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  1. For me it’s almost all comfort. I will admit there’s a sexual aspect at times, but only in fantasies. Though it may be the feelings of humiliation that I find sexual as opposed to the diapers themselves.
  2. My wish would be able to buy better quality diapers
  3. I really enjoy messing my diapees. I don’t do it often simply because clean up, but I wish I could. It’s not erotic for me, it just makes me feel really little and like I’m actually a toddler who still needs diapees. I love how full my diapee feels and looks! Though sadly I usually change right away cuz sitting in it longer would make the mess just too much for it to be worth it.
  4. So, I finally got disposables again and made a couple messes, but this morning I had an actual accident! I woke up wet and was gonna go to the potty, but as soon as I stood up I completely filled my diaper! The feeling of actually having a messy accident was so much better than messing on purpose.
  5. Ugh, just got out of my second day of work, was left to figure everything out, I hurt, and I had an accident at work ): I just want a daddy to comfort me for the night....
  6. I made a homemade cloth diaper a couple days ago and spent most of the morning/early noon in it. Once it was soaked I went to change it and decided not to pass up the opportunity so I messed myself for the first time. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and it made me feel so little
  7. I was actually wanting to simulate a mess originally, simply because sometimes the thought of poop grosses me out a bit. Though I never actually got to simulating a mess. However, yesterday I felt particularly little and after wetting myself I then proceeding to start messing myself. It felt amazing and I felt so babyish! Though I’m not sure if it’s something I would do often simply because of smell and clean up.
  8. I actually messed my diaper for the first time today and it was a cloth diaper
  9. I started off strictly as DL, but always suppressed it because I had seen so much stigma. So I ignored it for years before starting to be interest in, no so much AB, but being a little. Even then it was small things like watching cartoons, coloring, stuffies. By that point my love for diapers came back full force so I indulged, but told myself I’d never go further......within a couple months I had a paci, bottle, and footie pajamas. It’s a bit over a year later and now I want a crib and changing table...still, even though I want more baby things I still identify as an adult kid since my regression age is never under 4 years old. To me none of this is sexual. It’s extremely rare for me to feel sexual about it, and when I do it’s more about the warmth and humiliation from wetting instead of the ABDL stuff itself. Being in diapers and being a little is completely about comfort and feeling safe to me.
  10. For me it’s when my daddy makes sure I’m diapered and checks if I’m wet. If I don’t have diapers it’s when I have an accident and my daddy makes me stand in the corner or write lines and scolds me.
  11. Hey, I’m a 22 year old trans little boy. I’ve never had a daddy/babysitter before but I’ve always wanted one. I’m polyamorous but simply looking for something platonic. Along with being a little I’m also a diaper lover. I would like someone strict who also realizes I still have a life outside of ABDL.
  12. Yeah writing is fun too! I tend to like both, usually having a mix of roleplay going, some laid back and some more writing centered. I personally like a variety d: but that’s probably because I’ve been roleplaying for years.