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  1. Hello im 26 m from bendigo australia. New to site. Been visiting the site for awhile. Finally thought id join and hopefully make new and awesome friends
  2. Hello All, Well, I'm going to try and tell you all about me; I'm hopes of making some new friends and being a positive part of this community! I'm very excited to be here, and am hoping to have a positive experience while contributing to an awesome community of folks. I have been an AB throughout my entire life and, in fact, my earliest memories are AB related. Not sure how this became my personality (Damn you, "Tom and Jerry!"), but it is, and so at this stage in my life I would just like to embrace it, and hopefully meet some cool people to call friends. I am a teacher, and have been for a few years now. I think that most people would be SHOCKED to learn that I am an AB, just because they are so used to interacting with me in my everyday self - which is a combination of two characters I carefully crafted over many years: the Alpha Male and the Charismatic Performer. This has helped me survive in the world, and is something I did out of necessity after several disastrous occurrences directly related to "being myself" with friends and girlfriends starting in High School. At this point, I just want to meet some awesome people that are aware of who I actually am, and love and embrace me. Discovering this community, I'm hoping, is a first step towards that goal. I also love to jam out on great music, play video games (Xbox Series X), and work on projects like woodworking. I have two dogs whom I love with my whole heart, and I think I've got a pretty decent sense of humor. I know... tl;Dr. However if you did read, please feel free to message me, as I would love to make new friends! Also, I know this isn't the place for this - but I'm single and in North Texas, so if you read this and would like to talk (in that way), I would be very interested in hearing from you, as well! Thanks for reading! I look forward to meeting you all! Sincerely, JPB
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Alice. I've been a part of the ABDL community for a while now and looking to make friends. I'm a trans-woman pronouns she/her, I like video games, anime, and lover of gothic fashion. Hope to make some good friends.
  4. I’m looking for an rp partner willing to play as both a little and big interchangeably with me! In other words: A switch. We would swap roles for each story we do. I could even be the dom/big first as long as we agree to play another one afterwards that involves me as the sub/little. As for plots, I’m thinking anything involving wetting, messing, hypnosis, fantasy elements, and/or forced regression. But above all I like to focus on humiliation! I am open to hearing out your ideas! So if any babies/switches/caregivers are interested please dm me or reply to this message!
  5. Hi everyone, So I've been a lurker for years. Reading your stories, a little jealous sometimes at certain scenarios. I love writing but never had the courage to write ABDL stories. Today I just felt like trying and made my own account to publish. English is not my native language, constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome. If you guys like it, I will definitely continue. Nina ":) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro The sun was finding it's way through the half open blinds, small beams of light peaking through on the early Monday morning. The first sign of hopefully good weather today, not that they wouldn't go out if there was chance of rain but for an outside activity it surely was a plus. The bedroom was quiet, except for the soft snoring of a young man. Next to his sleeping form was a woman, just a few years his senior. She had been awake for several minutes already but hadn't moved yet, she was content with just looking at her sweet for now. He had cradled himself against her, the head full of dark brown curls nestled against the woman's bosom and his hand holding onto the fabric of the pink nighty she was wearing. The other one held a grip onto a stuffed red panda, his favourite animal. His light snores wear still heard, but the pacifier in his mouth continued to move up and down every now and then as he suckled. He also was content. This new dynamic had been going on for seven weeks now, they had been together for two and a half. But they had both missed something in it, well, Jessy mostly. A mother. Esmee had always cared for him, right from the start she nurtured him a little more then a girlfriend probably should have. But that's what he needed, someone to tell him what do, make his decisions. It gave him structure, less stress and she was more then happy to see him blossom in life because of that. She was his partner but also his mama now. In the last seven weeks there had been changes, obviously all in agreement. Some he was unsure about, like the bedroom across the hall being turned into his nursery. He liked the big bed, loved snuggling with his Mama as he slept. But there he was all alone with just his panda, so for now they agreed only naps were to be taken in his crib. Diapers on the other hand hadn't been much of a problem. He was naturally a little lazy, so the diapers were introduced as the perfect solution for gaming, no potty breaks needed. Jessy liked his diapers, the infantile underwear felt nice and thick. And his Mama always gave him bum pats when they snuggled, those were the best. With every drop of motherly love Esmee gave Jessy the last seven weeks, he became a different person. He slept better, was less anxious and just in general much happier being her little boy. There was only one thing that he struggled with most, outside. Jessy had no trouble being his Mama's boy inside, but out of the house? What if friends saw him, family? Or if a stranger noticed the bulge of the thick pampers? The thought on it's own made him physically ill. What if they noticed? Esmee understood, but this dynamic they had, she liked it too. More then she was willing to admit and she wasn't just going to 'play house' at the house. So every now and then she would take him with her on errands, just small ones. Dressed in shorts a size too big, a clear white onesie underneath that was snapped closed at the crotch, the tight fabric against his thick diapers and a striped red and white t-shirt to hide it under. They would wander through the grocery store, one that was two towns away from theirs. She would hold his hand, like any mother that wouldn't want their child to wonder off. Jessy would toddle next to her, his legs splayed apart because of the underwear. And he was quiet, with a faint little blush on his cheeks as Esmee walked through the store with him, occasionally patting his crinkling behind, reminding Jessy of his status. And with every small outing the young man had with his Mama, he felt more relaxed. It was only a small routine trip after all, she was there, making sure he was alright and taken care of. On the last trip he even emptied his bladder, right there in the baby isle as Mama was getting new wipes. But today would be different, today they were going to the zoo. Jessy was excited to see the red pandas, but the realisation that it was a full day out made him anxious. And when he was anxious, he became a fussy little boy. He didn't listen or cleaned up his toys. To top it all off, Mama made him lunch and he purposely tossed it on the floor. Yesterday evening they were supposed to go out for dinner with friends, the first time in a full week he would be out of diapers and in a pull up. Mama made him wear those just to be sure. But she had canceled it because of his behaviour, told them they couldn't make it. And when Mama announced that, Jessy threw his PlayStation controller on the ground in anger. As it collided against the black tiles, the back came off and the controller glided away to the other side of the living room. Seeing the state of the item he immediately regretted it, more reason because it been a gift. Mama had pulled some serious strings to get it for him when it came out, it was hard to get but she managed and here he was throwing it around. Esmee wasn't going to punish him for his behaviour, she knew what the real source of the behaviour was. Not to mention that the guilt was already written over his face before the controller had come against the ground. His cheeks were now red, glistering of tears in his eyes as he looked up slowly, even Jessy was embarrassed at his own childish tantrum. So she took his hand, deciding that an early bedtime and some extra motherly love was in order. Now here they were the next morning, Jessy cradled against his loving Mama as he dreamed of red pandas with diapers on.
  6. Im looking for a baby girl around my age who needs a mommy. 18-27 preferred. Must have a skype acc.
  7. Was browsing ebay and came across a listing for Luvs Size 7. Did these just come out? I tried looking them up on google and only see size 6's.
  8. Hello Iam 36 year "old" from Norway. Been intrested inn diapers etch as long as I can remember. Iam here to meet likeminded people Have a good dry day
  9. Hey I’m Alex! Nice to meet you all. I go by she her pronouns or they them is fine too. I am bisexual, or maybe pansexual, still figuring it out. I am 22 but my ABDL age is around 10 years old. Or maybe 5. I have always been super into ABDL since a long time ago, I always sort of had the perspective of treasuring my childhood. I still enjoy the things I loved as a kid, and I probably will until I’m an old grandma hahahaha. as a kid, I really loved Arthur! I also loved Kipper the dog (I think it was a British cartoon, though, it’s super cute though i recommend looking it up!), the magic school bus, and I loved cartoons in general. Now as an adult I still watch Adventure time, spongebob, gravity falls, I even started watching Hey Arnold because it looked so funny and relatable since I was born in the city, and it’s about city kids. I actually never watched it as a kid, but I figured out about it a few years back and love it!!! Also, anime, I watched Sailor Moon and Pokemon mostly when I was a kid. I also was a gameboy era kid, so I played Pokemon Emerald when I was a kid and it is still my favorite game!! Actually I’m currently playing it again for nostalgia purposes. And because it’s just genuinely fun. I also love Animal Crossing! My fav anime is actually Soul Eater, i know, it’s kinda silly but it’s mainly because I LOVE Death the Kid. (He is my fictional character crush and my comfort character....ahahaaaaa...)? okay that’s all! About diapers, I am still practicing putting diapers on, and I’m not exactly wearing them in public yet, and I don’t know if I ever will, but it’s definitely something I have considered and am willing to try. Just gotta be a little more confident in my ABDL side first! ☺️ it’s really great to meet you all! Feel free to tell me your favorite cartoons, too! Oh! Last tidbit of information! I do actually go to art school , art college whatever you call it! In New York City. I go to a school called SVA (school of visual arts), if you don’t know it, feel free to look at their website. It’s known to be a super competitive school, but in my experience, it’s really fine, and I actually really love it there. The people there are all really great artists and creative people, and I feel mostly comfortable there, too. They do actually have a Disability Services, which is really useful to me because I do actually have Autism, ADHD and anxiety (social anxiety as well, which I am working on!) I think it’s really cool that they have services for Autistic people, and a lot of people don’t actually know this. But yea! SVA is pretty lit. I don’t know if any of my friends from school are into ABDL, though...but you never know! If anything, I hope the people I currently consider my friends will be supportive. ? I hope to show you all my drawings in another thread! Thanks for reading! ☺️? a photo of me in my pajamas:
  10. So here it goes again! The absolute love of my life has had this fetish since he himself was in diapers. I'm completely new to the scene and I need help with tips, advice, anything helps! We as a couple have just opened discussion into exploring this together. He's bought his preferred type and we've been through 3 nights of him being super comfy! I'm happy for him, now that he's comfortable with himself he's so much happier. But my dumb ass normie brain keeps getting her feeling hurt! How can I try learning about the desire for this when the community is so obscure!? I need a guru. I need links. I need friends who are going through this or wish to help me understand how my love feels and how to better make him comfortable. Also ya girl is a XXL and needs a site for cute sizable diapers to try this thing out!! Wish me luck, even if I get no responses airing this has kinda been therapeutic in a sense. Anyways, peace and love. Thank you for the time.
  11. So I just got into cloth diapers. For years I've used disposable ones, and they suck lol. I got them from a local supplier and it is a godsend. It holds so much! But on to the main point. I have some questions: 1 how often do I change? (I had 3 full accidents before I changed) 2 is there any you all recommend? 3 Is it ok to wash them daily?(I bought 4 pairs plus vinal pants for them) I had the first pairs on for 6hrs each. Please don't make fun of me I'm new to this
  12. Hey! New to this, wearing my first adult nappy today and decided to see whats out there. Wanting to be able to connect with others, find friends and a DD/MD/CG. Also want to be able to talk to people about this so I can learn more and experience whats been in my head for years
  13. Ohpoorbaby


    Hi im ohpoorbaby I am an ab i have urinary incontinence and have ibs d
  14. Hello all my name is zack. I’m 31, an army veteran. I love video games and being outside. I work an amazing job at a nature park. Not sure what else to put so feel free to message me a hello
  15. So here it goes. The absolute love of my life has had this fetish since he himself was in diapers. I'm completely new to the scene and I need help with tips, advice, anything helps! We as a couple have just opened discussion into exploring this together. He's bought his preferred type and we've been through 3 nights of him being super comfy! I'm happy for him, now that he's comfortable with himself he's so much happier. But my dumb ass normie brain keeps getting her feeling hurt! How can I try learning about the desire for this when the community is so obscure!? I need a guru. I need links. I need friends who are going through this or wish to help me understand how my love feels and how to better make him comfortable. Also ya girl is a XXL and needs a site for cute sizable diapers to try this thing out!! Wish me luck, even if I get no responses airing this has kinda been therapeutic in a sense. Anyways, peace and love. Thank you for the time.
  16. Hi my names Brandon I’ve just found this board and am excited to be a part of it.
  17. Heya I’m 19 male. I’ve been a lover of diapers for a few years now though I still haven’t gotten to venture much. Hoping to meet others in my area where I can be myself and a feel little. If you’re interested please let me know! ❤️
  18. So my daddy don't know yet.. I'm new to this (couple of weeks). I've been in big girl panties all weekend, and finally this morning he went to work and I got a chance to put a diaper on. Been laying here in bliss in my now wet princess diapee with my paci. Daddy is my hubby .. any suggestions how to break it to him?
  19. Hey Everyone! I am trying to become a great writer like so many people on this site, but I am finding out that most people read my work and my biggest problem is I post massive chunks of words together without spacing. Is there a rule of thumb for spacing paragraphs out?
  20. Hi. I made a profit on here a while ago but I got scared off so didn't interact much. I think I'm finally at a point where I feel ready to fully acknowledge this side of myself and engage with the community. Hopefully we can be friends.
  21. RFK

    New Here.

    I Have been a long lurker on DD , was a member of anther site before they shut down. Time for me to come out of lurker mode and say HI
  22. Hello! I am new here and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rhys I am 27 I have been a DL/AB for a little over 15 years now. my urges to wear diapers and all of this all started when I was 12 that is at least as far back as I can remember, the type/brands of diapers I like are ABU Cushies they are my favourite and anything with pretty pictures on it >////< I also don't mind going simple as well. just plain white diapers or with one front panel with pictures, items that I have I really don't have that much, I would like to have more but it can be a bit difficult. I guess its time to talk a bit about me.... >///< so going back on how long I been an AB/DL, even though I have been in the AB/DL community for a long time, I really haven't interacted much with the community itself I don't have any friends that are abdl and I don't know anyone who's in abdl, that is in real life that is. I just sort of kept to myself over the years, and I am trying to get out and find more friends and people in the community. ok so a little bit about me I am a bit shy nervous around new people, very caring and understanding person love to help anyone I can, as for hobbies video game I am very much a gamer >////< I used to draw but don't do it so much anymore. I really ejoin just spending time with friends and chat about what we like and just chill. And this may be a bit Obvious but I really really ejoin wetting my diaper >\\\\< as well as messy diaper are great too..... >\\\\\\\< as well as I am very much into humiliation and embarrassment.... >\\< I have one brother and two sisters they are all old then me and live away. I live in East Sussex in a town called Seaford. It's near to Brighton in the UK So that it's for me. I can't wait to get to know all of you I am really looking forward to it. I hope I can make some friends here. Feel free to reply to this with any questions or if you just want to chat. ( just as a side note sorry about all the bad spelling and punctuation I'm dyslexic) Thanks you for reading
  23. Ok so I just got word that there's been talks about a new law that would make printed adult diapers and plastic pants sex toys under US law requiring ID and proof of age to buy abdl products this is an outrage can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to have your mail man card you before delivering your diapers this is horrible I encourage each and every one of you to write your congressmen demanding that they shoot down this outrageous bill before it becomes the law
  24. I just got a pack of the new bear hugz diapers from CTDC and they are amazingly soft and crinkly and have Velcro tapes that are even better than the ones found on tykables also they have a 5000 ml absorption and tall standing leak guards as well as a fantastic nursery print featuring clouds and bears in pastel colors they look so cute that my girlfriend won't even let me wear my PUL pants over them so she can see me in them
  25. I've been using certainty fitted briefs max protection for over 2 years and today I went to buy a new pack and I was surprised to see they had a new look, it got me wondering how different this new design looks and how well they perform. On the left is the new design the right it's the older design. I LOVE these new briefs!! They really improved the way it fits, it's more flexible and with a better leakguard. It feels more like a baby diaper than a hospital diaper. The older design had a smaller guard, it had too much excess material. If u can see the new ones really hug all arround the legs. The old ones made it feel like u needed to readjust Everytime I moved positions, with the new briefs I can spend all day without having to readjust the tapes. I love these diapers thank you wallgreens! Thank you Certainty for listening to your customers and for this great product. I will be buying more!!
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