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Found 157 results

  1. Hey!

    Hey everyone! Just joined and I wanted to say hello. I'm a 31 year old male DL and also love wetting my pants. I'm looking for a mommy. I'm also available to be a daddy for a woman as well. I'm not really new to this, but I always seem to have questions. I have Kik, Skype, and messenger. Hope you all have a great day!
  2. Just Mommy Skylar

    From the album Life on the Farmstead

  3. Little Girl Lost (open)

    My name is kelly and i am 13 years old
  4. New to the Forum and Curious~

    I have been on Dailydiapers for a few years, and have just recently decided to join the forum. Completely forgot there was even a forum. But I am looking to meet others and delve deeper into the world of AB/DL and age play perhaps. Always happy to meet others and talk <3. Bonus if you are in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Being as I live in Suwanee. Would even love to work up to meeting people outside of the Internet, and meet up to talk, discuss, explore, and maybe even some Play~. I am hoping that sometime in the future or perhaps soon I may meet a Mommy or Daddy, That would be so amazing. Feel free to comment if you'd like <3, I'm always happy to talk and meet you.
  5. My Little Girl Wants a Sister

    My name is Daddy Adam. I am 21 years old and am a daddy to 19 year old little girl. Our relationship is almost entirely over Skype and KiK. Recently, she has expressed the wanting of a sister. Well, she is very adamant about it. We really want someone that fits with us. She likes: Princess Belle, her stuffies, Disney and Disney movies, coloring, and animals. REQUIREMENTS: -You must be a toddler. -You must be around 3-4 years old in little space (You may still wear diapers) -You must be able to roleplay. -You must be able to talk over Skype for roleplay sometimes. - You also must have KiK. -If you decide to respond, you will have additional rules set by daddy. EMAIL: [email protected] KIK: BabyAdam_94 We are looking forward to meeting you!!
  6. Just a little girl (Open)

    Daniel was never much of a man, he wasn't effeminate however he wasn't studly either. Marcy loved him at one point but when she met Arnoldo the tanned muscle Italian at work she knew it would never been enough with Daniel anymore,Arnoldo wanted Marcy and Marcy wanted him,but she couldn't break her husband's heart,Arnoldo demanded to see a picture of Daniel,as soon as he saw the picture, he knew it would be fun to dominate him so he came up with a plan to help Marcy spare his feelings and yet not cut him out of her life completely.
  7. How

    I got a question how did you find your mommy's and do I have a chance finding a mommy of my own any advice what to do and not to do I am wondering because I have dreams that I have a mommy but I am wondering will my dreams come true
  8. Since I'm new to the abdl community, I wanted to start off on the right foot and make some friends! If you're in or near the Columbia area, let me know! I also want to get to know some mommies and daddies too. (No one over 30, please.)
  9. The Regression of a tough guy

    14 year old Eti sat on his bunk in Chester Children's Home. His real parents and sister had died 3 years ago. He was now on the waiting list for adoption, the only problems were, his right eye was blind because of the accident and most people found the milky white sphere a bit disturbing and his anger issues loads of the other children bullied him and he was often violent. Despite his "tough guy" outside he was very vulnerable, he just wished his life would start again and to be taken care of like a baby. (Post a reply open to all I'd prefer one paragraph answers but I'm fine with anything)
  10. i am wondering has anyone been changed at disneyland and disneyworld? my mommy and I are going to disneyland over christmas and i was wondering do they have handicapp restrooms at disneyland you can use to change in or my mommy can change me in and if so is there a lot. I have never been diapered to a theme park before so it would be my first time. would love some good advice from everyone.
  11. Looking for Mommy/Girlfriend

    Hello, My names Tristin and I'm a Caucasian 25 year old adult baby male from Farmington Hills Michigan. I am a really fun loving guy who likes to workout, watch movies, go on long walks, read books, play video games, and try new foods. I have been searching for a mommy for a very long time and unfortunately all the woman I date love me until they find out about my fetish/lifestyle choice. If you are a woman that is in the south eastern Michigan area seeking an Adult baby to be yours then I am your guy. My personality type is very expressive and I am a big time cuddle bear so please PM me if you have any questions at all. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  12. http://babytrevor.tumblr.com/post/136732104073 please let me know thanks
  13. Hi everyone,Thought I'd share with you all a link to a just-published interview with a professional ABDL Mummy. It's a thoughtful, intelligent, positive and balanced article written with genuine intrigue into the ABDL community. It's one of few articles not out to denigrate or exploit the ABDL world for "freak-show' entertainment. The article provides links to various corners of the ABDL scene, including, of course, DailyDiapers.Have a read here:http://www.dirgemag.com/mummy-grace-...h-little-side/BLxxx
  14. Major fights with mommyor daddy

    Has anyone been in a major fight with mommy or daddy while being big? i been trying to find the happy medium to my normal relationship with my girlfriend "mommy" and my little side. has anyone had trouble with this in the past?
  15. Hi im new here!

    Hi everyone, i am Cat , i live in palm springs CA ,and i love wearing diapers, my baby age is around 4-5 (im a smarty baby) i would also like to play mommy sometime. i go by her/she.!
  16. Looking

    Hey I'm looking for someone to be my mommy or parents
  17. mommy's baby (open)

    My name is carol i am single and looking to mommy someone.
  18. Taking Control (private)

    Perfect, Mel thought as she looked at her kitchen. She had spent the last hour preparing the perfect meal for her girlfriend. Now for most the perfect home cooked meal involved candle light and wine. However the male Mel prepared was more along the lines of macaroni and cheese and ice cream. You see about two months ago Mel found out that her girlfriend of almost a year had a secret...and a rather adorable secret at that. It was a Sunday morning when Alex was still in bed after having a rather exciting night with Mel. Mel was clearing up some of Alex's stuff when she noticed she had left her laptop on and had a notification. The notification was from a forum. Not just any forum but a ABDL forum. Now Mel wasn't an idiot she knew of these kinds of kinks but she had never in a million years though her rather butch girlfriend would be into this. She was shocked and somewhat worried having heard the horror stories of grown men who don't go to work and just shit themselves all day long. However as she looked though the site and saw Alex's post she realized that wasn't the case...or at least not for Alex. For about two weeks Mel kept her new knowledge a secret while doing some research online for how to best approach this. She realized this ABDL thing was kinda interesting and she thought maybe trying it out with Alex would be good for them both. After all at that point they had already started having more serious talks about moving in together, they couldn't have secrets like this from each other. So after two weeks she confronted her. It didn't go well at first Alex getting quite upset, the most upset Mel had ever seen her in fact. However once Mel reassured her that non of this matters and that she still loved her she calmed down. They had a talk and Mel proposed they tried some stuff and they did. That night Mel went out and got Alex some diapers,which she now knows were a mistake them being normal looking adult diapers not really enough to get her little Sasha to fully relax, but at the time they allowed them to have some fun. They had sex Mel being in charged for once diapering her little girl and having her suckle her breast. It felt great for both of them Mel knew this and was really excited to try more. However the next day she woke up to find Alex had already rushed off to work earlier just leaving a small I'm sorry for last night note. Since then it seems to Mel things have just got worse and worse. Alex just kept pulling away and wouldn't even reply when Mel tried to talk to her about what happened. They were meant to live together now but Alex seemed to be spending more and more time at her old apartment. Tonight was meant to fix all of that. Mel had managed to persuade Alex to come over for a romantic dinner so they could relax and talk. She knew Alex still loved her and knew she wanted things to get better. However she clearly didn't know the right way to go about that so Mel was going to fix that. Mel smiled as she heard her come in and turned to her. Mel had short dirty blond hair, tanned skin and green eyes. She was tall and rather curvy. Tonight she was dressed in the stereotypical mommy dress. It looked like something kids would hide under. "Hay sweetie how was work?" She cooed softly in a voice she knew from previous experience her girlfriend loved. She came up to her and kissed her sweetly and gave her a hug and a cute little pat on the bum. "Come in and relax honey dinner is almost ready." She said and led her though to the living room. She sat her down on the sofa where a blanket lay. The blanket was an exact copy of the baby blanket Alex had when she was little only bigger. Mel had hunted for it for ages based off the description Alex had given on AB sites about it. -------------------------------------------------- At the other side of town a few hours latter at 7am Lily's phone alarm was going off waking both her and her girlfriend Tracy. Last night had been one of the few nights where Lily actually slept over at Tracy's after they had sex. It hadn't really been by choice though as Lily had basically just passed out due to exhaustion. Lily and Tracy had been seeing each other for about 7 months now. It took about 4 for Lily to stop insisting they were just sex buddies and actually call Tracy her girlfriend. It wan't that Lily didn't like Tracy...actually she thought she might love her. The issue was Lily can't let herself love people she doesn't have time for that. You see Lily is the eldest daughter of James's Smith the head of Smith co. This meant that Lily was destined to take over her father's business. She had been groomed her entire life to be the best business woman out there. Lily's power was one of the things that first attracted Tracy. However it was what her upbringing had also caused that made her stay. Lily's upbringing had left a number of negative side effects her not being able to relax ever just being one of them. Lily always tried to push people away. Hell she still wouldn't let Tracy hold her she had to be the one doing all the holding even though now it was clear to Tracy there was often times where Lily could use a hug. This is because Lily hates her job. She used to hate her life to until she met Tracy. She never wanted to be a business woman he wanted to be an artist. She had never admitted this to anyone however always wanting to please her parents and fulfill her family duty. However one night while drunk she had let slip to Tracy that she hated her job and loved art, though she had fallen asleep soon after so couldn't remember that. Recently the stress had been getting to her more and effecting her sleep. Her father had been down her throat the other week due to falling sales in some of her branches of the company. She hated disappointing her parents. This stress was becoming too much for her and Tracy could see that as Lily looked like a zombie as she arrived at her place last night. Tracy had tried to get her to just go to sleep but Lily insisted that she could have sex, though ended up drifting off while on top of Tracy.As they woke up it became apparent how big an impact the stress was having. Lily sighed hearing her phone go off and reached round for it. However as she did she felt something rather odd. She felt something cold and wet. Having been forcibly potty trained by age 2 she has no memory of this short of wetness so lifted the sheets assuming maybe one of them had had their period. However as she lifted the sheets her eyes went wide as she saw her white girl boxers sticking to her covered in bright yellow pee, her ass sitting in a pool of said pee and even the bottom of her black t shirt slightly damp from her own piss. Lily felt the pooling of tears in her eyes as she looked down at herself in shock. However then she tensed and quickly looked over to Tracy who she saw was now awake and could see as plan as the noes on your face that her 23 year old girlfriend had wet the bed like a toddler. "I I I...I I'm sorry...I I didn't mean to." Lily stuttered her voice cracking. Tracy had never seen her like this. Lily was normally very butch and in control. She had short brown hair in a neat pixie cut and always wore smart suits. Now however other features of her became more clear like her big sad blue eyes, the fact her hair was rather curly like a little kids (especially when she had bed head), she was kinda curvy almost in a puppy fat way and that she was also very small almost a foot shorter than Tracy. She had never seemed so small before though.
  19. Mommy roleplay for little rachel

    Hi I'm Rachel I'm looking for a mommy to do a roleplay with I was thinking an adoption roleplay this is for girls only and if you want in PM me I and I'll post a starter thank you babygirl Rachel
  20. Ab Activities In Denver

    Hi all, I recently moved up to the metro Denver area and I'm looking for fun AB activites that mommy and I, or some little friends, could do together. Any suggestions?
  21. Taken In (Open Roleplay)

    My name is molly I'm 15 years old and i was just taken in by John and Kathleen Carlin.
  22. New Mommy

    I am new to this site and wish to share my story A couple years ago my little boy told me that he had diaper dreams. Nothing ever really became of it though...until recently. i dont remember what started it, but a week ago, I asked him if he'd like me to go get him some. He was excited. Drank a whole lot while I was out so he could be ready. It amazed me how much I enjoy him in diapers. Over this passed week I have learned a lot. He told me that he has wanted to be in diapers since he was about 12. He has also done a LOT of research about them, what kinds, the lingo etc. What he didnt know, was how much I would enjoy him in them or how much it turned me on. Our actual kids went away for a couple weeks, giving us the freedom to play. this passed weekend was one of the best weekends. He came home from work on Friday and I had a bottle and a diaper waiting for him and he stayed in them all weekend. Although he loves the feel of a nice dry diaper, the feel of the baby powder. he loves to wet in them. Our weekend, was filled with baby play, diaper changes, bathtime, cuddle time and nursing on demand. My favourite memory was when he had his afternoon nap, he had his white diaper shirt on with his blue teddy bear plastic pants under peaking out, his sucky was in his mouth. It was hot so he laid on the bed with no blankets. I came up to check on him, his arms were above his head, his legs bent with knees out, sucky in his mouth completely passed out. Supremely cute. I wish i had of taken a picture. Our favourite routine together is bedtime. I love to nurse him, cuddle with him and pat his bottom. He drinks his bottle after he nurses and usually wets while he does. Its an exceptional turn on to feel him get all wet and warm. At night he doesn't even wake when he wets, but my hand rests there so I can feel each one. I usually am changing him at 3 am as he has gone so much. He loves the middle of the night change. I have been doing research of my own on all of this, we dont do the punishment or spanking or anything like that. But its more on the caring and nurturing. All the aspects I loved of having babies, nursing, diapers, cuddling and without having another one (like I've been craving!) This has more than filled my want for another baby. I just wish he had told me sooner. It took him 14 years to tell me that he wanted this, (not just the diaper part, the whole of it). So tell your partners, dont waste time, dont hide it, you never know...your partner may want the same thing but cant tell you
  23. 1950's (Open)

    My name is joanie smith i am six months old. Father: Howard 34 Mother: Ruth 33 Bother: Richard 8 Sister: Mary 5
  24. Help to a newbie mommy

    Hello there recently i got in a relationship with a baby girl, but im realy new in the ABDL so i wanted to ask for a little help please >< she wants more rules and be treated 100% as a baby, so i need help and advices for that this are her rules untill now 1) Cant use toilets 2) when she has the urge to pee or poo she has to do it in the moment 3)24/7 diapered 4) at home only crawl and baby talk 5)only an adult can change her aditional detail She already has been into ABDL for along time ><
  25. Catherine (Open Role Play)

    My name is Catherine Leigh Doyle. I am ten years old i grew up in dallas texas my parents names are emily and john. My mother is a very nice person bu dose not have alot of free time which is why i have a nanny her name is maria. My father is the ceo of a bank he works all the time even at home.