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  1. I'd love to meet another abdl

  2. Anyone in Palm Springs/Palm Desert area?

    Hi Everyone! I'm in the process of moving to the Palm Springs area and I'm curious if there are any like minded people in the area. Have a wonderful day!
  3. incontinence and SRS in transfemales

    Also a Brassard girl here. I also get very frequent UTIs, mainly from wearing diapers. My urologist thinks it is how the urethra graft healed. My partner, who went to another surgeon, her urethral graft healed almost perfectly, mine... didn't really. I've pondered exploring seeing if there is any way to revise the urethral graft, but my urologist is also super worried it may make things worse for me. In the mean time, I have a daily low dose of trimethoprim which has largely helped keep UTIs away. I was actually REALLY lucky for a couple years, and didn't get any UTIs until I decided to take a bath while on a business trip overseas. Welcome! I hate to even think about this, but it is not exactly... uncommon. I fear long international flights because typically I'll leak a little, and really don't want to try and wear diapers on stupidly long flights.
  4. So... I'm going to start by saying I'm not a doctor. But, I would highly suggest you do some reading about estrogen levels suppressing testosterone production. As well as alternative medications to suppress T production. They do exist, spiro is just a lazy/easy path for doctors because it is a pill. Also, most doctors I've spoken to haven't read the fine print on the studies of HRT DVT risk, where most of the risk studies were with premarin, not micronized estradiol which is what is commonly prescribed now. I know most doctors seem to worry about weighing some magical risk threshold as being more important than quality of life, but if you press you can get some to meet you in the middle as it were.
  5. incontinence and SRS in transfemales

    Basically, plan on doing nothing for 4 weeks except maybe getting home and seeing your GP for any follow-up needs. I went back to work after 6 weeks, and wish I waited until the two month mark. I will highly suggest that you account for the time spent with a dilation schedule. If your dilating 4-5 times a day for the first two months, you will literally have no time to unwind.... aside from dilating. I felt like I could read my email, hack on code, but I couldn't get any simple chores done.
  6. incontinence and SRS in transfemales

    What I learned going through surgery myself was that essentially your new girly bits need to breath to heal properly. Which means no diapers. Also, your going to be dilating... A LOT. What you will likely want to do, and you should discuss this with your doctor, is to use catheters for a while. I held off on even really touching diapers for six months. I still was not fully healed, but i was mostly okay. I did end up having a revision surgery that impacted my continence, that was FUN! If you happen to be considering brassard, I know what their protocols are (from experience) and can kind of provide you some insight.
  7. So to be precise, the skin by it's nature is very flexible. You'll always have to dilate to maintain depth/diameter. The skin does, at least in my case, seemed to eventually become more durable in some regards. No, I can definitely orgasm, but I feel no need nor desire to. A major difference from my prior self.
  8. So I think complex is an understatement for this topic. Too many set bottom surgery as a target and rush to it too quickly. I include myself in that statement and it can actually be counter productive to your mental health. Everyones results are different. I went from a nice active sex drive to.... Well.. I don't remember the hast time I had an orgasm... But truthfully that doesn't mater. A few things to keep in mind: Your pelvis width may be narrow, so stretching and large toys may not exactly be fun. (A lot of post-op women really really hate dilating for this reason.). Most surgeons say wait at least six weeks before having sex vaginally. It actually take take a year or more for a new vagina to heal. I think I clocked in at about fourteen months. During that time, it is much easier to get an infection. I've heard of and observed with myself a gradual shift in the skin cells in my vagina to those more of a mucus membrane. It seems to take a bit more abuse intercourse wise a couple years after surgery than it did early on. Hopefully this is food for thought and helps answer some of your questions.
  9. Does this sound like IBS?

    In my case, I have similar symptoms. I also have pain that can go from a constant dull roar to doubling over, crying, and unable to stand, mainly from my lower left quaderant. The pain is finally what got me scoped, and a general diagnosis of IBS. It basically took a long process of elimination to figure out what medications of mine can impact my IBS, and what makes it much worse. In the end, I ended up figuring out that corn, and all the various byproducts that are added to foods, was what was making things so much worse for me at times. I have found limited solid foods tend to help me when things are really bad. I may be an AB, but the babyfood is reserved for when things are really bad. Hope this helps, and good luck. -Julia
  10. Excited filling out court paperwork to change names

    I kind of think an insurance company wouldn't care what is on your ID. I suspect they care more about what an employer indicates instead of your ID, at least with employer supplied coverage. In my case, a past employer flagged me as female even though I had not yet had GRS. That insurance didn't cover anything trans related but somehow I flew under the radar without any issues and they continued to cover hormones without a blink of the eye, and they also covered a mammogram which they wouldn't have covered otherwise. Anyway, at least with a newer employer's insurance, I was able to get a transition related set of procedures covered regardless of my ID. Just had to go through the pre-approval process submitting historical documentation of a diagnosis and rip my hair out going back and forth.
  11. Female side wins I'm going to transform

    *hugs* Not the easiest thing in the world. Hang in there. FYI, a Licensed Professional Counselor can write the hormone referral letter, if that would be a helpful option.
  12. Does the herbs for menapose feminize men

    Conundrum is absolutely worth reading. Movies, truthfully, don't show what the effects of hormones, surgery, and happiness can result in. For fun, before and after pictures can be awesome, just proceed with caution because dysphoria stinks. There are plenty of trans people in the public eye and support groups exist in any decently sized city. It is worth going to a support group. Personally, they are not my thing anymore, but they did help me when I needed some re-assurance of the way things could end up. For what its worth, I used to recommend North Carolina as a safe state for us... however.. that changed this week.
  13. Does the herbs for menapose feminize men

    So... estradiol is fat soluble... and will store in body fat, so when you burn fat it can be released to metabolize. So adding tons of fat, even with a lipid based metabolism... might not have the desired effect. However, the phytoestrogens that may be in soy based formula would still have the same risks of "herbal" hormone options, toxicity. It is super easy to get one's hands on bioidentical estradiol through appropriate legal channels. While, from the standpoint of the _idea_ of such occurring may be awesome, it just wouldn't be healthy.
  14. Female side wins I'm going to transform

    Basically, Planned Parenthood does far more then help facilitate abortions as they are portrayed in the US media. They perform education, research, and help provide contraceptives, family planning, and reproductive resources to those who need it. Since many contraceptive pills are hormonal, it is not a big jump for them. They started a few pilot programs a few years back and as I understand it they were successful, so the programs have been expanded.
  15. Does the herbs for menapose feminize men

    Regarding "herbal hormones". It is a bad idea. For comparable effect to bio-identical hormones, amounts begins to approach toxic levels for things in those herbal mixtures besides the phyto-estrogens and phyto-progesterones. Regarding a year of "Real Life Experience", that is now only a requirement for surgery. The Standards of Care now allow for hormone access without RLE. \o/ Some doctors will gatekeep thinking they know better than everyone else in the world. It is not a fun experience and I highly recommend avoiding gatekeeping doctors at all cost. Be yourself, learn your new self. You will evolve, explore, and change... and may find that your much more comfortable in tactical pants and boots instead of skirts and dresses. Nothing wrong with that.