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  1. I'm interested, but I can't make either of those... keep me in the loop though! I definitely want to come to an event!
  2. ((Drynights can't get on often, so I'm opening this up for a mommy/ girlfriend dom))
  3. It is when you're a college student with no income.
  4. Mituna wasn't a normal teen in the least. He was intersex, and had had a skateboarding accident a few years ago that led to him loosing his speech filter and not quite having full control of his bladder. Today, he was coloring in his living room, and didn't realize he had to go pee. After about an hour, he finally realized that he had to go, but when he stood, all of
  5. Thank you for your suggestions. I'd like to purchase an stp packer, but I currently don't have
  6. Just to clarify, I identify as an agender individual, and I do know what intersex is. My dysphoria is that I do not have both a penis and a vagina, and that I only have the latter. It is not related to the diapers, other than I notice my dysphoria more when I do get the chance to wear.
  7. Playful kitten who loves to do as they're told and wear diapers! This will hopefully be longterm, so serious inquiries only. Mama or Daddy must be under 27.
  8. Yes, and I'm not sure. Maybe because I don't have to worry about tucking when I put it on.
  9. 55 minutes ago, sensi said: Hi i just randomly came across your post. I am wondering what you mean by this. i googled
  10. So, recently I've been having some strong intersex dysphoria, and when I wear diapers, it seems to get a little worse. I love my diapers, don't get me wrong, but I've just been struggling with how do deal with the bottom dysphoria when I'm wearing. No penis means this little is very uncomfortable and unhappy.
  11. I'd like to find Cronus Ampora or Mituna Captor from Homestuck in diapers.... they're both so precious...
  12. Yeah! Feel free to message me!
  13. Hi Emerald! You and I seem very much alike besides a 1 year age difference, and I think we could become great friends!
  14. If it's just online, I would be up for it!