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  1. Plymouth,south Devon, Cornwall Anybody There?

    i live in Exeter I would love to meet other nappy wearers , I got friend in Torquay who I meet and cross dress and getting to love to wear a nappy
  2. looking in southwest

    I live in Exeter would love to play I would act as little sissy girl I need a daddy
  3. hello I just wonder any gay guys or bi in devon and cornwall like nappies
  4. hi back on site

    hello I am male 52 years old I have all ways fancied wearing nappies I can Remember wanting be nappies as a child I used wet myself in primary school up to about 7 years old and wet the bed until about 1 3 years old then when my family out use wrap a towel as a nappy wet myself , and when I left home did same , it all stopped when I got married , then I got divorced and then buy the pull ups , then last few years I had too buy some pads as I notice I wet myself at work , I went doctors found out that I got weak bladder and enlarge prostrate , I live with my older auntie so I used hide my pads and pull ups , now she know and my family knows there times I got wear my nappies even had advice off then and there friends had some free pads , its great feeling know that if I want to go wear my nappy I can at free will as like know I am in bed with nice full wet nappy great feeling.