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  1. i'm 33 years old and live in south east london uk and Also into history, Art galleries,Theatre,antiques,wild life,walking,spiritual,zoo,old properties,outdoor,movies,traveling,cooking and i got Speech sound disorders involve difficulty in producing specific speech sounds (looking for abdl friend,daddy,sister,mommy,family,brother )I want friend I can meet up and diapered 
    sad i can't wear here i live with family and share bedroom with bro and no hide place for diaper  but i got money to buy some but can't keep here kik jamesbennett800

  2. smoothg, those are great looking plastic pants in your profile pic.  Do you know what brand they are?  I'd love to get a pair.

  3. Well little miss Dress how you feel use nappies when you like I do & it feels great
  4. Hi iam near Reading love to change little boys & girls can travel have nappies.
  5. Hi all I,am a 48 year old DL lover looking to meet guys & girls for fun in our nappies etc I live nr Twyford in Berkshire I can travel but not accom as yet. So stay happy in your nappy and give me a shout .
  6. Try Boots own brand £9.00 for 10 slips they feel great.
  7. I have some Id slips but they are cotton I don,t like them very much love the plastic covered nappies
  8. Hi yes I have used them once found them to be very good nice prices to.I like to use Boots own brand with a plastic cover they work great.
  9. Just had to fill my nappy so good to let it out
  10. any UK dl lovers want to meet up

  11. Hi I,am just down the M4 in Berkshire
  12. What a nice pic of a baby girl x
  13. Hi all I,am near Windsor if you would like your nappy changed etc I can travel I have a static caravan near Clacton-on-sea.
  14. Iam near Windsor I can travel have nappies plastic pants love to change bad boys & girls.