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  1. 18-year-old Benjamin has just been evicted from the college dorms after he has failed out of college for the semester. He sits in the student lounge with his bags while he figures out his next moves. His former professor Megan is talking to her faculty friend and sees him sitting alone. She is confused because he is supposed to be in her class for the semester. "Hi Ben. I missed you in my class this semester. Are you okay?"
  2. Now for something entirely different. This is another babyfur story of mine (one that actually got inspired by @Panther Cub's stories, actually; if you are a fan of babyfur stories, check them out), but it's got very heavy themes. I promise to warn you when they come up. Now, on with the show: Chapter One: Guilt and Shame - Constantin Tremblay woke up with a large yawn, the American ermine stretching his limbs, his tail and whiskers twitching with anticipation for the first week of August, the first week of his sophomore year of high school. Then he smelled something funny. He took off his blanket and gasped. No. No, it can’t be! He had unmistakably wet - no, soaked was more like it - the bed. His thoughts were frantic. It’s just got to be a bug. A summer bug. Can’t be FIID. It can’t be that, no, summer bug, it’s just a damn bug. Fallout Incontinent/Infancy Disease, the hidden scourge of the weapon known as Project A, the weapon that turned the world’s then-humans into humanoid animals way, waaay back in the time of, like, the dinosaurs (technically in 1963, during the Kennedy administration, but still) affected about a tenth of all middle and high schoolers. It was a horrible disease, turning those kids into what basically amounted to teen toddlers. No, he was not going to have that. He was already hiding being trans from his parents; he couldn’t have that as well. Already cost me friendships. Can’t have it cost my family too. With those thoughts, Constantin gathered his night clothes and sheets, quickly putting them in the washing machine with a lot of bleach, before turning the bleach toward his bed. Then the shower. The thing he hated the most, his dysphoria clearly showing there. His breasts, unmistakably showing his outward sex, hiding the powerful man he knew he was. He hated them, hated them. The ermine made sure to take a longer time in the shower than normal, washing every single part of his awful body to get the smell off of him. He put on his clothes: baggy black jeans, a loosely-fitting black T-shirt, and combat boots. Thank whatever gods existed - not that Constantin believed in a god; if there were any, they wouldn’t have made him like this - that there wasn’t a school uniform for anything other than basketball; it would’ve sucked if he was forced to wear a skirt or dress. Then he did the gel in his short hairfur, spiking it up. Then his glasses. He hated that he needed glasses; it made him look nerdy. Yeah, he got decent grades, but it was his basketball career that he cared about. His parents were fine with it because they were former jocks (Dad played soccer; Mom was a former cheerleader.), but… He shook his head furiously. He was going to have a good day at school, damn what the morning wanted him to think. Constantin let out another yawn, making a small breakfast for himself (his parents were off on their high-paying five-to-five jobs, so he was fairly self-sufficient.): just regular cereal and orange juice (breakfast of champions!) before he got his stuff packed and ready for school. He noted the silver coin on the countertop with Mom’s signature (payment for lunch and a thinly-veiled demand for “Marie-Claire” to join cheerleading) telling him to take the coin (which he did), and let out a sigh, exiting into the morning light. The ermine was early for the school trolleybus (it was rare for animals to have a car, since the gas-guzzlers had stopped being produced after the Fallout, and electric cars were only used by the rich...like his dad and mom), getting on with a nod at the driver, an elderly gorilla who nodded back at him before the trolleybus sped off. Constantin sat at the back, relaxing and almost nodding off with rock-n-roll music, before a familiar voice woke him up. “Hey, you’re taking my spot.” He opened his black eyes to see an ocelot, her amber eyes appraising him cautiously. He knew her. Allyson. Allyson Blood, his former bestie before…stuff happened. Mainly because Constantin never came out as trans to her (to anyone, really), and felt uncomfortable around girls nowadays (he was definitely attracted to girls, which made things…complicated.)…but partially because Allyson had gotten FIID, along with…his other two former friends. She was wearing a pink onesie with cartoon cats that did nothing to hide the fact that she was wearing a very thick diaper, and had a pink pacifier clipped to the neck area of her onesie. Her spotted tail flicked nervously, as she clutched a stuffed saber-toothed tiger in her paws. “Then take it from me if you can,” Constantin said in a bored tone. “It’s my spot. I’ve had it all of last year, Marie.” He looked at her, her eyes watering with tears, and a guilty feeling gnawed at his heart. “I…fine, take it,” the ermine muttered, shifting over so Allyson could get her body into the seat. “Thank you, Marie,” the ocelot said gratefully, popping in her pacifier and sucking nervously. “Whatever, I didn’t know it was your spot,” he muttered, hating his high-pitched tilting female voice. “Sho…I shee you’re doin’ bashketbaw?” The pacifier muffled her words, almost cutely. Not cutely. She’s just a damned overgrown baby now. Your friendship with her is over, let alone anything more. And yet… “Yeah, I figure that since I’m on the girl’s team…yeah.” “I’vf sheen your gamesh. You’re reawy good.” “Eh, I’m decent.” A lie. He had already gotten scholarship offers - women’s, of course, but one or two men’s teams as well - from high-profile colleges all across the United States, despite starting this year as a sophomore. “Don’t wie. I’m onwy FIID, not shtupith.” He looked at Allyson, seeing her glaring at him. Still intimidating, even though she was dressed as a baby (especially since she was bigger than he was). “I said I was decent. What’s there to lie about?” “Whatever.” The ride continued in stony silence, as more and more students - and teachers - got on the trolleybus. Constantin noted with dread that the ride had picked up his two other former close friends: Haylee Kilgallen the black-backed jackal and Krysten Peppers the long-eared owl, both of them sitting on the opposite side of him, both clad in similar attire to Allyson (only with a stuffed unicorn for Haylee and a stuffed roc for Krysten). “Hi, Marie!” Krysten said excitedly. “It’s been a while…” “Krys, she made her choice,” Haylee said coldly, her paw on Krysten’s wing feathers, as Constantin felt another gut punch of guilt. It’s not like they’d be your friends anyway. You’re not a girl, never were one. There’s too many issues, too many problems, and they’d stop being your friends if they knew the truth. So why did he feel so guilty and ashamed? “Hey, MC!” a voice cut through. The ermine looked up (way up; the speaker was a giraffe) to see his fellow basketball teammate (and fellow superstar), Xenia Chaconas. Xenia had a smirk on her face, as she said in mock sympathy, “I didn’t know you were FIID, MC. You wearing a diaper, too?” “I’m not,” Constantin huffed. “I’m just sitting with them, that’s all.” “You don’t have to sit with them, you know,” the giraffe continued. “You could sit with the big girls and talk with us.” “Yeah, but I just wanted to listen to my music, not talk,” Constantin growled. “Then sit somewhere else!” Haylee snapped at him. “We don’t want you here.” The words cut straight to the ermine’s heart. Haylee was someone who would fight off the legions of hell for someone if they were her friend. To hear that from her… “C’mon, Lee, you don’t mean that…” Krysten twittered nervously. “I do, Krys. She’s not welcome to sit with us anymore.” “Aw…you hear that? It’s almost like they’re talking!” Xenia cooed mockingly, as Constantin reluctantly got up and walked with the giraffe, who sneered, “I’ll come by the nursery to see you three later.” “Hey, MC!” “Yo, MC, what up?” “Howzit goin’, MC?” The words of Constantin’s fellow basketball teammates felt hollow to him; using the initials of his deadname as a nickname was almost too much to bear, and yet…he knew they meant no malice with it; it was all they really knew. They don’t know you. Your old friends did. And they don’t ever want to see you again. The guilt and shame grew in his heart, so much so that he almost wanted to cry. But he couldn’t. Not in front of his teammates. He felt a large arm snake around his shoulders, the hoof grabbing on to him, as he turned to see…Dragan. Dragan Lazarov. The superstar of the soccer team…and his wannabe boyfriend. The impala planted a kiss on the ermine’s cheek, to his inner disgust. “Hey, MC,” the soccer player rumbled. “You doing okay? Xenia’s not giving you too much grief, is she?” “She’s fine,” Constantin said, wanting Dragan to get the hell away from him, he wasn’t interested in boys, he was never interested in boys. “You know, I was thinking about a date, you know?” “Dragan…” “A date it is, then! How about we see that R-rated movie, huh?” Constantin squirmed under Dragan’s gaze. “I’m a little busy…” “Too busy for me? Blasphemy.” A smirk. The ermine hated that smirk. “C’mon, your dad, my dad, we know each other. It only makes sense.” He looked at the impala. Just because their dads played soccer on the same professional team didn’t mean he was interested in Dragan. Not. One. Bit. “I’ve got a lot of other things to do,” Constantin said, a hint of finality in his tone. “It’s a date then! You know where I’ll be.” The school - Frederick Frost High, the biggest public school in Chicago’s suburbs - came into view, and Constantin could not wait to get off, which he did…but out of the corner of his eye, he saw his three former friends get off as well, along with a fair few other obvious FIIDers, saw the two feline caregivers, what were their names, oh, right, Colleen and Carolina Cross, give assistance, and something drew him over to them, as he hid behind the school tree (a blooming oak tree, one of the few trees left after the Fallout), watching Allyson start to cry as her diaper was checked. “Aww, it’s okay, Ally, you’ll get potty training down eventually,” Colleen the caracal cooed, wiping the ocelot’s tear-and-snot-covered face with a wet-wipe in her paw. “Uh oh, looks like we have a couple of other stinkypants on our paws!” Carolina the serval announced as she checked Krysten and Haylee, who both looked embarrassed and on the verge of tears. I…they were my closest friends. What have I done? What the hell have I done? Was this really worth it? Don’t be a pansy. Of course it was! You and them…it wouldn’t have mixed. You’re on the girl’s basketball team. You’re a top basketball recruit in the nation. They’re going back into their second toddlerhood. And you didn’t have a choice. No, you ALWAYS had a choice! YOU chose to leave them when they needed you the most! YOU chose to hide everything about yourself! YOU chose to live a damned lie every day instead of being honest! You deserve EVERY bad thing that comes your way! You don’t deserve true friends! The feelings of guilt and shame tore him up, and he slumped down the tree, starting to silently cry. - Well, here's hoping for the best for Constantin~ Feel free to review, tell me what I did right, what I can improve on, or even something you liked; that helps me, as an aspiring authoress, more than just blind praise.
  3. I know as an adult baby and especially a full-time permanent adult baby, you ever wonder if it's worth having a life as a full-time adult baby. So for me, as an adult baby and especially a full-time permanent adult baby, I am diapered 24/7/365 and I am an adult baby because I hate and despise adulthood. Where I live at home, I am allowed to dress like an adult baby/toddler and they make sure that adult babyhood is enforced on me. This includes a rule where the bathroom is off-limits to me and I am not allowed to use the potty, even the ones in public as well. At the same time, I'm not allowed to hide my diapers and I'm only allowed to wear thick diapers, t-shirts, and onesies. It's why I think it's totally worth having a life as a full time permanent adult baby.
  4. Hey there fellow diaper dwellers! Im an open Adult Baby that recently moved to the Peninsula area (near San Francisco). Considering that Im relatively new to this side of the bay, I wanted to establish some new friendships with other ABs, DLs, Furries, and Bronies who share my interest in Infantalism and Age Play Regression. A little about me. Im 32 years young, slender, straight, 5'9, caucasian and Ive been involved in the AB/DL community for over a decade. Just to note, Im not seeking anything sexual. This is a friendly get together for those who wanna engage in harmless escapism. My apartment was recently converted into a nursery, which really captures that nostalgic feel of being young. I have a room full toys, games, cartoons, plushies and baby necessities to accommodate your needs. If you wanna bring your own stuff, its actually encouraged since everyone has that special something to make them feel comfortable. One thing I ask before you contact me, is that you must be over 18. Otherwise, people of all genders and sexual preferences all welcome. In respect to everyones agenda, I feel that it would be convenient to hold these meet ups on the weekends including friday nights. Perhaps we can have sleep overs in the future if things really pan out. Cost: FREE!!! Its about making friends, not money. When: Every Sunday from 12pm - 6pm Feel free to post your questions below! Address will be revealed privately to serious attendees.
  5. I asked ChatGPT what a hypothetical world would look like if being an adult baby is normalized and accepted. This is what Chat GPT says and what do you think Imagine a world where the concept of adulthood takes on a dramatically different meaning. In this alternate reality, being an adult baby—characterized by adults engaging in infantile behaviors and activities—has become normalized and accepted in society. Such a world would fundamentally alter social norms, economic structures, and cultural practices in a myriad of ways. Social Norms and Interpersonal Relationships In this hypothetical society, the stigma associated with adult baby behavior would be nonexistent. People would openly engage in activities traditionally associated with infants, such as wearing diapers, using pacifiers, and sleeping in cribs. Social norms would evolve to accommodate and even celebrate these behaviors. Public spaces might include adult-sized playgrounds, and restaurants could offer menus with baby food options alongside traditional cuisine. Interpersonal relationships would also be transformed. The dynamics between individuals would shift, with greater emphasis on nurturing and caregiving. Friendships and romantic relationships might involve more acts of care and comfort, blurring the lines between traditional roles of partners, friends, and caregivers. The concept of vulnerability would be redefined, with society placing higher value on emotional openness and dependency. Economic Structures and Employment The normalization of adult baby behavior would also have significant economic implications. Entire industries would emerge to cater to this lifestyle. Businesses specializing in adult-sized baby products, clothing, and furniture would thrive. Additionally, service industries would adapt, offering adult daycare centers, play therapy, and customized healthcare services designed to support this lifestyle. Employment structures would likely accommodate the needs of adult babies. Companies might implement more flexible work hours, offer on-site caregiving services, or even provide spaces designed for relaxation and play. The traditional office environment could see a radical transformation, integrating elements that promote comfort and reduce stress, such as nap rooms and interactive play areas. Cultural Practices and Media Representation Cultural practices would reflect the normalization of adult baby behavior. Media representations would shift to include characters and storylines that depict adult babies in a positive light. Movies, TV shows, and literature would explore themes of regression, care, and vulnerability, promoting a broader understanding and acceptance of diverse adult behaviors. Festivals and public events might celebrate this aspect of society, with parades and gatherings where people can express their adult baby identities openly. Educational programs could incorporate teachings about acceptance and understanding of this lifestyle from an early age, fostering a culture of empathy and inclusivity. Psychological and Emotional Impacts From a psychological perspective, the acceptance of adult baby behavior could lead to both positive and negative outcomes. On one hand, individuals who identify as adult babies might experience greater mental well-being and reduced anxiety due to societal acceptance and support. The opportunity to engage in comforting and stress-relieving activities could contribute to overall happiness and emotional stability. On the other hand, challenges could arise in terms of personal development and societal productivity. The balance between nurturing one's adult baby side and fulfilling traditional adult responsibilities would need careful management. Society would need to address potential issues related to dependency and ensure that individuals still acquire the skills and experiences necessary for personal growth and societal contribution. Ethical and Moral Considerations The ethical implications of such a society would be complex. The normalization of adult baby behavior would require a re-evaluation of concepts such as autonomy, responsibility, and consent. It would be crucial to establish clear guidelines to protect the rights and well-being of all individuals, ensuring that adult baby behavior is a personal choice and not influenced by coercion or exploitation. Conclusion A world where being an adult baby is normalized and accepted would be radically different from our current reality. It would challenge existing social norms, reshape economic structures, and transform cultural practices. While such a society could offer greater emotional fulfillment and inclusivity for some, it would also necessitate careful consideration of the psychological, ethical, and practical implications. Ultimately, this thought experiment invites us to reflect on the diversity of human behaviors and the potential for societies to evolve in unexpected and inclusive ways. I also asked Chat GPT what acceptance and normalization of adult babies would look like. I think Chatgpt thinks adult babies should be accepted in society. If the concept of being an adult baby were accepted and normalized in society, the world would undergo profound changes across various dimensions, including social norms, economic structures, cultural practices, and interpersonal relationships. Here's a closer look at what such a world might look like: Social Norms and Daily Life Public Acceptance: Society would be openly accepting of adults engaging in behaviors typically associated with infants. Activities like wearing diapers, using pacifiers, and participating in baby-like play would be seen as normal and unremarkable. Fashion and Accessories: Clothing stores would offer a range of adult-sized baby clothing and accessories. Diapers, onesies, and other baby-themed apparel would be available in adult sizes and styles. Public Facilities: Public spaces would adapt to accommodate adult babies. This might include adult-sized changing stations in restrooms, play areas designed for adults, and cafes offering baby food options alongside regular menus. Interpersonal Relationships Family Dynamics: Families might include adult babies without any stigma. Relationships would be more flexible in terms of roles, with caregivers and nurturers being common regardless of age. Social Groups: There would be social groups and communities specifically for adult babies, where they could meet, interact, and support each other. These communities would foster a sense of belonging and acceptance. Romantic Relationships: Romantic relationships might include elements of caregiving and nurturing, with partners playing roles that include both adult and caregiver dynamics. Communication and consent would be key in navigating these relationships. Economic Structures Industry and Commerce: New industries would emerge to cater to the needs of adult babies. This would include manufacturers of adult-sized baby products, specialized furniture, and hygiene products. Services: Businesses such as adult daycare centers, therapy services focused on regression and play, and specialty healthcare services would thrive. These services would aim to provide comfort and support for adult babies. Workplace Adaptations: Workplaces would become more accommodating to adult babies. Flexible working hours, designated relaxation areas, and supportive environments would be common. Cultural Practices Media and Entertainment: Movies, TV shows, and literature would include positive representations of adult babies. Storylines might explore themes of regression, care, and emotional openness. Festivals and Events: Public events celebrating adult baby culture would become common. Parades, conventions, and gatherings would allow adult babies to express themselves freely and enjoy community activities. Education and Awareness: Educational programs would include teachings about acceptance and understanding of adult baby lifestyles, promoting empathy and inclusivity from a young age. Psychological and Emotional Impacts Mental Health: Acceptance of adult baby behavior could lead to improved mental health for those who identify as such, reducing anxiety and stress through societal support and validation. Emotional Support: The emphasis on nurturing and caregiving would foster environments where emotional support is readily available. This could lead to stronger community bonds and individual well-being. Ethical and Moral Considerations Autonomy and Consent: Society would need to ensure that adult baby behavior is a personal choice, free from coercion or exploitation. Ethical guidelines would be essential to protect individuals' rights and well-being. Balance and Responsibility: Balancing adult baby behavior with traditional adult responsibilities would be crucial. Society would need to encourage personal growth and productivity while respecting individual choices. Conclusion A world where being an adult baby is accepted and normalized would be markedly different from our current reality. It would challenge conventional social norms and introduce new economic and cultural dynamics. While this society would offer greater acceptance and emotional fulfillment for some, it would also require careful consideration of psychological, ethical, and practical implications. This thought experiment underscores the diversity of human behavior and the potential for societies to evolve in inclusive and unexpected ways.
  6. Any individuals residing around the Houston area ? I reside in League City, which is right near Kemah. I've been wanting to meet up with some of my own kind, part of the reason I joined these forums so I could interact with fellow diaper lovers and adult babies.
  7. My little one and I have developed an interactive, 24/7 diaper-dependent training program using the Virtual Master program. This interactive, virtual diaper-dependent training script of over 1600 pages leads you through the latest natural systematic conditioning and behavior modification techniques to facilitate diaper dependency and incontinence. It's a lifestyle script that takes you on a journey toward your goal of diaper dependency and a well-balanced lifestyle through daily interactions. YES! You can be diaper dependent! YES! You can wear and use diapers in any and every situation. Millions of others do it every day, and you can be one of them IF you decide this is truly who you want to be. You CAN create the life you want. It takes effort. It takes time. And it takes the guidance you need when you need it. Our program uses a reward and punishment system that is customized to you to ensure you are compliant. You can fully customize the script to meet your needs and desires. Customized options include the type of incontinence desired (bowel, bladder, or both), adult baby or diaper lover, gender, gender preference, your current bladder capacity, your level of privacy, sexual or non-sexual content, adapts to your personal work schedule, home tasks, marital status, the availability of a helper to keep you accountable, diet restrictions you have, weight loss goals if you wish, the level of exposure risk level you're willing to take and much, much more. This is truly a one-of-a-kind program. There is no other comprehensive, interactive program like this available. So let Mommy give you the 24/7 guidance you need to meet your goals. For version 2.0, we created a voice for Mommy using 900+ audio files. We immerse you in your training even more while you hear Mommy leading you through your diaper-dependent training. We also created an innovative KeyVault feature involving using your webcam and a combination lockbox you purchase to enforce chastity and compliance. For the first time, there are actual consequences to training, further ensuring compliance. The program requires Microsoft Windows; however, instructions are available for its use using Linux Mint 20.1 Mate if needed. Key Vault requires the download and installation of Python 3.11.7 (free) to your computer. You will receive an encrypted version of the script/program that can not be viewed or altered. The Virtual Master program and scripts are beta programs and will contain errors. Every effort to eliminate the mistakes is made. Assistance is always welcome to identify errors and inconsistencies or aid future script development. Visit https://mistresssebrina1.gumroad.com/l/ihzzbj for details. Let me help make your dreams come true... Mistress Sebrina
  8. Being an adult baby and Incontinent, my favorite part about being an adult baby is that I never have to be potty trained ever again. I am kept in diapers permanently and with no hope of ever being able to potty like the adults, grown ups and big kids. Being an adult baby, let's me get away with being with pooping and peeing in my diapers anywhere I want or need to. It allows me to dress in nothing more than a thick diaper, t-shirt or even a onesie on. Since being kept in diapers and being an adult baby, I don't ever have an adulthood because to be an adult is to be potty trained and since I am not potty trained, I am kept as an adult baby instead. It's why being an adult baby, I have an adult babyhood instead of an adulthood. Being an adult baby let's me get away with things that normal adults would never get away with. Even as an adult baby, I am so fortunate that I have people that know I am an adult baby and they treat me as an adult baby instead of an adult. They know I can never be an adult because I am not potty trained like them and know I am comfortable in being diapered and babied.
  9. Having greatly enjoyed many of the stories others have shared here on the DD forum, I have decided to try contributing one of my own. It seems that we who are drawn to the abdl community vary widely in our interests and tastes when it comes to stories, so please read the following short description of the story to follow: This will be an Adult Baby story. Diapers will be used for #1 and #2. It will have strong and fairly graphic sexual themes and content, of both a heterosexual and a bisexual (male/male) nature. It will involve an unconventional (open and/or polyamorous) romantic relationship. It will not be focused on humiliation or punishment, no one will be forced to wear diapers, and will not involve much in the way of domination or discipline save the gently administered authority of the caregiver character(s). No actually underage characters appear in any context. I believe that sums up my caveat; if that didn’t put you off, please read on. Please feel free to comment. Though extensively edited, this is still most definitely a rough draft… A Baby Brother For Daddy’s Little Girl Chapter I: A Baby “Boyfriend”? It was Tuesday evening about 7:30pm. Janey shifted in her chair in the middle of the large over-heated classroom. For the past twenty minutes or so she had been so wrapped up in trying to understand the professor’s barely comprehensible lecture, she had failed to notice her growing need to pee. At home, Janey was a full time baby, Daddy insisted on it, but it was a bit unusual for her to wear her diapers in public save for occasional brief outings like trips to the store. Longer outings always made her a bit fearful of discovery. But as she knew no one in the class and it met in the evening, she had decided she would risk it and was wearing one now. A barely perceptible private smile on her lips, she relaxed and felt a warm trickle begin between her legs, quickening into a hot golden stream. The stream rapidly became damp warmth spreading around her crotch and under her behind as her diaper did its job of soaking it all in. Janey always found that sensation arousing, and adding in the naughtiness of doing it right in the middle in a classroom full of people with no one the wiser made it that much more intense. What if her diaper leaked? Daddy always insisted on quality diapers and she agreed, but even the finest could leak sometimes, especially when sitting or lying down. As it happened and to her relief, her pee-pee was fully contained in the thirsty padding beneath her. Nonetheless she had mixed feelings about the “audience;” on the one hand it did make her arousal more intense, but on the other it prevented her from doing anything about it. Daddy would always scold her for putting her hand in her diaper as a good parent should, but he didn’t really mean it and would most often proceed to take over care of her big girl needs himself. She shifted in her seat, glorying in the feeling of warm sogginess and definitely turned on. It was going to be a long evening… Gradually, Janey tuned back into the lecture, but found she had difficulty following the professor’s droning voice and curious logic and thus her mind began to wander. Her gaze wandered also, and she found herself studying various other students around the room. Close by her sat a man of around 30 with what could easily be described as a baby face. He had brown hair, cut in a simple style that somehow also looked boyish. He was also just a bit pudgy. Not fat, but with a little bit of belly and a general softness overall. “Baby fat” was the thought that rang in her mind, and it made her smile. What really caught her eye, though, were his clothes. He was sporting a pair of Liberty brand demin overalls over a horizontally striped shirt, very much like people often dress toddlers. The infantile effect of it all was wonderfully complete, he was downright cute. Janey was almost jealous. Was this unintentional, or was she possibly looking at another adult baby? Thinking back on the previous two classes, she seemed to remember him dressed in a similar sort of toddler-chic. As she considered the question, the class came to an end. All the students started gathering their belongings and standing up to leave. When the subject of her scrutiny stood up to leave, Janey spotted an unmistakable wet spot on the back of his overalls that followed the tell-tale diagonal line of a diaper leak around the leg gather on his left side. The denim was dark so it wasn’t that obvious, but it was definitely there. Janey giggled to herself, glad that hers had not leaked and happy for him that no one but her as yet seemed to notice it. He seemed in no particular hurry to vacate the classroom, perhaps he did not know. Should she tell him? An impish grin crossed her face. Janey’s own attire that evening was also somewhat babyish, though more subtly so than she usually wore at home. She was dressed in a simple green frock with a white sash in a bow at the back, with white tights and saddle shoes. She did have her hair in a single ponytail rather than her usual pigtails in a gesture of adulthood, but could not resist the addition of a white ribbon. It could not be denied that she looked every bit the little girl she liked to impersonate, though she was in fact 32. That she was by nature a petite dirty blonde and only 5’4” tall only added to her babylike appearance. She followed the apparent big baby boy out of the classroom and down to the parking lot. “Excuse me, sir?” she called to him when she was sure no one could overhear. The man paused in mid-stride and turned around. “Y-yes? Are you talking to me?” he responded. Since beginning the class the previous week, he had not as yet had the opportunity to get a good look at Janey, or really many of the other students. Marketing, the subject of the class, was not his favorite subject, and like Janey, he found the professor hard to follow. Now with his undivided attention focused on her, he was taken aback, both by Janey’s undeniable feminine charms and by the the overtly juvenile nature of her dress and manner. “Cute” did not begin to describe the vision before him, though it was the word that kept coming to mind. “Hi! I’m Janey! Are you having as much fun in the class as I am?” Janey quipped sarcastically. “Oh, surely,” he responded, rolling his eyes. “I’m Daniel, or Danny if you like. That old man couldn’t lecture his way out of a paper bag.” “Tell me about it. Good to meet you, Danny!” said Janey. Then, with her heart pounding and a twinkle in her eye she added, “Looks like you had a little problem in there.” Responding to his questioning glance, Janey pointed at the wet spot on his behind. Danny instantly went beet red. Before he could answer, however, Janey pulled up one edge of her dress, revealing her own bulky underwear. “I’m sure glad my huggies held up!” Janey declared. Danny was in a state of profound shock. Not only had he been busted wearing a diaper in public, a leaking one at that, but he had apparently just met a beautiful adult baby girl. What should he say? He stammered, looking for words, but all that came out was “um”s and “uh”s. Fully aware of his discomfiture and wanting to give him some time to think on it, Janey decided to retreat. “Well, it was great meeting you Danny! See you in class on Thursday!” “Yeah…um…see you Thursday…” was all Danny managed to mutter by way of a goodbye as Janey hurried to her car. Getting in and starting it up, she smiled at her own deviousness. That she had given Danny much to think about she was sure, but now as she turned toward home she was looking forward to telling her Daddy about Danny. Daddy would want to hear all about him. Far from being jealous of her interest in another man, Daddy encourage her; he enjoyed it when his little girl “socialized,” such things turned him on. He would tease her, saying she had a “boyfriend;” she had had “boyfriends” before. But an adult baby “boyfriend?” That had not yet been tried, and had possibilities. What would Danny think when she told him about Daddy? That WAS a question. As the car warmed up, Janey’s bladder again started signaling its need to be emptied, so she once more started to pee while at the same time shifting into reverse. Her diaper area again became warm and the sogginess intensified. As she drove along through the darkness pondering how she and Daddy might involve Danny in their baby games, another thought occurred to her, or rather a feeling. Her tummy was informing her that the wetness around her heinie was about to be joined by something more solid and stinky. This brought another smile to her lips. Another present for Daddy...
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