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  1. Well the second and fourth ingredients are sugar, and another natural sweetener is listed later on. What do you expect?
  2. I do too, and gas stations closed because they were out of gas. Locking gas caps because gas was 70¢ a gallon! It has always made me wonder when they talk about gas shortages these days.
  3. Cloth an elegant diaper for a more civilized age.
  4. I am beginning to think that you live in a different world than I do. There are serial litigants out there. They file nuisance suits on a daily basis, dozens of suits filed every year. Most of these are dismissed by the first judge to see them, but soon after a similar suit is filed. It takes years, if ever before anything is done to stop them. Often they simply hoping that the defendant will just miss a court date. Exactly who would be liable for an Abuse of Process case? As for a lawsuit filed by Kimberly Clark or P&G over those names. While the case may be dismissed, it would also depend upon packaging, any advertising, even the font used, those companies would be asking for injections to stop sales, and placing other legal obstacles in the way. Remember that Coca Cola sues people over bottle shapes, Nike sues people over a swoosh, Beretta sued Chevrolet over their name. Best Western threatened to sue a place where I had worked over the shape and color of their sign.
  5. I think @DAQordered 2 cases of diapers, and added the much cheaper boosters as a third item. The computer then applied the discount to the boosters, not the second case of diapers.
  6. Nothing wrong with traveling, unless of course you are chartering a vessel of any sort to do the travel when there are already available vessels traveling the route. She's all for limiting her carbon footprint, then goes out and blocks traffic making all that traffic create more carbon emissions. That's being hypocritical. That's the same joke I would make about feeding anyone to a polar bear, of any political bent. I don't think it's healthy for polar bears to eat humans. As for the rest, I never made fun of her for any perceived disabilities, nor did I comment on whether she is wearing a diaper. I personally don't think she is. About looking for pics of celebrities wearing diapers, or anything else, blame the media for chasing them all over earth taking their pictures and posting them where everyone can look at them. If this doesn';t interest you, why did you even open the thread?
  7. I don't question her that much, mostly her travel. I DO question the adults that used her when she was still underage, and those that still use her.
  8. *Holds up four fingers* Three is the bestest age. You are old enough to get around and not be watched by mommy all the time, but you have no responsibilities. All you have to do is play.
  9. That would be a bigger risk than rebranding their current adult lines. They could "justify" rebranding as a "simplification" of product names, but not licensing. They won't rebrand, not because of any backlash, but because they would lose market share. Most incontinent people are not going to want to wear a "baby" diaper, even if it is identical to what they bought the day before under a different name. It's too bad though, imagine the commercials for a printed adult diapers. Try new Coors Light Adult Pampers. The beer goes in, the beer goes out. Remington Adult Huggies for those long mornings on the deer stands. Peterbilt Luvs, drive all day, sleep all night. Only one change needed. Amtrak Pampers works all the livelong day.
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