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  1. Nope, they're not that old, those are the really old ones from the mid/late 90s, these are the ones where they put the logo on the tapes but before the major redesign in 2003
  2. Selling off my old stash, have one unopened pack up for $35
  3. The Haribo Sugar Free Bears are using something called Lycasin for the sweetening:
  4. After reading some of the really well written and sometimes hysterical reviews about these things, I wondered if anyone here has ever eaten them in order to force uncontrollable messing?
  5. Dry Comfort is actually louder then the new Attends. They suck though, so if you do want to see for yourself how loud they are, try to get a free sample and not a whole bag.
  6. From what I've read, those are the cheaper type they make for nursing homes and other institutions (Hospitals, Hospice, etc). Not sure why they put "Classic" in the name as they don't come anywhere close to the older P&G style.
  7. Smells like...... ....a Darwin award nomination!
  8. If only it was Christina Applegate......
  9. Owned a 2nd Generation and a 3rd Generation Pontiac Firebird. Now I've got a Subaru Baja Turbo
  10. ChrisKnight


    Empire Intimates makes fairly inexpensive corsets, used to use them for Halloween costumes, very easy to find on fleaBay.
  11. I wish Juliabam had remembered to make a wish.
  12. We need to get this rolling again.... Pineapple Express?