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  1. I just got a pair of Beta plastic pants from MyInnerBaby. They look right, perhaps a touch thinner than the old Comcos. I've not had a chance to try them on yet.
  2. Pay no attention to the man (wearing just a diaper) behind the curtain.
  3. Curtain places. I don't know what those are, either.
  4. Years ago I was quite into airbrushing. Now, when you're done for the day, or you just want to switch colors you have to shoot the rest of what's in your gun out somewhere. Typically, you'd have some newspaper or something to do this on. However, a company sold this thing that looks like a round oatmeal box with a hole in the top that you could shoot into. After I used it for a while, I decided to take it apart to see what was inside it. Directly under the hole was some fibrous stuff (I guess to avoid blow back). The rest of the container was filled with a disposable diaper. I guess it was absorbant.
  5. OK, let’s get down to business,” Dad said as we sat around the table. Mom took her place at the opposite end of the table. The two boys, Billy, 13, and Johnny, 9, on one side, and the two sisters, Katie, 12, and Dee, 10. on the other. “Lent starts in a couple of weeks. So, we need to come up with our idea for this year.” Every year, Catholics typically give up some item or activity for Lent, a sacrifice to reinforce the season starting from Ash Wednesday and culminating with Easter Sunday. The family always took it a step further. They picked something for the whole family, and we all stuck together. In the past, we had done away with dessert, TV, and, last year, even the car. That wasn’t too hard on the kids, who rode the school bus anyhow. Other than having to walk with Mom to the store to help bring the groceries back and to walk to church, it wasn’t too big a deal. Dad had a more challenging time but took public transit to work for the duration. “Any ideas?” he said, poised with a pen above a blank pad of paper. “It’s going to be hard to top last year,” Mom said. “We were getting into the essentials.” “Electricity!” Billy shouted. Dad wrote that down “The telephone,” Dee blurted out with almost an immediate angry look from her older sister, who was almost glued to the thing. “Food,” Johnny said. “Breathing,” Katie said in a surly tone. Everybody was getting into the game now. “The toilet,” Billy added. Mom finally waved her arms, “Come on, let’s get serious.” OK, they all thought a bit more. The X-Box, computers, the internet, buying new clothes, eating out, and maybe a dozen more plausible options were thrown out. Dad started pulling blank pages off his pad. “I’ve got an idea. Everybody takes the list of what we have and rank how hard it will be, and I’ll merge everybody’s rankings into a consensus.” That was pure Dad. He’s an engineer and figures there’s a way to calculate the answer to any problem. They all got to work on their lists. Everybody quickly ran through ranking the items and passed in the papers. Dad grabbed all the papers and left the room while Mom suggested they all have dessert. She had made pudding and started to pass them around. About half an hour later, Dad came back into the room with the list. “OK, let’s run down the list until we find one that wouldn’t be impossible for us to do. Breathing is on the top, so we can rule that out. Along with food. Electricity is next, and I thought about that, but without electricity, we wouldn’t have heat and the well pump, so that’s not practical. I also ruled out computers and the internet as I need them for work, and you kids do need them for school.” They looked at the next item that had not yet been crossed off. “The toilet.” Mom said, “Well, I think we can eliminate that. What are we supposed to do? Go do it out back?” “We could get a portable toilet,” Billy joked. “A portable toilet is still a toilet,” Dee countered. “We could pee off the back deck,” Billy laughed. This was becoming fun for him. “Well, maybe YOU could,” Katie snapped back, “It’s a little different for girls.” “And it wouldn’t make the yard very sanitary,” Dad interjected. “We could all wear diapers,” Billy said, adding yet another ridiculous suggestion. “Yeah, right, Even I’m too big for them, ” Johnny, the youngest of the family, said. “Haven’t you seen those commercials for Depends?” Billy said, laughing so hard that he could barely get it out. Finally, Mom started tapping the table with her fingers. “OK, children, let’s quiet down and get serious.” She turned to Dad. “Please go on, dear.” Dad sat quietly, still looking at the pad with his pen in his hand. He moved to strike out the toilet entry from the list and then stopped. “Even though Billy was joking, that might actually be possible.” “Ewwww,” the two girls in tandem groaned. “Wearing….and going…in diapers? Talk about not sanitary.” Still, the father hadn’t moved to strike off the toilet from the list. “Well, it might be possible,” Father said. “James, you’re not serious,” Mom said. “Well, it bears looking into. We can investigate it, and we still have time to choose something else if this can’t work.” And with that, the meeting was over. “James, I can’t believe you’re serious,” Mom said that night in private. “Well, we strive to pick something that would be the most difficult without being impossible. Why don’t you call around tomorrow to determine if it is feasible? See if you can find diapers that will fit us.” “Ok, James. If you think this is a good idea.” “Acme Medical Supplies. This is Jen. “ “Hi, I’m looking for information on adult diapers.” “Yes, what would you like to know.” “Well, I don’t know anything about it. I need to know how the sizes go and what would be best.” “OK, are you looking for a brief with tapes or a pull-up kind?” “Oh, I hadn’t thought about that. I guess I was thinking like a big baby diaper.” “That would be the kind with tapes. Those are usually a bit more absorbent and easier to change when used. The pull-ups are more like underwear and are best if the patient uses the bathroom sometimes.” “Oh, well, we won’t be using the bathroom.” “We?” “I guess I better explain…” Mom went and explained the whole Lent family meeting. “Oh, my. I’ve never heard anything like that. Well, we have things that will work for that. You’ll need to know everybody's waist and hip size, but I suspect most of you will probably fit into mediums.” “Anything else I need to know?” “Well, you’ll need some wipes to clean up. We have larger ones than the traditional baby wipes. We also have some barrier cream. I suppose diaper rash is not intended to be part of this.” That night, Mom explained the results of her call. As near as she could determine, the idea of diapers would work, and while it would be an expense to buy a sufficient quantity, it wouldn’t be impossible. She had also floated the idea with the school nurse. Again, after the initial explanation, the nurse agreed to support them and let the kids keep changing supplies in the office for as long as the kids could take care of themselves. “James, I’m not sure I want to do this, but I can’t come up with anything other than my personal feelings about why we can’t. And so it went. The plans progressed. The diapers were ordered, and things were made ready. Fat Tuesday arrived, and mom told the kids to bathe, get ready for bed, and make their last visits to the toilet. Early Ash Wednesday morning, Mom and Dad got up and fitted on their diapers. Each was detailed to their respective children. Dad with the boys and Mom with the girls. They made sure the children could put their own diaper on. They all got dressed and headed to the car. They walked into the church for an early mass. They were all aware of the subtle bulk between their legs as they went up to receive their ashes.
  6. I wrote a story with this as a premise. Let me see if I can dredge it up.
  7. I have one bag stuck in the back of my storage locker somewhere.
  8. Everybody who is a Berne signatory offers at least 50 years after the author's death.
  9. It's not a gray area. If you reproduce articles that you don't have the rights to; you can get yourself and this site into legal issues for the infringement. The only thing that you're relying upon is that the author (and his successors) are long gone or don't care enough to take the minimal effort to protest.
  10. Grow my own. In spring we have a lot of it.
  11. Nat, get a popup blocker or just turn off javascript on that page. It's a paywall, but it's pretty flimsy.
  12. https://www.eagletribune.com/news/new_hampshire/diaper-spa-owner-says-she-runs-small-safe-business-to-help-abuse-stress-sufferers/article_008feaa4-bc9d-11ee-8c1f-7f7d47d83741.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  13. Such stuff is pretty rampant all around. I report about one facebook ad a week where people steal other people's images/videos and post them to advertise the product available at an incredible low price (which of course they can not deliver).
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