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Found 170 results

  1. Mamma Rose


    From the album: Mamma Rose's pictures

    This is me posing in my new dress, pretty much asking for a hug from you! Give Mommy a hug!
  2. Princess Ophelia

    Enchanted Forest (looking for a partner! )

    My idea for a rp is that there is a duo of thieves or bandits etc or even warriors that come across an enchanted forest. The two of them are granted magic powers
  3. Mamma Rose

    Ms Rose as a witch

    From the album: Mamma Rose's pictures

    Me as a spooky witch mommy. No, this is not the Dark Forest Witch from my story. That witch has vantablack hair.
  4. This role play is about a little girl named Alex who is taken in by John and Lisa Johnson. Can someone play the parents.
  5. babyjosh1337

    Euless/Dallas Couple LF female roommate

    Is anyone in Euless/Dallas area is looking for a place to rent? We are a relaxed couple looking for others who understand our AB/DL lifestyle choices A little about us: We purchased a rather large home and rather than rent out the rooms to vanilla people, having to hide our AB furniture, we would like to rent out to people who are okay with the AB lifestyle. This way we can turn one of the back rooms into a full blown nursery and not have to worry about others thinking us "weird." If you're interested, feel free to check out my profile. I must state that we go through a rigorous screening process because there are a lot of crazies online, no-shows, and fakes. We will require a public meet first, at a minimum.
  6. Ava McGuire was 16 years old, still in highschool and living with her mother. It was winter break so she would be home for two weeks. It was a late Friday night, precisely 1 am, Ava had went into the kitchen to get something to eat. When ever it was some kinda break, Ava always had a hard time getting to sleep cause she would always wanna stay up late. She usually went to bed around ten when school was in session. Ava stood in front of the fridge looking for something small to eat, not wanting to make to much noise or be out there for to long. Ava found a small yogurt to eat, she grabbed a plastic spoon and went into the living room to eat it. She hoped she didn't wake up her mother at all.
  7. Hi, my name is Areo and I was looking for a mommy or daddy to baby me via pm or messages. I'm up for just about any scenario and ideas (including sexual content, if that's your thing)
  8. Hi, my name is Areo. I'm looking for a
  9. Hello! I'm Cereza and I'm looking for a potential Rp that includes potty training. I'm looking for a mommy, daddy, and maybe an older sister or brother to babysit! The youngest age I prefer to be for this RP is 1 and half (When I was potty trained lol) and the oldest would be 3! I ask that you please be very detailed and send at least 2 sentances per turn! I'll reply as quickly as possible and I ask that you do the same!
  10. BabyWarlock

    School Safe Haven (open)

    Seth Lyrca, age 15 is sent to a boarding school by the state. He is an orphan with ADHD and dyslexia, the School has tutors that work one on one with students, his tutor eventually becomes his Mommy (If interested please reply.) Seth looked out the window of the car that was driving him to the boarding school, He was nervous and hoped he wouldn't be expelled like all those others. He hoped his tutor would be nice and maybe even sign the precious piece of paper he had brought with him from the orphanage, the legal document to make someone his guardian. After hours of driving through country woodland the car areived at the campus. He got out of the car with the social worker and saw a good looking and talla
  11. soakingsissy

    Looking For a Strict CG

    Looking for a caregiver (mommy, daddy, babysitter, aunt, uncle, older sibling, etc) roleplayer to sissify and humiliate me over roleplay! If interested PM me or reply in this thread
  12. Hi everyone I'm new to this site and I'm looking for a mommy or daddy,i would also like to talk to other people too
  13. BabyWarlock

    The disappointing boyfriend(open)

    James woke up in a wet bed, it wasn't even
  14. BabyWarlock

    Adoption at last!

    My character is a little with ADHD and an unruly temperament that most fosterers don't like.
  15. miketheknight

    Looking for abdl friend.

    looking for an abdl friend, to hang out with, and have this interest in common with, since i dont really have anyone i can relate to with this interest. or if im lucky enough, i want to find a mommy. or an abdl girl who wants to hang out or something
  16. BabyWarlock

    Recovery (open)

    Caelan had been in the clinic for the last two years. Two years previously he'd tried to commit suicide at the height of his depression and stress disorder. To help him recover he'd been mentally regressed to about 1 and a half/two years old and had been physically regressed to age seven.
  17. BabyWarlock

    Orphan with issues (open)

    Seth sat on his bed in the orphanage listening to nirvana and coming to terms with the fact that he'd stay there until he was 18. His ADHD
  18. Diapercheck

    Mommy wets?

    I've always thought it would be exciting form of punishment to be restrained on the changing table with an unfolded diaper underneath
  19. Hello All, Something I feel is an important subject is that of littles who choose to visit a professional mummy. I remember plucking up the courage twice to inquire to a pro-mummy but when it came to having to ring her in person (one of her requirements), I lost my nerve. Like a lot of ABs, I really needed a mummy who could provide me with the right kind of care, which for me was a very young and vulnerable pre-verbal baby. I needed a mummy for whom the process wasn't an "act" nor did I want a domme who offered it as a bolt-on service. I wanted nurturing and comfort for my very needy and wounded little self; nothing even vaguely sexual at all. This narrowed my choices considerably for it seemed, in the UK at least, there were very few who could fulfill this role. I want to share with you a page written by a pro-mummy who deeply understands the needs of her littles, loves and cares for them unconditionally and who has heard first-hand the bad, sad and sometimes disturbing experiences of those who have visited other pro-mummies in the UK. There is great advice in here about how to choose the right mummy for you; one that meets your needs, which as she also advises, may not be her. She has a procedure that is followed before any littles visit to make sure she is the right fit for them - not always. http://www.mummygrace.co.uk/#!due-diligence/ultvx I hope that this helps all those that consider visiting a pro-mummy. I know how terrifying it can be; it's expensive, it might involve travel, it's showing your most vulnerable side to someone you don't intimately know. Make sure your little gets what they need and deserve.
  20. ive been thinking lately on how hard it is to find someone in this community for me. Somone that doesn't live so far away, somone who share my intrests and respects my limits. So ive thought to look firstly for a boyfriend at first. Then ive thought, i really ont want to just hide my furry/baby side, its a part of who i am. So the though and question is, has anyone successfully turned their loved one, who was not into this thing, into what they wanted, baby, moomy, daddy or whatever? is it possible? how?
  21. Guest

    Just Mommy Skylar

    From the album: Life on the Farmstead

  22. jan241989

    Little Girl Lost (open)

    My name is kelly and i am 13 years old
  23. Keyrehn

    New to the Forum and Curious~

    I have been on Dailydiapers for a few years, and have just recently decided to join the forum. Completely forgot there was even a forum. But I am looking to meet others and delve deeper into the world of AB/DL and age play perhaps.