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  1. hi

    pm open if u want to chat

  2. My New socks

    Great Socks and you're right Mary Jane are the perfect match. You will look so cute in them
  3. don't we have anything better to do?

  4. Daytime Protection

    FretaBWet I think this is good advice from warpiper. I have a pair and there a not to bulkily and do hold a fair amount. Sounds like it will work well for you. Take care
  5. Oral sex

    Like Betty I had the same feeling I was curious about it the differences is I did have a long-term friend who I knew was healthy and discrete. Like I said I was curious and wanted to know about oral sex from a woman's view. I thought it was important to have that perspective. All that said I asked my friend to help me out. It was interesting not exactly what I expected but I didn't feel it was degrading or awful. The other side I knew I was given someone pleasure that I personally liked so I would say it wasn't a bad experience. I think back on it, and things I've read now I could probably do a better job. I may ask again to see if I've improved.
  6. My Transition?

    Good luck Angel It seems you are making all the right choices. Best of luck on your journey.
  7. Sissies In Cloth Diapers

    I like cotton diapers with cute plastic pants but some times it is very convenient to wear girls goodnights when going out in public
  8. New Year's In Times Square in diapers

    I was listening to the coverage of the people in Times Square. They were saying they had researched and once they were in the could not leave. The first thing that came to my mind was diapers. You got 1 million people stuffed as you saying little pens and seems to me the best choice would be diapers. But after listening to the reviews I don't think New Year's in New York is on my bucket list.
  9. DL from New England

    Welcome to daily diaper, I am sure that you will fine plenty of people to talk to. I myself am a AD TG d from the New England area. Good luck and hope you fine a what you are looking for.
  10. What's Your Diaper Size?

    Cotton diapers are my favorite with plastic pants. The small medium Tena pull ups and extra-large goodnights are nice and tight for wear in public
  11. Changing Tables?

    Those tables look great and not wildly expensive.
  12. Mike Needs to get Out More

    My guess is 24500
  13. Sissy Newbie here

    Welcome it sounds to me like you found a home. I hope to meet up with you in the chat room sometime or you can just PM me.
  14. Wet Good Nites

    I love them and I think they hold a fair amount of liquid. Also the design on the front are so cute you can't help but feel like a little girl. 0 By the Way and I'm sitting in a wet one right now. They're great for wearing out in public as they are quite undetectable.