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  1. Arendeth

    Samantha's Lesson (re-post)

    Thanks for the story so far, hopefully they can stop Samantha from regressing since these are some rather nightmarish turn of events.
  2. Arendeth

    Why do you wet?

    Hyperactive bladder and stuff.
  3. Arendeth

    Best Thick Diapers?

    Rearz is good to buy when its on sale and you are buying 3 cases at a time (lowest shipping per case costs seems be reduced
  4. Arendeth

    Do You Enjoy Being Incontinent?

    Nope dont like using money on diapers or having small wet spots in underwear if I dont use em.
  5. Arendeth

    Young and Incontinent

    25 here and incontinent so I would say I'm young.
  6. Arendeth

    The Story of Natalie

    Thanks for the story.
  7. Arendeth

    Do you carry a diaper bag and what's in it?

    I just carry a few diapers in the back of my bookbag no need for separate bag especially since i use diapers that can hold alot (not counting rare fecal problems).
  8. Arendeth

    Kylie and the Unexpected Regression

    Can't wait for more, thanks for the story, and I hope Kylie is able to somehow escape at some point .
  9. Arendeth

    picking out a kitty

    use a name generator or pick one based on its characteristics