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  1. Hey is there any fellow little's or caregivers that would like to maybe catch up in and around the Bendigo area? If so let me know would be great :)
  2. When The Hypno Kicks In By Horatio Husky Commissioned by AnnaNapps “Soft… Sqweh… Sqweh… Shee…” The lay rat on the lush mattress, wooden bars rising to form the borders of her simple crib. Coherent thoughts were long gone now, as she had succumbed fully to the hypnosis she had tried so hard to resist. Her mind had become a blank slate, all past memories, thoughts, and talents both learned and naturally gifted had been stripped away. They were gone, forever, leaving behind only the pleasant fog that enveloped her waking mind in a soft, flannel blanket. “Comfy… I wuv comfy… Comfy good… Good for whittle rattos… I’m whittle ratto… Smol…” The simple affirmation of her identity brought comfort to the rat, her limbs tingling and growing warmer as the temperature in the room rose slightly, altered by an unseen spell to ensure that her comfort was kept at the maximum level. Her setting was simple, only a crib and comfortable mattress to keep her company. The room is quiet, still, illuminated only by the last few beams of sunlight on a late afternoon. There was no need for there to be anything else in the room, other than the crib to hold her. Annie could not have escaped the room even if she was able to come up with such an idea. No, there was only the wonderful reality of laying on her back, in a soft bed, and feeling ever so happy to enjoy the delicate euphoria sustained by having a mind filled with nothing. “Baby… Goo’... Goo’ guwl… I’m… I’mma goow… Gurl… Baby guwl…” The thought of knowing that she was a good girl gave her immense pleasure, for she wiggled her bottom and tail in response to the personal affirmation. In her mind, she was a good girl, a good girl solely for the fact that she was laying quietly and obediently in her crib, where she was left to do just that. “Goow girls… Need big… BIG diapers… Goow guwls have… Accidents…” A delicate blush formed on the rat’s cheeks, a slight rosiness saturating the normally white fur with a pleasant pink color. Annie was indeed wearing only a diaper in addition to her pink t-shirt. There was a heart on the landing zone, and the rest of the pink and white padding had been carefully wrapped around her waist to ensure that it was a snug, secure fit. The adhesive had been magically sealed against her, though even now her paws remained too clumsy and uncoordinated to loop even a single paw pad underneath a tape. The cushion underneath her tushie was significant, lifting her up a whole two inches off of the mattress beneath her. Its front was robust, wide, and thickly layered. It rode up to her upper thighs. It was so secured and voluptuous in size that no matter what pose her body might be in as she rolled around, it would be able to catch even the largest of floods without a single drop leaking out. “Big… Poofy… Puh… Puh… Poopy… Goow girls go poopy in poofy…” She mused to herself, idly dragging a limp wrist down to the front of her diaper to give her front a weak squeeze. Annie had become enamored by her diaper ever since her brain had been completely washed. It was her favorite part of her wardrobe, always there, sometimes crinkling to remind her that she was safe, and perpetually ready to hold all the messes that inevitably dribbled out of her when she was not paying attention. And Annie could no longer pay attention. She squeezed her thighs together, held apart by a good foot and a half by the sheer bulk of the diaper. Had she been willing, she would find that she would no longer be able to walk with such an immense bulk. Crawling too would be difficult, but given just how cozy she was feeling laying on her back she had no intention of moving anywhere. No, she would stay put, where everything was easy-going and okay. “Good guwls… Piddle… Diapers hold baby princess ratto piddles… No puddles… Only… Soggy woggy… Princess… Pampers…” Annie let out a little accident, trickling out of her only to be eagerly lapped up and absorbed by her diaper. It barely put a dent in the total amount the undergarment could absorb, for she had many such miniature accidents throughout her hours of languishing about. She did not mind. In fact, Annie quite liked how the diaper felt after she had wet it, the warmth of her pee radiating back into her fur to remind her that it was okay to pee in her diapers. That was what they were for, after all, to keep her safe and comfortable as she lay in her crib. “I’m… Mah… Mommy’s widdle… Puddle princess… Goow girls… Are soggy guwls…” This mantra would often repeat itself inside of her shallow consciousness, eliciting a sense of reward and euphoria that sometimes caused her to pass out from the sheer force of good feelings. Using her diaper was her favorite part of the day, and she could not even control when she had to go in it. It was a happy accident, every accident, and waking up from her pleasure-filled dreams into her waking stupor meant only that she would be awake for yet more accidents for her to relish and gurgle at. “Make stimkies… Annie… Gotta go… Make… Stimkies… Gotta… Do pushies… Good guwls… Do pushies…” Annie could feel it, the tell-tale signs that her tummy needed a little bit more room for more treats that would cause her to drool onto her shirt. Though the rat had no capacity to remember just how many diapers she had gone through that day, this was her fourth. Whenever she felt the slightest inclination to mess herself, she did without hesitation. The lavish feeling of being unable to pick herself up, move about, or even adjust herself inside of the overwhelming thick diapers made it so she would remain laying in her mess. Whenever she pushed, her accident remained firmly underneath her bottom, the earthy scent rising up to meet her nostrils and triggering a conditional embarrassment response. She would feel self-conscious at first, messy and dirty, which would eventually progress into a state of quiet reflection. Lastly, she would grow a little upset, and small cries would turn into sobs until tears would glisten in the corners of her eyes. That was when there was attention brought to her, soothing words and warm paws would lower the bars of the crib to change her well-used diaper. Her bottom would be lifted, wiped down and powdered with a generous helping of powder. Her ‘special spot’ too would be worshiped with warm, wet wipes. She quite liked this part, though she could no longer understand why, it was just a pleasant feeling, and it always came with a final reward. A fresh diaper, snuggly diapered, serving as the finest pillow for her now clean bottom, only to be defiled and distorted a few hours later when she had yet another moment of weakness. “Hurt… Tummy ouchie… Gotta… Gotta… Go… Make pushies…” The rat emitted a grunt, scrunching her face and balling her fists against her chest as she raised her knees upwards. The accident came, her tail swishing to the side to allow for more leverage as several loud sounds of flatulence became muffled in the seat of her princess pampers. Her bottom distorted slightly, bulging outwards and then sagging downwards as she pooped. So came the torrent, a flood gushing into the front of her patiently waiting diaper front as she fully relieved herself. Annie lowered her legs, her weight back down on her now messy diaper as she heaved a sigh of relief. The warmth from her fresh accident comforted her, and she wriggled her thighs and hips inside of her used padding, relishing the sensation of having completely soiled herself. Words became lost, as her thoughts could no longer articulate her feelings. Only sensations remained, the last threads of her adult mind vanishing into the abyss never to be retrieved again. Good feeling… Squishy feeling… Warm feeling… I did good to poop my pants… Good girl. “Goo’... Guwl… Goo’... Guwl… Goo’... Guwl…” Only two words remained, the only two words that she needed, for they accomplished everything that she wanted. Annie only wanted to feel good, to supplicate her body and diaper with the affirmation that she was only a baby rat that used her diapers. It was sufficient, no greater desires or wishes came to her mind other than being changed into clean diapers to turn them into messy ones. It was her sole point of interest. Now, she guided her paw to the front of her diaper, groping and poking at the thick, sodden material as yet another jet of pee escaped her, filling it further. She felt the urine drip down her front, seeping down into the flattened cake of her messy accident and mingling with it. Like so much mud against her backside, she wriggled around further, soft gurgles escaping her mouth as the sensation of being in a thoroughly used diaper spiked her dopamine levels to obscene levels. She would never be free from this high, her body would now be fully dependent on using her diapers several times a day to remain functional. It was her only source of happiness, and what a bountiful source of euphoria and glee it was. She would lay in her crib, piddle and push in her diapers, and reminder herself that she was a very “Goo’ guwl” for all eternity. This was her lot in life now, and it had now become irreversible. “Oh dear, it smells like someone just left me a little present in their diaper.” Came the voice belonging to the large, plush lop-eared rabbit. This was the only face Annie knew, and the only one she saw. Enchanted with a spell and given life with magic, this stuffed animal remained inanimate in another room, rising only to feed, wash, change, and clothe Annie when she needed it. It was all the rat needed, spending her days laying in a crib with nothing but the sheer blankness of her mind to keep her happy. She hardly understood the words that came from the rabbit now, but she appreciated the soft tones that she used. The rabbit spared no amount of effort ensuring that Annie remained calm and well-behaved, keeping her well fed and hydrated to maintain the rat’s only purpose for existing in her nursery. To use her diapers, to love her diapers, and to be completely dependent on her soft, pink diapers. “Now then, let me wipe that poopy little butt of yours and let’s put you into a fresh, new diaper. Doesn’t that sound nice, sweetheart?” The rabbit cooed, lowering the bars of the crib before reaching forward to gently cup the bottom of Annie’s diaper. She continued, her voice slightly bemused as she shouldered her diaper bag and deposited it down on the mattress next to Annie. “Oh my, it feels like you really did a number on this one, baby girl. Now then, let’s see what surprises you left me this time around.” The nursery was then filled only with the sound of tapes being slowly ripped off, and the crinkling of plastic as her diaper was unfolded. The rabbit took her time cleaning Annie up, letting the rat enjoy her touch and the pleasant sensation of having her fur wiped. There was no rush, after all, for the rat’s fate was filled with only the inevitability of a diaper change. No cause for hurry, for Annie was never to leave the confines of her crib, standing in the dungeon’s nursery, for the rest of her blissful days. When the Hypno Kicks In [Comm].pdf
  3. Nora and Emma skipped down the sun-dappled street, their laughter harmonizing with the rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze. Hand in hand, they approached Nora's house, a cozy abode adorned with cheerful colors and an inviting warmth. Nora's eyes sparkled with excitement. "Emma, I'm so happy you're here for a sleepover! We're going to have so much fun!" Emma, equally thrilled, couldn't help but grin. "I can't wait, Nora! Your house is so pretty!" As they entered, the nursery greeted them with an array of stuffed animals, vibrant toys, and a soft, comforting ambiance. Nora's daddy, Mr. Johnson, stood nearby, his welcoming smile making the girls feel right at home. "Hello, you two! Are you ready for your sleepover?" Mr. Johnson's warm voice filled the room. "Hello, Mr. Johnson!" Emma greeted with a bright smile as she entered the cozy nursery. "Hello, Emma!" Mr. Johnson replied warmly, pleased by Emma's politeness. "Are you ready for a fun sleepover?" Emma nodded eagerly. "Yes, Mr. Johnson! I can't wait to play with Nora." Daddy checks Nora's diaper to make sure she's comfortable. He gently pats her diaper, feeling for any signs of wetness. Nora, with her bright eyes and cheerful demeanor, giggles playfully. "All dry, Daddy!" she chirps, confirming that her diaper is still snug and dry. With a mischievous glint in her eye, Emma playfully nudges Mr. Johnson and grins, "You know, Mr. Johnson, Nora's only dry because she just got changed at the Regression School. She had a messy accident, but they took good care of her." Mr. Johnson chuckles, appreciating Emma's teasing tone. "Well, it sounds like they're doing a great job over there. Thanks for keeping an eye on Nora, sweetheart." Nora joins in the light-hearted moment, giggling and adding, "Yeah, they really are nice, Daddy!" Mr. Johnson turns to Emma with a warm smile. "And what about you, Emma? Did you get a change too?" Emma blushes even deeper, her cheeks turning a shade of pink that matches her outfit. She clears her throat again, feeling a mix of embarrassment and vulnerability. "Um, no, Mr. Johnson," she stammers, "I'm, uh, still fully potty trained." Mr. Johnson gives her an understanding nod, his warm smile never wavering. "That's perfectly alright, Emma. We all have our own preferences and experiences. Just remember, we're here to support you in whatever way you feel comfortable. If you want to borrow one of Noras´s diapers just give me a call."Emma, appreciating the offer, shakes her head with a small, appreciative smile. "Thank you, Mr. Johnson, but I'll be alright. I'll stick with Panties for now." As Nora and Emma adjourn to the nursery, Daddy heads to the kitchen to prepare a snack or perhaps a meal for his little girls. He knows that after a day of learning and play at the Regression School, they'll need some nourishment to keep their energy up. In the nursery Emma looked at Nora with genuine curiosity. "Nora, if you don't mind me asking, what made you choose to wear diapers? Nora giggled. "I just really like how soft and cozy they feel, Emma. It's like wearing a big, warm hug all day! And they make me feel safe, like a little kid who doesn't have to worry about finding a potty in time. Plus, they come in such fun colors and patterns, it's like wearing cute clothes all the time!" Emma couldn't help but smile at Nora's enthusiastic explanation. Emma bit her lip, looking a bit concerned. "But Nora, what about accidents, don´t they feel uncomfortable or...icky?” Nora looked at Emma with a smile, trying to explain. "Well, Emma, it's like... it's all warm and cozy, and it makes me feel safe, like a big hug. And when it's wet, it's like a little tickle, and it reminds me that I'm being taken care of, just like a baby. It a really like being a wet diaper princess." Emma listened, trying to understand. "So, it's like being hugged by a warm, tickly cloud?" Nora giggled. "Yeah, kinda like that! And I don't have to stop what I'm doing to go to the potty, and I never have to worry about finding a bathroom. It's all taken care of right here," she said, patting her diaper with a smile. "And if it gets wet or messy, well, it's not really my problem, is it? Emma blushed, processing Nora's words. "I guess it’s not," she admitted blushing, feeling a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. "That's right!" Nora giggled. "It's Daddy's or a caregiver's job to take care of it. They make sure I'm all clean and comfy again. It feels really nice, like being taken care of just like a little kid." Emma, feeling curious, looks at Nora and says, "You know, Nora, I've never tried diapers before, and I'm starting to wonder what it's like. Would you be willing to help me give it a try?" Nora's eyes sparkle with excitement as she claps her hands gently. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun, Emma! Don't worry, I'll help you with everything. It's like being wrapped in a soft, fluffy cloud," she exclaims.Nora gently takes Emma's hand and leads her to a cozy corner of the nursery. She smiles reassuringly. "Alright, Emma, let's get you all set up." With a tender touch, she helps Emma remove her clothes, folding them neatly on a nearby chair. "There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Nora encourages, her voice warm and comforting. Nora realized with a shock, that didn’t know the first thing about diaper changes, it having been Daddy´s responsibility for so long. Nora hesitates for a moment before deciding to go to the kitchen and fetch Daddy. She walks in, blushing a little, and finds him in the kitchen. "Daddy, um... could you come to the nursery? We, uh, need a little help with something," she stammers, feeling a bit awkward about the situation. Daddy looks up from what he's doing, a curious expression on his face. "Of course, sweetie. What do you need help with?" Nora shifts uncomfortably, glancing back towards the nursery. "It's, um, about the diapers," she mumbles, her face turning even redder. Daddy nods understandingly and sets down what he's holding. "Alright, let's go." He follows Nora back to the nursery, where Emma is waiting, her face also flushed with embarrassment. They all stand there, a mix of curiosity and nervousness in the air. Daddy notices Emma's uncertain expression and gently asks, "Emma, would you like to give diapers a try? It's perfectly okay if you're not sure, but if you're curious, I´m here to help." Emma looks between Mr. Johnson and Nora, feeling a mix of nerves and curiosity. After a moment, she nods shyly. "I... I think I'd like to try, just to see what it's like," she admits, her cheeks turning a deeper shade of pink. Nora´s Daddy smiles warmly. gestures towards the shelves filled with various diapers. "Emma, why don't you go ahead and pick out a diaper that you think you'd like?" Emma walks over to the shelves, her heart pounding with nervousness and anticipation. She examines the colorful designs, finally selecting one with soft pastel patterns, similar to the diaper on Nora´s butt. She turns back to Mr. Johnson, holding it in her hands. "I think... I'll try this one," she says, her voice a bit shaky. Mr. Johnson smiles approvingly. "Good choice, Emma. Now, let's find a comfortable spot for you." He leads Emma to a changing table, gently guiding her to lie down. He reassures her, "Remember, there's no rush, and you can let me know if you're uncomfortable at any point." Emma nods. Daddy skillfully unfolds the diaper and gently lifts Emma's legs, sliding it underneath her. He carefully applies some powder and then smoothly fastens the tapes, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit. Throughout the process, Emma feels a mix of vulnerability and trust. Nora watches with wide-eyed fascination, giggling at the sight. "You look so cute, Emma!" she exclaims, unable to contain her excitement. Emma blushes deeply, feeling a strange mix of embarrassment and a surprising sense of comfort. She looks up at Mr. Johnson, who offers her an encouraging smile. "There you go, all set," he says gently, helping Emma sit up. Emma shifts experimentally, feeling the soft padding of the diaper against her skin. It's a strange sensation, but not entirely unpleasant. She looks down at herself, still adjusting to the sight of a diaper peeking out from under her clothes. Daddy and Nora exchange a knowing glance, both clearly delighted that Emma has taken this step. "You're doing great, Emma," Daddy praises, patting her on the back. Daddy gently lifts Emma off the changing table and sets her back on her feet. The girls are then free to return to their play. Emma, however, can't help but be distracted by the unusual sensation of her diaper. As she moves around and plays with Nora, she finds herself periodically touching or adjusting the diaper, still not entirely used to the feeling. Nora notices Emma's preoccupation and chuckles. "It's okay, Emma. Diapers take a little getting used to, but you'll see, they're not so bad once you get used to them. Let's keep playing!" She grabs Emma's hand, eager to continue their imaginative adventure. [too be continued]
  4. Looking for anyone that needs wet diaper changes and anyone who will change wet diapers in the Abilene and Sweetwater area. I am a sissy that likes wearing diapers but I have never had anyone change me before. I would like to change someone too if they want it?
  5. "Oh, you're always like this now," she mused. "Looks like my big boy's having another one of his pampers problems..." she gave me a pouty sad face before giggling. "Can't you do anything to keep dry?" I shook my head absentmindedly. "Well it's too bad, you used to be so grown up--but I know just what to do." she said, placing her hands on my hips. She looked me in the eyes, and then pulled me into a hug. Smelling her coconut, sea, and musk perfume filled me with emotion as I began to hold her tightly. I felt a dribble of pee begin in my diaper and breathed in her smell more fully, trying to forget my underwear shame. It wasn't enough though, and I felt myself beginning to tear up. "Awh, is someone crying? You know I love you no matter what, it's okay--" she whispered from above me. With her being a tall woman, I couldn't help but feel more at a loss in her presence. I was less like her boyfriend every day. She even called my underwear pampers, like I was some kind of baby! My thought train was interrupted by another spurt of wetness trickling down for a long moment before being absorbed somewhere below. "Shh, I know you're mature," she cooed. "It's just that we need a little help down there, help that diapees give you!" She returned her hands to my hips again and began to unfasten me. In the chilliness of having my diaper pulled away, I noticed what little arousal I had from holding onto her was beginning to shrink into nothing. "Looks like the diaper's doing its job, you're getting smaller down there--and wetter." She kissed me. "Isn't it better this way?" I hesitated. "I guess. It is nice having you care for me." "That's the spirit, you're doing great so far." She revealed a clean diaper for me from inside her purse and got busy slowly unfolding it, getting it ready for my behind. Being about eye level with her upper chest, I was drawn to look at her breasts and lower belly for a moment. Instinctively, I reached over and held just above her hips, petting her gently with my thumbs. I felt very aroused by her, but I was unable to show it. These diapers were doing something funny to me. "Why would they make diapers that get rid of--" "It makes you less likely to leak, dear." She began to position the diaper around me, and I was relieved that she did--she didn't have to see the small accident that was trickling out as she fastened my tabs snugly. "They don't do anything else funny like that, do they?" "They do make you calmer. It's to make you easier to care for, of course." She poked me on the nose and pulled me in for a hug. "Want me to get you something for lunch at the food court?" "Please." I blurted out, along with another spurt into my diaper. I was about to unlock the bathroom door when she grabbed my hands. "Let's get your shorts back on first," she said. I watched as she did up the button, hiding most of my diaper below the waistband, but not all of it. She positioned my shirt over top to cover the rest. "There, now we're all set."
  6. Phil glanced nervously at his watch. His appointment was at 7:30, it was now 7:25. Really, he could go in at any point. There was no problem with arriving early, and he had booked the whole night anyway. Also, he was already standing outside the building.That building was a tall steel and glass structure right downtown where he lived. There were shops in the lower floors, as well as offices and apartments. Phil, a tall, well-built man in his twenties with dark brown hair, had taken the bus down to spend the night. It was a loose appointment, as long as he arrived at some point before midnight he was fine. That wasn’t the reason he was nervous.The reason he was nervous was the he had never done anything like this before. He had found an add online, which said it was a sure fire way to reduce stress, but gave very little information. Apparently, it was part of a growing ‘cuddle for hire’ business, where people had special trained workers to cuddle with while you slept. Phil, a business intern hoping to someday become a manager, had plenty of stress in his life. He knew others in the same situation had been doing the same thing. This one, however, seemed a bit strange. Their business’s website has described itself as a ‘Cuddle Club… With a Difference!’ but didn’t specify what that difference was. When he asked over the phone, the woman on the other end only giggled and said “oh… you’ll see!” Also, it didn’t have any pictures of the people who were there to cuddle, and the business’s page was strangely childish, with pictures of stuffed animals and descriptions written in very simple English. However, the reviews on it were excellent. Eventually he had decided to book a night.He swallowed nervously. Finally, he picked up his duffle bag and headed into the building. He could always leave if he didn’t like it, he told himself. He walked across multi coloured tiles and past small stores towards a pair of steel elevator doors. He pushed the button, and waited. He looked again at a piece of paper in his pocket, which read “room 11-57, 530 pm.” He hit the button for floor 11, and waited. He got off, and wandered through carpeted hallways until he found the right room. He paused and breathed deeply. Why was this so hard? He supposed it was because, in a way, he was admitting he needed help. Long work hours, little rest, and countless pages of work to get through had gotten to him. He tried to forget that he still was only competing for a position, and wasn’t even guaranteed a job after all this. Trying to get a good job in this economy would wear down anyone. He always had had problems dealing with stress, and at this point he just needed a break. He knew other people who had gone to similar places, but somehow he felt that if someone saw him he wouldn’t be able to face them again. Was he admitting defeat by getting help in such a strange way? He shook the idea out of his head, and knocked on the door.“Come in,” a female voice said.He opened the door, and found he was facing a desk in a large reception area. The walls were a deep red, decorated with a few pictures and two hall ways ran off to the sides. There were a few chairs along the walls, a coat rack and a small table covered with toys and colouring books. He looked at those questioningly. Who would bring their children here?“Ahem,” the same voice said again, more sternly. He turned to face the woman at the desk, who was in her late 40s and small glasses and dark hair pulled back into a tight bun. She looked up from the paperwork on her desk and stared at him impatiently.“Oh! Hi… uhhh sorry, I am here for a 5:30 appointment. If I am at the right place.”“What is ‘the right place?” she said, looking at him over the tops of her glasses.“I… well, I think it’s here, I should have an appointment.” Phil didn’t want to admit where he was going if he was at the wrong place.“You want the Carlesontown Cuddle Club?” she asked.Phil blushed. “Yes.”“You are Phil then?”“Yes I am. Are you the receptionist?” Phil asked, hoping the stern looking woman wasn’t who he was going to cuddle with.“I am the MANAGER, actually,” she said.“Oh. Sorry.”The woman looked at her watch. “It is no 5:37. You are late.”“I know, I’m sorry,” he said.The woman sighed. “I suppose that is fine. Alright. You are in room 3A, with Marie. Its right down the hallway to the left. You can leave your coat on that rack.” She pointed to the wall.“Alright, thanks.” Phil took off his long overcoat, revealing a dark grey suit underneath, and hung it on the wall.“That’s not what you are planning on wearing, is it?” she asked.“No, I brought my pyjamas in my bag.” He held it up to show here. “Is there a place I can get changed?”She paused a moment, then sighed again, more exasperated this time. “Yes, fine, just get changed in that room. Marie will show you where.” She turned back to the paperwork on her desk, indicating the discussion was over.Phil headed down the hall. “3A… 3A…” he repeated to himself. He eventually found the room, and knocked.The door opened slightly and a head popped out. He was relieved to see it was girl closer to his own age, perhaps mid-twenties, with a short bob of blond hair.“Hello?” Phil said.“Hi!” a voice answered excitedly. “Are you Phil?”“Yes,” he replied.“Yayyy! Come in come in come in!” she grabbed his hand and pulled him in. “Ummm… that’s not what you are going to wear, is it?” She pointed at his outfit.“No I… what?” Phil had held out his bag to show her, but stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth hung agape. This was NOT what he had been expecting.In sharp contrast to the bare hallway outside, the next room was an inviting purple bed room. Except that he couldn’t see an actual bed. Instead, there was a massive oversized crib at the far end of the room, with the mat sitting on the floor and wooden bars on its sides. It was stuffed full of plush toys, more of which were scattered on the ground, and had a mobile hanging above it. Along with it was a high chair and a long padded table with shelves underneath he soon realized were full of diapers. There was a second door which lead into a bathroom, a window, and a wardrobe.That realization brought his attention back to the girl in front of him. She was dressed in a long footed sleeper made to look like a cat, complete with a tail and a now hanging hood with ears on it. As if that wasn’t enough, at her waist there was a flap attached with snaps, underneath which he could see the thick bulge of what he assumed was a diaper. She turned to face him when he stopped, and he could see a pacifier attached with a strap to her front. He looked at the hand he was holding to find it as encased in a fingerless mitten.“If you wanna get dressed, just go in there,” she said, pointing to the bathroom. “Or do it here, I don’t mind,” she giggled.“Wh.. what is going on?!” Phil asked in shock.“Oh! Well you can’t sleep in a suit silly! You need to get comfy! Didn’t you bring pjs?”“Yes, but I mean, why are you dressed like that!?”“These are my favourite jammies. If you don’t like ‘em you can pick out another pair from there.” She pointed to the large wooden wardrobe.“That’s not what I meant! Why are you dressed like a baby?!” he almost shouted.“Hehe uhhh because I am...? You really are silly…?” she giggled and stuck out her toung.“What?”The girl giggled and grabbed Phil’s other hand comfortingly. “Ok, you seem confused. Silly boy, you should have asked first.” She waggled a finger in front of him teasingly. “This is the Carelsontown Cuddle Club, the club “with a difference””. She said, quoting the webpage. “The difference is, you get to cuddle, and take care of, with a cute widdle baby like me. Doesn’t that sound fun?”“A little baby?” Phil asked.Well, not really little… I guess I’m bigger than most babies, but that’s not the point.”“You’re not a baby! You’re at least in your 20s!”She glared at him. “I’m 24. So? I can still be a baby. Everyone here is the same, we dress like this, people come in, take care of us, and cuddle. That’s the point.”“I don’t know,” Phil said, turning away. “I wasn’t expecting this.”“Uggg you gotta make it SOOOO hard,” she said, and Phil turned back to her. “I know it seems weird, but it works. We got a ton of happy people. You wanna calm down? Lose all your stress and anxiety? Just try it. We’ll have fun, I promise.”Phil stared at her. He did want to stop feeling stressed. Looking at her, he could already feel himself calming down, his anxiety slipping away he imagined her in his arms. A night spent with a cute girl, dressed so adorably… Phil was surprised to be thinking of it as adorable. But something about it was, and he felt himself drawn into the idea. He never would have imagined it before, but nothing right now seemed more perfectly calming then taking care of this strange grown woman dressed as a baby.“Alright,” he said.“Yayy!” she jumped up and down and giggled. “Alright, you go get dressed. I’ll be playing.” She let go of him, and Phil walked into the bathroom and closed the door.He paused a moment, thinking. This entire situation was so strange. Since when was this something he’d ever want? He thought about it again. The image of him taking care of her came back, along with the irresistible feeling of calm. He needed it, he realized.He got undressed and put on his pyjamas; a long grey shirt and pants. He then went back into the bedroom to see Marie sitting on the ground, sucking her pacifier and playing with a pile of stuffed animals. He walked over to her, and she looked up at him.He hesitated, then asked “Hello there Marie, what are you playing?” She drooped the pacifier and smiled at him. “I’m playing with my pets! See, here is my kitty. She’s my favourite. You can the puppy!” She gave him a brown stuffed dog.For a few minutes he played around with her. The stuffed animals were surprisingly fun. He was amused, but still not really certain of what was going on. “Ummm… Marie?”“Yeeeeess?” she said.“What exactly are we going to do? I mean, it’s still a few hours until we need to sleep. Are we just going play with stuffed animals? They did tell me to come early.”“Well, its supper soon for one.”“That’s alright, I already ate.”“Not for you silly, for me,” she pointed at the high chair.“Ok… so what should I do?”She giggled. “Well I’m a baby! It’s your job to take care of me. What do you think you gotsta do with hungry babies?”Phil was a bit perplexed, but laughed. The idea of feeding this overgrown baby was heartwarming in a way. Once again, he was surprised to find himself thinking that.“Haha, ok. I’ll feed the baby.” Reaching toward her, he scooped her up in his arms. She giggled and leaned into him, and he carried her to the high chair and sat her down.“Now, what does the baby eat?”“There’s food under the changing table. I usually have three jars and a bottle,” she pointed at the drawers under the table.Phil walked over and opened the drawers to find lines of baby food. He took three out along with a warm bottle of milk and a spoon, and took them back.“You don’t keep these in a fridge?” he asked.“No, babies don’t like them too cold. The milk is in a fridge until you get here though.”He opened one of the jars, spooned some out and began feeding here. “Open up for the choo choo train!”She giggled, and opened her mouth. She ate it happily, spilling some as she did, and he kept feeding her.“You really like this stuff?” he asked.“Uh huh! Its nummy!” she replied.Soon he had finished all three jars. He then picked her up out of the high chair, sat on the ground, and put her in his lap. He began feeding her from the bottle.She snuggled into him as she suckled. She closed her eyes and smiled. Staring down at her, he realized he felt more peaceful then he had in years. Everything about the situation, from the cozy, inviting environment to the sweet girl in his lap, made him feel at home. Even knowing he could take care of the girl helped calm him.Soon she was finished the bottle. She turned into him and rested in his lap. He took the pacifier and put it in her mouth, and she sucked contently.He looked at the clock. It was only 7:30, but she seemed to be falling asleep.“I guess its bedtime for the little baby, eh?”She opened her eyes and spoke around her pacifier, causing her to lisp. “Nuuuu. I don wanna sweep.”“You’re falling asleep right now in my lap honey.”“No. Not tiered,” she said stubbornly. As if to prove it, she tried to sit up in his lap, but fell back down.“Uh huh. Suuuuree you aren’t. Come on, I’ll even cuddle with you.”“Buh I wanna pwaaayyy!” she whined.“Don’t be silly. Just suckle your paci and go to sleep. I’ll get your teddies for you in a minute.“Hmph. Meanie.” She said, still cuddling against him and closing her eyes. He laughed.He picked her up and carried her toward the crib. As he lay her down, he noticed something.“Marie, what is that smell?” She sniffed the air without opening her eyes. "Diapie," she said, and wiggled down into his arms.
  7. Yeah this is just cringy. Why do people do this?
  8. Has any one had issues with the price of products at Rearz changing after you placed your order? I bought a case of diapers last year and there was an issue. I don't remember what the support explained, it didn't make sense, but they fixed it. Now tonight I ordered a case that was listed as $125. for large diapers + 32 dollars shipping, and a 7 dollar pacifier. That should be around $165 about. Anyway, when I got my receipt, the the price of the case of diapers showed $158. The total of the order was $194.00. Why is the price always different when I order here?
  9. If you could be small again and diapered by anyone famous (doesn't have to be super famous) who would it be? Also, what would be a stinky diaper scenario that would be your favorite? Perhaps one where you poop in the diaper at the line of the super market? Or maybe you hide in the morning after waking up to a mess in your dide. Whats your perfect stinky dide situation and how would you want it to play out?
  10. Is there a way to change my display name and email?
  11. Mike walked into the residence just as cops were leading a handcuffed woman out. This was a situation that he had seem many times before. A parent gets addicted and the child ends up suffering for it. Mike had been a social worker for 5 years, and things just did not surprise him anymore. He walked down the main hallway and could faintly smell cocaine, but couldn't focus on that. Mike need to find the girl. He needed to save her from this place. He stopped at a doorway and saw a little girl, clad in a pair of shorts and shirt, playing with a doll. Her shorts had a slight bulge almost as if she was diapered.
  12. I'm a new Daddy looking for a sweet little princess to baby online. I have experience changing diapers both wet and messy. We could RP or just talk about how our days are going. If you want someone to take care of you, I am your guy.
  13. Trent Michaels was your average 28 year old guy. He had a good income, and
  14. I have an idea for a story with two characters. My character, Chris, is the 21 year old brother. Your character would either be my little brother or sister of 15 years old. Our parents leave on a month long vacation and ask me to come babysit you. You of course are adamant about being mature enough to not need a babysitter. Eventually, I start noticing various things: attraction to children's shows, focusing on diaper commercials, etc. This leads to babying and diapers.
  15. Guest

    Waiting For A Diaper Change

    From the album: Pull Ups

    My First Time Being Diapered Up (In A Long Time) & My First Time Taking Pictures Diapered Up. This Is Me Getting Ready To Give Myself A Diaper Change. Kinda Wish Someone Would Do That For Me. :/

    © BABY Sydney

  16. I've been fascinated with diapers for as long as I can remember, probably since about age 3.
  17. Hello I am quite new to abdl community until now I have kept it secret but no more. I am strugglering now tho as I would love to be told what to do with say a daily routine consisting of wake up time. Bottle times(how many FLoz). Food times (how many jars) nappy change times (should I be enema or suppostires and just natural?) When's bed time. PS when I'm my baby self i use a catheter. I have Nappys Dummy's Bottle Formula milk Baby food jars Baby porridge Rusks Baby bowl and spoons Wipes Baby powder Nappy rash cream Supposties Enema kit Laxitives Castor oil Hand cuffs Onesie If you want to punish me for being bad now you know what I have. If you want me to buy something else for the nursery let me know so I can go get
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