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  1. Me

    Pictures of me in nappies - a lot more of these can be seen on my FL profile
  2. thank you for the view of the wonderful albums...

  3. hello Brewster it's nice to see you again and I Wish You A Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  4. been wearing teena adult diapers, thin, fit great with no sag, and very assorbant. NO leaks, so no plastic pants. Occasionally wear expensive control top panty hose over diaper.

  5. Anybody Wear Plastic Pants With Disposables?

    I wear them because I like the look as well as the feel. But not all the time. I have to be in the right mood.
  6. Plastic pants

    Pictures of me wearing plastic pants over a nappy
  7. rhumbas.png

  8. AB outfits

  9. Bambino Bianco UltraStretch Review

    What an excellent description of some of the challenges of nappies being unisex. There are not many good quality low rise nappies out there, which is a pity
  10. Hello Friend. I love to see here.