help me ..." I cry and my cheeks turned red about tears and humiliation.
  5. We enter the mall and see many sections with various goods and a huge number of moms pushing baskets with their children. Eiko: "Well, first you need to choose a crib so that our baby sees sweet dreams and a changing table. I say and push into the section with a huge number of cribs. I stop near one of the cribs with a beautiful mobil. "What do you think of this ?? Rachel: “How much is everything ..” I get lost from the huge selection and see that Eiko has chosen one “I like this crib. I think baby-Usagi will be comfortable in it ...” Crib's had modular inserts, that made it possible to fit it to the growth of any baby. Also size our baby-Usagi..
  6. I see that Elsa was upset because of my antics. She said that I will remain a baby indefinitely and I need to get used to my new role. I see her leaving. I crawl to the edge of the playpen. But the bars are so high that it’s impossible to get out through them. I have no choice but to crawl to the toys and wait for Elsa. I laid out the phrases in several rows of phrases: "ELSA. I AM NOT A BABY." Then she took the doll and cried shaking it. Then I felt pain in my intestines and shouted .. "Elsa, please. Release the penalty. I need to go to the toilet urgently. Poopy is coming ..."
  7. Eiko: “Don’t worry about it. We will go by car. And then we will put you in a shopping trolley.” I coo and take the baby in my arms and carry it to the car. There is a baby's seat I seat the baby there and fasten it with belts. Rachel: While Miss Eiko is fastening Usagi. I help Chibius. She has a similar seat, only larger and without a back, to show that she is older ... "Chibiusa is older than you, baby-Usagi and she can use another seat." I sit in front of the rhdom with Eiko. We are approaching a huge hypermarket for kids. Eiko: I recently found out about this Shopping Center, you can find everything you need in it. Chibiusa brings a large shopping cart in the shape of a ladybug and we put Usagi there, we take her to the entrance to the Shopping Center
  8. I keep crying and I feel the rubber in my mouth. Elsa put a paci in my mouth. I started sucking her for comfort. Elsa combed my hair for a long time. I sprayed something ... curled and in the end she showed me a mirror and my hair ... They were very curly, magnificent braids with silver ribbons and bells curled in them. I had a hairstyle for a three year old girl. My adult thoughts returned for a while. "I'm not a baby." shouted, I stamped my foot, I felt my new pigtails jump ... "Bring me back adult hair."
  9. Eiko: "Great choice." I take a purple dress and unzip it from behind and go to the baby and raising her hands, I put on the dress on Usagi and straighten it further down to the baby. Then I zip the dress. Rachel: I stand nearby and watch how cute Usagi looks in the dress Miss Eiko brought. The dress is very short. from a light wind it will be easy to pull up and everyone will see what is dressed on the baby. Eiko then put the frilly socks with frills and Mary Jane shoes on her feet. Eiko put a baby bonnet on her head and she gently straightened her cute pigtails. "What a sweet little girl I have. She’s just like a sweetie. Everyone will be delighted at the Shopping Center. True Chibiusa? It's time to go to the store." cooing I'm
  10. Elsa takes me out of the highchair and carries me in her arms to the playpen's and puts me there and then climbs behind. She puts a pacifier in my mouth and starts combing my hair with a hair brush saying she will make me pretty hair. I loved my long flowing red hair. I sit, cry and feel how Elsa works with a hair brush on my head, forming baby's pigtails ..
  11. Rachel. "Of course we will not deprive you of Chibi. We will buy something for you. For example, a new dress and Lego designer. I think you will be satisfied. Go. Help me change di-di your sissy. We need to buy baby furniture and the most important thing is changing tables and crib are the most important things, but for now you have to change you on a baby rug .." I say, taking the baby out of the highchair and laying it on a removable rug. I take off my wet diaper and carefully fold it into a ball. Then I wipe her pubis and the bottom of the urine with wet wipes. Chibiusa sprinkle the baby poweder on the baby, and help me, put on the baby the last fresh diaper. "Here is baby-Usagi and is dressed. Let's see what mommy Eiko brought .." Eiko: I bring 3 dolly dresses size babygirly, from the car and lay them out on the couch so that Usagi sees them incredibly and I tell Chibiusa. "Which outfit is best for your baby sissy?" I ask Chibiusa. "I like dress #3."
  12. Elsa wiped my mess with a rag. I began to giggle and slap my hands across the tray table like a babygirl when Elsa made a funny airplane sound and opened her mouth. Elsa put a full spoonful of baby food in my mouth. I realized that you should not angry Elsa and swallowed it. Then I continued to eat soft food intended for kids. Elsa said something about the forest ... "Mommy I want in foressst," I said softly.
  13. Eiko: I come to Usagi's home and watch a wonderful picture of how Rachel holds Usagi in her arms and feeds the bottle. This picture was very sweet. And I noticed a diaper that turned yellow. "Hi Rachel. You look cool while feeding the baby. Look, she wet the diaper again. Change the baby. Today I decided to arrange a day off for the baby from college. We need to take her to the Shopping Center. For our baby, we need to buy a few things. Rachel: I looked around at the sound of the door opening and I see Miss Eiko. I smile at her comment. Finishing to feed the baby. I check her diaper. "Yes, the baby wets them so often. However, it is quite natural for an eight-month-old girl." “You thought well about visiting the Shopping Center. You need to update the clothes for the baby. I will change her diaper, and you and Chibiusa will pick up clothes for the baby so that she is the prettiest princess in the shopping center.” cooing I'm..
  14. Elsa put me in a highchair for feeding. I sit there and wait for Elsa to choose. I hope this is not a very bad baby's food. When she said that it would be an apple pie, I was delighted. Elsa tied my bib to the tone of my clothes and sat down by the high chair to feed me. I opened my mouth and took baby food, slightly twisted my face from the texture and spat out part of the food and I feel how it flows through my chin, making my face even more childish ...
  15. The baby fell fast asleep in my arms. I carefully take my chest out of her mouth and change it to a pacifier. baby begins to suck binky without control ... I carry the baby in her crib and dip her in the delicate bedding and cover with a blanket. Running mobil over the crib, I'm moving away from crib's