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  1. I know there are a few in Wichita area & quite a few in the Topeka/KC area
  2. There are quite a few but not very tight knit, I know of at least 7 in the eastern side of Kansas. Tried to get a get together started a few yrs ago, but gave, did have a kansas group setup here then also.
  3. Do you play Pokemon Go, Yes, No, What color
  4. quite a few, But gotta dig them out of woodwork.
  5. Are you looking to have something this year?
  6. Like any sex life after kiddos, Keep it hidden & in the bedroom.
  7. I used to enjoy playing the original D&D, But a lot of the players I played w/ have grown apart or passed away. Wish we were closer Awaken.
  8. It's a long shot you might get a test done that's not normally done that affects the a person the way you are explaining. Look up Cat Scratch Fever. It is a disease a friend had & caused him a lot of trouble.
  9. Welcome, JJ, Nice seeing another from Ks.
  10. An idea that might speed the use would be put briquettes in socks inside the bag & put the bag in the dryer on a med -low temp. the higher then rm temp might pull
  11. IMHO, I would try using charcoal briquettes in the plastic bag let them set in a sealed bag with the items for about a week. I had a friend that was a detailer for yrs. & if a car came in really bad that's what his company did to absorb the odor they'd place 5-6 briquettes in the floor of each passenger area & if the odor was real bad they'd use the whole bag placed everywhere, I was there when a real nasty car came I from auction 3 days later you couldn't smell a thing.
  12. Use a second of the same diaper, No waste if you use it right, Cut the tab area off Tape the tab area to your first diaper(Using 2nd diaper sides as extenders) Slice the backing on 2nd diaper then line 1st diaper w/ 2nd diaper giving you a double diaper.
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